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Htao 00 ktr t Jk. Lw' IL .IL HL ftv H
KHTAHl.ISltKlt ilVI.Y 111, IHXH.
Entered ill Iht I'onlnljlrr iiltl'im), r .m, ,m titroml ClmilMntlrr
VOL. 4. NO. 264.
5f Cents rer Month
jMHb' WW Lfek IWX Wi LJP
Bros. Siir
uur gicat May"
t s like these,
sale shows
Pnirjl Hepapiment.
Standard Prints
4c a Yard.
L lima Silk designs in Prints,
standard Indigo Ulue and other
5 l-2c a Yard.
;2-itich Percale Zephyrs,
7 l-2c a Yard.
Hcst brand of Gold Seal 32-
1 rh indigo jsiues,
9 l-2c a Yard.
"Our great May"
things like these:
sale shows
1-4 Uleachcd Cottons, 7 1-2
uiitics, at
5c a Yard.
Cottons, y i-2c
4-4 Bleached
q unities, at
7 l-2c a yard.
White Goods Department,
Gc Printed Lawns at
3c a yard.
Sc Printed Lawns at
5c a yard.
Victoria Lawns and Checked
Nainsooks, 7 1-2C quality, at
4c a yard.
White India Lawns and Check
ed Nainsooks, 10c qualities, at
6 l-2c a yard.
Tho Governor in All the Tende'
Iy llio Clurk ami KU-cilve Com mis
sion CI 11I1 t: 11 (I nil 111 ii.r llogi; mul
I mlni-slnc Chirk IH'lviino nl tlie
1'rcsN, ilic I'rtltliful Ciiariliaii of
Our l.lbertli' uiitl Itritvc Dcfcnilur
nt Our ltlsli.
American Zephyrs which were
14c at
9 1-2 c a yard.
Fine Zephyr Cloths, value iSc,
12 l-2c a yard.
lip, Job k M
36-inch fine Percales, value 20c, at 12 i-2c.
36-inch imported Percales at 19c.
Every lady should read this advertisement and then buy the
bargains. We are having a great rush and the low prices is what is
bringing it about.
w . 9
L it. BLACK, Caihl.i
Accocntnof bnk. bunker), merohant, farmt. meobanlci an other olasaes BpHcHed. V
My as inuoh Attention to htaal iiooountu as largo oneR. We give personal and peolal ttentloi
to out oollectlon d-p aitmont, and remlfn day or payment, txanunge uousui ouu
ill Ine pilnolpnlpolntsorine unuea owmbb "u o.muii.
; 8 MeLKNDON. President
c h. mauiNsoN,
J. T. DAVIS, Vloe.preeldent.
sold 01
Wonder Worker.
Mr Frank Huffman, a young man
of Burlington, Ohio, Btatos that he
had been under tho cure of two prom
inent physioians, and used thoir treat
ment until he was not able to get
around. They pronounced his oase
to be Consumption and incurable. He
was persuaded to try Dr. King'B New
Discovery for Consumption, Coughs
and Colds and at that tiuio was not
nolo to walk aorons the street without
reBtmg. Ho found, before he had
used half of a dollar bottle, that he
was rauoh better; he continuod to use
it and is today enjoying good health.
It you have any Throat, Lung or
Chest trouble try it. Wo guarantee
satisfaction. Trial bottle free at W.
B. Morrison & Co., drug store.
Meets in the Twenty-first Annual
Session To-morrow.
The Cornorsvillo club, composed of
Tenncssecans, will meet in their
twenty-first annual session to morrow
at tho residence of Mr. E. P. Mnssoy,
402 North Second itreet, Waco. Tno
business meeting will take place at 11
o'olook a. m. and a dinjer will oe
served at 1 p. m. The olub moots in
Waco every year on the third Wednes
day in May.
