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We areselling
Stiouis Bottled
PINTS $1 per
QUARTS .$i.5o
Return empty
we will pay for
bottles and
..15c per dozen
25c " "
404 Austin Street,
I recovered judgment, canceling the
certificates issued to the roatl for road
and sidings together. The supreme
court reversed the caso and held tint
the certificates could not bo canoeled,
but that the railroad aompany should
givo up and surrender an amount of
land equal to that granted for switches
and sidings I brought a suit against
another company to recover lands oh
tained for Bidings which is still pend
ing In tho Galveston, Harrisburg
and San Antonio oase the supremo
court nover passed upon tho aat of
ISoiand that road surrendered S7.U00
Tho railroads wero holding millions
of scree of land not patented so that
the law alienating theso lands within
tho time prescribed would not be
Aro you prepared to put a man in
tho governor's chair who will allow
these roads to hold land grants of sid
ings? My attorney general's record
has been endorsed by tho people in
my renomi jation and then my elec
tion as governor.
Judge Clark says it will disturb
thousands and thousands of actual
settlers. If there is a man in this
audience whose. title his been disturb
ed by this suit let him stand up and
say so. In all my speeches no one has
said his title was disturbed.
Before the war, under tho statutes
the stato invested school money to the
amount of $G,0u0 a milo in railroads.
The state invested $1,810,500 in that
way. The railroads have been sold
out time and again. But with four
years of war since then and immense
losses of public and private property,
even in those dark hours those bonds
survived and the stato lost only
$!)7,000 in one way and nnother. Tho
tuosc of it was lost by having to sell a
railroad. On this investment the
stato has received $3,401,375, and
still holds bonds for $1,571,585 owned
by tho sohool fund. Tho state has
realized a net profit of over $3,300,000
Those men who wore up at AuBtin
fighting the oomtniBHion aro fighting
this school investment from beginning
to end
This is the first time in all Iiib
speeches the judge has had nothing to
say about tho commission..
Tho judge says ho is u Domoorat,
but yet he did not vote for tho com
mission, though tho Democratic plat
form deolares for it.
Tho governor dosed by saying that
ho intended to stand by his record.
Judge Clark commonoed by saying
that he could not bolp being amused
ai the joy displaced by Gov
ernor Hogg when ho admitted
that ho would not have brought those
suits, but he fell into tho trap I had
sot for him.
No. I would nover havo broueht
flints n 1 1 $
those suits for sidings, beoauso myaffeoted
sense as a lawyer would have io 1 me
that the moment tho stato recoern
tho land, land grabbers wo ilO 'svo
jumpod on it and the state never
would havo got an aero. I would as
soon seo tho railroads havo it as the
land jumper I would not have
brought tho suits under tho laws
under whioh tho certificates woro is
sued As exponnded and decided by
tho supremo oourt it is expressly pro
vidod and stipulated that tho railro.id
companies shall havo lands for sid
ings and l,2f)l,rGt deeds wero gram
ed under that law, of which acres the
railroids had sold all to tho pooplo
except the S7.000 acres which tho
governor recovered, and whioh the
land men have got uow. Where
does tho sohool fund c.mio in, pray,
and Gov Hogg (Judge Clark turns
around, is faco to face with the Gov
ernor) instoad of educating 0,000
ohildien, you, Gov. Hogir, will not
educate one with that land.
He would not have brought tho
suit against the hast Lino beoause it
was Qotitious and,,had for its purposo
the placing the railroad in tho hands
of a receiver and Sawnie Roberon.
The constitution did not requiro it.
They would havo brought that Mis
souri, Kansas and Texas suit, and I
mean to cast no reflections upon the
governor's integrity, had not Jay
Gould sent to Austin and asked him
to do it. Applause and uproar.
Thero was a right at Tyler between
two a voice milkmaids? no, that
was not it, between Jay Gould on the
ono sido and the Missouri, Kansas
and Texas on the other, as to whioh
should own the road, and upon the
solicitation of Jay Gould's attornoy
Gov. Hoeg brought that suit and did
up tho Missouri, Kausas and Texas.
Yes, tho Missouri, Kansas and Texas
has been stripped of its property and
Jay Gould rules the roost."
1 said nothing about the commis
sion becausolknew thegovcrnorwould
say it all. The speaker here explain
ed what he meant when he spose of
taking the legislative bridle off, and
stated that Governor Hogg had mis-
quotod him. Tho legislature had put
in the statutes a olauso fixing
the maximum rate ot freight at 50
cents per 100 miles. This was tho
bridlo the legislature had put on and
tho state was tied hand and foot. He
had tho honor of sitting on the com
mission to oodify the laws of 1878
and placed the maximum rate of
freight at 25 cents per hundred
pounds, but tho legislature struck out
25 and put in 50 oents.
Gov. Hogg's conversion is almost
as recent as mine. He did not beat
me more than threo months.
When .the people pass upon a ques
tion of government do not us Demo
crats have to bow to their will? Gov.
Hogg has bowed, although he is not
as graceful a bowor as I am. You
saw him bow just now when we were
talking about an elective commission.
