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APR. 12, 1883
Ex-Senator Ferry i3 said to be re
gaining his health.
John V. FarwelL a leading citizen
of Chicago, has his life insured for
Ilerr Krupp, the gunmaker, is to
found a town Neu-Kruppiiren for
his employes.
Charles De Lesseps, a son of the
engineer, arrived at Jscw York from
Prof. Gabriel Campbell, of IJow-
doin college, has accepted the chair of
philosophy at Dartmouth.
Col. Iliireinson and Mrs. Julia
"Ward Howe are each engaged on a
new life of Margaret Fuller.
Gen. Cruft, of TYrro Haute, who
was worth about S2.7HXJ0. left no
will. His property will go to his
George IS. Eaton, the late Demo
cratic candidate for governor, has
become one of the editors of the
Trov(Xew York) l'ress, a Democratic
Senator-elect Sabin, of Minnesota,
believing that his duties at Washing
ton will occupy a?l his time, has given
up his large and profitable business at
Mr. II. A. W. Tabor, of Colorado,
who will be remembered as United
States senator during a few days of
the last session, is reported to contem
plate the building ot a hotel in
Gov. Begole, of Michigan, does not
practice the .Republican simplicity so
much desired in America. At the
"governor's levee" in Detioit the
other night Mr. Begole was seated in
a "chair that rested upon a dais six or
eight inches above the lloor. The
chair was shielded by a canopy of
state and- was an exact reproduction
fthe chair of state used by Louis
A. 111."
Paris cassimettes are light broad
cloths of summer weight that cost
sometimes as high as $'J a yard.
New vests are cut with four but
ton?, and have userpentine braid laid
on about oue-l'ourtu of inch from the
, edge.
Dress coats are now made with
very small cord binding on the edge,
the size ol a steel knitting-needle
which gives it a line umsh.
Full-dress trousers have a stripe
down the outside seam on the leg
made of silk braid for young men, or
or slight com lor elderly gentlemen
In full dress for gentlemen there
has been a tendency to change a lit
tie from the conventional black cloth
to the wale cord of line diagonals of
French manufacture.
The vest for full dress is cut as low
as the coat, with wide lapels, and is
fastened with three buttons. Any
thing extreme in . the cut and finish
of such a suit is carefully avoided by
en or taste.
The swallow-tail dress coat, with
its low-cut front, has lappels faceil
with the heaviest silks, and its edges
are finished with a line cord. The
silk facing, however, is a matter of
taste and may be omitted.
Scotch homespun plaids, worsteds
and cassimeres, or neat, small checks
and mixed threads of color, are used
for the .entire suit, coat, vest and
trousers, worn by men during bust
ness hours. The goods with red,
brown and green threads, woven to
gether to produce quiet, dark effects,
are most liked.
Small checks and tine stripes and
dark colors will be chosen for trousers
1 his season. All high colored goods
will De avoided Dy well dressed men,
The trousers are cut medium, that is,
neither tight nor loose, and in all
cases pantaloons intended to wear
w.ith a full-dress suit are made with
the pockets in the top seam, instead
of on the side or in the corner as
others. Tho reason given for so dis
posing of the said pocket is to get it
in such an inconvenient plTice that a
man will never be tempted to put his
hivnd intuit in moments of idleness or
- embarrassment.
Tile Proper Indian Policy., .
V lElmira Advertiser.
If white men. in almost any part of
. the west, were guilty of committing
organized rapine and murder, the citi
zens of the aillictwl communities
would not call upon the government
twice for redress and protection be
fore taking the matter into their
own hands. Unless an Apache is
better than a white man, there is no
reason why the citizens of Arizona
are not justilied in their determina
tion to punish the murderous Indians
who have been killing men, worse
than killing women and carrying off
children into captivity. Cold shot is
about tho only argument that will
have any effect upon the Apaches,and
it is to be hoped that argument will
' be freely used upon them until they
can learn that helpless women and
innocent children fcave some rights
they are bound to respect.
How Girls Study.
Did you ever see two girls get to
gether to study of an evening? 1
have, and it generally goes like this:
"In 1673 Marquette discovered the
Mississippi. In 1673 Marquette dis
' . AVhat did you say, Ide ? You
, had ever so much rather see the hair
coiled than braided V Yes, so had 1.
It's much more stylish, and then it
looks classical, too, but how do you
like 0, dear! I never will learn this
lesson I"
"In 1863 Lafayette discovered the
Wisconsin. In 1863 Lafayette dis
covered the well! what's the matter
with me, anyhow! In 1673 Ma -quette
discovered the Mississippi. I
don't care if he did. I suppose
the Mississippi would have got along
just as Well if Marquette had never
looked at it. Xo see here, Ide, is there
. anything about my looks to give you
to understand that I know when
Columbus discovered Jamestown and
how George Washington won the
battle of Shiloh? Of course there
isn't. History is a horrid study any
how. No use, either. Now French
is ever so much nicer. I can intro
duce French phrases very often, and
one must know I have studied the
language. What is the lesson to
morrow V O, yes; conjugation of
p;irler. Let's see; how does it com
mence ? Fe parte, tu parle, if par il
pa 11 well, il, then!
"Conjugations don't amount to any
thing; I know some phrases that are
appropriate here and there, and in
most every locality; and how's any
body going to know but what I have
the conjugations ail by heart t
"Have I got my geometry ? No, I'm
just going to study it. Thirty-ninth,
is it not ?
