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f aco Evening News
Rot, 200 and 211 .South I'.iKlitll M.
i. E. BRMETT, Publisher and Proprietor.
Official Organ of TtttTcity of Waco.
Mr. A. J. Atkine is a traveling
nprosontativo of Tuk Daiiy and
Sbki-Wkbki.y Nkws, of Waco, and
la duly authorized to receive and
receipt for subscription!) to either
oublioation, alno to make contracts
for advortiwing.
.Sllburcrlpltoii Kitten:
Dally, ono month I 60
Utlly, six month '2 60
Dully, Olio year.... 6 00
Weekly, one joar 100
All bills due Tub News otllce for
R-dvertUhiK mbsorlpllou or preHS
rrork are payable alone to
at to bis anthorb.od aifent
All communications to Insure
prompt attention ihould bo addressed
ia Tho News, Waco, Texas.
Blllfl whlotiTtio NewH Is expeotod
So pay must be authorized by an
d6r alined bv J. R. BENNETT.
We Rroantliorlicil to nunoiiiirfl J E ItojiitoE
Utn Independent mndiilalu fr.r.c iimtv iitiurney
of Mol.ennaii county at teo Kun"ial olectlou in
HovcmliT, 1891.
IHnlrtc' Uteri,
V. I N I A It K N
m:i ii f mil i.s
County .luiltje,
x ii ji::skims
dim nt i Attorney,
Cm n 111 Clerk,
T II ItltOM.'N
Tar Cnlhctor,
T .1 ! It I M !H
Taxi Ast nsor,
J W It O T
County Treasurer,
r tv it ii it; i: it
County School Nut erintemlent,
.1 It CON yi: Its
Con nt 1 Surrrior,
A.M)lli:V 4:0"IVICI
,J, J". 1'ieclnct Xo. I,
j n i: i,mi: ii i: it
j it i:iti.i:
Constable I'rerittrt Xo t,
ii ik;y citoviu:it
. '. I'reclnct No. V,
i:i ricn nti
Countable I'reclnct Xo. 'J.
,1. I', I'",clnct Xo. .'t,
j hi iuvnini:y
Conntulite I'reclnct Xo .'.
joii iMtieit
.. I'. I'reclnct Xo. I,
j i' iv,mi:i.i.
Countable I'reclnct Xo I.
V V I.II.I.AItll
.. ', I'reclnrt Xo. .'
Constable I'recinat Xo . r, ,
S K l,I.M)vi:V
,1 . I'. I'reclnct o. ,,
.1 V III ItNs
Countable I'reclnct At). ,,
U V Til, 1. 1.
,. '. I'reclnct Xo, 7,
j : At in ri:
Countable 1'icctnct Xo.7,
r f iii:iiuim:
.. J'. I'r elnct Xo. S,
A F lilt IV
Countable I'r cinct Xo. S,
w l jo.m:s
County Commtnnloner l'rclncl Xo. I.
j s .Momti;
County Commissioner I'reclnct Xn. 'J,
n II smith
County Commlnntoner I'reclnct Xo. .7,
j ih:nto.
County Cammlsnioner I'reclnct Xo, 4t
IMIKK lTIOT(J011i:ilV .
Tub Waco Evknino Nkwb has
the largest circulation in this oity
und out of the oity of any daily
paper published in Waco. Our
esteemed contemporaries are respect
fully challenged to successfully con
trovert this statement. Our mail
ing list and subscription books are
open to all persons wishing for bus
inesi reason to examine them.
If you want to see tho noatest
thing out, call and see our oopies
of "Sights and Sjoties," bound in
full morocD.
The amount of money m ciroula
lation in the country today iB $93,
000,000 more thin it was a year ago.
According to reliable reports the
amount of business to bo transacted
has been reduced 33 per cent.
New York has over 90,000,000 of
idle money. If sooio of the idle
and dissatisfied people who are
howling for an increase of tho circu
lating medium would abut their
mouths and go to work and create
business they would find plenty of
money ready to reward them for
their exertions. Southern Trade.
'Go to work," that is just what
thousands of our fellow citizens are
wanting to do, but can't find employ,
ment remunerative enough to fur.
nish broad for themselves and fami
lies. Our esteemed contemporary
could have aiggested a more potent
remedy for the relief of the idle and
and spared them the above ungra
oious titng had it said, if the
men who hold the $80,000,000 in
idleness would invest it in productive
lines, thereby enlarging the field of
labor the number of enforced idler
among the laborers of the land
would be greatly diminished and
diisitisfaction much decreased.
Quite a number of the sovereigns
will speak to day and express their
choice for governor
Th5 day we celebrate will soon
be hero.
Texas Crapes.
The t oantry about Rockport, Tex
as, is coming into great prominence
as a grape-gTowing seotion. Two
growers mar Kockport Mr. Joseph
Trippia and Mr. M, Koltenbach
expect to ship this season about
100,000 pounds each of grap?s. The
grape crop matures at Rockport from
the middle to the last of Juno, and
the product is shippod all over tho
West and Noithwe-t. Rockport
grapes sold las' year at Salt hake
City for twenty cents a pound,
Southern states.
