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Thk Nkws will take advertising
with tho understanding that if it has
not a larger lical circulation than any
daily paper published in Waco, no
charge will bo mudo for the advertise
ment, The Cameron exclusion was grand
The time for work has arrived, and
McLennan county is aroused for
The artesian water question prom
ises to bo an interesting one in Waoo
in future.
At Cameron today tho clash be
tween the two great loaders took place
and Hogg is our meat.
When it comes to reason versus
bluster, reason gets there every time
with the people of Texas.
Slippory Aleck shoull bring his
famous army order into requisition on
Hogg's behalf. "Fighting us makes
us worse."
Tho next thing for Waoo to attend
to is the Lorena barbacuc Friday.
Waco must do tho handsome thing by
our Lorona friends.
After Judge Clark bacon's his
excellency at Cloburne he will rest
one day and speak to tho people of
three or four counties at Lorena.
The rally last night at tho court
houso and the throng of Waeo people
that wont to Cmeron today gives the
lio to the statement that Judgt
Clark is dishonest in his professions.
Thero are twenty-one different
tracts of land in MoLennan county
the titlo of which would be clouded
by Hogg's Val Verdo suits if he had
been sucoessful as he claims to have
Wonder if Hogg has found a better
woy to answer the proposition to loan
tho school fund to tho people nude by
Judge Clark than tho charge at Mo
Kinney that the people would cheat
the state ?
With the Hogg platform adopted at
San Antonio in August, 1890, before
us we are still puzzled to know what
authority Gov. Hogg had for reoom
monding a loan of tho school money
to tho railroads.
With section 7 of the San Antonio
platform beforo our eyes, wo ohargo
Gov. Hogg with gross violation of it
when ho signed the alien land law.
The intent of that law was to "im
pair vested rights.
It is said Editor Watterson will
take a trip to Europo if Cleveland is
nominated. It ia "imprrtant if true"
which reminds us that perhaps Editor
Senter of tho Fort Worth Gizetto will
join him, just to peresorve an equili
brium you know.
Ex Governor Roberts, in writing an
endorsement of Hogg's administration
says it has been brilliant, but the wave
of popular favor upon which the gov-
rneor was promoted "might have been
ephemeral." Wonder if .any body's
mind will revert to the hair trunk
campaign whilo reading ?
Ifllogghdd succeeded in "saving
to the state'' 1,200,000 acres ot land
by his Val Verde suits, he would have
robbed thousands of honest citizens
who had bought their land in good
faith from the railroads. Several of
these would have been citizens of Mc
Lennan county. The certificates is
sued upon the McLennan county lands,
however,were issured under the statute
of 1354, and the decision of the court
does not cover them. But, Hogg
counts them in all the same.
B9,'.F dB 'P- --n aaMMMBMi MMiIM MiMMiBWIlBHBBBIBiiiBl
The bill whioh passed the United
States senato last month under tho
titlo of Paddock's pure food bill haB
a vory protty name, but it is nevortho
loss pronounced a fraud, says tho
Houston Post.
"It is tho samo bill whioh failed in
the last oougrosa when tho objections
to it wore sufficiently pointed out aud
whioh have not been oovorcd by
Tho bill passed tho sonato and wont
to tho house simply beoauso those
interested in defoating suoh a
measure were not thoro to pro
test agaiost it with such force
as would bo effective, although Sena
tors Palmer, Vest and a few other
Democrats pointed out invincible
reasons whv it should not bcoomo a
law. On the faco of it it looks like a
good bill, meant to proteot tho public
against adulteritions of food products
and tho sale of unworthy patent nos
trums, let, as tho New York Sun
aptly says, it opens the way for the
most offensive and unnecessaiy in
quisition into the business of private
citizens, attending to their own busi
ness in their own states; and it con
fers upon tho department of agricul
ture extraordinary powers. It in
tiusts to a changing body of experts
or inexperts, to be known as the food
section of the chemical division of
Mr. Rusk's department, tho duty of
analyzing or having analyzed
samples of food and drugs
exposed for sale in any stato or terri
tory other than that in which they
were manufactured, or in a foroign
oountry if thoy arc in the original
package It makes a misdemeanor
punishablo by fine and imprisonment,
the introduction into one stato or ter
ritory from another of any food or drug
adulterated or improperly branded.
A drug, under the provisions of llrs
act, is any medicine, internal or ex
ternal. A food is anything plain or
mixed, simple or compound, whioh is
used for food or drink by mortal man.
