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Herz Bros.,
Havo mndo arrangements to supply
the bankers, druggists ami fireinon
with fine- imported cigars at from 5
to 25 cents oaoh.
LADlHS need not sond to New York
for fashion magczincs. You will
find all tlio lato ones and other
choice reading matter at
Hei'2; Bros.
BOOTS .,,,
B0UT5 ,Mp-
L .Vrinr
a BT . U " 1 kw
L k
;-i.W l. .rJP
& -avmJ ft
ss: --, s" ' Ft
'in n --S5sr.-jrt,. s -
lM ,111 r- 3Wt. -. ' Mil .
jfW-T'l '" ' ' 'Hi
w KliWU l'.tAi,TsV-V;,';Y Sh.S: m
H IxMlW m, ,'i;'-'X'-y('',' .'s' mliSr'''m
fa,v ll'.'v$,'.';s",'lll rj-
v Yp-'V' llll - 111 1 J" im
Jk lxM
em mw
v vn !-i
Electric Supply Go.
Karmprs' anil Meichants' Nat'l Ilnnk llulldliig.
Electric Desk Fans from $5.00
to $25.00.
Diehl Ceiling Fans, $35.00 and
upwards, according to length All
kinds of electrical goods.
0. w. hobson.
Mana o;er.
1 pound paikajre collce, 20 ccutO.
i poun ' Jar Jams 12 1-2 cents.
Fine cigar? per box tl.TS.
Finest tcae In Waeo.
Bib goods, lowest prices.
"Inestcamtlestn Waco.
I'ollto.attcntlon and
ompt dcllverj Is the
Of (irlbblo ltron. Grocers, 505 An tin Avenue.
Swiss : Bakery.
Corner ElMli and Washington Stietts
Fresli lirtwl Hulls smtl Cakes
t veTy morning t 5 o'clock Homo open from
. lock In tLo morning to 10 In the evening.
New Grocery Store
koutli Fifth St . between Mary and Jackflon St.
Everything llrst-class Agent for John ltasdo's
Flno llricfc, Mine mid Cement.
HERMAN STOLTE, - Proprietor.
si.gs at hints.
Sies 3 D only. Worth $3 a pair.
A Sprained Ankle.
This is a common oocuiranco and
onc that will lay people up ordinarily
to s weeks, vet wo will guarantee
ulliird'n Snow Liniment to euro any
else of sprained ankle in 1 to 3 days
11 applied at nnce, and to immediate
ly relieve all pain. Snow Liniment
'H cure any old sore on man or beast,
'twill heal all Wounds and cures
grains1, Burns. Scalds, Bruises, Sore
Iliroat, Sore Chest, Lamo Back,
rns, Bunions. For Rheumatism,
wimbaco. Neuralcio. Contracted
Muscles it his no equal. Do not
How any other white Linimonts to bo
Pit off 00 yon for Snow Liniment.
"here is nu 01 her like it. Ask for
B'lWrd'o Suow Liniment Sold by
H fiinliPr A- I'n
' ' X'W
A! J. Leslie lor hrbt-olass
CO'kand jewelry repairing.
bui ding with II. E. Ambold
Straight dinner from 12 to 2 and
JDJthing you want at any hour at Joe
footing allory, south s
lwns& Brother. Open
side square,
Open dy and
lwPL I
s s?' & 'smzr M
what I honrd in Now York lately iti
sponking of Texas, that Waco carries
the banner of progress and leads in
tho procession of all rival competition
with a destined surety of becoming
tho metropolis of tho Lone Star SUto.
In conclusion allow mo a few words
about tho fireman himself. Many
cities vio with each other in pou-ing
telegram after telegram into our con
versions to honor them with tho next
conveciog point; as a oriterion tako
the oaso at hand, such wholcsoulcd
and wholesale ovations of welcome,
warmth, and festivity; why this uni
versal homago of love and generosity;
why by the way the great parade of
this morning is itself a key to tho so
lotion. Too reason is the fireman
operates with heart, soul and life
upon the broad platform of humanity
to do good everywhere and at any
time and abnegate his services to
none. Namo to mo an association
of mortals without one iota of oom
pentation who perform such func
tions, whose dread has no limit and
et fulfills his mission with delight aB
the exigenoy requires.
I may say with truth and candor,
that undor no terror's rage, under no
bribe of wealth, under no fear of
torture or of death have greater
sacrifices been mado than by the fire
men, as a mighty attestation of this
fact I wish to remind you of that
terrible holocaust, tho burning of the
Spring Palace at Fort Worth not very
long ago. Who was the hero of the
hour; who was it that plunged himself
into this solid flame to rescue human
life heedless of his own with not even
a mcagro chance to escapo destruction.
