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Entered at Vie VoatoQlee at KViro. T an, an Seentnl flan Matter.
i. nu. .a&.
50 Cents ter Month
1 JWfF .lkj JBL KIRh KIHj JH Hk Kl .11
This week we will put on sale
Hamburg and Nainsook Edges
,vc can now sell
At Half
Thcv were boupllt late and nrices
inning of the season. The whole
Lot 1 -5 Cents a Yard.
Lot 210 Cents a Yard.?
Lot 315 Cents a Yard.
Lot 420 Cents a Yard. N
arious 'W'icltliS ix Ea.olx JLVot.
250 pieces 45-inch Flouncing from 40c to $1.50 a yard, worth
per cent more.
Ladies' Handkerchiefs.
2STO. 1
Cheapest handkerchiefs ever sold.
Wrapped In a Poisonous Veil!
In tho mists that we soe rising
oin tho shores of sluggish streams,
ora low lands soaked by freshets or
jm marshy muddy flats on tho out-
irtib of populous cities, lurk disease
l:d death, lnmeshed in this poison-
is cil of mist are isolated business
ructures, manufacturing villages
nd humble tonements. For thoso
bo eitijcr from motives of business
frost or dire necessity arc df ily
onstramed to breathe this envenomed
tmosphcre, there its no immunity
ivc in an eflioient medicinal 6afe-
uaid. Hostetter's Stomach Bitters
illy tills the need, protecting whole
ommunities from tho insidious at
icks of malaria, a disease which in
is more malignant forms is scarcely
m to be dreaded in the individual
han typhus. Everv type of it is
boroughly eradicated by the Bitters.
Phis peerless medicine also remedies
lynpepsia, constipation, liver and kid
apy trouble, rheumatism and nervous
cess. Tis a restorative, too, of ap
petite, sleep and flesh.
Mr. J. F. King the veuerablo father
of Capt. W B. King did last night at
'" on at the residenco of his son No.
h'lQ AuBtin Avenue. Mr. Kinir has
been very ill for somo time and bore
bis suffering in silenoo and with much
fortitude. The funeral will tako
Pco tomorrow May 4 at 10 a. m.
Elder 1?. N. Calvin officiating. In-
terment at Oakwood.
The Bhow window of T. C. Stenhon-
s n was very tastefully and appropri
"tely dressed lor decoration day. In
tuC Ccntpr tcna n tpll olmfr nf nnntlnsfl
ffhite representing the ground was
sodded with grass, with pot flowers
and grovel walks. The shaft was en
dowed with a ohain from four corner
pottc. On tho shaft was printed.
Tnder tho sod and thedow,
Wnltluf tho judgment; day,
Tours and loyo for tho bluo,
Loyo and tears for tho gray."
500 pieces oi
were mnnli lower rlmn at the
500 pieces divided into fovir lots.
Bargains in all Departments.
Tea, good measure, pressed down
mid running; over.
Some of these little proprietors of una
parlllas put up in half-pint bottles art en
vious of the increasing popularity of Dr.
John Hull's ttr&iparilln, put up as it is in
large quart bottles, mid intimate that their
is more concentrated. This is as false ai
deceit can be. A teapoonful of Bull's
Barsaparilla contains more concentrated
medicinal virtue than n tablcpoonful of
any other sarsaparilla made. A bottle of
Dr. John Hull's fc'aap.irilla contains six
times the curative virtue of a bottle of any
other blood purifier made. No exception
is made. Now an invalid wants nil
money s worth. He wants good measur.
Therefore, unless misled through ignor
ance, when his system needs a blood purl.
fler, when his system needs a tonic, when
his system 13 breaking down from blood
impurity or some wasting disease, he will
demand of his druggist a bottle of Bull'i
Barsaparilla, and on no occasion be per-
auaucu to laKe anyiiiiug niui ma no uu
ercd iu its stead in being "just as good."
There is no other remedy so good as Bull'i
Sarsaparilla lor such diseases as scrofula,
syphilitic affections, salt-rheum, itch, ec
zema, pimples, sirea, rheumatism, lama
back, swollen joints, aching muscles, nerv
ous weakness, nervous debilitv, loss of
appetite, loss of llfb. loss oi strength,
sleeplessness, prem.iiuie old ope, etc.