-Let the triangle ABC, triangle A
B say, Ide, have you read about the
J ersey Lilly and Freddie ? I think it
is just too utterly ut, and Freddie is
simply gorgeous. I'm completely
crushed him
Oh, this theorem!
"Let the triangle A B C be right
angled at B. On the side B C, erect
the square B D. On the side A
B, square A I. On the side did I
tell you sister Carracciola gave me a
new piece to-day, a sonata? It is
really intense. The tones fairly stir
my soul. I am never going to take
auything but sontas after this. I got
another new piece, too. Its name is
Etudes. Isn't it funny? I asked
. Tom this noon what it mean?, and lie
says it i3 Greek for nothing. It is
quite apropos, for there is really noth
ing to it the same thing over and
"Where was I? O, yes; the side A
C, the square A E. Draw the line;
come on, let's go at our astronomy.
It's on. 'Are the planets inhabited Y
"Now, idle, I think they are, aud I
have thought about it a great deal. I
banged my hair again last night.
wanted a Lianetry Dang just too itau
for any use, but pa raved, and I had
to give in. Yes, I think they are iu-
abited. 1 should like to visit some
of them, but you would not catch me
living on Venus. Eight seasons!
just tnintt now oiten we wouia nave
to have new outfits to keep up with
the styles.
"What ! ybu are not geing i l am
so sorry, but I suppose you are tired.
am. It always makes me so sick. u
tudy a whole evening like this, l
think sister ought to give us a pic
ml thev sro to school the next
morning and tell the other girls how
awfully hard they have studied.
How fast our forests are being de
stroyed mav be partially inferred irom
some statistics of the lumber trade
during 1882. The receipts were 2.
116.342.000 feet, as against lJ06,bs,J
000 for 1881. Of shingles 'Jo4,319,UOO
M. were received, an increase or bs
474,000 M. The sales and shipment of
lumber aggregated 2.001,107,241 feet,
leing an increase of 165,630,410 feel ;
of shingles lHto.031.144 M. were sold
Vbout 300.0U0.0IX) feet of hard wood
were included among tne receipts.
Walnut is becoming less popular in
the manufacture of fashionable furni
ture, while gum, cherry, maple and
bass wood are growing in iavor.
Waco Examiner.
It isAated at the department of
justice, in Washington, that the pee
ulations in jvir. misseii s district, uur-
ng his marshalship, foot up at least
$40,000. Where the money went is
what mystifies the government as well
is Itussell.
Origin of the Name "Texas,
A writer in a Philadelphia paper
relates the legend of the origin of the
name "Texas, as told to her by Gen
eral Sam Houston when she was u
little girl. General Houston had it
from an Indian chief, as follows: "A
long time ago, when the Spaniards
overran and plundered Mexico, some
of the red men left them and came
towards the rising sun. They crossed
the Rio Grande, and not knowing
what lay before them, entered the
great salt marshes. The traveled
many days and round but mue sweet
water or game, ine weather grew
hot and many little streams dried up,
and the grass withered, and many old
men and women and children died ot
thirst. One day, after many weeks
of weary walking, a party of young
braves, who had been sent
ahead to reconnoitre, came run
ning back and said? "We have
found water; . come on!"
This '
good news put life into their veins,
and although nothing could be seen
but a dry, tlat, bald prairie, the scouts
were standing still calling and beck
oning to them and pointing towards
something apparently at their ieet.
At length they reached the spot where
the braves were standing. Ffty feet
below them the limpid waters of the
Colorado sang a melody to heaven.
Beyond, far as even an Indian vision
could reach, stretched a green ex
panse. The tall mesquite grass, yield
ing to the breath of the gentle south
wind, rolled in vast billows of ver
dure under the ardent summer sun.
Little ' islands ' of mesquite trees dot
ted this grassy sea, and herds of buf
falo and deer grazed in peaceful igno
rance of an enemy s approach, r or-
getting hunger, fatigue and evenAwon to writs, notices, or precepts lor
thirst, in this delicious vision, the red
men fell upon their knees and cried
out: 'Tehas ! Tehas ! Tehas' is the
nearest approach in English to the
correct pronunciation of TeAs, and
it means so the narrator explains
Origin or Tariff.
St. Louis Railway Journal.
The first tariff ever imposed was in
178u. The colonies along the Atlantic
sea-board prior to this collected cus
toms duties, and selling imports thus
taxed to 'those of the interior were
enabled to make these interior popu
lations pay the cost of governing the
coast-line populations, the latter hard
ly feeling the burdens of government.
The union was created that the cen
tral government, for the equal advan
tage of all the states, might collect
revenues for the common purposes
of all. In the preamble to the tariff
act of 1789 it is written 'that
"for the encouragement and pro
tection of manufactures, du
ties shall be levied upon goods, wares
and merchandise imported," etc. TThe
first tariff averaged 8J per cent,
with 5 per cent on cottons, 'and 1
per cent on iron and steel. The pro
tected class evidently liked the dou
ceurs given by central power, and in
1790 the average rate of duties was
per cent, with still 1 per cent
on iron and steel, and 5 per cent on
woolens, and a rise to 1 per cent on
cotton. These are the tariffs of whose
"happy effects" Washington spoke.
