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Get the Best! THE CITY LffilSLATURErhtr;""0'00"0'
iviucrman Liiicy uiovcu mu mu uny
The time ofjuar In m h 1t.1l When ou wMi
abut you .'i( i" llrltilt I Ijb llir ((
Wo mrrythu IVi'i ((( the mnikot iirorl,
and nil K"' ds I" our 'in1' -'Bn ' '""' of "8
in ivasmi
Cns jour eve orur tho folio!1 g nil ceo If
thr r Ic not Mi'nitliiiiK in Umi list which your
inmost roul doth rruie:
., 01 bruits, i:ra.
CjivIt '"num. fJ'niii .lulcu, Olain Ghnwdir.
C01I1H1 llill, Muv lul Jrb, I) ten 'liutli1,
I.olitin, .Murkircl llfuok Trout, fijsteri.
Falnimi, lirimlH, S lo J O.sor-, T.ciliitcrs
( lum In ir ii. American unit Downlr
8irdlnn, 'liinny Fhdi, I'oii'l'"" llenlneh,
KlPin-ri'l Iter li'i!i. Viirm ulli Illo tli'M, llg
foy tiiickx am! I' mi 'ii UoddleB
.so irr.s.
Yrnnco. Mil r'l'im mid Arm hi a In tilnt and
jUHitt'ii'fl '.''I VHriatk'B,
ronnir. v .isn itonnsrn: rui'ii.s.
I'lun'S, I'm 'Him, Mi'nrii, Villi nrli. On
iluin umi Ciiror-lM T;iv emi (ilmroiiKUly
cliiu-o.i Sill turn k IIiiIhIiik 111 il Vosti 711 Utt
rant. I'nuey lugo Fig- hi il 1'ul.nl 1 gs Cit
ron, Iiniiii mm Orange rod, ' 11 e'e 13
orn't d !' in Ih'i, I'-iib AprlioiH, itmi p ls,
Ulied tin r le, lll.i' Uk it v ni i' liu'i lurrmi
cl'f ifN MHif Itotnittr A11N
Kmirv Mired NnV, 'Inii. una, I' nff P. Mc
II)' ami IoiiIiip X.iPinil", llrA' I 1 li rt8 Kng
llsh U'nli til", 1'n huh Binl ( (ii'nniiil a
! .1111 n Hi lirW'ii SIkiI.
waco rnt i!;imim.iii,.nt,
i.miitliiii of till! Alarm liiiirs
nrth Wnr 1 Ftrc Station trll."5
B r'oriiiir ;nh hmI AUBtl .
1', - Itli "
7 Contrnl Kirn Utiitlon "
8 West Knil Kirn Station "
13 ("or- or 14 1) and u-hlnirton "
1 1111
1 urn
ii-ii n ii
U Mh and Mnlboroitgh
IS " bth umi CuiiniiliuH "
It! " nth nniljiici Aon ''
17 " 1th find Wi bntiir "
ifl ' nth 1 ml CIcM'lnnil "
,v, ' Mli nml Hi eight "
27 " ethnnil vn"hlntrtoii "
'.ii Itnynl Hotel Bth B il Franklin " ill mil
" .'(I Woolen M'IIh Hth nml Mary " Ill-Ill ill
l. i.firner 1 tl' 111 il ,li ITi re 1111 ' ni-imni
AM Iiom". iun:ili"l,'il above s striken tlitiH!
"ii 1.1 Dtrll.ip 1 mm Mi-is, thei clrlkis ill
a ' 1 Ilex 1:1, tbi r" uitr 'rmr times
Ti x ssrirllii II 1 nil fi' 1 ", then ntrlkoi UI1
iiitMi s. Unit "fi in (1 mi 01..
n, ' 11 he funnel In reMlduncert on i lcIi ror
1 it v n- liivi urn Incri'i l Oii'ii Fire Alarrr,
Hojii'B 11 il jiull llnok iIiumi urn! kit kii. LtHVe
ley 1 1 hnx
iuni iiiurmlii 011I3 rorilrcH tlOOO line for
fiilnn nluriiio
Muiv tiiplilnK of Ih-IIh i-lKuir coiiiimtiy
30 1 1 11.
