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ft. H, WILKK8, M D W. O. WILKK8, M D
Residence 120 NO St. ltesldcnco ;it0 N 13 St.
Physicians and Surgeons.
6ltc at Old Cornor DruR Bloro. Telepnono
at UDlco nnd Residences.
GIB Atihtln Avenue.
iVACt), : : : tux as.
rnicr.s iieasonahli:.
Loavo orders with C. H. Rosenthal
No, 307 Austlu avenuo.
Drop a card to Jw. M. Nichols, 205
Sherman St., or leave orders
at Hartison & Cos.
Funeral Directors,
No. 423 Franklin Street.
Rulos and.Regulatlons at the Park
Open C a. m. to 10 p. m- Saturday
night until 12 o'clock. Pool reserved
for ladies and children exclusively
only 9 to 12 o'olook Saturday. Tub
needlo and vapor baths at all hours for
patients nnd others. Experienced male
and fomalo attendants day and night.
Tom Padqitt
J. B. Chestnut Proprietor.
, . . .
Fishing taokle ol every description
with a full stook of huntors supplies
H. E. A '1BOLD8.
Pure and whito lara at 9 cents
per pound in ten gallon cans at Ciur
ten's, cornor Fifth and Franklin.
Buoklen'a Atntca. Halve.
Tho best salve In the world for ants,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fe
ver sores, tetter, chapped hands, ohll
blalns, corns ani nil skin eruptions,
and positively jUTes piles, or no pay
required. It is guaranteed to give
satisfaction or money refunded. Price
25 cents a box. Fcr salo. by W. B
Morrison & To.
If our first price is too high then
ask for a lower one, we manufacture
all grades of work.
Dallas Screen Oo.
Persian Froth; Fruit Bounoe, Glaoo
and loo cream soda at McKcnnon's
Qucon of Worcester fountain.
Bccucia Fan.
Tho San Antonio and Aransas Pass
will givo a four cent rate for tho round
trip from Waco to Camoron begin
ning May 30 and good to Juno 3.
Tho delegates from Navarro Falls
and Limestono would best como to
1 Waco and go from here.
The New Discovery.
You havo heard your friends and
neighbors talking about it. You may
yourself bo one of tho many who know
from personal experience just how
good a thing it iB. If you havo over
triod it, you aro one of its staunoh
frions, beoauso tho wonderful thing
aboutit is, thot when onco given a
trial, .Dr. King's New Discovery ever
after holds a place in the house. If
you have never used it and should bo
afilioterl with a cough, cold or any
Throat, Lung or Chest troublo, secure
a bottle at once and givo it a fair trial.
It is guaranteod every time, or money
refunded. Trial Bottles Free at W.
B, Morrison and Co.
QUR Lace and Embroidery
Department has done a very
large business this season. In
consequence we have accumu
lated quantities of SHORT
LENGTHS, from one to five
yards, which we have marked
at prices very much below
their regular value.
Ladies' Shirt Waists
ODDS and ENDS of
About 20 dozen assorted
Sateens, Percales, Cheviots,
etc., etc , worth from 75 cents
to $1.50,
50c. for CHOICE
H. B. Mistrot & Co,
Corner Eighth and Austin Sis.
Elegant Photographs.
Havinc recently nurchased the larg
est as well as the finest photographic
lens in the state, am able to make
negatives, 17x20, as a likeness, truth
ful as the embodiment of nature; ar
tistic in lighting and graceful in pose;
a beauty and a joy forever. Call on
W. D. Jackson, the old reliable
photographer, and see specimens.
Snend an hour if not a dime. A larce
assortment of mouldings and frames
112 North Filth street.
You Should Not Be Without It.
Every family is liable to havo ho--rcditary
taint of consumption in it
It may date baok three or four gen
erations. This fact makes it neces
sary always to havo on hand a remedy
with which to combat this formidablo
disease. A cough when taken at first
can readily be cured before it gets a
serious hold on tho lungs. Ballard's
Horebound Syrup when taken in its
early stages will euro consumption.
