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KnBltlcnco :il.D N VI St.
Physicians and Surgeons.
Msto t Uld Cornor Drug Bloro, Telcpnono
nt OOlco nnd Iteeldencea.
318 Auwtln Avenue.
Commercial House.
Cor. Eujhth $
Clay -St.
Only two HvcKn south of Mo
Itr j tot.
1'ncljle 11.11
t6J 3F IESTCLA ss. -a
Terms reasonable. Commercial
Travel especially solicited.
Mrs. N. H. Kirkpatrick.
l'nicKs iu:asonahi,k.
Leave orders with (3. H. Itosonthal
No. 807 Austin avenue.
tilackwell Hotel.
Good beds and best of fare. Hates
$1.00 per day. Meals 25 cents, 120
Second stroot, next door to the court
house. tf
Becauso so many hundreds, and
even thousands of the famous Emer
son Pianos are sold by us, many peo
ple imogine we confine ourselves to
the sala of that one instrument. It is
a great mistake, however, for we
handle Steinway, Weber, Chickering,
Ivers & Pond, Kimball and others.
Those intending to buy should step in
and examine our stock and learn our
liberal terms.
Thos Goggan Bros ,
412 Austin Avenue.
Joe Lohman's for
oonfeotionorios 117
street ,
ioo oream and
South Fourth
50c Lawn Tennis Oxfords
Cfieep Lois.
The onl obeap lots offered in Waco
for tho last fivo years arc thoso now
on the market in the Kirkpatriok Ad
dition, East Waco. These lots are
being sold for one-half their real val
ue, making a ohanoo to secure a de
sirable homo such as will never ocour
again. ft
Cheap Lt.
These lots lio high and dry. Thoy
overlook a large portion of tho oity
and havo perfect drainage. Thoy lio
in tho healthiest part of tho city, oatoh
ing tho pure breezes from tho prairie
untainted by passage over any part of
tho city.
Cheap Xit
Thoso lots havo tho finest soil, a
rich sjndy loam, admirable for gar
dens, and are underlaid with pure
water in inexhaustible quantities at a
depth of fifteen and sixteen foot,
which can bo usod for irrigation.
Cheap IiOt s.
- Theso lots aro closer to tho center
of the oity than any other addition,
and at tho same distance lots aro sell
ing for threo and flvo times tho prioo
aBkod for theso. Thero is millions in
it for persons of small means. Call on
Mrs. or P. G. Kirkpatriok, southwest
corner Eighth and Clay street.
All parties desiring plats of tho
Jvirkpatriok addition oar. obtain them
upon application.
-?. fin
t vh ft '9mnm H
itv 1;- yv t
Are Not as High as They Used
To 11E by a Long Shot.
We have opened this week a large
shipment of all grades of
Holland and Opaques
On best Spring Rollers, at follow
ing prices : .
Plain Hollands, assorted colors, 6
feet long a job at 25 cents.
Plain Hollands, 7 feet long, 35c.
Plain Hollands, 8 feet long, 40c.
Opaques with nice designs:
Opaques, 6 feef, at 45c.
Opaques, 7 feet, at 50c.
Opaques, 8 feet, at 55c.
Oil Opaques in handsome designs:
Oil Opaques, 6 feet, at 55c.
Oil Opaques, 7 feet, at 60c.
Oil Opaques. 8 feet; at 65c.
Curtain Poles, Complete, 25c.
Get what you want soon, as the
lot will not last always.
H. B. Mistrot & Co.
Eighth and Austin.
Why Is it so many grow old 'too
prematurely '!
Said an old man: "If there is anything
that will make an old man feel young it it
Dr. John Hull's S.:r.-amnlla " Yes, there
is a deal of hu lyuiicy in a bottle of thii
excellent lemedy, and it it was more gen
erally used tin-re would be fewer folks
growing prematurely old. The healing
and strengthening herbs that enter into its
composition make it one of the linest re
juvenating medicine that can be com
EounuVd. Said a young wife, when asked
ow she managed to lie so happily with
her husband, who was quite an old man,
"I keephim youthful by giving ldm Bull's
Sarsaparilla.'"' It is u good thing when a
feeling of old age or decrepitude creeps
into the system to rout it at once with
Bull's Sarsap.irilla. It makes the old feel
young, and the young feel buoyant. An
active old lady said she "couldn't keep
up long when' her bottle of Bull's Sarsa
parilla got empty." It's a good thing for
old neopln. Everyone, young or old,
should counteract, the evil cllects of nerv
ousness, weakness, and debility by a uso
of Bull's Sarsaparilla. It keeps the system
in fine condition. You will sleep better,
you will eat better, your food will digert
better, you will feel better every way if
you occasionally use this great tonic and
Epliratm Burnet, Smlthlnnd, Ky., write :
"I am on old man, eighty-three years ot
age, yet 1 can walk live miles to town and
back, and feeJ nono tlio worf-o for It. Kvery
spring I tako a dozen or fifteen bottles of
Bull's Sarsaparilla. It puts my system In
fine condition, nnd I feel good nd agile the
whole year through. It lias worked some
great cures In my neighborhood. A Mr.
