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H&txsa ttUsj Ufcto
Judge Clark's Appointments.
Groosbeeok, Wcdnosday, Juno 1.
Georgetown, Saturday, June 4.
Stophensville, Wcdnetday, Juno 8.
Mineral Wells, Saturday, Juno 11.
Marquez, Wednesday, Juno 15.
Palestino, Saturday, Juno IS.
Henrietta, Tuesday, June 21.
Wichita Fulls, Thursday Jlunt 213
Vernon, Saturday, Juno 5.
Tiie Nkws will take advertising
with the understanding that if it has
not a larger kcal oiroulation than any
daily paper published iu Waoo, no
ohargo will bo mado for the advertise-
The Hog bureau's campaign slo
gan is "claim everything."
It Is a cold day when Callaghan
fails to walk off with Tamalcville.
The Hogg boltcra act under
structions from headquarters.
Tho fight is a sure-enough fight in
this campaign. Bloody returns oomo
in from various planes.
With Harrison in the oontested
column tho instructed vote for gover
nor stands, Clark 100, Hogc 102.
The acreage of ootton planted in
Texas this year is, according 10 Brad
streets reports, 15 per cont. less than
last year. This should be encourag
ing, as the price will probably bo high
enough to pay the farmer something
for his work.
TriE News has been informed that
' thore arc numerous voters in some
parts of tho county who openly de
clare their purpoao to voto in the
Democratic primaries for Hogg and if
ho is defeated in convention tboy
proposo to vote for the People's party
candidate. That this sohemo is be
ing oncourged by the Hogg managers
all over the statis proven by tho test
proposed by them. It simply pro
vides that all participants shall have
voted the Demooratio tiokot in 1890,
but does not requiro a pledge to
support tho nomineo of tho Demo
cratic party. It is plain now that the
third party men areboing encouraged
in their course by tho Hogg managers.
In another plaoo is givon a full ac
count of the proceedings of the San
Antonio convention so far as the dif
ferences precipitating tho split in tho
convention is oonoerncd, the commit
tees and delegates appoiutod, eaoh
faction being left out of tho
Express report. Tho Hogg mon were
in- tho majority, and it iras expeoted
that thoy would dominate tho con
vention but tho discraoeful mothods
adopted to ohoko off any intorforenco
with Boss Callaghan was too much
for solf rospeoting American citizens,
and to avoid furthor trouble after
several stillettoa and revolvers
were unsheathed they withdrew
and left the greasers to
themselves. Following is tho Ex
press commont on tho convention:
'What shall it profit a man if he in
struct for Hogg and loso his own of
fioo? That is a question confronting
eoveral of tho gentlomon who partici
pated in yesterday's riot. Its effect
upon tho noxt oanvass in this oounty
is inevitably strong. Tho Express
has uttered repeated warnings against
tho mixture of looal cabals and
ohioanerles with a puroly stato matter.
Tho warnings were disregarded. There
is anraftor-math to roap. It will bo a
heavy crop.
Tho wealth and intelligence of
Bexar oounty are for Georgo Clark.
Thoy wero at yestorday'a convention.
Thoy oeoupied one sido of the
hall. They wero lod by ex. Con
gressman Upson, a wan whose
reputation for brain and juduial learn
ing and honesty is statewide. Thoy
inoludod the most prominent business
ana proiessionai mon of tho county.
It was a goodly spootaolo. On tho
othor sido were tho Hogg delogates.
Some of them aro aoute politicians.
Tho remainder have tho idea that
Hogg is tho jefo politico of some stale
on tho other sido of tho Hio Grande.
Thoy wcro numerous. That ( was at
onoe their strongth and their undo
ing. Upon them rests tho responsi
bility for tho disgraoeful scones which
followod thoir determined efforts to
ohoko oil froo spocoh and deny the
right of a free ball it.