Kiniiil Trlilny In encli rnunlh em-h Imx Ib
tmilH'il t!u', tettlni: Imshh and circuit Him
When nlnnii 11I llrolHKlve the Klro Depart
mnt lian the rlrht of way on nil f treeiu. All
uelilelu, miiBt ilrlif near the elilewnll. anil keoii
uui froii, the lire 5 0 line for runnliiK over
Kepnrl of any rnriilefiA ilrlvliiR oliiK to or
f re tii flri'u in llin Kirn TliiiHirtmi til illl lin
tl nnkliilh recelieil liv the Chief. n fat and'
carelei'BilrlvliiKlH Htrlclly forlildilen.
iiiisvsKsMON or Tin: cirv coi
en, 1. as i' .-Niuik r.
'I' ho niUknnrl, KmiHiis unit Texan
Unllriirxt Alluiveil In Construct
Stillrlieft Iteivnril Oltoreil tor
tin-llniiitlllllis U'lui Ilestro) fit tilt;
1'lro A 1 11 rni llo1-..-rroceiilliiuH.
Parties mdeb cd to Tin: Ni:ws for
suliHcriptiim will j ltant cill at thu
olFioo and setllu ir l'ave tl e tnnnty at
1 .... ,i. ..: !..- m. 1 i
iiuiuu ru 11111 1111 uuiniui, ,111. o . . 1
Danicln, oau get it elicit ho c.ilh.
The hums aro .simll, hut in tho
agirrcgatu, amout to considcrahlc.
Ploaso hci d thin requost, ao wo cin
Btart tlio new yc:tr with a clean record
with our readm.
Application una Order of Court
Recciivcd by Mm Today.
Tho folio wing applications anil or
dorii nude in vqu ty case No 227,
cntiilod FiriiKr' liOin & Trust Com
pany vs. Houston and Tuxhs Ci ntriil
R;lny Coni)!iny it til, ye dio in
United PtitteH C'rouit Coml, Kastern
District of Texas at Giilvostou, wore
rcceivt'd hy Juceivi r Abe1 1 ti d n :
Now ci nits Alfro 1 Aboil, rtuciver,
and prays tho oourt to designate ab
dopoitoucs for tho lands conmit' in ' o
l.i hands as ret eivcr ic thia mime, tho
l'rnvidfiit National Hunk, of Wauo,
Ti'xai,.vid thu Fiict Nitional Uaiik
of'Wacn, Tcxiia, or sii"h ntl er na
tional b.irks in the city of Waco, as
to tho court may ht'em pioper
ALr'Giio AiikkIi, Reiioivor.
Thr nbovo aprliontion having been
duly considered by tho ci urt, it i"
crdend tint tho I'royidant Nttional
l?aok of Waco, Tcsa", and the First
National B.mk of Whco, Texas, be
and thoy aro heieby designated as
depositoriCH for any funds orming
into tho hands of Alfred Abeel, as
receiver in this oauso.
A. P. MoCokmicic,
Ciriiiit iJudgo
Dono at Now Orleans, Li., January
,ird, 1S93.
Now ci moB Alfred Abcol, receiver
in this cause, and with respect shows
to tho court that lie lux appointed as
attorney to tho receiver herein, K 11
Graham, esq., of Waco, Texas, and
prajs the cjurt to coufirm and ap
prove his said appointment.
Au'KKH Aueki,, Receiver.
Oq eonfidrrjition of the foregoing
application it in ordered by the court
that tho appointment of E. II Graham
E q , i f Waco, Tt x i, as attorney for
the receiver in this caso, be and tho
bamo is hereby approved
A I. iMcOoRUtcic,
Cirouit Jud;;o.
Done at New Orleans, L , January
3rd. UrS
The Waco ci .y council met at seven
o'clock hist niht.
The m nutcH of the previous nipct
ing wcru read and approved.
A potit;ou from a. ouni'icr of oiti
."iis akinr tint tlio Mi-souri, Kin a-s
and 'IV xa lailnay company be re
slrami d frum building a Miuh
iicrosa Klevi nth btieet was mbmittcd
to the council, and upon niuiion it
was received and filed
A petition from V. P. Lin'hicum.
li J. French and others, call ny at
tentii.n to tho 'act that thoir petition
akin for the improvement of North
Ninth street, and tho council hiving
favorably acted upon it at a previous
meeting, and btatins: that no work had
been dine yet and tho matter had
been ditref arded, and praying that
thi Htreot c mmissiener be re instruct
rd to do the work, waj rckrtcd to the
streit con misbioner.
