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County Officer-.
ton oourrvjUDoK
Tiir. New Is nnt'iotlrol toiu lonnce thnt V
H Jenkins Is n o in ltdnto for reelection to
theolUco jtco inty jitiUi) uf MoLPiimm oou tty
nbject t the ictlo otlh i Damic-itia pirty ,
Wonrc&utli rlzed to nnnounco Uapt, T, A.
Blair m a lnndldato for county attorney of Mo
Lennnn connty, eutijeot to the action of tlio
Demociatlo party.
Mr S A Ilogan authorizes ns to annonuco
that lie Is a ctmliilato for county attorney of
McLounati cotmtv, snbject to tho action of the
Democratic party,
Tun News l authorized to annonnco tliat
Judge 1) II. llanly Is candidate for connty
attorney of McLo'iiiii county, subject to tlio
action oftlie Democratic party.
The New Is authorise I to anuounco l.uit
willlnmsftsii c"'ldte for election to the
o01c3 of County Attorney, subject to the aotlon
of tbo Democratic party
Tnn News 1i nutliorlzod to announce T.
J. ITimm as a candidate for tsx ool'ector for
McLennan county, subject to the action of tbo
Dcmocrailc party.
Wo aro authorized to announce Mr. J. U
Jnrney as candidate Tor tho office of ounty
Till Collector, subject to the action of tho Dem
ocrats of McUnnnu comity
The News Is authorized to announeo Mr K.
I). Kusscll as acmddi'e for lax collector of
McLcnn in county, subject to the action of the
Democratic party.
We aro authorized to announce that Luko
Moorels acamlldua for tax collector of aic
Loniifn coun'y, subject to the action of the
democratic party
TiieNewsIs nnthorled t announce F. P.
Madden ns a candidate for county aSBOsor, sub
ject to the action oftha Dcmocriitlo parly.
The kws Is authorized to announce that
rink II 1'ouuels a candidate fo' rc-elo:tion to
tho olllco of county 1 1 assessor, subject to the
action of the Democ atlc party
lor Sheriff.
We are authorized to announce Joe F. Ellison
as a candidate for sheriff at the emulng elec
tion, subject to the action of the Democratic
W, L. Burke W a candidate for eherlffof Mc
Lennan couutv. subject to the action of tbo
Democratic party.
Dan Fo-d l a candidate for re-election to the
office of sheriff of McLennan counti , subject to
the action of the Democratic party.
We are nutho-lzcd to Announce!. P. Naylor of
Moody as a candidate for sher ff. subject to tho
action ot the Democratic party of McLennan
We are authorized to amounce th it Mr. Z.
T Bealey liaonlldate for re-election to the
office of district clerk of McLennan county,
ccblect to t ie action of tho Democratic party,
The News Is authorized to announce Ed
Sparks as a candidate for district clerk, subject
to tho action of the Democratic party.
Tire News Is authorized to announce Dr. F.
W. ltnrireras a candidate for the office or dis
trict clerk, subject to the action of the Demo
cratic party.
Tire News Is authorized to announce thnt
T. U.KllllDgsworthU a candidate for county
elerk of McLennan county, subject to the ac
tion of the Democratic party
The News f authorized to announce that
Tom h hiow Is a candidate for connty clerk
of McLennan county, subject to the action of
the.Democratlc party.
Wo are authorized to announce Jno F Mar
shall as a Candidate for tbo cilice of county
clerk, subject to the action of tho Demociatlo
the News la authorized to announce J W,
FrostMS acanddtite forconnty clerk at the
ensuing tleetlrn, subject to the nct'onoftho
Democratic party
Theews Is authorize i to announce George
T. Kecblc as a candidate for county clerk of
HcLeir.an county, subject to tho action or the
Democratic 1 arty.
wo pic authorized 'o nnroiince thnt Prof. J.
It.Cocycrs Is noudldate for re election to the
olBre f Ccunly Snptrinh tidcut ofl'ubllo In
struction of MeLem an county, subject to the
action of the Democ atlc party.