Who was this noblo patriot? It was
poor Al Haync, tho firoman. Ho well
know the material of that structure,
he well knew the power of comBus
tion, he knew tho elemont of fire, but
ho was a fireman and knew no limit to
his duty; he gavo np his life for others,
and his name will travel in the
memory of TexaB firemon when thoso
of Bonaparte and Wellington will
fade in oblivion.
Mr. Littlopage next delivered a
shart address eulogLtico of President
Lovy, which ras applauded to the
President Lovy then took the chair
and requested the committee on cre
dentials to occupy the rostrum and
prepart its report as soon as possible.
Mr. J. W. Littlefield was appointed
sargeant-ac-arms and after other pro
limiuaty work the convention ad
journed till 2 o'olock p m.
There is some talk of having a
byciclo race tomorrow afternoon at
the race track in connection with the
other races. This would bo an attrac
tive feature. In conversation with
some of our expert riders we find it is
rather uncrtain. Tho boys have not
been training, a few of the best riders
have been on the sick list. Waco,
however, can get up a good race on
short notice if the boys only get to
Tho Triplo Allianco will meet next
Tuesday night.
nsed in Millions of Homes ajo Years the Standard
VUMAfftf &, 1
n r ,. -.
'&! ;."V
CiS .
m:c'oni dawn i'ikx r.i:ii.;s or
Sccroltiry .1. IVlnyurs Connor'
ItL-port or ('oiiiiiiittccN i:icutloii or
Oi'I'iccrN this Afternoon rrofcukor
Yliclilu)'N Aililru..
Presideut Kdteyer oalled tho
Pharmaceutical Association to order
for tho secrnd days business this
morning at 9:30.
The first order of business for the
day was the reports of the secretary,
treasurer and medical assooiation.
Secretary L. Myors Connor's report
was especially interesting and is horo
given in full
To the Toias State Pharmaceutical AjsocU
Gentlemen It is with pleasuro that
I present you my third annuAl report,
as there has been a creat deal of in
terest manifested by the members,
and it is my honest opinion that had
not we boen infliotod with financial
depression, three hundred pharma
cists would have gathered at this con
vention. Conclusions are drawn from
tho faot that numerous inquiries havo
been made concerning our association,
and greater publicity has been given
than heretofore by tho widespread
circulation of our announcement con
taining the prizo feature, which scorns
to havo stimulated and enoouraged
that portion of the profession which
greatly enriches and intensifies tho in
terest of pharmaceutical conventions.
Tho noxt thing to attribute to the
the association's improved tondenoy,
is tho prompt manner and marked at
tention given to tho treasury - depart
ment, for hitherto no complaints have
reached mo concerning certificates
and othor matters from tnat source,
which havo heretofore greatly an
noyed both members and officials
It has been my purpose and privi
lege in previous reports to suggest
any now featuro to the association for
its betterment, and as this time I havo
this offer: That tho assooiation pay
to members $5, 810 and $25 for the
best collection of indigenous drugs
found in his locality with full descrip
tion of the probable quautity of samo,
suoh samples to be plaoed upon a
table in tho convention hall for the
benefit of members. And it may fur
ther create a new industry in tho
gathering and garbling for eastern
raarkots, as thero aro many drugs
which havo a vigorous and prohfio
growth in our state, which are in
daily demand.
I would further suggest in this con
nection that a gold medal bo awarded
for tho best display of ohemioal and
pharmaceutioa1 products, in order that
we may encourago more extensive and
elaborato displays, which adds so much
to the interests of our meeting and
brings about a close relationship be
tween tho manufacturer and dealer;
and it would bo well to establish a
permanent committee on exhibits, and
they to make written requests for dis-
V-& I
f '. A
19 V l l V
arn-. IF I I I 1 I
.las' W I ' .( v
Every article nocessary to furnish nny room from parlor to attic. Wo
aro just now oflbrinsr a splondUl assortment of HEDUOOM SETS of tho
Intest and most Improved stylos, railing In prices from SIS to $30. Give us a
Our Carpet 33exiAtnAen
Is comploto with now patterns at low prices. Gooda sold on Installment.
Wo now manufacture our own matressos. Also renovato and mako ovor
old matresscs.
plays. These are to bo considered
among'tbo many objects of tho asso
oiation, as they serve their part in an
educational way.
