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Comity Officer.
rem oourrY tunaa.
Thk Nkwi le nnthorlze 1 1 announce that
II. Jenkins Is it cmlldale for re election
theofUc-oot oojiityjivWeof Metieunin con Hy
abject t
Hie nciioi or tn j wemocranc t"rrt
Wearcanth rlted to announce Capl. T. A
Blali at a lnmlltlate for conuty attorney of Mo
Lennon county, aulijeot to Uie action or tno
DemoctaUc party
Mr S. A Hogan authorizes us to announce
that ho Ha candidate for county attorney of
McLennan county, subject to the action or the
Democratic party .
Tim New I authorized to announce that
Judge D, II. Haply is candldsto for county
attorney or McLennan county, subject to tno
notion of the Democratic party.
Tub Nkws Is authorize I to announce liud
Williams as u oiti'Mdt for election to the
offlre of County Attorney, subject to the action
of the Democratic party
Tnt Nkw l authorized to announce T.
1. iTtmm as a candidate for tax collector for
McLennan county, subject to tho actioa of the
Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce Mr. .1. 0
Jurney as cnndldito for the office of ounty
Tax Collector, subject to the action of the I)em
ocrats of McLcnnau county
TnK News is authorized to announce Mr. K.
D. Russell as ncmdiln'e for tax collector or
McLennan county, subject to the action of the
Democratic party,
AVcarc authorized to announce that Luke
Moorclsacandidite for ta collector of c
Lennan conn'y, subjsct to the action of the
Democratic party.
The New sis authorised to announce F. P.
Madden as a candidate for county asseor, sub
ject to the action of tha Dcmocrntlo party.
Tjik IVkws is anthirlzed to Hnnoiince that
rink U. PoRiie is a candidate fo- rc-cle:tlon to
the olllco of county tax assessor, subject to the
action of tho Democratic party
For Sheriff.
We are authorized to announce Joe P. Ellison
v a candidate for sheriff at the enmlng elec
tton, subject to the action of the Democratic
W, L. Burke Is a candidate for sheriffof Mc
Lennan county, subject to the action of the
Dau Fo-d i? a candidate f Jr rc-eleetlon to the
office of sheriff or McLennan count, snbjectto
the action of the Democrats party.
V We are nutho-ized to announce J. P.Naylor of
1 ' Moody as n candidate for eher ff. subject to the
action of the Democratic party of McLennan
We are authorized to announce tint Mr. Z.
IF. Bea'ley lsacinlldate for re-election to the
'office of district clerk of McLennan county,
subject to t 10 nation ortho Democratic party.
Tub News is authorized to announce Ed
Sparks as acandldato for district clerk, subject
to the action of the Deruocrai tc par.., .
Tire News is authorized to announce Dr. F.
(V. Burger as a candidate for the office of dii
.rlct clerk, subject to the action of the Deruo
ratic party.
Tint News is anthorUsd to annonnce that
'. H.Kl llrgeworthli. a candidate for coonty
erknf McLunan county, subject to the ae
on of the Hem cratlc party
The News Is authorized to annonnce that
om H.Brown is a candidate for county cleric
f McLennan county, subject to the action of
le.Democ ratio party.
We arn authorized to announce Jno F Mar
fan as a dandldate for tho cilice or county
I erk. subject to the action of the Democratic
' The News is authorized toaun'nnceJ W.
tostxs acand d te f r county cleric at the
. isulng electlun, tubject to the nct'oa of the
, i ' The ! ews Is authorize 1 to announce George
11 JKeeblc as a candidate Tor county clerk ol
. ILennan county, object to the action or tho
1 inocratlc party.
we nte authorized o F.ni ounce that Prof. J.
Convers Ik a ci.ndidato for re election to the
II, lre f rruiity Supirlnlmdeut of Public In
. .aI.... nrlAT ...i. n.. ni.m ,r Di.l.Unt , l , Vi 11
' t.m ftf ttin TIpiYwini nllf R!-tV-
..... v. .. VWU.VW ... J-....J.
fou treasurer.
Te are authoilzed to announce that Robert
ion I a canuiilite lor To-eiectlon to tno
zeot trtaeurirof Mcl.ennitn muuty. subject
he action of the Democratic petty.
e are aulhorhed tonnnounce Mr. Andrew
Itlaul he candidate fur re election to the
I. err count eurvejor, BUbject to the action
'' le llcmocrutlo Party.
