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Judgo Clark's Appointments.
Gonzales, Thursday, Miy H'.
latonio, Saturday, May SI.
ouston, Monday, May 23.
nlvoston, Thursday, May 20.
ellville, Saturday, May '23
The News will tako advertising
with the understanding that if it has
not a larger heal oiroulatiou than any
daily paper published in Waoo, no
olarge will be mndo for the advertise
ment. Clark's reception at Austin was a
grand n flair.
There is a bin fight ahead for the
Clnrk men, but they are willing and
thoy know how to win.
Gov. Hogg has called a special
election to rill tho vacancy caused by
the elec.ion of Mills to the senate, for
June 14th in the old Ninth district.
McLennan county sends an un
structed delegation to Lampasas and
the Lampasas convention should send
an ucs'.ructed delegation to Chicago.
Clark's speech at Austin created a
sensation and his supporters there arc
happy over the splendid impression
made. TiavU county is solid for
The News gives spaoe to a scries of
articles on sanitary science tho second
of which appears today. As tho hot
summer months approach the ques
tion of sanitary improvement becomes
of vast importance and every person
should guard well his or her premises.
As a gentle reminder of tho vigilance
necessary to avoid sickness these
at tides are published.
The Eagle Pas Clark and Elective
Commission clubcomes Uiho defenso
of the press. Tho press, Hogg and
anti-Hogg, will agree that Hogg's
oharges of corruption is baseless, but
in viawof the fact that Hogg's denun
ciations of tho daily papers are in
tended to prejudice tho people against
the only medium thrmgh which they
can keep posted on the officisl actions
of their servants it is propir that the
people oelleotivoly extend to the press
that which ii due every agency for
good. The newspapers are the
friends of tho people and they are a
holy terror to tho detmgoguc. The
daily papors have held up Hogg's
administration to the light of icason
and its miserable failuro has been
exposed without fear or favor. If
Texas is saved it will be attributable
principally to tho bravo and manly
course of tho newtpapers.
Tho congressional election called by
Gavernor Hogg for June 11, will per
haps tie the most exciting election
held in this district for years. The!
Pcoplo's party have nominated a can
didate and arc preparing to make a
determined fight and the majority of
tho llepublicuns will assist them. The
Demooratic party in this district do
not seem to bo on tho alert. Tho
election is less than ono month off,
still thero has been no
Democratic convention called
Jf.c'Mo Democrats know anything
about tho situation thoy know this
will bo the hardest fight they ever
had. Tho enemy has its oandi.
date in the field and wo do not knew
who we will meet him with. Mr.W.W.
Searsy of Washington county, is tho
chairman of the Democracy of this
district and thero aro several of us
who want to know why he does not
call tho Democratio convention. Tho
convention ought to bo hold next
Monday. We will then havo only
twenty-ono days in which
to mako the canvass,
The News believos it will tako a
strong man to beat Barber, and
with ten days tho start of us and inly
double that number to canvass the dis
trict, it will not ba a soft snap for a
strong man. Lot us bo up and doing,
thero is no joke .about this.
The frionds of Gjv Hogn in s me
quarters arc becoming alarmed at tho
want of enthusiasm at his appoint
ments and hava taken tho cue of their
candidate and aro acousing the news
papers of misrepresentation. In view
of tho faot that Gov. Hogc has
in ovcry specoh endeavored
to discredit the nowspaper
reports it is a little singular
that his friends should enter a plea
for moro ihttoring accounts of his re
ceptions, but a friond at Seguin has
enterod a plea for the patrocnga of
the press, notwithstanding tho gov
ernor s reiterateu assertion mat tne
daily papers arc not to be rt lied on.
The San Antonio Kxpross, though at
taokod in its own bailiwiok by the
governor as utterly unreliable and
unworthy of belief, tho enmity
of which was as acceptibln as its good
will has been appealed to for more
favorable reports of Gov. Hogg's
speeohes. In response the Htpress
says editorially: "An Express com
municant at Spguin writes a lengthy
protest against tho report of Governor
Hogg's speeoh at that placo. In
stead of being met with wild and in
frcquont applause, ho say, the ap
proval of tho governor's utterances at
times rose to tho dignity of enthusi
asm. So much tho worse for Seguin.
