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Joii't Kick
About the weather, but call around
aud 6ioke ft fine oigur or rend ono of
our latest books. See the- latest
Fashion papers for Juno just reooived.
BOOTS tf,p
bUU'5 ,!0.
n uu 'ili
m--'- wj
Herz Bros.
Cigar, newsdealers and Stationers,
104 South Fourth street.
ffamtoJ fu-
Lv , vyirmtu .
ivpri.f.rip bsv: wph ?..,
MI', ja " H I -iv ',
&Kl ii-', W- -' F
iSSfc-wX I ft.
n . -zsm
, n m s
Ma .r- , ,Fts -sfV'V L '
iPjXrK?$ti k
Electric Supply Co.
Farmers' anil MerclinntB' Nnt'l Hunk Uutldlng.
Electric Desk Fans from $5.0
to $25.00.
Dichl Ceiling Fans, $35.00 and
upwards, according to length. All
kinds of electrical goods.
1 pound package codec, 20 cents.
lpontr) Jar Jams 121.2 cants.
Fino clgara per box tl.T5
1. 75.
FlneBt teas in Waco.
Best goods, lowest prices.
Finest candlcb In Waco.
Pollte.'atlentlcn nnd ompt dcllvor) Is the
Of Orlbble llroe. Grocers. 505 Austin Avenue.
New Grocery Store
South Fifth St., between Mary nnd Jackson St.
Everything llrat-cluss. Agent tor John llaade's
Fine Ililck, Limn nnd Cement.
HERMAN STOLTE, - - Proprietor.
New Branch Started.
Waco Stoaiu laundry has opened a
Branoh ofiico at Moses cigar stand 110
South Fourth street, Bankers' row.
All orders luft will be promptly at
tendod to.
Friday and Saturday
IB .A.IE3 3--.3:3iTS,
Porter, "ale and Milwaukee bottlo
beer at J. A. Earloy's.
Pianos for Sale.
Eniersou piano nearly new, for salo
.nl.nim mi.iini- lanvinir t.llA P.ltV. AtinlV
to George Hay dou, 1000 North Fifth
Don't drink o minora coffee. Go
to J. A. Euley's and pet tho best.
"The Garment Bespeaks the Artist."
TAlJ'OltS.niJK Aulln Avenue.
Call at Joe Lehman's when you are
hungry. Orders for anything in the
market promptly filled.
Call on J A. Earloy for fine candy,
only 40o per lb.
Sleeper, Clifton & Co., Ladies' Ox
ford TiBB 2
Ladies Oxford Tics $2.50, Ladies Ox
ford Ties $3.
Nothing bettor in Waco than J. A.
Early's 40o oandy.
. m
One complete plant of maohinery
and largo experionoo enablesus to do
tho best of work at lowest prices.
Dallas Screen Co.
A J. Leslio for first-class watoh
clookand jowelry repairing. Same
building with II. E. Ambold Austin
Something New!
Friday and Saturday.
How a Hogg Man Lert It and What
the Indications Were.
The News is in recoipt of a letter
from a gentleman in this county re
lating an amusing colloquy between
himself and an ardent Hogg man who
had been in attendance upon tho
mass meeting in Waco.
"A nice oid gentleman returning
from tho mass meeting in Waco,"
says our correspondent, "stopped on
tho road to get a drink of water and
while resting I engaged him in con
'Have jou just come from tho Hogg
mRs meetingV" was asked.
"Yes, sir. There was a house full."
"What timo did you leave Waco?"
"I left about 2 o'clock."
"Do you live in this county?1'
'Yes, I live about four tnilos wost
of West Station."
"What were they doing when you
' Well I think they were still speak
ing so far as I could loan. I think
however that when I left tho conven
tion was about locked "
"Why you don't mean to say lock
ed do you? It was only called by the
Hogg men and I did not think there
was anything to look."
"Well that is tho way I got it, and
I was there till 2 o'clook. The best
I oould learn was that tho convention
would be looked, or was already so,
and that they were going to drop
Clark and Hogg both and indorse
McCulloch for governor."
