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r TO i tf&,"t.K
Judgo Clark's Appointments.
Houston, Monday, May 23.
Galveston, Thursday, May 20.
Bellville, Saturday, May 28
Tiik News will tako advertising
with tho understanding thnt if it has
not a larger kcal oiroulation than any
daily paper published in Waoo, no
ohargo will bo mado for the advertiso.
The next thing to do
Bmith county for Clark.
is to carry
Tho Hogg inrn are working up a
grand jollification meeting for Monday
in "Waco.
The red hot campaign is not inter
fering with the killing of weeds and
after that Hogg will be slain.
The News desires to oall attention
again to tho fact that it will tako a
strong man to boat I N. Biker for
As tho canvass progresses it be
comes more apparent that CUrk will
obtain enough votes to secure the
nomination on the first ballot.
The St. Louis Republic makes the
startling announcement that if the
Chicago convention wants Mr. Clevc
land there will be no trouble abort
nominating him.
Hogg's every effort to defend his
administration is met by someone of
his constituents and his claim knocked
into wind. Hogg on the stump is
almost as great a failure as Hogg in
the gubernatorial office.
The roastine the govornor rcooived
from Mr. Cudlipp of Houston was well
done Tho governor has boon blue
for quite a while, but ho is now brown.
The salient features of Mr, Cudlip's
article is reproduced in this issue.
Road it.
Tho caucus of the Hogg leaders
at the Terrell farm a few days ago was
a d ad give away. Iloge has lost
alarmingly the last few weeks and
Lib supporters are doubtless looking
about for a man upon whom to oon
ter when Hogg is knocked out by tho
"Waco Giant.
The News sUted a few days ago
that if Mr. Pendleton is nominated for
congress that ho would bo defeatod
and a Peoplo's party man oleoted to
succeed Mr. Mills. TriE News posi
tion is mado stronger and its assertion
that Mr. Pendloton would p'obably
be defeated in his own county corro
borated by tho Bolton Journal, a paper
loyal to tho straight Donncraoy, but
opposed to Pondlotou'a nomination for
the eamo reason urged by Tub News
After disclaiming any personal objec
tion to Mr. Pendleton The Journal
thus gives its reasons for opposing the
"First, he avo bis influonce in 1890
to tho independent candidate for the
Legislature. Second, ho bcoame one
of the editors of a paper thut in its
issue of July 2, 18110, made
the boast that it was tho only
paper in the county which had
championed the oause of tho Demo
crats who ran independant and were
elected." Third, his political associ
ations aro for tho most part with
thoso who havo for years been fichting
the Dimooratio organisations in this
county. Ffurth, ho published a let
ter in January last doolaring that "if
any attempt is mado in this oounty to
enforco thooxclusion resolution adopt
ed by thooouuty convention of 1890
I shall fight it all along the line
Fifth, ho declared inapublio mooting
in Briton on April 2 that lie would
not enter tho primary of his party
under the rules laid down by the
county exeoutivo oommittqo, tho ao
tion of tho committoo being illegal!
'From the foregoing it will bo aoen
say plainly and unmistakably that tho
party in this oounty has a reward for
thoso who refuse to fight its battles
and who publioly dety its authority.
To mako suoh a declaration means
party demoralization, and its logio
will bo tho surrender of Boll coun
ty to tho People's party.
And whj ? Bcoauso there is no ap
peal you can mako to Democrats to
rally to the party standard.
Tho party in endorsing Mr.
