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Ilestdcnco aCD N 12 St.
Beoiacnco iw
Physicians and Surgeons.
1100M8 ! l' OVJIIKM' 1 11I.D1NP.
elite Old Corner Drac Store, Telepnone
st OUlce And Residences.
r A'ttvfi-zyt
iiiHW' iiitwr"
bk2iuiMivU .
,1L "iS- JV"T3M. ,1a?1 ttM
AIR Anntlii A Mine.
rrucr.s iu:amaiii,i:.
Loftvo orders with (3. II, Rosenthal
No. 807 Austin avenue.
Drop a card tojtw. M. Nichols, 20 j
Sltcnnqi st,, or leave orders
at Hanisoti & Cos.
R F. JACKSON. W. ('. 0001'KIt.
ilannfactnrers or the V,'. J. McDonald
Fireproof Cement Roof Paint.
Contracts solicited , All work promptly done
mil fully guaranteed.
Office, 22 1 Franklin Strekt.
Funeral Directors,
No. 423 Franklin Street.
Ballard's Snow Liniment.
This Liniment is different in com
position from any other Liniment on
the market. It is a scientific diBcov
ery whioh results in its being the most
penetrating liniment ever known.
There aro numerous whito imitations,
whioh may be recommended because
they pay the seller a greater profit
Beware of theso and demand Ballard's
Snow Liniment. It positively cures
Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Cuts, Sprains,
Bruises, Wounds, Sciitio and Inflam
matory Rheumatism, Burns, Scalds,
Soro Feet. Contracted Muscle, Stiff
Joints. Old Sores, Pain in Baok, Barb
Wire Cuts, Sore Chest or Throat and
is especially beneficial in Paralysis.
Sold by II. 0. Itisher & Co.
Rules and.Regulaxions at the Park
Open C a. m. to 10 p. m- Saturday
night until 12 o'clock. Pool reserved
for ladies and ohildren exclusively
only 0 to 12 o'clock Saturday Tub
needle and vapor baths at all hours for
patients nnd others. Experienced male
and female attendants dy and night.
Tom Padqitt
J. B. Chestnut Proprietor.
Fishing tackle of every description
with a full stock of hunters supplies
H. B. A '1B0LD8.
Pure and whito lara at
9 cents
per pound in ten gallon canB at (
ten's, ooruer Fifth and Franklin.
iiuotilen'a Gillian Balvb.
The best salve in the world for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rhenin, fe
ver aoros, tetter, chopped hands, chll
blftlns, corns rtul all skin ornptions.
and positively cures piles, or no pay
required. It 1b guaranteed to glvt
satisfaction or money refunded. Price
26 cents ft box. Per sale by W. B
Morrison tr Do.
Do they annoy you? What? Why
tho flies. Do you want to keep them
out? Get your screen doors and win
dows from Curtis & Orand.
A flT" 0
Slaughter Sale
Muslin Underwear
riiursday, Priday ?t Satnrday
AAJE need the room these
goods occupy, and have de
termined to close them out
and discontinue the line, and
have made PRICES to clean
up the stock on short order.
and will not last long.
ODDS and ENDS of
Gofset Stock
Goods, worth from 75c.
$1.25, in broken sizes,
H. B. listrot & Co.
Corner Eighth and Austin Sis.
Elegant Photographs.
Having recently purchased the larg
est as well as the finest photographic
lens in the state, am able to make
negatives, 17x20, as a likeness, truth
ful as the embodiment of nature; ar
tistic in lighting and graceful in pose;
a beauty and a joy forever. Call on
W. D Jackson, the old reliable
photographer, and see specimens.
Spend an hour if not a dime. A large
assortment of mouldings and frames
112 North Fifth street.
Will Not Turn Loose.
The Royal barbor shop is still
striotly in it so far as the most expert
artists, the sharpest razors aud the best
cosmetics are concerned, and the fact
that no Texan, whether for Clark or
Hogg, will ever be turnod loose after
takiog a seat in one of tho comfortable
chairs of this establishment till ho is
tenderly and olosely shaven, to his en
tiro satisfaction, can be vou hed for
by its many patrons.
