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PINTS $1 per Dozen
QUARTS -$i.5o "
Return empty bottles and
we will pay for
...15c per dozen
25C "
Ib that oar col'nr, cuff and shirt
work le unexcelled. Convlnoe your
self bv feuding to tho Waco Steim
laundry nour Suepsnaloa bridge
Telephono No II.
Till! U.VMSUIC TO .11 I I.I.N.
Editor Vincent Write About It to
The Iiillu ftoiv.
Yiom the Dallas Xcr.
Fort Worth, l'ox., Miy 1!), To
Tho News Tho tditoriai in this
xnoriiirjg's Novtb in reiurenco to oppo
sition to Senator Mills' eleotion to tho
long term is timely aad full of meaty
suggestions. Bat Tho N'cwa repre
sentntive is wide of the mark whon he
states that twenty-four men in Texas
.know of the secret but formidably or
ganizing opposition to tho election of
Col. Mills to tho loig term. Every
man who was in the tbiolc of tho
fight for Mills' election at tho extra ses
sion knows of the opposition. The main
cause assigned by loading alliance men
for their opposition to Judga Clark is
that "Clhik jumped into tho arena
carrying Mills fl" and organized the
party to instruct for Mills." To get
this opposition allayoa Clark's advo
cates have promised that Miss would
come homo and demonstrate to the
people that he had been oonsistent
and was truo to tho D unooratio
doctrine of universal ooinago of
silver. It is well understood that Col.
Mills is listening to the appeals of his
lte enemies not to oomo home and
take part in the gubernatorial fight.
Nobody wishes him to take part in tho
gubernatorial fight, but his sinocre
friends want him to meet theso dis
contented peoplo and save himself.
It is a bi;r mistake to supposo that
Oiark needs Mills' help. It is ontiroly
tho otl er way, judging from what old-
time Democratic farmeru tell me. In
reference to Mills taking any part in
the gubernatorial light 1 consider it a
matter to be left ontiroly to Col. Mills.
Clark and his friends never stopped
to ascertain policy nor to oount tho
cost whon thoy opened the fight for
Mills. If Mills hesitates or dodgeB
tho fight of and for his friends it is
simply his business. It is suffioiont to
Inow that Clark and his frionds have
in every fight boon ablo to take earo
of themselves. But it is a faot that
the third party aro solidly planning to
Chpturo the legislature with tho ohiof
purposo of defeating Mills. They do
olare they will yield, everything to
accomplish his defeat and they aro
effectively at work in my neok of the
woodB. 'lhe day is past wnen any
politician is "sfely ombalmed in the
hearts of his countrymen."
Jah. U. Vincent.
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Worn by tho Houston and Texas
Contrai Employos.
To tlio Cliuriro Unit tlicy AVero
A tral il lit r,xirehk llirlr Choice fnr
Coventor mill Twenty of Thcni
ir in tliu lilht Unit I'ulloM'k!
Fiom llio Dalits Nei;
llotiBTON.Tex., May IS. Mr. l S.
Banner has received answero to a
communication sont out to all the
ogunts of tho Houston and Texas
Contrai road. They were answers to
the following chargo by Governor
Hogg in his Donison speech:
Numbors of railroad men have assu -od
mo that they wcro for mo but thoy
dared not express their sontiraonts.
Numbers of them hayo written to mo
wisning mo well in this campaign.
Thev are afraid to open their mouths.
I hopo to livo to see the day when a
man can go up to tho polls in this
country and vote an open ballot with
out endangering his means of sub
sistence. Down in South Texas tho
railroad men and darkies havo organiz
ed anti-commission clubs, and now
they aro trying to fool tho white
folks. This must bo tho way thoy
expect to turn Texas loose.
Governor Hogg, in answering a
question in his specoh recently inado
here, said it was an agent of tho
Houston and Texas Central road to
whom he referred. The matter was
taken up by Mr. Banner and denying
answers have beon received from all o
them. It now becomes a question of
voracity botween tho governor and the
agents. Following are specimens of
tho answers received:
MiCLlOAN, Tex , May 1G. P. S
Banner, Chairman Committoo, Hous
ton: In reply to your wir of May 15,
will say I havo nover had any conver
sation directly or otherwise with Gov
ernor J. S. Hogg, aud havo no desire
to. I feel at liborty to support the
man of my ohoioo for governor, and
horo state it surely will not be Gover
nor Hogg.
E. P. Millku.
Hutchinb, Tex , May 16. Mr. P.
S. B tuner, Chairman Committco,
Houston, Tex.: Friend Banner
Answering your wire inquiry of May
15, relative to the (imaginary) conver
sation botweon Governor J. S. Hogg
and an agent of the Houston and
Texas Central, will say: I "wasn't in
it " Havo never had tho honor of
meeting tho distinguished gontlemen.
We "peons" up hero are glad to see
you taking such an active part in re
sentment of bo humiliating an insult,
and wish you success.
Your friend,
F. G. Ham, Agent.
Hockley, Tex., May 17. P. S.
