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Don't Kick
About the weather, but oall around
and smoke a fine cigar or read odo of
our latest books. Sec tho latest
Fashion papers for Juno just reoeived.
Herz Bi'o.
newsdealers unci Stationers,
104 South Four'h street.
Eieciric Supply Go.
-& Farmers' and Merchants' 2fat'l Hank Building.
Electric Desk Fans from $5.0
to $25.00.
Diehl Ceiling Fans, $35.00 and
upwards, according to length. All
kinds of electrical goods.
3MCa.ra.es. g:o sr.
1 ponnd package coiree, 20 ceut6.
lpounl Jar Jams 121-2 cants.
Fine cigars per box 11.75.
Finest teas la Waeo.
Best goods, lowest prices.
Finest candles In Waco.
Polltetentlon and
ompt deliver) Is the
Of Grlbble I roi. Grocers, 505Anitla Avenue.
Brath Fifth St., between Mary and Jackson St.
Everything urst-elasa. Agent for John Baade's
Flnellrlck, IJmo and Cement.
HERMAN STOLTE, - - Proprietor,
New Branch Started.
Waco Steam laundry has opened a
"Branoh ofBoo at Moses cigar Etatid 110
South Fourth streot, Bankers' row.
All orders loft will be promptly at
tended to.
Friday and Saturday
Porter, ale and Milwaukee
beer at J. A. Earley's.
Piano for Sale.
Emorsou piano nearly now, for salo
cheap, owner leaving tho city. Apply
lo ueurgu a.u) uuu,
1000 North Fifth
Don't dripk ooraraom coffee,
to J. A. Earley's and get tho best,
"The GarmeutBespeaks the Artist."
TAILOHS Clt4y Austin Amine.
Something New!
Friday and Saturday.
Dissolution Notice.
The firm of Jones Broa., has
solved by mutual consent.
T. F. Jones,
W. H. Jones
See our Misses' and
Children's Oxford
Ties and One-Strap Slippers.
Sleeper, Clifton & Co., '
The People's Shoe Dealers.
All fino brands of liquors kept at J.
A. Earley's.
Go to Joe Lehman's for a good
meal any time night or. day,
4Cvi' Vv-
c. -ssnrr '-.sr
i-n sfoj
About thirty naturalization papers
were taken out yesterday at tho ooun
ty clerk's office.
An interesting meeting of Geyser
City Camp Woodmou of the world
was held last night.
The pupils and teachers of the Con
vent of the Sacred Heart are holding
their annual picnic at Padgitt's Park
Dr. B. H. Carroll has returned
home and will preach tomorrow morn
ing and at night at the First Baptist
A large number of members of the
First Street Methodist Sunday school
left the 'city this morning at o o'clock
for a days picnicking on the banks of
the clatic Bosque.
Justice J. N. Gallagher will oall his
docket noxt Monday when all oases
will be set for trial for tho next term
except those in whioh judgement by
default is taktn or dismissed.
The little folks of the Fifth Street
Methodis church Sunday school are
enjoying themselves on the iJosque
today. The Bast Waco Methodist
Sunday school is also holding its an
nual picnio in the Fifth ward.
Mr. H A. Veeey wife and child
arrived last night from Ashville, N.
C, where thoy have been living for
nearly two years. Mr. Vosey was
raised in Waco and consequently
could not live oontented elsowhere.
The four cent rate to Cameron on
the Sp, will enable the Navarro, Falls
and Limestone delegations to go from
Waco cheaper than over any other
route. The train leaves Waco at 7 a.
m. and arrives at Cameron at 9:10
a. m.
Tho work on the Parrott natatoriam
is prpgressing rapidly. The exoava
tion for the foundation is finished and
tho stone basement will soon be in
plaoo, when tho superstructure will
begin and will bo pushed rapidly to
The News will again mention the
faot that tho San Antonio and Aran
sas Pass railway will'givn a four cont
rate from Waco to Cameron and re
turn, tho tickets good until Juno 3.
All delegates who oan should come to
Waco and go irom bero.
At tho meeting of the board of lady
mabagers of the Texas World's Fair
association of McLennan, which was
held yesterday aftornoon, Mrs. R. O.
Rounsaval was elected president,
vice Mrs. George Clark, whose resig
nation was tendered some days ago,
on account of ill health. Tne News
regrets 'that it became necessary for
Mrs. Clark to rolire lrom the import
ant position she has for so long filled
so well and hopes she will soon" regain
perfect health. The association has
made a good selection in the choice
of Mrs. Rounsaval to till the vacancy.
T'y sr- SfS. v. a ".rs?.
!"- --- ,,' 'y77
Used in MitUojis of Homes 1 Years the StandatA
B00T5 ..