A Mother's Mistake.
Mothers frequently mako a mistake
in negleoting tho cough of a child. A
Fort Wayne, Iud , lady writes My
little daughter Clears old had a Bevere
cough but as it was nothing unusual I
thought nothing of it, and allowed it
to run on for 4 cr 0 weeks, wtien it
beoatno so obstinato she began losing
flesh. 1 called in a physician who
treated her three weeks without bone
fit. A neighbor insisted upon my try
inc Ballard's Horehound Syrup, it re
lieved her from the first d se and she
began gaining flesh rapidly, when we
had used two bottles her oough had
entirely disappeared. I would not bo
without it. It does not constipate my
ohildren. Ballard's Horehound Syrup
is free from Opiates. It's the most
Boothing throat and lung medioino in
the world. Prico 50o. and $1.00. Sold
by H. 0. Risher.
Drs. Wilkes & Wilkes and Dr. J.
R. Forroll havo fitted up a suito of
rooms in tho now Provident building,
second floor, where they may bo found
in futuro. Telephone at offioe and
residences, Slates at Old Cornor Drug
What the South Is Doing to bo
Kcntiick), Florida, Alutiiiinii und
Oilier Mali's Follow with Appro
prlutlnnu 11ml I'rlwito Subscrip
tion', to .Secure C'reilltiililc Inhibits
ut Chicago
In its issue of May 13 tho Manufac
turers' Iteoord, of Baltimore, dovotes
fifteen page of its space to tho
World's Fair, giving illustrations and
descriptions of the buildings and a
very full acoount of the part that the
South will take in the enterprise. In
an editorial sumnury of the prepara
tions that ate being made by the South
the Manufacturers' Record says:
The people of the South are awaken
"n to tho importance of this groat oc
casion and will not tail of having their
section of tho country properly rep
resented in this, the greatest inter
national exposition the world has cvor
Texas is making tVn most exten
sive preparations of all the Southern
states. The people of the Lone S'ar
Empire have already provided for a
fund of $225,000, and they propose to
increased tho amount to $1,000,000, to
bo used in behalf of Texas Not a
dollar of this amount comes fjom the
state treasury, but it is all to bo raised
through private enterprise.
The state of Kentucky is the only
ono in which a very large appropria
tion has been made by the legislature
for World's fair purposes, the amount
of $100,000 having been appropriated
by tho Kentucky legislature for the
representation of that stato at Chicago.
This action has but recently bcon
taken, and the plans for tho work aro
as yet incomplete.
Florida is doing an unique work in
this councction. Although tho legis
laturo refused to appropriate any
money for the purpose, the pooplo
have taken the matter in hand, and
they expect to raiso $200,000, with
which to reproduce old Fort Marion
at Chicego, and provido an appropri
ate display of the resouroes of Florida
The Arkansas legislature did noth
ing towards providing means for a
state exhibit, but the state has not
been allowed to suffer on this ao
count, and the people aro raising by
priyate subscription a fund of $40,
000. Arkansas will have a building
on the World's Fair grounds and will
be appropriately represented,
Alabama, wo regret to say, has done
but little in behalf of the World's
Fair. The ladies of that state are the
aoiive spirits in the matter and through
their instrumentality it is hoped that
a fund of $10,000 or $12,000 will bo
raised for the representation of tho
stato at Chicago.
Louisiana has not raised any funds
thus far, but a petition to the legisla
ture, which will soon be presented,
asks an appropriation of $50,000, and
vigorous efforts will bo made to seouro
this amount.
Mississippi is disgraced by a legis
lature whioh not only rofused to mako
an appropriation of $50,000, but also
refused to allow cities and counties to
tax themselves for funds for an ex
hibit. The wholo matter is thus
thrown upon private enterprise, and
the people of tho stato are doing the
best they can to repair tho damage
done by their legislature.
