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BbTAiij,mnjin jvly it ihhx.
Ettlerrtl at the I'ottaQlcentiraco, T at, Niroml VlaaalMatter.
VOL. 4. NO. 266.
50 Cents l-er Month
"Our gicat May"
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4c a Yard.
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Standard Indigo Blue and other
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Best brand of Gold Seal 32
inch Indigo Blues,
9 l-2c a Yard.
4-4 Bleached Cottons, 7 1-2
qualities, at
5 c a Yard.
4-4 Bleached Cottons, 9 i-2c
qualities, at
7 l-2c a yard.
36-inch fine Percales, value 20c, at 12 i-2c.
36-inch imported Percales at 19c.
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bargains. We are having a great tush and the low prices is what is
bringing it about.
1 B. MoLKNDON. President.
0 n.niQQlKSON.
J. T. DAVIS, vine-president.
tcconntflof banks, bankers, merchants, farmari. mechaalos and other classes solicited. V
psr as much attention to smal aooountas large ones. Wo give personal nd ipeolal attention
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ill the pticclpsl points of the United States and Knrope.
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ish ran, seat bandies, eta., oart
I wheels and springs, at
T. P. Sparks & Bon's.
1'ntil furthpr notice, wo will give a
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N. Y.
N B. -The samo outfit will mako
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Open any hour in the 24 at Joe
Lehman's, South Fourth street.
Four Women Murdered In the City
of Denlson.
The Victim urn Tun RcniectMllo
Inilics anil Two Deml-momles
TlioCily Aroiikcit unit uSyMcitituli
Scurcli IiuuiRiiriilcil tor tlic Asu-kln.-Torror
ICvltfiiN mill .No .11 mi or
.ol!iiii I eel Mile
Denison, May 19. Tho city of
Donison was last night a city of hor
ror. Four women were shot down at
their homes by somo unknown assas
sin. Mr. aud Mrs. J H Haynes livo in a
beautiful shaded grove south of town,
near tho exposition building. Mr.
HayncB was at tho DcniBon club
rooms last night participating in the
organization of the Elks lodge.
Mrs. Haynes oamc into tho city on
a motor train, accompanied by a
neighbor, Mrs. W. W. Bostwiok, and
her mother, Mrs. Br. Garner, who also
lives with her husband in another
handsome cottage somo forty or fifty
yards away. The ladies attended a
literary contest at the North Metho
dist ehuroh building on Woodward
street and at about 10:B0 roturned
homo on tho motor. They left tho
train at the exposition station, Mrs.
Bostwick going into her own house
some fifty or sixty yards away, while
Mrs Haynes and her mother, Mrs.
Br. Garner, left alone for heir homes,
somo 300 or 400 yards through the
grove to tho south.
Mrs. Haynes remarked to her moth
er that she would go on overborne by
herself, as a light was burning, she
supposing that her husband had pre
ceded her. Mrs. Garner had scarcely
entered her homo when she heard a
woman scream. She ran out and over
to her daughter's as quickly as possi
ble. It was very dark, and hearing
an unusual commotion in tho build
ing, she hurried back home to awaken
hor husband. Dr. Garner grabbed
his gun and ss quickly a3 possible
went to the rescue of his daughter.
All was quiet and two lamps were
burning. A hasty search of tho
building was mado, but still no trace
of tho lady could be found.
Mr and Mrs Garner wero eaized
with terror, and all of a sudden three
gunshots in rapid succession wero
heard. The direction of the reports
could not bo located, but tkoy knew
intuitively thct theirk daughter had
keen murdered.
HouUon Bostwick, tho lC-year old
son of Mr and Mrs. W. W. Bost
wiok, carno back to tho oity on the
same motor car on which the ladies
had gone out aud informed Mr.
Haynes of tho tragedy. lie, in com
pany with all the Elks, about fifty
gentlemen, obtained conveyances and
went out as quickly as possible.
When Mr. Haynes arrived the ut
most confusion reigned, Mr. and
Mrs. Garner were almost wild with
grijf and excitement. The house was
in great disorder. Brawors, trunks
and bureaus had been oponed and
their contents strewn all over the
rooms. Neighbors had gathered and
searoh was being made in every direc
tion for Mrs. Haynes. Wen irom trio
oity began pouring in. Lamps and
lanterns wero seen in tho grovo in ev
ery direction.
No blood or traces of any kind could
bo found. Soarohing parties wore or
ganized. Couriers wero dispatohed
baok to tho oity and mon by twos,
fours and sixes began circling farther
and farther away.
Fully ono hour after tho shooting
was heard by Mr. and Mrs. Garner,
and at a point over the hill fully one
Quarter of a mile from tho house, tho
lady's body was found lying on tho
ground near a doop ravino. Death
had beon instantaneous and sho lay
in a pool of her own blood.
