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. AtmMk
Stiouis Bottled Beer
PINTS $1 per Dozen
OUARTS -$i.5o
Return empty bottles aud
we will pay for
PINTS 15c per dozen
QUARTS. 25c " "
Is that oar col'ar, onff and abirt
ivorx it unexcelled. Convince your
lOlf b? sendlug to the Waco Steam
Laundry neiir Suspension bridge.
Telephono No .1.
A Mother's Mistake,
Mothers frequently make a mistake
in neplectiDg the cough of a child. A
Tort Wayne, Ind , lady writes: My
littlo daughter O-i cars old had a aevero
cough but ns it wag nothing unusual I
thought nothing of it, and allowed it
to run on for 4 or 5 weeks, when it
becaxne so obstinate she boiran losing
flesh. 1 called in a physician who
treated her three weeks without bone
fit. A neighbor insisted upon my try
ing Ballard's Horehuund Syrup; it re
lieved her from the Gist di se and she
begat) gaining flesh rapidly, when we
had used two bottles her cough had
entirely disappeared. I would not bo
without it. It doei not constipate my
children. Ballard's Ilorehound Syrup
is free from Opiates. It's the most
soothing throat and lung medioinc in
the world. Price 50o. and $1.00. Sold
by H C. Risher.
Isn't one Sar:ipurllhi as good ao
another ? Not No'.! No Ml
Don't think it. IV. n't lor a moment
think it. If you wmt Bull's Sar&ipnrilU,
dsmand it ami takj no oilier. It cuutaini
ingredients that am .i-it foi..nl in o other
ja&sparillo. rlhee very ingri-iJients that
.make it ditlureut irum other arsniarillaj
rs the must important. In fact, essential
V Its i-ui.itiv vir'iie. On.:t them aud
Boll i Xarsaiuirilla wmild he nn inert aa
Uie many interior preparations of aarsapa
jilla fouiiii i:, in u.y 'liug aiores. l.ufl'a
Siiraparilla or ntaius nn unimportant in
srbd.eiit. Jatn iiii"ii., in u:.ud is chosen
lor Its beneficent .!. ( upon tlio liuiuan
Dr. JOH?il 'SULL'S
system Continued tl.cy c.eit a tiarmo
mlzing influence u,.on iivry function of
the body, iru;.roii." d.dtior, strengthen
ing flic, liver and k-drryi, cleansing tha
Wood of j.oiionouH iiinttor, soothing the
30CJTOU3 sys.em, enlivening the mental
Jacaltics, and in n word, by infusing new
iitrcngth and life, completely rejuvenate
erery part and makes one feel altogether
like a new person
Elmer Hudson, Alvarctto, Tex., writes:
"My strength and health hnd been failing
3at for several years. ..My blood was in a
'wy Impoverished condition and very Im
pure. My limbs frit lume, rickety and
iliumatic, and 1 could not walk without
JotteriHg. I felt myself growing prema
turely old, and mr face began to look
;pinched and slirivc.llid. I suffered con
siderable, was restless at night, very ner
vous, and growing vory melancholy. My
ijj were sore and I hud catarrh. I tried
anany tonics, and bitters and blood purl
lers, but failed to get better. I finally
fconght six bottle of null'a Sareaparllla,
and before I had used it all I felt lilt
unother man. My strength and health
improved, pimple and eores disappeared
Jrom my person, aches and stiff joints left
me, and I consider mytelf a well person."
WThore s no other remedy so plmant
'to take nnd so sura In 1U rfl'ect as Dr. Bull'
Worm Dtmtroyara. Price US cents,
WIT There Is one- chill remedy whose ef
tC la a certainty. It has lieon teUd ta
Tntvny thoutiuidn severe caies and never
known to fall It Is called Smith's Tool
?jriap. Take no otb.tr.
John D. Park & 8on, VThotetaUfAgenU,
JTo. m and no Hjroamora St.,
I K fl
Rumors of a Big Shortage In Olllce.
MoLonnan County's Tax
To lie Itclllml ill 1IU Al't'Olllltk.
Opinion Mlkiiuiuli'il I mil "II lntc
llualloii Is lUinlc-llls Hon it kin en
et-urt-l If iliero is a IHscrepuiiri .
(iriiil Hit; ret llxprcsscil Amoiii:
Ills niaiiy ;i'riemls--A llopo tliul
llo .tlnv Ctiuiu Through .ill Ululil.