;on justice of thk peace .
e aie authot'Zfd to announce that J. N
' lavhrrla a cai dldate lor te election to the
of Justice of ihe I'eacc 1'ieotnct No. 1,
ll .inrnn county, subject toihe action of the
, ;ocratlc tatty.
i t are authorized to aunoanroJ T. HaiTl
4 rbh candidate for rc-ilccilon to the olllco
, aetice ( f tho l'eace Pteclnct No 1 JlnLen
l county, subject to the action of the Dem-
roil C0.NBTA11LK.
r New if authorized to annonnce Ieo
as a candidate for re-ekction to the office
pet able of trcclnct No.l McLennan conn
ilject to the action of tho Democratic arty
. Jam e H Lorkwood tuthorlzes ub to
uiiceblm as a randldate 'or conntnble of
act No. 1 McLennan county, euujectto the
a of the Semocracr.
i )und Liver Makes a Well Man
e you Bilious, Constinatedand
r( bled with Jtiuuaiti SickHead-
f . JJIHl 1MCU in niuuiu, Villi
h h, Coated Tongue, Dyspepsia
jestion, iot ury uuin, rain m
' and between the Shoulders,
s and Foyer, &c. If you have
pi f these symptoms, your Lilver is
.j )i oruer your Diood is slowly
ti tjpoisonea, uecause your lilver
a, not aot properly, hehbine will
K my disorder of the Liver,rtom-
riioweis. it nas no equal as a
Medicino. Price 75 cents. Free
i( le bottlo utH O. Risher's Drug
p screen doors and windows
your house and oujoy hope
t. Cuhtib & Oranuj
1 ffi fcH TRlll.
Iff Mi
vCii'W ,'AA
4 vMi sLrjLul
!T1HIS MAN has been hunting
witli one of H. E. Ambold's
fine guns sure shot. Fine guns
for sale or for hire.
419 Austin Street.
Mr. Kennedy, or tho Marlln Demo
crat on the Cameron 'Time"
TeThe Nes:
Maulin, Tcxa?, May 17. In your
issuo of May 14 you fay, in answering
a conespondent at Axlell, atuoDp
other things, that "Bart Moore and J.
K Mobley heard the governor raise
tho question of time ten minutes bo
fore time." Granting that these gen
tlemen ore correct, iB it not a fact that
Governor Hong aroso when Judge
Clark stated that he (Uogp) had called
time on him and that ho tvonld have
to dose, and saidinsubstanoe: "Judge
Clark, go on; I told you you could
havo all the time you wanted." The
writer was in five foot of the speakers'
stand, directly in front, and heard the
words plainly. There is a difference
of opinion about this matter of time.
According to my watoh Judge Clark's
time was up when the question was
raised. There wero others (Clark
incn) by me who said the Judge's
tunc was not up. 1, lor one, was per
fectly willing for Judge Clark to have i
all the time he wanted and bo stated
to the centlomen by me. It pleased
me very much to hear Judge Clark
then, for he was cutting his
own throat so to speak and
I saw no reason for any Hogg man to
interpose. I will ask you and also
Messrs. Moore and Mobley if it is not
also a fact that when time was called
on Judgo Clark by the committee,
during his opening speech, if Gov.
Hogg didn't tell Judge Ciark to go
on? Judgo Clark himself, or any
other truthful man will not deny this,
neither will they deny that Gov.
Hogg faid substantially what is quot
ed above.
These two aots show that Gov.
Hogg is not tho unfair man Tue
Newb tries to prove him. Such con
tcmptiblo methods as The News and
other Clark organs employ to besmirch
tho character of Gov. Hogg and to
hold him up in ridieulo will only prove
as boomerangs. This attempt to
make political oipital out of the Cam
eron episode is about at par with
that disreputable and consumate
faUehood about, the confederate
record, the pitcher racket, the low
price of cotton lie, which was dropped
like a hot br ck, and num
erous other silly charges
against Hog. Two years ago
Judge Clark danounced tho poople a3
fools. Thk News and other support
ers arc running the Clark campaign,
upon this supposition, judging by tht
foolish subterfuges you resort to. But
you are uiistakon, Tho peoplo havo
just a little moro sense than you give
them credit ot having.
hen tho convention meets at
Houston 1 expect to eeo old MoLen
nan, whose common peoplo aro as in
telligent and patriotic as the sun
shines on, notwithstanding the efforts
of The News to show them up other
wise, cast her voto as a unit, along
with her little sister Falls, for our
presont and next governor, James
Stephen Ilotrc, the patriot and states
man who said and whose platform is
1 Tho peoplo will rule Texas," whioh
is more expressive than all Judgo
Clark has uttered since ho inflated
his boom at Wcatherford and a thous
and times more logioal than the plat
form promulgated by that Waco con
ference called together to repair the
damitL'0 th "little iriitnt discovernd
when his boom oullapued, Hogg's
friends don't havo to get togother to
find out whero he stands on anything.
