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Residence UC9 N 12 St,
Physicians and Surgeons.
hooms ia rK)Mi)E.TiuiLDiNG.
8lto st Old Corner DrQK Store. Telepnone
nt OQlco (indltOBlilences.
fvryttcr.,ii way, s,k-j
518 AtiNtlit Avenue.
WACO, : ; ; TUX .vs.
rmcus itnAsoNAitLu.
Leave orders with 0. H. Rosenthal
No. 307 Austin nvenuo.
Drop a card to J no. M. Nichols, 20 5
Sherman St., or leave orders
at Harrison & Co's.
Funeral Directors,
No. 423 Franklin Street.
Rules and. Regulations at the Park
Open C a. m. to 10 p. m- Saturday
night until IS o'clock. Pool reserved
for ladies and children exclusively
only 0 to 12 o'elook Saturday. Tub
dc( die and vapor baths at nil hours for
patients and otherB. .uxperienocd male
and female attendants day and night.
Tom Padgitt
J. B. Chestnut Proprietor.,
Fishing tackle of ovory description
with a full stock of hunters supplies
H. E. A idolds.
Pure and white lara at 9 cents
per pound in ten gallon chub at Chip
pen's, corner Fifth and Franklin.
Bookltn'e Arnue, Halve.
The best salvo in the world for cats
bruises, soroB, ulcers, salt rheum, fe
ver sores, tetter, chapped hands, chll
blalns, corns ani all skin eruptions,
and positively eues piles, or no pa
required. It Is guaranteed to glvt
satisfaction or "jionoy refunded". Price
25 cents a box. For sale by "W. B
Morrison do.
For the best and freshest beef,
pork, mutton, veal, span-ribs, fish and
oysters go to Crippin comer Fifth
and Franklin.
Persian Froth: Fruit Bounce, Glaco
and Ice cream soda at McKcnnon's
Queen of Worcester fountain.
lit ciiCio 1 aitfc.
The San Antonio and Aransas, Pass
will give a four oent rate for the round
trip from Waco to Cameron begin
nine May 30 and good to Juno 3.
The dole gates from Navarro Falls
and Limestono would best oomo to
Waco and go from here.
The New Discovety.
You havo heard your friends and
neighbors talking about it. .You may
yourself bo ono of tho many who know
from personal oxpenence lust how
good a thing it is. If you have over
tried it, you aro ono ot its staunch
friends, beoauso tho wonderful thing
about it is, that when 01100 given a
trial. Dr. King's Now Discovery ever
after hojds a placo in the house. If
you have never user, it and should bo
afflicted with a cough, oold or any
Throat, Lung or Chest trouble, secure
a bottle at once and give it a fair trial.
It is guaranteed every time, or money
refunded. Trial Bottles Freo at W.
B, Morrison and Co.
Residence 120 NO St.
UR Lace and Embroidery
Department has done a very
large business this season. In
consequence we have accumu
lated quantities of SHORT
LENGTHS, from one to five
yards, which we have marked
at prices very much below
their regular value.
Ladies' Shirt Waists
ODDS and ENDS of
About 20 dozen assorted
Sateens, Percales, Cheviots,
etc., etc , worth from 75 cents
to $1.50,
50c. for CHOICE
EL B. Mistrot & Co.
Corner Eighth and Austin Sis.
Elegant Photographs.
Having recently purchased the larc
est as well as the finest photographic
lens in the state, am able to make
negatives, 17x20, as a likeness, truth
ful as the embodiment of nature; ar
tistic in lighting and graceful in pose;
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V. D. Jackson, the old reliable
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Spend an hour if not a dime. A large
assortment of mouldings and frames
112 North Fifth street.
You Should Not Be Without It.
"Every family is liable to have he
reditary taint of consumption in it.
It may date back three or four gen
erations. This lact makes it neces
sary always to havo on hand a remedy
with which to combat this formidablo
disease. A cough when taken nt first
can readily be cured beforo it gets a
serious hold on tho lungs. Ballard's
Hotehound Syrup when taken in its
early stages will euro consumption.
It is guaranteed to bring relief in
every case, when used for nny affec
tion of tho Throat, Lungs and Chest,
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Whooping Cough, etc It is pleasant
to take, perfeotly safo and can always
be dopended on. Sold by H. C.
Risher & Co.