onsall's wife lay bed-ridden for three
years. Doctors did her no good. I eot lie
husband to try Bull's Surbaparlllo. New
she Is well and does her own housework.
A negro living on our place had a bu-I cane
of scrofula. Hull's Sarsaparilla cured him."
tar It you think your child has worms,
don't risk any chance, but give It Dr. John
Bull's Worm Destroyer. They are nice
candles, and never fall. Price, Cents.
-"All through tho summer and fall I
was troubled with chills nnd fever. I
Hnally got one bottlo of Smith's Tonlo
Byrup, and It cured me at once." C. II.
Wells, Mldvllle, Ga.
Johh D. Park & Sons, Wholesale Agent,
176, 177 and 179 Sycamore St., Cincinnati, O.
the fino fancy imported
Frenoh and English cloths
at Gabort Bros., tho leading morch-
.. t.ilnra Thnr carry a bier Stock.
admirably seleoted, and embracing all I A Riohardeon, W V Fort, Jaok Bat
the novelties of tho spring of 92. tie, M B Davis, K A MoKinnio, h
What the Voters Did Saturday In
City and Country.
Tlio City or Waco Conn Solid for
t.urulit unit Knoimli In Known to
MnltotlioCoiiiity Practically .Solid
l'nr III til.
The primary conventions held Sat
urdaj night in Waco were woll at
tended and very enthusiastic.
Col M D Herring was cleoted
chairman and Jno M Connor, secreta
ry. The following list of delegates to
the county convention was onosen.
M D Horring, H Robinson, V A
Poage, Georgo Byrne, A Alexander,
S C Olive, 0 C MoCulloch, S Marx,
George Willig, L Hinchman, W D
Herring, J O Bobnger, Joney Jones,
F D Robertson, M Monton, M Akin,
E P Massey, G O McGregor, W H
Leasing, It M Bain, Jr , John M Con
nor, Joo W Taylor.
Resolutions wero adopted endors
ing Judge Gerald.
The Second ward mot Clarence M
Hubby in tho chair.
Mr Tom O Plunkott was eleoted
The iollowing delegates were eleot
M Surratt, D A Kelley, T O Plun
kett, William Brooks, John Johnson,
J T Davis, J S McLendon, Ed Rotan,
H Behrens, W D Lacy, Wiley Jones,
W W Evans, W W Sealoy, S W
Slaydcn, Wm Edmonds, Frank
Burke, A B Weslow, Bob Matson,
Barney Poarlstone, Lane Orand, F E
Dowlen, John Coloman, Prof J T
Strother, Hugh Thompson, John
Monroe, II N Atkinson, Georgo Bar
nard, Dr J II Caldwell, V T Wood
ward, W T Robertson, James II Slur
gis, Sam Sanger, W H Wilkos, J G
Tho Third ward convention wascal
led'to order by Mr. Layton Puckett.
S. L. Jones was elected seoretary.
A motion prevailed that the chair
appoint a committoo of three to solect
a list of delegates to tho county con
vention and report same to the con
vention, and tho chair appointed Hon
L C Alexander, S L Jones and J 0
Fields on the committee.
The committee retired and in a few
minutoB submitted the following:
Wo your committee on delegates
beg leave to report the following list
of delegates to the county convention:
L C Alexander, O N Curtis, J D
Morrow, Thos Waiters, S L Jones,
Herbert Litt,e, L Sanger, B. Haber,
L B Daughtroy, J B Scarborough, G
II Smith, J F Brinkerhoff, Leo
Slaughter, ' Layton Pucxett,
Mike Palmr, J H Boynton,
J C Fields, W II MoWilliams, .1 W
McWilliams, J B Fowlor.
Tho report of tho ooromittco was
unanimously adopted.
Mr. J. C. Fields offered tho follow
ing: Resolved, That having absolute
confidence in tho ability and integrity
of Hon. George Clark we indorso liim
for governor first, last and all the time.
