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Bdldenco 120 N 9 8t UoalUenco :iC0 N 12 St.
Physicians arid Surgeons.
5lte at Old Cornor Drus Blore. Tolepnone
At Ofllco and Residences.
Jit Hn 51 f tVl rt
fll8 Austin Avenue.
WACO, : : ; TEXAS.
Leave ordors with (J. H. Rosonthal
No, 307 Austin avenuo.
xjlvy - rrxisxE
Drop a card tojno. M Nichols, 20J
Sherman st., or leave orders
at Harrison & Co's.
Funeral Directors,
No. 423 Franklin Street.
Rules and. Regulations at the Park
Open G a. m. to 10 p. m- Saturday
night until 12 o'clock. Pool reserved
for ladies and children exclusively
only 9 to 12 o'clock Saturday. Tub
needlo and vapor baths at all hours for
patients and others. Experienced male
and female attendants day and night.
Tom Padgitt
J. B. Chestnut Proprietor.
Fishing tackle of every description
with a full stook of hunters supplies
H. E. A 'iboldb.
Pure and whito lam at 9 cents
per pound in ten gallon cans at Ciur
fen's, cornor Fifth and Franklin.
finoblen'a Axitua Halve.
The best salve In. the world for outs,
bruises, sores, aloers, salt rheum, fe
ver sdres, totW, ohapped hands, chll
blalns, corns ani nil skin eruptions,
and positively vutob piles, or no pay
required. It is guaranteed to give
satisfaction or mopov refunded. Price
25 cents a box. For sale by W. B
Morrison 7o.
If our 'first price iB too high then
aek for a lower one, we manufacture
all grades of work.
Dallas Screen Co.
Jjersian Froth? Fruit Bounoe, Glace
and Ico' cream soda at McKennon's
Queen of Worcester fountain.
Bicvcid fait.
Tho San Antonio and Aransas Pass
will give a four cent rato for the round
trip from Waco to Camoron begin
ning May 30 and good to Juno 3.
The dole gates from Navarro Falls
and Limestone would best oomo to
Waco and go from here.
The New Discovehy.
You have heard your friends and
neighbors talking about it. You may
yourself be one of tho many who know
from personal experience just how
good a thing it is. If you have over
tried it, you aro one of its staunch
friends, because tho wondorful thing
about it is, that 'when once given a
trial. Dr. King's New Discovery ever
after holds a placo in tho house. If
you havo never used it apu should do
afflioted with a cough, cold or any
Throat, Lvng or Chest trouble, secure
a bottle at once and give it & fair trial.
It is guaranteed every time, or money
refunded. Trial Bottles Free at W.
B. Morrison and Co,
ji.. " 3-nar.iNiWj. !. -.-vm'
QUR Lace and Embroidery
Department has done a very
large business this season. In
consequence we have accumu
lated quantities of SHORT
LENGTHS, from one to five
yards, which we have marked
at prices very much below
their regular value.
Ladies' Shirt Waists
ODDS and ENDS of
About 20 dozen assorted
Sateens, Percales, Cheviots,
etc., etc , worth from 75 cents
to $1.50,
50c. for CHOICE
EL B. listrot & Co.
Corner Eighth and Austin Sts.
Elegant Photographs.
Having recently purchased the larg
est as well as the finest photographic
lens in the state, am able to make
negatives, 17x20, as a likeness, truth
ful as the embodiment of nature; ar
tistic in lighting and graceiul in pose;
a beauty and a joy forever. Call on
W. D Jackson, the old reliable
photographer, and see specimens.
Spend an hour if not a dime. A large
assortment of mouldings and frames
1 1 2 North Fifth street . '
You Should Not Be Without It.
Every family is liable to have he
reditary taint of consumption in it.
It may date baok three or four gen
erations. This fact makes it neces
sary always to have on hand a remedy
with which to combat this formidable
disease. A cough when taken at first
can readily'be cured beforo it gets a
serious hold on the lungs. Ballard's
Hoichound Syrup when taken in its
early stages will euro consumption.
