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nldcnce 120 n v i
Keldenco aC9 N 12 St.
Physicians and Surgeons.
kim si Old Corner Drus Store, Tclepnone
Bt OOlco nnd IU-eldeaces.
laughter Sale
Muslin Underwear
1 i.bi:ai, nutECToiis miibalmeiis
518 Aumlll Aventtc.
Tho Groatost Living Man. A
Spooch as Read Between
the Lines.
1 1
J St
E need the room these
rnicEs ni:.isoAntK.
Leave orders with (3. H. Rosenthal
No. 307 Austin avenue.
Zn? a cardtojno. M. Nichols, 203
Sherman St., or leave orders
at Hartison & Co's.
goods occupy,
and have de
termined to close them out
and discontinue the line, and
have made PRICES to clean
up the stock on short order.
and will not last long.
Funeral Directors,
No. 423 Franklin Street.
ODDS and ENDS of
Gofset Stock
Goods, worth from 75c
$1.25, in broken sizes,
Rules and. Regulations at the Park
Open G a. m. to 10 p. m. Saturday
night until la o'clook. Pool reserved
for ladies and children exclusively
only 0 to 12 o'clock Saturday. Tub
ncedlo and vapor baths at all hours for
patients and others. Experienced male
and female attendants day and night.
Tom Padgitt
J. B. Chestnut Proprietor.
Fishing tackle of every doioription
with a full stook of huntors supplies
H. E. A '1BOLDB.
fi. B. listrot & Go.
Corner Eighth and Austin Sts.
Pure and white laia at D cents
per pound in ten gallon cans at Ciur
ten's, corner Fifth and Franklin.
A Mother's Mistake.
Mothers frequently make a mistako
in neglecting tho cough of a child. A
Fort "Wayne, Ind , lady writes: My
little daughter 0-j ears old had a severe
cough but as it was nothing unusual I
thought nothing of it, and allowed it
to run on for 4 or 5 weeks, when it
beoamo so obstinate she began losing
flesh. 1 called in a physician who
treated her three weeks without bene
fit. A neighbor insisted upon my try
ing Ballard's Horehound Syrup; it re
lieved her from tho first d( se and she
began gaining flesh rapidly, when we
had used two bottles her cough had
ontiroly disappeared. I would not bo
without it. It dooa not constipate my
children. Ballard'B Horehound Syrup
is free from Opiates. It's the most
ennthintr throat and lung medioine in
the world. Prico 50o. and $1.00. Sold
by H. 0. Risher.
Buottlen'o Arnica Halve.
The best Balve In the world for onto,
bruises, soros, ulcers, salt rheum, fe
ver sores, totter, chapped hands, ohll
blalns, oorns an-i all skin eruptions
and positively cures pllos, or no pay
required. It Is guaranteed to give
nnriHfiintlon or nonov refunded. Price
25 cents a box. Vcr sale by W. B
Morrison To.
i l r
If our first price is too high then
ask for a lower one, wo manufacture
all grades of work.
Dallas Screen Co.
Elegant Photographs.
Having recently purchased the larg
est as well as the finest photographic
lens in the state, am ablo to make
negatives, 17x20, as a likeness, truth
ful as the embodiment of nature; ar
tistic in lighting ana graceiui in pose;
a beauty and a joy forever. Call on
W. D Jackson, the old reliable
photographer, and see specimens.
Spend an hour if not a dime. A large
assortment ot mouldings ana irames
112 North Fifth street.
Wonder Worker.
Mr. Frank Huffman, a young man
of Burlington, Ohio, states that he
had been under tho care of two prom
inent physioians, and used thoir troat
ment 'until ho wns not able to got
around. They pronounced his case
to be Consumption and inourable. lie
was persuaded to try Dr. King's New
Discovery lor uonsumpuon, oougus
and Colds and at that timo was not
ahlo to walk across the street without
resting. Ho found, before he had
used half of a dollar bottle, that ho
was much better; he continued to use
it and is today enjoying good health.
If you have any Throat, Lung or
ChoBt trouble try it. We guarantee
satisfaction. Trial bottlo free at W.
