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KSTAlll.lSltr.l) JVL.Y 10, 1HHH.
fnfrrfrf at the 1'ostoQUe atlVaco, T us, , Setonil Class Jfntlcr.
VOL. 4. NO. 254.
50 Cents rer Month
fcVM rf 'BJr .Hbfe vL Ifiw JHkS JB. Hy HL Jl
This week we will put on sale 500 pieces of
Hamburg and Nainsook Edges
that we can now sell
At Half Price.
They were bought late and prices were much lower than at the
beginning of the season. The whole 500 pieces divided into four lots.
Lot 1 ---5 Cents a Yard.
Lot 2---10 Cents a Yard.;!
Lot 315 Cents a Yard.
Lot 420 Cents a Yard.
Various "ricltlis in. Elo1x Iot.
250 pieces 45-inch Flouncing from 40c to $1.50 a yard, worth
Co per cent more.
Ladies' Handkerchiefs,
2STO. 1
Cheapest handkerchiefs ever
Tea, Rood measure, nresscd ilowa
mill iiiiiiiliin tivtsr.
8ome of these little proprietors of ia.na
parillaa put up in hail-pint butties ar en
vious ot tlie iiuTrusiiiK popularity of Dr.
John Hull's .M-Mtiurilhi, put up as it is in
large quart tooltip, and iiiliiimtt that thaira
ii more concentrated. 'J lus is as false as
deceit can toe, A tcaspoonful of Bull's
8ar.iparill:t contains moio concentrated
medicinal irttic than n talilespoonful of
ny other sarsapanlla made A bottle of
Dr. John Hulls biii.p.iril! contains ix
times the curative virtue of a ottlc of any
other blood purifier made No exception
is made. Now an invalid wants hii
money s worth. lie wants nood measure.
Therefore, unless nisleil through ignor
ance, when his system needs a blood puii
fler, when Jiis system needs a tonic, when
his system is breaking down from blood
impurity or some wasting disease, he will
demand of his druggist u bottle of Bull's
Sirsapcrilla, and on no ocroUoii be per
suaded to take anything that may be off
ered iu its stead us bein;; "just as good."
There is no other reined bo good as Bull'i
Barsaparilla for such diseases as scrofula,
syphilitic affections iilt-rheum, itch, ec
zema, pimples, sorw, rheumatism, lam
back, swollen joints, aching muscles, nerr
ous weakness, nervous debility, loss of
appetite, loss of lleMi, loss of strength,
leopleness, prem'iiuic old age, etc.
T.il Woodruli; Juuerhiiiivillclnd., writes:
"Kortcu yean I had lioou an lua)ld. I be
came a olironio medicine taWer. There U
not n blood remedy or n toule advertised
that I did not try. From none ot them did
I dorlvc any permut.eut koi1. I uocamy
discouraged. My svhtem was full or blood
Impurities. My sLln was covered In place
with brown patches and Utile sores. My
musclei had lo.it their strength. I was very
weak. Jly appetite- and digestion wcrewla
raule. 1 kept growing worse and worst
until I began to use Dr. Hull's Han-apaillln,
I then begun to rally at once, and grew
trongcr und stronger. 1 havo now used
probably 30 bottles, and my Improvement
In looks and feeling Ii so great 1 fecm like
mother person. 1 am now well and strong:,
and glvo the wholo credit of my recovery U
Dr. Hull's Sarsaparllla.''
-WYour children will be more healthy,
happy nnd pretty, If you occasionally give
them Dr. John Hull'a Worm Destroyers.
Try them, l'rlce 25 cent.
W-Wlion you have chills and fever, If
you want a sure euro and one that dees not
taste bad, tako Smith's Tonic Syrup. It
will please you bolter than quinine or any
other chill medicine.
Jon.v D. Park & Sons, Wiolaale Agent,
U5, 177 and 170 Sycamore St., Cincinnati, a
sold. Bargains in all Departments
Judgo Clark's Appointments.
Navasota, Thursday, May l!i.
Brenham, Saturday, May 14.
San Antonio, Tuesday, May I7.
Gonziles, Thursday, Miy l'J.
Flatonio, Saturday, May 21.
Houston, Monday, May 23.
Galveston, Thursday, May 20.
Bellville, Saturday, May 28
Wrapped In a Poisonous Veil!