When a duly accredited Democrat
finds himsolf politically and personally
outraged it is not only his right to
withdraw from u convention wherein ho
is allowed no part; it is his duty, Tho
Amcrioiins who loft convention hall
mot again with all seemliness, delibe
rated upon tho questions before them
and appointed mon to rooresent them
at Houston did thoir duty. The pub
lio will sustain thom. Texas at large
will sustain them. Looking at tho
faots of the case as presented iu tho
looal columns of Tho Express this
morn'ng they oin do nothing else. It
is good that brethren should dwell
together in unity. But no brother,
however peaoeably inclined, will stand
passive whilo his throat is out from
car to oar.
And, as beforo stated, thcro is an
aftermath to it all. Tho representa
tive, wealth-producing, tax paying
elements of Bexar county will be at
the harvest."
Tho Ilounton Post roceived a letter
from a Hogg man in Flatonio proclaim
ing in insulting language the falsity
of tho figures showing the oounty in
structions for governor. Tho Post
prints the letter and in the following
editorial shows up tho desporato
scheme being worked by tho Hogg
' In answer to the above tho Post
will state that its figures havo been
obtained from what it considers re
liablo sources, and until some of these
figures aro shown to be incorrect it
must insist that thoy bo aooeptcd as
tho real status of tho campaign. The
Post desires to print the facts, and to
this end invites any one to disprove
tho figures used. But the Post will
insist upon bettor evidence than the
bulletins scattered over tho stato by
tho Hogg campaign club at Austin.
Tho Post saw one of these bulletins
yesterday, and was surprised, even in
this campaign of notorious deception,
at such brazen attempts to mislead
the people. This bulletin had in
tho Hogg column a number of coun
ties which havo not even held their
primaries. In other instances it plac
ed in tho Hogg list oounties which
had instruoted for Clark, marked
"contested," whilo many oounties
acknowledged to be for Clark wore
ignored. These bulletins aro sent out
secretly by Govornor Hogg's bereau
at Austin, and only certain loaders of
the Hogg forces aro permitted to see
thom. Perhaps Mr. Simpson has soen
one of these bulletins; may be he is a
Hogg leader.
'Through some process of reason
ing unoxplaincd and unexplainable,
the supporters of Governor Hogg
have, apparently, reached tho conclu
sion that the governor is entitled to
renomination as a matter of right, and
that right they proposo to assert
any cost.
That determination has boon mani
fested in so many ways and at so
many places that it argues if not a
common design at least a common sen
timent, which proposes to place Gov
ernor Hogg at the head of tho ticket
by peaceful mothods if possible, by
force if necessary.
The proposition openly made in tho
lato Tarrant county convention by a,
leader of tho Hogg foroos, a man
whoso sincerity no one would question,
and, ordinarily, conservative, for a
bolt, which If adopted would certainly
havo defeated the oounty ticket, illus
trates the radioal temperament of tho
administration following.
At Abilene, without provocation
other than dofeat, the administration
ists boltod. At Runnels thoy bolted
for the same reason.
Suroly thero is bo mo cause for this
impetuous aotion.
Is it intended to tio up tho votes of
so many of tho anti-administration
oountios by ooatosting delegations
that in the organization of tho Hous
ton convontion tho Hogg following
will havo its own way?
Enough has already occurred to
make this a pertinent question. The
Gazette takes this oooasion to sound a
note of warning for tho benefit of
whoovor it fits. Revolutionary
methods will not benefit tho cause of
any andidato for governor. Tho feel
ing runs too high on both sides for
such Uotics to be indulged in safely.
Tho nomination must be fairly won.
Thero aro enough Demoorats in Texas
who do not caro a baubeo for tht
personality of either Gov. Hogg or
Judge Clark to enforce the demand
that the machinery of Democracy
mutt not be tampoted with for the
bonefit of either. Ft. Worth Gazette.
