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County Olflcorii.
Tim News tsautlorlr.elttaniionnco that W
fl .Tonkins Is a cmllda'.o for re oloctlou to
UwoJloe at canity Ja ire of UotuMtnin con ity
object t tin letlotortiuOjinie-ttiopirty,
tor coniiTT ATTonsr.Y.
Wearcnuth rUed to ainounco Capl. T, A.
Blair ns ft -landldato Tor con ty a'tornoy or Mc
Lennan oounty, subjoot to the action or tlio
DomocinUc party.
Mr H. A Ifogan authorises us to announce
that ho Is a candidate Tot oinnty attorney or
McLennan rountv, subject lo tho action or the
Democratic party.
Tint News is authorized to announce that
Judiro 1) II. Ilanly Is a candidate frr county
attorney of MoLe- nan county, subject to tho
notion of tho Democratic party.
Tub News U authorize I to annonnco l.ud
Williams as n o ldta for election to the
oflleo of County Attorney, subjeot to the notion
oT the Democratic party.
Tub News li authorized to announco T.
J. iTimin aR a candidate for ttxcol ector for
McLennan connty, subject to tho action or the
Uomocrailc party.
Wo aro authorized to announce Mr. J. O
Jurney as candidate for the olllco or ounty
Tax Collector, subject to tho action of the Dem
oorats of McLennan county.
Th News Is authorized to announco Mr. K.
D. Kusaell a acindiU'e for lax collector of
MeLennnn county, subject to tho action ortho
Dcmocratlo party.
We aro authorized to announce that Luke
MooreU aca idUUta for tac oollector of .vc
Lcnuan couti'y, subject to tho BCtlon of the
Democratic party
TiieNewsU authorised ti announce F. P.
Madden as a candidate for county asse'ior. sub
ject to the action of thj Democratic party.
The iws Is authirized to announce that
rink II I'oiiuols oc-md'dato & rc-clojtlon to
tho olllco or county tax assessor, subject to the
action or tho Democratic party
For .Sheriff.
We are authorized to announco Joe P. Ellison
a & candidate Tor sheriff at the emuintt cleo
Uon, subject to the action of the Democratic
W. L. Burke Is a candidate for sheriff of 5lo
Lennan couuty. subject to the action of the
RanFo-d Is a candidate rr re-election to the
office or sheriff or McLennan count, subject lo
the action ol the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce J P. Naylor or
Moody as a candidate forsher ff. subject to the
action of the Democratic party of McLennan
We are authorized to announce thit Mr. Z
F Bealey laoinlldate for re-election to the
office of district clerk of McLennan county,
sablectto tuo action ofthe Democratic party,
Tiib News Is authorized to announce Ed
Sparks as a candidate for district clirk, subject
to tho action or the Democrailc party.
Tiie News Is authorized to announca Dr. F.
W. llnrgeras a candidate for tho olllco of dis
trict derk. subject to the action or the Demo
trutlo party.
Tub IVkws Is anthorlzd to announce that
T. n.KrilrjrsworthW a caudldxte ror county
clerk nr Mci.mnnn county, subject to the ac
tion of tho liemjcratio party.
The News Is authorized to announce that
Tom II. Hiown Is a candidate for count r clcr
of McLennan county, subject to the action or
the.Democratlc party.
We are authorized to announce Jno F. Mar
shall bs a dandidate fortha cilice or county
clerk, subject to the action of the Demociatlc
' The News Is authorized to announce J w.
Frost 8 scand d te fir county cleric at the
ersuing ilediun, tnbject to the uctou ofthe
Democratic party
The IN ews Is authorizel to announca George
Y. Keeb e a a candidate for county clerk ol
Mclennan count) . t-ubjtct to the action or the
Democratic party.
we nje authorized 'o riiroimce thnl Pror. J.
B.Conyers la net nuldatefor re election to the
office f Otunty Snpirinundeut ol Public In
(tructUin or.McLem an county, subject to the
action orthe Demociatlc patty.
We are authoilzed to announce that Robert
S, Hops Is a candid te ror ro-electlou to the
office or tri osunr or McLennan county, subject
te tho action of the Dcmocratlo pdity.
We are authorized to announce Mr. Andrew
Goddanl as candldato for re election to the
olMceof count; sur e or, subject to the action
orthe Ucmocrutlol'arty.
Wo are authorized to announce that J. N.