A report was current on tho streets
yesterday afternoo:. that the county
tax collector ol McLennan couuiy,
Otis W. David, was short in his ad
counts with the stale and county. The
report came hLe a olap of thunder out
ol a clear sky to Mr. David's thousands
of friends here and it could hardly be
orcdited. In a tew hours the rumor
was on evory tongue in Waco, but
there was not a man to be found that
had not the kindest words lor Coot
This morning The News began to
make an investigation of the matter.
Mr. Davids bondsmen wore first inter
viewed and even in the fare of the
possibility of having to pay a laige
sum for him, they did not question his
Tue facts seem to bo about as fol
lows: Mr. David undo a report to the
county commissioners at their last
term and his books and accounts were
found to be correct in every particular
and thoso who investigated his books
there, commented on his ability and
capacity as a public ofiicial. A few
days ago, Mr. David was informed by
County Ciork Baker that there
was a discrepenoy in his
accounts and upon investigation, Mr.
David discovered that there was a dis
crepanoy aud as it would require an
investigation, Mr. David immediately
went to his bondsmen and told them
what he had discovered and conveyed
to them every dollar of his possessions
to secure them while the matter was
being inquired into.
Is'o mun oan tell at this juncture
what the shortage is or wi.l be. It is
certain that Mr. David has made res
titution as far as he w.s ablo and
while his bondsmen uphold him, it is
nothing more tbun justice and charity
for tho public to await tho result of au
investigation before forming an
opinion. It is well known
to the friends and intimate acquaint
ances of Mr. David that he has been
in very bad health for the past four
months and that bo has been kept
away from his offico a great part ot
mat time, in tno meantime, uie
wholo matter will be thoroughly in
quired into and if it is found that there
is a shortage it will bo promptly paid.
It is but justice to state that as the
investigation progresses it is dis
covered that the alleged shonage grows
smaller and it is possible that it
may not roaoh uuy considerable
amount after all.
Mr. David perhaps onjoya a greater
popularity than any man of his ago in
this county. He is now serving his
third term as Ux collector and would
have mado tho race for a fourth if his
health had not been too precarious to
admit tho contest.
It is now confidently stated that the
roported amount cf his shortuge has
decreased fifty per cent.
County Judge Jenkins has ordered
the county clerk to mako a thorough
investigation of Mr. Davids affairs.
N'uips !!cvlcd.
It is stated, "on very fjood authority,'
that tho Prince of Wales has decided
that on his return to London ho will
tako up and interest himself in, even
more pronouncedly than ho lias hitherto
done, tho important question tho dwell
iafi of the poor. The majority of peo
plu know that the prince has already
done much in this direction. In addition
to presiding at conferences on tho sub
ject, his royal highness has figured as a
'shimmer." IIo has visited some of tho
most notorious quarters in the 12ast End
of the metropolis, peering into thieves'
dens and other still more disreputable
places, whero filth and squalor have been
painfully conspicuous.
Of course his royal highness has not
been known at theso times, except to
perhaps ouoindividuul who iiceoinpaniml
him; on moro than one occasion lie has
not been content with donning glial1 by
attire, but has assumed a wig and a falso
beard. The prince, however, feels very
keenly on tho subject of tho ameliora
tion of the poorer classes, and is ex
tremely desirous to do his best on their
behalf. Western Mercurv.
"Tlio Garment Uesjieaka tlia Artlat - "IIS Instr.tlCQ began tho "WOOUlg o'llV IHC ft.1 1 1 I M 1 1 M H I I If fl i U I 1 WaW I 1 l 1 1 i I
JMHttHrv' m" -J3w ' --w , bb mm IIMH II IIBlll H MM11HHBI1
., ar n b-l u . a b miu . - - .-- i laai hi taai aw aaai an aaai ar aaai w ai as aiain aai wm anH an an nt iai aan am mt mt
iWBlH m aLBIaaHHMfeiaWO'taHndEHi j. ffk, j.,-...,- mW VsvMk vl orSL u U WW W cA BJr WN0 H Wjtir WjaW L aV wl
Pcrploxlty of :i Pollto Man Who l.nt
Ills Kiiiillllirliun In ii Street Cur.