They know. Yours Truly
1 James M. Kennedy.
Movo tho Central Station's Flro
Alarm Boll to tho City Hall.
Tho only objeotion that oan
possibly bo urged against the now
Contra! Firo station is the looation of
tho lnrm boll. It has boon phocd in
tho towor, so called, und enclosed
with a solid wall. Yoeterday aftornoon
late an alarm was turned on and the
bell was baroly audible on Franklin
street, only two blocks distant. It is
a fact patent to all thnt whore tho
city's defonso from fire depends on a
volunteer department it is imperative
ly necessary that tho alarm bo loud
onough to bo heard ovtr it greater
part of the city. As the bell is now
located it is impossible for over half
of tha department to hoar an alarm
when it is turned on.
A suggestion has been made that
this unfortunate defect bo remedied
by hanging tho bell in tho tower of
the city hall. Thero it would bo nearly
if not quite a hunurcd feet from the
ground und its tones could bo heard
all over tho city. Thero is plenty of
room for striking machinery and bat
teries, whilo tho gong and indicator
could remain whero they now are, in
tho engine bouse.
It is a fact that none can deny that
the bell is entirely inadequate in its
proseut condition to tho duty requirod
of it. Why not movo it to the city
hall where it can be heard by allY
Chargos The News With Stocking
tho Convention.
Evening News:
lto88, May 17. After stooking
the convention with Clark men and
scleotiiig his Honor. Judgo Alex
ander to preside over it knowing at I
tho same time of tho tyranny with
whioh he ruled and manner in which
ho by the power tested him backed by
tho calumny howles suppressed free
speeoh The News does not seo any
caine for the dissatisfaction of Hogg
men. The Nkws claims the average
Hogg politician has nojjequal for gaul
on earth Judge Alexander toge her
with tho whole gaug of oalamity
howlers; and Ciark mug wunips to
gether with the editor of The Waco
News hes an overabundance of tht
product which they will find tin ir
"took run down and completely ex
haustcd on tho 9th da7 of July when
the Hogg men of M'I.eonan county
give the Ins to the H'um resolution.
Now publish this und lut them uia;k uu
other howl I don't give a d . I havo
a few gentlemen spotted who aro can
ditates for office in the county who
phall feel the effect of last Saturday.
Bumerang. A Delegate.
Waeo Juvenile Cavalry.
All boys under the age oi sixteen
years will bt admitted to the compa
ny, providing they are of good moral
character and are mounted, until June
ist. No one will be enlisted pfter that
until September. All that is requir
ed of any one that joins is obedience.
Lesson will be given by the drill
master, M. B Davis.
Each recruit will buy his own uni
form, Iwhich costs $9.25, sabre and
belt $5. Measure taken on applica
tion. The boys will go horse back to the
State Encampment at Austin. This
will not be at the expeme of the boys
Regular drills on Saturday from 3
o'clock till sundown
Those who wish to enlist report to
Robt S. Ross, at the court house, or
M. B. Davis at The News office, or
myself in charge of company on regu
lar drill days.
Richard M. Beard, Capt.
at Gabert
ant tailors.
tho fine finoy imported
Frenoh and English oloths
Bros , tho leading morch-
Thov carry a big Htook,
admirably selected, and embracing all
the novelties of tho spring of 92.
To Ico Consumers.
Within forry days we hopo to be
turning out ice made from artesian
water by one of tho largest ico plants
in Texa. Don't make your summer
contract until vou seo us. Wo will
bo on tho ground oorner Tenth und
Jackson at work Monday May lGth.
L. W. Gheury & Co.
New Branch Started.
Waoo Steam laundry has opened a
Branoh office at Moses cigar stand 110
South Fourth street, Bankers' row.
All orders left will bo promptly at
tended to. 1
Are you annoved by the QiesT If, so
send your order to Curtis & Orand for
screen doors and windows,
Hon. H. C. Flshor, of San Angolo,
Endorsed by tho Waco Bar.
