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Uitos SJtt&t 1$ctaK5s
Judgo Clark's Appointments.
Gonzilcs, Thursday, Miy 19.
Platonio, Saturday, Miy 21.
Houston, Monday, May SI).
Galveston, Thursday, May 20.
Bellvilla, Saturday, May U8
Tuc Nkws will take advertising
with tho understanding that if it hat
not a larger kcal circulation than any
daily pnper published in Waoo, no
charge will bo made for the advertise,
Clark went to Son Actonio loaded
for Bexar.
All the available dark horse tisibor
in Texas stands in tho Clark column.
Tho "slime and slander" business
did not pay and tho govornor has
"Boratohed it out."
Railroad employees who wear brass
collars aro not so numerous in Toxas
ns his eioelloDoy seems to think.
Tho governor can not rnako minoy
friends by discussing newspapers and
thoso who aro opposed to him. He
should discuss the issues.
Hogg won't talk about the Interna,
tional rocoivership oaso. Ho has
good reasons tor it from tho stand
point of a candidate. It is full of
Texas has a "Jack, tho shooter"
now. If this had ooaurred in south
or southwest Texw, Gov. Hogg's law
and order crowd would have been
howling today.
Fifty-six years ago Sam Houston
turned Toxa3looso on tho banks of tho
San Jaomto. In August noxt George
Clark will turn Toxas loose at Houston
on tho banks of BufEiln Biyou.
The Clark campaign committee is
receiving calls for more literature than
they can supply on demand. The peo
ple are earnest and anxious about
this campaign and that means success
for Clark
The administration olaokers charg
ed Clark with making tho race to boat
Hogg and not for the nomination him
self. Now they are caucusing to find
a man who can beat Clark after Hogg
is out of tho lace.
The orazy fiend or fiends who
murdered thoso four women in Dcni
son if caught ought to suffer for the
crime just the sanio as a sano person.
las News assumes that the ussas
sin was crazy because a human being
possessed of his right mind oould
never butcher defenseless women in
thut wa. When a human being geti
to that point in his thirst for blood
le has lived long enough.
There will be 79 votes in the con
gressional convention, and under the
two-thirds rule 54 will be necessary to a
choice. Only four counties have elec
ted delegates. They are McLennan,
Navarro. Burleson and Falls. Gerald
3ias McLennan, 8 votes; Ben Rice,
Falls, S votes; Pendleton, Navarro,
14 votes, and Burleson 4 votes, and
if Pendleton gets Bell, his own coun
ty, which is conceded to him, he will
go into the convention with 35 yotes.
Milam will instruct for Antony and
Limestone for Blake, leaving Washing
ton doubtful. It is now certain that
the contest will be an exciting one.
Neither one of the candidates can
possibly get the necessary two-thirds
on the first ballot, and if the delegates
stand firm there will be a lock. On
account of the small vote of McLen
nan, which is less than half what it
ought to be, Judge Gerald is placed
at a disadvantage. If he can ear
ly Washington he will be second in
the race and will stand a good chance
to be nominated. From the signs of
the times at present it will be a lock
between Gerald and Pendleton.
In the wild and rockier prosecu
tion of tho railroul corporations by
the prcsont stato administration ho his
reaohod a point that does not only
establish boyond quostion tho truth of
tho charge mado against Gov. Hogg of
rabid hostility to railroads and a de
termination to orush them out of ex
i9tcnco if possiblo, but it shows an
utter disregard of the iotorosts of tho
people of Texas individually and col
lectively. Tho Val Vordo suits
brought into question tho titlo of '20,'
000,000 acres of land scat
tored oil over Texas, most
of it hold by actual sottlera for whioh
thoy havo paid their good money and
upon whioh they havo by dint of labor
placed many inillioda of dollars in
improvements. Tho state claims ono
twentieth of these lands and the
governor says if ho is ro-eleoted ho
will mako tho railroads and tho people
disgorge Suit his been instituted in
Witchua county by Attorney General
Culborson seeking to reoovor from tho
Houston and Toxas Central all tho
lands granted to it by tho state,
amounting to about 6,000,000 aorcs,
much of whioh has been sold
to actual settlors. Sinoo this
suit was filed it has been impossible
for these pooplo to obtain loans on
their lands nud as a result further im
provement has beon stopped indefi
nitely. It is impossiblo to estimate
tho damage to Texis directly and in
directly growing out of those suits.