Tho following resolutions were
adopted by tho Clark and Elec.ivo
Commission olub at Eagle Push, Tex.,
May li
Whereas, Texas, the grandest of
the Southern states, whioh under
favorablo conditions should bo tho
most prosperous of all her sisters,
prefcCDtiug as she docs so vast a va
rioty of resources, agricultural, grazing
and mining, with a climate unequaicd
upon tho American continent, present
ing the finest field in tho United
States for the profitable investment of
capital, and
Whereas, Texas and her most valu
able industries arejyet in thoir infancy,
And her people arc earnestly sohoitous
that capital and enterprise should be
accorded a beaiy welcome in our
midst, and
Whereas, Through tho policy pur
sued and the measures advocated by
our chief executive since his incuin
benoy have been the means of spread
ing abroad reports damaging in their
effect that the pcoplo of Texas are
antagonistic to foreign and corporate
oapital and to the railroad intorosts
of the state; and
Wheroas, Govornor Hogg by his
unguarded and incondiary uttoranoes
has oaused tho citizens ot loxas to
stand before tho financial world in
the light of communists who arc desi
rous ot destroying the property values
of railroads which have boon induced
to come into the state; and
Whereas, He is even now tho
advocate of a policy so restrictive
regarding the building of new roads
as wll effectually pievent tho building
of much needed roads in Texas; and
Whereas, His antagonism acainst
alien oapital is so extremo that great
mining and irrigation enterprises, re
quiring vast sums of money and of
whoso development is oi vital impor
tance, not only to our rosperity as a
commuuity, but to the state at large,
therefore bo it
Resolved, That in our judgment
the ro eleotion of Governor Hogg will
of necessity result in tho still further
nroloncini: the financial depression
under whioh the state is now suffering
for two years more.
That wo approve and commend tho
course adopted by Hon. Georgo Clark
in his heroio struggle to rolievo the
etato from the blight of demagogy
which swept over the state two years
and is BtU striving to iurinur
At 99C- All $1.25 and
$1.35 Goods.
At 82 C. All
$1.00 Goods.
At 64C. All 85c Goods. 25C a s"p. 4 T- yards
At 35C. All 50c Goods. 3 5C a strip, 4 1-2 yards.
Specials in Embroidery.
44 Yard Lengths.
10C a strip, 4 1-2 yards.
18C a strip, 4 1-2 yards.
The above prices can not be duplicated in the city for
the same qualities.
Jones &
500, 502 and 504 Austin Street.
WE are showing for this weak only, THE GREATEST
, BARGAINS in Summer-weight UNDERWEAR ever
offered to the trade.
leencatn its baleful
1 ntil further notice, wo will givo a
present with every 50 cents worth
jou buy, you seloot tho present your
self This enables vou to ect some
thing you want, saving you the
trouble of keoping truck of tickets for
J stated amount perhaps tor an
itticlo you don't want. The trade we
"avo established in the past eight
Kara is suffnient guaranteo that our
deubnes aro comet, and our goods
I'nust bo low. Wo always five what
ffe advertise, even if wo loose. Every
bouse cun't say this. We deliver goods
10 any part of Waco. Seo our cheap
tinware, glassware, crockery ware anu
iancy goods. Cut this out.
703 Austin Ave.
Don't be Deceived.
I am still holding down Standard
Granulated Sugar 20 pounds for one
Franco-American hood Cos trench
Soups, 3 pound cans, 30 cents caoh.
Star Tobacco 40 eents por pound. Low
prioea on everything. Call and soo
Joe S. Thompson,
The Grooor.
use only the best quality of
Dallas Screen Co.
Diam nds, vatches, jewelry, silver
ware anu bric-a-brao, all going at a
great sacrifice at tho great bankrupt
stook of D. Domnon & Bro.; Brown &
Co., auctioneers.
Bekcham'b Pills will save doctor's
11 m
Joe Lehman's restaurant is open
all night now. The best in the city
I to get a meal.
ongulf the state
That we recognize in his patriotic
utterancos the ring of true Demooraoy
and indorse his plea lor an elootive
commission, behoving that tho
combined judnmont of intelligent and
patriotio people in their solection of
their public servants is more valuablo
thun tho dictum oi a govornor who
appoints his friends to oflioo beoauso
ho wants to, ana is uubuio iu u
unwilling to give a better reason for
his errors in so doing.
That wo deoUre that the statements
made by tho enemies of tho lion.
George Clark, that his followers are
seeking to destroy tne commisaioii, ib
falso and utterly without foundation.
That upon the oontrary wo luvor a
commission which will effectually
protect the people against unjust
exactions and extortions by tho
ruiltrav roninaniefl. but at tho Bame
time we as strongly advooate that
justness and fairnebS shall bo metod
out to them.
That we reoommend tho dign-aed
and able manner in which Judge Clbrk
line nnnrinntprf his campaign.