A petition from . T. Watt, Birt
IWooro and otliets askieg for t lie con
(truciicm of a sanitar seuer on Auscn
street bet w tin Filticn'h ai.d S'.xteenih
In ernncot with tho ini'ii huwir en
Franklin biree' was rekned to tin
sanitar) committee.
A cniiiinu lica'i.in from nitizi ns ol j
Hast Waco, in reference to the irn I
proveniuit of IV.irl and K'ln btreeH
wasrifened to the t-treet cotiuuittee
'I he report of I'ub'ic W ilier Pal
mtr bhowiiig -Hi7 loids weighed dur
ing the month of December, was re
ceived and filed.
The (iiarterly rep'irt of Tax Asses
sor Humphreys, which was tpprovid
by the fim.il :c oommittf e was received
aud filed.
A petition frcm 11. J. Lackland to
httctch a canrabh ojipositc the city
hall, for the purpose ot exhibiting
stercoptican view-i and advertise
ments, was referred to the mayor with
power to act.
Tho nport of tho boird t f health
showing tho number of binhs and
deaths during the month of Decern
her Has reccivod and fi cd.
Tho quarterly report of the 'city
marshal, a. d al-o that of the city
secretary was received and filtd.
King, lrom tho buhonl committee,
reported that tho sanitary aocommo
daiions at tho central rdiool aud sev
eral of tho ward chools, were cut rely
inadtquUe Alsothe oroudid condi
tion ol tlio Third street colored sob col
and recomaending additions
Hawkin.s moved that an additional
teacher bo employed iu the Third
Street tchool.
Lacy cfli-rerl a substitute to the
effect that tho mattci be agair 'referred
to the school c. mm.Uee, which was
carri d
Tho other iniprov -moots suggested
by tho school loinmittee were la
furred to the city engircer and public,
inipn vment comm ttee.
The secretary loud a i umber of bills
which were allowed and ordured ptid
Tie street commutfe reported that
work on South Fourth Siret opposit
the Parrott natatonum had been done,
and tho property owners were in
Htrtictcd to construct ccmont side
walks. In regard to the hide house ordi
nance, Payne, from tho sanitary com
mittee, subinittod a numbor of
suggestions frcm Officer Ulcssington,
which wore read. The matter was ro
firred back to tho eanitary committee
The street committee k commended
that the Kaiy railroid bo allowed to
construct two switches between Thir
teenth aud Fourteenth s reels.
The ordinance prohibiting paoplc
from breaking through funeral pieces
sions was nad, and, with seme Blight
amendments, was adopted
Tho ordinanco providing that occu
pation taxes lie paid on bourses, $20
on three, and all abovo that, $j each,
was read, and upon motion was laid
Tho report of the public improve
ment c immittee, stat ng that they h id
onuoil offer a reward of $30 fur tho
arrest and conviction of tho purlins
who destroyed two fire alarm boxes
dur'ng the holidays Oftrried.
Upon his request the city attorney
was allowed to omit the street paving
ordinance from the d'gest of ordinan
ce. The council adjourned at 8:45.
Charged With tho Murder of Kauf
man. Anoth' r arrest has been made in tho
Kaufman murder caso. John Shield',
a negro b?y, igrd 1? years, wis tr
res ed by Sheriff Ward, of Falls
county, and brought to Wao in tin
afternoon by Deputy Snenfl Ohfl Tor
renco, and locked up. Shield says,
Georo and Billy Kellum, "the other
niggers," did the killing, and ho didn't
do it,
The whole milter will be thorough
ly bificd at the examinirg trial, which
will tako place btfore Ju. lice Harrison
January lv.
In tho county court this morning,
Jtidgo W. II. Jenkins presiding, tho
ciso of W. K Fmks & (Jo. vs. O W.
IJuck and he Pacific hotel, a suit fjr
debt, iticl n? the fun iture and other
fixines of the hotel, was tried and
resulted iu a voidiot for plaintiff
asrui.irit Buck, and in favor of tin
oiher deltndunt, the Pacific hotel, for
.Mijor MjUulloch impos' d tho fnl
lowing fines in tho city court thin
Bud (Jiirsou drunk, $5
Lillie Carter aud Amelii Iilltr,
fighting, Jo each.