We are authorized to announce that Robert
8, nous la a candidate for re-election to tho
office of tr aeurrr or McLennan county, subject
to tbo actlou of the Democratic party.
for county snnvEron-
We are authorized to nnnounce Mr. Andrew
Goddard as candidate for re-election to the
ofilce of county enr-ejor, subject to tho action
of the Democratic Party.
on justice op the teaoe .
We are authorized to announce that J. N.
Gallagher Is a est did ate for le-elccllon to tho
( fficc of Justice ofihe t'eace Precinct No. 1,
I'.cLtnrnn county, subject to the action of the
Democratic party.
Wo are authorized to announce J T. Harri
son as a candidate for re-election to tbo office
or Justice rf the Peace Precinct No 1 MoLen
nan county, subject to the action of tbo Dem
ocratic party.
roil C0H8TAI1LB,
The News is authorized to announce Dee
Cook as a candidate for re-election to the otrlce
ofconctablocf ircclnct No 1 McLennan coun
ty, subject to the action of tbo Democratic patty.
Mr. Jamo II Lock wood snthorlzos ns to
announce him as a candidate lor constnble of
precinct No. 1 McLennan cuunty, subject to the
action of tbo Democracy.
A Sound Liver Makes a Well Man
Are you Bilious, Constlpatedaud
troubled with Jnmid SiokHeud
aoho, Bud Taste in Mouth, Flln
Breath, Coated Tongue, Dyspepsia
Indigestion, Hot Dry Skin, Pain in
Back and between tho Bhouldors,
Chills and Foyer, &o. If you have
any of those symptoms, your Ltlver le
out of order your blood is elowly
being poisoned, because your Liver
does not act properly. Hermnk will
cure any disorder of the Iiiver,Sloni
aoh orBowels. It has no equal as a
Liver Medicine. Price 76 cents. Free
sample bottle at H. 0. Ruber's Drug
Sleeper, Chifton & Co., Ladies ooze
2.50S3 and $4.
t 1
7HIIIS MAN has been hunting
with one of II. E. Amhold's
fine guns sure shot. Fine guns
for sale or for hire.
419 Austin Street.
.v oueinamii:.
An Ordinance to Ameud Artiolo 5S4
of the Digest of City Ordinances of
tho City of Waco.
Be it ordained by the city oouncil
of the oity of Waco:
Section 1. That article 5S4 of tho
Digest of the city ordinances of tho
city of Waco shall be so amended as
to read as follows: Whoever in this
oity shall on Sunday sell, offer for sale,
give away, or in any other manner dis
pose of any spirituous, vinous, or other
intoxicating liquors, or shall keep open
the doors of any barroom, saloon, or
other house or place where any such
liquors are kept or sold, or shall play at
any gamo of billiards, pool, bagatolle,
jenny lind, pigeon hole, baso ball or
any other game of chance, at which
anything of value is lost or won, or
shall be engaged in running any horse
race, or shall engage in match shoot
ing, or shall discharge any firo arms
at or in any gun shop or shooting gal
lery, or shall on Sunday march iu any
procession, or otherwise, with musio,
through tho streets or other publio
places, or shall play on any ruusioal
instrument in any publio placo so as
to disturb tho peace and quiet of
others, shall bo deemed guilty of a
misdemeanor, and upon conviction
thereof shall he fined in any sum not
less than twenty nor raoro than fifty
dollars; provided, that so much of this
articlo as refers to processions and
musio shall not apply to funeral pro
cessions nor to cases where tho mayor
shall have given written permission.
Sec. 2. That this ordinance shall
take effect and be in force from and
after its passage.
Passed October 15, 1891
Note The foregoing ordinance,
not having been signed by the mayor
nor roturned to the council with his
objections thereto within three days
after its passage, thereupon became a
law without his signature.
City Secretary.
Wonder Worker.