Qallaithcr Is a ci dldate lor re election tithe
cUheofJuMiie ofiho I'eace 1'ieclnct No. 1,
iicLtnt an county, subject to the action of the
Democratic tarty.
Wo aro authorized to annoance J T. Harri
son as n candidate for rc-eleotinn to the ofllce
or Justice cf tho I'eace 1'ieo mt No I'McLen
nan county, subject to the action ofthe Dem
ocratic party .
The News Is authorlred to Announce Dee
Cook as a candidate for re-election to tho ottlce
of constable of i leclnct No 1 Mel ennan coun
ty, subject to the action of the Democratic pat ty
Mr Jame- n Lockwood huthr.rlzes ns to
announce him ns a candidate lor constable of
precinct No. 1 McLfnnau county, subject to the
action of tlio Democracy,
AlSoundLlver Makes a Well Man
Are you Bilious, CoiiBtlputedand
troubled with Jbiud.u BickHend
aohe, Bud Taste In Mouth, Filn
Breath, Coated Tongue, Dypepala
Indigestion, Hot Dry Bkin, Pain In
Back aud between tho Shoulders,
Chills and Feyer, Ac. If you have
any of those symptoms, your ljlver le
out of order your blood is nlowly
lieinj: poisoned, because your Liver
does not act properly. Hkhhine will
cure any disorder ot the Livur,Blom
aoh orBowels. It has no equal as a
Llvor Medicine. Prico 76 conts. Free
sample bottlo atH. C. Risher's Drue
t Sleeper, Chifton & Co., Ladies ooze
I $2.50, SI! and U.
fcf f IlSL
1JHIS MAN has been hunting
with one of H. Ji. Ambold s
fine guns sure shot. Fine guns
for sale or for hire.
410 Austin Street.
An Ordinance to Am'-"1 Artiolo 584
of the Digest of Cit, Ordinances of
tho City of Waco.
Be it ordained by the city council
of the oity of Waco:
Section 1. That article CS4 of the
Digest of the city ordinances of the
city of Waco shall be so amended as
to read as follows: Whoever in this
city shall on Sunday sell, offer for sale,
give away, or in any other manner dis
pose of any spirituous, vinous, or othor
intoxicating liquors, or shall keep open
the doors of any barroom, saloon, or
other house or placo where any such
liquors are kept or sold, or shall play at
any gamo of billiards, pool, bagatelle,
jenny lind, pigeon hole, baso ball or
any other game of chance, at which
anything of value is lost or won, or
shall be engaged in running any horse
race, or shall engage in match shoot
ing, or shall discharge any firo arms
at or in any gun Shop or shooting gil
lery, or ehall on Sunday march in any
procession, or otherwise, with musio,
through tho streets or other publio
places, or shall play on any musical
instrument in any publio placo eo as
to disturb tho peace and quiet of
others, shall bo deemed guilty of a
inifd'niipanor, and upon conviction
thereof nhall be fined in any sum not
less than twenty nor more than fifty
dollars; provided, that to much of this
article as refers to processions and
music shall not apply to funeral pro
cossions nor to cases where tho mayor
shall have civen written permission.
Sec. 2. That this ordinance shall
take effect and be in foroe from and
hfter its passage.
Passed October 15, 1891 s
Note Tho foregoing ordinance,
not having been signed by tho mayor
nor returned to the oouncil with his
objections thoreto within three days
after its passage, thereupon became a
law without his signature
Joney Jones,
City Secretary.
Wonder Worker.
Mr. Frank Huffman, a young man
of Burlington, Ohio, states that he
had been under tho care of two prom
inent physicians, and used thoir treat
ment until ho was not able to got
around. They pronounced his case
to be Consumption and incurable. He
was persuaded to try Dr. King's New
Discovery for Consumption, Coughs
and Colds and at that time was not
able to walk acrois the street without
resting. Ho found, before he had
used half of a dollar bottle, that ho
was much better; he continued to use
it and is today enjoying good health.
If you havo any Throat, Lung or
Chest trouble try it. Wo guarantee
satisfaction. Trial bottlo free at W.
B. Morrison & Co., drug store.
The Bohr,
Thf latest addition to our stock of
strictly first class pianos, is the Behr
Bros , an ins'rument with a tone that
is orchestral, yet possessing all the
delicate sweetness of a lute with
Steinway, Weber, Emerson, Chicker.
ing, Ivers & Powd and Bdhr. No
hungry musical soul can leave our
ore urmtufiil
Thos. Gogqan & Bro.
