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Judjro Clark's Appointments.
Navasota, Thursday, May VI.
Brenharn, Saturday, May 14.
San Antonio, Tuesday, May I7.
Gonzales, Thursday, Miy ID.
Flatonio, Saturday, May 21.
oustOD, Mouday, May iiI5.
alveston, Thursday, May 20.
ellville, Saturday, May 2S
Tiik Nkws will tako advertising
with the understanding that if it has
not a larger lecal circulation than any
daily paper published in Waoo, no
ohargo will bo made for the advertise
ment, Look out for Hogg's "mercenaries."
Look out
for the administration
Hogg has distributed ono million
dollars patronage.
Hogg's mercenary troops
more than a legion.
Mercenary troops have good exe
cution, but their heart is not in their
Thero is a life and death struggle
between the mercenary forces of Gen
eral Hogg and tho unpaid soldiery of
a patriot.
How much could Hogg's campaign
managers raise for campaign purposes
at ten per cont. of the ono million
dollars patronage fund? Answer:
Ten thousand dollars.
An assessment of ten per cent of
one million dollar pap fund that Hogg
has the care of as Governor of the state,
would swoll tho fund that Hogg's
JSatioDal banker campaign committee
have raised for him.
Where many have not contributed
by assessment, good machine service
is a fair equivalent, aod a largo num
ber of Hogg's appointees are in this
way contributing their share to the
Hogg campaign fund. They are giv
ing their service.
Those two National banks
in Austin that arc reaping so
much benefit from Horg's adminiitra
Hon by the handling of the moans be
longing to tho public fund can afford
to help poor little Hogg who has said
that he "did" not havo anybody to put
np money for him.
Governor Hogg says ho appointed
Chilton to the United States senate
"because he wanted to." A pretty
good reason for an individual's aot,
but not so good for the servant of
2,500,000 people. The peoplo turn
ed Chilton out and put Mills in be
oauso thoy wanted to. Do you see
The charges made against Gov.
Hogg by the opposition are against
him as a public official, and not a
single charge has been made against
his private character. Upon the other
hand the administration speakers,
agents and papers are continually
attackmg Judge Clark's private char
acter, accusing him of dishonesty as
a citizen and lawyer, of unscrupulous
ness as a politician. Who is "slinging
slime and slandir" in this campaign?
Governor Hogg said at San Antonio
that ho was "overwholmingly elected"
governor on his record as attorney
general. Certainly, certainly. Texas
was overwhelmed by hia oleotion, if
we use tho word literally. Overwhelm
means to overspread or orush boneath
something violent and weighty, that
covers or oncompasscs tho whole; to
immerse and boar down; to ovoroomo
to cruth. (See Wob&tcrs Unabndgedl
and tho condition of tho business in
torests of tho state) oh yes, Hogg was
"overwhelmingly elootod."
"This is a business nun's country"
says Tho Texas Traveler "and
ovcry businoss man should havo
a voico in its politics and a hand in
the selootion of tho men who aro to
govern. Tho Traveler is not a politi
cal paper any moro than the commer
cial travolers are politicians, but each
has tho interest of his oountry at
heart, and, as a patriotio oiticn, must
contribute som ing toward'the gen
eral good in tho exercisb of his privi
leges of citizenship. Thero is a con
test in Texas just now which ohal.
lenges the attention of all tho people
of tho state, whother engaged in 00m
racroial pursuits or any other. In tho
contest for state supremacy two par
ties aro represented in tho guberna
torial raoe the party of liberal idoas,
of progress and of business prosperity,
and tho party of mossbatkism,
4 of opposition to capital, to
material development and to enter
prise generally. If it wero simply a
question of picferonce between
political parties, a mere fight between
politicians, tho Traveler would have
no part in it, and its constituency, for
tho most part, would bo at least a
trifle indifferent. As it is, however,
tho fight is between progress
and mossbackism, between a faotion
which would retard the devel
opment of the stato's resources, build
up a sentiment of hostility between
tho urban and rural population, drive
capital from the state and make pro
ductive industry discreditable, and
another faction which would extend
and enlarge all the avenues of trado
and industry, bring labor and capital
closer togethor in bonds of sympathy
and mutual intorest and push Texas
ahoad in the race for material, indus
trial and commercial supremacy.
