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ff erz Bros. ,
Have nixdo arrangements to supply
the bankers, druggists and firemen
w ih huo imported cigars at from 5
to 2.) cents caoh.
. ,,ilKS need rot flend to New York
'for fashion lnagozines. You will
tml all the lato ones and other
choice reading mattor at
; u n r c
J I ! U L
I? .
Hcrz Bros
''. v. v . t .i etrn 'iot.
fat ennrr -Y
'wN ill -c--j Hi - , , crjr
tlct "-
1 M f,
'1 ' '
I f .
Electric Supply Go,
( , nun and Mpi chants' Nnt'l Hunk IlulldltiB
Dealers in all kinds of Elcotrio .Iotor3
and Motor Fans.
Elec'ric goods of ovcry dcsoiiption.
Elcotric annunciators and bolls.
Their prices are tho lowest, as they
deal only with the uuuufacturcis.
I all and see them cr telephone.
pi ami parkaxc colli-c, 20 ceutO.
i pimn ' Jnr Jams 12 1-2 cpnta.
J up cigars per liox II.'
rineel teas la Waeo
Best goods, lowest rrlces.
F nest randies In Waro
Polite at'entlcn and
ompt deliver Is the
tOt bubble Ilror. Grocers, G05 Anttln Avenue.
Swiss : Bakery.
urner Uth and Washington Stietts.
Frw.li llread Hulls and Cakes
I ry morning nt 5 o'clock Ilcnie oienlrom
lock In tl e morning to 10 in tiie cvcnim.
New Grocery Store
south Fifth St between Mary and Jackson St.
r iMhiiig llrst-class gcnt 'or.Iolin llaado'a
Fine llilck, l.inii) and Cement
HERMAN STOLTE, - - Proprietor.
v ltp
t v-ii
51.95 a MIM'S
bies 3 D only. Worth $3 a pair.
The World is Baiter for it,
Tho world is better because of suoh
a remedy as Ballard's Snow Liniment
because this article relieves it of
Qiueh pain and misery, and we are
'bus cno!1' ?d to enjoy its brighter side.
It positively oures all forms of Rheu
matism, Neuralgia, Headache, Sick
Headacho, Lame Baok, all Sores and
Wounds, Cuts, Sprains, Bruises, Stiff
Joints, Contracted Muscles, Poison,
Eruptions, Corns, Weak Back, and
all pain and all inflammation on man
or beast. Its tho best because its the
mot penetrating. Beware of all
white Liniments whioh may be
panned off on you for Ballard's Snow
LiDiinent. Thero is none like it.
old l.y II. C Ri'her & Co.
II 'oid i,y ii. o Ri.hcr & Co. bks Dp mm wm m &6l W? m
iW v ainuuii l .
A J ,1. Leslie for first-class watch H M pF K k ifc!
clook and jewelry ropairing. Same j J 111 WLM 0 tflHfeSin -uifilil
building with II. E. Ambold Austin Hf m KF KS " mfm
1 Straight dinner Irom 12 to 2 and 523111 0 13 K I III? mmTI
M nything you want at any hour at Joe M WmAwMJ' !&& 53 , KMSTk
Lehman s. 1 J tr sm u ma am JBB ismB
I , , . , -; , ,- f tl! M PflWflPr $1.05 at HILT'S.
-ee the special Mile of clothing for . nI 1 VPUbb W orth S2.SO Sizes 3 D only
this wkpW nn v h tho man Irom I - vv uiw p .3 j
- psr Si vzy-M jess
The ciunty coiuuiissiono'fl oourt
met this morning in reguUr session.
Tho hopo is generally expressed that
the marshall will strictly enforce the
dog ordinance.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Caldwell are
the proud and hoppy parents of a
Gno boy who arrived last night.
Mother and child aro doing well.
Tho local druggist will meet to
night in tho oflioo of the Bohrons
Drug Co., for the purpose of complet
ing preparations lor tho entertain
ment of tho visiters.
Tho opening of the new salooD,
"Oak Hall," Saturday night was a
grand affair. Every delicacy of the
season was sot served and was partuk
en of by an immense crowd.
People on tho street generally are
jubilant over the result of tho meet
ings Saturday night, in tbo various
wards to select dolepates to tl e coun
ty and congressional conventions.
A big picnic in which one hundred
couples will participate is being ar
ranged for the near future. Wo aro
not at liberty topublish particulars.but
The News will givo full particulars
in duo season.
The ladies of the Binkers General
Iteception Committee aro requested to
meet tho Deooration Committeo at
Philo hall Thursday morning at 9:30
o clock, kvery one is req lested to
bring as many flowers as possible.