When I nay euro 1 do not mean merely to stop
them f or a tlmo and then have them return again.
I mean a radical cure. I have made tho disease
n life long study. I warrant my remedy to cure
tho norst cases, llecauso others bo fatltd la
no reason for not now receding a cure, bend
nt once for a treatleo and u 7rce Bottlo of my
Infallible remedy. GivoKxprcssandroBt-Ofllce.
tl. Q. ROOT, M. C 103 Poarl St., N.
It Is Vlslblo at 3.30 O'oloek a. m. In
tho East.
Ami ;Joo AVIicro mid Whou It
riotisoH ami t'nml or Motv m. It
Uliookfo Uct Up iiml Sco It In llio
Uiint jiifct AIhivo tlin Horizon.
If you happen to bo astir at 11:80
o'clock tomorrow morning and find
the sky clear and without any notice
able haze you will do well to get up
on soino high place and look toward
tho eastern horizon. Tho constslhtion
Pegassus will bo just dear of the hori
zon aud you will mako out its four
bright stars in a trapezium sovcral
larger than tho bowl ol tho Great
Dipper. Near the uppermost star you
will male out a small comet, which if
looked at with a pair of strong opera
glasses, will show several tails. This
is Swift's comet, named fr6m Prof.
Swift, of Rochester, who discovered it
seveml months ago. And it has ono
peculiarity which deserves attention
and should make it interesting oven
to scientific eyes.
This comet does not belong to our
system, and in all probability never
beforo saw our sun or our planets in
all the countless years of its existence.
A few months ago it was journeying
leisurely through space, jogging along
with no particular business on land.
Our system hove in sight on its hori
zon, and, thanks to tho law of gravita
tion, our sun compelled it to pay us a
visit and show us its peculiarities.
But it came upon our system in
suoh a way that it can never coino
again. For it showed plainly that it
disapproved of being dragged into
making this visit at all, and passed
around tho sun as far away as possi
ble following a routo which would in
sure its nevor ooming hereafter. Mr.
Swift was tho first to catch sight of
the fretful wanderer, and then Prof.
Barnard of the Lick Observatory mado
somo photographs showing what a
freak it was.
These photographs havo oight tails.
This is more than the six-tailed comet
of 1744, whioh was tho most profuse
ly decorated comot beforo this ono.
Some of these tails are straight, show
ing them to be of hydrogen or some
other light substanoe, while others aro
curved like a cimctar. showing them
to be of heavier substance. All theso
things havo been seen before, how
ever. Whit makes this comet such
a freak is tho fact that from ono of
its tails, a long wiy out from the
head, a smaller tail shoots away at a
sharp angle.
Now it is easy enough to oxplain
straight tails and curved tails, but no
ono has jet come forward with a
theory which will explain this tail
that loaves a tail. Just where this
twig, as it were, leaves tho branoh
thero is a kind of knot something like
tho head of another and smaller comot,
although it is certaiuly not that.
Whatever may be tho explanation
of the mystery, tho visitor is exceed
ingly interesting. We are rather
blaso on the subjoot of comets. All
6orts of comets havo como to see us,
and several have come and liked it so
well that they have stayed. Wo
have passed through the tail of a
comet, and wo havo found out that
even if one struck us full tilt, we
would suffer no ioconvenienco. Now,
along cornea this fellow with his tail
that sends out a tail just to lot every
body know that comets are not so
eas at tor all.
This wanderer having passed around
the sun is now on his way into tho
utmost depths ot space, leaving won
der and amazoment in scientific
minds. While he was passing
around the sun, he of course got up a
very lively rato of speed, several hun
dred miles a scoond. But now that
ho is safely away from that fiery at
traction, ho is taking things a good
deal easior, although he is still go
ing at a pretty good gait, perhaps
fifty miles a second.
