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Ilnvo mado arrnngcmcnts to supply
the bankers, druggists and firemen
with Cno imported cigars at from ."
to 2b cents oaoh.
LAIJlHS ner-d not send to New Yorlc
for fash'ou mage.ines. You will
find nil tho lato ones and other
choice reading matter at
.!. nftfctatt,.3
5HDE5- ei
, ,rA.nCwSfJ.
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, ' ' ' -', -1 ' ' v
'i& AT1 S," "& ' 'i C
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Wrm V ffi & V
;VC-CW. Xs "W& ' ' Sis",T?1'i.. r
rs si i Ljtfi Ti a vi-. i i rsi &f i.
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-ji ,r AT.
To tho Lovors ;of Art In Photo
graphy. Having moved to my now gallory,
over 701 anil 7015, Austin stroot, (the
old Ihnohmau Building), I am now
better prepared than ever to givo the
people of Waoo tho finest Photos in
tho state. Tho beautiful "aristo" (so
highly endorsed by tho leading gal
ries,) in all its beauty, at my studio
1 will have on exhibition for a few
lays, an elegant oil portrait of Mrs
v.uo. Clark, by Mons. l)o Gissao, which
has been framed in a very handsome
Florentine" framo, making a portrait,
well worth a visit, to all, and more
especially m tho tho ladies.
1 will" bo glad to welcome my old.
and inaDy new customers. Don't for
ot my now address, over70l and 703,
ustin Avo.
Deane, Photographer
Electric Supply
J in mow' anl Mm chants' Nut'l llankllull'llug
Dealers in all kinds of Eleotrio Motors
and Motor Fans.
Electric goods of ovcry description.
Electric annunciators and bolls.
Their prices are tho lowest, as they
deal only w i ' h the manufacturers.
Call and see them or telephone.
Mana g;er.
I pnnnil pai kovc collie, 'Jtlccntt).
P"un 'Jar Jams 121-2 cute.
I-1 c ilpnrn per !o. H .".r.
I met! teas in Wtto
Eft goods, lowest prices.
V .lies' (iindleb In Waco.
I'.ilite Rt'entli'ii nad ompt deliver .is the
')f (,-lbl) e llroi.(-roccrs. 0" An tin Avonne
wiss : Ba
lrnor Sixth and Washington Sticfts.
ItosIi llread Holls ami Cakes
V very ntornlnK nt.' o'clock Home open from
' 'i look in tl e morning to 10 In the cvcuIuk.
New Grocery Store
biiuih Fifth St , lictwcon Mary and Jackson St.
fvcrj thins llist-class Agent 'or.Tohn Ilande's
Fine lli-lck. Lime and Cement.
The World is Better for it.
The world is better because of such
a rnitdy as Ballard's Snow Liniment
because Hub articlo relieves it of
much pain and misery, and wo are
thus ono1'1 .'d to enjoy its brighter side.
It positively onres all forms of Rheu
matism, Neuralgia, Headache, Sick
Headache. Lime Back, all Sores and
Wounds, Outs, Sprains, Bruises, Stitl
Joinis, Contraneu Muscle, Pois-on,
Eruptions, Coins, Weak Back, and
all jiain and all iiiflamaiation on man
or b ast. Its j'o best because its the
mu.xt penetrating. Beware of all
white Liniments which may bo
palmed oil en you for Ballard's Snow
Liniment. Thero is inno like it.
Sold by II. C Rithor & Co.
AJJ. Leslio ior first-olass watch
clo-k and jowelry ropairing. Same
building with n. E. Ambold Austin
P. W HfiRSnN
yi hb
?- r
'sss,. . - - "
Mr. Walter Jones, the handsome
attendant at the Capital Sample
rooms, celebrated his twenty-fourth
birthcliy yesterday. He attended the
races in the afternoon and visited his
"best girl" in the evening.
The Waco Wheel Club will meet
tomorrow night at thu City hall. The
constitution and revised by-laws of
tho club will be ready for adoption
sit this meeting and a full attendance
is desired.
The opening of tho great hridgo
over the Mississippi river at Memphis
will tike place May 11 to 1 1, and ar
rangements aro being made to have a
large crowd in attot-dtnee. Tickets
will bo sold from all points at one fare
forthc round trip.
Tho new Central Fire station is
nearly completed and will he ready for
for tho firemon next week. The alarm
bell has been elevated to the tower
b it Ins not yet been swung. When
cmuplcto it will be one of the best en
mac bou-.es in tho state.
The engineer of the West End
station has lost from his engine a
nickle plated cup or ring- from the hub
of one of the wheels. The Goder will
receive his thanks if it is returned to
him. It was lost on the night of
April 25.
A cioptic oxhib'tion will be given
next week at thu I'ark Tln'utre, for
the benrfit of tho Ru G-.inde drouth
suirerers This is a worthy move
rnent atid its projectors should have
th ooroiiracement and help of every
oturitably disposed resident of Waoo.