Tho following petition was ciicu
latcd yesterday snd rtccived the sig
natures appended:
Wo the UDdcrpigncd members of
tho Waco bar do hereby exprebs our
conGdonco in tho integrity, ability
and lcarningjof tho Hon. II. U. Fihhoi
and commruil him to tho v tors of the
Third Supremo Judicial district as u
porson eminently qualified lor a posi
tion on tho bench of the court ot civil
appeals of said district.
L 0 Alexander, Jno 11 Harrison,
Charles B Pearro, It L Allon, Wm "W
Evans, It J Goode, S L Samuels, Thus
U Smith," Frank Grady, Thomas
Moore, James 1 Moore, T S McCul
lough, K II Graham, E J Gurley, E
M Ewing. John T Flint, llobt H
Rogers, J S Slnder, J B Scarborough,
Lud Williams. S A Hogan, A 0 1'ron
dergast, S A Lackey, L W Campboll,
W S ltadnov, J F Btinkcrhoff, .1 N
Gallagher, E A MoKinnoy, J T Har
rison. W II Jinkins, W II Lcssinir,
(J E Boynton, N L Davis, Chns A
Jsoynton, J .Uarlo, Uoo Hunter
Smith, R II Kingsbury, Jno W
Davis, .las A Harrison, W M Sleeper,
E A Jones, Wm M Flournoy, I) O
Bolingor, Thos P Stono, J Il'Banton,
M D Harring, J V Taylor, H C Lind
soy, W S Kinoheloo,Riohard I Munn
roe, John C West, Waller & Baker,
Jno F Flint, J R Downs, Jas S Fitz
hugh, II N Adkinson, T A Blair,
D II Hardy, D A Kclley, F II Kings
bury. aPYKlb'H1-890
"run-down," feeble women, need
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription.
It builds them up. It's a powerful,
restorative tonic, or strength-giver
free from alcohol and injurious
drugs. The entire system is ic
newed and invigorated. It im
proves digestion, enriches the blood,
dispels aches and pains, gives re
freshing sleep, and restores flesh and
strength. As a soothing nervine, it
allays and subdues hysteria, spasms,
and all the nervous symptoms com
monly attendant upon functional
and organic disease. It's the only
guaranteed medicine for women.
It does what is promised or it
asks' nothing. It gives satisfaction,
in every ease, or tho money paid
for it is refunded.
That's the way its makers prove
their faith in it. Contains no alco
hol to inebnate ; no syrup or sugar
to derange digestion ; a legitimato
mediciix; not a leverage. Purely
vegetable md perfectly harmless in
any no.' it in of the system.
A Pulhible 1 lano House.
Prudcii.. jA--.le buy costly articles
from tho most reliablo houses The
samo prudenco should govern buyers
of pianos and organs. Wo havo been
established twenty-six years in Texas
and can refer to thousands of patrons
in all parts of tho stato. Wo are
agents for tho best and most popular
pionos and organs.
Tnos. GoaciAN & Bro.,
412 Austin St.. Waco.
Dp. Qunn's Onion Syrup.
This remedy is a suro ouro for all
diseases of the Throat and Lungs,
oaused by taking cold. It will stop a
oouch in ono night, no mutter how
It is just what its namo implies; an
onion syrup, compounded in such
manner as to do away with the un
pleasant tasto and odor of tho vogita
blo. When in noed of a cure for a oough
or cold, try it. Prico 50 conts, Sold
by W. B. Morrison & Co.
Removal Notice.
We will ocoupy stablo on Anstin
Avenue, 604 and 606, after May ist.
The finest turnouts in (he city. The
best attention given boarding horses.
Very truly. .
Winfery & Him..
Our door screens put up complete,
everything furnished, ranges in price
from$2up. Dallas Screen Co
S3 SHOE centTeVn
It Is n penniless shoe, with ntitnclnor wax thread
lo hurt the feet; tnnilo of the best Duo ralf, tyllli
und cny, nnd brrmita we make worn thoct of llilt
vratltthtmnnu pthrr manufacturer. It omuls baud.
ovltfiH' costing frntn $I.M)to00.
Q1CZ UlMSrniilnn llmiil-rmril( thaflnettcatt
HHJm slum 'or ottered for $1ID equals French
Imparted shoes w hlch coU from $iti to $11 U).
ffiyl Oil lliuul-M'Mf'd Welt Minr, flno calf.
7r M)llli. comfortable aud durable. Tho best
shoo ever offered nt this price s snnm ttrndo us cum
loin tnwlo plioet costing from $G(iito$)UO.