"Evidonoo is not wanting to ptovo
tho pertinency ot tho Gazotto's warn
ing. Hero in Harris oounty wo havo
a caso in point. Judgo Clark has a
dear majority of tho votes, but an at
tempt is being made to fish up an ex
cuse for a bolt in order to thiow
Harris in tho contested oolumn in tho
state convention. Indoed, so de
liberate is tho movement that tho
Hogg bureau at Austin has al
ready, in advanoo of tho county con
vention, placed Harris in the oontested
column. It eeems to bo tho pro
gramme to have a general system of
bolts and contests all over the state,
and in addition to this Senator Horace
Uhilton and Hon. Tom Brown, two of
Hogg's ohief lieutenants, aro reported
to bo urging the adoption of tho ma
jority rule in the Houston convention.
As the Gazetto suggests, theso people
are treading on dangerous ground.
They may go too far with this political
"imperialism and reaoh tho point whero
tho great masses of tho people, always
conso-vative, will revolt. We have
precedents in the great states of
Pennsylvania, New York and other
places whero intolerant bossism met
with just rebuke; it is not beyond the
nnge of the possibilities that wo
may witness tho same thing in Tcxas.
"Whom the gods would destroy they
first make mad."
Tho Story of n CrlniH Wlinie
im-nt Whs Not f Mfn.
The fltvt sensations of tho murderer were
of n vague, dreamy s-ort. He realized inde
scribable relief to think that he had got
rid of the body; ho thought of the river
and how the river would toll tio tales; and
how the corp-e, sewed up in a carpet sack,
had sunk like n stone in the night; nnd of
his stealthy retreat, under tho hazy glam
our of the sickly river lights and then his
fancies snddenly took a wider range, and
he thought not of the dend, but of the llv
Ing, that Is to say, of himself and of his
safety. ,
Thus the first night wore slowly away,
and when tho morning came and the gold
en water of tho" new day begun to dance
upon the wall he was still there, frozen
into that oblivion that waits on one whose
conscience is his own accuser, and for
whoic this world oilers peace no more.
DajT. dragged nlong, and by and .by the
senniori of the atrocious murder gradu
ally lot its relish for tjje daily papers: in
the mad whirl of big 2jv York it was for
gotten swallowed up by some new niua
days' wonder.
As for Sidney Lafnrge, lie had evaded
nrreit, and as time wore on ho gradunlly
learned to look upon himself as safe from
the eugeance of the law.
Still, who was that old man who nlwaya
kept Lafarge in sight? The day he first
saw tho shadow on his track he concluded
at once that he was safe now only in mix
ing with tho crowd. Ho wandered up and
down the Bowery. He crossed to Central
park, then back ogain to tho river, and so
on, hour after hour, until night replaced
the waning day, and then ho found that he
had moved in a great circle and that his
startiug point had been his journey's end.
Tho detective did not come back that
next day following, but ho did return tho
next night. He was an old man with a
gray beard and furtivo glances, such as
stamped him as nn expert thief catcher.
This shadow Lafaige struggled in vain to
avoid. Now and again lie would evade
the sleuth, but usually tho last restless
glance that Lafargo cast over his shoulder
as ho started into his dark hallway, in tho
evening after a long day's wandering up
nnd down tho streets of tho great city,
would rest on tho watchful presence of
tho mysterious stranger.
That last night Lafarge was sitting in
his room, lost in the dull smoke dream o(
one who is always thinking of some haunt
ing, secret sorrow. He wus saying to him
self: '
"I must escape. Tomorrow I shall tako
passago as n stowaway on an Ka&t India
liner. Then this town shall know 1110 no
Ho started to his feet, n startled cry of
terror trembling from his lips.
There, in tho twilight of tho little room,
beforo Sidney Lafarge, stood the man who
had been on his trail.
With a wild cry of despair Lafarge
sprang from his seat and made a desperate
lunge at the detective's throat.
There was a crash of. glass, and Sidnoy
Lafarge's hands wero sopped with blood.
Ho had seen and sprung otliis own reflec
tion in the mirror, for tho old man was but
the presentment of his former self, wasted
nway ami ti uniformed in a single' night,
and a tfie tv-tilt of a uigl ' ct" ""trans
formed by flic spell of . '! -oh
science, wliu-e power v ,. 1 u.t .. u a.id
hold as long as wretched life endured, anil
only to bo broken at last when i)f"i
freezes the strings of tho haunted Vni t in
the mute and touguelcas silent of auotLf
and an unknown world.
