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Judgo Clark's Appolntmonts.
Bellvillo, Saturday, May 28
Groosbeeck, Wodncsday, Juno 1.
Georgetown, Saturday, June 4.
Stopbeusville, Wednesday, Juno i,
Mineral Wells, Saturday, Junoll.
JIarqucz, Wednosday, Juno 15.
Palestine, Saturday, Juno 18.
Henrietta, Tuesday, June 21.
Wiohita Falls, Thursday .JJune 23.
Vornon, Saturday, Juno 5.'5.
Tin; Nkws will tako advertising
with the understanding that if it has
not a larger lecal circulation than any
daily paper published in Waco, no
oharge will bo made for the advertiso
mont. Galveston went for Hogg, and
Galveston is a largo oity.
That oauso is weak, indcod, that
bases its sole hope of suocess on tho
prejudices of a people.
George Clark has proven that he is
the people's friend without pandering
to the sentiment hostile to capital.
Ex-Senator Chilton is loading a
dynamite bomb when 'ho advocates
the adoption of tho majority rule in
tho nominating convention.
As Judgo Aldredge says, '"Clark is a
peculiar man and one peculiarity of
his is that ho generally gets what ho
goes after. Ho is after Hogg's po
litical scalp and he will havo it."
George Clark's defense of the peo
ple's homes will win for him the sup
port and lasting gratitude of the oc
cupant of the "cabin by tho wayside."
All industry is paralyzed, business
stagnated and capital fled, from the
effects of ono term of Hogg and "do
as I pleaso-ism." Wo shuddor to
think what would be the effects of
second te:m.
The Fifth ward in Houston, the
railroad ward of the city, went for
Hogg. It was the only ward in Hous
ton carried by the governor. This
doesn't confirm the statement made
by Hogg that the railroad men were
afraid to support him.
The fact that tho proposition to
abolish tho two-thirds rulo comes
from the supporters of Gov. Hogg
shows they do not oxpoot to got moro
than a majority in tho convention.
Their proposition will be heard of no
more forever when they find thoy
lave not oven a majority.
Ab the wave of popular opinion
sweeps on and county after county in
structs for tho littlo Waoo giant, even
the most pig-headed of the opposition
cannot mistake the signs of tho times,
and their utmost and most desperate,
but futilo ondeavors arc now being
made in tho vein hopo of looking tho
oonvontion at Houston.
It seems to us that Gov. Hogg had
better be at homo attending to some
of those numerous things that ho in
tonds to do if ro-eleoted, than
spending his timo inflicting tho dear
jeoplo with an attempted justification
of his mis-administration. If ho does
not do them now ho never will, for
"there is a tide in tho affairs of gov
ernors which taken at the flood leads
down to privato life," and he is seated
on tho very crest of it bejond tho
icaoh of hopo or holp.
The Clark meTTiiTGalveston made
an open, honest fight Wednesday
night, and the Hogg men worked un
der cover. The Clark men had their
headquarters at the Tremont hotel.
The Hogg men's headquarters were
unknown to anybody but a few of the
managers. Walter Gresham is a dele
gate from the Eleventh ward and
Miles Crowley is a delegate from the
Fifth. The city and county of Gal
veston are in the grasp of these two
mon, one a railroad magnate and the
other a ward heeler. The "infloo
ence" that circulates throhgh such
mediums is legal tender.
Tho Dallas News of yesterday eon
tained fiftcon columns sot in nonpariel
tjpo givinR tho oondition and rolativo
aorcago compared with last year of the
cropofToxas, Tho enterprise of tho
Nows in oollcoting and printing this
valuable and interesting information
is without a parallol in tho South and
has been seldom equaled anywhere.
Ono has tho fields of Texr.s,an euipiro
within itself, beforo his oyes whon ho
cazes at this macnifioont roport. A
summary of this voluminous mutter is
as follows:
"The orop roport represents 393
neighborhoods, covering the ootton
and small grain counties of the state
Tho ootton acreage in 270 neighbor
hoods shows a decrease varying from 5
to 75 per cent; in 10 localities an in
crease of from 10 to 300 per cent, and
at 46 points tho same acicago as last
season. Tho increase is principally in
sod lands. Tho average decrease is
As a rulo there was sufficient rain
during the seeding poriod to insure a
cood stand. The season is betweon
two and three weeks lato. The spring
drouth did no damage other than re
tard planting and provent gormination
and growth of plant. In many locali
ties replanting was necessary owing
to cold waves and hailstorms. The
present condition ef tho plant is fully
up to last year's May average.
Tho great'majority of the reports
indicate olean fields and that farmers
are well up with their work. Mois
turo was neoded at tho time the re
ports wero made up, but since then
root soiking rains have been general
except in portions of tho southwest,
west central and northwest sections of
the state, that are pastural rather than
farming' districts. Tho rain will bo
of great benefit, improving tho condi
tion of cotton fully S per cent.
