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The Lyceum Theater Company in
Lynwood wsb presented at the
Auditorium last night by the Ly.
ceum Theater company, as a bene
t for the Waoo Light Guards. It
5s a military drama, Kentucky being
the location of the scenes and the
lime during tho civil war. Eu
gene Ellsworth, as Victor Blanch
ard, a Union soldier, in love with
'.ho daughter of a Southern gentle
man, portrayed the character well.
The part iu a diilicult one, mainly
of Huppru8Hcd emotion. Ho gave
the representation admirably. In
the fifth act he has a beautiful
fccono with Lucille, which is very
jiathetio and hiH work called forth
:lio loudest applause possible.
MisH Shirley, as Lucille, contribu
ted much to the buccohh of this
(cine. Sho gave a rendition of this
charaotor that deserves the most
complimentary mention. Sho has
the advantage of youth, grace of
movement and a clear enunciation
f her lines which makes her roid.
ug perfect. Her emotional work
was exco'lent and richly deserve the
encomiums of the audience.
Mr. Uovoll in tho "Leavy" char
acter of Dudley Middloton was very
good indeod. ilis ooueoption of the
part was good aud deserves especial
commendation. John W Ilooner
.n the juvenile and comedy part of
Carter, made a great hit. Mr. Wid
ner was good as Corporal A. F.
Larkoty and Fred Baton gave a
good presentation of the old man.
MisH Zula Ellsworth as Kate Min
rath, tho scheming spy, and Miss
Fowler, as Gay Carlisle, in love
with Carter, were both good.
Tho company is good all around
and desorves good patronage. To
night that great- Swedish dialect
comedy, Ole Olson, by special re
quest. Popular prices of 10, 20
and 30 cents will prevail.
Two-thirds of a bottle.
Two-thirds of a bottle of Comet
Pile Remedy cared me of a very
bad caso of Bleeding and Itching
Piles of over two years standing,
after all other medicines failed to
give any relief. J. T. Stebbins,
Shiloh, Mich.
For sale by II. C. Risher & Co.
Notice to Tax Payors.
I am ordered by tho commis
sioners court of McLf nnan county to
give notice that said court will sit
on July 11, 12 aud 13, 1894, to
hear objections, if any there be,
from persons whose property has
been raisod by the board of equali
zation at its rccont sitting.
T. II. Brown,
Clerk County Court McLennan
County, Texas.
Tho greatest game of the season,
Birmingham (Ala ) vs. Waco, at
l'adgitt'a park Friday (todaj), Sat
urday and Sunday. Game called at
4 0 clook.
m 1
Put eggs in cold storage.
From $500 to
$1000 Each.
1 will soil cheaper than anyone
elso from Fifteenth to Twenty-first
streotB on tranklin, Austin, Wash
ineton, Columbus. Barnard. Jeffer
son and Fifth on Sanger avenuo on
car line. warkkn 1'. Ijawsox.
Extras for buggies, carts, car
riages or phwtons at T. P. Sparks
No. 518 Austin avenue.
Mound City company's strictly
pure paints and linseed oil. An
other car load just received, cut
rate freight rates, and very low
prices on reliable goods.
C. F. Smith, 40 f Austin ave.
To My Debtors.
My house and home haviug
burned down this day you will
oblige mo by settling promptly. I
need money." Respectfully,
R. N. Palmkr,
Dealer in feed and grain, Eighth
aud Franklin street.
June 7.
Mr. W. D. Jackson, the old
reliablo photographer, is still making
pioturea truo to life, finished in tho
highest style of art. Call and
examine specimens at 112 North
Fifth itreet.
fc m
Ring up 4 for best coal.
(lie Directors Have Made No
Arrangements to Advertise.
Said Mr. James I. Moore, vice
president of tho Texas Cotton
Palace aisociation, to a representa
tive of The Nkw6:
"I aaw the editorial in The News
yesterday regarding tho fact thit
tho TexaB Cotton Palace had no
representatives at tho Texas PresB
association convention, while the
Atlanta exposition and the Dallas
fa r were well advertised. I regret
that such should have been the case,
The Cotton Palace should bo adver
tised, it is trne, but tho few mem
bers of the directory that are in the
city do not feel that they should go
ahead iu tho work. It was expected
that Mr. Slayden, who is president
of tho atsociatiou, would have re
turned before this. Wo wont ahead
with the corner stone exerciser, as
it wag a 'matter that could not be
delayed. It is expected that tho
absent directors will return in a fow
dayu, ar.d then wo can go to work
with a will. County exhibits will
first ba looked after, and arrange
incuts mido to advertise. Not only
do we want cotton exhibits, but dis
plays of Texas produots showing
the result of the farmer's labors."
