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Tub News will tako advertising
with tho understanding that if it has
not a larger lccal circulation than any
daily paper published in Waco, no
chargo will bo mndo for the advertiso
mont. Organize
Organize now
Organize in every district.
In unity only can (hero be strength.
The ical
forget that.
issue is Tex,is
Hogg is hampered by the friends he
has made
Hogg's Tyler house will not be for
rent next year
Hogg got the flies fanned off him
again yesterday.
When they refuse to listen they are
as good as bent.
The conduct of the Hogg crowd at
Clebumo should condemn their leader
The political oamptiign waxeth hot.
The weather is in tho waxing busi
ness too.
There is no discount ou the loyalty
of Toxans to Texas and this is one
fact that makes the Clark men glad.
Candidate!) for congress aro crop
ping out in the new distriots. Texas
will elict fifteen if them this year.
McLennan must not neglect to send
a good working delegation to the con
gressional convention for G. B.
In this issue is presented the cases
in which Governor Hogg figured while
attorney general It is interesting
The Waco Clark club should bear
in mind that the election is not over,
and that there is much work to be
done yet.
Tho acrobatic feats ot the Fort
Worth newspapers, heats the Spring
Palace or any other show on this
earth for amusement.
There should bo a strong delegation
from Waco tomorrow at Lorena to
hear Judge Clark speak and partake
of tho hospitality of his friends in and
around that pretty little city.
There is no denyirg the tact that tho
friends of Judge Clark are more en
thusiastic than those of Gov. Hogg.
This is tho best evidence in the world
that reason will triumph over bluster
in tho end.
Tho proposition that no man should
be permitted to participate in tha
Democratic paimaric3 unless he will
agreo to support the nomincss of tho
party is just and will not meet with
opposition fiom any Democrat.
Clarks speech at Clebumo while
not heard by but fow of those prosent
on account of the indecent oonduot of
the Hogg rabblo was one of tho ablest
he has yet delivered and when it is
road by the thousands it will have the
desired effect.
The San Antonio Express notes the
action of the McLennan County Ex
ecutive committee requiring all who
participate in the Democratic prima
ries to agreo to support the ticket at
the general election, and adds that the
test should go further and require that
all should help nominate a Democrat
Mr. Henry Watterson. after do'
manding Cleveland's, withdrawal and
failing to got the responso looked lor,
has been up in New York hobnobbing
with the Hill followers aud writes a
letter to tho Courier Journal which ho
doubtless thinks will foroo Cleveland
to comply with his demand. Watter
son would like to bo 11 Warwick, but
doesn't know how.
A wull to doauilirintolligout farmer
of MoLcunan county was rocontly
heard to say, substantially, this: "I
would like vcrv inuoh to voto for
Judco Clark. In fact I havo been
waiting for an opportunity to do so for
a number of years, becauso I considor
him a man of such prc-cuiinont ability
aud unquestioned integrity that he
would mako a splendid governor. At
prosent I am inclined to suppoit Gov
vernor Hogg. I do not deny that
Governor Hogg has mndo serious mis
takes, but it has been the custom to
givo a governor a second term and I
havo to sco tho people refuse to ex
tend this honor to Governor Hogg. I
wish it was otherwise, beoauso I be-
liovo roally that tho country would be
bettor oil" with Judge Clark us the gov
ernor of tho state"
The frank admission of this worthy
man is but tho ropitition of what is be
ing said by a number of farmers in tho
state. They become attracted toward
Governor Hogg becauso of his strong
advocacy of the commission, and
under the influences of popular exitc
mint, he appeared to bo the most
prominent apostle of the commission
idea, and for this reason it has been a
difficult matter not only for the
farmers, but for other peop'c of dif
ferent vocations in life, to believo that
their commission champion could make
mistakes in the discharge of the other
duties of his office, independent of
those duties imposed by tho commis
sion law.
It is only a question of timo when
all tbo farmers except thoso who will
not hear or bo oonvinoedby argumont,
will oome to the conclusion that in all
respects, in faot, in the majority of re
spects Governor Hogg was not fitted
for the place to which ho was elected.