Cut worms are reported in Hardin,
Polk, San Jacinto, Caldwell, Medina
and Maverick counties.
Wheat and oats in the grain belt
proper aro fine and promise a better
yield por aero than last year. The
proposed acreage in whoat was out
short by drouth, but the acreage a9
compared with last season is about
the somo. The acreage of oats shows
an increaso of 20 per cent. Wheat is
finely headed and tho indications are
that tho quality of the grain will bo
better than for years. Outside of the
small grain belt proper tho crops are
short, tho greatest decrease being in
wheat. Tho straw is short but the
plant as a rule well headed. In somo
localities both wheat and oats are
total failures,
Tho condition of other orops aro
promising. Sugar cane is doing finely
on an increased acreage. Corn is
healthy and vigorous, and the acreage
increaso is about proportionately as
large as the deorease in ootton. Some
of tho crop reports noto that farmers
are turning their attention to vegeta
ble gardens to the ncgleot of ootton.
Castor beans arc being oxperimentcd
with, Fruit promises a half crop."
Govornor Hogg in his attempt at a
speech at Paris on the Gth, when
aeoused of appointing Chilton to tho
senate because he was not ombarrassed
(tainted) with a Oonfodorato record,
replied that "I appointed Horace Chil
ton because I wanted to," and then
gently inquired in dulcet tones,
'Does that satisfy you?" Wo tako
pleasure in pointing to this one timo
in whioh his excellency (goaded to it
by ttio spur of tho moment, no doubt),
has told the truth. Ho very evidently
appointed Chilton "beoauso ho wanted
to," as there could bo no other roasDn,
and yet thoro aro a great number of
pcoplo so unreasonablo as to suppose
that there might be even better rea
sons for appointing a senator than
because our executive willed it. This
seems to bo a very popular reason of
our governor's, and explains a great
many of his notions. And still wo
are not satisfied.
Hogg's pitiable effort to array the
country against tho towns is very
amusing. Ho attempts to work on
credulity and prejudice only bringing
tho contempt they so richly merit down
on hiuisolf. Tho farmer is possessed
of intelligonco to vote and act for
himself, and he proposes to do it. Ho
kcops informed on all issues, and all
attempts to mislead him with falso
orics or side-track him on dead issnes
only meet tho sooin of the farmer, and
the fiiluro they deserve. Tbo farmer
has boon an equal sufferer under the
present mis-administration, and ho is
not to be deceived bv loud words and
false . pretenses. Ho knows that
the commission law is engrafted in
the constitution boyond tho power of
forty governors to remove it wero they
so inclined, and tho cry raised by
fiogg and his fuglemen that "tho
commission is in danger" is as sound
ing brass and tinkling cymbals to
their ears. Hogg will learn after a
whilo that the farmers arc not fools,
and will cease to mako himself
Tho Galveston "uiaohino" was well
All the organ factories in the coun
try ae now turning out Cleveland
Hogg is responsible for the situa
tion, but Tudge Clark holds the key to
it. Elect Clark.
Waoo has taken care of seven con
ventions within the past thirty days.
Waco is the convention centre of
Texas was "held up" by that Prince
of Pol.tical Highwayman, James S.
Hogg. The people of Texas are
coming to the rescue.
Cowboys Jlalio n CoiuliYcfor "Dsiiici'."
A band of cowboys in Montana hurt long
noticed a course of behavior on tho part of
a Northern Pacific train conductor which
they determined not to tolerate. The con
ductor did the worst thing, in a cowboy's
opinion, thati any man could do lie acted
like a dude; he "put on style." lie actu
ally went so far as to swing himself oil the
cars before they stopped, and, with one
arm extended and head offensively erect,
would shout: "Dingleville! All out for
Dingleville'" His whole manner was arti
ficial, affected and unbearable.
This being noticed and no one is quicket
to notice the hollow trickery of an eastern
man than cowlwys are the .boys decided
to "take him down." So one day they as
sembled on the station platform in a semi
circular line, into tho curve of which he
must run as he leaped from the moving
cars. The conductor did as he was ex
pected to, the cowboys biirrounded him,
nud he was bidden to dance.
"nance!" they shouted. "Dance, or we'll
shoot the toes off you I"
At the words each cowboy pulled his
pistol and begun shooting down into the
platform planks, not exactly at the con
ductor's feet, but so as to narrowly mis;
them. They blazed nway and he danced,
until, after ho wn all but exhausted and
they had no moro shots to fire, they bade
him go on with the train and never "show
up" at Dinglevillo until he could behave
like a man. Julian Ralph in Harper's
"Wulei' Study.
The Prince of Wales' privato study nt
Saudriugham is anything but pretentious.
