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Waco Evening News
Am, 417 and J Il I'ranUIUi St., Waco
1'tiblUhtr and 1'roprlelor,
All communications to insure
prompt attention should beaduresseu
loTheNcwH, Waco, Texas.
All bills fallim.' due The Waco
Evening News after the 5th of August
will oo due and payable to J. K.
VUliLlHll KK'ri .NOTICK.
Bills which It lh expected The Nows
to pay must bo authorized by an
order signed by J. P.. BEXNETT.
Tho Only Damocratic Daily in Cen
tral Texas.
Three Hundred Dollars in Gold 1
Sovent-five Dollars in Gold'
Every agent who will send into this
cfiice between now and the first oi
Februarv, twi hundred annual sub
scribcr to The Dau.v Nkws with
tjdOci-'i for eioh subscriber, Tun
Nm m" piy threo huudrtd djllars
in iro.J And to evory ugunt who
will s.. i din two hundred subscribers
to The Wkkki.y Nkws for one year,
with $1.00 eabh for eioh subai.riber
Tiik New will pay hoveoty-five dol
lars in gold. And in ndJitunto the
above splendid premiums, The N i:vs
will give a brand new ono hundred
dollar Organ to the agent sending tho
largest number of MibiCribers to daily or
weekly, provided tho numbor exceeds
two hundred. iIakc the ellort, tho num
ber can easily be raised byli'-e agents,
and if you fail to gut two hundred
mimes Tip; Nkws will pay you on tho
firit of February twenty per cent of
the full sum paid in by you on sub
scriptions; so ou wod'i lose your
virue anyway. Try it.
Work for Whoo during lSL'o.
n exchange Bayb: ''Somebody says
that n man can got roaring drunk on
water. Well to ho can on 1 md."
A truth tersely told. Tho San nto
.lo Light iay-: "The auti option bill
i3 a bdl agiinbt gambling, pure and
simple, and it should not be killed.
1' rom the outlook it booms e. Gov
ernor Taylor the mm who fiddled
himself into the effice of governor of
Tcnncseo is now trying to fiddle
himself into tho United States senate
from that stato.
If the fcfllicted of tho nation knew
of tho comfort and health giving
properties of tho waters ol the Geysor
City, bho would soon become known
as the great Sanatorium of the nation.
Let everybody help to advertiso the
Texas should be creditably repre
sented at tho World's Fair, and if the
legislature can, without violating tho
constitution, m&ko an appropriation to
onable her to be creditably represent
ed it should lo dono and the peoplo
will sustain them iu it.
Of tho registration system the
Santa Anna News very pertinently
sayt: Tho Australian ballot law is
hero to st3y. The pruning knife may
be applied to its uwkward, clumsy
features, but the principle, with bll its
vital force will romtiin all the same,
only more stringout, if possible
TilK Nkws a few days ago wrote an
article charging that the GA Dal.
News was and had been through the
entire cotton season a persistent bear,
that its reports and utterances on tho
subject had all been djctored to suit
the interests of thesi who desired to
eeo the prioe of the s'.uth's great
staplo depressed. To date the old
lady by tho ssa has not so -n fit to ac
knowled the truth of the statement,
and as it could not, in truth, deny it,
the matter has rented But it seems
The Nkws is not the only person who
rus noticed this course, of the Gal.
Dal. News Mr. C Hodewald Bjrno
chairman committee stitistics and
information, after furnishing a tabu
lated staten i.t, p -inting i,ut particu
larly how the Dal. 01. Newi had
erred in iis statiment, and how those
errors were calculated to increase
over half a million bales the crop i
estimate of this season, ar.d how this j
over estimate, il believed, would tend
to depress the price, closes his com
munication with the following signi
ficant utterance.-.
The error of tho News in quoting
from the Chroniclo amounts to veiy
nearly ." per cent in acrcago ai.d
about '6 per cent in emus. The
total error is 8 ptr cent. I am not
"str. lining at gnats," because S per
cent, on a i .000, Out) crop is iiCO.OuO
halts Hut 1 desire to prevent the
general public, who accept figures as
correct without inviatigtlion, from
"hwallowing camels "
The Nt wn has tho yield per acre
correct, ar.d as all these figurra are to
be found in tho same tblo of Uie
(Jhronitle (page 01?, this year), I do
not understand how the oilier errors
occur.ed, pirtkulaily us tho veriest
tyro knows ilut up to lSf8 aud in
cluding that year there hsd b.'cn onlv
ono orop of ; 000,0(0 or over, vz,
KS87, w tnlo ths News gives two crops
if 7,250.000. Yours olndieutlv,
Ch'm Com Statistics aud Information.