The nioe old gentleman looked
very wise, and continued his jaunt
homeward whilo our correspondent
oamo very near falling in the well.
Can't Cook as
How many a young wife's heart has been saddened
by hearing the above remark ! And yet how often the
words are true; especially when cake, pastry or biscuit are
in question ! The reason is plain, yet it is "like telling a
Our mothers used and are using Dr. Price's Cream
Baking Powder. They cannot be misled into using any
of the ammonia or alum powders. No dyspepsia no sallow
complexions, when mother did the cooking.
The first symptoms of ammonia poisoning, says a
New York paper, which appear among those who work in
ammonia factories, is a discoloration of the nose and fore
head. This gradually extends over the face until the com
plexion has a stained, blotched and unsightly appearance
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder is the only pure
cream of tartar powder that contains the whites of eggs.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder is re
ported by all authorities as free from Ammonia,
Alum, or any other adulterant. In fact the
purity of this ideal powder has never been questioned.
Roal Estato Bulletin.
Reported by Baker & Dilwoith
D II Williams to Henry Weaver,
37 i-2 acers of the M Rabajo grant,
J S Meeks to Henty Weaver, 38
acres of the M Rabajo grant, $300.
Henry Weaver to R H Thomas,
37 1-2 acres ol the M Rabajo grant,
R B Hill to J W Dobbs, 37 acres of
Rabajo grant, $475.
J W Dobbs and wife to E F Fay,
37 acres of the M Rabajo grant, $475
City of Waco to foe F Ellison, lot
in Oakwood, $25.
J W Gooch to John Baade, half in
terest in 75 feet on Fifth street be
tween Jackson and Mary streets, $10
and partition; 10 acres of the LaVega
grant, $1.
A E Osborne to Sarah Osborne, 100
feet on Bridge street, in East Waco,
A E and Sarah Osborne to J B
Earle, 100 by no feet on Bridge
street, in East Waco, $1500.
Wo furnish abstracts of title on
short notice.
J. W. Baker.
T. M. Pilwoktii.
Mr. J. G. Adams died last night at
his residenco, 1010 North Ninth
stroet. A woek ago to day he went to
Walnut Springs to the pionio and the
trip was too severo after the severe
spell of fover from which ho had just
recovered and ho suffered a relapse.
Ho was buried at the First Stroet
oometory this afternoou at 4:30. Rev.
Dr. Bourltnd officiating.
Mrs. Page, widow lady who re
sides at No. 1707 Jackson street, is
again quite ill and in a destitute con
dition. All those charitably disposed
will find a woithy subjeot in this lady,
who needs allot tiou.
Mother Did!
That is the kind of a move which is made by purchasers of our
For some reasons it's a bettor movo than
very convincing reason Is that not untill now
goods at such figures". We have never
we don't fool that wo can afford to do it now,
and we are taking the bull by fho horns. It's
both ways. What wo didn't foel that wo could
that you can ail'ord to iiiIrs. Our goods arc on
so don't miss this opportunity, but call
Thoy Endorse Blalno Vote for Any
one But the Democratic
Pursuant to call, published in the
daily papers for some time, the con
vention of "the re-organized Republi
can party" of the Seventh congres
sional district, assembled at the city
hall yesterday afternoon. It was a
convention of "lilly whites" and the
dear colored brother was not in it at
The following delegates were pres
sent : J B Payne, R B Hayes, Geo
O'Brien, C Deane, Robinson county;
Ur A N Armstrong, u isternkorb, A
K Brown, Tom Wright, J C McCune,
Dan Wise, W 11 McCullom, J L Able,
Hathaway, Brazos county; Geo Wie
bush, D D Fairchlld, H M Bryton.
They represented the counties of Bell,
Brazos, balls, Limt stone, McLennan,
Milam and Robertson.
The purpose of the convention, as
stated on the call, was to elect two
delegates and two alternates to the
JNationtl Republican convention o be
held at Minneapolis; also to nominate
one elector and a candidate for the
house of representatives from the
seventh congressional district.
