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dUUfS ,.,!,.
Look What You can Got at 0. J.
MUlor's Bargain Store,
10 dozen eggs for $1.
20 pounds granulated sugar for St.
Smoked dried beef at n cents.
Dried salt shoulders at 7 cents.
Breakfast bacon (sugar cured) at 1 1
Spiced pigs' feet at 15 cents.
Fresh fish at 10 cents a pound,
California oranges at 20 cents adoz
Banannas at 15 cents a dozen, 717
Austin slreei.
: l i n r c
Pwk ,
-a vN a I h a a U l
p A
wm "y---a.
-? - 5
"jr r-l-fefk .
Ki , '?4 v
' iVjHA
juyuYwm w
V TV y' '
- TJt rf ' t V '' 'iSss-J ,
W- ..
V tf A
SjiBf ?0
-n i n vi rv l - - - -
fw- Hi'wn r ..n )
V- jVMh W m
f l to"fc ill
ate m vi r
i ' YtpM III!
il IE
mwm sp--a 4 r ik
"Vft I 1 . rt
ko ?m v i
?J n Yufi M ' S B
Herz Br.9
Havo nndo arrangements to supply
the baukors, druggists and firemen
with Quo imported cigurs at iroiu f
to 25 cents oaoli.
LAUlES need rot send to New Yi rk
for fashion magczines. You will
find all the late ones and other
choice reading matter at
Herz Bros.
To tho Lovors ;of Art In Photo
graphy. Having moved to my new gallery,
over 701 and 703, Austin stroot, (the
old Hinohmati Building), I am now
bettor prepared than ever to give the
people oi Waoo tho finest Photos in
tho state. Tho beautiful "aristo" (so
highly endorsed by tho leading gal
cries,) in all its beauty, at my Btudio
I will have on exhibition for a few
days, an elegant oil portrait of Mrs
Geo. Clark, by Mons. Do Gissac, whioV
has been framed in a very handsomo
"Florentine" frame, making a portrait,
well worth a visit, to all, and mort
especially 'o tho the ladies.
I will be glad to welcome my old,
and many now customers. Don't for
got my now address, over, 701 apl703.
Austin Ave.
Deane, Photograph"'
lectric Supply
Farmers and Mei chants' Nut'l Il.ink IluiKUug.
Dealers in all kinds of Electric Motors
and Motor Fans.
Electric gjods of ovcry desoriptijn.
Electric annunciators and bolls.
Thoir prices, are tho lowest, as they
deal only with tie uunufacturcrs.
Call and see them ir telephone.
1 pound package coilee, 2t)ceutu.
1 poun' Jar Jams 121-iCPnta
Fine cigar per box fl.TS.
Klneat teae In W&eo
Bret goods, lowest prices.
Finest candles In Waco.
l omi
PoUteattentlon and ompt dellverj Is the
f GilbbloIlroi.Grocers. 05 Austin Avenne
Swiss : Bakery.
Corner SlMli and Wasblngton Streets.
Fresh Ilrcad llolls and Cakes
Kvhry morning nt 5 o'clonlc Home open from
6 o'clock in t o morning to 10 In the cvcnliiK.
New Grocery Store
South Fifth St., between Jtaiy and Jackson St.
KveiythlnglliBt-claBS Agent 'or John ltuado's
FIuo llilck, I.lnm and Ceinrut.
HERMAN STOLTE, - - Proprietor.
AJ,I Lolio for first-class watch
clook and we'ry ropairing. Same
building with H. E. Ambcld Anstir
Straight dinner from 12 to 2 and
auythinp you want at any hour at Joe
all OVEll TOWN
A tretnendom crowd attended the
Djuoration Diy osoroises todiy.
Robt. Rodgers, a negro who had as
caped from the oounty oonvlot farm,
was re-oapturcd and jailed today.
The Juvenile Cavalary made a
splendid appearance in tho parade this
afternoon, as did also the Baylor ca
dets Today was real estate sale day and
Sheriff Ford and hts deputies auc
tioned off quite a numbor of traots of
Waco Medical Association meets
tonight in Dr. Foscue's office at f: 15
o'clock. Subject for discussion:
"Therapeutics of Creasote."
The Decoraiion Day parade this
afternoon was an even mile long after
the young ladies joined tho proces-
sion. It was by tar tho longest Dec
oration Day parade ever been in Waco.
Waco today reminds us of Sunday
About 1600 people went to Cameron
to save their oountry and about 2000
aro engaged in honoring tho heroes
who died in defense of thoir oountry.
A News reporter is indebted to Mr.
John Moore for a Confoderato bill
with "In MhnioiUm ' printed on the
back. The poem appears in today's
issue of Tub News at tho conolmion
of the report ofDeooration Day pro
ceedings. Uno of the business crossing in the
city is the oornor of Fourth and Aus
tin streets and yet it is one of the
darkest places in the oily at night.