Every person who ships food or drugs
from one state to another, or exposes
the same for sale, must furnish sam
ples to tho agents of the food section
of tho ohemical division of the de
partraent of agriculture.
This is a centralization of power in
a department of the government at
Washington for which the peoplo are
not proparod. Thoy prefer that the
states should take care of the food or
drugs that aro manufactured and sold
within their limits. Suoh a hw would
strike oat of existence a vast number.
of preparations known under tho title
of proprietary articles whioh are now
staplo articles of commerce and this
would be done in tho interest, perhaps,
of some other artioles. J
The Chicago "puro lard bill, whioh
was conceived in the interest of a few
western hogs and aimed at tho
Southern cotton seed oil industry, is
not yet forgotten.
Notice to B. P. 0. Elks.
Tho regular mooting of Waoo
Lodgo No. 10G, B.P.O. B will be hold
tonight at tho club tooms on Wash
ington stroet. All members aro urged
te attend. W. C Watson, E. R.
It. CiiRisTOi'iiEit, Secretary.
1'iiKiiiecr mid Fireman Killed and
Hurl ctl Under .tho Wreck,
By AhfcOOlaUd PreiB t9 The New.
Webtville, Ind., May 3. The
north-baund freight train on the
LouiBville, New Albany and Chicago
railroad was wreoked at a point a
milo north of Otis at 12:30 o'clook
yesterday. Train No. 50, John
Murray engineer, dashotl through a
bridge Tho engino and fresh meat
cars wore msued down. ino ca
booso and two cars remained on tho
Tho bodies of tho engineer fireman
and brakeman are buried in the
water henoath an iramenso mass of
wreckage- The freshot woakencd
the bridge. Tho killed are: Bn
giuecr John Murray, Miohigan City,
leaves a wifo and two ohildrjn;
James Bowen, fireman, single, Eonon,
Ind ; Elmer Iiron, head brakeman,
Miohigan City.
The l'alcstino Picayune observes :
That speech of Hogg's must surely
have been tangled op with that dog
The Nkws has been waitrng for
some one to explain what that speech
was tangled up with.
Tho Tylor Record says.
"Tho commission is a settled fac
tor in Texas politics. No one wants
to destroy it, but the peoplo are olarn
meting for their rights in the seleotiou
of her commissioners. Texans aro
too chivalrous, too democratic, too in
telligent, too oapablo of attending to
its affairs to delegato this authority
aud patronage to one servant. "In a
multitude of counsel here is much
wisdom," and tho peoplo demand to
say who shall serve them. Paternal
ism seems to bo the tactics of some of
the present administration, but it
won't work."
This is from a Tylor paper which
speaks for tho people not the politi
cians. The Austin Evening News says :
If Judge Gerald is as successful
making sledgehammer speeches in his
race for congress as in the legislature,
he will give Mr. Pendleton as much
as he can do.
He has two other candidates be
sides Mr. Pendleton to keap busy, but
he succeeds admirably. They are on
his platform and they don't know ex
actly why they are there It is hard
work to explain a thing you don't ex
actly understand.
Tho San Antonio Express lays.
"The governor's complaint during
tho session of tht legislature that his
canvass was suffering by reason of
his inability to take the stump, does!
not appear to have been justified I
Now that he is spreadme himself for
all he is worth, his loss of popularity
is only accelerated."
The Express is right. Clarkhas
gained faster since Hogg took the
stump than beforo.
The Only Practical Stereotype Out
fit, its superior Advantages.
It is simple, praotioal, cheap, cost
ing, according to sizo, onAyirom $?o
to $150. It can bo out yinywhere, 00
cupying only tho roornv of an ordinary
case stand. Through its various pat
ented labor-saving- devices it is
thoroughly endorsed by practical prin
ters, giving all knds ot results in cast
ing and blocking, viz Thin flat
plates, patent block plates, type high
wooden core blocked or all metal
arched. Mso, it invcs the advantace
of casting, and blocking at the samo
operation, exact type high, exact
widths and exact lengths on and
arounl the late patented hollow sec
tions'.! ironcore method, the easiest,
thf cheapest, quickest and best block
ing in the word. Absolutely without
labor, The outfit dispenses with dan
gerous, costly and complicated ma
chinery, and with its Hot Wator
Flasked Casting Box and Mould
Dryer, it is utterly impossible U in
jure type, and tho very finest results
known to plato makers, stereotyping
or the art of printing is obtained.
Send for descriptive circulars, givi- g
full particulars and hundreds of volun
teered t3stimonials from all parts of
this and other countries. M. J.
