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Juilgo Clark's Appointments.
Galveston, Thursday, May 20.
Bellvillo, Saturday, May 28
The News will take advertising
with the understanding that if it has
not a larger IlcrI circulation than auy
daily pupcr published in Waco, no
charge will bo made for the advertise
ment. A vote for Clark is a vote for Texas.
The tliuo to
Nkws is now.
subscribo for Tin:
Clark leads with a good majority oi
instructed delegates.
McLennan county did the right
thine whin it sent an uninstructed
delf gation to Lampasas. Texas wants
an uninstructed delegation to Chicago.
There is nothing plainer than that
Clark is gaining steaill'y ovory day,
and that as tho ppople tiro made ac
quainted with tho administration of
Gov. Ross they are loosing eon
After devoting four soctious to tho
commls8ioH infant tho Hogg platform
adopted yesterday declares section
five: "We believe-that tho iutorests
or the whole stale requires that tho
commissioners be kept out of
There is less interest felt in the pro
ceedings of congress this session than
was ever known before. It is, per
haps, because this congress is not ex
pected to do anything of general in
fcerest except adjourn
The city authorities will
spare 110 olTort to break up the
angof toughs who have their head
quarters in the reservation. Tho
operations of those crooks have bo
come notorious and must bo stoppod.
"The railway commission In view
of the inlluence of tho governor ovor
the legislature needs tho ministrations
of a friendly governor, one that will
nurso it in its infancy with tendornoss
And affection." Hogg platform.
."Bring the paregoric or wake up Mrs.
It makes all the diiTereuco in tho
world when it comes to "running" a
convention whether tho manipulators
are Clark mon or Hogg men. Tho
Hogg men from tho country are
seemingly perfectly willing to allow
the city to manage their conventions
and their campaign If they are for
Why did the Hogg msn endeavor
to elect Hogg delegates to tho county
convention if they did not approve of
an expression on the guberanatiorial
nueslion? Thev nrn Pnti.l,.H inft""M""lr''Fu""')'" ""J.
iiek because they would have done
just as did the Clark men if
obtained a majirity.
. , ,
they had
The Hogg resolutions say the com
mission is not a part of the constitu
lion. It is now in order for Hogg to
call the legislature together and have
an amendment submitted to the
people for adoption. The Clark men
sere of the opinion that a commision
imeudment had been adopted
JMr. R. II. Kingsbury addressed
the citizens of Houston on the even
5og of the 20th inst., and the Hous
Ion Herald pays him this handsome
compliment: "The speech of Hon.
Russell KlDgsbury last evening was a
lerific arraignment of Governor Hogg
and his partisan administration and
drew from his audience frequent and
3ong continued applause. It was an
able effo, inimitable in its originalli
ly and unanswerable in its logical ar
gument. Mr Kingsbury won for him
jelf many admirers in this city who
Bill esteem it a pleasure to compli
ment him with-a crowded house upon
any occasion in the future he may see
it to deliver a public address in Hous-ion."
Tho following poom, written by
Mr. H. N. Atkinson, of Waco, was ro
cited by Mr. It. H. Kingsbury in his
speech at Houston, May 20;
(With Apologies to Longfellow )
Tho shades of night wore fulling fast,
When through tho stato of Texas
pas sod
Jim Hogg, who boro, mid snow and
A banuor with the strong device
His brow was sad, his eyo beneath
Flashed liko a falchion from its
Ho wandorod foot-sore and alone,
While from his lips escaped a groan,
"Don't t.iko our gold," tba children
'To boost tho railway robber's
prldo "
A tear stood in his lnrd-bolled eyo,
But still ho answored with a slgh
'Kormiaslon." J.
"Don't take my land, tho farmer said,
"On which 1 earn my daily broad,"
"It's bought aud paid for.it is mine,"
But Jim hung out the ame old sign
When asked if he were knave or fool,
Who Intervened to save Jay Gould,
His oyes took on a vacant stare,
Ho answered with a wrathful glare
Dark panic lowered over head,
Black ruin, far and wido, was spread,
Brave hearts, bereft of hope, went
But Jim kept up the some old sound
Wearied beneath his tyrant yoke,
In stornest wrath tho people woke.
And as before tho storm ho lied,
Ho, glancing backward, faintly said
In Houston's town, some August day,
Beautiful, but dead, he'll lay,
While from the sky, sereuo and far,
A volco comes like a falling star
Cravens. O'Brien, Baker too,
As they slowly sank from mortal
Beneath brave Warwick's swolllug
With dying voices faintly cried
The mass meoting of the friends of
Governor Hogg yesterday was pretty
svell attonded and was not wanting in
enthusiasm, The oonduct of the
convention showed that whatevor pre
judice tho country people have against
i. . -,! ;e ti. t
dC8 "0t appIy l lh 8uPPortPrs of
line governor, ino convonuon was
!J . , . .. ... . . ,
UlUllipUltlkUll AiUUi UClllUllJ IU UUU
by four or five Waco men and the
country people who composod at least
nine tenths of the convention submit
ted to everything suggestod, with en
thusiasm. It is all right for a man to
live in the city and dominate a con
vention if ho is a Hogg man. Thoro
Was ono feature in the discussions that
is so silly us to be positively disgust
ing. It is the complaint against the
Clark people for utilizing their major
ity in tho late oounty convention.