Why not t est the effects of such a tariff
to-day? We believe that every true
and honest patriot like Washington
could approve it. A revenue tariff is
a protective tariff; but a protective
tariff loses its character and its virtue
as au agency for the production or
revenue and assumes- every guise of
robbery and wrong. . Industries that
only asked for 8, or at most 10 per
cent as a donation from the people,
now pampered and spoiled, demand
40 and 50 and even 80 per cent; and
such is their combined strength, and
such the bribes they "proffer; either in
money or local irilluence to which
Congressmen owe elevation to otlice,
that these protected industries are
omnipotent in legislation and the
plundered people voiceless,
The Railways of the World.
The lines of railways in the five
divisions of the earth cost, in round
numbers, $16,000,000,000; and would,
according to Baron Kolb, reach eight
times round the globe, although it is
but little over half a century since
the first railway worked by steam
was opened between Darlington and
Stockton, September 27, 1825, and be
tween Manchester and Liverpool Sep
tember 15, 1830. ' It is shown that in
France, previous to the. existence
of railways, there was one
passenger in every 35,000
killed, and one out of every 30,000
wounded; whereas, between 1835 and
1S75, there was but one in 5,178,000
killed, and one in 580,450 wounded; so
that we may infer that the tendency
to accidents is yearly diminishing.
Railway travelling in England is at
tended with greater risk than in any
other country in Europe. A French
statistician observes that, if a person
were to live continually in a railway
carriage, and spend all his time in
railway traveling, the chances of his
dying from a railway accident would
not occur till he was 900 years old.
Rescued from Death.
William J. Ccughlin, of Somervillei
Mass., says: "In the" fall of 18761
was taken with bleeding of the lungs,
followed by a severe cough. I lost
my appetite and flesh and was con
lined to my bed. In -1877 I was ad
mitted .to the hospital. The doctors
said I hail a hole in my lung as big as
a half dollar. At one time a report
was around that 1 was dead. 1 gave
up hope, but a friend told me ot Dr.
William Hall's Balsam for the lungs.
I got a bottle, when to mysurpriseI
commenced to feel better, and to-day
i ieei pettier tnan ior tnree years past.
"I write this hoping everyone af
flicted with diseased lungs will take
Dr. William Hall's Balsam, and be
convinced that consumption can be
cured. I can positively say it has
done more good than all the other
medicines I have taken since my sick
ness." -
Of the 2W,000 Indians in the United
States, about 160,000 in the west,
northwest and southwest require
more or less military surveillance.
One-fourth of them or 50,000 in
round numbers are adults capable
oi Deanng arms, Dut mere are sel
dom more th&n from 100 to 1000 In
dians on the war path. Yet we have
on the border a force of 17,500 men
for purposes of repression and sup
pression. Figured silks and cashmere will be
used for vests this season. Vesta will
be mostly with a rolling collar, but
some still pref er them without.
Synopsis of Opinions of the Supreme
rFartles desiring information udod matters
concerning the higher courts will receive such
Dy wriung our court reporter.
Sacra et al vs. Hudson et al; from
Grayson county. Article 3895 Pas
chal's Digest, prescribed "the requi
sites of the guardian's lond when the
one in question was made and the
omission of the name or any payee or
obligee whatever,, from the bond, is a
tatal objection thereto. neverseu
anil remanded. West, J.
Kussitll et al ys. Freedman & Co.;
from Navarro ' county. Appellants
hied two transcripts in this court ap
pealing from the same judgment; one
is by appeal and the other by writ of
error, and as the disposition of one
disposes of the other, the one will be
dismissed at the cost of the appellants,
and it is so ordered. Appeal dis
missed. Booth et al. vs. Holmes; from Wise
county. A return upon a citation
issued to "J. W.JJooth, and served,"
executed December 6, 1875; by deliv
ering a true copy of the within named
defendant "W. "Booth, etc is insiir-
licient. not showing that it was served
on "J. W." Booth. Reversed and re
manded. Opinion by Watts, J
Anderson vs. i'owers: rrom n,iiis
county. In our statute, the words
"or any interest m, or concerning
real estate." which appear in the En
lish . statute, are omitted. Conse
quently many verbal agreements con
cerninar real estate, or creating an in
terest or trust in real estate, can be
here enforced, which would come
within the terms of that statute, lo
Texas, 480: 45 Texas, 418.1 Reversed
and remanded. West, J.
Wheeler vs. Leeman, administrator;
Irom Fannin county. The property
in controversy being valued at dOO
upon the adoption of the constitution
in 1876. the iurisdiction vested in the
county court, and consent of the par
ties interested does not confer juris
diction upon the district court when
the amount in controversy is without
its iurisdiction. Reversed and causti
ordered to be transferred to the county
court. Opinion ot Watts, J. adopted
Cox vs. Montgomery, from Tarrant
countv. In 18 1 7, when this suit was
brought, the statute "required the
suit to be instituted in the county
where the land, or a portion of it, is
3ituated, when the obiect of the suit
is for the recovery of the land, or
damages thereto." An action for the
"overy of the land means actions of
fcment, trespass to try title, or
. i to recover the land itself. Re-
versed and remanded. Opinion by
Watts. J., adopted
Foote vs. O'Roark et al; from Col
lin county. The suit on the note by
plaintiff in this case inuring to the
benefit of the true owner thereof, and
suspends the running of the statute
of limitations as to them. The inter
veners herein, not setting up a new
cause of action, but claiming an inter
est in the cause or action asserted by
plaintiff, they are not barred. The
debt not being barred, the mortgage
given to secure it is not Darred. Aihrin
ed. opinion Dy watts, j., aaoptea
Templeton vs. Ryburn; from Ellis
countv. The clauses concluding arti
cle 6839, Paschal Digest, have no allu-
TSummoning jurors, notices to road
overseers, etc. it was the intention
of the law to allow the sheriff com
pensation in a gross amount for trav
elling in serving notices on road
overseers, and summoning jurors for
the county, and they are not subject
to charge as items ot service perform
ed, nor tor mileage, lieversea ana
dismissed. Opinion of Walker, P. J
Slayden vs. Swoope; from Fannin
coucty. Mrs. Lee's statement and at
tions when executing the quit claim
deed might, under many circum
stances, be competent evidence, throw
ing light upon the question of notice,
Cox, to whom Mrs. Lee made these
statements, ordered her to make the
deed to appellant. The deed so exe
cuted was Then, by Cox's directions,
delivered to and received by Connally,
Under such tacts the court- was au
thorized to inter that Cox acted as
agent both of appellant and Connally,
The question of Cox's relation to ap
pellant was for the jury to determine.