Whothcr years of experience would
givo him the proper qualifications is
problematical, but he has not had that
experience, and he has made so many
blunders that all personal considera-1
tions should bo waived, and he should
be relegated to private life, where the
mistakes he may nuko will not add to
the publio woes. It is a fact that
when Judge Clark began bis campaign
it was almost impossible to find one
farmer, unless it happened to be some
personal friend, who favored his elec
tion, and now it can be safolysaid that
over the entiro stato of Texas the pros
perous and intelligent farmers, espe
cially those who have by thrift and
economy accumulated a competency,
and may now bo classed as the weal
thy farmers of tho state, aro all almost
without exception in favor of Judge
Clark for governor. The reason is
apparent. Their interests are larger
and their intelligence greater. Tho
former, perhaps influencing their
choice at the outset, and tho latter
giving stability to their choice. The
farmer mutt not mistake tho senti
ments of a preference expressed by
theso good men, though they arc,
probably, moro prosperous than tho
majority of tho farmers of tho state,
for ill advised or dishonest selections
nor can the humbler or poorer farmer
charge that these men are prompted
by sinister motives. It is their broad,
liberal view that has enabled them to
roaoh the conolusion that tho country
has need of tho experience, ability
and honesty of Judgo Clark. Tho
distress of tho last two years may be
changed to prosperity and happinesp,
and having seen Judge Clark in so
many ordeals, beginning with his ca
reer as a soldier, on tho bonoh and the
legal advisor of the state, thoy can
not but reach tho conolusion that with
that broad experience, and tho patri
otism that no honest man oan ques
tion, he is, perhaps, better fitted for
gubernatorial preferment than any
other man today in the state. Tho
farmer should not bo misled by ap
peals to his prejudices. George Clark
is his friend perhaps is a better
friend than Gov. Hogg for tho reason
that ho is equally sincere, and cer
tainly moro iutolligont. The farmers
of McLennan oounty should boar in
mind that if one of them or if ny
7 Z Z-ii 1 1 IWBffiiltfiiglf ff
number of them should come to Judgo
Clark in an hour of need,
whether it
was pecuniary assistance or
tint thoy would be treated as fiionds,
nnd their demandsjeceivo the kind
est consideration; and now while ho
is tho candidato of Waco and MoLon
nan oounty a propor spirit of oounty
pride should make them, all other
things being equal, his friends and
well-wishers, and it is confidently ex
pcoted that before this campaign
olosce, many of theso good fanners
who have been temporarily misled by
tho specious argument and charges of
tho demagogue and creatures of the
administration, whoso principle inter
est in tho present oxeoutive is in tho
ofiioes bestowed by his favor, will
change their allcgiauco and support
Judgo Clark.
At Docatur a week ago Judgo L.
C. Alexander made a speech for Judgo
Clark. He went to Decatur by invi
tation aud the appointment was made
especially for him. Mr. Swa)no of
Fort Worth appeared on the socno
and asked for a division of time,
whioh was generously granted by
Judgo Alexander, who reserved tho
right to open and close the debate.
Judge Alexander led olF in an excel
lent speech and he scored sovcral good
hits against the administration
Swayno followed in a splendid delcnse
of the administration. When Judge
Alexander arose to reply the Hogg
men began to leave and as
they were largely in tho majority tho
audience was cut down to small pro
portions by their act of discourtesy.
Judgo Alexander fiuished his speech
to a respectful audience principally of
Clark men. The action of tho Hogg
men at Cameron alluded to yesterday
was another example of their intoler
ance and thoir fear of giving their
opponents fair play in tho fight. Tho
climax was reached at Cleburne yes-
tcrday when tho Hogg supportors re-
fused to allow Judge Clark to speak
for several minutes after Hogg had
finished his opening speeoh until ex
hausted in their attempt to yell him
into silence they were compelled to
sit and listen to the most eloquent
arraignment of the administration over
yet delivered. When Judgo Clark
had finished and Hogg arose to reply
the Claik men saw thoir opportunity
and then and there taught tho bigoted
followers of the governor a lesson they
will not soon forget. They had wit
nessed tho insult to their champion
and they proposed to resent it. Thoy
yelled and yelled, and every time
Hogg attempted to say anything they
would pitch their voices higher, and
thoy kept it up too until Governor
Hogg gave it up in dispair and took
his seat. Ho Baw the rebuke to his
friends was merited and did not at
tempt to speak again. While TnE
News deprecates such conduct as that
indulged by both sidos yesterday it
must be admitted that the pace was set
by the Hogg men and the Clark mon
acted only in defense of what they
considered to bo their candidates'
ngnts. about one nour of bis timo
was taken up by theso intoleran fol.