Hughes & Co., Manufacturers Stereo
t5po Outfits and Conical Screw
Quoins, No. IS Spruce St., New York,
N. Y.
N. B. The same outfit will make
all kinds of Rubber Stamps.
Real Estate Bulletin,
Reported by Biker & Dilworth, Ad
stracters. V R Orman to Sam Washington
and wife, 50 by 236 feet on north west
line of Orman street, Morrow survey,
H G Bennett to W M Summers,
192 acres Thos Ivtrs' survey, $766
S F Corburn to Tas S Fitzhugh,
quarter section, section 54, University
land, $50.
J B Garrett and wife to b Amsler,
part of block 112, town of McGregor,
J P Sparks by sheriff to Tom Payne,
west half of block No. 3-I, in town of
Moody. $50.
We furnish abstracts of title on shoit
J. W. Baker,
Parties having rooms for rent dur
ing the druggists convention, which
meets on the ioth, nth and 12th
inst , should report to Mr. Y. L.
Tucker. If the hotels are crowed, he
will be able to supply those who are
unable to obtain rooms
Lewine Bros.
Want the trade and
for the business, and have as good
people as any concern,
And are Determined to Maintain It
We will Meet Every Out with Still Greater Outs
Bargains shall be the Leading Feature this Week,
n v. 11.1 ri: ma xy atom: n uiuaixs tiiaxtiiosi: Airi:imsi:i,
Dress doil.
50 pieces Challlos thn.1 worolOoa
yard gofor3lco this wool;.
Four plecos only of linndsrimo col
ored Sorini that sold at 15 and IMo n
yard for 10c this wook.
20 niocos largo figured Swiss for '-Bo
Poop" c urtaiii'i and Drapery, voro;J5o
for l'oC.
ruble Cttrcri.
50 white Linen and colored bordor
Table-C'o'.ers, 2 yards long, a treat
bargain (or $1.40.
i'2 w'lito and colored bordor fringed
Table Covers 2'j yards long, lnuul
fcoimy patterns, for f2.00.
hT Turkey Bed Damask Fringed
Tal.lo Covers I3! yards long for 75c
th'.s weoK,
NOTIONS.- Wc TAKE all kinds of notions, and we offer all
- Lkinds of notions very cheap. Pins, Hair Pins,
Hair Curlers, Hair Brushes, Soaps, tooth Brushes, all marked down
cheap. Visit our notion department and you arc sure to TAKE A
NOTION to buy some of our bargains.
Lewine Bros.
Manfactm ers H
Alexandre's Baking Powder.
Alexandre's Pure Spioes.
Alexandre's Java and Klo Blend Coil'ee.
Moore Bros' White Wlno and Apple Vinegar.
Moore Bros' Puro Cldor.
Having purchased Mr. Alexandre's buslues wo a re now prepared to till
orders promptly. Patronize Home Institutions. Sustain our offorts to raak
Waoo a Great Manufacturing Centre.
Have removed from PacilTc Hotel to Room 28, Provident Bld'g
O. W. DWjD
The old OriiNff Jlultilliiff, Xorth of J'luzn,
Thefinost vohicleB and horaee in th
oity. Call oarriages for ladies a spe
cialty and when desired, ladies can
have a driver in livery. All trains met.
Prompt attention to all orders and
boarded on reasonable terms.
V,D MAYHEM), Presiiout. J. D BUM,, Vice IVoildent. JOIIJJ'D. MAYKIELD, Oftshler
The Gity Savipgs Bapk
.CHARTERED FEB. 12, 1892.
No v offers 6 per cent, interest on deposit. Interest payable
m date.
competitors to know that we aJ
a claim for the patronage of tJ
I.nee Ciirlnlni.
Ileal artistic Laeo Curtains, nrett.l
enough to adorn a palace, that i
nll.ii...J .t ft 1 fA IA lw Art i I I l
uiiuitu iti, -iu uu, O.UU UUH wook.
J.nee Vurliilnn
That a millionaire would not disdain
niarKod down to !?o.00 tins wook.
Laeo Curtains to beautify the homy
of honest industry at prices toniptlur
ly low borore. Now $,1.00, S1.50 and
Jlttstjttltn Itttt's.
In Canopios, Circular Nets, alroadj
made, vory cheap.
Wo liavo all kinds of Flush Towels
Bath Towols. Wo havo all kinds at
Go, 10c, 15c, 2oc, 50o a pair.
Whdesale Grocers,
Moore Bros' Flint Candy.
satisfaction guaranteed. Horses

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