A man who was talking about oomcts
the other day was saving what a queer
thing it would bo if some one who
away off in tho outskirts of tho solar
system was to have a comet pass his
door going slow and easy because so
far away from tho sun. And suppose
this man woro to step aboard for a
jaunt through Bpaoe. His comet
would gradually go faster and faster
as it got near tho sun, until it would
get up a speed of say 300 miles a seo
oudj and finally, as it was passing
around, just shaving tho groat shoot
ing flames that dart hundreds of thou
sands of miles into spaco from tho
sun's surface, his comet would be
going at tho rato of 500 miles or so a
'Now," said tho man, "think how
this traveler would look sitting thcro
with his hair Btanding straight out bo
hiud and his tooth shut to kcop his
heart from jumping out nnd his hand
olutching the comet. Thero would
bo rapid transit."
tvtrXiCnx i8'
A building up
of tho entiro system follows the uso
of Dr. Pierco's Favorite- Prescrip
tion. It's an invigorating, restora
tivo tonic, soothing cordial and
bracing nervine and a certain
remedy for all tho functional de
rangements, painful disorders or
chronic weaknesses peculiar to wo
men. It improves digestion, en
riches the blood, dispels aches and
Gains, melancholy aud nervousness,
rings refreshing Bleep, and restores
flesh and strength. For periodical
pains, internal inflammation and ul
ceration, leucorrhea aud kindred ail
ments, it is a positive specific a
guaranteed one. If it fails to givo
satisfaction, in any case, tho money
paid for it is refunded. No other
medicine for women is sold on theso
terms. AVith an ordinary medicine,
it can't be done.
That's tho way its makers provo
their faith in it. Contains no alco
hol to inebriato; no syrup or sugar
to derange digestion ; a legitimato
medicine, not a leverage. Purely
vegetablo and perfectly harmless in
any condition of the system.
World's Dispensary" Medical As
sociation, Proprietors, No. 063 Main
oirect, uuuaiu, n. .
Ballard's Snow Liniment.
This Liniment is different in com
position from any other Liniment on
tho market. It is a scientific discov
ery whioh results in its being tho most
penetrating liniment ever known.
There are numerous white imitations,
which may he recommended because
they pay the seller a greater profit.
Bewaro of theso and demand Ballard's
Snow Liniment. It positively ourcs
Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Cuts, Sprains,
Bruises, Wounds, Suittio and Inflam
matory Rheumatism, Burns, Scalds,
Soro Feet, Contracted Muscle, Stilf
Joints, Old Sores, Pain in Back, Barb
Wire Cuts, Sore Chest or Throat and
is especially bencGoial in Paralysis
Sold by H. 0. Kisher & Co.
A Sure Cure for PHos. ,
Itching Piles are known by mois
ture like perspiration, causing intense
itching when warm. This form at
well as Blind, Bleeding or Protrud'
ing, yield at onco to Dr. Bosanko's
Pile Remedy, whioh aots dirootly on
parts effected, absorbs tumors, allays
itching and effeots a permanent cure.
50 cts. Druggists or mail Ciroulars
frco. Dr. Bosanko, 329 Arch St.,
Philadelphia, Pa. Sold by "W. B.
Morrison & Co.
Our door screens put up complete,
everything furnished, ranges in price
from$2 up. Dam. Screen Co
For tho best and freshest beef,
pork, mutton, veal, spareribs, fish and
oysters go to Crippin corner Fifth
and Franklin.
George CM Speaks
So do 1, but on a differout subjoot,
My noxt chfi in Praotioal Book-koop-ing
will begiu July 5th. As tho
number of my pupils is limited I
would adviso thoso desiring to take
advantage of this class to spoak early.
Many havo already handed in thoir
names. Thoso wishing to enter
class can call on mo or address me at
Provident National Bank. My les
sons arc at night and do not intcrloro
with any other business.
My torms are extremely moderate,
being only $32.53 for complete courso,
including books. Payable half in ad
vance and balanoo in a note of sixty
days. Edwahu Tony, Jr.,
Toiler Provident Nat'l Bank.
Export Accountant.
by Its uee thousands or caies or tho worst kind
nnd or lotiR standing have been cured. Inuced,
BOBtronslamyraithlnltseQlcacy, that I will
rBnC,nS.T,S,'i,I,,0TT.L,,8 ??tEE wlH a VALUAliLK
) vt 111 send mo their Express and 1. O. address.
T.A.SLOCUM.M.C, 101 Poarl St., N.Y,
vzr y v . .