lowers of the governor and by reouc
ing his timo from ono hour and half
to a half hour, they did him an in
justico that could only bo resented by
tho same sort of taotios. It was re.
sented and it was well dono. Tho
Clark mon were justifiable under the
oircumstancea and wc glory in their
spunk. It can be safely stated that
there will be no moro joint disoussions
botweou Judge Clark and Gov. Hogg
"The new song "Turn Texas Loose"
has become so popular and is encored
so often, that its distinguished author
has been called upon again, and the
following verse is now sung for the
Turn Teias Lo se from IIotKUhno s,
Ana let our Warwick Olark
Clear up the Legislative mess.
On which Hogs left his mark
Tneu Allen lawa will fado away
And couey thoy drovo out,
Will soon return nnil ('orne to stay,
While JojouBly wo'll Bliout,
Turn Texes Loose oto.
Lewine Bros.
Want the trade and competitors to know that wc arc
for the business, and have as good a claim for the patronage of the
people as any concern,
And are Determined to Maintain It.
We will Meet Every Out with Still Greater Outs.
Bargains shall be the Leading Feature this Week,
wi: iia ri;.iM.vi mom: hahoaixs tuaxtiiosi: avi:iitisiu.
Drt'ti Gootts.
50 plocos Clmlllos that weielOcn
yard go for 3l2o this wook.
Four plocos only of handsome col
ored Scrim that sold at 13 and 20o a
yard for lOo this vteok.
'20 pioeos largo figured Swiss for ''Bo
Poep" Curtains and Drapory, weo.'15o
'itthle Covers.
50 whlto Linon and colored border
Table Covers, 12 yards long1, a ffroat
bargain for 1.40.
42 whito and colored border fringed
Tablo Covers ils yards long, hand
some pattorns, for 2.00.
S7 Turkoy ltfd Damask Fringed
Table Covers 134 yards long for 75c
this ween,
NOTIONS.-Wc TAKE all k'nds of notions, and we offer all
Ikinds of notions very cheap. Pins, I lair Pins,
Hair Curlers, Hair finishes, Soaps, tootli Brushes, all marked down
cheap. Visit our notion department and you arc sure to TAKE A
NOTION to buy some of our bargains.
Lewine Bros.
Manfactm ers 1
Alexandre's Baking Powder.
Alexandre's Pure 8pioes.
Alexandre's Java and Rio
Moore BroB' White Wluo and Apple Vinegar.
Moore Bros' Pure Cider.
Moore Bros' Flint Candy
Having purchased Mr. Alexandre's buslues wo a re uow prepared to rill
orders promptly. Patronize Home Institutions. Sustain our efforts to make
Waoo a Great Manufacturing Centre.
Have removed from Paciffe Hotel to Room 28, Provident Bld'g
0. W, B$TB
The oW Oritnd Jtulldliiff, Xartli of l'luta
The finost vehicles and horacH in th
city. Call carriages for ladies a spe
cialty and when desired, ladies can
nave a unver in livery. All trams met.
Prompt attention to j,all orders and
boarded on reasonable terms.'
W.D M.VYHELD. Present. J. DBKLL, Vice ProLiant. JOIIKD. MAYHEM), Cashier
The City Savipgs Bapk i
CHARTERED FEB. 12, 1892.
No v offers 6 ner cent-, int-pr. n ,i.:.. T..t i. .i
from date.
.fire Ciirtnlim.
Heal artlsllo Luce Curtains, pretty
onough to adorn a pnlnco, that wo
ollered at $10.00, $7.00 this wook.
.lire C'irWirliii
Thata millionaire would notdlsdalu
market down to Jo.OO this week.
Lnco Curtains to boautlfy tho homes
of honest industry at pricos tempting
ly low before. Now $1.00, $1.50 nnd
MoiiHlto Itlll.V,
111 Canopies, Circular Nets, already
made, very cheap.
Wo havo all kinds of Flosh Towels
Bath Towols. Wo havo all kinds at
5c, lOo, 15o, 25c, 60c a pair.
Whdesale Grocers.
Blend Cofl'eo
satisfaction guaranteed. Horses
-". nuwrcsi piyam
)9Sh9Pw34HbK& &
ctT? ,ifrr' wnTTMlWIplffwniiWT THFTi 7rH"-

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