Call at Joe Lehman's wben you are
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When you want nice fresh meat
mutton, beef pork-and puror lard nt 10
cents per pound, go to
Mellor & Delaney
125 South Third street.
Fresh shipment of Cakes and Crack
ers just reooived at J. A. Earloy's.
During tho summer months I will
got my fino candies fresh every week.
Seo them. All at 30o per lb.
J. A. Eauley,
Joe Lehman's restaurant is open
all night now. The best in the city
to get a meal.
Tho largest stock of fino cigars over
brought to Waco at J. A. J'Jarley's.
The Caliaghan Bulldozers Got In
Their Work and Terror Rolgns.
Itcfcpcctiiblu AmorlcaiiN -withdraw
To Kcrp Down a Illffltulty and
Avoid lllnodhlicri Tlic City Ar
routcd and tlio Uud in ot Yet.
San Antonio Exp-eee, May 59.
It wns nearly 11 o'clock when Chair
man Bryan Caliaghan of tho county
Democratic executive committee
mounted the platform at Convention
hall and called tho convention to or
der. He woro a whito silk badge in
soribed: "Bryan Caliaghan Compli
ments of tho Citizens of San Mircos,
Hold San Antonio Down." Over this
was pinned a small, plain badge, with
out inscription, from which hung pen
dant a miniature photograph of Gov
ernor J. S. Hogg. After reading the
call for the convontion tho chairman
reviewed and defended tho record of
the committee of which ho was chair
man and made a short but strong ap
peal for tho delegates to act in tho
best interests of the Ocmooratio
party. Ho then aunounood that
nominations for temporary chairman
were in order.
J$d. Uwyer, a membor of tho con
testing delegation from the sixth pre
cinct, was placed in nomination from
the Hogg side of the house. Colonel
H. B. Andrews, from the Clark side,
then arose and placed Bryan Caliaghan
in nomination. The latter declined,
and the question on tho election of
Dwyer, who was deolared temporary
chairman without further opposition.
A committee of five, of which Col
onel W. J. Pago was chairman, was
appointed to escort Mr. Dwyer to tho
chair, on tiking which ho stated that
ho was born and raised in tho midst
of his hearers and that his history
stood beforo them for inspection. lie
exhorted the convention to act in tho
true interest of Demoaraoy, as this
being one of the largest counties, the
balance of the state would look to
their action. Ho then nnnounced
nominations for temporary secretary in
order, and Thad W. Smith, being the
only nominee was unanimously clooted.
A motion was then made that a
committee of five on credentials bo
appointed by tho ohair. An amend
ment making the committee consist
of ono member from each precinct
was carried. Another amendment
was then offored making the commit
tee consist of twenty members with
out regard to prcoinots. Tho chair
entertained the motion for tho adop
tion of tho last amendment, and it was
deolared carried.
"How would you havo your com
mittee on permanent organization ap
pointed?" inquired tho oh airman, and
ho was answered by ories of "By tho
chair," lrom tho Hogg sido of the
A motion was then mado and car
ried that a committee of twenty on
permanent organization be appointod
It was then moved and carried that
the convention adjourn for twenty
minutes to allow tho committees time
to report.
It was over an hour beforo tho con
vention was called to order agaip and
the committee on credentials submit
ted their roport. It provided for the
seating of all delegates who had ap
peared and presonted credentials, and
every precinot in the county was rep
resented. It providod further that
the delegates from caoh precinct
should be entitled to oast ono voto for
each twenty-five votes or majority
fraction thereof oast for tho Demo
cratic nandidato for govornor two
years ago, making 215 votes in all.
Contests were reported from only two
precincts, No. G, whioh was cntitlod
to seventeen votes, and No. 12,
which was entitled to ton votes. Tho
committco reported in favor of seating
both tbo regular and contesting dele
gations from eaoh of theso prcoinots,
and recommends that each of theso
delegations bo allowed to oast one
half tho votes of its preoinct.
At tho conclusion of tho reading of
tho report of the committoo, S. G.
Newton, from tho Clark sido of the
house, aroBo and offorod a substitute
for tho report, soating tho regular
delegations from prccinots Nos. G and
Bryan Caliaghan I movo that the
substitute bo laid on tho table.
Voices Second tho motion.