Affirmed. West, J.
Holland vs. Focke & Wilkins; from
Limestone county. v here the re
cord shows that no other.verdict than
the one rendered could have been ren
dered, error in the charge of the court
is considered abstract error, and is
not ground for a renewal. If the
deed of trust had been admitted an
other and different verdict could not
have been rendered, as the possession
ot the goods under it by the trustee
would not vest him with title there
to, nor protect them against their lia
bility to levy and sale by other credit
ors than the beneficiaries of the trust
deed. The deed of trust' was but
security for the debts due the credit
ors named in it, and did not have the
effect to exempt the property from
seizure and effect to satisfy other
debts, subject to the mortgage or deed
or trust. Athrmed. Opinion by
Walker, l . J., adopted.
Synopsis of Opinions of the Court of
Blassingame vs. state; from Ellis
county. Appeal from a conviction
for disturbing the peace by loud and
vociferous language. The only ques
tion arises on the rejection ot testi
mony. Held, although not material
yet as it was not excepted to, nor pre
sented to this court by proper bill of
exceptions it cannot be considered
Affirmed. Willson. J.
Burris vs. Farmers' and Merchants
bank; from Lamar county. The only
vital question in the case arising on
tne sufficiency ot the plea of res adju-
dicata, and that plea not being sub
stantiated by the record, the record
showing final judgment in the first
case, we.can but athrm the case. Af
firmed. Willson, J.
Phillips vs. state; from Cooke coun
ty. The verbal charge of the court
not being excepted to when given
and not until after the conviction
the exception came too late to be
available. The new trial was proper!
refused. The alleged newly discov
erd evidence was out negative and
cumulative, and beyond this no suffi
cient diligence was shown by the mo
tion. Affirmed. v nison, J .
Freese vs. state; from Lamar coun
ty. Six cases. These being convic-
a: s - i i a i
nous ior viuiituujr t local option
Uw, and the voters ot Lamar county,
at an election held tor that purpose,
having vacated the law, after the ap
peals were taken, and there being no
law to enforce these convictions, they
are reversed and dismissed. Willson,
J. - . -
Jones vs. state; from Lamar coun
ty, and Eddlestein vs. state; from La
mar county. Opinions by Willson. J
These cases being similar to the above
case of reese vs. state, the opinion
in that case applies in this, and the
judgments are reversed and dismissed.
Kincaid vs. Matthews; from Collin
county. Judgment was recovered in
the justice's court for $46, and upon
appeal to the county court the judg
ment rendered was for $56. Appel
lees move to dismiss the appeal be
cause the amount in controversy is
less than $100 and this court has no
jurisdiction, neld, the motion must
be sustained. Appeal dismissed.
White, P. J.
Burns vs.state; from Cooke county.
The following charge upon self de
fense is held good and sufficient:
"Every person has the legal and law
ful right to defend himself against the
unlawful attacks of another, and if
you believe, from the evidence, that
at the time the assault was made, (if
any was made at all) the defend
ant was acting in self defence, or that
from the circumstances, or acts of said
Scanland, he, the defendant, had rea
sonable grounds, for fear of death, or
some serious bodily injury, from said
Scanland, you will acquit him." Af
firmed. White, P. J.
Womack vs. Rose; from Lamar
county. Suit by Rose in justice's
court on account. J udgment for Wo
mack on plea ia reconvention for $11.
On appeal to the county court, judg
ment was rendered . for Rose. The
question presented was whether or
not the claim had matured at the date
of suit. Held, This question was one
for the jury to determine and their
verdict being sustained by the evi
dence, the judgment is affirmed.
White. P. J.
H. & T. C. R.y vs. Tray lor et al:
from Grayson county. Suit by appel
lee for damages caused by the train
moving after it had stopped and while
she was alighting therefrom, Held,
Being purely a question ot fact and
the verdict of the jury being sus
tained by the evidence the judgment
is aflirmed. White, P. J.
Fulton et al. vs. state, from Denton
county. A return of an officer is in
sufficient in forfeited bail bond cases
when it fails to show that a copy of
the citation was served upon each of
the defendants. V here sureties are
bound in the full amount of the bond,
because they are held "jointly ana
severally" bound in the lond, does not
make it more onerous, but where thi-y
are bound for different amounts the
bond will be held void, because more
onerous, (a lex. Law Review, to)
Reversed and remanded.
Gibbons vs. Braden. from Lamar
county. Articles 78, 894, 895 and 896
unquestionably conter upon mayors
and recorders of incorporated cities
and towns the saiue jurisdiction as is
conferred upon justices of the peace,
and these articles are constitutional,
and are not in conflict with sections
1. 16, 18 and 19 of the constitution.