It is guaranteed to bring relief in
every case, whon usod for any affec
tion of tho Throat, Lungs and Chest,
such as Consumption, Inflamation of
the Lungs, Bronohitis, Asthma,
Whooping Cougb, eto. It is pleasant
to take, perfectly safo and can always
be deponded on. Sold by H. C.
Risher & Co.
. Tho Behr,
Thp latest addition to our stock of
strictly first-clasB pianos, .is the Behr
Bros,, d instrument with' a tone that
is cicnestral, yet possessing all the
delicate sweetness or a lute with
Steinway, Weber, Jmerson, Chicker
ing, Ivefs & Powd and Behr. No
hungry musical soul can leave our
ore unsatisfied
' Thos. Gogoan & Bro.
For tho best and freshost beef,
pork, mutton, yoal, spareribs, fish and
oysters go to Crippin, cornor Filth
and Franklin.
When you want mco fresh meat
mutton, beef pork and purer lard at 10
oontB per pound, go to
Mellor & Delaney
125 South Third street.
The neatest, ice cream parlor in the
city is Joe Lehman's, Fourth street.
A Private totter Mutilated and an
Extract Read
ttov. Iloec A Trick' lo Work up
More Prejudice AcuIiim the Hull
remits A Iuii;croiiN fllclliod or
CuinpulKiiliiK Hint IlrcctU tlio
ICilliUeMt .ocliiliwii-.Such JUctliodK
Tltu People Will Itouiilio.
Galnebton, May 27. Tho pur
ported ciroular, alleged to havo been
issued by Mr C. 0. Wheeler, general
managcr.of tho Gulf, Colorado and
Santa Fo railway, advising employes
to tako issue with tho company
against the railway commiB&ion, and
whioh wasinjocted intothecampaignby
Governor Hogg in a recent speech and
adversely oommented on by some pa
pers, was never promulgated by Mr.
What was posted upon the bulletin
board at San Angelo rountfhouso was
an extraot from a private lotter, writ
ten by Mr. Wheeler November 11,
ISPl, to Mr. J. Billingham, master
mechanic of this city, of which tho
following is an exact copy:
Gulp Colorado and Santa Fe Co )
Office of General Manager j
Galveston, Tex., Nov. 11, 1S92.
Mr. J. Dillingham, Matter Mechanic, City.
Dear Sir With return of your
letter of November 4, with telegram
attached, from E. O'Kefe, I wish to
say it is impossible for us to make
a reduced rato to tho engi
neers from Copoville, as men
tioned in your "letter, from tho fact
that the railroad commission, in is
suing their different circulars, have
put us in that position vhore we aro
unable to make reduced rates to any
one, except as we do this upon our
own order, to movo persons from ono
point to another. Beforo tno rail
road commissioners took upon them
selves the regulation oi these matters,
we were very glad and willing at all
times to favor our employes in every
way possible, but the railroad com
mission have taken this matter entire
ly into their own hands, and so muoh
so that we have no discretion in tho
matter. Otherwiso I would be pleas
ed to accommodate them with employ
es, rates tho same as was done previ
ous to the railroad commissioners reg
ulating this matter. ,
In this connection I wish to say
that it is tho duty of everyone of our
employes, wherever it is done, to take
sides with their employers as against
tho railroad commission. From the
fact' that in the matter of
cotton alone the railroad com
mission has reduced our earnings
$100,000 per year and before they get
through reducing rates I am confident
that it will amount to, on all commo
dities, $250,000 per year, and it is in
the interest of tho employes, as well
as tho officials in this .and all other
companies in the state of Texas, to
take a decjded stand as against the
railroad commission, and if possible
when there h a ohanoo for another
election to do away with tho powers
that they now havo.
Yours truly,
0. O. Wheeler.
General Manager.