It is guaranteed to bring relief in
overv case, when used for any affeo-
tion of tho Throat, Lungs and Chest,
such as Consumption, Inflamation of
the Lungs, Bronohitis, Asthma,
Whooping Cough, eto. It is pleasant
to take, perfectly safe and can always
be depended on. Sold by H. C.
Risher & Co.
Tho Behr,
Tho latest addition to our stock of
strictly first-class pianos, is the Behr
Bros., .id instrument with a tone that
is oicnesiral, yet possessing all the
delicate sweetness of a lute with
Steinway, Weber, Emerson, Chicker
ing, Ivers & Powd and Behr. No
hungry musical soul can leave our
ore unsatisfied
Thos. Gogqan & Bro.
For tho best and freshest beof,
pork, mutton, veal, spareribs, fish and
oysters go to Orippin oornor Filth
and Franklin.
k mubu jpuu n-M. m.v- - --.
TXT linn vTJtii rrtnnf nlnn irflCrl YY1fflt.
mutton, beof pork and purer lara at J.U
oentB per pound, go to
Mellor & Delanet
125 South Third street
The neatest, ice cream parlor in the
city is Joe Lehman's, Fourth street.
Display of Itrmnrknhlo Ncre l!y n Ten
derfoot In InMihiK n ClinlleiiBe.
"I onco saw a challenges to n duel Issued
nnd accepted and the time, place nnd
wenpuus tinmnl. The affair, however, did
not como to nny lnsue."
Tho speaker wns Dnn Qulnn, tlio well
known writer of wild nnd woolly western
character and dialect stories.
"It wns in Dendwood," s,uld he, "about
eight years ago, nnd tho two men who
were to have been tho paiticipants hnd
been wiarllng at each other for many days.
Ono of them was n young, consumptive
looking fellow from somewhere east, nnd
of course was held in much contempt by
tho old timers. In soma indefinable wny,
however, many of them seemed to havo n
kind of respect for him, ns on ono or two
occasions he had given evidence thnt per-
jiups iiuer au no was not to Uo laughed
at. He was, to these seinindmlrcrs, nn un
known quantity, nnd while they wcro nil
anxious for somo opportunity to present
itself in which he would show what lit
wns mndo of, yet not 0110 of them cared to
furnish tho looked for chance.
"Tho man who did tho snarling wns per
haps the only mnn in the f-elect clique that
hung around tho saloon where tho quarrel
finally materialized who did not believe
that tho tenderfoot had any nerve, and he
never missed an opportunity to intimate
as much. On tho night in question the
two men hnd been unusually Bpitcful, and
it was a cinch thnt thero would bu trouble
beforo tho daylight broko in.
"Finally tho old timer made n remark to
tho other that there was no mistnkinL'. It
mennt business. Tho young fellow heard
it, and without moving a hand announced
to tho other that he had heard tho remark
and that ho had n proposition to make.
Tho crowd was in the right humor nnd the
boy wns allowed to go on.
"Ho said that ho was a tenderfoot. He
wns nwnro of it, ho declared, and he felt
sorry, but ho also said that if the other
would givo him n fair show ho would fight
him. Then ho made what was considered
a remavknblo proposition. Ho nsked his
nntngonist to lay nside his genr, to mnke
no plays, but to issue him n challenge to
battle royal. Ho had, ho said, conscien
tious scruples against being tho nggressor
in n quarrel, but ho was perfectly willing
to do tho squaro thing when tho show
down came.