-mVn p r
7 tr--V . "
" 02
2a iffMSi; uiBasfy
Tub News is requosted to an
nounce that Rev Dr. B. II. Carroll
will preach both morning and ovening
at tho First Baptist churoh tomorrow.
Tomorrow is tho fifth Sunday in tho
month whioh is usually given to tho
pastor to attond association meotings
and to fill othor engagements but on
acoount of his being nbRont Eevoral
times during the month ho will re
main in tho city tomorrow.
The Texas Camp Meeting associa
tion for the Promotion of Holiness,
has purchased ten acres of land three
miles east of Waco on the Cotton
Belt railroad, and will shortly begin
the construction of a tabernacle So x
i2o feet, to cost $1000. A number
of prominent divines will take part in
the meeting, among whom will be V
B Godbee, of Kentucky, and W. A
Dodge, of Atlanta. The meeting will
begin about the middle of July.
A. J. Herz & Bro., are the agents
of tho St. Louis Republio in Waco and
will deliver it to subscribing at C5
oents per month.
Result of the Continuation of tho
Mixed Doubles Yesterday.
At tho continuation of the mixed
doubles in tho lawn tennis tourna
ment yesterday the following is tho
score: Mr. Cox and Miss. Campbell
beat Mr. Caruthers and Miss. Jones,
4-0 G-2 7 5. Mr. Tones and Miss
Taylor beat Mr. Patton and
Jones 7-5 9-7. Mr. Jones and
Taylor boat Mr. Parker and
O'Neill 6 16 1. Mr. Cox and
Campbell beat Mr. Beers and
Risher7-;. The latter games
not conoludcd on account of darkness.
The interest in tho lady singles and
mixed doubles is becoming as intense
as it was in those games whore tho
playors were all gentlemen. It was
originally intended to complete the
games this afternoon but it is ex
tremely doubtful whethor it oan be
dono as there are several games yet
to be played before it is decided
who shall wear tho modals.
A Narrow Escape.
This morning while two painters
were painting a big sign on thoHouso
of Lords building the brick coping to
whioh their swinging scaffold was
attached broke loose and the two
men, ,tho scaffold and coping fell to
tho roof of tho building below. Ono of
tho men got two ugly outs on the
hoad and the other his shoulder
bruisod hut no serious injuries. As
soon as tho wouuds wero dressed they
went to work again.
1 m 1
ThoMlscreant Caught.
Deputy Constable Harry Crowder
jailed Jim Caldwell today. He is tho
negro who hit Charlie Blessington
with a brick on last Thursday. Ho
was caught near Robinson. His
victim, Charlie Blessington, is improv
ing and will bo able to bo out shortly.
ft ft - ..-wig0(ftf.
AVf-" -
-rt 65
28 1892.
That is the kind of a move which is made by purchasers of our
For some reasons it's a bottor move than was over made boforo. Ouo
very convincing reason la that not untlll now have wo ever oll'o.red those
goods at suau figures. Wo have never folt that wo could afford to do It nud
we don't feol that wo can afford to do It now. but necessity knows no law
and wo aro taking tho bull by tho horns. It's n poor rulo that don't work
both ways. What wo didn't foel that wo could oflor, you certainly can't fool
that you can afTord to miss. Our goods arc on tho move and they must go,
so don't miss this opportunity, but call at ouco and got our prices.
'Tho nightingale Bsit on a hough
And suiouthed n HhluliiK wing.
"Who taught 011" sco (Ted tho terrapin
"Who taught jou how to bIiir?"
Tho nlghtlngalo blushed fiery red;
Sho had not been to school;
Sho inured on what tho tortolso kild,
And slgbcit, '"Twaa not by rulo."
A rabbit eMrted dow tho path,
A-dancIng in tho sifn.
"Who taught you" scofTcd tho terrapin
"Who taught jou how to run?"
Tho rabbit blushed a (lory red.
Ho had not had a innsler.
Ho Hung his heels against his head
And tiled to run tho faster.
Tho nightingale Bho cracked her olce
Learning to slug by fule,
Tho rabbit broke his forward leg
In a g umaslum bchool.
Tho terrapin, who could not sing.
Who could not follow after,
Sho sat besldo her native spring
And shook her.sldes with laughter.
Isa C. Cabcl In Harper's Weekly.
A AVrlnklo to Shopkeepers.
