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We are'selling
Stiouis Bottled Beer
PINTS $1 per Dozen
QUARTS -$i.5o "
Return empty bottles and
we will pay for
PINTS 15c per dozen
QUARTS. 25c " "
ZDecor actions ,
404 Austin Street,
Drop a card to no. AF. Nichols, 20 j
Sherman st., or leave orders
at Harrison O Cos.
Storm lit Tcrroll.
Terrell, Tex., MiyX A cloud
burst over this city aboat 5 o'clock
yesterday evening. The rain foil in
torrents and the wind blew furiously
for half an hour. Box oars and build
ings were unroofed, negro shanties
blown down but no phonal injuries
inflioted as so far reported.
To (lie C'arrizo Mountains Hunting
An r.lilormto.
Santa Fe, N. M , May 3. Prepara
tions are being made at Fort Wingate
for the expedition which starts May
10 to accompany the commission into
the Corrizo mountain country and re
port its character, whether or not it
contains mineral and precious ore,
and if so to treat with the Navajos for
its transfer to the United States.
The commission consists of Brig.
Gen. McCook, commanding the de
partment of Arizona, and John Bars
town, special disbursing agent The
esoort will consist of Cant. J. Mc.
Glearand's troop of the twenty-second J
cuvuiry uuu troop u 01 me second
cavalry. The latter is an Indian troop,
and will ba used for carriers duty. The
expedition is expected to return to
Fort Wiogate about Juno 25.
A I.ouii Compuny Willi $50,000,000
By Associated Prees to Tha Newa;
Austin, Tex , May 3. Tho secre
tary of stato today issued licenses to
incorporate to tho following compa
nion: Tho Riverstdo park and oeme
tery company of San Antonio, capital
6took 8125.000; incorporators, G H
Noonan, J It Fleming, J B Day, J.ho
J Stevens, I P Simfon, J T Burnett,
George It Steinberg, J S McNatnara,
and U Mierow
The Pittsburg foundry com
pany of Camp oounty, capital
stock $10,000. Tho Donison com
mercial college, capital stock $50,00t;
directors, E II Lituro, A ItCo'lin8,.U
F Foster, A H Coffin. J T Munbn.
Tho Deoatur oannning factory, papi
tol 25,000; directors, D Waggoner
and twolvo otLers. ,
A pormit to do business w Texas
was granted to the Mutual loan and
investment company of Louisiana,
oapital stock f 50,000,0u0 Thomas
B Chaso of Shrevcport iiho mina
gor. 7
Paints g Oils,
How Hogg Defeated a Commission
Law In 1889
Then but Only Wanted n I.uw
AKitliikl TruitH 11 l.oiitr no 111 I'ln
U or-A 11 Original CniuiiiUslnii .11 mi
Willi In CliirU I'or tSovcrnor
Kroin tho Dlli Xew.
Belton. Tex., April US
ring to the report of Judgo Clark's
speech at Belton as appears in tho
Nows and other papers in rcg rd to
Gov. Hogg's attitude toward the
commission during the twenty-first
legislature (ISsO), I desire to state ex
actly what 1 have said and 6till say
upon that subject.
It will be remembered that the rail
road commission bill passed tho house
of representatives und camo to the
sena'e, where, after a debate last.ng
several days and in whioh nearly all
the senators participated, the wbolo
matter was postponed to April 2, 18fl,
whioh action amounted to the deteat
of the bill. Tho vote en tho motion
to postpone was IS yeas and 12 nays
(counting pair?), tho friends of the
bill votmu against and the opponents
of the bill voting for the motion to
postpone. In the debate tho follow
ing statement substantially was nude
by a senator who opprsed tbo bill:
"Your attorney-general, Mr. Hogg,
sajs that if you wi.l pass a short
bill known as the "trust bill,' no
longer than your finger (at sauio
time measuring with bis index finger),
whioh autliorizjs tho attorney-ceneral
to bring suit against trusts and oom
bines, he will control the corporations
of your state. He will break up
pools and combinations and competi
tion will do tho rest and you will not
need any coramissisn." etc-
These are very near it not the ex
aot words used by the senator. The
sense, I know, is tho same. Other
senators in the Twenty first legisla
ture will, doubtless, recall the circum
stance. The statement was openly
made in debate on the floor of the sen
ate and was never contradictod or
questioned by Gen. Hogs; to my
What iufluence this a'titude of the
then attorney-general had upon the
votes of the senators, I am unable to
nay, but it is reasonable to prosunie
that his prestige was great enough to
influence at least four votes upon a
question about whicht here was then
much doubt, perplexity and conflict
of opinion. At the beginning of that
session it was understood that a ma
jority of the senators favored the
commission and something caused a
change of sentiment with several sen
ators. As for myself, I was then a com
mission man, went down with the
minority in deteat ana navo not so
soon forgotten the oiroumstances
under whioh it was aooomplished, I
am Btill a oomtuission man, and no
one took more pride than I did in the
splendid vindication aocorded by the
people in 1890 to the minority of
1S83, though somewhat surprised at
the sudden conversion of sotk: of tho
leaders in that campaign 'In the
twenty-second legislature I heartily
supported tho bill that became the
law upon our statute book, except that
I voted to make the commissioners
elective instead of appointive, and I
had some doubts as to whether tho
bill provided for the, "due process of
law," as required by the fodoral con
stitution, and that qucs'ion is still
open for the courts to determine.