"Well, nfter much parley tho big fellow
agreed to the deal and tho challenge waa
issued. The boy at onco nccepted it; named
guns ns tho weapons, tho plnco tho fen loon
and tho time right then. But his condi
tion under which tho duel was to bo fought
was tho remarkable part of it. Heinsisted
that he nnd his opponent should stand
face to face, with tho toes of their right
boots touching. Their guns wero to bo in
their belts, nnd nt tho word they wero to
draw nnd fire. Thero could bo only one
result. It wns n during proposal, but
whether it was n bluff or not was novel
known. The other crawfished nnd npolo
gized, nnd tho outcome of it wns that the
two men became partners. But nobody in
Deadwood ever intimated again that the
ycung fellow was lacking in nerve. He
showed that ho had something about him."
Chicago Inter Ocean.
Australian Hospitality.
Australian station hospitality keeps the
latchhtring always out and wiys, "Como
when you wish, do what you like, nnd
stay as long as you can." A writer says
that tho Australian host places himself,
his family, and all that is his. at tho serv
ice of the guest fishing tackle, breech
loaders, horses and servnnts. Such hospi
tality is rarely abused, though tho writei
mentions one exceptional case, where the
guest prolonged his visit until it woro out
his welcome. To ono station camo a vis
itor, whose original intention of staying n
mouth wns reconsidered, nud ho remained
Six months passed, nnd he was still there.
Ho enjoyed himself hugely with horses,
dogs and guns, developed nn encouraging
appetite, nnd his host did not complain.
After about nine months the host's man
ner becamo less warm, and nt tho end of
tho year ho spoke no more to his guest.
Tho latter was not sensitive, but lingered
on for tho space of a second year, when he
departed nnd went to visit somebody else.
During these two years he was never told
thnt ho hnd staid long enough and would
do well to go away. Manchester (Eng
lund) Times.
Tortoises Thnt Mario Gooil Kilting.
No provisions for ships wero ever found
equal to tho Galapagos tortoises, which
will remain in good condition for a yeai
without food or water. A supply of the
latter is carried by tho animals in n bag,
which contains ns much ns two gallons
sometimes. They nro very sagncious, nnd
when kept on deck enn bo taught to con
fine themselves to any space arranged for
their accommodation by whipping them
gently with a ropo's end when they got out
of it. Tho meat is said to bo finer than
that of green turtle.
Dampier, tho explorer who visited the
islands in 1KH, wrote that tho flesh re
sembled n pullet's in flavor. "Tho oil," he
says, "wo kept in jars, and used it instead
of butter to eat with dumplings." Rogers,
in 1707, wrote: "Tho eggs of tho turtlo are
03 big ns thoso of n goose, white, hard
shells and exactly round. Two men rode
on the back of ono of tho crentures, which
weighed 700 pounds, nnd it carried them
with ease." Boston Transcript.
Julia Ward Howe nnd Her Orundpn.
With nil his gravity, Grandfather Ward
hnd his glenms of fun occasionally. It is
told that Julia had a habit of dropping
oft her slippers while nt table. One dnj
her father felt a wandering Bhell of kid,
with no foot to keep it sternly. Ho put
his own foot on it and moved it under his
chair, then said in his deep, gravo voice,
"My daughter, will you bring mo my
seals, which I have left on tho tablo in
my room?" And poor Julia, after a vain
and frantic hunting with both feet, was
forced to go, crimson cheeked, white
stockinced nnd bllpperless, on tho re
quired errand. She would never have
dreamed of asking for the shoe. Laura E.
Richards in St. N icliolasj
Vtluu lTo Dl.lnu Sny.-.tir. 1'oiullc
toii OrBttii MrtlicN It Still Plainer
ThatM , Pendleton In n lloilccr,
lit Uoln nit Evcrr Time.
From tno Bolton .Reporter.