Tho chair It is moved and second
ed that tho substitute be laid on tho
table. Those in favor
At this point Mr. Newton, who was
standing on a chair and had in vain
ondeavorcd to obtain recognition from
tho ohair, raised his voico so ns to bo
hoard above tho din that was going on
and succeoded in interrupting tho
"I insist," said he, "that tho ohair
put tho voto on my motion to adopt
tho substitute I dony the right of
Mr. Caliaghan to make a motion while
I have the floor."
now the kigiit 6taute.
The chair still failed to reoognizo
Mr. Newton and proceeded a second
time to put Mayor Callaghan's mo
tion, when W. C. Berry, a Clark dele
gate, who stood near tho platform,
protested that Mr. Newton was on
titled to the floor. At this Vicente
Martinez, a bartender at Friedman's
saloon, who was 0:10 tf tho delegates
on tho Hotrg side of tho houso,stortcd
toward Berry. This seemed to bo tho
signal for a rush, and in a moment tho
dolegates were all off tboir lect, ohairs
woro overturned and men pilod on
each other trying to reaoh tho parties
who were oonocmod iu tho diffioulty.
Berry raised his cane, but it was
snatched from him by Sanitary Officer
Florca Martinez wus caught and hold
by Capt. F. N. Sanohez, the public
weigher, who is also a special offioer.
It is said that he drnw a knife, but
tho officor overpowered him. No knife
could be seen, howovor, from tho
reporter's stand, neither wero any
pistols brought to view above the
heads of the crowd, although reliablo
persons who woio on tho floor state
that scvoral wero drawn. At this time
there would have boon a despcrato
freo fight had not tho con
toi ding factions been so olosely
paoked together that no ono could
strike a blow. No one seemed to bo
able to do anything to quell the dis
turbance 111 til Captain Leo Hall, one
of the Clark delegates, forced his way
through the crowd, which fell back
before his determined advance, and
commanded thorn to take their seats.
HiB effort had been nearly successful
when T. II. Gray, a Clark delegate
who was in the outskirts of tho crowd
and who had been advocating thooauso
01 Mr. JNewton, was struck on tho
head from behind by some unknown
person. Ho wheeled and struck out
in defense, but was grabbed by a
dozen porsons, who dragged him out
side tho hall beforo a party of friends,
assisted by officers, could rcsouo him.
At this point it appeared for a fow
minutes as if a general fight could not
be avoided, but a small party headed
by Judgo T. N. Dovinc, ouo of the
(Jlark delegates, again succeeded in
compelling the would-be combatants
to tako their soats, Tho mandoto
was tho quicker obeyed as another
party, headed by Captain Leo Hall,
started to join Judgo Dcvino's contin
wm the convention split.
S G. Novston again arose, when
quiot had been restored, and insisted
upon his point of ordor that Mayor
Caliaghan had no right to make a mo
tion when ho had tho iloor. Chair-
mad Dwyer this time sustained him
and Mr. Newton then proceeded to
speak on his substitute to tho report
ot the commitreo on credentials:
"My purposo in offering this sub
stitute in lieu of tho report of tho com
mittee," said ho, "is beoauso it con
stitutcd delegations to this oonven
tion from those preoincts. Thoso
dolegates were oleotod not by viva
voce voto at a precinot primary but
by aotual ballot, in whioh tollers on
both sidos wero appointed. They
wer2 fairly and indisputably oleotcd
and this report of tho committoo is
merely a movement to obstruot tho
followers of Georgo Clark. I want
this substitute put to a voto of tho
convention, and as far as I am oon
corned I am willing at all times to
abide by tho decision of the majority
of a Democratic convention. I do
preoatc the unfortunate fight that has
just ocourrcd, and hopo that such a
thing may nover occur again in a
Democratic convention. I movo tho
adoption of my substitute."
Tho motion was quickly seconded
by a soore of Clark delegates, but
beforo it could be put Mayor Cal
iaghan aroso and moved to table it.
The chair put tho motion to table and
declared it oarried. Immediately a
moticn was made to adopt tho roport
of the committee, whioh the chair
nlso put and deolared carried. This
was all dono in a broath, beforo Judgo
0. A. Keller, who had jumped to his
feet, could oxoloim: "Wouldn't it
bo a good idea to tako tho noos as
well as tho ayes?"