B. Morrison & Co., drug storo.
Tho Bohr,
ThP latest addition to our stock
strictly first-class pianos, is
Persian Froth: Fruit Bounoe, Glace
and loo cream soda at Molvennon s
Queen of Worcester fountain.
our patrons if their work is
satifactory and oblique.
Dallas Screen Co.
the Behr
Bros., ap instrument with a tone tnat
is cicnestral, yet possessing all tne
delicate sweetness of a lute with
Steinway, Weber, Emerson, unicKer
ing, lvers & Powd
hungry musical soul
nr unsatisfied
Thob. Goggan & Bro.
and Behr.
can leave
For tho best and freshest beef,
pork, mutton, veal, spareribs, fish and
oysters go 10 unppiu cuium
and Franklin.
When you want nlco Iresh meat
mutton, beef pork and purer lard at 10
cents per pound, go to
Mellor & Delaney
125 South Third street.
The News is in receipt of the fol
lowing report of a speech by Gov.
Hogg not s actually spoken but as
read betweeo tho lines:
Fellow Citizens: I need no in.
troduotion to you lor I am Jooms
Stephen Hogg, tho heir apparent to
tho Gubernatorial crown of Texas. I
am the man who was onoo your attor
ney general and I raised inoro Hades
and dono less good than any man that
over preceded me. I am today the
greatest living man in all the wotld
sinco the sad. death of Alexander the
Great, I have been told that in
manner of spooch and general get off
X resemble bam Houston ami that ib
why I opened up my canvass on San
Jacinto day do you catoh on do
you understand r 15y gatlins, givo
mo a gourd. I want to drink a httlo
red blud. I want also to take a sip
of nitric acid and spew it out on Iho
heads of my unloval subieots, such as
Jim Crow Senators, unwiso and
mouthy law makers of the Garwood
stripe, who persist in telling the truth
on me, and those foolish sons of toil
who aocording to my idea are too en
larged for their pants.
What do you think follow citizens
of a motley lot of wool hat skunkB
asking Jeems S. Hogg to appoint one
of their number R. It. Commissioner?
I want thorn to understand that I can
only uso tho Allianae people onoo
ovcry two years and that is for voting
purposes. Do you understand?
People don't understand me for they
say that I said at one place where
lands W6re bought irom It. it a. ana
the title not good, I oould make the
purchasers disgorge, and at another
plaoo I would validato the titles. My
dear boys, a damn fool never changes
his mind, but a smart man like mo
ohangesit whenovorhe thinks it gets
votes, by Gatlins. I am a good deal
like Sam Jones beoause bo always
tells his audience that if his talk gets
too hot to get up and git, but thoy
don't git. That is why I always
make that oirous talk and the fellows
are afraid to leave. Ain't I smart?
I tell you I believe if I lived in New
York instead of Smith cosnty, I would
bo called upon to accopt tho Demo
cratic nomination for tho presidency.
John, tha high priest ot Palestine
told mo on the ouiot that I was tho
brainieBt and grandest statesman since
the days of Jefferson, but that don't
givo mo the big head, I hear it so
often. Can tho people of Toxas put
mo aside? I am the man that told
Gossett what kind of an alien lind
bill to got up. I admit that it did not
Buit exactly, but I made em take un
til Horaco mado his round for senator
I busted many a man by delaying tho
calling of an extra session, but that's
nil rirrht and I never would have
called it if Georgo Clark, Harry Tracy,
Sledge, MoDunald, Garwood and
others had kept still. They aro a lot
nftnnirhs. Thov don't like me. I
oant ubo thorn. I am a patriot,
a true Democrat and ovory ut
terance I make is honest and
from tho bottom of my heart. Fel
low citizens, wero I to tell you or
make one dishonest statement before
God I would want to fall dead on this
spot (a voieo get off tho spot Jcoms,
Charloy Bonner has you cornered)
If you eleot me Governor I promise
you times will bo hardor than thoy are
nnw. for with mv bier right hand I will
.., -. ,, jj
procuro tho eastern Doruer 01 your
stato, and with my No. 12 bacheler
brogans on tho stato line I shall
stamp out of recognition all corpora
tions desiring to entor tho state, and
with that same big right hand I Bhall
murder at tho line any alion bringing
nlman monev to Toxas. I want tbo
bankers who are putting up and man
aging my campaign to lend all tho
money in ToxaB and for the same
good purpose I shall plaoo old John
Reagan at tho northern border; he will
nopri no instructions. He is the
daddy (,f tho interstate oommerco law
on the west I shall place MoLean
we don't got much from that source,
but on tho coast I will place FoBter,
tho man who fixed tho oow men. I
shall mako all theso men do their duty
or loose their head. I shall organize
a regiment of stato pohoo ana at, us
I,.! nill nlnnft Tom Brown. I shall
mako him "zar" or chief of police
the grand old commoner Tom likes
taffy, and by gatlings I have got him
stuck. I am smart. Somebody that
is soaroo on brains can havo a few of
my Hog brains; I am a Hogg.