That we denounco the proposal of
Gov. Hogg to loan tho children's
money to branoh roads as being un
wIbo and dangerous ui the extreme,
behoving that if his ideas aro carried
out that disaster to tho school fund
will result.
That wo heartily indorse the plan of
Hon. Georgo Clark to loan tho school
funds to tho iarraers upon their linds
at a proper and safo valuation of 5
per cent , believing that suoh a policy
will Bffonl muoh needed relief to u
worthv class of citizen", whoso senso
oi honor and whoso honesty is abovo
reproach, and that tho security otter
ed, Texas lands at a fair valuation, is
ho hest security in tho wirld.
That wo condemn tho wholesale de
nouncement of Gov. Hogg's of tho
daily papers of the stato as untrue and
undeserved aud unworthy of his high
position and a base attaok opon tho
character and standing of a class of
oittzens who through their enterpriso
and untiring eiforts Texas is indebted
for muoh of her present greatness and
matoiif development.
That in his efforts to thus booloud
the light which these watohlul
guardians of the people's rights and
liberties have thrown upon his record
as a governor, he is thus endeavoring
to oteato a prejudice against this olass,
but betrays a weakness which springs
from a consciousness of gross errors
in tho administration of stato affairs,
whioh tho sufforcrs demand ahull bo
raado known to all tho people that
the wrongs whioh his mad theories
havo created may bo quickly and
effeotually remedied and tho stato ro
stored to its previous condition of
prosperity throughout its
peaoo and
Hon G. B. Gerald and Judge Julius
Schultzo Speak.
Pursuant to previous announce
ment the Sons of Herman and a num
ber ot other German- Americans oon
gregatcd at Padgitt's Park to oolo
urate tho aniversary of tho organiza
tion. First upon tho programme was an
addresi by Judge G. B. Gerald, can
didate for congress.
He was introduood by Mr. W. I'
Stolto and made an eloquent Hpeeoh.
He stated that ho appeared before tho
assemblage without preparation, as
usual, but hoped ho would not bore
his audience.
I will have to go back to tho past,
to mv colleeo days, to rovivo my
memory of the past and the history of
the noble raoo 1 now havo tho honor
to address. I oongratulato you upon
your cituonBhip in Texas, the largest,
most fertile and in all things tho
grandest state in the union Twenty
livo years ago sho was a wilderness, but
today is populated with as good, as
honest, as industrious, as liborty loving
a people as were over known. Among
her population is tho German-Ameri-oan,
Avho oamo hero seeking liberty,
and tho fact that they havo contributed
to sogreat anoxtont to tho prosperityof
our grea state shows that thoy aro
thoroughly identified with us.
The speaker then gavo a history of
the German and Anglo-Saxon races as
learned in youth from Roman litera
ture, and again congratulated them
upon their oituenship mnong tho
peoplo and in a country in which thu
honor of her men and tho virtue of
her women is cherished.
The typical oharaotcr of tho Gorman
is that ho is temperate, frugal, indus
trious and brave, and longing for that
liborty their forefathers longed for,
thoy came among us bclioviug thoy
could get that liberty hero.
No country has producod greater
masters in art, scionco and literature
than Germany, and none moro
patriotic. Thoy havo Htood
by their convictions for ages
and claim the right to reason for thorn-
solves and transmit this noblo princi
ple to their ohildron. They reoognize
in our repuhlio the virtue of equality of
all men bcloro the law and tho tax.
gatherer and r.pprcoiato tho principle
we revere tho liberty of all to do as
they please so long as in so doing the
rights of othnra aro not infringed.
No peoplo ever surrendered a right
that was over given baok to them
Your greatest liberties aro c strained
only by tho rights oi others as long as
you oontinue to k"p alive this prin
ciple and to transmit it to your chil
dren you are safo.
At tho oonolusion of JirJgo Gorald's
address Judgo Schutzo of Austiu was
introduced and aftor a few introduct
ory remarks complimcn ary to tho
spoakor who had preecoded him and
a word in favor of Georgo Olark for
governor he delivored a lengthy
speeoh in the Gorman language, whioh
oould not bo understood by Tine
News reporter, but judging from tho
appearaLco was well reoeived.
A' J. Loslio for first-class watoh
clook and jowclry ropairing. Same
building with II. E. Ambold Anstin
Foil It li:'.'!' Kurnldied 01 unfnriiUliod
Tooinn M2.M South Klatenlh Htroat corner
0-17 tf

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