The convention organized with H
M Bryden permanent chairman, and
R B Hayes secretaiy.
Dr A M Armstrong and J S Payne
were elected national dolegates to
Minneapolis, and Louis Stcrnkorb and
II M Bryden alternates George A
O'Brien was nominated presidential
A resolution, offered by A K
Brown endorsing J G Blaine, was
adopted by a unanimous vote.
H M Bryden was elected chairman
of the executive committee for the
seventh district.
The resolutions adopted on the 12th
and 13th ultimo at the mass conven
tion of Republicans at Dallas were
indorsed and adopted as a platform
Dr A M Armstrong was elected
chairman of the executive committee
of the state senatorial district, com
posed of Falls and McLennan counties
Dan Wise was elected chairman of the
McLennan county executive commit
tee J W McCune offered a resolu'ion
which was adopted, that Republicans!
be allowed to vote for anyone they
please outside of the regular Demo
cratic nominee.
Weak Stomach strengthened by
Beeciiam's Pills
A combination of oircumstances of
lato it seems has prevontod Tin:
News from going to press as early as
it should, and hence somo of our sub
soribora who are fnoro eagor than
others, to read the truo reports of the
news of the day at an earlier hour are
kioking. The ondeavor heroaftcr will
be to get tho paper in tho hands of
all its readors at hast half an hour
earlier than heretofore and tho indul
gence of our friends for our former
soeming shortcomings is asked.
Tho great bankrupt stock of D.
Domnon & Bro., is being auctioned
off day and night. Unparallellcd bar
l t -T Si-i
was over niado boforo. Ono
have wo over oH'erod these
wo could ail'ord to do it nnd
folt that
but noeesslty knows no law
a poor rulo that don't work
oilor, you certainly oan't fool
the movo and they must go,
and got our prlcos,
at onco
An 18 size American Watch,
three-quarter plate Quick Train,
straight line escapement, patent
center pinion, patent stem wind,
four paiis fine Ruby Jewels in
settings (15 jewels), expansion
balance adjusted, in a fine Gold
Filled Dueber Case, guaranted to
wear for 20 years for $18.90.
520 AUSTIN St.
Good olnrot wine 23c per bottlo or
s2 50 por dcz , at J. A. Earlej'a.
. m
All lovers of fino cigars shouldn't
fail to call on .1. A. Earlcy.
m m
Tho latest is Persian troth only at
MoKcnnon's fountain.
Sleopor, Chifton & Co., Ladies ooze
2.50, 83 and U.
The largest stock of fino oigars ovor
brought to Waco at J. A. Earley's.
Shoe Bargains.
During tho summer months 1 will
get my fino candios fresh overy woek.
Seo them. All at 'Mi per lb.
J. A. Karlev.
"Tlio Garment Ilcspeaks tho ArtUt."
TAlhOItti,:tU l-ii Aunlin Avenue.
Persian lnotli at McKennon's
fountain leads them all.
All fino brands of liquors kopt at J.
A. Enrlev's.
The .substantial ''Pounding" of Mr.
and Mrs, J. W. Howard at tho hands
of their nnmorous friends (administer
ed in thoir homo Tuesday evening)
waf a pleasant &wcet reminder of
Christian lovo for which thev through
Thk News deairo to return inexpres
sible thank.
A Sound Liver Makes a Well Man
Aro you Bilious, Constlnatodand
troubled with Jiiiii.Une SickHoad
aoho, Bad Tauto in Mouth, Flln
Breath, Coatod Tongue, Dyopepsla
IndlgoHtlon, Hot Dry Skin, Pain lu
Back and botweon tho Shoulders,
Chills and Foyer, feo. If you have
any of theso symptoms, your ulver la
out of order your blood in elowly
boing poisoned, bocause your Liver
does not act properly. Hehhine will
euro any disorder of the Livor,8tom
ach orBowels. It ha no equal as a
Llvor Medicine. Price 76 cents. Free
sample bottlo at rt C. limber's Drug
We don't pieco our work to make
it fit, but make everything to order and
guarantee it. Dallbs Screen Co.

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