James Stephen Hog, who was carried
into tho gubernatorial chair two years
ago by one of those popular
wavos which occasionally sweep over
I the country, represents tho worst ele
ments in his faction of the party, and
his two years' administration of the
state government bankrupted hun
dreds of her citizens and set tho state
back at least five years. Judge Clark,
who represents the live, enterprising
and progressive elements, seeks to
wrest tho sceptre from Governor Hogg
and give Texas a liberal and intelli
gent administration. The Traveler's
sympathy is naturally with progress
and enterprise, and henco it is that
the business men are almost unani
mous for Ctark.
While Judge Clark's campaign may
not have the advantages that give
strength and power to the administra
tion's forces, it still has some elements
about it that make a foeman worthy
of any steely Governor Hogg is in
possession of the fortress. He is
intrenched and his fighting forces are
numerous, but to a certain extent
these are like the mercenary forces of
an army, whoso interest has been pur
chased. The million dollar patronage
which he has dispensed," is the hold
he has upon them. In addition to
this, he has the advantage of having
the friendship and assistance in his
campaign of the chairman of the
Democracy of the stale, but as an off
set to this, he has the most vulnerable
record that has ever been presented
to a people for endorsement. In the
newspaper world, Judge Clark has the
advantage by large odds. He is sup
ported by nealy every daily in the
state except two of the larger ones,
and they are fighting Hogg, and
among tho weeklies, with rare excep
tions, the stronger of them are sup
porting him also and exerting a pow
erful influence upon tho public mind.
Their columns each week are filled
with strong arguments, and appeals to
the reason of their patrons. Indeed,
trrere is" an activity among the news
paper men who favor Judge Clark that
is almost wonderful. One of the best
indications of the strength of his cause
is the almost insatiable demand fur
! literature. As suro as the people call
for argument, so nre is the public
mind awakened, and as the campaign
with reference to Judge Clark is one
of education, there is not a doubt but
that within the next two months the
reasons of men will be reached, and
thon will follow the tonder impulse of
the heart. The inroads that are being
made by Judge Clark's friends through
the press and on the stump, againts
the efforts of Gov. Hogg to darken
the reasons of men, aro being more
apparent every day. Tho barriers of
ignorance and bigotry, intolerance and
prejudice, are fast giving away before
the resistless torrents of logic and
The railroad employes, stung by the
charge that they wero bulldozed by
their employers, are indignant, as
they should bo. Gov. Hogg has lost
all the friends he had among them by
his sweeping charge, accusing them,
virtually, with being so many cattle
to bo driven to the polls by bosses.
Governor Hogg is making the same
fight on the nowspapers tbat he has
been making on the railroads for four
years. Tho noxt thing ho will bo de
manding perhaps will be a commis
sion to regulate the newspapers of
Bought for Pror. Edgorton's Oak
Cliff College.
Mr. Geo. W. Stief, manufacturer of
the Celebrated Siief piano, of Balti
more, Md , is in the city He placed
one of their fine pianos in the Waco
Female college last November and it
has won for him a lanre order. Up
has procured an order.from Professor
Edgerton for ten Jsso'instruuients to
be delivered August r, and used in
the conservatory of music, of Oak
Cliff college, for young ladies, Oak
Cliff, Tex ; of which prof. M. Thol
Edgerton will be president. This will
be the finest eauinDed caWer fnr
young ladies in the south. Professor
Edgerton has already secured Prof. A.
G. Reichart of Kentucky, one of the
finest pianists and violinists in the
country, as director of the conservato
ry, and A. Sumpter Laird, A. M , of
Georgia, one or tne leading educators
of that Etate for the chair of mathe
Other strong teachers will bo asso
ciated with them to develop this edu
cational enterprise.
For Sale A Rare Bargain.