Not satisfied with tho deadly stib at
the material development of tho 6tato
oontainod in the alion land law pass
ad by tho regular session of tho leg
islature a law whioh cast suspicion
not only upon tho peoplo of Toxas
but upon the validity of tho stocks
and bonds of ovary oorporate institu
tion in tho state whioh owned
land even for business purposes; so
determined was Governor Hogg to
"bust" the corporations that ho hesi
tated not to strike down tho homes of
a largo number of Texas people in
order that ho might bring the railroad
corporations to his feet. Tho Fort
Worth Gazette in giving a history of
tho legislation relativo to the central
land subsidy raises the point that
should the stato bo successful in
wresting these lands from tho rail
road they "would n)t be subjeot to
homestead looation as artialo 3q3G of
tho revised statutes excepts from such
disposition of lands hold undor color
of tills from tho stito." Tho sottlers
then oould not pre-empt the lands
after tho railroad is undo to "dis
gorge" but would be the prey of tho
land sharks who hold certificates on
thousands of aorcs of Texas lands and
who stand ready to pounce upon ovory
aoro reoovered by tho state. This is
the state of things brought upon us
by our present governor. Could mad
ness go further? Are the people of
Texas to be robbed of their homos
that the governor's hatred
of railroad corporations may
bo appaased? It is time to appeal
to oooservatism It is timo that mon
who have oast their fortunes with' tho
empire state of tho South oomo for
ward in solid phalanx and domand
that tho inveterate and indiscriminate
war on our land titles shall stop. It is
no timo for oompromiso or flinching.
Hon. Goarge Clark etands as the
ohampion of oonsorvatism, justioo,
peaoo and progress, livery patriot
knows h'is duty and ho should, in this
needy hour, perform it with
out fear or faltering.
Texas must be roloased from this
thralldom. Georgo Clark pitched the
battle, is making tho bravost fight for
Toxas that has ever boon made sinoo
Houston, Crookett, Bowie, Travis and
all thoso heroos of tho early days
fought for her freedom. Will Toxas
pooplo who have soon the honor of
their stato suffer at tho hands of ig
norance and offloialism put thoir
brand of approval upon it? Will
they stand idlo and see this vicious
attaok upon thoir land titles suooeed?
Will thoy return to powor tho man
who has brought distress "to thous
ands by his sonsoloss truokle to a
morbid sontiment? Two moro years
of Hogg would bankrupt Texas. Ho
tiro him and turn Toxas looso.
Senator Garwood tho brilliant
young lawyer and statesman from Bas
trop county doliercd an oloquent
speooh in Dallas Wednesday night
from whioh tho following ta repro
duced. It strikes two vital points in
Hogg's administration: "Since Atilla
with his Huui docended upon the
plains of sunny Italy there Ins been
no suoh attack upou tho land titles
and values of a country as Gov. Hogg
is making tuday upon tho
homos of honest settlers.
And to what oud? Ho says
to give to the sohool fund lend to tho
railroads. How beautiful 11 this ehai 1
of progress. Tho state givos tho land
to tho railroad. The railroad sells
tho land to tho private oitizen who
builds his homo thoreon. Gov, Hogg
makos the private oitizon ' dis
gorgo" and londs tho amount recover
ed to the railroads. Tho differonoo
between tho two oandidatos stands
prominent hero. Clark belioves in
quieting tho titlo3 to theso lands aud
will recommend a validating aoi. Hogg
proses to take their lands away
from thorn, sell them and lend tho
money to the railroads. Clark pro
posescs, in caso there is any money
to lend, to let the peoplo havo it. This
oasc, like auothor of his (Hogg's)
celebrated land cases whioh was also
reversed by tho supreme court, as
usual, has done moro to unsettle
land values than all the land
frauds and forgeries in Texas for forty
years. No department of the govern,
niont, state or municipal, is safo from
his wild attacks. Tho state has been
long struggling with tho problom of
how to control her convicts without
leasing them. Wo believed that in
the successful operation of our sugar
farms we had reached a successful
solution of the matter. Tho state of
Texas, thereforo is a large sugar
grower competicg with tho planters of
Louisiana. Tho federal govorument
gives a bounty of a few cents on each
pound ot sugar raised. Now if wo are
in tho sugar business wo must con
duct it on business principles, other
wise wo should quit it. There was
$40,000 accruing to tho stato on this
bouuty. Tho logislaturo provided a
method of receiving it. Tho governor
vetoed tho bill. Ho was opposed to
bounties. So are we all. But to re
fuse to accept $10,000, which alone
can enable us to successfully compete
with thoso who do acoopt it is sheer
Electric Bitters.