Picnic and llarbeeuc at Axtcll.
A grand Fourth of July celebra
tion will bo given at Axtell on
Wednesday next, to which every
one is invited. It will be given at
the llan Bryant crossing on Will
iams creed. A largo number of
beeves will bo killed and one of the
groatost barbecues ever known in
McLennan county will be the re
sult. The picnic is being arranged
by a committeo who will spare no
pains or expense to make it a suc
cess. It will be a general gala day
picnic and many Waoo people will
attend, going on tho morning Cot
ton Belt, train and returning in tho
um hi.ackiu;adh
If you use Woodbury's Facial
Soap. It is a pure antiseptic,
medicinal toilet soap for daily use,
prepared .by a specialist who has
had 20 years rYcoDaum,
experience iV-jtW
t rcat i ng the
skin. IJruj
gists sell it. V --'."...,
tlona. A lH)itiiiil"rniHtnloTvvii!ien.-ryi;ako
t 1
Sml uX '-w.-vr
Emm WW h
3S" w www - v v
I 1 I'"'
r e
with facts! You might as well
fool with dynamite as to try to
twist facts out of recognition; and
here is a fact too plain to be dis
will make your hair grow on the
oald spots, it will remove dan
druff, and it will cure the scalo if
troubled with itching or sores. If
your druggist does not havo it
call or write to
Waco, Texas.
Each bottle guaranteed. Pricf
$2.00 per bottle.
The Geyser City Directory,
sti:a.h .. 1 nit tv.s
ear au&pention liriiiur, ,, . ....
CROW It II UH f l'rprMor,,
Prnmpt' Attention tn nut of tcn urdtn-
commission .mmc iiAvrs.
Commission Merohawt,
411 Franklin Street, Waco, Texas.
The Human Electrical Forces 1
How They Control the Organ
of the Body.
Tho electrical forco of tho human body,
tho nervo fluid may bo termed, H an osp
dally attractlvo department of science, as It
ocrts so marked an Influence) on the healtl
of that ortf mis of tlie body. Nervo force If
produced by tho brain and conveyed bj
means of tho nerves to the various orpuru 01
tho body, thussupplyitis; tho latter with tin
Btiro tliolr hcaltli. Tho
pneumnuastrlc nervo, us
shown hero, may bo said
to bo t lib most Important
of tho cntlro nervo sys
tem, as it Nuppltes tho
heart, lUnRs, stomach,
bowels, etc., with tho
nerve forco necessary to
kei'p them acttvo and
healthy. As will bo seen
by tlio cut tho Ions nervo
descending from tho
li:in nf tlin litmln ntwl
termination In tho bow-
cis is mo puoumoRastnc,
whilo tho numerous lit-,
tlo branches supply the
heart, lunKs and stum-1
ach with necessary vl-
r.flllfV. Whnn thn li.nin
becomes In any way lls-
uruun-u ny lrritauiuiy
or exhaustion, tho nervo
forco which It supplies
Is loosened, and tho or
Rans receiving tho di
minished sunnl vara con-
seiiuemly weakened. "I1
Physicians generally fall to recognize
tiio importance of this fnct, hut troat t lie
organ itself instead of ttitcau.o of tho trouble
Tho noted specialist, l'ranltlln Miles M. I).,
LL. 1!., has given the creator part of his Ufa
to tho study of this subject, aud tho principal
discoveries concernliiR it are duo to his ollorts.
Dr. Miles' Kestoratlvo Nenlne, tho unri
valed brain and nervo food, is prepared on th(t
principle that all nervous and many othet
dllili'iiltlrs originate from dSontcrs of tha
nervo renters. Its wonderful success In cut lnjj
these disorders is testllied to by thousands In
every part of tho land.
Uostoratlvo Nervino cures sleeplessness,
nervous prostration, dbzlness, hysteria, sex
ual debility, St. Vitus dance, epilepsy, etc. It
Is freo from opiates or dangerous dniRs It
is sold on a positive guarantee by all dniR
glsts.or sent direct by tho Dr. Miles Medical
Co.. LIkhart, Ind., on receipt of price, il per
bottle, six bottles for to, express prepaid.
For sale bv al) ntipist",
Not Lost Nor Stolen, But fflH
What ShalTwe D(j
m fflcsi
film iwimmrwmmi
111'! llM JJ i--CsN' 7C 3 ' XT-M. Jl'TMJ-CW.-.CA'dl
iHI 'SIh Sights ;H
ffiHH i v7: t;vv -ul: ja-;v . ANn mruwii
M'm. L. I'rnlher, I'rop.