The county Democratic conven
tion should inetruot its representa
tives to tho leaiabture to vote for
some meacure fixing tho pvy of
county offioers at not exceeding
2,000 per annum. Marlin Demo
The Democrats of Fayette county
have failed to harmonize. In a
spirit of kindness The Nkw. would
suggest that July promises to be
very warm for sensible men to
wrangle ovor the difference between
tweedlo-dee and tweedledum.
Harmonize, brethren; the d ffer
ences in the las1 campaign have
passed from the field of political
discussion to legal enactments. The
old differences are healed and a
united Democracy should in every
section of the state be ready to con.
front the foes of the party of the
The July number of the Southern
Trade has been received. It is a
spleudid edition, filled with matter
of general interest to the business
man, and is in every way worthy of
the solid Bupport which it is receiv
ing nt tho hands of the business
men of this and other seotions.
Djn't Bend the collector away
when he calls on you for your as
aessment to the capital stock of tho
Texas Cotton Palace. Every one
should be prompt in this matter,
and all pull together.
Waco can sho v tho Cotton Palace
visitors the finest wells in tho world,
the richest land tributary and a solid
oity built as tho expanding needs of
her territory demanded her eulargo-ment.
Governor Hogg's speech before
the Boston board of trade was a
good speech for Texas one from
which this state will reap many 3ub.
atautiid advantages
Waco people, and particularly
tho managers of the Cotton Palace,
should not mike the miataka of
thinking that enterprise will adver
tise itself.
Tho Populist executive committee
didn't stay in session long enough
to harmonize their party's platform
with their candidate's speech.
Tho Southern Trade seems to
think tho money piled up in the
bank vaults of Nav York is in circulation
Culberson's lead grows larger each
Saturday. The youngest man so
far has the longest polo and tho best
Tho Prohibibitiomsts miy be on
the right road to heaven, but it
doesn't go by way of the pie counter.
A good niauy good thingB are
pointed toward Waco, and promisft
to arrivn within the year.
Culberson is as good as elected.
All i over but the applause.
A New York reportor said to
Governor Hogg, of Texas: -Your
name, Governor, has boon men
tioned for the presidency." An
tho Governor smiled. And so do
we all smile. Nashville Dinner.
David B. Hill ia the leader of the
Republicans in the tariff debate, and
gets along with his natural friends
better than he did with the Demo
crats, who distrusted him St.
Louis Republic
m m
The fact that, Hood's Sireaparilla,
oaoe fairly-tried, b-comes the lanuly
modioine, speaks volumos for its ex
cellence and medicinal merit, Hood's
Sarsapanlla is Nature's co-water.
Hood's pills bfccome the favorite
cathartic with every one who trieB
them. 25c.
The World's Greatest Educational
Now, for the first time in the history of any civilized '
people have been considered in the publication of - n Cou?try,l
new dictJJ
The shack' es are now broken that have long bound the J
a lack of knowledge in conscauence of tho hiVu - ?Vt
monopolistic publishers Cor their Dictionaries, and the nS
nn, iiuitntou juv., iuni.uii. 4-ni.i.iuiituy cii e nappy to be th
through which it is possible for their readers to obtain what! D
opinion a work of surpassing merit. !"
Except the Bible, a Dictionary is of all books the mostiffllA
and valuably and even the Bible can not be fully under?fnrJ
reference to a good work of this clnss
Couldn't Study.
Anna, Texas, May V, 1891.
Cacterine Modicine Co, : Dear
Sirs. I received your medicine,
"Cacterine," have used it eight
days. It is helping my catarrh.
While in sohool at Biylor Univer
sity it troubled me so that I could
not study. I think I will be well
before I use all the "Cactorino."
Free treatment at E. E. Dismuke's.
Try eggs in cold storage.
For Bale Cheap
For cash, or will exchange for other
oity property, two lots in the Mjnt
gomery addition, corner and next to
corner. P. G. Kibkpatkick,
605 South Eighth St.
Go to Ed Clark for your barbe
cued meat.
Wants Contracts.
Will take contracts for furnishing
the sandy loam from tho caBt bank
of the river for filling and grading
your yards, landscape gardening,
gras3 sodding and gravel hauling.
005 South Eighth stroot.
Tolophone Egan for ooal.
Improvo the Summer Evenings
By taking a course in book-keeping,
shorthand, typewriting or attending
my regular night hohoul. Mithe
mntics, penmanship, spelling, gram
mar, business correspondence and
commercial law, can enter either
department at any time, but next
regular classes will start Jane 4th
and July 2nd. Terms moderate,
payments easy. For further par
ticulars address Practical Business
College, Edward Toby, Jr., presi
dent. Tonder stoak and roasts at Crippen's
corner Fifth and Franklin.