Upon motion the resolution was
adopted by a rising vote
The following telegrams were road
by tho soorotary:
Chilton, May 7. Endorsed Clark
at the primaries today.
Tou Gaitiiek.
Victoria, Tex., May 7. Our con
vention is over. Wo sond a solid
Clark delegation of over 100 to the
Houston convention.
t E. D. Linn.
Storms of applause greoted the
reading of theso telegrams and the
convention adjourned.
The Forth ward convention mot at
the court house and was called to
order by Jno. Fall, who stated the
objeots of the meeting.
R. ChriBtopner was eleoted sec
retary. Upon motion of Captain Caruthsrs
a committee of three was appointed
to report tho names of twenty five
delegates to tho oounty convention.
The chairman appointed Wm. Davis,
Col. Hall and Bart Mooro. They re
tired and soon reported the following
names as delegates:
A L Brown, R B Parrott, A J
Caruthors, Jno Fall, J D Wallas, Pat
Hopkins, J R Downs, Sam Waters,
Dr Thos Mooro, S G Monroso, Jno T
Walton. Fred Kingsbury, Uhas Ban
nister, Sam Beatty, K Christopher, (J
A Marshall. Dr H V Brown.
Tho committee waes added to this
list and also tho name of L. W. Camp
bell. l
The following resolution was thon
offered and edopted by a rising voto:
Resolved by the Demooratio voters
of tho Fourth ward of Waco, in con
vention assembled. That the delegates
to tho county convention from tho
Fourth ward bo instruotcd to oast
their voto as a unit for G. B. Gerald
for congress and to uso all honorable
moans to bavo tho delegates from
McLennan county to tho congression
al convention instructed to oast their
voto for him.
In the Fifth ward Mr John M Mc
Ghee 0 lied the mooting to order and
stated its purpose, aftor whiob tho
following delegates wero chosen:
Thos F Mann, Percy M McGhoo. J
it Mobloy, J P Williamson, A Payne,
John M McGhee, John F Herbert.
BnuoEViLLE, May 7, 1892.
At the primary convention held by
tho Democrats of Brucovillo on May
7th 1S92 the following dologates
cleoted to tho Waco oonvontion to
meet on May 14th. Dr L N Bruoo,
J E Brown and L P Field. Mr M L
Board tho Hope ohampion of this
preoinot made a lengthy talk saying
ho would not oppose the nomination
of tho abovo delegation it thoy would
plcdgo themselves not to endorse
vviaric in tlio waoo convention, pro
posing to bind and gog Clark's
friends and denying thorn tho same
privilege that Hogg's friends availod
themselves of in Parker oounty. L
P Field replied to Mr Board in no un
certain tono as did the other delegates
also and give the oonvontion to un
derstand just how they stood and that
they would endorse Clark on any and
all occasions. Mr, Board then put in
nomination Other gentlemon and tho
vote was taken with abovo result, an
attempt boing made by tho Hogg men
to iustruot the delegation. Tho fol
lowing resolution was offored by L P
Resolved, That Iho delegates oleot-
edto the Waco convention which
meets on May 14, 1892 aro horoby in
structed to voto for delegates to the
Congressional convention who will
support the Hon. G-. B. Gerald for
congress as long as his namo is before
the convention as tho first choico of
tho Bruoevillo Demooraoy and to sup
port tho Hon. Mr. Antony aB seoond
Ross, May 7. The preoinct con.
vention assembled this evening and
instructed our three delegates to voto
for G. B. Gerald first ohoioo, and Goo,
C. Pendleton seoond ohoice for con
gress; also instruoted for Cleveland
for president.
Lobena, May 7. The primary con
vention was called to order this after
noon to elcot delegates to the county
oonvention at Waco, May 14. Fol
lowing delegates were elooted: C A
Westbrook. W A Stanford, Dell
Ilatoh and H J Hudson. Tho dele
gates go uuinstructcd but are all
strong Gerald men.
Tho Democrats of Robinson met at
tho public fcdiool houso with J. S.
Tato in the chair
Mr. Wm. D. MoMurray was elected
Tho following gontlemon woro
elected as delegates to tho county oon
veotion: Dr. J. C Wood, T. J. Fri
day, S. B. Peevey and S. R. Wilkin
son. The convention indorsed tho tost
adopted by tho County Demooratio
Exooutivo oommittcc in its session
May 2 as regards proper qualifications
for voteis who aro to participate in
tho primary election.
The dolegatos were instruotod to
voto for G. B. Gerald for congress
with only ono dissenting vote.