In the mists that we see risintr
from the shores of sluggish streams,
from low lands soaked by lreshcts or
from marshy muddy flats on tho out
skirts of populous cities, lurk disease
and death, lnmeshed in this ooison-
ous veil of mist are isolated business
structures, manufacturing: villages
and humble tencmonts. For thoso
who eilqer from motives of business
interest or dire necessity aro drily
constrained to breathe thisonvenomed
atmosphore, thoro is no immunity
savo in an eilioient modioinal safe
puaid. Hostetter's Stomach Bitters
fully falls tho need, protecting wholo
communities from tho insidious at
taoks of malaria, a disease which in
its more malignant forms is scarcely
less to be dreaded in the individual
than -typhus. Every type of it is
thoroughly eradicated by the Bitters.
This peerless medicine also remedies
dyspepsia, constipation, liver and kid
ney trouble, rheumatism and nervous
ness. 'Us a restorative, too, 01 ap
petite, sleep and flesh.
r u m
Dr. Gunn's Onion Syrup.
This remedy is a suro cure for all
diseases of the Throat and Lungs,
oaused by taking cold. It will stop a
cough in ono night, no mutter how
It is just what its namo implies; an
onion syrup, compounded in such
manner' as to do away with tho un
pleasant taste and odor of tho vegita-
When in need of a cure for a cough
or cold, try it. Pnoe 50 contB. Sold
by W. B. Morrison & Co.
or tui: chaik.iidn
Ociicral Instruction to the Cliulr
llmiui u to tliu Tcm Adoptcdjby the
IpUxccutlvc C'omiiittteo.
In conformity with a resolution
adopted at a session of the Democrat
ic Executive Committee Held in
Waco May 2nd 1S92, a full report of
which appeared in the Waco Evkn
ino News of that date and tho Waoo
Day May 3rd 1892. We hereby np
point tie following cl airmen to pre
side at the Democratio mass meetings
at the pluces here designated on May
First ward, R J Goode, City Hall.
Second ward, Clarence Hubby, En
gine House, Twelfth Htreet.
Third ward, Layton P Puckotto,
Padgitt's Park.
Fourth ward, J no Falls, Court
Filth ward, Juo M McGhee, En
git e House.
Poor House, H A McGhee.
Hortons residence, Ilorton.
White hall, 13 J Kendriok,
Hewitt, B G Wheeler, Womaoks
store. .
Daughtreys dairy, D 11 Gurlcy.
Rosenthal, Buck Jackson.
Kobinson, Rice Wilkerson.
The Demooratio voters were re
quested at a meeting of tho Demo
cratic Exeoutive Committee April 2
to meet on Saturday May 7th. At a
subsequent meeting' May 2nd
a resolution was adopted providing
that each member
committee select a
different polling
over the meeting
of the executive
chairman at tho
places to preside
The resolution
further provided "That said chairmen
are herebv rcauired to exclude from
participating in said mass meeting all
parties who will not give the pledges
adopted by the committee this day.
It was believed that the appoint
ment in this way of ohairmen who had
a wido acquaintance in their precincts
would have a benefioial effect in keep
ing out parties who aro not true Demo
crats. This much is necessary injus
tice to the committee in adopting tho
unusual course of appointing chair
men for mass meetings, when the cus
tom has been Lr the meetings to select
their own chairmen. These chair
men will thon sec as far as possible that
no parties vote who are not now Dem
ocrats of unquestioned fealty; unless
a person who has affiliated with othor
parties heretofore, or whoso demooraoy
the chairman knows to bo doubtful
will give the pledges required by the
executivo committeo on said May 2."
Those pledges substantially wore
that a party desiring to vote must re
nounce his allegiance to all parties
but ihe Democratic party and pledgo
his support to all nominees of said
party. The party must also reside in
tho ward or voting precinct, and if tho
chairman does not know this of hid
own knowledge he must bo vouched
lor by somo reputable person known to
tho chairmen. I would adviso chair
men to procure copies of the papers of
dates mentioned above.
Those meetings aro called to solect
delegates to a county convention to
be hold May 14, whioh said conven
tion will elect delegates to a congres
sional convention and to the Lam
pasas convention. This last will elect
dolegates to the national convention.
The ward and precinct meetings can
send delegates in any number tho
Democrats may determine upon, but
this will give them no greater repre
sentation in said convention.
Tho chairmen will call their re
spective meotings to order at 8:.'30
o'clock p. m. on date before men
tioned, to wit: Saturday, May 7th.
John F. Flint,
Chm. Dcra. Ex. Com. McLCo.