The Galveston News sees the corner
into which it was drawn and tries in
geniously to avoid tho forco of tho
conclusion by reiterating its former
assertion and printing a letter signed
b.y Cotton Mr reliant, written, perhaps,
in its own cfrice, filled with the sam3
stuff Tho facts remaiu the same and
are clearly evident to the average
reader The Galeston News delib
erately falsifies tho records from
which it gets its information, and so
manipulates the statement as to i-.well
the sie of the expected crop, when it
could have no other aim thin to help
the bears id tho cotton market nt tho
expenso of tho people lrom whom it
gets its support. Aud in doing it, it
played (he traitor to its on constit
uents and deseivea to bs .'-treated by
them as a traitor and a paper un
worthy their confidence or support.
As wo go into tho new year it is
usually in order with soma to begin to
retrench a cutting tA luxuries, sj to
bpeak and with a few the first one
lopped oil' is their local daily paper
This is, in tho judgunent of The
News, a serious mistake. The daily
pipor is not a luxury; it i3 ft necessity.
Think of a town the size of Waco
without a morning and evening paper,
and then imagine, if you can, either
flourishing when thoso who should
support them regard the money fiptnt
for subscription as so much lavished
upon a luxury. Support your home
papers by subscribing for them and
advertising in them If you must re
trench cut off your cigar bill.
The World's Fair and tho Consti
tution. Houstou Post: The Post proposes
to urce btate representation at the
Columbian exposition and an appro
priation tberetor.
Tho people of Texas would lite to
have the state piopeily and authorita
tive y represented at Chicago and they
will heartily approve any appropria
tion made fir that purpofo
Governor Hogg, too, is certainly in
favor ol doing an thing he canto
further ihe beat and permanent inter
ests of Tevas. Tho only question is
tho authority under tho constitution
to make an appropriation for
such a purpose. A few facts which
scera to be forgotten, will provo
of value in throwing light on this
sulject In tho firt pla:e, the clause
in the conti'ution that has been ihp
bugbear of legislators on the subject
was never intended to prohibit Texas
from making appropriations to repre
sent the state at expositions. Its sole
purp;te wn to put an end to "itnmi
s ration bureaus, ' suoh as scandalized
the state from 1P69 to 1S74 The
entire discussion of this matter on the
fl ior of the convention and in com
mittee duriof? the constitutional con
vention of l67o proves this That
clause reads thus, under the head of
general provisions:
Article XVI, section 5G. Tho legis
lature Khali have no power to ap
propriate any tf the public money tor
tho establishment and maintenance
of a bureau ofiiuinigration.or for any
purpose of bringing immigrants to
tiiis btate.
Only the inhibition of state aid to
any form rf "immigration bureau''
was intended. If a broader interpre
tation be giver, then the bureau of 'in
surance, statistics and his'ory and ag
riculture" seems of doubtful validity.
Nine years alter the adoption of this
constitution the New Orleans Exposi
tion was held, something not dreamed
of in I87."). In fact, the Amcri an
Centenuial was httlo thought of in
Texas in 1873 Vet. in Februarv,
hSSl, the following bill pusscd the
Texas legislature:
Substitute Senato Bill. No. -I An
ac to provide fc tho appointment of '
commissioner" to represent th-S ato'
of Toxmh at the World's Industrial I
and Cotton Contennial Exposition, to I
bo held lit Now Orleans 011 tlio first
Monday In December, A D lfeslandj
to pre-'eriliu the duties of said coin-,
missioners and to make an nppropila-
tion tiurelur. 1
Sec ion 1 Bo it enacted by tho1
legislature ol tho S'ato of Texas That '
to. tiie purpose of .iisic mln iting and
distrib iting to tho reproct ntutlveB
and visitors from tho voilou- Mates j
audfotoign countries who blmll visit ,
t tio World's Indus'rial and Cotton
Centennial Exposition, to bo celled1
nt Now Orleans, La., on tho first1
Monday in December, A. D. lob" 111- :
ortnatioii in regard to the soli, climate
and resources of Texas, to bo expend-'
ed under the direction of the governor I
anu tlio commissioner ot insurance,
stitistics and history under such
regulations ai are p ovltled for in tills
act the sum of $20,000, orsoniLCli
thereof as may bo necessary, to t e
taken out ot any money In the
treasury not otherwise appropriated.