The supposition is that tho lady
recognized tho man and that when
sho screamed and ran out sho was fol
lowed aud knocked down, as ho has
a very ugly wound inflicted by a gun
or some heavy instrument on the baok
of the head. Fearing sho would
Price Cut In Half!
Friday and Saturday Only !
White and Colored Embroidered Flounces
These goods are all new and in beautiful courts.
were marked very close at the opening of 0t court.
.1 r , .,, , , ho Minnesota Thresh-
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ill, Job k I:
50a and 504
- .. . . . HT .
E are showing for this week only, THE GREATEST
BARGAINS in Summer-weight UNDERWEAR ever
offered to the trade.
rally and reveal hi 3 idonty, ho carried
her through the woods to tho point
where her body vras found and thero
finished up tho work by shooting her,
three times and robbing her person of
her jewelry.
Hero wo will draw tho curtain ovor
scene No. 1, for there is another
sctne being cnaotou in another part
of tho city, although not so horrible
in somo of its details yet in others it
stands without a parallol, only, in
that of two others that arc soon to
At 119 West Chestnut street and
within 200 yards of tho business
conter of tho city is tho Mad run 0
Lester bagnio. The house is known
from Galveston to Chicago for it was
erected early in the 70j aud for
oighteen or twonty years it has been
one of tho most noted houses of tho
kind in tho west. Of late years it has
enjoyed unusual quietude, and under
tho striot survcillanco of tho city
police noting of a serious nature has
ocourred thero for a long timo.
Last year a young lady giving tho
name of Maudo Kramer took rooms in
tho houso and to tho madamo and
othor inmates stated that she was from
Fort Smith, Ark. Sho said that
her husband's name was. Charles Kra
mer, and that he was a conductor on
tho Texas and Pacifio out ol Tcxarka
nit. Not long siuco she wont away
from Denison and after an absonoo
of sovoral weeks returned. It leaked
out that hor name was not Kramor
and that boo had novor beon married.
She is a Miss Molntosh, and an or
phan cirl whoso rclativos reside in
Little Book and of whom there are
no better peoplo in that city. Sho is
the victim of tho sooond killing.
About 1 o'clock this morning somo
twolvo or fourtoen men and women
were sitting around in tho throo front
parlors at Madamo Lester's 'when,
without a wot d of warning, tho InuJ
report of a gun, ovidently somowhero
in tho house, and in another instant a
second report was heard, Maudo
Kramer, ono of tho mmatcB of the
,e arc
Two days only-Fri-W y
Half price for JimbyroiU- 0f tho defendants,
all new goods of tliis sewero filed today, viz:
,s. V. T. Allen ot
mnia & Bro. vs. O.
.v aro both suits for
y couiiT.
Vj Uarpor vs. C.
is morning in the
"-isiuiout rendored
,. , 100 of anpeal waa
Atjstin Street.
house, who waa siltinc; in a wicker
chair, threw up hor hands, screamed
and foil over on tho floor. ' ' ;
On the next stroot south frou!.
Chestnut and on tho opposito block is
another bagnio that of Madam Riv
ers. Tho buildinc: is rather old and
largo, two storiei and fronts flush up
with the Bidewalk on tho south. Tho
placo is always orderly and quiot and
somo eight or ten girls mako it their
home. As soon as tho report of tho
assassination at tho neighbor houso
reached the Rivers plaou tho inmates
began preparations to jo ovor.
In tho front room to the east was a
girl by tho.namo of Ilosa Stuart. Sho
had retired, but pot up, lit a lamp and
was in the act of putting on hor outer
garmonts, when a flash, a loud roport
and a soroam told the tain of another
tragedy. Another woman shot down
without a warning. Agiin tho mid
night assassin gavo vont to a passion
of somo kind. Tho motivo is not and
will probably never bo known.
Tho small hours of tho morning
were drawing on and tho question on
almost every tonguo was: -'Who will
bo tho next?" Mon who wero up
wero ready to hoar any news, yot
ovcry ono hopod that tho assassin had
tired of his deadly work aud that day
would bo . allowed to dawn without
another victim being addod to tho list,
In this, however, ovefybody waB mis
taken. About 3 o'clook a courier
camo in posthasto from North Donison
and reported that two of tho most ro
spootcd ladies, sisters, residing on
Moton street, had been shot down by
cold blood by a demon who lurked in
the darknoss. Now it was that a roign
of terror sot in and strong mon
trembled like reeds. No, 207 Moton
street is a bix-room brick cottage
building, standing , about twontv fcot
hack irom tho siJu-vall Niscly
dretsnd htoue steps lead up from the
walk to the yard, and a straggling

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