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ik News will take advertising
the understanding that if it has
ilargorkcal circulation than any
' paper published in Waco, no
go will bo undo for the advertise
hero arc some good Democrats in
as who oppose Judge Clark be
0 his election being considered a
ploto reversal of tho policy whioh
mphed only two years ago would
0 near a complete revolution of
tical sentiment that the people
Id feel humiliatod at their own
irott ficklonesi. There is good
on to bclievo that a huge majority
udge Clark's most intelligent op-
ents aro held to tho political
unes of tho govornor by no other
whatever. It is pertinent then to
aire, to whatelomont in the Donio
tic party is due tho election of
yernor Hogg, and what proportion
he party docs this clement con
ute, taking their own history and
history of their opponents as a
de. There has boen in the Demo
tic party for years a dissatisfied,
bulent clas. They made them
res felt when tho Greenback crazo
nek us, and some of our most
mincnt men were driven to heed
dr clamor and take up thoir falso
d dangerous theory as their own.
took tho bravest hearts and eooltst
ads in tho party to prevent its
pture by tho Greenbaokers before
ij wont into an organization of their
n. Tbeir next inovo wis the war
on railroads inaugurated by the
aio class which bad been dofcated
the Greenback movement and
ey kept hammering away
ganizing into first one political party
d another worked the A'lianoo to
ath and finally they observed a ten
noy amoDg the Democrat leaders,
.ch as Terrell, to adopt their views
id they then set about planning a
ay to captu e tho Democratio party.
Tiaa Terrell and a few others beuan
aroading the go3pol of the now Demo
icy, the old line straight laeod war
orsps protested feebly, but the howl
ad boen so inoessant for years that
last of them concluded to haiids off
nd allow the "reformers" to work ont
he salation of tho county by tho new
ightning process. In 1890, Hogg
laving won fame as a railroad prose-
vrator, while attorcey general, mounted
,she wavo of popular clamor and was
niunphantly elected governor. It was
tie result of tho agitation carried on
by this turbulent elemont in tho pany
for years and years and those who did
not allow themselves to bo pulled into
Lit were silent aud inactive, allowing
the election to go by default. These
fitter believed tho oleotion of Hogg
wnld be disastrous, hut they did not
Inow it. They have had two years of
Hogg now and they know their for
mer opinion is correot, To tho ohargo
Ihat Hogg and his followers
-were trying to confiscate tho
railroad property of tho state
ti e answer was mado that no such
desire lurked anywhero in a Hogg
taan'B bosom, so, boing always in favor
of some sort of regulation the com
mission was accoptod as the best
aetbod and tho machine was turned
over to tho governor. Peoplo at once
lost faith in Texas. Hogg's evident
lostihty to all oapital and especially
Ihot incorporated, was regarded as
xot only an invitation to foreign capi
tal to stay away, but a monaoe to that
already investod hero. It is abso
lutely necessary for this prejudioo
against Texas to be romoved. Will
Vbe 10 election of Gov. Hogg do it?
No Will tho nomination of a dark
Tiorso do it? No. The polioy adopt
ed and maintained by tho adminis
tration has convinood oapital that in
vestments aro not safe in Texas. To
destroy that projudioo we must nom-
" Tirum 11 r ii n ..i
ministration in its uicandoring, and
has no plaoed it on the defensive.
The nomination will have its effect
immediately and while the polioy
favored by the majority of the people
two years ago, will bo maintained the
attitude of the state government will
bo reversed and oonlidenc0
restored. It is not necessary to enu
merate the acts of Governor Hogg
which havj engendered tho feeling of
distrust now prevalent abroad. His
relentless prosecution of the railroads
upo'i inulupient ground?, his recom
mendation and approval of the alien
land law of 1890 added to the almost
constant abuso of all corporations in
dulged in by bj the governor, aro
enough in themselves to produce a
panic. These and other things bavo
frightened capital away from our stato.
Btforo it will return here for invest
ments we must not only defeat Mr.
Hogg, but must nominate and elect a
man who publicly declares agaiutt the
policies which have governed tho ad
ministration. A compromise man will
not benefit us. George Clark is tho
only man who will answer the full
measure of tho requirement. It will
not be a revolution of sentiment with
thoso only who supported Hogg before,
and afterwards were chagrined at his
gross mistakes. All Democrats
should get together aud demand Clark)
and confidence will come.