West Virginia has a fund of $40,
000 whioh was appropriated at tho last
session of the legislature. One-half
of this amount is to he constructed of
a handsome stato building upon tho
fair grounds, and the wonderful natural
resources 01 tne state are assured a
magnificent representation,
The Tenncsseo legislature refused
to appropriatti any money ior the
World's fair, but authorized the
oountiea of the state to mako ap
propriations for this purpose. A con
siderable fund has thus beon raised,
and it is probable that a sufficient
amount will bo provided to give this
stato the representation to whioh it is
entitled by its prominenoe.
North Carolina has no legislative
appropriation to dep3nd upon, but
thero is a widespread interest in
World's Fair matters in that state,
and the people are making activo ef
forts to creato a sufficient fund by
private subscription to defray tho
rnst of renroduointr tho famous old
Tyron Palaco at Chicago, and to
mako a representative exhibit of
North Carolina's interests,
Virginia has a legislative pp opria
tion of $25,000. to whioh it is proposed
to add .50,000 W private ulnrip.
tions Tho quettioa ot a building
has not jet been nettled, but the
stato will be well represented at Chicago.
Georgia's intcretti w, 11 hn Buitably
represented in the World's Fair
through the interests of Oovornor
Northern and a number of tho leading
citizens of the state, wha havo taken
the matter in hand because of the
failure of the legislature to make any
appropriation. Efforts are being
made to raise a fund of $100,000,
to bo expended for World's Fair pur
poses. Maryland will spend 60,000 on the
World's Fair, one-half of which will be
used to defray the cost of the stale
building The manufacturers of this
state are availing themselves liberally
of the opportunities that are offered
by the exposition.
South Corolinia has no legislative
appropriation, such a provision having
been refused at tho last session Un
der the direction of the leading oitizons
private eDterptise is being depended
upon to care for tho interests of this
state. No fund has as yet been raised,
but there will probably be an adequ
ate amount when the time comes for
its use.
The southern states are planning to
spend nearly $2,00,000 upon the
World's Fair. With this amount the
interests of the south can be well rep
resented, and we tre exceedingly glad
to note that interest is growing in the
matter throughout the south at such
a rate that a much larger amount of
money will probably be raised than is
now counted upon. There has been
much delay in commencing work, but
now that interest has been generally
awakened, there is a very gratifying
display of activity on all sides. This
betokens much good to the south, for
at present there is nothing of such
vital importance to the south as this
great exposiiion. We hope that the
plans now under consideration will bo
successfully carried out, that a much
wider interest will be awakened, and
that much more money will be avalia
ble for Wjrld's Fair purposes in the
a uv.xi. Ku.ti.M:i:.
After F.iclit Ycnm u Yoimir Couple
illect unci Itcncw a llctrotliul.
Cukyexnk, Wy May 17. On tho
platform of a pullman at the depot
liero yesterday nioining an indolent
lookiog chap in English togs and a
pretty young woman in red conversed
ao earnestly that they attracted the
attention of everybody within range.
Several passengers were anxious to
tell what they knew of tho story of tho
interesting pair, and said that the man
was a fratik, honest fellow, who would
talk willingly. Cards were exchanged,
ana nis read "Jidwara if. uninn,
Overseer Publto Works Department,
Hong Kong." IIo yielded his story
liko a major. Said he: "I am trying
to persuade tho girl hero to stop off in
Cheyenne and marry me, but she
wants to go to Colorado Springs and
seo her folks about it first. This is a
genuine romanoo, just like a novol.
Eight years ago wo wero lovers
in Vermont and were engaged.
My parents wero Irish emigrants and
poor, and her people worj well fixed
It was agreed that I Bhould start out
to mako my fortune, and that sho
should wait ten years for mo. She
has been truo, and sho has waited
liko an angi'l. I worked in the Chi
cago Stook Yard', prospected in Col
orado, and tried a dozen things on the
coast. Six years ngo I landed in
Hong tvong At first I was clerk in
a who'esalo house, then scoured my
present place. My i alary is $5,000,
and I make something 011 tho sidn, as
you say in Amorioa All the timo I
havo thought of the girl and knew
she was single and thinking of me,
though I never hoard ofhor. Sho
now lives at Colorado Springs and has
been visiting with friends at Helena.