Mr. Frank Huffman, a young man
of Burlington, Ohio, states that he
had been under the care of two prom
inent physicians, and used their treat
ment until ho was not able to got
around. They pronounced his case
to be Consumption and incurable. He
was persuaded to try Dr. King's New
Discovery for Consumption, Coughs
and Colds and at that timo was not
able to walk across the street without
resting. Ho found, before he had
used half of a dollar bottle, that ho
was much better; he continued to uso
it and is today enjoying good health.
If you havo any Throat, Lung or
Chest trouble try it. Wo guarantee
satisfaction. Trial bottle free at W.
ii. Morrison & Co,, drug store.
The Behr,
Thp latest addition to our stock of
strictly first class pianos, is the Behr
Bros , an instrument with a tone that
is orchestral, yet possessing all the
delicate sweetness of a lute with
Stcinway, Weber, Emerson, Chicker.
ing, Ivers & Powd and Behr. No
hungry musical soul can leave our
ore unsatisfied
Thos. Gogoan & Bro.
liuohlun' Axntoa Halve.
Tho best salvo In the world for outs,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fe
ver sores, tettpr, ohapped hands, ohil
blnlns, oorns anl all skin eruptions,
and positively sues plies, or no pay
required. It la guaranteed to give
satisfaction or nonoy rofundod. Price
26 oouts a box. Fcr sole by W. B
Morrison Do.
tro fa
lilt 1 J1 & ?
I Tho Only Practical Htoreotypo Out
1 lit. Its Superior Advantages.
It is sitnplo, praotionl, cheap, cost
ing, according to size, only Iroin $75
to $160. It can bo jntt anywhere, oc
cupying only tho room of an ordinary
oaao stand. Through its various pat
ented labor-saving devices it is
thoroughly endowed by practical prin
ters, giving all kinds ol results in cast
ing and blocking, viz: Thin lint
plates, patent block plateB, type high
wooden ooro blocked or all metal
Hroliod. Also, it j;ivcs tho advantage
of easting and blocking at the muuo
oporation, exact type high, oxact
widths and exact lengths on and
around tho late patentid hollow sec
tional iroucoro molhod, the easiest,
the cheapest, quickest and best block
ing iu the word. Absolutely without
labor. The outfit dispenses with dan
gerous, costly and complicated ma
chinery, and with its lint Water
Flanked Casting Box and Mould-
Dryer, it is utterly impossiblo tt in
jure type, and tho very finest results
known to plato makers, steteoypin3
or the art of printing is obtained.
Send for descriptive circulars, givitg
full particulars and hundreds of volun
teered testimonials from all parts of
this and other countries. M. J.
Hughks & Co , Manufacturers Stereo
ttpe Outfits and Conical Serow
Quoins, No. 18 Spruce St., New York,
n. r.
N. B. The samo outfit will mako
all kinds of Rubber Stamps.
ForSalo A RateBargain.
1 have a complete set of abstraot
books of tho deed records of tho city
of Waco and its suburbs, consisting
ot thirteen largo volumes, with ample
room to keep the records for twenty
years brought down to date. These
books I wish to soil and will let them
go at a bargain for caah,or I will trade
th;m for real estate in the city of
Waco. Not being able to get a suit
able man to make out abstracts and
keep the books, and being unable to
give the necessary timo to the books
myself, is my reason for wanting to
soil. If desired I can furnish desk
room and vault room for tbe books in
my office for tho purchaser. This is a
splendid opportunity for a man to
start up a good business. The right
kind of a man can get a bargain, not
only in these abstract books, but in
city real estuto. My Hot of bargains
cannot be equaled. Call and see me.
Office in Paeifio hotel building.
James I Moore.
Pianos for Sale.
Emorsou piano nearly now, for salo
cheap, owner leaving tho city. Apply
to George Haydon, 100G North Fifth
Modern Athenian's Dilemma.
"Did I ever tell you," said Thalia to a
reporter, "my awful experience tho only
timo I was ever honored by a call from
ttio elder Salvini? My sister had been
shown many kindnesses by him whilo in
Italy, and had begged him to call on us
when he c.tnie to America. It was tho
maid's aft ei noon out. I was alone in tho
flat with Jack, my nropressiblo ten-year-old
nephew. An auuuised impulso
whiipered to mo that a hot bath was a
good remedy tor headache.