The city should by all means plaoo an
arc light at this oorner. Ono should
also bo placed at the corntr of Fifth
and Austin.
Mr. Westbrook asked The News
to announce that there would be
plenty of bread and meat at the bar-
beouo and ladies and gentlemen going
out irotn Waoo can havo all they
want Bat, it they will take a bas
ket of nico things out with them they
will find the loveliest place on earth
to eat them supplimented of course by
barbecued meat and bakers bread.
This morning a boy giving his
name as John Lewis, Jr., applied to
Officer Kendntk for assistance in find
ing his parents Ho shjs his paronts
lived in EnDis until u short time ago
and left lor Waco, leaving him bo
hind. Ho was to oomo whon sent for.
A few days ago,he was written to come
and expected to meet his parents at
the depot, but has been unable to find
them so far. He got here yetterdav.
Friday is the day for the Lorena
barbecue. The Lorena people will
furnish all the meats, bread and pick
les necessary to feed 5000 people.
There aro several families going from
Waco taking their baskets along filled
with dainties, and if they do they can
just have a lovely time. '?oast meat
and bread and pickles will be furnish
ed in abundance.
Used xd Millions of Homes ad Years tlie StandaiA
A Largo Assembly or Patriotic
Of years Aconn Wlioii 11 NuiIoii'm
?Iuiilinud liiircd !( ItrciiM to the
Camiou'H IHoutli W'ro'.HliN anil
CnrliiutlN of i.our Hurt flower
Ileckw the Craret or tlie Old C0111
rudoM Tiiday and I.orinc Heart
I'our Mill Tear of .Syiiiimthy lor
lit Departed l.ovcd Olios.
Under tho god and tho dew,
Walling the judgment day,
Tears and loye for tbc bine,
Lore and tears for the grey.
All morning the members of Pat
Cloburno oamp of Confederate veter
ans havo been busy at tho ccmetorios
looating and marking graves. The
grave of each fallen soldier was
marked with a minature duplioatoof tho
flag under whioh ho fought and the
ladies took no cognizance of tho dif
ference when they scattered the low
ers. Tho ladies committees whioh had
oharijo of tho decorating of tho gravos
at tho different cemeteries were as fol
lows: OAK WOOD
Mrs J M Carroll, chairman, (S1G
South Fourth street; Mcsdames John
Moore, S L Rowan, A Cowau, D E
Fort, Charles Johnson, F Motz, J I
Moore, M W Willis, E A MoKinnov,
W H Jenkins, N A Kirkpatnck, R T
Dennis, J F Marshall.
Mrs M M Boggea, corner of Mary
and Third streets.
Meadamos Davis, Gurloy, C B
Pearro, Clara Sears, W S Huff, Joo
Taylor, John P Sedwiok, Mattio
Howe, J B Baker, W A Hamilton, J
C J King, J D Shaw, D C Bolingor.
Mrs. Strain, chairman; Mesdamcs
Selman, Harrison, Kirk, Wallace,
Uoopor, MoGhee.
Promptly at 2 o'olook aooording to
tho previously published programme
tho procession started, moving up
Third street to Austin avenuo, thence
west to Fifth street, thonoo south to
Webster, thenoo down Webstor to
First, thenoo down 1'irst to tho com
otery. The ordor of tho parade was as fol
The band.
The Baylor Cadets.
Tho Baylor University.
The Female College.
Hill's Businoss College.
Prof. Strother's school.
Prof. Cammack's commercial col
lege. The Waco firo department.
Tho chaplain and orator of the day.
Young ladies representing the
states of the Confcdorac.
Confederate soldiers not members
of tho camp.
WMt - -Hum
Evnry nrllclii neeossnry to furnisli any room from parlor to nttto. W
lire lust now oMbrimr a snlondld assortment of BEDROOM SETS of th
latest 11ml most Improved styles, railing in prices from SIS to iM. (.ilvo us 1
Our Oaroet
Is comploto with now pnttorns at low prices. Goods sold on Installment
Wo now nmmifnutiiroour own matresses. Also ronovuto and niako ovo)
old mutresses.
Pat Cloburne cmp.
Juvenile cavalry.
Citizens in caniiges aid on horso.
The foureon young ladies who rcpro
scnted the dillercnt Confederate Btates
are as follow-:
Alabama Miss Nannie Hanrick.
Arkansas Miss EdaKrauso.
Florida M-ss May M. Cook.
Georgia Miss Mattie Sinclair.
Louisiana Miss Lulu Johnson.
Kentucky Miss Allio Mnoro.
Maryland Miss Birdio Him.
Mississippi Miss Luov Wornaok.
Missouri Miss Kate Hovell,
N. Carolina Mlfs Pearl Crossland.
S. Carolina Miss May May field.
Tennessee Miss lvev Chandler.