The idea that an assembly has not a
right to give expression to whatever it
pleases and transact tho business
brought beforo it according to tho
will of tho majority is absurd and
thero is no use whining about it. If
tho Hogg men had dominated that
convention thoy would have indorsed
the administration, and they would
not kayo given the Clark mon any
quartet. It isn't politics to do that.
Whon a viotory is won in poli ios as
in war the advantage must be follow
ed up and the winner obtain all tho
good to his oauso possible. Tho gen
tlemen who conduotod the mooting
yesterday are well awaro of this but
thoy seek to work upon the prejudices
of tho people iu the oountry in order
to ohrystalize tho opposition to Clark.
They will douctlcsH win somo votes
that way but if you win a mnjority
gontlemcn will you uao it, liko the
Clark men did, or will you permit
jour viotory to bo taken from ou
after it is won? The N'kws desires
to mention right hero the fact that
thero is more intolerance among the
Hogg people than any sot tfpcoplo on
this earth, 1'iib Nkws has nothing
personal against Gov. Hogg or any of
his friends, yet it is the subject of
abuse, booause it opjosa G v
ornor Hogg. Tim Nuws believes
honestly that it would bo ruinous to
Toxas to re elect Hogg. It believes
it would bo advantageous to tho state
to cloot Clark. It presents the facts
as it seos theui to verify this view. Iu
matters of news it prints the facts as
it gets them and as will bo saen by
rcferonoe to the report of tho conven
tion yesterday ana on previous oooa
sions it makes no difference whethor
it is a Hogg convention or a Clark
convention or a People's party con
vention. The News tells the truth
and reports them in full. If some of
our Hogg friends would just stop and
consider a whilo thoy would disoovcr
that it is possible for men to live
neighbors and be friends and still
differ as to who should bo governor.
Tho Houston Post a fow days Dgo
had an editorial notice of a rumor
afloat in Houston to tho effect that
tho stato convention would be remov
ed from Houston if Harris county
did not instruct for Hogg. Tho Post
did not soein to give credence to tho
rumor but dealt a stinqing rebuko to
the spirit that prompted such tactics.
It closed with the declaration that
Houston would comply with her con
tract to the letter as regards the pre
parations for the convention and Har
ris county would vote as sho pleased.
In yesterdays Post appears a commu
nication from Major Looscan an ar
dent Hogg man which rathor con
firms the report that suoh a Uep was
contemplated, thoueb he attempts to
deny it. Mr. Looscan says:
"Tho convention was brought hero
through the executive committee by
tho friends of the Hogg administra
tion, and I defy The Post or any one
now enlisted in Judge Clark's sorvico
to name an advocate of Judgo Clark
or that commission who voted for
Houston tor the location, lucre is
ono thing certain, that if it had been
known to tho state executivo commit
tee that tho Republicans of this placo,
in bohalf of the Liquor assooiatior,
would cooperato to openly fight the
administration and raise subscriptions
for tho Olark club, it is certain they
would never have selected Houston.
The location of tho convention at
Houston entirely depends upon the
report of tho sub-eommitteo which
was appointed to visit Houston and
examine into her eonvenionces for
such convention, and if their report bo
adverse, then tho matter reverts to
the stato exeoutive cOmmitteo for fur
ther action." The sub. committee has
visited Houston and it was just after
this visit that the report of the re
moval of the convention was circulat
ed. There is just two ways
and only two, to aocount for
this roport. A removal of tho con-
vention is oontemplated or the report
was ciroulatod to influonco voters in
the oit) of Houston which has de
monstrated beyond question its profer
onoo for Clark. Either ono of thoso
methods is contemptible and mean and
The News does not believe a major
ity ot the stato exooutivo committee
could be brought to countenance any
thing of tho kind, but, if the sub-oom-lnittoo
makes an adverse roport they
will of ooujse do it upon other grounds.
Mr. Loosoan claims for tho Hogg men
the credit for selooting Houston and
seems to thing the opposition should
be silent and inactive on that aocount.
The Clark mon made no effort to con
trol or influenoo tho action of the
ooinmittec, an 1 when Houston was
selected they wore well p'cascd, but if
tho cummittco undertake to romovo it
there will be tho biggest howl raised
that was over heard in Toxas.
Tho cluuiooB of tiov. Hogg uro bo
coming dosporato. Tho Indications
are that tho administration foroos
will eontor on McLennan, Clark's
homo county, with the oxpross ptir-
puroHo of carrying it for Hogg at all
hazzards for tho ollbct It will have
throughout the stato lu thoovoutof!
success. Judge tjlark's lrlends have
no notion of pormittlug tholr candi
date to bo humiliated by the loss of
his own county If thoy can holp It, and
they can holp It, by tolling
tho truth and tolling it ofton. Tho
administration pcoplo do not euro
particularly for MoLonnnn county's
olght votes, but they want to humiliate
Judgo Clark by arraying his neigh
bors against him and try to Influonco
other counties. Tho light now in
augurated In this county against
Judge Clark will not accomplish Its
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