James A. Hahribon,
Member Ex. Com. Precinct No. 1.
The members of the Boating and
Fishing club are requested to meet at
the Board of Trade room, at the city
hall, Friday night, 8 o'clock sharp.
Business ol importance. Every mem
ber is requested to be thero.
Tom Hadgitt.
We will make our Annual Slaughter of
Men's Fine "Hearty to Wear"
On these two days we will run two special lots
250 SUITS.
LOT 1 includes suits from $lo.oo to $15.00. They will
all go at
$9.!0 a Suit.
LOT 2 includes Suits from $16 to $20. They will all go at
143 a Suit.
Remember we always mean what we say in our advertise
ments and carry them out strictly.
3. 8. MoLKNDON. Proaldont.
J. T. DAVIS, Vloo-presldent
J. K. PARK hit.
AcoounHof bank, banker, merchants, farmori. muohanlcfi sad othor oIrsmw sollcttod. v
pnyasmuoh uttent on toduaal uooounta an largo onon. Wo gtvopHrooual and ipeolal attectlo
to our collection d psrttnont, awl rotnlfn day of pitrmnnt. KiohuiiKf bought and soldo
Ml the prlnclpnlpilnUof the Unltod 8tnten and Kurotie.
$1.5 SPECIAL i.o
Greatest Shirt Sale Ever Known in Waco.
Our Entire Stock of Puff Bosom Shirts, forty-two distinct styles,
including $175, $2 and $2.50 goods,
iiLL O-O .A.T $1.50 ZELuOIEH:..
Real Estato Bulletin.
Reported by Biker & Dilworlh, Ab
stractors Geo Hayden to J W O'Brien, lot 2,
in block 17, Chamberlin adddition on
North Fifth street, $3000
W T Lock wood to A Y Moorefield,
100 by 200 feet on east sids of South
Fourth street, near Dummy lino,
J II Gouldy to E E Fitzhugh, lot
12, in block 1, Glenwood Addition,
Jno R Wilkes, W R Shaw and wife
to I M & Barney Pearlstone, 75 by
165 feet on south side of Washington
street betweon Tenth and Eleventh,
Dan Ford to Addie Ford, 70 and
165 feet on north side of WebBter
street between Elcghteenth and Nine
teenth. 100
We furnish abstratos of title on short
notice. ",
J. W. Bakek.
Merit Rewarded.
The gtatlying news of the examina
tion and appointment of Dr C. C. Mc
Culloch to the important position of
surgeon in the United states navy,
was published in The News only a
short time ago and it now gives us
pleasure to announce his promotion
10 tho place of post surgeon at David's
Island, Long Island Sound, twenty
miles above New York.
Di. McCulloch is the son of the
worthy mayor of this city, where ho
was raised and, consequently, well
known and highly rospectedbya largo
number the readers of this paper who
will watch his progress with deep in
teiest. The Nuws joins the many friends of
"Champ" in hearty congratulations.
liko magio.
BEEOHAil'H Pili.h act
Jus k
I a. 11L.A0K, Oaehl.r
& CO1
Colored People Organize a
Clark Club.
A meeting of colored citizens was
held last night in this city for the pur
pose of organizing a Clark Colored
Democrauc club The meeting was
called to order and tho object fully
stated by II. L. Storms.
ILL Storms was elected chariman
and John Cooper secretary. A roll
of membership was presented for sig
natures and 52 names were enrolled.
A committee of five was appointed
to solicit names for membership and
report at the next meeting, to bo held
Monday night, May 9th. The com
mittee consists of M. A. Majors, John
Ray, P S Warner, C. Simmons and
Dick Adams.
It was decided that no one who is
not in sympathy with tho movement
will be permitted to hold membership
or tako part in the club.
The meeting then adjourned.
Bnoklbn' Arntoa Halve.
The best salvo In tho world for outs,
bruises, soroa, uloors, salt rhouin, fo
vor soros, totter, ohuppod hands, chtl
blalns, oorna .H all skin oruptlons,
and posltlvoly 'uiroH pllos, or no pay
satlBfaotlon or uo.ioy refunded. Price
bo coins u oox. Kor sale by w. B,
Morrison fr Oo.
Straight dinner from 12 to 2 and
anything you want at any hour at Joo
Dr. Geo. P. Mann, dentist. Fall
set of uppor or lower teeth, hl2.fi0.
To any lndy calling at our
Store H
Bnttorick's Patterns.
403:A.viBtin Avonue.

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