Gogernor Hogg said if the school
money was loaned to the peoplo the
state would be cheated. Ho also
yelled to tho reporter: "Scratch that
out, scratoh it out." Terrell said in
effect, that Koss "jocked with princi
. pie," and the Hogg literary bureau
proceeded to tcratch that out too.
Hogg said to the Twenty-first legisla
ture: "Give me a trust law as long as
my finger and 1 will control tho cor
porations in Texas, and we wont need
any commission." He wants that
scratched out. Terrell said, "the
spawn of the cabin by the wayside
was a dangerous brood ' He has
ordered that scrached out. Hogg
said in a speech in Austin
and in his speeches at other
places during the campaign
of 1S90 that if a commission law
with tho elective feature was adopted
ho would veto it. He wants that
scratched out. Hogg said ono reason
why he appointed Chilton senator
over Mills was because Chilton was
not embarrassed by a confederate re
cord. He has ordered that scratched
out. There is enough loft however,
if wo were to erase all these things to
condemn Gov. Hogg in tho eyes of
the whole people. He recommended
a law to prohibit the issuance of coun
ty and municipal bonds without the
sanction of the attorney general of the
state. This is a gross viola
tion of the cherished prin
ciple of local self government
He advocates the loaning of the sohool
monoy to short lino railroads in this
state ono of tho most unsafe in7est
ments that could bo made. Ho makes
a vicious attack in every speech upon
all corporations when we all know it
is impossible to carry on business in
all its branches in this country with-'
out incorporating. In his mad career
of demagogy he has frightened away
investments and left Texas stranded
in tho midst of lavish. promise and her
prosperity is threatened for years to
come. It is not necessary to particu
larize Hogg's administration and
Hogg's campaign if successful will
kill Texas, that's all.
Tho Gate City Daily Graphio of
Tcxarkana heads an editorial with tho
namo "George Clark" and proceeds as
"After a patient pause and a dili
gent scanning of coming events, wo
annour.ee today our support of the
distinguished gentleman fcr gover
nor of Texas, whoso name heads this
article. Measured by any measure,
weighed in any scales, subjected to
any test that measures a governor or
makes a patriot, George Olark fills
bill of public no
sober, learned and
patriotic, ho ooines to 113 as anoth
er Moses to load this peoplo out of
the "slough of despond." "Turn
Texas loose," is tho slogan of tho
campaign. That is the necessity of
thohour: let tho people respond in
gladsomo unanimity and tho young
giant will march to that greatness
that God ordainod. Emasculated in
hor strides by tho Hogg dynasty,
capital forbidden to entor her vast
domains. viscious legislation
advised and demanded by
Ilogc, the state is now cabled to tho
car of the demogagues who fooled tho
people into his preferment. But the
day of reokoning may not always be
the next day, but it is ever sure to bo
at tho next election. This is now tho
situation and Hogg at d his Tylor
gang of railroad wrcckere, will be
taught a lesson, that the people are
omnipotent in matters that pertain to
their interest and will vincicate at
tho ballot-box tho right, duty and
privilego of so declaring.
will be elected
'when the
pigs begin to fly.''
Success Assured.
Tho Elks' benefit will surely bo a
sucoess. Tho members are working
hard to insuro success and tho
Histrionics and their friends aro tak
ing scarcely less interest. Tickets aro
being disposed cf rapidly now and
everything will bo ready by Tuesday J
nignt. seats can Do secured at tho
box offioo Monday.
The Waco Day.
It is understood that the Day has
again been sold. Mr. A. Al, Kennedy
of Alexia, being tho purchaser. Mr.
Kennedy was formerly and perhaps is
now, the editor and proprietor of the
Mexia Democrat, which is a strong
Hogg paper and Mr. Kennedy him
self is said to bo a strong Hogg sup
porter. L'nder the conditions, it is
difficult to reach a conclusion as to
the policy of the paper in the future.
The Philo club will give a german
next Monday night complimentary to
Miss Saffarrons of Columbia, Tenn.,
who has been visiting friends hero
during the winter. Miss Saffarrons
will leave for Columbia next Thursday
and will leave behind her a large circle
of warm and devoted friends who will
Icok forwaid to the opening of the
next social with pleasant anticipations
of her return.
The programme of "The Merchant
of Venice," by the Ilistronics next
Tuesday, for the Elks' benefit, prom
ises to be a society event of unusual
magnitude. All the Elks and their
friends are requested to attend the
theatre in full dress.