Laughter. Wo have both heard the
old Democratio lion growl in our day
and it then behooved us to bow. But
lot me tell you, the people are going
to elect their commissioners. It does
not make any difference, Gov. Hogg,
(turning to tho governor) whether
you or I am eleotod governor, the
people are going to lift this tribunal
out of the mud and miro of politics
and make a commission to which the
citizen and the railroad oan appeal.
It was said that the people did not
havo sense enough to elect the com
mission, and that it would be a de
plorable exhibition to see commis
sioners on the stump. Do not tho
people elect the judges of the
supreme oourt, and do you find those
judges on the stump? Tho people
aro going to eleot their commissiouers
and what is more, they are going to
elect their United States senators."'
That is sound Democracy. A fow
months ago the governor appointed a
United States senator, but the poople
came along and appointed another
one in his place and made tho best
appointment. Did tho governors run?
A week had not elapsed before he was
telling the peoplo how much ho loved
Roger Q Mills, absolutely doting on
The govornor eays he is in favor
of the commission as it stands. Rev
olutions never go backward. Your
commission, governor, cannot stand
whoro it in; it has to go forward. It
rcquiros tho most conservative- states
manship of tho state to preserve us
from tho rooks that lie ahead of tho
prow of tho vessel. Wo, sir, havo
had problems oomo up neiore you as
governor, affecting tho interests of
ovory man, woman and child in tho
stato and your commission was power
leBS to aot. I refer to tho strike upon
tho idontical road that runs through
this town, tho AransaB Pass. Thero
was in that strike a contest be
tween labor and capital whioh
the interests of
111 lUO BiaiO linu y ur uuuiui aaiuu, mi, .
regaided that tnkesit as powerless '
as a baby. Applauso J It admoni
this us that we aro treading upon dan
gerous ground whou ono authoiity di
rects tuo receipts of a business enter
prise and ltts calamity upon labor,
which is the least able to bear it. Lot
us go forwnrd and protect tho labor
of tho country while wo aro promoting
the capital of the country. Wo must
adept a commission that will ratify
these ovils. You havo noticed that a
groat many men who framed the Sin
Antonio platform and eleotcd Gov.
Hogg havo gone over to tho third party.
Wo have got to do something with
this commission to regulate and pro
tect tho business interest ot the ooun
try. Evory in in, woman and child is
interested in it; capital is interested in
it. Governor, ou must come and go
with me. We must timond your com
mission. Wo must make it clootivo
and we will invest it with good consti
tutional powers to protect the labor of
the country whilo protecting the capi
tal of the country.
"Judge Clark was at this point inter
rupted and informed that his timo
was out. Ho statod that his time was
up and closed by saying Wo intend
to "Turn Toxas Loose." We intend
to turn labor looso. We intend to
turn all of our industries loose, and
there is anothor thing that wo intond
to turn loose. We intend to tu n
Gov. Hogg loose. God bless Texas,
we are eoing to turn her looso and
lot her riso up from the manacles that
bind her. With the bright silver star
in her forehead illuminating the earth
sho will be guiding worths peoplo of
all nations to come and live with us
and we will send tho governor back
to Tylor.
At tho conclusion of Judge Clarks
speech a general rush was mado by
several thousand friends of the
Little Giant" to shako him by tho
hand and in tho soramblo Governor
Hogg, who was still seated on tho
rostrum, was subjected to suoh pres
sure tha: although sovcral attempts
were made ho could not riso to his
foot. This was however finally ac
complished, with the assistanoo of a
friends of Judge Olark, and further
danger averted. Tho serging mass of
enthusiastic Clarkites ooutinued the
rush till the Judge was finally lilted
up bodily and carried from tho
It was plainly to be seen that Clark
had carried the day and that more
than two-thirds of the atseinbled mul
titude were his warm supporters.
A gontleman from Fayette county,
a prominont physioian, who buries all
his professional mistakes, attended tho
joint debate at Cameron yesterday.
He is an enthusiastic Hogg man. Ho
told Col. Hall of our oity that if tho
Angel Gabriel were a oandinate for
governor against Gov. James Hogg
he would vote for Hogg.
A prominont farmer of Falls ooanty
camo on our excursion train at Lott
yesterday. He was wearing a Hogg
In conversation with one of
our citizens he was induced to havo a
Clark badge pinnod on tho other lapel
of his coat, promising that if
ho became convinced from the dis
oussion thut tho interest of Texas did
not require the re-elootion of Hogg,
and would best bo subserved by the
election of Clark, he would take off
the badge of tho former. On the re
turn last evoning he was wearing tho
red badgo of Goorgo Clark, omblem
of imperial truth.
Georgo Glark's rejoinder to Gov.
Hogg yesterday at Cameron was so
powerfully outting and incisive that
the latter could not stand it so the
governor called timo on George ten
minutes beforo-it was out; and whon
a contention arose between him and
Bart Mooro (whioh tho audience did
not hear) he magnanimously allowed
Clark to consume his time.
Mrs. F. V. Putnan who rosides at
1809 Sanger avenue, had the misfor
tune to fall down stairs this morning
and badly fraoture a limb.
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