T.ll Woodniit.Jeliernonvtlle.lud., writes:
"For ten yearn I had bi-en an Invalid. I be
came u cliroiilu medlc.no taker. There li
not a blood remedy or a tonic advertised
that 1 did not try. From none of them did
I derive any permanent Bflod. I becama
discouraged. My system was lull of blood
Impurities. Sly skin was covered In places
with brown patches aud little fcoret.. Mjr
mtiHcles had luit their strength. I win very
weak. My appetite and digestion were ml
arable 1 kept growing worho and worsa
until I began to Ub I)r, RuII'b Sauaparllla.
I then began to rally at oner, and grew
itronger and utrongcr I have now used
probably JO bottles, and my Improvement
In looks and feeling la so great J seem like
Mother person I am now well and strong,
and give tho wholo rrcdlt of my recovery to
Dr. 13 ill I 'h Haisapailllo.''
Br-Vour children will be more healthy,
happy and pretty. If you occasionally give
them Dr. John Hulf'a Worm Destroyers.
Try them, l'rlce Si cent.
BfB-VVhen you have chills and fover, It
you want a sure eur and one Hint does not
taste bad, tako Smith' 'i'onlo yrup. It
will pleasoyou bolter than quinine or any
other chill medicine.
JonN D. I'ahk & Sonh, ltokmlt Agents,
175, 177 and 17D riycamoro St., Cincinnati, O,
Two Train Loads or Judge Clark's
Supporters Go With Him.
Thirty C'nucli I.oikIk of I'eoplc
Orowil Into ITtoon Conclies 'I'lioy
nro Aiixloim to Sco Ulurlt ucmoliNli
For weeks every ono of the manv
thousand supporters of Judge Clark
in Waoo and vioinity has been
i . . .
scnoming to get ouuneas in suoh a
shape so as to bo enabled to get a
days vaoation on today and go to
Cameron and see our little giant wipe
tho earth with "his Poroino Groat-
ness." Over 1500 suectedod in get
ting off. This morning the regular
train which left at 7 o'olock had seve
ral extra coaches and there was no
room to Fparo. Every seat was filled,
the aisles were full, and there was a
perfect pack and jam on the plat
forms and steps.
It had been rumored thit tho Hogg
mon would be present in a
mat?s and capture tho train and turn
it into a TT ip-r RKniiraion
The nxst part of tho rumor proved to
oe true; ror tncro were masses ai doiu
this and the regular excursion train.
A reported of TnK News wont through
the train afld out of 400 men wearing
badges ho caubted only sixteen Hogg
badges. It ws certainly the largest
gathering of Vhe advocates of tho
reigning. InoutKus ever seen in Waoo.
The regular trainYpuHcd out a few
minutes late with streamers flying and
hundreds of voicesN yelling at the
highest pitoh, " 'Ilah for Clark,"
"Turn Texas Looso" ann1 other cam
paign cries Capt. F. E. Rogers was
in charge of the train. ',
A few minutes after tho reguJar train
pulled out from the depot the
"Clark Special" haoked down and
the immense and enthuaiaatio thro'ng
speedily filled tne ears. A very ef
ficient badgo committee Baw that ovory
one wore a badge, and they all wore
tho red badges loo.
On this train as on the regular
trim tho Hogg crowd was assembled
in full force. It was ho ever a caEe
similar to tho conundrums which puz
zled Lord Dundreary, "birds of a
feather flock together." If thero was
but one feathor it is certain that but
ono bird could havo it so how could
one bird flook by himself. Tho re
porter went through tho wholo train
and found only ono man, Hon.
F. P. Cravens, who wore a Hogg
badgo. Ho was doing as much for
his candidate as possible, however,
which in that crowd waB neocssanly
A short time boforo tho train
Btarted The News sent bevoral men to
tho train loaded down with fans.
That thoy woro appreciated was at
tested by tho cheers of "Hurrah for
The News," which oamo from each
oar as fast as the fans wero distribut
ed. Each fan bore the inscription
in black "Tho campaign is hot but
you can keep oool and keop posted on
politics, society, religion, finance and
the current events of tho day by
reading Thk Waco EviiN iN(i
News." Below this printed in red was
the campaign cry "Turn Texas Loose."
On the sides ot each car waB a
long streamer bearing n oampaign
motto or cry. Tho following is tho
list of those that wero on the excursion
"Turn Texas Loofe."
"Geo, Clark for Governor."
"For Clark and Prosperity."
"For Clark and Elective Commis
sion." "School Monoy for tho Peoplo and
not for the Ilailroads."
Ml. m &
We would like to call your attention to the fact that wc carry
a large line of
Trunks and Valies.
From the common paper packing trunk to the all sole leather
trunk are in our stock, and at
500, 502 and
1-5 SPECIAL i.5
Greatest Shirt Sate Brer Known in Waco.