If sinco the inception of the campaign
his excellency has said or done any
thing that ought to arouse enthusiasm
in a man who has the well-being of
his state Rt heart The Express has
not heard of it. Ho has attempted to
defond an administration that has
been prolific of harm to the common
wealth of his birth: he has stood as
the chief exponent ot policies that
have been ruinous in their tendenoes;
he has done more than any man with
in tho state lines to drive out euoh
foreign capital as we had and to repel
suoh capital as contemplated coin
ing to us; he has como to
bo regarded by all liberal men
as the portly incarnation of the spirit
of narrowness and intolerance; his
sombrero, 1 ko tho white plume of Na
varre, has been the guiding star of tho
frenzied hosts which have rushed to
the butchery of corporations. In
r.ttempting tho defenso of the con
duct of a government that has cost
Texas millions upon millions of
dollars, Mr. Hogg has undertaken a
hopeless task. What is there in it to
arouse enthusiasm. Land titles
clouded, homes impoverished, honest
industrious citizens made mis
erable, reputable men of business
bankrupted, banks devoided of cash,
vast and beneficial enterprises stran
gled in their birth, an enormously high
rato of interest, the cheoking of all
railway building, a weakening of the
confidence of the world in tho stability
of tho prospority of the state, are a
fow of tho flotsam of destruction that
Governor Hioa has left in his wWn.
Enthusiasm in tho front of suoh a
speaker and in the face of suoh facts
would bo exousable if it were tho en
thusiasm of condemnation. "
Mr. W. C. O'Bryan, of McGregor'
was a delegato from a primary con
vention which passed resolutions in
dorsing Governor Hogg. When con
fronted in tho county convention with
a Clark majority he introduced a reso
lution protesting against tho indorse
ment of either candidato for governor,
upon the ground that suoh indorse
ment "would bo prcmaturo and an un
fair and unjust advantage, and an at
tempt to forestall and stifle
the will of the people.'
Mr. O'Bryan was perfectly
willing to "forestall and stifle tho will
of the people" when he bolieved it
possible to "commit our county to a
candidate for govornor" if that candi
date was Hogg "for tho effect it may
have )ver the state." In view of tho
fact that McGrogor indorsed Hogg,
it is pertinent to ask it Mr. O'Bryan
voiced tho will of his oonstituonoy
when ho protested against tin in
dorsement of either oandidate for
! A Pistol Is Drawn, But Bystandors
Intorfero In Tlmo.
A torriblo tnurdtr came near being
com mined this morning, and that it
was not committed was duccntiroly to
the quick actions of one of tho -bystanders.
Two young gentlemen 11? tats
10 had a difficulty in whioh it was
claimed that a very oprobrlous epithet
was passed. Tho goutloman to whom
tho opithot was applied either did not
hoar it at the time, or, if he did, did
not became fighting mad, and waited
somo time to get up a stock of oourage
and anger. Liter in the day bo con
ceived tho idea that ho tiaa been in
sulted and immediately began to bunt
for the villdiu Ho immediately pro
ceeded to tho establishment where
his traducer was employed and dis
covered the monster cnggod in his
usual nefarious occupation of absorb
ing tho contents of a Jesse .lames
dimo novel. lie instantly pounced
upon his foe and begun to rain blows
upon his head. Tho attacked party
soon recovered from his surprise and
reached for an umbrella with which to
defend himself. Tho assailant soring
suoh a deadly weapon drawn imme
diately drew hid own weapon, a cast
iron nickle plated, twosty two oali
bre, dollar a pioao seven shooter. He
snapped the weapon at the crouching
villain two or three times before it
could bo taken from him. Though
snapped repeatedly it failed to fire
possibly on account of tho fact that
there were no cartiidgcs in its cham
bers. Ho was ejected gun and ad
fortunately whilo the aforesaid
crouching villain immediately started
for tall timber at a 2:10 gait
a. -a
Roal Estato Bulletin.
Reported by Biker & Dilworth, Ab
stractors. Joo Tripis to VKoinendo, Ii3lf intor
est in 3u feet on Eighth street
between (Jlay and Boss avenue, $T00.
W M Woodall aud wife to Texas
Savings and Loan association, lot 18
in block 22Q of Finks' addition. $(i00.
D II Orand and wife to J B Baker,
two lots on Washington between
Thirteenth and Fourteenth, 1,001)
IJ A Scawell and wife to John T
Dollin., 100 foet on Fourth street
south of Speight street, ."JaO.