Banner, Esq., Chairman Committco,
Houston: Sir Replying to your wire,
oven date, rolativo to somo Houston
and Toxas Central agont boing Gov
ernor Hogg's authority for making the
assertion that "railroad men were
afraid to support him," oto., will Bay
that I have not had any conversation
whatever with Governor Hogg; fur
thermore I am for Clark first, last and
all tho time. Yours very truly,
George C. Morgan, Agent.
Navasota, Tox , May 10. P. S.
Banner, Esq : Neither mysolf nor
any of my men made any suoh state
ment to Governor Hogg, his fcllowors
or anyone else Let us all know ro
suit of this eoon as completed through
Tno Galveston News and Houston
Post. Think you will find tho gover
nor has made a mistake, as usual.
Yours, eto., G. F. Tiiorniiill.
Agent Houston and Texas Contrai.
Bryan, May 1G. P. S. Banner,
Esq , Houston, Tox. Dear Sir: Be
plying to yonr mefSige May 15:
Havo had no communication of any
oharaoter Gith Governor J. S. Hogg.
Railway forco at this plaoo solid for
Judge Clark. Yours trnly,
W. S. Wilson, Agont.
Burton, Tox., May 17. To P. S
B : I havo novor bad any conversa
tion with Governor Hogg on any sub
ject, nor am I afraid to support my
ohoioe for any oftioer oleotod by the
pooplo. E. Brown.
Lediietter, Tox , May 17 P. S.
Banner: I nover had a conversation
with Governor Hogg on any subjoot,
nor am I atraid to support my choico
for any officer oleoted by tho people.
W. O. Kelly.
Van Alstyne, Tex., May 16 , P.
S. Banner: I havo never spoken to
Governor Hogg in my life and would
not be afraid to support him if I
wantod to. I am a Clark man or any
ono to beat Hogg. M. Loon.
Groksbkok, Tex., May 1G. P. S.
Banner, Houston. I havo nover had
tho plcasuro of mooting Gov. Hogg. If
1 had. tho Governor would soon find
out that 1 was not muoh of a Hogg
I am bitterly opposed to Gov.
Hoiri'rt administration aud havo always
oponly expressed tutsolf, regardloss of
whom it might offend
W. B. Rawls, Agent.
HowE.Tex., May JO P. S. Banner:
I have never been so unfortunate as to
havo a conversation with Gov. Hogg
on any subjoot. P. A. StLVEY, Agent.
Wilmkr, Tex ,May 1G.- P S. Ban
nor, Houston: I nover saw Governor
Hogg; wouldn't know him from
Adam's off-ox I oan emphatically
say ho never talked with mo.
U. A. Bum pelt, Agent.
Ferris, Tex., May 16 P S. Ban
nor, IlouBton: I nover spoko to Gov
Higg in my life and that fact will not
trouble mo in my dying moments.
R. P. Mackay, Agent.
Sukuman Tex., May 1G P. 8.
Banner: Who is J. S. Hogg? I nover
spoko to him in my lifo. .
A. W. Powell
Heaiine, Tex , May 16. J. S. Ban
ner, C. C, Houston: I novor spoko
to Governor Hogg on any subjeot and
had no conversation with any person
representing him in regard to myself
or any railroad men being afraid to
support him on aooount of position. 1
did not voto lor him for governor and
would not should he get the nomina
tion. J. P. Palens, Agent.
RioiiAitDsON, Tex, May 16. P. S
Banner, Houston: 1 have nover had
tho honor of meeting Governor Hogg
The offioials of tho Houston and
Texas Central railway havo nover in
any way intimated in thiscamptign or
any other as to how I should cast my
M. F. Griffin, Agont.
Anna, Tex., May 16 P. S. Ban
ner, Houston: I havo never had the
plcasuro of spoaking to tho governor.
I am opposed to him because he is
constantly appealing to a passion be
neath tho dignity of a governor's posi
tion. C. S. Jonks, Agont.
Melissa. Tox., May 16, 1892. To
P. S. Banner, Houston: Never spoke
to J S. Hogg. Havo been agent
twnty-ono years and never heard of a
railroad man being diotatod to as to
who ho votod for. L. A. Scott,
Corsicana, Tex., May 16, 1892.
To P. S. Banner, Houston: Nevor
held conversation with Hogg on any
subjeot. Havo no uro for him in
God's world C. W. Smith,
Tickot Auent.
Wootan Wells, Tex, May 1G,
1892. To P. S. B tuner, Chairman
Committee, Houston: Havo not
talked with Governor Hogg, nor made
any suoh remarks as he alleges; am
not intimidated. I am a Clark man
on principlo N. J. Wade, Agent.
Boss, Tex , May 16, 1892. To P.
S. Banner, Houston: I never saw
Governor Hogg in my life, thereforo
have nevor had any conversation with
him. 1 havo never written to Govern
or Hogg nor ho to mo. I havo never
reoeived a political loiter from any of
my employers, thereforo I feel at lib
orty to tupport whom I chooso for
governor. Georqk Barker,
Proceedings of the Body Yesterday
Afternoon and this Morning.