A jerocer in Vienna (North) 1ms hit upon
n original plan of securing tho custom of
nil tliu frervnnt j;irW in tho neighborhood,
ilu bus bought at the prico of wnsto pnpur,
a shoal of "penny li end fills," nnil uses thu
singlu sheets for wrapping bis wares in
such 11 way as to enable thu kitchen or par
lor girl gradually to acquire the complete
work, btrange scenes uro occasionally en
acted in tho grocer's bliop. We will glvo 11
few instances:
"Please, Mr. N , a loaf of bread, and
will you wrap it in tho 'Son of tho Accursed,'-
number four. Ah! that's all
"One pound of coffee, Mr. X , but I
wnnt you to put it in n paper bag made
out of the third sheet of tho 'Wind Muti's
"Heie, Frnulein l.ottchen, two pounds
of-soap," says our tradesman, turning to, a
third fair customer. "Please notiru the
wrapper. It contains the wonderful story
of the 'Marblo IJride.' Vou shall have thu
continuation thu next time, so come to
make n purchase," and addressing tha as
sistant ho calls out, "I'rit., putdown Frnu
lein Lottchen for thu 'Marble Ilrldc,' sheet
No. 2."
That grocer is doing a roaring trade
Berliner Tageblatt.
No I'laeo fur u Alan.
There was n "bargain sale" of men's
gloves at ono of the largo shops 11 few days
ago, and from early morn until dewy evo
lovely woman elbowed and pushed and
scrimmaged her way, mid stood ten deep
around the bargain table, wheto an unfor
tunate man clerk tried to answer ques
tions, glvo opinions, (bid sizes and innko
out checks all at one time.
During the afternoon a misguided man,
who probably had heard of tho sa'le, saun
tered Into thu store and approached the
wall of fumluinity which guarded tho glove
counter. Then his courage failed him.
One glance of sympathy passed between
him and thu wild eyed clerk over tho shoul
ders of tho fair mob, but that was us near
as ho got t& tho bargain gloves. Ho walked
sadly out and taught his gloves at u fur
nishing store.
Thus it Is that higher educated women
aro assuming their divine inalienable
rights, while tho tyrant man is talug
forced to tho wall. New York Herald.
A Church Organ I'l'impcil by Iljdruullcn,
Ono of tho largo church organs In Eng
land is supplied with wind by powerful
feeders worked by three hydraulic engines
and an electric motor. The pneumatic
lever Is applied to thu great and swell
organs and thu couplers in connection with
them. Tho solo organ and pedal organ aro
played by means of an Improved tubular
pneumatic action. The draw Mop action
is also pneumntic New York Times.
The .beautiful things of this world of
ours wero not put heielor our hurm, to
loyo tho beautiful is the blght-nt education
An 18 size American Watch,
three-quarter piste Quick Train,
straight line escapement, patent
center pinion, patent stem wind,
four paii s fine Ruby Jewels in
settings (15 jewels), expansion
balance adjusted, in a fine Gold
Filled Dueber Case, guarantcd to
wear for 20 years for $18.90.
620 AUSTIN St.
'1. M. O. A. NOTES.
Thero has been arranged for to
morrow aftornoon at 4 o'clock, a men's
meeting of moro than usual intorost.
Mr. J. E. Boynton and Prof. M. F.
Hdtrcrton will make short addresses
upon tho subjeots "Consistency and
Inconsi&tonoy," and many things will
bo brought out whioh will bo helpful
to the young men of Waoo, so we in
vito the young mon of the city to at
tend and hear these speoial addresses.
Meeting begins promptly at 4 o'olook,
lasting just ono hour. Plonty of ico
water and palm leaf fans. Strangers
always dubly welcome.
A gospel meeting for boys will bo
held at 3 o'clock, and there is not a
hoy in Waoo that will not be woloomo
at that meeting. Come boye tomor
row at 3 o'clock.
Tho Junior Bible olas will mcot
promptly at 2 , o'olook, and the two
preparatory olas?s at 2:30, to whioh
the boys will bo woloomed.
Christian Churoh F. N.' Calvin,
pastor; usual morning services In
the evening, beginning promptly at
8 1 5, there will be a special musical
programme lasting thirty to lorty min
utes, followed by sermon on "How
Determine the Church of Christ."
Austin avenue pbksiivtebian
oiiunoii: Services for tomorrow
Children's Day oxercieB 11 o'olook
a. m. Prcaohing at 8:15 p in , by
Rov, Wm Hughes. Young peoplo'fl
meeting a 7:15 p. tu.
Bear in mind that my - next class
begins July 5. Sco add on pago 3,
beoomo a membor and improve your
opportunity, Ebwaud Tonv, Jit.
Providout Nat. Bank.
Open any hour in the 24 at Joe
Lehman's, South Fourth street.
The neatest, ice cream parlor in the
city is Joe Lehman's, Fourth street.
Hilt's ,
Shoe Bargains.
"The Garment Deepeaki the Artlit."
TAILUllS.aH t-'J ,,l!Mi An
T ' v f,

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