The News has received from the
pubhiher, (J. II. Edward, of Dallas,
copies of the "Saengerfest March"
and "Willkomen Sangers," These
pieces were played at the Sangerfest
recently held in Dallas. The Majch
is dedicated to Lawrence M. Koepfly,
president of the Ninteenth Saenger
One of tlu principal items of busi
nesH which wl comb before the
EpiTopil diocesan council which meots
bore on May 1'J will be the election oi
an assistant bishop Bishop Giegg,
whose health is verypior, will go to
the mountains of Xunh Carolina to
spend the summer and try to re
cuperate. aco has many line saloons In
the building formerly occupied by the
First National bank, corner Bankers'
Alley and the square, Mr. T. R Bates
has placed the most elegant bar fix
tures regardless of cost. Oak Hall
will ba the center of attraction on
Saturday night, May 7th Mr. Bates
calls your attention to his advertise
ment on the last page of this paper
It will certainly pay you to call and
see with what taste and elegance he
has fitted up this building. He will
keep only the finest goods. His
gentlemanly assistants, Mr. Macduff
Laikms and Mr Bill I. Brown, will do
all in their power to make it pleasant
for you. (jo and see them Saturday
L. Y 0 WQ S l
Used ia Millions of Homes aq Years the StandanS.
&: :.- s:
-bi - - -ei-:s
"siaann-iSi; :usA2?
Judge Clark Grootod.by a Immense
(n How 11 on u .icc:iul Train The
l.lttlu lit it t I ntroiliic.eil It- lr.
ninnri: I'lic Administration (icth
A 11 oilier ICoitstliitf .Iniln, dlitrlt
oiiiliiatci a I.ittlo Ulitu lor 1'rtikl
ilciit--.V (irciit liny lor Texas.
The special train left Waco this
morning at 9:40 for Lorena laden
with over 300 people enthusiastic for
the "little giant " It took only twen
ty minutes to mako the run to the
splendid little city of Lorena. Ar
rived there they were met by a tro
mendous ell for Clark and a deter
mined crowd of men who had gather
ed thero to do honor to the candidate
of their choice The Waoo delegation
was enthusiastically received and es
cortcd to the picnic grounds where tho
good ladies were enjoying the gentle-
breezes watted through tho foliage of
the trees.
The committee of arrangements
were lavished with the many accomo
dations necessary lor tho success of a
fathering of the kind enjoyed at
Lorcua toda . Jiibews will civp
their names that ail may know who
engineered the Lorena barbocuo which
is a grand buccesa:
II. J. Hudson, U. M. Williams,
0. A, Wesibrook, J. 1 Williams and
H. C. Shaefer.
AtllliO Dr. Thorn is Mooro of
Waco tho old war horse of Democracy
arose and made an introductory
speech betting forth the issues now
agitating tho people of lexas. He ex
plained the absurdity of the universal
cry against monopolies, stating that
nearly everything we used was made
by monopolies liiilroid corpora
tions had not lilacs done their duty
but thy were necessary to dovelop the
state and while wo must control them
and mako them do their duty wo must
not drive them awuy. Ho maio an
earnest appeal to the old Democrats
who were his companions when they
were forced to inarch through columns
of bayonets to the polls. When ho
introduced .ludgn Clark loud cheers
rent the air and tho little ones of
whom there wero many were frighten
cd almost into spatms.
Judce Clark was so hoarse that he
could be heard by only a fow but ho
had tho undivided attention af every
body and prer.ched some mighty
sound Democratic doctriue and it was
appreciated He told of how the gov
ernor was trying to ooncontrate all
the power of government in tho hands
of the govoruor ana his appointees at
In his deionse of tho principle that
tho pcoplo should have the right to
elect their servants ho noted a recent
example when there was a vacancy in
tho United Stater senato and tho gov-
Lvory articlo nocossary to furnish nny room from pirlor to uttic Wo
aro just now ollorinir 11 splendid iiMortniont of UKUHOOM SETS or tho
latest and most Improved styles, railing In prices from 518 to i.0. Give- us
OtLiTi- Garnet 136ra.-fl-fcrTH'-i-R--d-
Is comploto with now iinttorns at low juices, (mods sold on Histiillnioii
on..w mainifucluroour own lmitresaos. Also renovnto and mako ovt
um iniuressca.
ernor appointed ono m in and when
the timt- camo the pc ple elected an
other Which irado tho lJet ohoiee,
was asko 1. Vuices, the people
At tho end of a sentence and just
as the apphuse of the audiouco sub
sided a bttlo tot hollmvori out "11 nr
rah for Georgo Clark.'' After the
oncers died down .Judge Chirk said:
"That little man will be president
soni'i day.
