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Entered , it the VotHotflee tit Horn, T ae, nm Second Vlam'Statler.
VOL. 4. NO. 261.
50 Cents her Month
Ou utrlllbi
95 Gents.
95 Gents.
95 Cents.
Gre.it Shoe sale at
95Centsa JPsuir.
Ladies' and Misses'
Dongola Button.
Ladies' and Misses'
Glove Calf Button.
no usnis-
Children's School
S to 2.
Men's and Boys' Button
and Congress Shoes, all at
95 Gents.
95 Gents.
95 Gents.
9.5 Cents a Pair
These are all a
great bargain.
what i:vi:icv one miocmi
Apply our KnowlcilKr A '1'rcalinc
On the I'rinclplcN or Simltnry
Science Willi Incl.lonlnl Conoid
crutinii ol Cuiinun Afrectlng llio
Ilcaltliiiilnchh ol Our IIohicn.
B. BLACK, Osthlt
Accounts of bank), bankers, merohanti, farraari. maohanlos and other olassea solicited
psyonmuon Hiiennon losmai aooounis as large untm. no
to our oolleotlon department, and reralton day of pnyment
J 8. MoLXNDON. President.
C. H. HIGQ1N80N,
J. T. DAVIS, Vioe-president
all the principal points of tho United States and Europe.
We give personal and ipeolal attentlot
fjxonnnge oougnb nnu amu
s tyles,
Greatest Shirt Sale Ever Known in Waco.
Our Entire Stock of Puff Bosom Shirts, forty-two distinct
including $1.75, ?2 and $2.50 goods,
-A-2L.X-. GrO -AuT $1.50 ZEOIES:.
Joe Lohman'e- for
oonfeotionorios 117
ioo oream and
South Fourth
For tho beBt and freshest beof,
pork, mutton, veal, spareribs, fish and
oysterB go to Orippin cornor Filth
and Franklin.
Tho groat bankrupt stock of D.
Domnon & Bro., is being auctionod
off day and night. Unparallelled bargains.
ij' hBl
si.95 at raws.
Sizes 3 D only. ' Worth 3 a pair.
A J. J. Loslio for first-olass watoh
clook and jowelry repairing. Same
building with H. E. Ambold Anstin
at College Heights the
popular place for those
soekinc homes whioh are now cheap,
but which will be elegant location, by
Kellum & Lawson, tho leading real
estato dealers, 113 South Fourth
Coca-Cola is an extract from a plant
that grows in the East Indias. It is
a nerve tonio, a delightful and re
freshing drink. One trial will convince
ou. Dr- W . L. Tuckor at the Lyon
Drug Store will explain its spcoifio
i n
Dr. Geo. P. Mann, dcniiBt. Fall
set of upper or lower teeth, $12.60.
New Tennis Shoes
at Hilt's.
"What every one should know" are
those, practical handy way of doing,
ignorance of whioh necessitates bo
much extra labor, tioublc anxiety and
In tho oonimon daily experience of
every one thero are hundreds of occa
sions whon a knowledge of sanitary
science, would add largely to tho suc
cess, comfort or safety of life. Tho
comfort, luxury and beauty of the
household can be largely increased by
a little study of this science
For many oentunes physicians had
a practical monopoly of whht little wai
known of tho conditions effecting the
public health, and thero seems to have
been no incentive to original investi
gation and experiment, even if the
means of prosecuting au inquiry so im
portant to all classes of the people.
To tho soioncoof chemistry we owe
tho greatest part of what has already
been learned and placed upon tecord,
of the truths whioh form the basis of
sanitary success. Those to whom the,
sanitarium must look jor the practical
application of carefully elaborated
theories of sanitary reform, are the
very ones who are now beginning to
appreciate most fully tho importanco
of sanitary science In all classes of
society, oxcopt those whitoh includo
tho degraded and ignorant, we find a
growing interost in tno means or
guar 'ing against all unhcaltbful con
ditions in person, houso and environ
ments with a large wisdom and clearer
insight into tho causo of
things, whioh have come, of progress
in scientific thought, intelligent
people do not now attiibute tho con
st queuoes of their own neglect aiid
carelessness to tho "aflliotivi dispen
sations of providenoe," whioh aro
"mysterious and past rinding out."
We are bogioning to understand how
largo a proportion of tho diseases
whioh afUiot humanity, results from
preventable causes, and that it is pos
sible, by judioious measures of sani
tary reform, to bo reduce the death
rato as to materially inoroaso tho
average duration of human life, nor
is this intorest in sanitary reform
bounded and limitod by a narrow sel
fishness. There is something broadly
humanitarian in it. Tho rioh and
middle olasecs no longer feel thut
tboy have no intorest in the welfaro
and comfort of those who enduro the
misery and utter wretchedness of
squalod poverty. Diseaso is no re
specter of persons, and a "fever
nest," in some remote and ncglcoted
quarter of a populous oity may dis
patch invisablo mnssongers of death
whioh poison tho air of broad avenues
and oleanly swept streets miles dis
tant. The enlightened self-interest
whioh is leading bo main intelligent
men and women to study tho laws of
health is exaoily tho reverse of sel
fishness, sinoo every movoment for
goneral sanitary reform, beginB with
the improvement of tho houses of tho
poor and ignorant, wno can oniy no
rodeemed from untimely death, and
saved from being tho instruments of
spreading tho Eoods of diseaso and
contagion, when those who ocoupy
tho social planes abovo thein stretoh
forth a helping hand to lift them out
of tho miro into which ttioy have fal
len. When we look about us and soo
how muoh remains to be done before
tho massoB of the peoplo shall bo
emancipated from tho diro noces
siry of living under conditions
prejudical to health and consequently
to happinoss it would almost soem as
if the task of tho sanitarian is a hope
less one. Suoh is not the case, how
ever. Wo turn with a shudder of
horror from tho records of tho past to
contemplate with satisfaction the pro
gress we have already made. People
often wonder wny we uu not uo
suoh fearful visitation of epidemics
at the present day as the plague of
London, the anoient spotted fevers,
We have just received an elegant new line of
Evening Gloves in all shades. Also some
beautiful new things in Lisle and Silk Hose
Our Fan Stock contains all the largest styles ou
in beautiful new designs.