This rotnedy is beooming so well
known and so popular as to need no
SDecial mention. All vho havo used
i Eleotrio Bitters sing the samo song of
praise. A purer medicine does not
oxiBt nD(l it is guaranteed to do all
that is claimei. Eleotrio Bittors will
cure all diseases of tho Liver and
Kiduevs, will roraove Pimples, Boils,
Salt Rheum and other affections
caused by impure bloud. Will drive
Malaria from tho system and prevent
as well as ouro all Malarial fevers.
For cure of Headache, Constipation
aud Indigestion try Eleotrio Bitters
Entire satisfaction guatanteed, or
monoy refundod. Prioo 50 cts. and
$1.00 per bottle at W. B. Morrison
& Co., drug storo.
Diaru nds, -vetches, jewelry, silver
waro anu bric-a-brao, all going at a
great sacrifico at tho groat bankrupt
stock of D. Domnon & Bro.; Brown &
Co., auctioneers.
Bronze Powders, Gold and Silver
Paints at C. F. Smith', 401 Austin
Whon you want ntoo fresh meat
mutton, beof pork and puror lard at 10
oonts per pound, go to
125 South Third street.
If our first price is too high
th?n ask for a lower one, we manufac,
ture all grades of work.
Dallas Screen Co.
Eftlfil Oil I B" Ladies', Misses' Children's Men's
bliL uALlb Youths' and 1Jys' STRAW HATS.
We find ourselves with an overwhelming large stock of Straw
Goods, and to sell them out clean we make special prices. This week
Hoys' Straw Hats for
Lot of Large Sizes Men's for 25 cents, worth
75c and $1.00.
I Lot of fine colored Wide Brim 50c, for Misses'
I and Children, worth 1.00.
SHOES. r. J"stn??re"exd-
Pine Canvass Oxford Fedora Tics in red.
Fedora Ties in Ooze, suitable for fine trade. Will sell them for
orices lower than ever. Come and see them.
Lewine Bros.
HEanfactui ers 1
Alexandre's Baking Powdor.
Alexandre's Pure Bpioes.
Alexandre's Java aud Rio Blend Cotl'oe.
Moore Bros' White Wine and Apple Vinegar.
Moore Bros' Pure Cider.
Having purohaHOd Mr. Alexandre's buslnes we a re now prepared to till
orders promptly. Pntroulze Home Institutions. Sustain our efforts to make
Waco a Great Manufacturing Centre.
Have removed from PaoilTc Hotel to Room 28, Provident Bld'g
The old Orand Jlulldliuj, A'orth of l'lata,
The Cnost vohicles and horaca in th
oity. Otf.ll carriages for ladies a spe
cialty and when desired, ladies can '
have a driver in livery. All trains met.
Prompt attention to Jail orders and satisfaction guaranteed. Horses
boarded on reasonable terms.!
W,D MAYJIKLD, ProsMent. J. D.;BELL, Vice President. JOIIN;D. MAYFIELD, Oaehler
The Gity Savipgs Bapk
No v offers 6 'per cent, interest on deposit. Interest payable
from date.
5c, worth 15c.
Children's Black and White Sailors for 15c,
worth 25c.
Boys' Black and White nice Straws for 25c
worth 50c.
Boys' Black and White Soft Straw for 35c
worth 65c.
Men's and Boys' Yacht Hats for 50c, worth
75c and $1.00.
lixtra good Men's and Youths' Straw Hats
worth $1.50 for $1.00.
Opera Toe Shoozc for 50 cents.
Oxford Toe Shoozc for 50 cents.
Patent Tip Oxfords for 75 cents.
Turn Tip Oxfords for Si. 00.
Whdesale Grocers
Moore Bros' Flint Candy.

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