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WlX& Bailiff $fcJHS
Judge Clark's Appointments.
Jfavasota, Thursday, May I'i.
Brenham, Saturday, May 14.
8an Antonio, Tuosdav, May I7.
Gonzales, Thursday, Miy 1!).
Platouio, Saturday, May 21.
ouston, Monday, May 23.
aWcbt-m, Thursday, May 2(5.
ellvillo, Saturday, May 2S
Thk Nkws will take advertising
jvith the understanding that if it has
not a larger heal circulation than any
daily psprr published in Waco, 110
ohare will bo mndo for the advertise
ment. The visitors ate soemingly astonish
ed at the beauty and symetry of tho
city by the Brazos. Waco is proud
of herself
Tho ptef.tiest fights in tho county
if ere made at Lorena and Brticevillc
fietneen the Clark and Hogg forces
and Clark won.
Tho test put to the votes at some
ef tho conventions were tough on tho
til yettr Democrats but it was right
and it is a pity the test was not ap
plied to all of them.
The Gaette now olaims that tho
:eal fight over the presidency was in
Georgia, and Georgia went two to
one for Hill. The News has been
deluded by tho Gazette into the be
lief that the real fight was in New
York state.
uov. Hogg was presented wuh a
gouid at Clarksville and on his way
to Austin left it on the train. It fell
into the hands of C. H. Bond, of
Cuero, formerly of Waco, and Mr.
Bond placed it in the window at the
Waco State bank today with the fol
lowing inscription :
"This gourd was presented to Gov
Jmes S. Hogg by the ladies of
Uaiksville. But like overythiog else
connected with Hogg it got left."
"Senator Vest," says the Houston
Post, "in the senate administered a
proper rebuke to the signers of a peti
tion against the opening of the
World's Fair on Sunday, because they
placed in ii a pledge that they would
sot vote for any member of congress
nuless he should support the Sunday
dosing project. Such a threat should
be mdignantly ignored. It has no
place in a petition Citizens who de
sire that the fair shou'd be closed on
Sunday have a perfect right to make
inown their wishes by means of a pe
tition, but when they seek to bulldoze
Ihey merit the severest rebuke.
The Cameron Herald a Hogg and
Hill paper in speaking of tho dobato
sayB "Many rod (Clark) badges
were taken oil and thrown down.
Somo of theso wero taken off and oast
away by visitors from abroad. They
ssid they had been Hogg men from
the first, but had to proouro these
Jadges in order to get a free ride on
flio railroad This is a sovoro chargo
and wo cannot vouch for its 0 irrect
Jies3 Thero may be no truth in tho
.statement, as it does not appear that
ihe ra'lroads would subject themselves
to the chargo of violating tho law by
waning fieo passes" In some in
stances tho friends of Judge Clark
perhaps paid the faro for parties wish
jug to go to the debate but who repro
ver ted themselves as being unable to
joy their way. Some of Gov. Hogg's
friends doubtless did tho same thing
as it was porfeo'ly ligitirnato and fair.
Assuming as doos tho Herald that tho
jaihoads would not risk a violation of
Ihe law oven if thoy felt disposed to
issuo free passes, wo aro presented
imh the spectacle of a Hogg man dia
Rising himself as a Clark man in
order to heat his way to tho eido of
his champion. If tlnro are any Clark
"men who aro mean onough to imposo
apon anyone that way wo have not
ieard of it. Verily, the Hogg
whoopers aro oompunotiounless,
At tho primary conventio H,nr-
na last Saturday Chairman C. A.
WcstbrooL- applied the test adopted
by tho Dcuiocratio Executive corn
niittoo and endorsod by every good
Democrat and it worked beautifully.
When the convention was called to
order Mr. Westbrook stated that he
proposed to act with porfect fairness
with both sides, and by the way, the
convention was divided as between
Ilog aiid Clark mid no other question
was agitated, and Mr Westbrook
proceed- d to put tho test
which was in the shape of a question
as to whother the person proposing to
pirtioipate in the convention would
subscribe to ifio principles of tho
Democratic party and agree to sup
port the Dcuiocratio ticket. Seven or
eight of those in the house refused to
nualilv and loft tho hall. Thk News
is informed that quite a number of
Hogg men remained outside knowing
tho test would be applied. The chair
man then asked all the tlogg men to
get on one side of the
hall and the Clark men
on tho other. As they arranged them
selves thoy were examined upon other
qualifications, such as length of tiuio
thoy resided in tho frecinet and
whether they lived within the bounds
at all. Several Clark men were for
bidden participation because they
lived over the line, while one Hogg
man who was in the same fix, but who
had obtained by special action of the
commissioners court a right to voto at
Lorena, was admitted. Some of the
Clark mon objected, but Mr. West
brook knew the facts and declared
hi intention to act perfectly fair and
honorable, and ruled that
the party should vote. Tho delegates
to tho county convention wero then
nominated ono at a time until four
wero elected tho Clark men voting 57
every time to the Htgg men 45.