Tho first business after tho council
was called to order jesterday after
noon was tho eleetioo of tho clerical
delegatos to the general oonvontion
at Baltimoro in Ootober nxt:
Rovs. T. B Leo, S. M. Bird, Frank
Pago and 0. M. Beokwith were elected
as such delogates.
Clerioal alternates Rovs. J. K.
Carter, C. H. B. Turner, Matt Brews
ter andT. 0. Cain.
. Ly delegates to same A. S. Rioh
ardson, H. M: Whitaker, L. Aubrey
George E. Mann.
Lay alternates Capt. Hanriok, A.
R. Howard, John Harris and D. R.
The afternoon session was devoted
to disoussions, a prominont theme be
ing the quebtion of tho expo
dionoy of electing an assistant bishop
to carry out the functions of Bishop
Gregg during tho illness of tho latter.
Muoh diversity of opinion oxisted and
tho measure waB by no means certain
to prevail, when tho name of Rev, G.
H Kinsolving, D. D., rector of the
Church of the Epiphany, Philadelphia,
r.i was put in nomination tor assist
ant bishop, and instantly all opposition
melted. The nomination had a dozen
soconds and was oarritd by a solid
rising vote.
President B. A. Rogers notified the
newly elected bishop by wire. Dr,
Kinsolving is tho son of a Virginia
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clorgyman. He has a brother a reotor
in Brooklyn and another a missionary
in tho diocese of Brazil, South
America. Tho eleotion creates much
enthusiasm in Episcopal circles. Dr.
Kinfolving is in tho primo of lifo, over
six feet tall, and is a great pulpit
Tho oounoil convened this morning
at the usual hour. A number of roports
from different offioors wero road and
An amendment to seotionB 1 and 2
of Canon 2 was adopted which will
now permit the lady members of tho
congregation to voto for vestrymen.
This has long been a mooted question
in the Episcopal ohuroh and is settled
at last.
Tho parishos at Qaintana and Vo
lasoo wcro admitted into union with
this Diocesan council.
A voto of thanks was adopted
thanking tho citizens of Waco, tho
press and tho Ladiee Guild for tho
many courtesies received.
Adjourned to meet in Brenh&in May
17 1893.
Real Estato Bulletin.
Reported by Baker' & Dilworth
Jno L Dyer to J V Smith, lot on
Third street and Barron branch, $750.
J II Harrison to W N Orand, lots
1 and 2 in block 47 of Glenwood ad
dition, $1300.
W B Mason and wife to W N
Orand, lots 3 and 4 in block 47 of
Glenwood addition, $1200.
M J Smith to W N Orand, one
eighth interest in 100 acres of the
Rice and Page survey, $1300.
W N Orand to J B Baker trustee,
lots 5 and 4 in block 24i of Reynolds
addition; lots i, 2, 3 and 4 in block
47 of Glenwood addition; one-eighth
interest in 100 acres of the Rico and
Page survey, J?l.
Mrs H S Sparks to D It Byrum, 2
tracts part of tho O'Campo grant,
S R Evans to D R Byrum, 1 acre,
part of the O'Campo grant, $100.
Wefurnlali.abstraots of title on
short notice.
J. W. Baker.
T. M. Dilworth.
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A number of Wacoites will attend
the picnic at McGregor tomorrow.
The Aransas Pass railroad will put
a one-fare rate for the round trip from
Waco to Flatonia. Good for May 21.
The Waco Wheel club meets to
night in its new quarters at 31S 1-2
Austin avenue The club has an
elegant room for bicycling, with an
other for meeting. The meeting to
night 'will be any open one and every
one interested in wheeling is cordially
invited to attend.
Mr. and Mrs. Hallpiko have arrang
ed to have a few friends out to their
house, on Bfll's Hill, this evening to
celebrate the anniversary of their wed
ding. Just one year ago today they
were joined in the holy bonds of wed
lock and propose to commemorate
the occasion with a little party of
friends. Music will be the main fea
ture of the evening. Mrs. Ilallpike, as
a vocalist tnd musician, has a local
reputation, and an enjoyable time is
expected by those who will participate.
Many persons ask the question why
it is that when an alarm of fire is turn
ed on that all the department turns
out. In conversation with Chief Pres
cott he informed a News reporter that
it was done as a saity in case of acci
dent to either of the companies. The
companies have little to do and it
keeps them in training. In case of a
fire the East Waco company comes
over and reports to the chief who
sends them to the Central station to
await orders. If anything should hap
pen to either of the companies at
work, or if the fire was gaining bead
way it could easily bo called A full
explanation was made to the council
by Mr. Prescott and his action in the
matter was ldlly endorsed by the
council as being well taken. Mr.
Prescott goes on the theory that "an
ounce of preventative is worth a
pound of euro."
Now Branch Started.
Waco Stoam laundry has opened a
Branoh office at Moses cigar stand 110
South Fourth streot, Bankers' row.
All orders loft will be promptly at
tended to.
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