The citizens of the Fifth ward will
meet next Friday night at the fire
men's hall for tho purpose of hearing
from the candidates for county com
missioner and other county candi
dates. Mr. Bray, candidate for coun
ty commissioner, is specially invited.
On his wav from Tyler to Austin
yesterday Gov Ilogg loft his gourd,
presented to him by the ladies of
Clarksville, on the train. Mr. C. H
Bond, a cotton buyer ofCuero, got
possession of it and still has it safe
and sound. Tho governor certainly
didn't appreciate the gift very highly
or ho never would havo forgotten it.
A party consisting of George Bar
nard, J. II. Hart, and Tom Estell,
went hunting last night and were sue-
cesstul in catching a wild oat and a
very largo wolf and fivo whelps. Tho
whelps were only about three weeks
old and wore brought into town alive.
The News reporter was presented
with one nf thom, and highly appre
ciates the present.
In halting a street car there is a
right and wrong way. If at a street
orossing get on tho far sido of the
stroct the car has to cross. Cars
must not stop so as to block up a
cross street. Get on tho proper side
of the track when gates are used as
only one side ot tho rear plattorm is
open. That will be tho "off" side
from the way tho car is going. Givo
a signal and don't take it for granted
tho motonoer knows you wish to get
.MjL,.-!-'-''---- V-,.
There is a peculiar facination about
fire and water. Both elements are
escential to our enjoyment, comfort
and health. They are all right when
kept in their proper channel but when
out ot that particular channel distruc
tion and devastation lay in the path of
either clement. What a crowd gath
ers from far and near to see a big fire
rauing, or even a pile of boxes or
barrels burning during a celebration.
Wo stand fcr hours locking at it. So
on the other hand it is the samo with
floods Yesterday being Sunday
crows all day long were going towards
the river. The bridge presented quite
a sight. People stood gazing at the
river, looking at the drill wood com
ing down. What is it that seems to
amaze, to hold you as it were, interest
ed for hours Wiser men can answer.
Over six thousand tickets, each
ticket entitling tho hokior to a glass
of boda wator at tho famous soda foun
tain at Old Corner drujr storo, havo
been sold by tho ilroiiun. This is
only a begin nlng of a flattering end
ing. It is a move in which every por
soil can help thegallaut firo boys.
The pool at tho Park Natatorium
will be reserved for ladies and gentlo-
mon exclusively irom S30 to 10
o'cloolr. No gentleman will be ad
mitted unless accompanied by a lady.
Histronics w ill meet at tho opora
house tonight for tho last rehorsul of
tho Merchant of Venice. Try and bo
on hand at 8 o'clock sharp.
Tno city policemen aro6iiga;od this
afternoon in pulMnj; up tho weeds in
the lawn around tho city hall.
Marshal A If.
Policeman W.
C. Neil has mounted
T. Curry.
Coca Cola is an pxtract from a plant
that grows in the Bast Indias. It is
a nerve tonio, a del'ghtful and re
freshing drink. One trial will convince
you. Dr- W. L. Tuoker at tho Lyon
Drug Store will explain its specific
Shooting Gallery.
South side square. Fine guns and
best ammunition. Rare sport. All the
crack shots frequent it. Open day and
night. Polite attention.
Real Estato Bulletin,
Reported by Biker & Dilworth, Ab
stractors. Mrs W P Anderson to J W Gooch
&Co, 55 foot on west sido of Ninth
street near Speight, $ GOO.
Texas Land and Investment com
pany to W H Shaw, traoton Robinson
road part ot T J Chambers grant
NO Worthatn and wife to Wmand
A E Osborne. 50 foot on east sido of
Fifth htroet. between Clay and Cleve
land S3.000
J C F Kyger to s V Goooh, half in
terest In 150 foot on west sido Fifth
street between Mary and Jackson,
John Ilando to J W Gooch. half in-
tnrnst in 75 foet on west sido Fifth
st eet between Mary and Jaokson,
nnrtition and S10.
Wolurulsh abstracts of title on
short notico.
.1. W. Bakeu.
T M. Dilwoktii.
Every article necessary to furnish any room from prlnr to nttle. Wo
aro just now oirbrlnir a splendid assortment of HEDltOOM SETS of tho
latest and most improved stylos, railing in prices from SIS to $!0. Givo us i
Is complote with now patterns at lov prleos. Goods sold on Installment.
Wo now manufacture our own nintresses. Also ronovato and luako ovor
old matrcssoH.
i ho Report that the Railroads aro
Contributing to tho Clark Cam
paign Branded as Falso.