After the delegates were elected one
of the Hogg men arose and proposed
a resolution of thanks to Mr. West
brook tor the fair and impartial man
ner in whioh ho had conducted tho
convention. If the sme conduct is
observed in tho primaries Clark will
carry this oaunty two to one.
The greatest humbug palmed off on
the farmrs by designing politicians is
the continued harrangue about the
mortgaged indebtedness of the farm
ers being an evidence of distress.
The farmers are burdened with mort
gages less than most any other class.
Business men of all classes mortgage
their property both personal and roal
and while evon with them it is not an
evidence sf distress their indebtedness
in most instances representing an in
crease in their business or posses
sions, their transactions of thu charac
ter far exceeds those ol the farmers.
Another point is that tho indebted
ness of the farmers does not in its en
tirety reprosent a burden upon them,
much thi larger part of it is incurred
by the purchase of increased holdings
as the oflioial statistics ot the census
department shows. In Kansas where
tho mortgage pystetn has obtained to
a greater extent than perhaps any
other stite, 70 per cent of tho farm
mortgages was for the purehaso of roal
estate and improvements, G per oent
for business purposes, only about 2
per cent for farm and family expenses
of live stock . and other personal
property. You rarely ever hear of a
farmer being sold out for debt, while
business failures in commercial
avocations are frequent. The distress
claimed by the demagogues to prevail
among the farmers does not exist and
is a slander upon a frugal, prosperous
olass of our citizens.
If tho railroad commission is em
powered to settle all differences be
tween tho railroads and the shippors
why not inyest it with power to settle
all differences between the railroads
and thoir employes as proposed by
Georgo Clark at Cameron? Tho
railroad employos in Toxas are as
much entiled to consideration as any
other class of cil ens 0 t the broad
1 rUtform adopted by Hon. (toorpe
Olark, that is, equal ugiiis 10 all .mu
special privileges to none, ho
could not do othor than urge
tho arbitration by tl c
commission of all difficulties arising
between tho railroads and their em
ployes. While tho gicat strike on
the San Antonio and Aransas 1'aes
was holding in idlcecss 700 miles of
raihuad in Texas last year Chairman
Reagan was at his farm near Pales
tine pruning peach trees soeuiingly
oblivious of thu intense excitement all
over tho stato over tho big strike. The
News called attontion then to the
fact that if tho commission was tho
great rcmody it was supposed to bo it
should be able to do something toward
a settlement of tho Aransas Pass
strikt), Tho administration in
its eagerness to tio up
tho railroads of Texas and bring thorn
to their knees beforo tho august com
mission uttoily ignored the claims of
the thousands of railroad employes
who wero dependent entirely upon
tho railroads for a living. If tho
commission cannot bo empowered to
aid in tho settlement of strikes it
falls far short of what is justly ex
pected of it. It can be so empowered
and if Clark is elected and an intel
ligent legislature is scut to Austin
next January the commission will be
so constituted as to extend its useful,
ness in that direction.
The St. Louis Republic mentions
only two weak points in Gov. Hogg's
administration, that is, his appoint
ment of Chilton and his failure to ap
point a farmer on the commission.
This it does in a leading editorial
on "the Texas campaign," and it
shows either ignorance of the real
issures in the Texas campaign or a
malicious desire to misrepresent the
political contest here. The assertion
in the same editorial that the railroads
and other business interests have
taken advantage of these weak points
above mentioned and are waging a
vigorous fight against Hogg's re elec
tion, indicates that the Republic is
actuated by malice What do the
railroads and other business interests
care about Gov. Hogg's appointments?
It is hostility to cap.tal upon which
the railroads and other business in
terests depend that has driven them
to oppose Uov. Hogg. The ltepublic
knows this as we 1 as it knows any
thing, and when it accuses tho rail
roads and business men of Texas of
opposing him on the grounds of his
oppointments it slanders the whole of
them. The railroads, by the way, are
not all apposing Gov. Hogg, neither
are the business men all apposing
him. The Republic, in its weekly
"Texas edition," has been fighting
Clark while the daily poses as a fence
rider with a leaning to the Hogg side.
It is proper to state that Texas does
not rely upon outside advice for aid
n her political campaigns.
MoLonnan county will go into the
Lampasas convention with hands
untied but friendly to Clovoland.
? Wk B Kk m mat
They are blind whe
not try a box of
HI.J if
(or tho disorders which v
grow out of Impaired S
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Waco a Great Manufacturing Centre.
Have removed from PaoilTc Hotel to Room 28, Provident Bld'g
0. W. DWJD
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oity. Call oarriagos for ladies a spo
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W.I) MA.YEIEL.D, Prestlont. J. DUELI,, Vice Prosldant, JOIISD. MAYFIEtiD, Cashier
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