As a commisyon man I see no
merit in the crynow being raised that
tho commissioi is in danger. It is the
law of the laxi, spoken into oxistenco
by tho peopJo. No one is opposing
it on the Btntnp and no legislature or
govomor vi'l dare to disturb it unil
its usefulness is fairly and fully tried.
Gov. Iogg claims to have, ohatn
pionedtho idea in the last campaign,
but tcmy vision, then and now, he
did duly what overy oandidate in the
state from governor to constable did,
reardless of race, color or previous
oondition whother previously for or
against the commission he saw tho
commission coming as a groat tidal
wave, Bet in motion by the ppoplo, he
hastened to get on the wavo and was
thus swept into office.
If ho und othois had not hold up
their trust bills and other side issues
as substitutes for the commission the
hill would doubtless have passed in
1880 and thus thoro would have boon
no need of a campaign in 1890 and
there would have be-on no tidal wavo.
In that campaign I favored Gov.
Throckmorton for the nomination
until ho withdrow from the raoo. I
then went to tho Hogg l'oroes bcoauso
a commission man had nowhero elso
to go.
Hut it is differont now. The com
mission is hero and horo to stay.
Wero it otherwise Judge Clark in Ins
speech at Belton committed himself
squaroly and unequivooally in favor
of aneffeotivo commission to fix atid
to maintain rates of freight on the
railroads, and this is all that any con
servative commission man has ovor
asked or can ask. But Jude
Clark believes that the people are
competent to elect their railway com
missioners and all other publfo officers
that tho offiicial patronage of the gov
ernor is growing to be a dangerous
power and ought not to exist in a
Democratic state, and a largo uinjority
of the people fully agrco with him
As a commission man who "burned
tho bridges behind him'' in this ques
tion long before somo of our preteut
great ohampions were ovor heard to
speak a vord in its behalf. I have
no fear that the commission will suf
fer with George Clark as the governoi
of our state.
Beyond all this every observing
man must see that re-election of the
present executive with his wild and
radical schemes of agrarianism and
confiscation means that wc w.ll creoia
Chineso wall around the borders of
our beloved state, haug the red Hag
on tho outside, drive away immigra
tion, defy enterprise, destroy confi
dence, discourage the investment of
capital here, cheok tho wheols of
progress and set Texas back lor years
in development.
With all this train it follows that
lal or must go unemployed and poverty
and unrest must bn tho portion of our
people, and after all who is benefitted?
Geo. W. Tyi.kr.
Tho N ew Plan.
The new plan of selling homes on
tho monthly installment plan, i-eenia
to meet a long felt want, at any rate it
takes but a few minutes to convinco
a man who wants to buy that ka is
standing in his own "light," when he
continues to pay house rent when it
can bo avoided. This plan, that I
have inaugurated gives tho min of
small means a obance. It don't re
quire a big bank account to get a
home. Last week I sold to threo
different parties homeB in the city.
Ono of them a two room house tit
$10.00 per month. Another a two
room house at $12 50 per month, and
the third a nice three room house for
$17 50 per mo-ith. These aro fair
samples of wrat I am going to offer
this week.
Theo places are all in a respecta
ble neighborhood, close to the public
sohools and near tho street cars, and
not too far from the post office nut!
oenter, of business for them to bo
available. Como and see me, the
longer you wait, the more you lose.
Jameb I. Moohe.
Miss Rose and Mr. Renlck at tho
Goggan Music Hall Last Night.
An audience composed nearly en
tirely of lovers of fine music, assembl
ed at Goggan's Music hall l&Bt night
to hear the recital by MisB Hose. The
following programme was rendered in
a style that won the highest pnuso for
Miss Rose and Mr. Itonick who so
kindly assisted her:
Andante Beothoven
Oapriooio Mcndolssohn
Gavotte Godard
Angels' Lullaby Seve
Schorzo (
Bercouse ) Chopin
Polonaiso (
Fantasie Beriot
Concertetudo Liszt
Romance ( ,, ,. . .
Valsc Caprice Einstein
Miss Rose's playing is exceptionally
fine and is particularly ho in staooa to
passages. Tho best work was done in
tho Andante by Boethovon, Gavotte by
Godard and the Polonaise by Chopin.
Tho two selections of Mr. Rcnick were
highly appreciated and repeatedly
Spanish Leaf.
There aro many good fivo cent
cigars on the market but nouo that
will compare with tho genuine
"Spanish Leaf." Warrcnted 1'reo
from drugs. For sale W. L. Tucker,
Lion drug store.
Shooting gallery, south aido squaro
Norris & Brother. Open day and
And we can always give you the
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