Toxas Miss Mattie Cnruthere.
Virginii Miss Hortcnce Cra'g.
At the oemetery tho programme al
ready published in The News was
carried out though it was concluded
too lato for a detailod account to bo
published this afternoon.
As an ozamplo of Confederate poet
ry wo print here some stanzas on the
rebel paper money, wri'ten by Maj.
S A. Jonca, of tho Texas brigade,
shortly after the surrender of Lee's
army, at Appomattox Court hmso.
The lines have beon printed on tho
backs of many of 1 hi: Confederate
Resppctfally dedicator to tbe holder or
O nfedernte Treasury notes:
"HepreeontingnnthlnKon God's eartli now,
An I naught In tho waters below It,
As a pledge of tlienatluU thut'H dead and gone,
Keep It, dear friend, and i-Iiok- It.
Tro poor to posies- the precious o)r,
And too much of a ntraiiRur to bo row,
Wo Wane d to Jiiy our promise to py,
And hoped to radoeni dn the mo now.
Tbe days tolled and ueekB become years,
Hut our coffers were empty stIM;
Coin WH810 tare that theTrtasury quaked,
If a dollar fhonld drop In the till
We ltnewlt hid 1 dly a yalne In Bold,
Yet kb gold our soldiers received It;
ItKazed In our eyei wl'li a promise to pay,
And each patr ot xoldler ballered It.
Keep It, for It tellx oar history all o'er.
From the blitu of lis dro.m to the last;
Uodost, and born of the Angel Hop,
Like tbebope ot succets-lt "pasted!"
Tho city of Waco has about twonty
thousand dollars ($20,000) belonging
to tbe sinking funds for pay in out, ot
Waoo bonds at maturity to loan for a
term of five years at 8 per cent, inter
est. Tho charter requires that this
money be invested in good in erest
baring securities. Application should
be addressed to the mayor and finance
oommitteo and loit with tho city sec
retary C C. MoCinxocu,
Do You Know it?
A common Cough is tho most dan
gcrous tiling in tho world to neglect;
a slight hacking Cough is also very
dangerous, as it always leads to iiron
ohitis and Consumption, Don't ne
glect them. In selectinc a remedy
(or Coughs, Colds and lironohiti'-, bo
sure and get one that is not full of
Opium and ono that will not produoc
Constipation. liallard's Horehound
Syrup docs not constipate, remember
this. It is perfectly harmless for
children, and it's the most toothing
and healing Throat and Lung medi
oino in tho world. It cures Consump
tion, Coughs, Colds, Sore Throat,
Asthma, Whoopu.p Cough, Croup,
Bronchitis, Hoarseness, Sort) Lungs,
tickling in the throat and greatly
strengthens tho Lungs after Pneumo
nia. Sold by II. O. Riaber & Co.
- 518 AUSTIN ST1
A Boss, Dueber or Fahy's
Hunting 14-K gold filled case,
guaranteed to wear twenty
years, with Elgin movement,
stem wind, chronometer bal
ance, patent pinion etc., $16.98.
520 AUSTIN St.
o.m: or tiii: tii'iii:Ki:its or
in 'I'm: 'i'') 1 1 s
John ,)iirluuii, the ctlow NICBt'r,
U Sllfl.'l) ClISltMl ill till) iMcl.i-llllim
Count) .lull.
E er since tho muidcr of Postmastor
Kaufman at RoUel the ollioers have
been working with ut flagging energy
to oatoh tho red handed assassins. At
last they havo fuocerded in gotting
ono of them, John JaokBon, safely in
jail. lie was arrested as Hubbard
Oi'y yesterday. IIo was first seer, in
Mount Calm and was ohascd by tho
officers, but he puoceeded in making
his escape. After escaping from tho
Mt. Calm officers ho wont to Hubbard
(. ity and run directly into tho hands of
tho officers-
TbU man answers in every particu
lar to tho description of the smaller
ot the two negroes who oommitted
tho murder. He utterly fails to givo
any account of himself at tho limo of
the murder or at any tinio since ex
cept that ho worked tlireo days for
Mr. Matsan iKar Hubbard City last
week. The officors are positive that
thoy havo ono of the mou wantod.
..., i
For tho best and frochest boof,pork
mutton, veal, sparcrihs, Gsh and
oysters yo " Crippen oorner Fifth
and Frank ling
MAY 6, 1892,
For ths Cla'k speaking and birbocn at Lo
rn B, iUybth the SI It ttud T. Ity. will tell
rornil tilptlrketr, JIuy 6 h, atrute of So cents.
Trains love V coat U o'clock k in , reluming
leare 1-orenu at u p, in,
J. E. SMITH, TIckot Agent,
124 South 4th street, Waco, '

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