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RHTAMtlHlUSl) JP,1 10, J.
Kntereil (it ie J'ojfotflce .if HVito, r , nt Heconil Cliist'Matter.
VOL. 4. NO. 260.
5P Cents ter Month
End of the Eighth Annual Session.
Election of OJIlcers Today.
5C3 95C, 95C
Great Shoe sale at f
95Centsa JPa,ix. U J
95 Gents,
95 Gents.
95 Gents.
95 Cents.
Ladies' and Misses'
Dongola Button.
Ladies' and Misses'
Glove Calf Button.
Children's School Shoes
8 to 2.
Men's and Boys' Button
and Congress Shoes, all at
95 Gents-
Coiiiplliiiuiitury to Wucn nnd Her
Cltlsciiik I ntcrextliiK' AcldrcfcN
orflrerw i:icc(cl-Ilutu mill I'liiccof
the cxl .lleetiiii;.
95 Gents.
95 Gents.
95 Cents,
We have just received an elegant new line of
Evening Gloves in all shades. Also some
beautiful new things in Lisle and Silk Hose
Our Fan Stock contains all the largest styles ou
in beautiful new designs.
9& Cents a Pair,
These are all a great bargain.
L a. BLACK, GaihU
J B. MoLKNDON. President
J T. DAVI8, Vice-president
Accounts of bunks banker, merohantu, farmers, meohanlos ami other classes solicited. V
par as much Uention to smal nooounta as large ones. We give personal and speolal attentloi
to our collection (Nrartmont, and remlton day of pnymont. Exchange bought ana soldo
all the prtnolpal points of the United States and Europe.
$1.50 SPECIAL $1.5
Greatest Shirt Sale Ever Known in Waco.
Our Entire Stock of Puff Bosom Shirts, forty-two distinct styles,
including $1 .75, ?2 and $2.50 goods,
.x-iX-. o-o u&jn: $1.50 ej-oxx.
Joe Lehman's for 100 oream and
confeotionories 117 South Fourth
For the best and freshest beef,
nnrk. mutton, voal. sriareribs, fish and
oysters go to Crippin corner
and Franklin.
The groat bankrupt stook of D.
Domnon & Bro , is being auctioned
off day and night. Unparallellcd bargains.
Al J. Leslio for first-clasB watoh
clook and jewelry repairing. Same
building with II. E. Ambold Austin
Straight dinner from 12 to 2 and
anything you want at any hour at Joo
$1.55 afJHELirS.
Sizes 3 D only. Worth S3 a pair,
at Collego Heights the
i4vj UO nnnulnr Dlaoe for thoso
soekinc homes whioh are now cheap,
but which will bo elegant looation, by
Kcllum & Lawson, the leading real
ostato dealers, 113 South Fourth
Coca-Cola is an extract from a plant
that grows in the East Indias. It is
a nervo tonio, a delightful and re
freshing drink. One trial will convince
ou . Dr- "W . L. Tucker at the Lyon
Drug Store will explain its specific
Dr. Geo. P. Mann, dentist. Full
set of uppor or lowor teeth, $12.50.
Tho first paper on tho programme
for the afternoon was by Heber Stone
Esq., president of tie First National
Bank of Brenham on "how is tho
pubho affected by a high rato of inter
est? What is a high rate oi interest?
It was a splendid paper and the sub
ject was handled in a masterly style.
The second paper on the ovcnintjs
programme was as interesting if not
more bo than tho first. It was by J.
E Longmoor Esq , cashier of the
First National Bank of Rockdale. It
touched on a subj.sot ot vital impor
tance to every banker in tho state
suggestions made in tho paper elici
ted a gieat deal of discussion in
which nearly everyone present took
Tho Banker's convention was called
to order by Vlce-Prosldont E. M.
Mr. M. A. Sullivan in behalf of tho
bankers of "Waco stated that ho un
derstood that some of tho'visltors in
tended leaving before the'closlng ex
ercises to-night and lie! wishos to
sorvo an lnjuuctfou against such pro
ceeding. The onlv panor ou the programme
for tho morning waH "Inequality of
Hank Taxations aud How to Remedy
It" by President A. P. Wooldridgeof
the City National bankof Austin. The
hearing ot the papor was set for a
later hour on account of tho absence
of Mr. Wooldridge
The special eommittoo to which was
roforred the paper of Mr. F. B. Gray
of San Angelo made a roport suggest'
ingsies for drafts
Mr. A. S. Reed, cashier of tho Bal
liuger National bank arose and spoke
Mr. Provident
Allow me to interrupt tho proceed
ings of the convention a moment
while I perform a very pieaBautduty.