Reversed and dismissed. Willson, J .
Day vs. state; from Denton county.
"Where the statute makes it penal
to do this or that, mentioning several
things disjunctively, an indictment or
intorination may, in a smgle count,
embrace all the prohibited acts by
charging them conjunctively." In
misdemeanors, the joinder of several
offences in the same indictment or in
formation, will not in general vitiate
it in any stage ot the proceedings,
Where the report of the jury of review
describes a road different from the
one actually laid out, and used and
recognized as the true road, the latter
must be considered the true road until
authoratively discontinued. Reversed
and remanded. Willson. J.
Myers vs. State, from Collin county.
The witnesses in the case (if necessa
ry) properly qualified themselves as
experts before testifying as to the gun
being recently discharged. The testi
mony ot the footprints and the tact
that a boot of appellant fitted these
prints were proper.evidence. Aflirmed,
White, i . j.
Anderson vs. State, fronr Dallas
county. Evidenceof what the injured
party said to a third party not being
res gesta;, but being res inter ana acta,
and not being in the hearing of the
accused is admissible evidence against
him. In all kinds of theft from the
person.ownership of the property, and
the want ot consent ot the owner to
the taking, must be clearly proven as
alleged. Reversed and remanded
White, P.J.
Supreme Court.
Hou. A. IL Willie, chief Justice; Hons. J. W.
Staytou, C. S. West, associates; C. S. Morse
Lewis vs. Alexander, executor, et al:
Irom Fannin county. By consent cause
and 'motion to dismiss and to strike out
statement ol facts transferred to the head
of fourth assignment.
Varner vs. Carson et al: from Parker
county. Submitted on brief and oral
argument of appellant.
Jfranco-J.exa, Laud company vs,
Laigle; frtfml'aiker county. Same order
as above.
McCamant et al vs. Butsell: from Tar
rant county Submitted on briefs and
printed argument for both parties, and
oral argument for appellant, (jruy.
-Peters vs. Keid et al; from Tarrant
county. Submitted on biiefs and oral
argument for both parties.
Houston and Texas Central railway vs
McNamara: from Grayson county. Sub
initted on briels of both parties aud oral
argument of appellee.
id. & T. C. kail way vs. Leaky; from
Oravson county. Submitted on briefs
and oral arguments of both parties. . .
Cohen vs. Munson; trom Grayson coun
ty: Submitted on b lets and oral argu
ment of both parties.
Holland vs. Focke & Wilkins; from
Limestone county. Affirmed. Ueport oi
commission of appeals adopted.
Russell et al vs. Fteedman & Co.; from
Navarro county. Dismissed.
Court of Appeals.
Hon. John P. White, presiding Judge, and
Hons. Sam. A. Willson and J. M. Hurt asso
ciate judges; James L. White, clerk.
Blassingame vs. state; Irom Ella coun.
ty. Affirmed.
Caldwell vs. Randall & Dorbtn; from
county. Motion to file transcript
eranted and cause continued.
Burriss vs. Farmers' and Merchants'
bank; from Lamar county. Affirmed.
Phillips vs.state; from Coone county.
Freese ys. state; from Lamar county.
Reversed and dismissed in six cases.
Jones vs. state; f.om Lamar county.
Reversed and dismissed.
Eddlestein vs. state; from Lamar county.
Reversed and dismissed.
Gibbons vs. Braden; from Lnmar coun
ty. Reversed and dismissed.
Fulton & Ross vs. state; from Denton
county. Reversed and dismissed.
Day vs. state; from Denton county. Re
versed and dismissed.
Kincaid vs. Matthews; from Collin
county. Appeal dismissed.
Burns vs.state from Coeke county. Af
lirmed. Womack vs. Rose; from Lamar county.
H. & T. C. R. B. vs. Tranlor; from
Grayson county. Affirmed.
Anderson vs. state; from Dallas county.
Reversed and remanded.
Myers vs. state; from Collin county.
C- T. & N. W. R. R. vs. Luck; from El
lis county. Submitted on brief for both
Btown et al vs. Robinson; from Tar
rant county. Submitted on oral argu
ments and brlel for both parties.
Beaty vs. state; from Ellis county.
Submitted on brief of both parties.
Bowser & Lumnoa et al vs. Willett et
al; from Ellis county. Submitted on oral
argument and briels for both parties.
Nowlin ANowlinvs. Hughes et al; from
Grayson county. Motion to dismiss sub
mitted. Hamilton. Brown & Co. vs. East Texas
fire insurance compauy et al; from Dallas
county. Submitted on briels by both
parties and on written argument by ap
pellants. Woolsey vs. state; from Ellis county.
Submitted on briels for both parties.
Hyatt vs. state; from Ellis county. Sub
mitted on br els tor both parties.
Martin vs. Merchants and Planters'
Bank; from Grayson county. Submitted
on briefs and written argument for ap
pellants. Heaiherly vs. state; from Lamar county.
Motion for rehearing submitted.,
Mabry vs. Fitzgerald; Irom Bills county.
Briefs for both patties and written argu
ment of appellee.
Grant & Berry vs. Williams & To .liver;
from Ellis county. Submitted on briefs
for both parties.
LeGierse fc Co. vs. Pierce; irom Wise
county. Submitted on oral argument and
brieta for appellants and briefs lor ap
pellee, .j
Metley vs. state; from DallaB county.
Certiorari granted. -
Gordon vs. state; from Dallas c unty.