Joe Trier, Supt,
FOR SALE : Thorough bicd re
gistered BerkBhiie aud Poland
China pigB from beat strains; iUfo
pure cream, butter and vogotables.
Miloh Cows, a fi-w Jersey rane8.
Taylor, Tex., May 25, 1894.
ifnco Electric Metliclne Compntiy:
Gentlemen Dr. Gunn's Anti
eeptio cured uiy little girl of slow
fever in three days, and I take great
pleasure in rcuommending it to
otherB. Yours truly,
Every bottle guaranteed. Agents
wanted in every town. Call and
get Famples.
Hnom I, Provident Ilullilhtfj, Waco.
Clip Three of these Coupons
from papers of diu"ernnt dates,
and bring them to The Nkws
with 15 cents in coin, and
get one part of the finest
Dictionary over prinpd.
Part No.
Notice to Contractors.
Sealed proposals addressed to the
mayor and meet committee will be
received nt the office of city cecre.
tary. to bo optned at 3 o'clock p.
in. July 5, 1894, at the city hall,
Waco, Tejf3?, by tho mayor and
street committee, for furnishing all
labor and material, and paving
North Fourth street from Marlboro
avenuo to Kentucky avenue, with
native rock and gravel, according to
profilo am) speeifhations in city en.
gineer's cflice. A certified cbeok for
one hundred and fifty dollars, pay.
able to tho mayor of Waco, Texas,
must accompany eaoh proposal be
fore it will be con'iderrd, and a
bond for twenty per cmt. of the
c f of pitiou will be required with
contract. Ti e oity of Waco will
piy for t-treet iutorFeotiond, and
one-third of the paving nf tho road
wa5 ; contractor shall assume the
collection of the remaining two.
iinlriof the cost of paving road.
- y fvm abutting property ownern.
The riqht to r ject any and all pro.
posaln i hereby reserved by tne
oity oouuoil of tun titty of Waco,
Texas. John F. Heeukkt.
Mayor pro tern.
W. C. Coopkk, City Secretary.
By R. W. Jobloxowski,
Treasures from Every Country on the GlobJ
The Waco Evening News
Tnvltf"; cvprv man wnmati 311H rliill fr -.. .,
w j ' ...iu i.. suydgc m tnesea
Those who are successful vill obtain a valuable aid toanediiaM
a boRutirul household ornament, a pleastnt mens 01 eDteitiM
friends, and an opiortun ty to ste
The Greatest Public Buildings, Temples and Churches
men bave reared; the gigantic Ruins of past ages; the
homes of celebrated people; 'places where notable
events have taken place; the most beautiful painting;,
statuary, obelisks and monuments; the wonderful
things in nature of mountain, lake and desert, from the -I
poles to the equator. In short,
A Grouping of the Most Interesting Thingil
the Earth Affords to Look Upon.
Not merely are the most famous, the mo.'t beautiful
and rrost inteie ting scenes of all countries laid before
the eye, photographed from absolute life, but accom
panying each splendid picture is the story of it,
briefly but graphically told.
The Waco Evening News
Has secured a limited number of these invaluable treasure!
will dispose of them o the most favorable terms to a few tl
Sights and Scenes oitiieli
Is a royal ob'ong portfolio, size 11 '14, containing neirly
700 nnfTes nd ahnnr Ifn full naoc nhotopraollic view?.
is printed on the best grade of heavy enamel paper and
bound in the most durable and elegant binding that ar.W
could devise. The price of this work is $7 00, but 'ca
are successful in the hunt, you can have it for
2.0 0-
in monuays issue, ten mercnanrs win niv- " , ijjjl
THE NEWS in which the words "Sights ' and "Scenes 'JJ
either ogether' r separate, and every merchant whosr ad ,e Jj
contains the two words "Sights" and "Scenes" will 1V , jl
which he will sell to the first person presenting his ad, for jj
Rcmcmucr mat only ten copies are to dc sou mw --.
every one of them as soon as you t)rj njl tntl
receive your paper, and secure i I llll lj
Q-,,1 rn D Caan at Office 01
209 and 211 South Eighth Street.
N. B. The above offer refers to that splendid wor I
elegant Enerlish cloth. In addition to mew
volumes bound in the highest syle of the b.ndcrs art, . jd
half morocco and Russian, which we can furnisn iou"' i
than one-third the p ice usually asked for sucn "
office and see them.

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