iilli::, ,
500, 502 and 504 Austin Street.
swoatiog sickness, leperosy etc We
forget that we are not yet free from
tho oholora, the yellow fever, typhoid
fever. Bmall-pox, la grippe, diptheria
and other prevcntablo diseases, and
it may be that tho next generation
may soo that our disregard of nature
laws affeotcd our death rate as surely
as the dirt and film of London causod
the great plaguo. The protection of
-jhe public health by moans of tho
proper removal and dioposal of house
hold and town wastes is becoming a
quostion of tho first importance in
this country. It has oooupied tho
attention of tho leading modical and
engineering authorities in Europe for
many years. In many respects tho
ancients wore wiser in sanitary soionoo
than tho modern. No nation ever
had a code of laws embodying so
muoh of sou'id, praotioal wisdom as
the Jews under Moses and hit im
mediate successors The moro wo
learn of nature's lews tho better wo
understand find appreciate tho im
portance of regulations established for
tho government of tho tribes of Israel
in their lony journeying Hfter tho
oxodus from Egypt.
The Chest of Carpenter Tools Stolon
Fro n W. H. Blake la Recovered
by Deputy PreBS Standlfer,
This morning Deputy Sheriff Press
Standifor wont down tho river about
four milos to the "Bluo Hole" and ar
rested John Henry Williams oharged
with tho thoft of a ohest of tools. On
reaching tbo camp tho box was found
in another box hiddon underneath a
quanty of bed olothes. Thero is no
doubt about tho identity of tho tools
as all of thorn are plainly stamped
with tho owners name. Williams
olaims that the property was stolen by
another man, whoso name the offioors
have, and that ho purchased it from
him not knowing that it was stolen.
The tools it will bo remembered wore
stolen ono night about two months
ago from a house boing erected by
Dr. Hathaway on Provident Heights.
The tools were of very fine make and
there was ovor $100 worth in tho box
Ever sinco the thoft the officers havo
been working on the oaso and have at
laBt, they think, suocceded in captur
ing the guilty party.
Third Party Men Rofuso to Put
Tost and There Will be
two Delegations.
Bei.lvikw, May 13. Tbe citizens
of Bellviuw mot yesterday for tho pur
pose of olooting dologatiouB to tho
county convontion tomorrow in Waco
and upon the proposition made by the
Democrats present tint tho tost adopt
od by the executive committee bo put
to all the voters present Boveral dis
sented and upon vote tlioao opposed
to applying tho tout clootod a chair
man who ruled out of order a motion
to apply the test os to whether thoso
paitioipating woiddhupport tho ticket.
Mr. W. S. Ewing after the abovo
ruling by the chair, proposod that
all the Democrats prosont retiro
from tho convention until tho Union
Labor people got through and thon
meet again and elect Demooratio dele
gates. All the Democrats withdrew
with Mr. bwiug una thoso remaining
provided over by Mr. B. D. Herring
who waB a candidate for oounty clerk
tour years ago on tho Union Labor
ticket, proceeding to elect W. Q.
Christian and L. A. Davis d legates
and B D. Herring and .1 M. Dashor
After they got through the Democrats
who had rotirod wore oallod togother
by G. F. Durr and J. Bun Brown was
elected chairman. Tho tost as to
wbethor they would support tho nomi
nees of tho party was applied and all
prcsont agrood to support the Dem
ooratio tiokct.
The mooting then proceeded to
elect delegates as follows: G. F.
Burr and J. W. Coopor delegates, W.
S. Erwin and J. C. Denton altornatos.
They instructed for Judge Gorald
for congroBs condomnod Hogg's ad
ministration and endorsed Clark for
The Melton-Dunlap Jury Stood Sev
en Top Conviction and Flvo for
The jury in the case of the State of
Texas vs. Melton and Dunlap came in
this morning and reported that they
could not agree. They stood seven
for conviction and five for acquittal.
They were being tried on a charge of
murdoring Chick McLennan on the
night of May 2, 1891. The case is
rather a peculiar one. The two de
fendants had had trouble with some
one and were expecting an assault and
in the dark they mistook the unfor
tunate McLennan for their enemy and
thought that he was following them
with the purpose of shooting them.
In reality McLennan had not noticed
the men until they fired upon him.
The case will bo brought up at the
next term of court.
A New York Gentleman Curod In
Disar Slit I arrived in your city
last November with inflammatory
rheumatism, my lungs also being af
fected with rheumatic fever. I was
given up to dio and sent to Texas to
prolong my life Hearing of the ben
efits derived from the artesian baths
in your natatorium I went through a
course of twenty-one baths. Beforo
1 undertook to tako the baths I weigh
ed 106 pounds, was very sick, with a
I poor appetite After the tenth bath I
couiaeat lour gooa meals every day.
I weigh today 123 pounds, am in the
best of health and will start for New
York June 1 . Thanking you and all
the people in Waco for the benefit I
derived in your city, for what it has
done for me since I havo been here.
Very respectfully, James Greeiiv,
137 East 117th street, New York City.
Farwoll Heights
whero property will ad
vance COO per cent in five years, by i
Kellum & Lawson, the leading real il
csttto dealers, 113 South Fourth
Sleeper, Chifton & Co., Ladies ooze
2.50, $:J and $ 4.

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