"1 was in my b.tth wrap, my dripping
hair hanging about me, when tho boll
rang. Oh, hor. jrl Tlio name on the card
which Jack poked under tho door was
Tjmuso S.ihim! ,1 knew no scarcely
understood a word of English. 'Jack,'
I gasped, h.iy alter mo till you get it,
"Madame D. est soiti6,"and theu go in
and tiro it oil ut him. He'll know what
it is if you don't Ilo'll go away.' So
said, so done The little scamp caught
tho words qinc-ly ami tepeated them
"Fancy my anguish when Signor Sal
vini began lo question, to 1 egret, to dep
recate in a Hood of bwift Fiench, Jack
tfazmg in widemouthed tenor, 1 on
tlio verge of catalepsy behind tlio bath
room door. Jack boro it as long as ho
could, and then his bky piercing accents
roso upou tho air. '1 don't know what
you're driving ntP wailed ho. 'All 1
know is that she told mo to say sho was
sortio, and I've said it!' Don't ask me
the rest. 1 collapsed in tho bathtub
and tore my hair and wept." Boston
Commonweal tli.
eSnipijrj TTRtAYor mrppng
o joAtud u oauoo o posoddna
si quo ipno joj jooq oq ojoui orr;
raoq; notptAV si osnoq nTjrtoSao;pi
DM .sauji .ioaujcI,, o.xu havo) oq; jo
so.msopui oq jo sapusrrcd oqj OAoqu
SrrtA'p; sSua jo Hjiq snouriQ ptraq
ii3u oir rrjiAY quo oSjuj otrji Srrriui
rulimiin opiqAV pnmq jjot oq; in ppq
SToaqAS. jornjuag tun sno&iod ' qnoA
op ojoui oq jo Aunpj -noA" oirura
A"oqi snoiStTOJ o-ioin oq; porun oxo
A"otri oaora o pan 'wqppng o; nop;
ixHpop pun aio.tiud i;ja. poquosm
,,'siaoqM joa'u.uI,, snoaoumu oaii 'nisi
irppnrj trwioSnojtf jo aio.nmbpuoq
oq 'uSano jo Xjp pojotis oqj ui
101AV JoXvaj l!iiiiiii
Roal Estato Bulletin.
Keportetl by Bakor it Dilworth
T P Sparks and wife to .1 H Mnckov
nml wife, -ir 1-12 feet on Columbus
street botwoon Ninth and Tenth at.,
$5 250.
M A Blookor to Wooo Improvement
company, lot on Third street, south of
Dummy lino, $150.
J T Chamberlain to S W SUyddn,
part of tho Chiuuborlnln survoy,$a000.
It II lthodos to Cocolla Hcott, 50
acres of tho Bridget McUnry survey,
Wo furnish abstracts of title on
short notice.
J. W. Baker.
WIIBIIIIM III! naiiwiimm I
JRroitflit back
to health suffcrcis from tho worst
forms of Skin and Scalp Diseases,
Scrofulous Sores and Swellings, and
all manner of blood -taints. It's
dono by Dr. Picrco's Golden Med
ical Discovery, which purifies and
enriches tho blood, and through it
cleanses and renews tho whole sys
tem. ii,veii Aiiuig-Fcroiuia Known
as Pulmonary Consumption') yields
to it, if taken in timo and given
fair tiial. It's tttarantccd to bene
fit or euro, in every ca-e, or money
paid for it is refunded. Only a
medicino that does what is claimed
for it, could Lo 6old on such terms.
No other medicine, besides tho
" Discovery " has undertaken it.
So positively certain is it in its
curative effects as to warrant its
makers in soiling it, as they aro do
ing, through diuggists, on 'trial
It's especially potent in curing
Tetter, Salt-rheum, Eczema, Erysip
elas, Boils, Carbuncles, Soto Eyes,
Goitre, or Thick Neck, and Enlarged
Glands, Tumors and Swellings.