CCS Mi I'ollro Minnt farmers, ltnllrond Men
JIOa mill U-ttcrCiirrlersnll urnrthem: iluoenlf,
penniless smooth Inside, henvy threo soles, extcu
Flonedre. Ouopnlr will we.irnye.tr.
csn all linn cnlft no hetter shoo over offered fit
3a this prlco; ouo trlnl will convluco thoso
who w nnt a shoo for comfort nnd service.
JJO - nnd S'.S.(IO Worlilnuiiinn'd shoes
Patta nro M'ry MronR nnd durable Ihoso who
linro Riven them a trial w III enr no other make.
Davc! S00 mid SI. 7.1 school shoes aro
DUj9 uorubytlielHi)sccrwhcrc; thcyseU
on their merits, as tho InerensliiR sales show,
1 orlincl'UH Ilniiil-xi-itcd shoe, best
IUCIUIv9 Dongoln. vcrvstyllslueuualalTcucU
Imported sUix -4 costliiKfrom$l.uH4li.rti.
Ladle M..10, SJ.IItl nnd SI. 75 shoo rot
Missesaro tho best flncDongolu. ht HhIi nnd durable.
Caution. Sco that W. I- Douglas' iinmo and
price aro Mumped on tbo bottom ot eiieu shoo.
Insist on local ndrertlsed dealers supplying yon,
V. li. DOUtil-Ar-, llrocUton.Mims. boldliy
J. Hansel Wood Shoo and Clothing
Isn't one NaraapurMla n t;ood as
another? No! No!! No! J!
Don't think it. Don't for a moment
think it. it you atit Bull s t-iirsaparilli,,
demand it and tako no other It contain!
Ingredients that aro not found in tiny other
tarSsaparilla 'I'lieso very it jifdienta thai
make it different from other Mirunjiarillaa
aro the moji important. It fau, t-ssentitl
to 111 dilutive virtue. Omit them and
Bull's iSnrsniiarilln would tie as Inert aa
the many inferior prrjtarat ins of aarsapa
rilla found 111 many drug sUuls. Bull's
Ssrsapsrilln rcntain no in n ijioitant in
gredient. Kach ingredient ured is chosea
lor its beneticent flTect tipuii tho human
ystein. ''om'uiicd, they ac t a harmo
nizing inlluoiire upon orerv function of
the. bjdy, improving diestiur., ktrcngthen
ing flie liver mid kidneys, cleansing th
blood of poisonous mutter, soothing tha
nervous system, enliveuii tho mental
faculties, Hiid in a word, by infusing new
strength and life, completely rejuvenate!
every part and uuke. ono feel altogether
like a new person
Elmer Ilodson, Alvarettn, Tex., writes:
" My strength and health Ind been failing
me for several years .My blood was in
very impoverished condition nnd very im
pure. My limbs felt lami. rickety and
rheumatic, nnd I could not walk without
tottering. I felt mycclf gtowlng prema
turely old, and ray face bean to look
pinched and shrivelled. I suffered con
siderable, waj restless at night, Terr ner
vous, and growing very melancholy. My
yes were sore and I had cr.turrh. I tried
many tonics, and bitters and blood puri
fiers, but failed to get better. I finally
bought six bottles of Bull's Sanaparilla,
and before I had used it all 1 felt like
another man My strength and health
improved, pimples and sores disappeared
from my person, aches and stiff points left
me, and I consider myself a well person."
WThere Is no other remedy no pleasant
to take and so sure In ltt ellect rk
3r. Bull1!
Worm Deitroyera. Price 25 renU
rxV Thero la one chill remeity whose ef
fect, 1 a certainty. It nan been tested la
many thousands aevere r.is'en und never
known to fail. It la culled Smith'! Toulo
Brrup. Take no other.
John D. Park A Sons, WhoUmlt Agent,
175. 117 and IW Hrcamoro St., Cincinnati,,
Hundreds cf fathers who uro now
buying medicino for their babies at
tho Old Corner drug store, thonuelvos
took mediiino bought for them at the
same old corner by their fathers when
thoy wore ohildron. ThingB como and
go but tho Old Corner drug Btoro re
mains forever.
The neatest, ice cream parlor in the
city is Joe Lehman's, Fouith street.
If you havo Iioubos to rent or wish
to ront
If you have lots, houses, ranches or
any other property to buy or soil
You will find it to your interest to
consult tbo old reliablo real cBtatemon,
Bell & Sassaman, No. 411, Fran
in Street.

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