It is one of the smallest rooms in the
house and is lit by a largo slnglo window.
Tho woodwork is of all light oak and tho
walls and ceiling of u neutral tint. There
are no hangings, no bric-a-brac, no orna
ments of any kind, no boft rugs even on
tho oaken lloor. The principal piece of
furniture is a solid, square oaken desk, ut
whicli the prince writes all his private
The prince's wastcbasket is odd. It U
from a design furnished by his royal high
ness and resembles a huge chimney pot.
hat. There are no kooks in the room, but
a huge collection of pipes and cigars is ar
ranged on shelves. A telephone connects
Sandrlngham with Mnrlborodgh House,
find is fixed by the bide of the btudy
Paiier from Coriilmsk.
The husk of Indian corn is being used in
the manufacture of paper. In some ex
periments to test this use the husks were
thrown into a rotary boilpr, and after be
ing mixed with caustic soda and thorough
ly boiled they form a kind of spongy paste,
full of glutinous substance. This paste
was then placed in a hydraulic press, so
ns to separate tho gluten from tho fiber.
A compact mass of fiber was then ob
tained, which is worked in various ways.
New York Telegram.
Experts in geograp'hyaro doubtful as
to the roport that Emin Pasha has di3
covpreCUho source of the Nile.
Good olaret wine 25c per bottle or
$2 50 por doz., at J, A. Eorlej'a.
Tho latest is J'ersian Froth only at
MoKonnon's fountain.
Tho largest stock of fine oigars over
brought to Waoo at J. A. Parley's.
Alllovoraof fine oigara shouldn't
fail to call on J. A. harley.
i .. ..-.I. m
Ask our patrons if their work is
satifactory and oblique.
Dallas Sckuen Co.
Removal Notice.
J. C. Stephenson & Son, under
takers, have moved from Austin street
to 1 1 1 South 4th street where thev
are prepared to do undertaking work
in the best style. They havo with
them a professional undertaker and
embalmor who has eight years exper
ience in a large southern city. We
guarantee satisfaction. Open day and I
night. Telephone at store and resi
dence. J. O. Stephenson & Son, ,
1 1 1 bouth 4th b rect
Diam nds, watches, jewolry, silver
ware nnu bric-a-brao, all going at a
great saorifico at tho groat bankrupt
stook of D. Domnon
tfc Bro.: Brown &
Co., auctioneers.
always on hand.
Silver Shield Hams
J. A. Eahlev's.
It is not only low prices but high
quality wo claim.
Dallas Sokekn Co.
Joe Lehman's restaurant is open
all night now. The best in the city
to get a meal
Lewine Bros.
Make Extraordinary Outs This Week!
( GRENADINES in solid, stripes, fancy
figures, regular prices at $1.50, $i75
.00, $2.25, will be offered at the uniform
price of $1.00 a yard.
THIS WEEK, and the last chance, we
will sell all our thirty-two inch FRENCH
Hundreds of articles are laid out on our counters that
cannot fail to convince any one that sees them that they are
cheap, and if you want to save money, come and PRICE our
Have removed from Pacific Hotel to Room 28, Provident Bld'g
Manfactuiers 1
Alexandre's Baking Powder.
Alexandre's Pare Bpioea.
Alexandre's Java and Rio
Moore Bros' White
FTnTrlniy nnrnhimaH Mr A lantiH.ol.
orders promptly. Patronize Home Institutions. Buaf,Cflr(ur efforts to main
waco a ureac Manufacturing Centre.
Try tho Queen nt MoKonnon's drug
storo for ell tho latest drinks.
Frosh shipment of Cakos and Crack
ers just roocivod at J. A. Earloy's.
Dr. Goo. P. Mann, dentist. J Full
et of uppor or lowor tooth, $12.i)0.
Removal Notlco.
We will occupy stablo on Austin
Avenue, 604 and 606, after May 1st.
The finest turnouts in the city. The
best attention given boarding horses.
Very truly.
"Winfery & Hill.
Until further notice, wo will givo a
present with every 50 oents worth
you buy, you select tho presont your
solf. This enabloB you to got some
thing you want, saving you the
trouble of keeping track of tickets for
a slated amount perhaps for an
artiolo you don't want. The trade wo
havo established in tho past eight
years is sufficient guarantoo that our
dealings aro correct, and our goods
must bo low. We always give what
we advertiso, oven if wo looso. Every
house can't say this. We deliver goods
to any part of Waco. Sco our cheap
tinware, glassware, crockery waro and
fancy goods. Cut this out.
703 Austin Ave.
Wholesale Grocers,
Blend CofibeJ
Wine and App'I Vinegar.
MoortySros' Pure Cider.
MofkBroa' Flint Candy.
kii.tn.. . - WnnW nren&red to till

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