Judgo Keller was sustainod by the
entire Clark delegation, who insisted
that thoy had been givon no opportu
nity to voto on cither motion and in
sisted that the ohair put it again. Tho
chairman refused to do this, whore
upon Honorablo Columbus W. Upson
mounted a chair and amidst a terrible
1"F -J T.I.
Such ns Sick Headache,
Weak Stomach'
Impaired Digestion,
Liver Complaint,
and Female Ailments.
i OoTercilwlthaTttBtclfss & Soluble- Coating.
I Of all drucclsli. 1'ticc 2r. uni .1 bm.
New York Depot, i6 Canal St.
'y-.i in
din through whioh ho had to mako a
hard effort to bo heard, called unon
every friend of ludgo Clark to leavo
tho hall. Tho Ulark delegation then
loft in a solid phalanx. W. 0, Borry
mounting a ohair and making a short
address in whioh bo said that Calln
ghnn and his supporters would havo
to tako tho responsibility for it.
It was amid a scene of tho wildest
excitement that the Clark delegation
filed out of Convention ball to tho
street. At tho door stood 0, A. Kel
ler and other prominent Democrats
who gave instructions to tho throng to
proceed to Risohe's theater. It was
eo n discovered, howovor, that tho
plaoowas oocupicd, and then, through
the courtesy of Captain llobt. Greon,
tho use of the large Bolknap armory
was tendered. Tho crowd of Clark
enthusiasts filled tho room and owing
to the excitement over thoir troatmout
and bulldozing mothods of the Hogg
mon, it was sometiiuo bofore quiet
could be restored sufiioicnt to call the
convention to ordor. Cries for tho
Honorablo Columbus Upson to make a
talk wero mado and in response that
gentleman said:
Fellow Citizons and Freeman Wo
havo commenced to-day to "Turn
Texas I.ooso." CricB of "got on tho
table.' "Down with tho Mexicans,'
and doafoning applause. Mounting a
table tho colonel continued: "I havo
been a Democrat for half a ocntury,
and in all that time I never beforo
witnessed such a disgraceful soone as
that which wo havo just loft It is
tho worst display of t ranny that ovor
camo under my observation. Our
foro'athors when oppressed by a
tyrannical powor struck out liko free
men and they won tho liberty wo en
joy to-day. Aro we worthy to bo
called men to baenfioo that liborty
which should bo so dear and pricolosH
to every true born American? The
combination in that convention whioh
has flagrantly overriden our liberties
to day must bo overoomo by tho poo
ple of Bexar oounty. Great ap
plause Mark my wordB, roportors.
The death knoll has boon sounded and
tneir action this morning is tho com
mencement of that political (loath
which is soon to come to them all.
Deafening applause and oiios of
"That's right." Thep havo dug thoir
political graves, now let them lie in
them. Tho intelligent people of
Boxar county are not peons. They
will not Btand such despotism as was.
attempted at that convontion. Wo
went into that convention dctormincd
to act firlv. Wo wanted nothing: e
but our riirhts and theso we will havo.
Groat applauso What did tho
machine manipulators do but pull out
of their pockets a list of nnmes to com
pose tho credential committco with
not a Clark man on it, when 75 per
cent of tho votes of this community
are warm supporter of George Clark.
Judgo Clark stands toduy tho grand
representative of right, liberty and1
justioe. Deafening apphuso lloggis
tho emblem of corruptness and dema
gogy and has destroyed tho prosperity
of Texas which should bo tho greatest
and most progressive stato iu the
Union. His war has constantly boon
dircotcd against the freedom and
rights of thiB stato. For nearly twelve
years I havo takou no part in politics,
but now ifi not tho timo for ono who
lovos his stato and has a rogard for
the liberties of his people to romuin
silont. I lound our interests involved
and I determined to spoak out. Now
gontlemon we havo something olso to
do. Wo must not only organize nnd
selcot delegate!) to tho several conven
tions but we must hero today, cleot a
county oxeoutivo oommittco. Wo
must havo on that committoo the ex
ponents of tho principles of puro Dom-
ooraoy whose voices speak for tho com
munity ana not tor a ma
chine. rMony voices: "That's
what wo went1'. "Down tho
machine" and uproarious and long-
continucu applauto.J
W. 0. Berry then made a briof talk
iri&ffest) s
l JmbM.

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