Submitted on briefs for state.
Stell vs statti; from Dallas county. Sub
mitted on brielo lor state.
Turner vs. t-tate; from Dallas county
Submitted on briefs for state.
Clarke vs. state; from Tarrant county.
Submitted on briels for state.
Creswell vs. state; from Tarrantcounty.
Submitted on oral argument aud briels
lor both parties.
Ex parte Bergen; f om ParkeT county.
Submitted on briefs for both parties.
A popular Parisian singer as she en
tered the theatre on a recent evening
received from the doorkeeper a bundle
which provoked great merriment
when she opened it in the green-room.
It contained a roa ited chicken with a
note from an ardent admirer begging
that she I would send her portrait and
something belonging to her which
she held to be precious" to a given ad
dress. As the lady happens to be
married, her husband undertook to
cool the ardor of her correspondent by
a reply which ran thus: "Sir, as my
wife is busy dressing her last baby (a
girL dear sir,) she requests me to
answer your note and send you my
portrait, her husband being, she as
sures me, what she deems most
precious at least, at present. With
regard to her photograph you will find
that at Nadar's, and I may tell you
that the renowned photographer
makes a great reduction when large
quantities are taken. And, finally,
my daughter being about six months
old, you might a little later on, in
transferring to the child the great
love you express for the mother, be
come my son-in-law. "Who knows?
Yours, truly, X ."
Through kindness of Dr. R. J.
Brackenridge we are permitted to
publish the following extract from a
etter written to him by Mr. J. C.
Howard, now in Mexico. It gives a
good insight into the Mexican char
acter: State of Coahuila, Mexico,
Camp 25 Miles South of
.Nava, April 5, 1883.)
I like Mexico, and I am trying to
learn the language. Tliiuk 1 will suc
ceed. The people, on lirst beholding
them, are very curious about many
things, "rather shy," ignorant, la:'.y
and dirty, und as stubborn as a kick
ing mule.
Their mode of living, agriculture
tnd business habits date back live
hundred years before Moses sailed in
his ship. Their adobe houses are
primitive. One room answers all pur
poses of kitchen, dining room, bed
room, parlor and study. This house
is ornamented with no chimney; a
hole in the center for a cooking range;
only one opening in the house, the
door, shut and opened as light is de
manded or excluded, or venti
lation; no furniture; and mother
earth fcr car ret and chair.
Strange, but true, ytt hard on the la
dies, they call the pig their mock
ing bird, and caress it and have it in
their room. This is about all that
adorns their home. Generally, a man
and his wife, two mothers-in-law, a
father, six cousins, fourteen aunts
and from twelve to twenty-
four children, live in this adobe room
8x10, and all are as happy, if not hap
pier, than jay Gould or any banker,
still, with all this drawback, the
people are very easily handled, if you
treat them gently and with Kindness.
They are hospitable to a fault, and no
end to their talk; and when you get
their confidence they will hug and kiss
you au over. And then you will tall
into another extreme of not knowing
how to get rid ot them, or getting
them to do anything like business or
work, without insulting them.
There are no national banks here.
Every one is his own banker; and
when you owe a dollar to any of those
bankers he wants it deposited in his
own bank every night. And while
there is any money in his bank he
will not work; it makes no difference
what you otter or the profats.
Money commands an exorbitant
usuiy for legitimate interest here.
When they are broke and want
money, or gamble or drink moskal,
they will offer you five hundred per
cent and give collateral security or
mortgage themselves to you,
then they are peoned, and have
to work till . you are paid.
But they very seldom get out of
debt, for they will' buy and borrow
as long as you will let them. It you
invite them to eat with you or stay
over night, they will always accept
and will kill you with kindness and
thanks, extol your generosity ana vir
tue to all their friends, and send them
to eat and sleep with you and thank
you likewise. They do not work
much when they are their own bosses
never in a hurry; never care whether
bank closes at 3 or not; never care
whether note is protested or not
never think of to-morrow; follow
scripture to the dot, thinking the evil
ot the present sufficient.
Their chief glory is to let God and
nature provide fcr them bask in the
sunshine, talk about the political sit
uation of their country and raise
children to make soldiers to defend it
or create a revolution. Oh, it is in
deed the land of God and liberty
This section about here is very fertile,
dotted with little towns independent
of rain and dry weather, for God has
abundantly provided water in natund
streams and ditches tor irrigation,
The streams run on the sides of
mountains, you only have to tap
them and water your laniL
A stream runs close to the towns
of Nava, St. Juan Allenda, More-
las, and other towns, and
settlements, that feed them with all
the water they want and oceans to
spare; and millions of acres of beauti
ful, verdant land just crying to let
this water run into it and raise corn
and produce for the hungry. But no
a Mexican is satisfied with an acre in
town, just enough to keep him from
starving and biisk with his canary
bird in the sunshine ot laziness.
Oh, capital 1 come here and open
this up; double yourself a hundred
fold in five years. For a grazing
country this part can not be
excelled by any land in Texas that
have seen. Right here is fine mineral
and the finest building sandstone that
ever man laid eyes on, any thickness
you want it. les indeed, this is i
lovely country. No wonder the Mexi
cans love every one who smiles on
them. No wonder the love of twenty
tour children blesses the parlor ot
pair of doves that live in an 8 by 10
room, an acre ot land to teed them on
"they want no more land," and the
pure air of Liberty to breathe. Even
I have got lovely myself since I came
here, and if you could just hear me
talking Mexican, you would laugh.