Tho Great Singlo Contest not Con
cluded Yesterday Patton
The great contest between Messrs.
Patton and.Mallinson was not conclud
ed yesterday. The games were so
hard fought that the fourth game had
to be stopped on account of dark
ness. The score now stands, Patton beat
Mallinson 57 61 75, with the fourth
garni at 2 o, when stopped. The
game will be finished this afternoon.
The lady singles and mixed doubles
will be begun ths afternoon, and it is
thought that the finals will be played
Elocutionary Recital.
There will be a publio recital by
the first class in elooution of Paul
Quinn College (ool) next Friday night,
May 27. Following is tho programmo
arranged for the occasion:
MuBic, scleoted; twenty-fourth
Barbary Fritchie, courtship under
Mubio, solected; Elf Child.
Tennyson's Light Brigade Concert,
Old Folks, Dead Dolly, Order for a
Pioture, Music selected. All tho
above will bo rendered by MiBses D.
Booker and M. Wilhito. Dirootor,
Miss E. D. Owens; invitation com
mittee, Misses Martha Wilhite; and
Delia Booker. Tho motto of tho class
is: "By the stairway of oritioism we
climb to attainment."
Annual Showing of Charitable Work
Done Splendid Showing.
This being the 6th anniversity ol
the Waco Non-Sectarian Society, and
in order that members and friends
who have so kindly contributed may
know of our work, a statement of 'the
past year. May, 1892: Families as
sisted, 37.
Dues paid in $9285
Donations 20 00
Cash on hand from last year.. 25 65
Whoever "v ants soft
hands, smooth hands, white
hands, or a clear complex
ion, he and she can have
both; that is, if the skin is
naturally transparent; un
less occupation prevents.
The color you want to
avoid comes probably nei
ther of nature or work, but
of habit.
Either you do not wash
effectually, or you wash too
effectually; you do not get
the skin open and clean, or
you hurt it.
Remedy. Use Pears'
Soap, no matter how much;
but a little is enough if you
use it often.
All sorts oil stores sell it, especially
tlruggUts , all sorts of people use it.
Total amount 138
Paid out $120
Balance on hand 17
Children's donations to child
ren in toys, goods, books,
and so on $ n
Garments given away, 281.
We have now a membership of 100,
having lost 10 by death, and those
who would know of our future work
we do earnestly invite to meet with us
the first Tuesday in every month at
4:30 p. m at the Fifth Street Metho
dist church.
Mrs. A. J. Leslie, Pres.
Mrs Dr. Willis, Vice-Pres.
Mrs. F Johnson, Seo
Mrs A. 5l Eaton, Treas.
a m m
A Pleasant AiF.tlr Under tho Au
spices of tho E. T. Club Last
The Ever Thursday Club, a social
organization ol young ladies in the
northejn part of tho city, is resp jnsi
ble for a very successful surprise party
at Mr. Conuteson's residence last
night. Contrary to the usual rule in
such cases, it was a genuine surprise.
One couple had announced their in
tion of calling and had arrived when
the balance of the party, which had
gathered at Mrs. Conger's residence,
came in in a body. The surprise was
complete, but Miss Canuteson and her
two charming guests, the Misses Clara
and Ragla Oleson, of ban Antonio,
soon rallied and made tho evening
one long to be remembered by alt
present. The club composed, as it is,
entirly of young ladies, knew that
such a crowd would be sure to find
any hostess unprepared in the matter
of refreshments had arranged for
another little surprise in that direc
tion. At the proper time they sent to
a next door neighbor and brought
over an immense quantity of delici
ous cream, cakes and other delicacies
prepared by the dainty hands of the
members of the club and sent there
to await the proper time.