Pendleton throws down its standard;
it says to tho veterans in tho ranks
that their eorvioo is not appreciated
and that honceforth Democracy means
overy roan for himself and tho dovil
tako the hindmost. Thoro cm bo no
csoapo from that conclusion. It is
tho inevitable logio of the situation in
tho event this county ondorscs George
Pendloton for congress. Wo are not
writing hastily or in anger. Wo
havo thought ovor tho matter in all
of its bearings, and wo say delib
eia o'y and dispassionately thA' tho
party will bo demoralized as it never
was before if Mr. Peudleton is in
dorsed. Suppose Mr. Pendloton
should get tho district nomination, and
supposo it wero to get rumored about
that some two thousand democrats had
decided to eo fishing on the day of the
elootion and not appear at tho polls,
what argument could bo used to dis
suade them from their purpose. Would
you say to them that they owed it to
tho party to both work and vote for tho
nominee? Would not they as quick
as a flash tell you that the party had
rebuked thtm for their past fidelity?
And no answer could be made because
that would bo the truth."
Gov. Hogg said at Wills Point and
repeated it at various other places,
that tho reduotion in freight rates
had increased traffio on all the Toxas
roads, until tho railroads wore making
more money with tho commission than
withont it. The first authentio donial
of this came from Mr. L. J. Polk of
tho Aransas Pass when ho went bo
foro the commission a few days ago.
Mr. Polk declared that the reduotion
of freight rates did not increaso tho
traffio and that f his road did not get
a better rato than the commission had
g'ven it they would bo ruined. Tho
San Antonio and Aransas Pass is a
ToxaB road. It has no outlet by
whioh to profit by interstate rates, so
is obliged to appeal to tho commission
or bo ruined. This is tho kind of
road Gov. Hogg wants to loan tho
sohool money to. It is a local road
and local roads hereafter to bo built
are tho kind of roads Gov. Hogg de
sired to encourage with tho children's
money. It has been proven in p hun
dred ways that short or local lines do
not pay anything. Tbo advantage
held by all tho trunk lino roads in get
tins: tho benefit of the interstate com
mission rates aids them in carrying out
the decisions of tho commission, henoo
their submission to tho commission
rulings without protest. These
trunk lines know very well that if the
presont rates are kept up tho short
linos will have to merge int) tho
trunk lines in order to get an outlet
to tho intorstato freight. This faot
may explain why the real magnates
are for Hogg. Gould and Hunting
ton can afford to Iobo money on thoir
lines several years in ordor to obtain
control uf tho short lines in Toxas.
Now the faot is undoniablo that Gov
ornor Hogg either ignorantly or cor
ruptly aided Mr. Gould in obtaining
possession of tho International and
Great Northern, and if Ho would ignor
antly or by corrupt methods help
Gould steal a road he
would also help Huntington
steal a road. Thero is no quostion
about tho ruinous polioy adopted by
the commission wrooking the small
roads and tho wreck will bo swift and
suro if Hogg is ro-elected. Ho has
dotermincd to do what ho can to an
noy tho oompanies, heaping abuso and
oharges of criminality upon thorn for
the effect it has upon tho poople, who
nro projudioed against thorn, but he
has provon hiuutlf to bo a pliant tool
in tho hands of scheming managers,
lending his official assist
ance to games of froezout
playod by Gould. The News will
ropoat what it has said boforc, tho
olection of Hogg will bo a sooond step
toward a oonoentration of all tho rail
road property in Texas in tho hands
of Gould and Huntington, men who
aro notorious for unprincipled manip
ulations in railroad management. It
remains to be seen whether tho people
of Texas will agree to aid them in
thoir sohomes by giving them a gov
ornor who can bo used in thoir own
way. Thk Nkwb docs not aoouso
Gov. Hogg with corruption but ho
acted so stupid in tho International
case that everyone must admit that
ho is a man unfitted for tho responsi
ble offico of governor and exofficio
bosseo of the railroads of Texas a posi
tion ho has assumed and to whioh ho
now aspireB.
After injecting the gubernatorial
issue in the county convention at
Fort Worth in violation of a positive
Agreement the Hogg men were beaten
at their own game and a majority of
the delegates elected to Lampasas are
Clark men. Put Purrant down for
First Meeting in Its New Hall.
Tho Waoo Wheel club held its first
meeting in its now hall last night.
Thero wore quito a nutnbor of wheels
present among them being two ladies.