Our Entire Stock of Puff Bosom Shirts, forty-two distinct styles,
including $1.75, $2 and $2.50 goods,
uZXu GhO -A-T $1.50 ZE-OIES:.
"Clark is Embarrassed with a Con
federate Record."
"Texas for Clark."
"Clark for Texas."
"The People Rule."
"Texas Welcomes both Labor and
Our future Governor George Clark
and a party of friends oocupied one
of tho retr coaches in the "Clark sue
cul A prophet may not bo honored in
his own country but Waco's candi
date is certainly honored at his homo
There were seats in tho "Clark
speoial" for about 000 poor-lo, but
that number is hardly more than half
the number on the train. I hero wero
hundreds who went to tho depot with
the intention of going who backed out
whisn thoy saw how the cars wero
Attached to tho rear end of the last
coach in the train waB a hugh Texas
Hag soveral yards long which was
thrown o the breeze aa soon as tho
train 1 wan to move. It displayed
tho rnorTo, "Turn Texas Looso "
Tho full Geydor City band was along
to make music for tho crowd.
There wero several colored citizc
along who all wore the red badge.
Col. Parrott, Capt. Watios, J. R.
Mobley, Fred Kingsbury and others
who have worked so hard to mako the
excursion a suocopr showed their joy
vtry plainly this morning when thoy
saw the immeneo throng.
A Corroctlon.
In our roport of the proceedings of
tho county Democratic exeoutive
committee yesterday an error occurs
which does MeBsrs. 0. A. Westbrook
and E. T. Cox an injustice. The re
porter not understanding the situa
tion thoroughly, mado Mr. Wostbrook
say that Mr E T. Cox and other
third partyites at Lorcna had ontorcd
into a compact to defeat Clark at the
primaries at that box and then to vote
aeainfet tho ticket if Claik is nominat
ed. Mr. Cox is fighting tho ichetno
to go into tho Democratic primaries
and urges all the third party mon to
koop out and act independently. The
action of somo of tho Ocala men at
Lorena is without hU sanction. In
dood he aided in exposing tho fcchcrao
and is entitled to oredit for it. Mr,
Cox is making an open fight against
tho Democratic party and does not
want to appear in any other light.
Joe Lehman is tho most popular ros
taurant man in Texas. His plao
117 South Fourth stroot.
504 Austin Street,
& CO
Plans on Foot For a Picnic Ground
at. Lovers Leap.
Sevoral gentlemen in tho oity aro
agitating a plan for tho construction
of a light draft steamboat to run on
tho Brazos to Lovers Leap on tho
Bosque. The plan is to beouro sove
ral hundred acres at Lovers Leap and
to turn it into a general pionio ground.
A ohannell can ho soourod in tho
Brazos at a comparatively ltttlo out
lay tnd it is thought that thoro will be
no trouble in gatting water onough to
float a boat large enough to oarry
sixty or seventy fivo people. Tho
Hobson Lino ol electric carj alroady
run within a luilf mile of Lovers Leap
and an extension could bo built at
comparatively little cost. The plan
on tho whole is a feasible ono and no
doubt will meet with popular favor.
Waco will thortly be provided with an
abundince of pleasuro resorts. Tho
Citizens Streot Railway Company will
SOOn have its WCBt ond navillinn flnnn.
Tho Hobton line is making a heauti-
rui park on uollege Heights and wo
havo Prootor Springs and Padgitt
Park already. Tho more the morrior
for the pooplo want to get out into
the woods io hot weather.
IMct. 1'rniii llih WiiiitiiU,
New York, May K Policeman
Adam Kane, stabbed M0nd.1v niirht
on Grand street by Thomas Kelly,
died at St. Vincent's hospital yester
day. His brothers FLirrv Krw. w,m
stabbed by Kelly ut tho Bamo time and
110s ai tno nospital in a doing con
Mr. T. K. Rates, n rerrnt. nrnnict.
tion to tho city, will open the Oak
uan, in tno utiuuing on the plaza
formerly occupied by the First Na
tion bank. The whole building has
been overhauld and is now one of the
prettiest in the ciiy. The furniture is
solid oak and is undoubtedly tho finest
in the city, if not the sate Oak Hall
will Co open for business tomorrow
(8Ieepor, Chifton &Co., LadieB ooze
.. Oxiords
I2.C0, a and J.
To any lady calling at our
Store u
OATor,oaui: of
Bntterick's Patterns.
403 Austin Avenue.
311 1
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