J. C. II,
Hear what one member of the pro
fession teMtiflen regaiding the Koi
entitle preparation of a brother
Mb. Dawley has been in the drug business
in the city of Providence twenty-live years as
clerk anil proprietor in good standing, and
Knows wnereoi ne auinns. en.
Mr. D. says: 'For many years I have suf.
f ered, intensely at times, with what is general
Iy called rheumatism. When first attacked
was conllneu to my bed and could not walk a
step. I could not bear the weight of the bed
clothes, so excruciating was the agony I en
dured. I always noticed that before these at.
tacks came on my kidneys were affected ; be
fore there would be any pain in my limbs or
any swelling of joints or limbs, the color of the
secretions from the kidneys would be very
dark and the odor strong aud feverish. The
last attack was very severr, about five years
ago, and I was confined to the house several
weeks, and was unable to attend to business
in three mouths. During tho time I was con
fined at home and the time of my convales
cence I employed four of the best doctors that
I could obtain, but none of them gave me pc
maneut relief, for they did not go to work at
the cause of the trouble. Having' been ac
miainted with the proprietor of Hunt's Reme
dv akmz time I was induced bv biin to irive il
a trial, hoping that it might reach the seat of
the disease: and alter taking one bottle I
found myself very much improved, and after
aKing me second i was ieeiing better tnau
had after any previous attacks, JJuriug many
months previous to taking the Remedy my
hands and fingers would be much swollen and
stiff tvery morning; my left side, in the re
gion oi uie siouiacn ana spieen, was very lame
and sensitive; at times I would be taken with
severe cramps over the spleen, and be obliged
to apply mustara or cayenne ior temporary
relief; f was very nervous nignts and could
noi sleep; i was oongea lo oe very particular
in my diet, and my physical system was sailly
detnoralized. Since I have taken Hunt's Rem
edy systematically ah - these things have
changed; I have no swollen hands or limbs,
no pains or cramps iu the side, can eat all
kinds of food, sleep soundly and get thorough
ly rested, aud my kidneys are active and per
forin their functions promptly, thus taking
out of the system all the poisonons secretions
wliich contaminate tho whole system where
the kidneys do not act efficiently. My friends,
what Hunt's Remedy has done for me it will
do for all of you. I believe it to be the only
sure cure for all diseases of the Kidneys, Liv
er, and Urinary organs. Respectfully,
. , '454 Broad Street."
Houston anl Texas Central Railway.
Houston, March 31, 1883. J
Notice is hereby given that the regular an
nual meeting of the Directors and of the
Stockholders of the Houston aud Texas Cen
tral Railway- Company, will be held at the
company's olllceVn the city of Houston, Harris
county, Texas, on Monday, May 7. 1883.
ap4tma7 Secretary.
acres, all fenced; fine mesquite grass,
timber and runniug water; five dwellings and
necessary out-buildings, with cultivated fields;
situated in Hays county, 18 miles from Austin -priee
fiXl.ooo, on terms to suit. For full de
scription address ZLMPELMAN & BERGEN,
Austin, Texas. aptid4wtaw&w4t
E STRAYED By W.H. Thompson, before
James A. Wright, J. P. T. C. April 4
1883, one light sorrel horse, 6 or 7 years old;
about 14 hands high, branded M B on left
shoulder: shod before; has a white spot on
back, and appraised at ?-'5.
apiaw Clerk C.CT.C.
STOLEN 25 REWARD On Monday night,
the loth hist., a red, spotted Jersey Cow,
together with nine other head. Cow branded
X o left hip and crop on left ear ; $10 will be
paid for the cow; -5 for cow and thief.
apl2dlt-wlt Lund office.
Every Man His Own Boss.
low to Promote Personal Power A
Sew Radical Reformer.
"There is no provision in the Divine econo
my for political bosses!"
With a bang of his fist, and in the voice of a
man who had made up his mind on the subject,
Rev. James Chambers, of Calvary Presby
terian church, Harlem, recently opened his
sermon with this announcement. He was
right. Me only boss authorized by the llook
mentioned in these words: "He who rulcth
his own spirit is greater thau he who lakclh it
Comnioulv. the better side of men is subject
to the despotiHii of the worse side. Bad pas
sions, bad humors, mean jealousies and base
revenges are all bosses. One of the worst of
bosses is bile. What is most depressing in
huosophical or theological thought is due to
:. OUt General Debilitv is another tyrannical
boss. He lashes men who are naturally good
until they become naturally bad or miserably
Concerning the deliverance from this bond
age, Kev. S . 1. lwbs. pastor of the Eighth
Street ilaptist church, St. Louis. Missouri,
writes: "1 was suffering from exhaustion anil
;enerai aeuiuiy. as an mvigorani i useu
AiiKKii s Ginger Ionic. I never met with
anything so effective. It is au elegant family
medicine. I take a bottle in my valise wheu 1
go on my annual vacations."
rAKKKRs tiiscEK ionic neither lntoxi
ates nor promotes a desire for strone drinks.
The most pronounced temperance people u--e
aim iraie il lur iuis rcasuu aioue. 11 cures
Malarial Fevers, Consumption, Rheumatism,
and all diseases of the blood. Also weaknesses
peculiar to women. Its action is prompt aud
pervasive. Test it once, and you will adopt it
as a nome remedy, rrices, so cents aim i a
bottle. H1SCOX & CO., Chemists, New York.