Sections 2 to 9 define the duties
oT tho commissioner, his eleven assist
ants, fixes their pay. etc., and pro
vides that all exhibits p;iven to or pur
cha'ed bv the stato ?hall be brought
back and placed in the dcpirtment of
insurance, statistics and ivstorv at
Austin. This bill pas-ed the senate
and went to the house, and whs there
pasid February -, LSS-l Governor
Ireland approved it February .
This fites p. preikdeut to folhw
which would at this tiino add to the
popularity of the present administra
tion, atd would certainly rccoivu the
approval of the people. That a law
yer so able and a governor to careful
und conservative as Governor Ireland
should have approved the act refenod
to (Stabhshes a precedent that no
legislature and gowrnor ne. d hesitate
to filluw But more corclu-ivc than
all else is the fact that tho anuroDiia
tion made was approved by tho people.
Let the legislature appiopriute at
least 50,000 us one of its first acts.
New Bakejy,
Grocery and confectionery, just open
ed. Everything fresh aud clein. (527
Austin avenue
Wednesday and Saturuaj mornings
the pool room of the Natatoiio Sanito
rium is reserved fur ladies only.
K G. Gaines will s-ell y.u lots at
College H ights. Offico with Weelow
& Uo., 10'J South Fourth ftrcc.
- i - - i
of Bourbon, Ind., 8yB: "Both my,
lelf and wife owe our lives to SHI-
For sase by Willumeon Drug com
From two o'clock Saturday after-
noon to G p. m. Sunday tho pool room
of tho Natutorio Sanitarium is reseivcd
for men only. Snitn 25 cents.
i m i
I must see W. II. Roberts todaj
about that life insurance.
Buoklen's Arnica Salve.
The beat Salvo in the world foi
Cuts, Bruues, Sore, Ulcers, Salt
Rheum, Fever Sire, Tetter, chapped
hand-, Chilblains Oorn, and all Skin
Eruptions, aud positively cures Piles,
or no pay required. It is guaranteed
to p;ive neifect faiisfaction, or monoy
refunded. Price 2f) cenU per box
For bale by W. B Morrihon A-- Co.
Fifty cents pays for Inn Nkws
one month.
- th:e
V D, MATJ1KLD, President J. D. BELL, Vlcu President. .JOHN L. M AYi I ELI); ti
trom oate.
Tih Nlvs i autlioriul t n'-notinct! W . (
'Jim as n Candida c fur ilty inaiidMil tit thu
A j rll t lection.
InrNtws 1 a'itliorIel to fiunonnop .T II
IluiM'ij us acumlidiui; for tity mar-hul nt the
tiie Neus l authorised ti annrm-c .Mf C .
Nc il i s it i iinllilntt f r re election to tho oDlce
"1 cltj iuiicsl.nl in the .irll ileclloa.
W i. ai j authorized to Minon ice .Mr. Ml Kt
Moore as i ar duhi v lor cltj marshal nt the
niil K tl cth; Apill 1
lout rn s:r iti; r.tu v.
Tin Niw- 6 auth ir!?eil n nniinumo W f
Co i tr us a c. n.idatu lor ill j M.cretarj at th
V ir 1 1 u ect on ,
rim a fcsr. (! it v.m ri.i.i:cTO!e.
We .i'e Huthnr zed t' annoume S U.
numpli ey-u ciiiuit 'ntu foi re eiectiOM to thu
ofilci" f K'B.'srr and collector, ut th ei.eiiiiix
city dec li-ii, A r I I
SFIsIbL., 037-sters,
Oj."ii-ilc-tlTv.o Best
1&saB COSMOS , U7,i;slr(1: c,
Saloon and Restaurant. All ! KZwJil :
nip-ht and dav service.
0 7(It ll,i: cm: I A tine fnnil;!:
xr r i njiPTnnMP n : - I1 awiimln rfc tly rm tli. t 1 oi M
Ylf. C. AniUOl AUHU, rruuriuior. iKirk ir, .Vu.t u Avenue. I2-.ll
Hiioirsut un liunu. iiEtmisn
Marble and Granite
1AIE also handle Iron Fences
for residences and ceme
tery lots. Write us for prices
Factory, 313 South Filth St
For the Finest Collection of
Come one, come all, to
Tlxe Aicade
I Sl!i Austin Ave., Ihluven ."ttli ic llth Sts.