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Waco a Great Manufacturing Centre.
"Ho was only a fool," said the coroner
the next morning, as ho lighted his cigar;
"ho was only a drunken fool, boys, nnd he
must have cut his throat while lie had an
attack of tho jim-jams, for I seo that the
last thing he did was to smash the big
looking glass in his room."
Some of them laughed, and some of there
scowled. My and by, while they were
drinking, the van drove up for potter's
And .none shall ever know. John Hu
bert Greusel in New York Recorder.
Society in Threo Cities.
"I had rather a unique experience the
flist year J was in society," said a San
Francisco girl, "for I 'came out' in New
York, Berlin, nnd afterward in London,
nnd I am obliged to say that I found inort
kindliness and real courtesy in Germany
than anywhere else, although many of the
customs struck me as very curious. A
stranger in either London or New York
has a hard time of it in society unless she it
exceptionally gifted with beauty or money;
but in Germany every ono is nt least wel
comed with cordiality, and tho habit of
universal introductions puts ono at ono'
case nt once. Coming straight from New
York, whero I must confess I hnd been re
celved, if not with rudeness, at least with
the most uncomplimentary Indifference,
the contrast was most striking.
"The evening after my nrrival I attended
a little gathering where there was soma
dancing nnd more conversation; and to my
surprise and gratification every man in the
room asked to bo presented to pie. This
was iudeed a pleasant change from New
York, whero I havo felt myself forlorn and
an alien; and I was none tho less pleased
with tho kindly young officers to learn
that these marks of civility were not per
sonal at all, being merely tho usual way of
welcoming a stranger," New York Trib
une. A Chance for Imontors.
Thero is still a chance for invention In
electric railway controlling switches. The
awkwardness of regulating a car's speed
by a brake will' i. turns ono way iiui: t
r.4i'c-. iifii'm tvulch turns the otlu-r'r
cviil 5u ...-i.itera lever luui-some
en .. ovi.;o i.i f 1'Iui.u su.na of the
. itntithl,.!. tiitmliiti- n- . .virile mnHnria wlMi
which mauufucturers at present equip
their jars. New York World.
Bros. '
a Novelty Line of
Whclesale Grocers,
The Only Practical Stereotype Out
fit. Its Superior Advantages.
It is simple, praotioal, cheap, cost
ing, according to sizo, only from $75
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cupying only tho room of an ordinary
caso stand. Through its various pat
ented labor-saving devices it is
thoroughly ondorsod by practical prin
ters, giving all kinds of results in cast
ing and blocking, viz: Thin flat
plates, patent block plates, type-high
wooden coro blocked or all metal
arohed. Also, it gives tho advantage
of casting and blocking at the samo
operation, exact type high, exact
widths and exaot lengths ou and
around tho lato patented hollow sec
tional ironcoro mothod, the easiest,
the cheapest, quickest and best block
ing in the word. Absolutely without
labor, The outfit dispenses with dan
gerous, costly and complicated ma-
.ohinerv, and with its Hot Water
l w ' . . -
Wlaalrtti (I-iotinrr MftT nnri ft! nil I fl J
"'lw" v q 1
Dryer, it is utterly imposstblo tc in-fi
jure type, ana tho very hnest results
known to plato makers, stereotyping
or tho art of printing is obtainod.
Send for descriptive circulars, givicg
full nartimilars and hundreds of volun-
tnprd tnatimnninlfi from all IiartS Of
this and other countries. M. J.
Hiiohks & Co.. Manufacturers Stereo-
tjpe Outfits and Conical Screw
Quoins, No. 18 Spruce St., New York,
N. V.
N. B. The samo outfit will mako
all Kinds of Rubber Stamps.
TVs. .Wilkes & Wilkes and Dr. T.
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