It is a woll-known fact that the suc
cess of all great undertakings is prin
cipally achieved by tlio lntowigont
direction and unabated zeal of soino
mastermind contacted therewith and
without such intulligentdlrectionand
zeal tho undertaking would vory
likely have proved, if not a failure, at
least' would, not liavo achieved an
abuudaut suocoss. Rocogiillug the
truism in connection with the emi
nent sorvico of our agreeablo and
pleasant secretary, Mr. W Goodrich
Jones and tho fact that much of the
success of the Toxas Banker's associa
tion is due to his untiring oilbrts in
our behalf. It is with unfeigned
pleasuro that I bog to oiler him a
small testimonial of the appreciation
of these services on tho part of his
Mr. Jones I tonder you this beauti
ful Bllvor sorvico. and bog you to ac-
copt It, not for Its Intrinsic merit, not
for au unmeaning uuiujmiuuui, uui n
a recognition of your past sorvicoa
and lor tho zeal and fidelity with
whioh you have uniformly guarded
tho interest of our nmoii loved insti
tution, Tho Texas linker's association.
It ih sa d that it is more blessed to
give than to receive I know this is
true, but I believe tho payment of an
obligation may bo attended with vory
ploaHing sensations. As I but volco
the sontimont of .your numerous
friends when I say that tho presenta
tion is mado with great pleasuio and
we beg your accoptanco as coming
liAimn from our hearts.
Tim iiroBenc was an elegant solid
silver tea sorvlce in a beautiful plush
Tho house then wont into in? elec
tion of oilicers, and while tlio votes
wore bolng counted Mr. F F. Downs
of Temple took tho testimonial and
showed it to tho ladies present and
many were the expression of admlra
ion. It was certainly a beautiful
deed and expresses In a gracpful way
the deop appreciation of tho work of
Mr. Jones fur tho association.
In tho election of officers Mr. A. P.
Wooldrldgo, of Austin was elected
president by a unanimous voto. Mr.
E M. Longcope of Lampasas was
elected first ylce-prosldent also by au
itnniiinimia voio. Mr. T. J.Gioco f
Galveston was elected second vice
president, and Mr. A. S. Rood of Bal
lingor third vice-president. Their
olection was unanimous, thoy having
no opponents.
Mr J. E Longmooro of Rockdale
wab olected secretary, Mr W.L.Mur-
Jones & m
500, 502 and 504 Austin Street.
pliy of Mexia first assistant socrotary
and Mr.C- F. Smith of McGregor sec
ond assistant. -Mr. E. O.Ttnison was
elected treasurer.
Tho following were olected as tho
oxecutlve committee: F 1' Downs.
Tomplo; W W Lipscomb, Lullng; J N
Brown, San Antonio: Otto SteiFons,
Abilene, H O Stem, Galveston.
The following wero olected as dele
gates to tho National Bankers asso
ciation, which moits In San Francisco
noxt September: Heber Stoneof Bren
ham, Ed Rotau of Waco and J. G.
Lawdon of Abilene.
San Antonio was chosen as tho
placo for tho mooting of the associa
tion noxt year.
Mr G A Levy arose and oilorod tho
followlnir resolution, which was
unanimously adopted by a rising
Resolved, That while this associa
tion appreciates and duly acknowl
edges the hospitality and many pleas
ures oxtendod to us by tho fcood c tl
zeus of Waco, the complimentary
elegant reception extended to the
members of thlB association by Miss
Rotau at her attractive homo on last
night specially command and elicits
oiir most sincere thanks, which the
seoreta-yis hereby directed to con
vey to Miss Rotau i.nd hor worthy
father, Mr. E. Rotan in writ ng.
G A Lkvy,
Mr A P Wooldridgo of Austin arose
and explained that ho hud prepared
no paper as was programmed, but
would make a short address on "Ine
quality of Bank Taxation and How to
Remedy It," He mado a very inter
esting address which was highly ap
preciated by tho audionce.