Mr. Pendleton said that in the last
days of April, '91 ho was at Corsicana
and Col. Mills told him that a dispatch
jn the Galveston News stitcd that
Gov. Hogg had appointed Chilton bo
cause "ho was not embarrassod by a
confederate record." Ho (Pendleton)
wont to Austin several days after and
in a somewhat warm conversation
With Gov. Hoo-i? nhmir, tlm mnrlto
Mills and Chilton, Pendloton advocat
ing Jims, and Hogg, Chilton, Gov
IiOKCr Said that "hn wns tirn.l nf fV,!-
bloody shirt racket, beoauso it waa
keeping up troublo botweon the
seotioos." Supposing Gov. Hogg had
heard of tho statement in tho Galves
ton News, and as Gov. Hogg did not
refer to or deny it, ho fPondlotonl
vory naturally regarded Gov.
lloggs languago as a con
firmation Of tho News' fiinrornnnt A
fow minutes later ho mot Senator Pago
in mo rotunaa ot tno capito, and Pago
called his attention to tho News' state
ment. Pendleton then repeated to
Page the languago that Gov. Hogg
hau used to him.
Mr. Pendleton further said, that ho
had talked to iriopds here, at homo,
about this language, used by Gov.
Hogg and had, ho thought, said to
thorn, that Gov. Hogg did say that
"he appointed Chilton becauso ho was
not embarrassed by a Confederate
record," basing tho statement upon
tho report in the Galveston News
which he had not seen, but which
had been oalled to his atten
tion by Col. Mills and Sonator
Page, but ho had nover told anyone
that he, IIogg,had used that indontical
languago in their conversations, and
aftor Hogg's denial, the languago ho
did uso to him, Pendloton, amounting
to nothing.
Mr. Pendleton wroto to Hon. R. Q.
MMls and received tho lottor which wo
Erivo below. Wo nlsn nnlilisli lii-lnnr
tho dispatoh sent to tho Galveston
xuwo ujjuu wmen ino enure matter
was based.
House op XIfpuesantativks U. S.
Washington, March S, '92.
lion. Geo. 0. l'euilloton:
Dear Sir Yours of Fobruary 25th
to hand. Tho paper I showed you
was tho Dallas Nows issued noxt
morning after Sonator Chilton's ap
pointment. It was a dispatch to that
paper irom its Austin correspondent.
You can get a copy of tho paper at tho
office. I have none.
Yours truly,
K. Q. 5llLLS.
Galveston News, April 20, Austin
Correspondence Tho governor bo
lioves in giving the young Democracy
a ohanoo. lie wants men in the sen-,
ato to work for the South who aro not
embarrassed with tho prcjrdices
which attach moro or less to tho war
and reconstruction period.
Waoo Juvenile Cavalry Recruits
All boys of good charaoter undor
the ago of 10 years, will bo onlistod
to the company, providing thoy oan
pass a slight examination by tho
Must bo mounted and capablo of
managing their horses,
It costs nothing to join. All that
is required is obodionce. Lessons
given by tho drill master M. B. Davis.
Eaoh recruit must buy his own
uniform for tl o first time, whioh costs
$9.25, sabro and belt $5.
After the first of June no recruits
will bo takon until Soptombor. Bo
port to Robt. S. Ross at the court
house, or M. B. Davis at The News
offico or myself in ohargo of company
on regular drill days.
Regular drill on Saturday from 3
p. m. until sundown.
Richard M. Beaud, Captain.
i urn
Spring Medicine.
Dr. Gunn'a Improved Liver Pills on
aocount of their mild action aro espe
cially adapted for corrooting Bpring
disorders, fiuoh as impuro blood, tirod
brain and aching and worn out body
They aot promptly on tho Livor and
Kidneys; drivo out all impurities from
tho blood, and malaria from tho sys
tem. Only ono Pill for a Dobo. Try
them this spring. Sold at 25 oonts a
box by W. B. Morrison & Co.
Ono complete plant of maohincry
and largo experience enables us to do
tho beat of work at lowest prices.
Dallas Screen Co.
j (Tasteless-Effectual.)
S I'fftf 111
t Such as Sick Headache. Wind and Pain In the j
J Stomach. Giddiness. Fullness. Swelling alter J
Meals, Dullness. Drowsiness, Chills, Flush.