-t yVT . te Ov
cnikir? FOP
it Is n ci-nmlcss shoo, with no tacks or wax tlin ii
to hurt tho trots nmilo of tho best lino rair, ntjllji,
and easy, nnd brcauso ue vmke morn $hors vthi
fjrntlfithtintmv other manufacturer, it couiua haaiu
sowed mini's costing f mm $1 U0 to f.1.00,
SK OlMScmiliic llnml-Nnwrd, tho flnct calf
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lnnmrtecl shoes which ctwt from $i.li to $12(10.
dt OO llnml-nwpil Writ Hlinr, flno calf.
! styi!h .tmfortablo anil durable. Ihobeiti
shoo rer otTt red at this prlco ; same prado aa cus
tom ninilnKliooaeosilng from $3dt$.M0.
(CO 50 l'nlirn Minnt Farmers. Kallroad Urm
f B
nnd l.pttcrCftrrlrsnll wrarthcni! llnnrnlr
6eamli-a. smooth Insluo, heavy thrco soles, exten
sion edfjo. Ono pair will ear nyear.
CCO A" n" cnlfi no better shoo over otTcrm at
SrtZmm this price i omi trial will convince Uiow
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CIO " nnd $.OI) Worlilncmiin'n shot
HHSmm nro ti ry lUrunc ami durable. Thoo who
havo Riven them n trial will wenr no other make.
KintIC) 9.t)i nnd $1.7.1 school shoes nro
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on their merits, nt tho Increasing sales show.
0 nrliac SI.00 lliuul-ced shoo, host
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Misses nro tho host flnaDourola. Myllsh and durable.
Cniltlon. Seo that W. I Douglas' uirao and
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-Jnslst on loc.il ndvcrtlfil dealers supplying you.
W. Ii. DOUUL.AS, llrocUlou.ninBH. bold by
J. flaiisel Wood Shoo and Clothing
Isn't ono SarMipiirlllrt its good an
another? Xo! No!! No Ml
Don't think it. Don't for a moment
think it. It you mint Hull's S.irsniiarilla,
demend it anil take no other It containo
Ingredients thnl nro not found in any other
MrVnparilU. These very inyrt'd'ents thai
make it different from other sarsaparilloi
are the most important. In fact, essential
to its cntntive virtus. Omit them and
Bull's SrMtiaiilU notilil be as inert u
the many interior preparations of aarsapa
rilla foil ml in many dn;i; stores. Hull's
Barsapanlhi ecu tain's no unimportant in
gredient, l'aeli uiRrcilienl used is chosen
for its beneficent etiect upon tlio human
system. Combined, tlie exert a harmo
nizing inliuenco upon every function ol
tho body, improving digestion, strengthen
ing tlio liver aud kidney?, cleansing th
blood of poixjiiuus matter toothing the
nervous system, enlivening tho mental
faculties, nnd in n word, by infusing new
strength and life, completely rejuvenate!
every part and makes one feel altogethtr
like a new person.
Elmer Hodson, Alvaretto, Tex., writes:
"My strength and health had been failing
me for several years My blood was in ft
very impoverished condition and very im
pure. Sly limbs felt lame, rickety an4
rheumatic ami 1 could not walk without
tottering. I fill myself growing prema
turely old, and my face began to look
pinched and shrivelled I suffered con
siderable, was restless at night, very ner
rous, and growing very melancholy. My
yea were sore and I had cstarrh. I tried'
many tonics, and bitters and blood puri
fiers, but failed to get better. I finally
bought six bottles of null's Sarsaparllla,
and before I had used it nil I felt like
another man. My strength and health
improved, pimples and sores disappeared
(rom my person, aches and stiff joints left
me, and 1 consider myself a well person."
WTThere Is no other remedy so tdeasant
to take nnd so sur In Its ellect as Dr. Bull's
Worm Destroyers. Price 25 ronU.
W There Is one chill remedy whose ef
fect Is a certainty. It has been teitsd 1b
many thousands severe oases and never
known to fall. It Is called Smith's Toole
Byrup. Ts.ke no other.
John D. Pabk & Sonh, Vho1ttale Agentt,
17a. 177 and 17il Hyeamore St., Cincinnati, Q.
Hundreds of ftthcrs who aro now
buying medicino for their babies at
tho Old Corner drug store, thomselvos
took medicino bought for them at the
snino old oorner by their fathers when
they woro ohildron. Things oomo and
go but tho Old Corner drug storo re
mains forever.
The neatest, ice cream parlor in the
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to rent
It you havo lots, houses, ranohou or
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Bem, & Sassaman, No. 411, Fran
.a Stroet.

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