The ladies are beginning to tako as
much interest in tho olub as tho gen
tlemen and are numbered among the
best riders in tbo olub.
The now hall is olegantly suited for
riding a? it has a good now floor and
is splendidly ventilated. The olub
room is equally as well ventilated and
lighted and will no doubt become a
ereat place of resort.
Among other things disoussed at
the meeting last night was the projeot
of having a stato meet hero next July.
By that time the track will bo done
and if the league has not alroady de
oided in favor of holding it elsewhere
tho Waco club will mako a strong ef
fort to have it hero.
Several new members wero ad
mitted and among tho numbor were
tbroo or four ladies. It is intendod to
have evory lady present at tho next
meeting of the club which will bo
Friday night May 27.
The Juvenile Cavalry.
Pursuant to an order issued by
Captain Richard M. Board the Juve
nile Cavalry met at tho city hall this
afternoon at 2 o clock, whero tho oom
pany formed and marched toPadgitt's
park where the tournament grounds
were inspected and tho boys put
through the most diffioult West
Point exercises, to the delight of a
large crowd of friends and admirors
of our young soldierB.
Captain Board is a pronoiont oihoor
and to him much of the orodit for tho
rapid advaneemont of his troops in all
the manouvers of oavalry taotios, and
they aro rapidiy gaining a stato repu
tation of whioh thoy may well feol
Extcnsivo preparations are being
made to attend tho stato military en
campment at AuBtin and no pains is
being spared to perfoot them in tho
drill by that time, when they will
present an imposing appearance and
do themselves and Waoo great credit.
Gon. Ilobort S. Koss will aooompany
them and personally supervise their
movement throughout tho trip and ro
turn them homo sate and sound and
doubtless oovered with honors.
Removal Notice.
J. 0. Stephenson & Son, under
takers, have moved from Austin street
to 1 1 1 South 4th street where they
are prepared to do undertaking work
in the best style. They havo with
them a professional undertaker and
embalmcr who has eight years exper
ience in a large southern city. We
guarantee satisfaction. Open day and
night. Telephone at stora and resi
dence. J . 0. Stephenson & Son,
1 1 1 South 4th Street.
Go to Joe Lehman's for a good
meal any time night or day.
mm m 1
What folly! To be without Bee
cham's PtUiS.
Lewine Bros.
Make Extraordinary Cuts This Week!
GRENADINES in solid, stripes, fancy
figures, regular prices at $1.50, $1.75,
$2.00, $2.25, will be offered at the uniform
price of $1.00 a yard.
THIS WEEK, and the last chance, we
will sell all our thirty-two inch FRENCH
Hundreds of articles are laid nut on our counters that
cannot fail to convince any one that sees them that they arc
cheap, and if you want to save money, come and PRICE our
Lewine Bros.
Manfaetm ers
Alexandre's Baking Powder.
Alexandre's Pure Bpioes.
Alexandre's Java and Rio Blend Coffee.
Moore Bros' White Wine and Apple Vinegar.
Moore Bros Pure Odor.
Having purchased Mr. Alexandre's buslnos we a re now prepared to till
orders promptly. Patronize Home Institutions. Sustain our otfortH to maki
Waoo a Groat Manufacturing Ceutro.
Have removed from Pacific Hotel to Room 28, Provident Bld'p: .
O. W. DWjD
The old Uranti nuilding, JVjWfc of Plata,
fThe finest vohicles and horses in th
city. Gall carriages for ladies a spe
cialty and when desired, ladies can
have a driver in livery. All trains met.
Prompt attention to all orders and
boarded on reasonable "terms..
W,D MA.YHKM), ProsUent. J. D.;BELL, Vlco Projldont. JOHN:D. MAYFIELD, O&sMor
The City Savipgs Bapk
No v offers 6 per cent, interest on deposit. Interest payable
from date.
Whdesale Grocers.
Moore Bros' Flint Candy.
satislaction guaranteed. Horses

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