Cloveland was ondorsed for presi
dent by tho same voto.
Tho following delegatos weeo elec
ted at the places named:
Patrick T. J. Murphy, It. M. Hard
wick. Instruotcd for Gerald.
Bosnuevill J. D. Wardell, V. R.
Ballow and F. L. Lillaid- No in
structions. BatHe H. J. Sloan, Will Gillara
and R. II. Burncy
Mart Dr. It. L. Smith and W. A.
Tcer. Instruotcd for Pendloton.
Harrison E. W. Punchard, Jako
Weaver. Frank Dunklin und B. M.
Chalk Bluff Joe Smith and
Rosa S. B. Jonos M R Carroll and
8. L. MoKeig.
Moody Dixon Conneloy, II. C.
Connolley, O. ',. Sedwlok, Charles
Why is Pears' Soap the
est in the world, the soap
.vith no free alkali in it
sold for 1 5 cents a cake ?
It was made for a hospital
soap in the first place, made
by request; the doctors
wanted a soap that, would
wash as sharp as any and
do no harm to the skin.
That means a soap all
soap, with no free alkali in
it, nothing but soap ; there
is nothing mysterious in it.
Cost depends on quantity;
quantity comes of quality.
All sorts of stores sell
it, especially druggists ; all
sorts of people use it, espe
cially those that know what's
Howard, J. C. Reynolds, T. J. Lind
soy, William Donaldson, Smith
Knowles, Joo McCUin and S. Hund
ley. Tho Only Practical Btoreotypo Out
fit. Its Suporlor Advantages.
It is simple, praotioal, cheap, cost
ing, according to size, only from $75
to $150. It can bo out anywhere, oc
cupying only tlio room of an ordinary
caBC stand. Through its various pat
ented labor-saving devices it is
thoroughly endorsed by practical prin
ters, giving all kinds of results in cast
ing and blocking, viz: Thin flat
plates, patent block plateB, typo high
woodon coro blocked or all metal
arohed. Also, it gives tho advantage
of casting and blocking at the biiuio
operation, exact type high, oxact
widths and exact lengths on and
around tho latu patented hollow sec
tional ironcoro molhod, the easiest,
the cheapest, quickest and best block
ing in the word. AbBolutoly without
labor. The outfit dispenses with dan
gerous, costly and complicated ma
chinery, and with its Hot Water
Flaskcd Casting Box and Mould
Diyer, it is utterly impo6siblo ti in
jure type, and tho very finest results
known to plato mokors, stcicotypiud
or the art of printing iB obtained.
Send for descriptive circulars, givirg
full particulars and hundreds of volun
teered testimonials from all parts of
this and other countries. M. J.
Huohks & Co , Manufacture rs Stereo
type Outfits and Conical Sorow
Quoins, No. 18 Spruce St., New York,
n. y.
N. B. The samo outfit will mako
all kinds of Rubber Stamps.
Do You Know it?
A common Cough is tho most dan
gerous thing in tho world to negloot;
a slight hacking Cough is also very
dangerous, as it always leads to Bron
chitis and Consumption. Don't ne
glcot them. In selecting a romedy
for Coughs, Colds and Bronohilis, bo
suro and got one that is not full of
Opium and ono that will not produco
Constipation. Ballard's Ilorchound
Syrup docs not constipate, rcmembor
this. It is perfectly harmless for
ohildron, anil it's tho most soothing
and healing Throat and Lung medi
oino in tho world. It euros Consump
tion, Coughs, Colds, Soro Throat,
Asthma, Whoopu.g Cough, Croup,
Bronchitis, Hoarseness, Soro Lungs,
tiokling in the throat and greatly
strengthens tho Lungs aftor Pneumo
nia. Sold by II. C. Rishor & Co.
Don't bo Deceived.
I am still holding down Standard
Granulated Sugar 20 pounds for one
Franco-American Food Co'a Frenol
Soups, 3 pound oans, 3D cents caoh
Star Tobacco 40 cents per pound. Lov
prices on everything. Call and so
Joe S. Thompson,
Tho Grooor. ,
in the Provident add ,
tion for salo on suoh torm
as will attract the nioBt squeamis
buyers, by Kolluui & Lawson, th
loading real estate dealers, 11IJ Sout
Fourth street.
tad Wmskoy liamti
cured at liumu with
I out pain. Book of itoi
tlcuisrs tent FItl:i!
omccioiw: Whitehall Hi
K Mm 1st I Vr7 HI w H

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