Tho following statements of the
money's received by the Clark exe
cutive committeo and the assertion
that tho railroads havo been furnishing
money refuted will bo of interest:
Rooms of the Executive Committee
of tlu Clark Camp tic n Club, Waco,
Texas, May 7. To the public: I am
reliably informed that partisans ol
tho administration are itdustricusly
circulating the rumor that the rail
roads of Texas have contributed $73,-
000 to tho Clark campaign fund As
1 have exclusive charge of the receipts
and expenditures of all funds of that
character, I take this method of stat
ing to the publio that sineo the or
ganization of tho Clark campaign
$1000 has been contributed to the
Clark campaign fjnd and that this
fund was contributed by a few person
al friends of Judge Clark in small
amounts, a list of contributions being
kept on iilo in my office and subject
to publio inspection. iNot a dol
lar has been rcoeived from any ra 1-
road or tho employe of any railroad to
my knowledge.
Will the Hogj; campaign manage
ment at Austin, deal with the publio
with equal candor and furnish the
amount of campaign fund received by
them and the sources from whioh it
came ? .
11. B. Paruott,
State Organizer.
Sworn to and subsoiibcd to before
mo by R B. Parrott, this May 7, 1H1I2.
Witness mv hand and seal of office.
M 0. II. Paiik
Notary Public for MoLonnan County.
I, W. T. Wa t, president of the
Providont National bank of Waoo,
Tex , and treasurer of the Clark cam
paign fund, do heieby certify that the
statcmont of R. B. Parrott as to tho
receipts of money by the treasurer,
to wit, $1,000, is true. W. T. Watt
Sworn to aud subsonbod to beloro
me by W. T. Watt, this May 7, 1892.
Witness my hand and seal of office.
M. C. H. Paiik,
Notary Publio for McLennan County.
We, tho undersigned members of
the oxeoutivo committeo of tho Clark
and elective commission campaign,
certify to the corrootness of the above.
Fki.ix H. Roiiinsox,
W. R. Dl'NNK'A.
Star Raises tho Clark Banner to tho
Gon. Folix R binson received
following telegram today:
Coni'us Ciiiu&ti, Slay
county sends greetings.
iorClaik. More to follow
9. Star
Dwycr &Urooks, the
ers Office o20 South
Drop in your orders.
An 18 size
straight line
center pinion,
American Watch,
plnte Quick Train,
escapement, patent
patent stem wind,
four paii s fine Ruby
Jewels 111
settings (15 jewels),
balance adjusted, in a fine Golel
Filled Dueber Case, guarantcd to
wear for 20 years for $18.90.
520 AUSTIN St.
Drop a card to Jno. M. Nichols, 203
Sherman St., or leave orders
at Hani son & Co's.
u. r. .lACksos. w. c. ((loi'i'.n.
MBiiiiriii'tuieiH of tin- W. .1. McDonald
Fireproof Cement Roof Paint.
Contracts Bollilluil All ioik jiioinptly ilonn
end lully Kiiniontivil.
Ori'icE, 221 Franklin Streut.
The Now Plan.
The new plan of selling homes on
the monthly installment plan, Ecems
to meet a longt'elt want, ml any rato it
takes but a few minutes to conviuco
a man wi o wants to buy that ho is
standing iu his own "light," when he
continues to pay houso ront when it
ean bo avoided. This plan that I
have inaugurated gives iho man of
suinll means a ohaucc. It don't ro
quiro a big bank account to got a
homo. Last week 1 sold to thrco
different parties homes in the city.
Otio of them a two room houso at
$1000 per month. Another a two
room house at $12 50 per month, and
the third a nico three room house for
$17 50 j er month. These aro fair
samples of what I am going to offer
this week.
Theso p'aces nro all in a respecta
ble neighborhood, closo to the public
schools and near tho street cars, and
not too far horn the post olhco tnd
center oi business for them to bo
available. Come and see mc, tho
loncer you wait, the moio jou lose.
Jam k.b I. Moork.
The Pulpet and the Stage.
Row F. M. Si rout, pastor United
Brethren ohurch, Blue Mound, Kan..
sajs: "I f'.el it my duty to toll what
wonders Dr. King's New Discovery
lias done lor me. My lungs were
badly dUcascd, and my parishioners
thought I could livo only a few weeks.
I took fivo bottles of Dr King's New
Discovery and am sound and well,
gaining 20 lbs. in weight "
Arthur Love, Manager Love's
Funny Folks Combination, writes:
"After a thorough trial and convinc
ing evidence, I tin confident Dr, King's
New Discovery for Coiifumption, beats
'em all, and cures when overjthing
elro fails. Tho greatest' kindness 1
can do my many thousand friends is to
urgo them to try it.' Frco trial bot
tle at W. B. Morrison & Co 's drug
Atkansaw. I Dsed in Millions of Hotneso Years the Standam. m

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