Wesley Burney, disturbing tho
peace, $5
Moating of the Y's. W. C. T. U.
Tho Y's held their first meeting lust
eight at the residence of Rev. W. A
Duightry, 510 North Ti nth street.
There was quite a number present,
l'ho mooting was opened by a chapter
read from tho Bible by Mrs. Daugh
tery, followed by an appropriate prayer
Mr. H. A. Dillion. Tho recording
secretary then read the by-laws and
constitution of the order. Other
business was taken up and disposed of.
The young ladies then sang a song
entitled, "Savior, Liko a Shepard,Lead
Me." iMiss Minnie KondricK was
then called upon fi r a recitation. She
reluctently cousented with a recitation
ontitled, "On the Proutior," whioh
was greeted with applause. Mr. J.
Wyidipg followed with a recitation
entitled, "A helper."
Fino buggy marp, beautiful bay,
perfectly gentle. (109 Fracklin street.
Desirab'e room, unfurnished, 221
South Twelfth street.
Sausage Factory.
All kinds of sausage midc fresh
daily, and delivered promptly to any
part of tho city. Mail aud tilgrath
orders tilled wi'hout dehy. 1'U
Franklin street, Germaoia House.
A white woman willing to work,
solicits a position for housework in a
private family, or ohambtrmiid in a
ho'el. Apply corner of Fourteenth
and Flint streets.
Mrs. MnMui.ux.
Leavo ordcrsforci.il at Brown &
Moore's feed store, 72(! Austin ave
F. M. I3YHD.
J. E. Ford has removed his fruit
and confectionery establishrr.ont to
tho new btiok budding corner of Aus
tin aud Eighth. G ve him a call.
i i
For Sale.
Onn pair ot fne bay match horses
at a bargain. Enquire at Ed Strauss'
hardware store or City Transfer Sta
bles. If you desire beautiful crown and
Lridgo work, go to Dr. 0. S. Phillips.
No feature is moro admired in
lovely worn mi than beautiful hand;
therefore ladic, go to the Nitatorio
Sanitorium and have your nails niani
cured, hi weokly, Corner of Fourth
and Mary,
permlt of Its Instniitincoiis preparation and render it
Highly Digestlblo nnd Nutritious.
r. - jmxy - ,
You will
Find that
The Faeilitie
j sate ti
Corner Sixth and Jackson Sts.
Franklin Street News Depot NEW GROCERY STORE
t. IP tho stinilant eapfiri, reriorliuuli anil
latest nnvelii onstaiely on hin 1 I'oHtae
stamps kept for tho ncro-nino la ion of ciis
turners All the be-t bianda f cimrs
PTESTAN water.
Son'h KUti street, hetween Mary andjsckiot-
Staple aflj FaDci Groceries.
Taleuhone No 133.
Has S 1,000 In easli to p.iv for a llo .n wel
xauieii ui ro liL'Oiiti, .v o,
Cueru, I'i .as
A. F. ItrsiNG, Manager.
(litlviintznt iron Cornier; I hi Mutt;
Iron it ml font position Jioitjlmj;
Wtallr SlitiHahts; Wlntlow ami
Dtntr CVjm, litm!st iUc,
tlittt'ttnizi it J ran jstovt fronts a
sjtrehttt Sjtrvtnt attention jlvi n
to Itrjnttrintj Otti lloo's.
Contracts Uthrn in mi )ntrt of thf
712 South 9th St, Wacojex.
Oi'(erv li'fl ivllh I'M Sli-nim. Smith
I'mnlli trert, trill net (it juom;i( ttttrillltiti
To the front with .nn elegant
assortment of all kinds of presents
and, Christmas toys of every description,
I am making a leader on the fcl
lowiner: Golden Gems of Life.
$2.75, $3.50 and $4 75; Christmas
ot tlie Jiible, $2; Matter of the
Situation, $3 and $3 75; My Wife's!
Fool of a Husband, $2, (buy this
book and have a laugh); Christ in '
the Camp, 3. 25 and $5; Scenes'
Abroad, $2.25 and S2.50: Bible
Companion, $4, $4.25 and $5.75;
Royal Gallety of Poetry and Art,
$2.75 and $3.75; Story of the
Baptists, $1.25, reduced from $2;
Our Home, $2 and $3.50. Large,
clear print Family Bibles from $3
I have a larsfe stock of the
above and am selling them during
the holidays at 20 per cent, dis
count. Call around and examine
my goods. Respectfully,
sal SstateJ
01 nvi:. ! no vi i i: r nvi r.nisa. ,
P. O. Draver 24. - WACO, TEXAS!
N'o 10, al loti nil slvteenth street, btWd
,1 lli"on umi I r 1 n iir els.