I havo a complete sot of abstraot
books of the deed records of tho city
of Waco and its suburbs, consisting
of thirteen largo volumes, with ample
room to keep tho records for twenty
years brought down to date. These
books I wish to soil and will let them
go at a bargain for oash.or I will trade
them for real estate in the city of
Waco. Not being ablo to get a suit
able man to make out abstracts and
keep the books, and being unable to
givo tho necessary time to the books
myself, is my reason for wanting to
soil. If dosired I can furnish desk
room and vault room for tho books in
my office for tho purohaser. This is a
splendid opportunity for a man to
start up a good business. The right
kind of a man can got a bargain, not
only in these abstraot books, but in
city real estate. My list of bargains
oannot he equaled. Call and see me.
Office in Paoifio hotel building.
James I Moore.
A Reliable Piano House.
Prudent peoplo buy costly articles
from tho most reliabio houses. Tho
fame prudenco should govern buyors
of pianos and organs. Wo havo been
established twenty-six years in Texas
aud can refer to "thousands of pairons
in all parts of tho stato. Wo aro
agents for the best and. most popular
pionos and organs.
Tnos. Gogoan & Bno.,
412 Austin St.. Waco.
A man who buys for cash andin big
quantities can e;ivo insido figures in
selling. Tom Padgitt is such a man
and if you need anything in tho shape
of a buggy, phaeton, carriage, cart or
any othor vehiolo, look ovor his im
mense stock and learn his prices and
jou will certainly buy. ,
T OTQ 5n the Providcnt addi
tion for saloon suoh torms
as will attract the most squeamish
buyers, by Kellum & Lawson, the
leading real estate dealers, 113 South
Fourth street.
Lewine Bros.
Make Two Special Sales This Week,
We Offer Parasols Way Under Market Value.
Arrived rather late and we have a
large ock on hand. We offer
bier inducements to lower this
Parasols worth 1.25 for 75c.
Parasols worth $1.50 for $1.00.
Parasols worth 2.50 for Si. 50.
Parasols worth $3.50 for $2.50.
Parasols worth $5.00 for $3.59.
Parasols worth $7.50 for $5.50.
Parasols worths 10.00 for $?.oa
ISH, and just arrived.
We havejust opened a large lot of 36 inch Challie in dark and
tinted grounds wlvch we offer at 15c a yard. A new lot- of Crepe
Cloth in evening shades and pretty figures at 10c a yard.
Lewine Bros.
Manfactui ers 1 Whclesale Grocers.
Alexandre's Baking Powder.
Alexandre's Pure Bploea.
Aloxandro'a Java and Rio Blend Cofloe.
Moore Bros' White Wtno and Apple Vinegar.
Mooro Bros' Pure Cider.
Mooro Bros' Flint Candy.
Having purohased Mr. Alexandre's
orders promptly. Patronize Homo Institutions
waoo a ureal Manufacturing Centre
Have removed from Paoiflb Hotel to Room 28, Provident Bld'g
The oW Uraiul ttnlldlng, A'orth of I'lazu
The finost vehicles and horscH in th
city. Call oarriages for ladies a spo
cialty and when desired, ladies r.in
have a driver in livery. All trains met.
Prompt attention to all orders and
boarded on reasonable terms.'
W.D MAYFIELD, President. J. V.-.RKLL, Vice President. JOUND. MAYFIELD, Cashier
The Gity Savipgs Bapk
CHARTERED FEB. 12, 1892.
froirndate0fferS 6 PW "" intreSt n deposit- Interest payable
Our shoe Department
MU8TH003I THIS n'lilUC,
We offer Ladies Opera Slippers
for 500
We offer Ladies' Oxford
pers for 50c.
Patent tip Ladies' Oxfords
Slippers for 75c.
Extra Stout Ladies' Oxfords
Slippers for Si. 00
Genuine Dingola Oxfords Slip
pers for $1.50.
Hand Sewed Oxfords Slippers
for $1.50.
Cincinnati Oxfords Slippers for
S3. 50 Oxfords Slippers for $2.50.
Children hand turn toes slip
pers for 50c.
Children's hand turned Oxfords
for 65 c.
Misses' hand 'turned Oxfords
for 75 c.
Misses' patent tip turn Oxfords
for Si. 00.
buslnes we a ro now prepared to fill
Sustain our eflorts to'mak
5i 'SifEBBHfBBSufiyB in
I fulfil iBr rr vw" 'Tan rrmHiH
satisfaction guaranteed. Horses

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