In answering tho claim of Governor
Hogg that he deserved credit for the
reduction of taxes Judge Clark sub
mitted an euitorial in the Crockett
Courier, Senator Page's paper' stating
that when tho bill to reduco tho si ate
tax to 1 j cents on tho $100 or pn p
erty from '0 cents on tho $1()0. a
friend of Governor llojg announced
that 11 the tax levy was reduced to 10
cents the governor would veto tho bill
Tho bill was amended so as to provide
for 1G 2-15 cents tho first year and 15
cents thereafter. So the people are
paing one and two-third cents on the
$100 moro this year in taxes than they
wouldjiave had to pay if it had not
been for Governor Hogg's threat.
Still the governor goes over the state
and claims the credit for the reduction
of our taxes.
Judge CUrk next brought up tho
olaim of Gov Hogg that he
had recovered front tho railroads
1,05-1,000 acres oi land for the people.
lie showed that that amount of laud
had not been recovered; tint only
S7.000 aores of land had been recover
ed. The title to the wholo amount,
howerer, had been olouded by the
action of tho governor while he was
attorney general and tho titles woro
held by the people of Texas and not
the railroads. Tho railroads had sold
tho lands long ago and they now con
stituted tho homes of thousands ol
the pooplo who purchased them from
the railroad j in good faith. Judgo
Clar'c read tho names ot several
citizens of the Lorena community
whoso land titles wore doubted by this
suit and if any ono of them applied il
an hour of need for a loan ol money
tendering their land as beounty
they would find that
any good lawyer would pronounce ih
title clouded and their security woulu
thus he destroyed. The judgo txhib
itcd a map drawn in the state laud
office, showing tho location of every
tract of land involved in tho Vul
Verde suits. Thy are ecittered all
over the stato and 21 of them aro in
MoLonnan county
Tho speech was ono of the host jet
dolivored by .Judge ('lark oonta ning
many now features, lie Lai splond d
attention and the applause was fre
quent and vigorous.
Judge Clark spoke nearly two hours
and his spet ch had a good effect.
There were, perhaps, 1500 people
present and the occasion was one of
rare pleasure for all
At 1:30 dinner was announced and
the crowd scattcrvd They wero in.
vited to assemble at 3 o'clock to listen
at the candidates for congress, only
two of whom, Judgo Gerald and Mr
Antoney, are pr sent.
Judge Clark returned to Waco at 3
Removal Notice.
We will occupy stable on Aiistin
Avenue, 604 and 606, after May 1st
The finest turnouts in ihe city. The
best attention given boarding horses
Very iruly.
Straight dinner from 12 to 2 and
nything you want at any hour at Joe
A Boss, Dueber or Kahy's
Hunting 14-Iv gold filled case,
guaranteed to wear twenty
years, with Elgin movement,
stem wind, chronometer bal
ance, patent pinion etc., $16.98.
&. ininni nn
w, .
520 AUSTIN St.
Drop a card to J no. M. Xuiols, 20
Sherman st., or leavi orders
at Hani son & Go's.
H. 1", JACKsON. W. C. ( onl'Ki:,
Mnimfiirtuii'iB of tin- W. .1. Mrhonalil
Fireproof Cement Roof Paint.
Coiitriii'tBMiliriti'il, All uroil. iiiniritl) ilonn
tinl lu'lj Kuanmt.i'il.
Oirici:, 221 Fkankmn Stkkkt
Tho Now Plan.
The new plan of selling homes on
the monthly installment plan, seems
to meet a long t) It van, at any rate it
takes but a fow minutes to couvinco
a mat. wlo Wdnt-. to buy that le is
standing in hi-i o.vn "light, "' whim he
continues to pay house ruit when it
can be avoided. This plan that I
have inaugurated gives the lain of
miuII uieaiii a iil'ain-e. It don t re
quire a b g batik account to got a
Inline. Ls' week I s-ld to throe
dilkrent partita homes in the city .
Ono of them a two room houso at
$10(I(J rcr month Another a to
room h'UHe m 112 50 per nmnth, and
the third a nice thrt e room house for
$17 HU per month. Those aro fair
samples of what I aui gou g to effor
this wtck.
1 hcce places aro all in a reppcta
bio neighborhood, close to the public
schools nnd nrar tins street fars, at d
not too far from the post i Ihcc iud
center of business for them to bo
available. Coino and see me, tho
longer you wait, the more )ou lo-e.
Hie Pulpet and thu Stage.
Kov. V, M. Sirvut, rasti r I'nited
Brethren ohuich, ILue Mound, Kun..
sajs: "I f-el it my duty to tell what
wonders tit. Iving's New Discovery
has d'jno lor mo. My lungs were
badly diii-'asid, and my pariMi oners
thought I could live only u few weeks
I took ftio bottle, of l)r King's Niw
Discovery and am sound aud well,
gaining "(J lbs. in wu'ght "
Arthur Love, Manager Love's
Funny Folks Combination, writes
'Affr a thorough tral antl convino
mg evidence, 1 mn cmfideut Dr, King's
New Discovery for Coiihumption. beats
'em all, and cures whin rvorjthing
1-io fails. The groatest kindness 1
can do my many thousand friends is to
iitko them to try it.' Free trial hot
lie at W. 13. Morrikoti & Co 's drug

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