Great Eating Ulcers rapidly heal
under its beuign influence.
Ballard's Snow Liniment.
This Liniment is different in com
position from any other Liniment on
tho market. It is a scientifio discov
ery whioh results in its being tho most
penetrating liniment over known.
There are numerous white imitations,
which may be rcoommended because
thoy pay the seller a greater profit
Bewaro of these and demand Ballard's
Snow Liniment. It positively oures
Itheumatism, Neuralgia, Cuts, Sprains,
Bruises, Wounds, Soiitio and Inflam
matory Rheumatism, Burns, Scalds,
Soro Feet, Contracted Muscle. Still
Joints, Old Sores, Pain in Back, Barb
Wiro Cuts, Sore Chest or Throat and
is especially beneficial in Paralysis.
Sold by II. 0. llisher & Co.
Will Not Turn Loose.
Tho Royal barber shoD is still
strictly in it so far as the most expert
artists, tho sharpest razors and the best
cosmetics are concerned, and tho fact
that no Texan, whether for Clark or
Hogg, will over be turnod looso after
taking a seat in one of tho comfortablo
chairs of this establishment till ho is
tenderly and closely shaven, to his en
tiro satisfaction, can be vou.hed for
by its many patrons.
Attention, Hunters.
Pups out of Queen B., byJtororQ.
Mills; Queen B., out of Boss by Bex
Imported; Boss out of Queen Im.
portod; Ito?er Q Mills out of Flash
C, by Meteor Imported; Flash C.
out of Flash Imported. Eight pupn
orabovo pedegree for sale oheap. Ad
dross Drawor 30 or Anibold's gun
Ask our patrons if their work is
satifactory and oblique.
Dallas Screen Co.
Remember, our lowest price on
doors is $2, windows 75 cents, all put
up complete. Dallas Scrken Co.
The Dallas Screen Co. is in Waco
to stay, so you will be patronizing
"Home industr" if you patronize us.
Dallas Jscreen Co.
Dr. Goo. P. Mann, dentist. Fall
Pt of upper or lower teeth, i 12.50.
cured nt homo wltu
oiitiiuin. liookofiur
ttcularsbont Fltl.i'
' Atlnt.Oiw OlUcelWUWhitetailw
i Ii.M.wnni.i.rv i ii
Ti.rnce-r ouT.iTTr.ST" ' i-t"VlEN
i.i.uivji tji-ivbiii nit nuiiiu run HIE Mnwtil
. Ill8?",lMsll'.wltliiitnckorwaVii,t;!!I
nnd cap, nml beniute tt-d inula tnqrn tl,"l J'Jl','!
oratle Ihn nanu llu rmn n ttfnetmtr, 1 1 uiuals Thin? I
ri'inUhncrostliiir f rnni 8 1 10 to $(io 'UJIS u:"i(l. I
t) llli, comfortablo nml iltiruulc. Tiro uS
rolTircil nt tin nrlrn t smim ;.:.i .. t
rramlcw. smooth liisl.l.-, Iiray tlirco soils, JjteS
Firm rcti.'( Onoiia rwl I nnrnnu. ""'i "itj.
SK.m thM irlco; ono tr al will cnnWnu i u?!
I whowantasliooforcimifortniiilwrVlce. w
r. -.11 fi.,. nir. .... ,....... :."'
i 5 mm 5V!.IIU Work num.in'n .,.,
p.. nro cry stroii nnd ilurnbte. TlioVn ShJ
linvo Rlrcn thorn n trial will wear no other inafc
saWjro oriitiytliolK)Hccryvlicrc: HicySh
on tbeir merits, ni tlio liiercaslnij mUca uliow. MU
lflfllf5 .I.U(t llnml-HCMcii shoo, be
iUdUICO loiiKoli.crv8tyllsli!cquatjfrenS
ImporloiltliooscostliiRfi-om$IU)toll.ui. '""'
..linilli-s'.'J.rjO, S.J.00 nml S.7;5 hno tm
SIlwcs nro tlio best fine UoiiboU htyllsli nml uurabff
('nut Ion. bio that W. 1 Dougiat nami anS
rrkc nro staiiipcd ou tho bottom of cacti shoo.