1 took thorn for a newly married cou
ple. Certainly if she had been married
very long she would have known bat
ter. Tlioy got on a south bonnd Clark
street car at Goethe street. Sho was
slender and graceful, and had largo,
fetching dark eyes. Ho was extremely
polite. IIo helped her on the car very
tondorly, and after riding two blocks he
jumped up tho instant a very lloshy old
lady entered tho car and offered her his
seat, with a low bow a sure indication
that ho was just married and doing it
for effect.
Then ho hung on a strap and bent
down aud kept up tho conversation,
which seemed largely made up of irrele
vant remarks and highly relovant
glances. Presently ho discovered that
ho could stoop lower if ho let go tho
llo had just availed himself of this
discovery when the train swooped around
tho enrvo at Illinois street Hoilung up
his arms, mado one fraiiur, ineffectual
grab for tho strap, swayed gracefully
half around, and sprawled out over the
fat old lady's lap as tho car stopped.
His pink and white cheeks turned scar
lel. Ho scrambled half way to his feet
and began, "1 beg"
Just as ho was in tho act of re-establishing
his equilibrium and simultane
ously uttering the apology, tho car gavo
tho sharp jerk and quick, strong pull of
starting. He clutched tho incorporeal
air and went down with tho words on
his lips flat, full length on tho beastly,
muddy floor. It was too bad, but every
body laughed.
Yes, sho laughed. Sho put her slim,
black gloved hand, with a film of scent
ed handkerchief in it, up to her mouth
nud her black eyes danced at him.
IIo got up, scowled vory darkly at tho
gentleman who had said "Whoop-o-e!"
as ho went down, and washed a patch of
mud otr his coat sleevo. Then he looked
at her laughing eyes. For an instant he
tried to look amused; then ho straight
ened his face out severely and went over
and looked out of tho door.
As ho started into the tunnel ho looked
around. Tho handkerchief was still at
her mouth nnd her body swayed slightly
as from a repressed emotion. A deep,
straight line camo into his forehead
and ho stepped a littlo farther away.
Half way through tho tunnel ho looked
around again. Tho instant sho met his
eyo sho dropped tho handkerchief to her
mouth just in timo to suppress a ripple
of laughter. He went out on tho plat
form and banged the door behind him.
At Madison street ho opened tho door
and stood still as a statue until sho
walked out. She looked over hor shoul
der into his faco as sho passed hiin, but
there was an irrepressible twinkle in her
eyes, and ho stepped to tho ground after
her without unbending. Chicago Xews.
The Cu-oril "T :i Knight.
The sword of a noble knight whs
mentioned almost as often ns himself
in the songs of the troubadours of tho
Middle Ages. In the olden time this
trusty weapon was named nnd pcrsoui
lled as accomplishing countless brilliant
deeds. In the proverbs of all nations
it is spoken of with reverence and
trust. It represents tho rank and re
nown, tho heroism and honor, tho
glory and greatness of nations in tho
past. One of the first weapons mado
by man, it became his most important
arm and auxiliary of warfare.
It has always been the visible badge
of birth, bravery and freedom ; to sur
render it was to admit defeat and dis
grnee. So long has it been the con
stant companion of rank and valor that
it has acquired a dignity of its own.
Like no other weapon, it has a quality
entirely distinct from its character as a
blood shedder. In England even at the
present day tho sword alono is con
sidered ndoquato to confer knighthood.
-Kato Field's Washington.
Wlit tho Minister Said.
It is a tribute to the basis of real dig
nity that there is in tho American girl's
character that a well bred foreignei
will' tako simply as they aro meant thf
constant surprises sho affords hiin in
the way of daring escapades, any oiip
of which would at onco destroy his iv
spect for 0110 of his own unmarrid
countrywomen. A transatlantic mas
riago which was started by a practice
joko was that of tho young minister f ron.
, who asked his lively neighbor at
a dinner how ho should make his
adieux to his hostess, as sho did not
Bpeak French and his own knowledge
of English was of the slightest. Quiti
sertously she taught him to say, "Golly
Mrs. A., I have had a bully timo;" and
ho repeated tho absurd and dreadful
littlo speech with groat distinctness to
his hostess, who at onco detected the
sotirco of tho poor man's blunder and
naturally greatly resented it. M. do F..
however, had a sonso of humor anu, fai
from harboring a grudge against tin
Impertinent young lady, was greatl,v
amused by her audacity, and thus it
this instr.nco began tho "wooing o'nV
-New York Tribune,
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