We met in the car at Ogden and
reoognized each other at onco. It
was a pleasant and sweet meeting.
Beforo tho train had gone ono
hundred miles we wero engaged again,
and will he married at her home
right away." Griffin's
corroborated by the girl.
story was
Shooting Gallery.
South side square. Fine guns and
best ammunition. Rare sport. All the
crack shots frequent it. Open day and
night. Polite attention.
' m m -I...
Our window screens rango in price
from 7Scti up, according to size, lyU
und finish. Dam,asScrkkn Co".
Call at Joe Lehman's when you are
hungry. Orders for anything in the
market promptly filled.
Wc perspire a pint a
day without knowing it;
ought to. If not, there's
trouble ahead. The ob
structed skin becomes
sallow or breaks out in
pimples. The trouble
goes deeper, but this is
trouble enough.
If you use Pears' Soap,
no matter how often, the
skin is clean and soft and
open and clear.
All sorts of stores sell
it, especially druggists ;
all sorts of people use it.
Picnic at Battlo.
The citizens of 1) lttle will give a
picnic one mile'cast of.Battle in Mr.
T. L Reed's pasture, July 4th. The
arrangements will be completed for
the grandest basket picaic ever on-
joyed in McLennan county. Every
body is invited to attend aid partake
of the hospitality of the Battle peo
ple. W. C T. U.
Tho Woman's Uhristian Temper
ance Union will meet on Thursday at
2:30 p 111. in tho bnsement of tho
First Baptist church.
The Juvenilo class will meet at the
same plaoo on Friday at 3:30 p. m.
Mr. and Mrs Bagby will superintend
this work and wo hope they will have
the hearty co-operation of the parents
of the children
Mits J. G. McDonald,
Mns. K. J. GuiiLEV, President.
1 Seorotary.
At tho Y. M. 0, A.
Tho Evangelistio meetings for men,
held at the Y. M. C A."rooms this
week, aro increasing in interest as
well as in attendance every night.
Tuesday night a number of young
men wero present and listened atten
tively to the earnest talks of the
Christian young men. At the close of
this meeting a number of young men
expressed their desire to lead a Chris
tian life. A short spirited song ser
vice is held at the opening of every
meeting. These meetings begin
promptly on time and close on time.
Every man in Waco is heartily invited
to attend. Come, you will receive a
warm welcome.
Clint O'Donncll, charged with rob
beiy, was tried this morning in the
district court and as we go to press
the jury has not returned a verdict.
The criminal term of this court clos
ed today.
A civil case styled A. Cohen vs. J.
A. Soloman a-id M. A. Rosenthal, a
suit of trespass to try title, was tried
this moring and resulted in a verdict
in favor of the defendants.
Thn caso of A. Y Iloughston vs.
T. B. Wnito et al is on trial this after
noon in the county court.
mayor's couiit.
Thero wa only ono caso tried in
the mayor's oourt this morning. King
SimmonB was convicted upon the
chargo of fighting aud was fined $5.
DyspefMla is telling the roes from many J
,1 idles' tlicclu, anil nuking many mciiii
if -
i -s ancii j
P0 i JSJ ami re. !. lit-iiltli.y
a H JmlbiW loi-iiuiliiliir in ,
J, vtlll mro Nick Iltiuiluilie, iirllnil ".Ufa
.- mr W H - ,
1 aialrp
5 y v r- Lf
Sim tvuirrfi uii iuh nionmcii. j.ivci llliu 9
, Kllnes. lricoiSSceuttiiboi J
glxmrulnllliaTulceutiniSliitile(.'ORtln? 2
t New York Depot, Vi Canal St.

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