I will also add, for tho benofit of
members who wisn to dtBcuss papers
that are read al the meetings, that
the atsooiation instructed tho secro
tary to have 200 copies printed of oach
paper that will amount to ten pagi s
written on legal cap, tho paptrs
to bo in the hand3 of tho secretary
not later than thirty days beforo the
annual meeting; this onables free and
intelligent discussion which is so much
to be desired to eatablisn tho truth or
falsity of a proposition.
In couuection, 1 wish to acknowl
edge the receipt of tho proceedings of
all state associations, and also a great
number PI armaceutical journals,
which have spoken very kindly of the
Texas Pharmaceutical association, and
have aho given great publioiiy to the
time and place of our meetings, for
which we should return thanks.
I have received $G0 for ads., in the
proceedings of last year, of which a
detailed statoment will accompany tho
treaEury report. L. Mveks Conncii,
Secretary. T. S. P A.
Sevon now members wore enrolled.
Telegrams and letters from mem
bers who could not attend wore road
and filed.
Tho committee on by-laws reported
advising several important changes
in tho by-laws.
The roport of tho committee on
the presidents uddross was received
and adopted with thunks.
An important paper by Chas. Klye
seoretary of tho Missouri Pharmacy
Assroiation was by Bro. Wholpley of
Missouri. Tho report was re
ferred to a Bpeoial committoo for re
port at the evonings session.
A motion was made to adjourn to
havo a photograph taken. Tno mo
tion Was withdrawn.
A motion prevailed that the offiocrs
bo elected immediately after Prof.
Whelploy's addre-s in the afternoon.
The principal object of business
this alternoou was the elootion of
officers. The following is tho result
of tho elcotion.
J. Buigheim, President Houston.
Will Groinor of Paris first vioi'
president, W. L. Tucker SPCODd vice
presidont Waco; M P Long of Broin
ond, third vice-president.
Go. W lleyer of Houston, secre
tary. W. V. Shook nf Dallas, treasurer.
Trustees 13 Upuss (Juoro, F. J. G.
Zethrans, Paris, II. L. Uarleton, Waao.
i i
S.l I'ATUUIO llllt ('I.AItK.
Hoj at tlie 1'orltv ere There
Giikooky, May 11, ISo'J.
Col. II. II. Pnrrott.
Wool Hat or nvention, forks of tho
creek there. San Ptrioio county in
structs for Clark. J. K EUilN
Tho best restaurant in town, Joe
Lehman's, No. 117 South Fourth
$1.05 at HILT'S.
Worth $2.50 Sizes 3 D only.
An iS size American Watch,
three-quarter plntc Quick Train,
straight line escappment, patent
center pinion, patent stem wind,
four paiis fine Ruby Jewels in
settings (15 jewels), expansion
balance adjusted, in a fine Gold
Filled Dueber Case, guarantcd to
wear for 20 years for $iS.r)0.
m uum
520 AUSTIN St.
Drop a card lojno. M. Nichols, 305
- Sherman st., or leave orders
at Hanison & Cos.
H. I-'. .IACKi,ON. W. V. t'OOI'KK.
Jlannfactnieis of tin W. .1. MrDonald
Fireproof Cemont Roof Paint.
Contracts nolleltecl, All work piomptly ilona
end lull) guai untied.
Ofimce, 221 Franklin Strkkt.
The street cars to and from tho
natatonun aro oontinually crowded
with vistors.
The city is crowded with visitors
and tho accommodations at the hotels,
though ordinarily ample, aro now in
adequate to tho demand.
We call the attention of the visiting
bankers, druggists and firomen to tho
directoiy published in another column
of Tub Nkws It is published for
their convenience and we trust will be
appreciated by them.
Prof. J. T. Strother's school will
give a public entertainment at the
Commercial College of Bajlor Uni
versity on Friday, May 13th, at 8:30
p. m. There will be presentation of
medals and unusual literary exercises.
All are invited to attend.
This morning a man ovidontly a
professional tramp appliod for a meal
uttho back door of tho residenco of a
prominent physician. Tho doctor see
ing that ho was a fraud, said: "You
don't dosetvu help, you aro a pro
fessional." The reply caino quiok,
"Well, should not ono professional
help anothor?" Ho got his breakfast.
An old resident of Waoo, who somo
years ago moved to Soattle, returned
yesterday, rented a house and has
located lioio permanently. Ho re
ports hard times in tl e state of Wash
ington and states that a number of
othor Waooites will soon follow.
Among thoso expeoted to arrive in a
short timo aro Judgo N. W. Battle
and 803. They will bo heartily wel
comed homo.
Shooting: Gallory.
(South side square. Fine guns and
best ammunition. Rare sport. All the
crack shots frequent it, Open day and
night, Polite attention.
"innuM i
j -ar m.
SL.. .' Hp-!

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