Mr. Wood of CorslcanaoH'orod a res
olution to thooiloot Unit the authority
to isme notos bo withdrawn from Na
tional banks and that the national
govornent should issue all circulating
mediums, also that c committee of
threo be appointed to consider this
matter and to propuro a short address
on the subject. No action was taken
in tho matter.
A communication of Mr H W
Wheoler, president of tho Commercial
National bank of Seattle wab received
and filed without reading as it was
too long and tho timo of the associa
tion was limited.
profouudest gratitude, for the
markod attentions and delicate cour
tesies so extended them,
Resolved, further that our thanks
arcd duo to tho press and to tho Rev.
S, A. King lor courtesies shown
Rcepcotfully submitted,
G. A. Lew,
J. E. McAshan,
II. P. Hili.iArd,
hank notes.
Evory bankor speaks highly of
Waco and tho ontortalnment rocolved
This sosslon of tho association has
boon 0110 oT tlio beat and most harmo-
niouB in tho history of tho association.
When tho vory complimentary reo-
olutlous of tliankH to Mlss'Rotan aud
Mr. E. Rotau wero 611'orod Mr. Rotau
objoctod and said that it was a trial
without tho dofondaut having any
representation, and ho begged that a
stay In tho proceedings bo granted
until he could got an attorney. Ho
left tho room and the resolution was
adopted by a rising voto.
Probably tlio finest and prottiost tea
sot over brought to Waco was that
presented to Secretary W Goodrich
Joiios by tho Bankers association. It
was from tho elegant stook of M. L.
Winans, and was manufactured by
thoGorham Silver company.
The session this afternoon was
very brief.
The date of the meeting at San
Antonio next year waB fixed for May
12, 13 and 14.
A resolution was adopted thanking
tho American Reporter and its cor
responding editor, Mr. B. Singer, for
their enterprise) in having a reporter,
at tho meetings.
Tho following resolution was also
Whereas, Tho banters ami citizens
of sVaco havo been unstinting in tho
bestowal ot hospitalities and courte
sies to Hub association, and
Whereas. Suoh aotion on their part
has made this convention both in its
social and business features ono of tho
most suoocssful and happy of all of
our meetings, And
Whereas, The. members of this
association havo not only had an op
portunity of enjoying and appreciat
ing tho hospitality of the pooplo of
Waco collectively, but havo been
placed under lasting obligations for
special privato courtesieB, whioh will
blossom as "forget mo npts'" in tho
meadows ol our memories therefore
be it
Resolved, That tho members of
this association in convention assem
bled hereby give expression to
their warmest thanks and
Dr. J. D. Rankin, tho third party
orator, will speak 011 tho St. Louis
platform Friday night at the court
Visiting cards, business cards and
all kinds of job work done neatly and
on short notice at The News office.
When wanting work or prices tele
phone. Sam A. Ilobson, secretary and
manager of the Ilobson Line, will leave
in a few days on a visit to his home in
St Joseph, Mo., and will visit other
northern cities.
The free entertainment by Prof.
Strothcrs' school on the 13th inst., at
6:30 p m , will be given at Goggin's
Hall an not at Prof. Cammack's Col
lege. Note the clunge and be sure
to attend.
Throughout the country people are
crying "hard times." In the face of
this cry people of Waco go right ahead
making improementn in the way of
new houses, remodeling tho present
ones, grading, paving, etc It is a
pleasure to ride over the city and see
it all.
One of the closest attendants of the
bankers' convention is Mr. Ii. Singer,
corresponding editor of the American
Banker, Tho American Bank Report
er and Underwood's United States
Counterfeit Reporter. lie is an affa
ble gentleman and has compiled a vol
uminous report of the proceedings of
tho oonvention foi his papers.
Carriages are in great demand for
tonight. Three receptions and ban
quets all in ono evening. Waco is
certainly in the front ranks as a con
vention town and is sustaining her
reputation as such. Many are those
who will return to their homes in dif
ferent parts of the state and carry with
them pleasant thoughts of Waco, The
hotels -are taking care of the crowd
admirably. A News reporter was on
the street yesterday all day long and
did not see one intoxicated'person
This is a fact worthy of mention.
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