Tho date of this letter Bhows conelu'
sivoly that it was not w'ritten for cam
paign effeot. Mr. Wheeler, while
derreoating being brought into the
present campaign, declares most em
phatically that he has issued no circu
lar or instruction of any oharaoter to
tho employes of his company as to
how thoy shall conduct themselves in
the present campaign. llo reoog
nizes the fact they are froo and inde
pendent Americans, and expeots eaoh
and everv one of them to exorcise
their rights as suoh and voto their con
victions. In his private letter to Mr. Billin
gham ho simply called attention to
the effects the railway commission
were having on tho earning capaoity
of his oomnanv, as well as upon that
of other companies operating in tho
stato, and it was not intended to ef
feot tho candidaoy of Governor Hogg,
as that was not thought of when the
latter was writton. How tho exoerpt
beoame on the bulletin board at tno
San Angelo roundhouso ho did not
know, but deprecated its uso aa -a
recent circular of his for campaign
purposes, when the faots did non war
rant orjnstify suoh use.
Mr. Wheoler further statod that tho
Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fo Railway
company, sinoe its completion as a
railway, bad not paid expenses, and if
any one doubted that fabt he could
give them ample proof by calling at
his office, and that if it wero not for
the aid it received from tho AtchiBon,
Topoka and Santa Fo Railway compa
ny, it would now bo in litigation in
flic courts. That during tho fisoal
year beginning July 1, 1890, and
onding June 3 tho road had exponded
over $1,000,000 in betterments alotio,
this money boing advanoed by the
muuiBon, lopena ana Santa Fo, and
until there was s'omo radijal ohangn
inthe present commission, and the
railways allowed moro latitude in tho
way of rates, tho prospect for rail-rays
in Texas were gloomy indeed.
Joint Entortatnmont of the Ladies'
Auxiliary and Junior De
partment Last
That very effectual organization, the
Ltdies' Auxiliary to tho Young Mon's
Christian association, joined forces
with tho Junior depurtmant of tho as
sociation in tho entertainment for tho
benefit of tho Juniors. The entertain
ment was one of tho mnsr. snnnnaofnl
held at the rooms for a long timo.
luorowa niioa tno rooms to over
flowing. The following programroo
was rendered:
Instrumental solo Miss Rtiah
Recitation Miss Hanriok.
Vocal solo Miss Lulu Johnson.
Reoitation Miss Kendrick.
Instrumental solo Miss Myrtle
Instrumental duetto Misses Reis
ner. Tho ladies served refreshments and
realized a very neat sum. Tho ladies
and juniors deserve groat credit for
the style in which they managed the
Invitations are out for the Graduat
ing Recital of Miss Lizzie
Thompson at Baylor
Invitations are out to Miss Lizzie
Thompson's graduating recital at Bay
lor University on the evening of June
2d, at 8:30.
The following is the programme to
be rendered :
Sydney Smith Com'e Gontil
Schurbert.-IIuntsman's Evening Song
Rubenstein Duet
Jjell 3rd Meditation
Lysberg....Deuxieme" Duo: Oberon
. . . .Preciosa, Freischutz.de Weber
E. Cooke Two Marionetts
Beethoven Sonata, Op. 27. No. 2
Schurbert Cradle Song
Denza Star of My Heart
Vincent Wallace,.... 2nd Grand Polka
de Concert
Kowalski March llongroise
Aro my classes always made up of
our best business men and tho sons of
our shrewdest and most praotioal
merchants ? 3
Why do so" many of my pupils hold
tho highest offico positions in Waco ?
Because I teach book-keeping in
tho most practical and advanoed
methods and forms, and for the
reasonable sum of $32 50 for a 00m
pleto courso including books.
Because my lessons, two a woek,aro
at night and do not conflict with any
other business.
My noxt class starts July 5th. Ad
dress or call on mo at tho Provident
National bank. Edward Toiiy, Jr.
A fow of my pupils to whom I
refer: Rufus N. Williamson, book
keeper, Mooro Bros; Ed North, book
keeper, Horsolull & Cameron; Miles
C. Martin, book-kooper, Lewino Bros;
John Sinclair, assistant book-keopor.
Goldstein & Migel; Ernest McKinney,
book-keeper, Bell Water Co; Phillip
Burnoy, book-keeper, R. B. Parrott;
E. S. Tadlook, J. B. NioholB, Craw
ford; Will Parker, Parker BroB; Pink
Wood, Waco Artesian Laundry;
Lenny Mayer. Waco Stato bank; W.