The Gity Savipgs Bapk
CHARTERED FEB. 12, 1892.
Now offers 6 per cent, interest on deposits. Interest pay
I I'oittirr 1 lire fin III IllnnU idiiIUH
rpill. h hst u.e 1 i-ai utu rltie c mcc'
f. rme trl n mi oh i- 'In cinsec
dnia h Iheref n i in 11 In ) eitccti
mu'-t haw the nioiu d iii.iii. ofl!
ft It Ktl.lt CNTll.Pll. m.vt MlMr. tt.
KlLLHi lontn'Ui i I th. s a 1 icj mi:
o.i.i lit u. 11 111 win b op 1 rinuiitiou
t 1 an e t'm blood a d svMem tiurebr f
eating 'it if nnrt ofd sea-e Ti u nuge I
EiWDKpuitn theon and ful pirn ul ill
II' IV... ....
.. . . . ... (li'n
I dvertl6lnsln this column oirjiJ
I Cosh imiBt ficconijuiny thu order, oicevwJ
utueiuu, u rcKUiur biitwww(
W.'ll:Il a Kituat 011 a sViiaifll
o o II ciiniilnudin towiiaMCiaw
AJilria L. i &01.U1 i.lf 11 u -it.ei
Ur, ri:i Evirjbr Iv to fcnowittil
i ...... vrn ... .....n-" . i..nU. .'
ty In tr h u-e h s I" en iuipilt 111 Si
niu 'ti f ir-t tin ir vCL.ie' am itoiou
m- tafc 7 ta. fl -i.-- - " ' I'll M (1 'W14 4NIIIVUGVi
1 i r t k.liI 1 i.i . 1 I .itti liimnn ii.V
1 CJ )H W T' inci.'.'ef aiplit hi.I iruiitall
v " 1 1 -w ft ne-R ran milk tioia 10 -i 11 r 11
Lie 11
jour I illtiei 'ill bt oiili1 ut tin . All HI
nuc cur. tr -lih, ui'istiiirs, roum Jlnl
M Cott v.
irli dif the t'n. -t Mil
en In Waeo. .id a'
j cMnh in l.'l
ttmh: i,i: 1 itv cin;r-onl
I? f"Ui 1011m cnllagi' nuw-on o'4
ftet. X'iimeity call at :ti.' " iu'Ii El
h-.rcet. i-
Foil s l,i:-Three lmpo3'n ttocei.
or write thlo.flce.
Cl S l.r.-A largo font oltjl"-' wrltti
1 almost New-, 'lhisoill e. 1
f dred at Thk r-Ewa ollloe. I
n'Oltll,n IMI'KUS-'ome tottl
c OlUce price JO ceuts per hundred.
70lts!,i: Cases and HfndseriOtgM
- uood JoboJlco. Apply at this omce.
() It I.l'.Tivn lnli TiTPSSi'S. COnJ'i
r A bargain. Call in tho Ne9 0ttl.
FOIt S II, K AtabHrcaln ono it
etapler, cocl us new. 'alil '
T.'mt .IIJ'-V!v,. hnmlrpil l.Oltndl '
r ,lcatypo, but little worn. CiU
DIOIl N I n Five fonts of steel
D 6Crln tyre In good condition. K
i. an or write liiowoas oince
(1ST A horse nine 3 cars nhl '
.j m luiui , hi muni j. m i.i "- . u
nrtln. l,k.n,n.II . 1ilf Ii HiUllI' .
will tiling liliu to Jitru ana j '"$
icasi, atin ne rrwnrneu,
i ici:r ok !roituTio
'hP'sltantlotis aud ecnrc"-r
kinds. 4i:l-'rtnkiln.
. ....( tn ''
.VI i.,r.iiin.iuc..r....ii.iril" (uoroeJ'l,j
1 ranllnn.l tne U'liftt Vl.tl WftI1
Banr, Iviinsm City, Ain.
- 7 .. Tlfllllllll
f I I Headlight Oil-. ,Vn"er ".ti
I I I I Im,lH 0I l"eC,l?'l nrll.'tW
I I I I ed to.iro ...t O N ..' 'J ,!
M m mmmann X' t'CI ' VfCt'lVP 1
Stand, CIS Aanwjc8

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