Wo lurnlsii abstracts of title on
short notice.
J. W. Bakeu.
This is what you ought to have, in
fact, j 011 must havo it to fully enjoy
life. Thousands are searohing for it
daily, and mourning beoauso they find
it not. Thousands upon thousands of
dollais are spent annually by our peo
ple in tho hope that they may attain
this boon. And yet it may be had by
all. We guarantee that Eleetrio Bit
ters, if used according to directions
and tho use persisted in, will bring
you good digestion and oust the de
mon dyspepsia and install instead Eu
pepsia. Wo recommend Electric
Bitters for Dyspepsia and all diseases
of Liver, Stomach and Kidneys. Sold
at 50c and 1.00 per bottle by W. 13.
Morrison, druggist.
It is not only low prices but high
quality we claim
D,LLas Screen Co.
Call at Joe Lehman's when you are
hungry. Orders for anything in the
market promptly filled.
Floor Paints, Ready-Mixed Buggy
Painis at C. F. Smith's, 40-1 Austin
Go to Joe Lehman's for
meal any time night or day.
Open any hour in the 24 at Joe
Lehman's, South Fourth street.
Shooting Gallery.
South side squaro. Fine guns and
best ammunition. Rare sport. All the
crack shots frequent it. Open day and
night. Polite attention.
Let us estimate your houso for
screens. We guarantee everything we
Dallas Screen Co.
For tho best and freshest beef,
pork, mutton, veal, span-ribs), fish and
oysters go to Crippin cornor Filth
and Franklin.
Tho groat bankrupt stook of D.
Domnon & Bro , is being auctioned
off day and night. Unparallelled bar
If our present prices is too high,
then ask for a lower one, we manufac
ture all grades of work.
Dallas Screen Co.
Lewlne Bros.
SPECIAL SALE. Vo.uh.s'and ltoSTLvW UATs!'"''
We find ourselves with an overwhelming large stock of Straw
Goods, and to sell them out clean we make special prices. This week
' Hoys' Straw Hats
25 c
wurin 1:5 c.
Boys' Black
worm 50c.
Boys' Black
worm 05 c.
Men's and
75c an d i.oo.
Lot of Large
75c and $1.00.
Lot of fine
and Children,
Extra good
worth $1.50 for
Fedora Tics in Ooze, suitable for
prices lower than ever. Come
Lewlne Bros.
Manfactm ers
Alexandre's Baking Powder.
Alexandre's Pure Bpioea.
Alexandre's Java and Klo Blend Con"oo.
Moore Bros' Whlto Wine and Apple Viuegar .
Having purchased Mr. Alexandre's busfuea we a re now prepare.! to rij
umoiB iiiuiuiiiiy. ruiruuiiu aimiu
waoo a ureac aiauutaoturtng Centre.
Have removed from PaoilTo
0. W. DWTD
The Dlil Oritml UulUtlnu, JVortt of ftazn,
1 he finest vehicles and horsu a in th
city. Call oarriages for ladies a spe
cialty and when desired, ladies can '
have a driver in livery. All trains met.
Prompt attention to tall orders
ooaruea on reasonable terms.
W.l) M.VYJIKLD, Presllent. J. D.'.BKLL,
The Gity Savipgs Bapk
No v offers 6 per cent, interest on deposit. Interest pay
iroui uaie.
for 5c, worth 15c.
Black and White Sailors for it
and White nice Straws for 25c
and White Soft Straw for 35J
Boys' Yacht Hats for 50c, worth
Sizes Men's fo "" 25 cents, worth
colored Wide Brim 50c, for Misses'
worth 51.00.
Men's and Youths' Straw Hats
Opera Toe Shoozc for 50 cents!
Uxtord loc bhoozc for 50 cents!
Patent Tip Oxfords for 75 cent;.
Turn Tip Oxfords for Si.oo.
JtlSt Ol3GJLXecl.
Canvass Oxford Fedora Ties in rA
fine trade. Will sell them foj
- . - ... 1(,UJ
and see them.
Wholesale Grocers
Moore Bros' Pure Cider.
Moore Bros' Flint Candy
institutions, sustain our etiorts to tnaa
Hotel to Room 28, Provident Bli
I -rlygi
I islsl-F
and satisfaction guaranteed. Hoi
VIcb President. JOtl.VD. MAYHEU), C'i
FEB12, 1892.
1 M

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