L. Halpike, First National bank; Ed
Stone, Brooks & Wallace; Geo. Mo
Cullooh, C. O. MoCullocb; Will Look
wood, Herbert, Littlo & Co; J. B.
Sleviri, W. E. Dupreo, Iko Sanger,
Sangor Bros; Asher 8angor, Sanger
Bros; and if space, was free 1 could fill
up a columo. Bcmomber noxt class
starts Tuesday July 5th.
hy Its ute thounands or euca of tho worst Ulna
End of Ions standing li&re lx.cn cured. Indeed,
o strong fs my rillh In Ua efficacy, that I will
send two noTTiis raze, with a VALUAULK
TREATISE on this disease to any sufferer who
will send me their Express and I. O. address.
To keep the skin clean
is to wash the excretions
from it off; the skin takes
care of itself inside, if not
blocked outside.
To wash it often and
clean, without doing any
sort of violence to it, re
quires a most gentle soap,
a soap with no free al
kali in it.
Pears' is supposed to
be the only soap in the
world that has no alkali
in it.
All sorts of stores sell
it, especially druggists;
all sorts of people use it.
Tho Only Practical Storeotypo Out
fit. Its Superior Advantages.
It is simple, praotioal, cheap, cost
ing, acoording to size, only from J75
to $150. It can bo out anywhore, oc
cupying only tho room of an ordinary
case Btand. Through its various pat
ented .labor-saving devices it is
thoroughly endorsod hy praotical prin
ters, giving all kinds of results in cast
ing and blocking, viz: Thin flat
plates, patent block plates, typo-high
wooden core blocked or all metal '
arched. Also, it gives tho advantage
of casting and blocking at the sumo
operation, exact type high, oxact
widths and exact lengths on and
around the lain patented hollow sec
tional ironcorc method, the easiost,
the cheapest, quiokest and best block
ing in the word. Absolutoly without
labor, The outfit dispenses with dan
gerous, costly and complicated ma
chinery, and with its lint Water
Flaskcd Casting Box and Mould
Dryer, it is utturly impossiblo tc in
jure type, and tho very finest results
known to plato makers, stoteotypinS
or the art of printing is obtained.
Send for descriptive ciroulars, giving
full particulars and hundreds of volun
teered testimonials from all parts of
this and other countries. M. J.
nuGHics & Co , Manufacturers Stereo
Mpo Outfits and Conical Sorow
Quoins, No. 18 Spruce St., New York,
N. Y.
N. B. The same outfit will mako
all &inds of Rubber Stamps.
For Sale A Hare Bargain.
I have a complete set of abstract
books of tho deed records of tho oily
of Waco and its suburbs, consisting
of thirteen largo volumes, with ample
room to keep the" records for twonty
years-brought down to date. Thcso
books I wish to soil and will let them
go at a bargain for cash,or I will trado
them for real estate in the oity of
Waco. Not being ablo to get a suit
able man to make out abstraota and
keep the books, and being unablo to
gtvo tho necessary timo to the books
mysolf, is my reason for wanting to
soil. If desired I can furnish desk
room and vault room for tbo books in
my offico for tho purohaser. This is a
splendid opportunity for a man to
start up a good business. The right
kind of a man nan got a bargain, not
only in those abstraot books, but in
city real estate My list of bargains
cannot bo equaled. Call and see mo.
Office in Paoillo hotol building.
James I. Mooiu:.
The Dallas Screen Co. is in Waco
to stay, so you will be patronizing
"Home industry" if you patronize us.
Dallah Screen Co.
A J. Loslio for first-olass watoh
clock and jowelry ropairing. Sarao
building with H. E. Ambold Austin
During tho summer months I will
get my fino candies fresh evory woek.
Boo them. All at 30o per lb.
' J. A. EAnLEY.
Ono complete plant of maohinory
and largo exporienco enables uu to do
tho best of work at lowest prices.
Dallas Soul-en Co.
Tho largest stock of fino oigars over
brought to Waco at J. A. Parley's.

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