Jnl8ton local ndvortloil drnlcra snnnij n?m
W. i,. DOUCLAH, Uroclilon.niniV. tJSJbj
J. Hansel Wood Shoo and Clothing
itiiOon poison.
A dnitrnotive Ront, that, like flre,09&
mmji and f.unthilato life.
la Uicrca ingle particle of li'ood poison
hi your eiim? lt-waio' I.Ike ths de
vouring tl.utie, it ineriMios iu force tnd
leaves unit destruction in its track.
Poison in tln blood is duo sometimes to
contagion, bomittmca it is n (,(nted. It
ruins health, no in itter from which source
it spring It feetU in a horn le manner
on the licsli, and devastates rery orean
of the body I'ltmhlri in the extreme
would ' e tlio condition of lh.it man await
ing death tr i the cITin ts of scrofula,
ivphilii, dce-si tc I ulcers, rottcning ol
the bones, sIuukIuh,; of the llcih, aching
joints, etc., were there no tnlvation tot
nim. Hut tliero i, for, although the
conditions continue to grow worse if neg
lected, he nevertheless can be saved to t,
life of uxefulncss, nnd eerv trnccof blood
poison cm be eliminated from his system
and h be m.ide safe from further auiTer
ing, and his posterity insured .iga'nst the
possibility of a fearful heritage easily and
quickly, if ho will only ue that infallible
antidote for blood poi-nm, Dr. John Bull's
Earsaparllla It contains just such ingre
dients ns nature has provided for cleans
ing the blood of every impuiily, for're
Horing strength to the digestive processes,
for assisting in the correct assimilation ol
nutrition and building up new tissue.
Try it when other remedies have failed.
It has never mid never will disappoint any
one. J U Morse, Clinton, Inil., writei:
" I was for many years affected with con
Ugloua blood polnou. Portion! of my fleB
seemed to bo fulrly putrid nnd mortlfylnf.
My hair foil out, nnd 1 wna nn object of re
pulsion to every one. My breath imelled
horrible, and I hd catarrh so fearfully bad
that pieces of frontal bones rotted nnd came
out tny nostrils. I lost the sense ot taste
and smell. I became ft veiltable one o'
bonos. and weighed onlf clghty-nln
pounds. I could hnrdly sleep from pain,
Snd was so woak I could hnrdly walk. The
octors said I could not live mnny months.
A druggist peruaded me to try Dr. Hull's
H-irsno.irilla, nnd strango ns it niny seem,
that jemedy saved my life nnd biouslit me
baok to health. I now weigh 130 pounds,
am freo from pain t.nd sorts, und aithoush
havo deep scars where sores w ore, I consider
myself In excellent health."
" Don't wait for your child to hav
spasms. Itemovo the worms at once with
Dr. John Hull's Worm Destroyers.
wMy wife had chills nnd fever for
nearly n year. At last Smith's Tonlo Hynip
broke them up, nnd I now prescribe It In my
practice. Dr. A. If. Truvii, Silver Lake, Kat.
Jonw D. Park & Sons, WhoUiaU AgenU,
VH 177 and 7g Sycamore SL, Or-clnnatl, a
Hundreds of fathers who are now
buying medicine for their babies at
tho Old Cornor drug store, thomEelvos
look medbino bought for them at tho
same old cornor by their fathers when
thoy wore children. Things oomo and
go but tho Old Corner drug store re
mains forever.
importr.! slmca Wilcli cost fmm S3(ito im rcDc4
If you havo houses to rent or wish
to rent
If you havo lots, houses, ranohoo or
any other property to buy or soil
You will find it to your interest to
oonsult tho old reliablo real estatemon,
Bell & Sassaman, No. 411, Fran
lin Street.

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