J Ings ol Heat. Loss ol Appetite. Shortness of j
j Breath. Costiveness, Scurry. Blotches on tho i
I Skin. Disturbed Sleep. Frightful Dreams. All
j Nervous and Trembling Sensations, and lr-
regularities Incidental to Ladies. J
5 Covered with a Tasteless and Soluble Coating.
Of alt druggist. I'rlcc 25 cents a Doj.
New York Depot, 6 Canal St. J
in J
Tho Only Practical Storeotypo Out
fit. Its Superior Advantages.
It is Biniplc, praotioal, cheap, cost
ing, according to size, only from $75
to $150. It can bo put anywhere, oc
cupying only the room of an ordinary
case Btand. Through its various pat
ented labor-saving devices it is
thoroughly ondorsod by praotical prin
tors, giving all kinds of results in cast
ing and blooking, viz: Thin flat
plates, patent block plates, typo high
wooden coro blocked or all metal
arched. Also, it gives the advantage
of casting and blocking at the samo
operation, exact type high, oxact
widths and exaot lengths on and
around tho lato patented hollow soc
tional ironcoro mothod, the casiost,
the cheapest, quickest and best blook
ing in the word. Absolutely without
labor. The outfit dispenses with dan
gerous, costly nnd coraplicatod ma
chinery, and with its Hot Wator
Flasked Casting Box and Mould
Dryer, it is utterly impossiblo tc in
jure type, and tho very finest results
known to plato makers, stereotyping
or the art of printing is obtained.
Send for descriptive oirculars, giving
full particulars and buudreds of volun
teered testimonials from all parts of
this and other countries. M. J.
Hughes & Co., Manufacturers Storco
tjpe Outfits and Conical Sorow
Quoins, No. 18 Spruce St., New York,
N. Y.
N. B. -The Bamo outfit will mako
all kinds of Rubbor Stamps.
ForSale A RaroBargaln.
I havo a complete sot of abstraot
books of tho deed records of tho oity
of Waco and its Buburbs, consisting
of thirteen largo volumes, with nmplo
room to keep tho records for twenty
years brought down to date. Thoso
books I wish to soil and will let thorn
go at a bargain for cash,or I will trade
them for real estate in the oity of
Waco. Not being ablo to get a suit
able man to mnke out abstracts and
keop tho books, ur.d being unablo to
givo the neocssary tiino to the books
mysolf, is my reason for wanting to
Bull. Ifdoeiredl oan furnish desk
room and vault room for tho books in
my office for tho purchaser. ThiH in a
splondid opportunity for a man to
start up a good business. The right
kind of a man oan got a bargain, not
only in these abstraot books, but in
city real estate My list of bargains
cannot be equaled. Call and see mo.
Office in PaoiOo hotol building.
James I, Moore.
This is Pretty Good.
Mr. John 0. Goodman, a oarpentor
of Danvillo, 111., writes: "About
two weeks ago a heavy Baw log foil
upon my foot very badly orushing it
it, so that I waB unablo to walk at all.
I sont for a bottle of Ballard's Snow
Linament and kept my foot well sat
urated with it. It is now two woeks
sinco this happened, and my foot is
nearly well and I am at work. Had
I not used 8now Linimont I'should
h&vo been laid up at least two months.
For hoaling Wounds, Sprains, Soroo
and BruisuB it has no equal. No in
flamation can exist whero Snow Lini
mont is used. "You oan ubo this let
ter." Bowaro of all whito liniments sub
stituted for Snow Liniment. Thoro
iB no other linimont liko Ballard's
Snow Linimont. Sold by H. 0. IUoh
or & Co.
Nothing better in Waoo than J. A.
Early's 80o candy,
The Dallas Screen Co. is in Waco
to stay, so you will be natromzinc
"Home industry" if you patronize us.
Dallas bcREE Co.
A J. Loslio for first-olass watoh
clook and jowelry ropairing. Samo
building with n. E. Ambold Austin
Go to Joe Lehman's for a good
meal any time night or day.

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