.No li ro 1 tR mi I'jttr'ecTitli street, t
Uieo t'anon ii' il .11 urn t-t lets
No 1 Fli-e lo vein rw0 fth Elr ot, heW
.1 11 rfon nml llano 1 Btrtu v.
Mi l. Tin i!. lota on a uiliinglon street,!
xieeiun 1 c t.
No li, Tun lot -1011 1' ilrteeuih street, uetf
Joller mi 11 id ll.ii run t nrt..
No. 1.'. Trto lots Cornel1 JellVr on an 1 TJ
Io IB Fo ir lnta corner f fluiiiinl
Fnurleenth strei-tJ.
No. 1". 1'hrio lots, and "inall house on ifi
innto nreet, neursiv entn street.
No. is. Inolotd, torneror Austin a ml Sere:
teonlli i e. is
No ai Fnir 1 its on AUitln street, o'1
Iw nu-beeonil ktiee'
X .. -Jl. iiventy eight lots in Bel r.ont s-l
tlnn. I
Xo.'Ji. Four lots on Washington street, "l
meniy eeuuiui s reel.
N . -Ji Tnlrtien lols coiner Webater
SovHutiua h tr, t .
Xo. '.'I seven lots onC'ny anJTiTeiity-SeK1
Xo 'i'i Sevou lots on durnett and TiM
sprmnil slrm tn
N . J7 Uiih anil one-half loti on EleW
itreet, betiveen Huron aiiilMorron n een1
.No. -,'3 Kiuht lo son li.ii-uatil ncurTffe3'
b (onn btreet. ,,
Kn !). l.nti m 1,'nrl Avpnno f!nhpn 8 &
tl n. L'tso'i SaiiKt-r Avenue d ho .'nsddfj
Loi on Morrow Avenue, C'olnin'i suil1.
l.ois on Uoimin Aveuuo, l.'ohens "''
All ot tuo lot In Coho .'a additional in"
Ion to i leetrie ear lino ,.,,
No. in'. Oo'ta e, 5 room", lot 7')uylJ"
Souili KU-hth treoi.no rllauiy wenue.
No. ail OoitiigH.tlroome. lol 10 b) 1"
corner Eighth mid I'ngby Avei no. ....
Xo.ail Cottnge.S oom-.lotUO byl"
corner .leHer-nn and Ijleri nth s reel-. Ilr
n. .,,,-. ..... t.., i. liiIivIjOp
Thlrn enth street, beU een B irrouatii mo"
Street. . ,, .
No. 2G CotUiro. ljoms. lots r.3 byl'
South Mtrlith stnoi. , ,.
, Nil ai7 Colt ge, 5 rooms, lot 10J by 1""
.No 3b. Cottag-. or-oms lot Mb'lwL
leuiii street, lietwion uairon u" -Bt:.c!8.:..
u . ,h A
.n -uy, i-t rue cilia Tes i p " 7,jM
by IW fee1, cmier Ninth nni Morro!J,J
No. 'Jin Cottage, 5 moms, ioi Ki "7 "' I
con.er Jllr on u il F.iu tecntl "'r-e'1Ml hi
No. 2ll. 0 ttage, 0 rooms, lot ,01J"- I
fcoutl r'. urtli street. , , .. h,,&t
No 212 Uoltmru. 8 rooms. lot u W1"
South Ninth street ,, ,n,ukf1
No. 211 HiiiiRe, two story brl k.lotiw
f t-t, enr cr Jlary
i oner is i st
oi re nous s on rr n kiiu Hirti" ",bj
i is iimp it . n VII hstriit. -i aal"
iroierty cu Fni kllustiet
J Mi T. liAIIU"! .. cnllJIIII
nise, two story on ii'u-
Mary and Filth streets , ft-J
i . sto-H h us s on -J,'B,
on JTiiklliiHtree' C'MJ
li T. "Ariu". F8u,
Koonis, Proiideattu"

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