Enthuslasted Meeting Last Night-
OHlcerB Elected-Consiltntlon
and By-Laws Adopted.
lhe Waco Wheel club met last
nii'ht at the rilv hnll. TVinrn wic o
full attendance and a vcryenthuisacticiHave removed from PaoilTe Hotel to Room 28, Provident Bld'ff
Ti.ffitinrr trie tialrl nnA n sonnet? .... I
and by laws adopted.
The officers for the ensuing year
were elected and are as follows:
President, S A. Hobson; vice-president,
A. Love; secretary, J P. Mas
sej; captain, W. A. Parker, bugler,
T B. Clark, color bearer, C. R. Tur
ner. The executive committeo is
cemposed of L. A. Hobson, W. A.
Parker and A. Love.
Until the club shall secure rooms
for itself it will use Mr. Hobson's
aparlmeiits over the Farmers' and
Merchants' bank.
Never before has a club of any
kind started in Waco with such prom
ising outlook. Club enrollment of
about thirty members with some of
the finest wheelmen in the state in the
number, is certainly a good start.
There were two or three proposi
tions for the construction of a track
before the club before it was hardlv
organized. It is quite probable that
a series of races and athletic games
will be given this summer.
Wlicn I say euro 1 do not menn merely to Btop
Uiem for atlmcand thin havetliemri-tiirriagiiln.
1 fTm? J1 T?mi? a,Uc.u I.havu ,nal0 ,h0 dlfcaeo
a life lotisj study. I arrant my remedy to cure
the worst cases, Ilccauso others hac failed le
no reason for not now recclin;i a cure, bend
??mcifora 'T"11"; a,l a -' Hotllo of my
i?fnJ,llbi.0mill5r-. Givo Kinross and 1'ost Office.
Ha O. ROOT, M. C, 103 Poarl St., N. Yf
Lewine Bros.
Make Two Special Sales This Week, -
We Offer Parasols Way Under Market Value,
Arrived rather late and we have a
largc ock on hand. We offer
big inducements to lower this
Parasols worth $1.25 for 75c.
Parasols worth $1.50 for $1.00.
Parasols worth 2. 50 for Si. 50.
Parasols worth $3.50 for $2.50.
Parasols worth $5.00 for $3.50.
Parasols worth $7.50 for $5.50.
Parasols worth 10.00 for $".00.
ISH, and just arrived.
We have just opened a large lot of 86 inch Challie in dark and
tinted grounds wh'ch we oficr at 15c a yard. Anew lot of Crepe
Cloth in evening shades and pretty figures at 10c a yard.
Manfactuiers 1
Alejandro's Baklrnr Powder.
Alexandre's Pure Bpiooa.
Alexandre's Java and Rio
Moore Bros' White
Moore Bros' Flint Candy.
Having purchased Mr. Alexandre's bualues wo a re now propare.1 to ail
orders promptly. Patronize Home Institutions. Sustain our efforts to make
Waco a Groat Manufaoturlng Centre.
The old Urinal lttilUtlnlh Xarlh of Vluta
waco, rr.XAs.
The finost vehicles and horses in th
city. Call carriages for ladies a spe
cialty and when desired, ladies ran
have a driver in livery. All trains met.
Prompt attention to all orders and
boarded on reasonable terms.
W.I), MAY IKLD. President. J. D BELL, Vice President. JOIIN'.'D. MAYFIELD, Cashier
The Gity Savipgs Bapk
CHARTERED FEB. 12, 1892.
No v offers 6 per cent, interest on deposit. Interest payable
from date.
Our shoe Department
jf 1 s r 11 o om rn is : t:u
We offer Ladies Opera Slippers
for 50 c.
We offer Ladies' Oxford Slin-
pers for 50c.
Patent tip Ladies' Oxfords
Slippers lor 75c.
Extra Stout Ladies' Oxfords
Slippers for $1.00
Genuine Dingola Oxfords Slip
pers for 51.50.
Hand Sewed Oxfords Slippers
for $1.50.
Cincinnati Oxfords Slippers for
Si. 75.'
S3. 50 Oxfords Slippers for $2.50.
Children hand turn toes slip
pers for 50c.
Children's hand turned Oxfords
for 6 5 c.
Misses' hand turned Oxfords
for 75c. .
Misses' patent tip turn Oxfords
for Si.oo.
"Whflesale Grocers.
Blend Coffee.
Wine aud Apple Vinegar.
Moore Bros' Puro Cider.
satisfaction guaranteed. Horses

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