Contractors and Builders
I oan give you extra low figures
on glazing. Anothbr car load of
window glass juat rocoived, Cham
bora' Eagle brand, best in the mar
ket surd to get my prices.
C. F. Smith, 404 Austin avo.
The handsomest variety of whito
canvas, brown canvas, Russia oalf and
dongola ladies' low quarters are shown
at Slooper, Clifton & Duke's.
,... .
Don't Bead This.
Fitzgerald, Texas, May 10, 1891
Cacterino Modicin3 Co. : I am
still using the medicine sent me, am
well pleased with it. Ilavo received
marked relief since ub'uij; it. It is
a good remedy. Jo"Kklit.
The homes of the people arc richer today in all thion J
valuable than were the palaces of the ancie t kings. Musical
literature stand smiling at every door. Twenty years am ml
j...: .... i,:.. u .. i i ... Bu !1
un.tiuiitiy s una luiuu nut nave Deen purcnased tor a tta
collars, there was do such work in existence at the time I
fabulous in its cxhaustless literary riches, it is fabulously cheaj
v-nca tiiat me iuvvin.3. iiuirn. in tuc miiu can wcu anord tobea
possessed of this princely library.
This grand production is one of immense utility both
dictionary for its unrivaled definitions and an Encyclopaedia (ctl
marveiously lull treatment ol the words it gives, and is entitled
Tlie American Encyclopaedic
Being a thoroughly accurate, practical and exhaustive work of
once to all the words in the English languige, with a full acedia
their origin, meaning, pronunciation and use. The publicatoai
jjood and useful book is a distinct gain to any generation. Wial
practical and permanent value ol such a work as this is thougsl
when the amount of reseat ch necessarily involved is considered, 9
it will be seen that there can scarcely be any limitation to cut!
painstaking care necessary to bring it to a successful condusioa.
impossible that such a work as this can be done effectively am1 J
in haste. The continuous labor and unremitting care involvelil
production of an ordinary dictionary can be fully undcrstocdbdl
those o"lv who have entered unon so exacting a task; butwbei.J
the case in this instance, there is added to the dictionary &tm
and more comprehensive character of the En cyclopaedic treatise)
the words, then the labor and research arc proportionately incteJ
The public have now, in the American kti cyclopaedic m
arv. a mo .t exhaustive dictionary of the Entrlbh hnguage. It'
desiVnerf anrl has henn rarnVrl nut nn a nlan the effectiveatil
which cannot be questioned, the intention being to tra-e the M
of each word step by step, thus showing the successive gram
meanings as they rose out of each other, and eicn meaning uw
illustrUtd as far as possible by quotations from the wntMJ
printed language. This necessarily involved a great amount-
It has been the aim of the publishers to make this tfrtj
nil -u:,. .i. j.-t:.. .i ,...ti, fu-,t- cnrX in view tnetf
o,l u .i -i .. t i .,i:..l., nKminared. SOS ft"
" xicurcw uurtm tiers uuvc u-cu uuiwtiy -.i... (.h
nU-n ...:n k r,..r, a -u.- n-..,i. . Unkrmif rni-L- iifefaced by ".I
"Heb." as the case may be, to signify their root, and the wor"
selves have been set in English equivalents, so tnai any ; i
U... Tl,:. ... .J-..1... ..-"ill :t.A U t-hnse who 00 Ml
Kiitlli l ins, UU UUUJt, Will UU iippiCbiaibu " , . m
Greek and Hebrew, and certainly no objection can be ofterea jm
who do, as they will be at no loss to comprehend the change.
The work his heen hrourrht un to date, word which J
:...t .- ..... i i. i..i .-., fi,n.v nl aces, ana il
just cume into use ueing auty mserieu m mi. .- ,
attention has been given to the insertion of words auu i
have not previously found a place in any dictionary.
On another page of this paper will be un 3 "" lu m
Three ot these Coupr of different dat i will, when j
with fifteen cents, .ntitle the holder to part wo. i , paps?
tne wnoic work will tn. complete n aooui 40 " Yeach
bound in heavy covers. A new part will be issued ,(
coupons win oe printed daily ancti me oicu""av -
three of these coupons, with 15 cents, entitles you .
1 r tu j:.l: ij.. .u:. man: vou secure
iiumuci ui uiu uiuuuiirtry. uy i" -i...- i4.,s tne""
: i:i: :. '..! A nnn.halt t"115 . .J
mencan aictionanes, containing two am. ---- . ejr c
of pages in either Webster or Worcester, for one-nan $
ou ofet it so easily that you have a work of genuin
eling that you have paid anything lor it . . 0! f.
Tl.n. .. J:- . nn,orVinneive dCSCnP11 . M
n it "s possible for us to give in this sp j
hou iiy coupon, for part No 1. JJ.fa,ltfej
ou tc judg.
vourself how very valuable a Fuu";. . .0 .
verj bi.-
.iJ.VliTJ! t.
.1 its .i.erits we have d -- m

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