The evening was passed in music
games and conversations. The Misses
Oleson are expert muiscians and fa
vored the party with several splendid
instrumental solos and duettes.
On the whole the entertainment
was one tnat renecis great.creuit on
Misses Canuteson and Oleson as hos
tess and entertainers.
Tho Only Practical Stereotype Out
fit. Its Suporlor Advantages.
It is simple, praotioal, cheap, cost
ing, according to size, only from $75
to $150. It can bo nut anywhere, oc
cupying only tho- room of an ordinary
case stand. Through its various pat
ented labor-saving devices it is
thoroughly endorsed by practical prin
ters, giving all kinds of results in oast
ing and blocking, viz: Thin flat
platoB, patent block platos, typo high
wooden coro blocked or all metal
arohed. AIeo, it gives tho advantage
of casting and blocking at the samo
operation, exact type high, oxact
widths and exaot lengths on and
around tho late patented hollow sec
tional ironcoro method, the easiest,
the cheapest, quiokest and best blook
iug in the word. Absolutely without
labor. The outfit dispenses with dan
trcrons. costly and complicated ma
chinery, and with its Hot Water
Flaskcd Casting Box and Mould
Dryer, it is utterly impossiblo tt in
jure type, and tho very finest results
known to plato makers, stereotyping
or the art of priuting i "''
Send for descriptive oh. , ftiig
full particulars and hundreds of volun
teered testimonials from nil parts of
this and other countries. M. J.
IIughks & Co , Manufacturers Storco
tjpe Outfits and Conical Sorow
Quobs, No. 18 Spruce St., New York,
N. Y.
N. B.- The same outfit will make
all kinds of Rubber Stamps.
FciSale A RateBargalHr
I havo a complete sot of abstraot
books of tho deed records of tho city
of Waco and its suburbs, consisting
of thirteen largo volumes, with ample
room to keep tho records for twonty
years brought down to date. Thoso
books I wish to soil and will let them
go at a bargain for oaBh,or I will trade
them for real cBtate in the city of
Waco. Not beiug ablo to get a suit
able man to make out abstracts and
keep the bookp, and being unable to
givo tho neceBsary timo to the books
myself, is my. rea'son for wanting to
soil. If desired I can furnish desk
room and vault room for tbo books in
my offico for tho purchaser. This is a
splendid opportunity for a man to
start up a good business. The right
kind of a man can got a bargain, not
only in those abstraot books, but in
city real estate My list of bargains
cannot bo equaled. Call and see mo.
Office in Paoifio hotol building.
Jasieh I.Moori:.
The neatest, ice cream parlor in the
city is Joe Lehman's, Fourth street.
find Whiskey Hablto
cured at home with
outpalu. llOolcolpir.
ttmi'uMtpnt FlIEE.
Allitala.Ua. Office mV. WfaltcfctJl a
Reduced Rates.
Tho San Antonio and Aransas PasB
will give a four cent rate for tho round
trip from Waco to Cameron begin
ning May !50 and good to Juno 3.
Tho dolegates from Navarro Falls
and Limestone would best oomo to
Waoo and go from here.
Electric Bitters.
This romedy is booorning so well
known and so popular as to noed no
special montion. All vho havo used
Elcotrio Bitters sing the samo song of
praiso. A purer medicine docs not
exist and it is guaranteed to do all
that is claimei. Eleotrio Bitters will
ouro all diseases of tho Livor and
Kidneys, will roraove Pimplos, Boils,
Salt Rheum and other affections
caused by impure blood. Will drivo
Malaria from the system and prevont
as well as ouro all Malarial fevers.
For oure of Headache, Constipation
and Indigestion try Eloctrio Bitters
Entire Batisfaotion guaiantced, or
money rofundod. Prico 50 cts. and
$1.00 por bottle at
& (Jo., drug store
W. B. Morrison
Go to Joe Lehman's for
meal any time night or day.

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