Affords instant relief in all cases of Bhetuna
an, Neuralgia and Sciatica.
with a KH1 mnlaisss or honer. will
rare speedily the worst case of Congo, Cold or
U aiBenees.
Relieves Diarrhoea anfl Dysentery in a mtnnet
so gratefnl that iu action Is never succeeded by
Soothes the pains and griping In children,
and meets all their ailments.
Affords Immediate relief iu Diphtheria and aB
iffections of the throat.
Cures stiff or swollen joints, and removes crick
ii the hack at once.
Has ro ecraal In the world for barns, scalds or
abrasions of the skin.
Cures Canker. Sore Month, Hsadtvche. Tooth
ache and Eurache. ''
r,1Ma fharmiul TTanrtu and Chillhlalns. Sore
Scalp and Eruptions of the Skin, Sprains and
Strains of any of the muscles of ' he body.
It works like acnannm every ailment peca
liar to xadies.
tu.tla'nf Dmniil. Pnin KilllnK MMi6
Oil in the house, or on hand for immediate nae
In caBe of an emergency, will often eave a hie or
a long and tedious sickness.
Sold by Druggists, Urocerg ana uwk"
Southern Wholesale Dept
MotJiers like and Physician
recommend it.
the "World's great Paiii-Ke-licvingr
remedies. TlieylieaJ
soothe aud cure Bums
Wounds, "Weak Back and
Rheumatism upon, Man, and
Sprains, Galls and jLamenet 4
upon Beasts. Cheap, quick
and reliable.
Price 25o. 50c. & 81. per frottle.
Electric Appliance ara sent on 30 Days' Trial.
"11 THO ftre euflferinff from Nsbvotts DEBixrnr,
V Lost Vitality, Lace o Nervk Fouce and
Vigor, Wasting Weaknesses, and all those diseases
of a Peksonaiv Nature resulting from Absses and
Other Causes. Speedy relief and complete resto
ration of Health , V 100 a and Manhood Guaranteed.
The grandest discovery of the Nineteenth. Century.
Send at onoe for Illustrated Pamphlet free. Address
SPLENDID POT PLANTS, specially pre
pared tor Immediate Bloom. Delivered
safely by mall potpai&Atall poet offices, 5 splen
did varieties, your choice, ail labeled, for si; 12
for2; l9forS33 28for4; 35forS5: 75 for
810; 100 for I3. WE CIVE a Handsome
Present of choice nnd valuable ROSES free
with every order. Our NEWCUIDEsOeomplKa
TreatiM on the Bom, 76 pp. elegantly illstmtedfre
fiou Growers, West Grova. Cheitw Co fa.
and POl'LTKy,
FOK TWENTY YEARS Hnmpfcrrys' Homeo
pathic Veterinary Specifics have been used by
Farmers, ltock ltreedera. Livery fnMe ana
Turfmen, Horse Railroads, Manufacturers.
Coal Mine Companies. Trnv'g tlippodroiiies
rnd Menageries, and others huuufiug sloi-Ic,
with perfect success.
Humphreys' Veterinary Manual, (33 PPJ
sent free, by mall on receipt of price, fsi eems.
t?" Pamphlets sent free on application.
109 Fulton Street. Kew York.
Vital Weakness and Vroz
tratlon from over-work or
Indiscretion. UnMCflDATUir 1 radically
andprompUynUiilLUIH I ICIIJ cui
cured by it.
Been In use 20 years, Cnrp rin l!n OO
is the most success- Ol LulMU ill). ZO.
fill remedy known. Prlce$l per vial, or 5 vials and
liinre vial of powder for sf. sent Dost-free on re-
ceipcoi price, numpnreyx- Hoineo. Aled. t'o.
Ulnar, i'ala nfftid fru, 111(1 C, i... .
igue Utx. M'J Fulton ou. Si. V.
For sale by MOELEY BROS.
FOK SALE-tO ACHES A fine little stock
ranche, 25 miles s. vr. from Austin;
dwelling, fine springs, good range; price 12$0.
ZIJttPElAlAN & BEliGEN, Keid Jistate Agts.
1280 acres, 25 miles s. w. from Austin ; 40
acre field; residence 5 rooms; line stock wa
ter, good range. ZLMl'ELAIAA & BEKGEN,
st Pecan street.
X1 Write to us for descriptions of 15 fine
farms and ranches. ZIMFELMAJ & BEK
UEN, Real Estate and Financial Agents, Aus
tin, Texas. au6dltw2t
E STRAYED From my residence, one black
mare, about Hi- bands high, branded S S
on right hand hip. Liberal reward for Uer re
covery, or Information leading to same.
apl2tf at John Bremond's.
Ik MmM
I n
Austin, .... Texas,
business in the Sunreni Anrwlluio ri-
trict aud United States Courts held at Austin,
aud will accept retainer iu cases iu District
Courts of Milam, Williamson, Hays and Comal
counties, in Federal Courts at San Antonio.
Waco and Dallas, and in Supreme Court of
U tilted States at M'ashingtou. inMiS w6m
fcitockholders' Sleeting.
Offick ok A. and N. W. R. R. Co. i
Austin, Tkx., March 15. 1883. s
By order of the board of directors of the
Austin and Northwestern railroad company,
notice is hereby given to the stockholders of
said company to attend a special meeting of
the stockholders of said company, to be held
at the office of said company iu the city of
Austin, state f Texas, on the 25th day of
May, A. D. 1883, at 10 o'clock a. m., for the
purpose of considering and authorizing, if
thought desirable, the Dorrowinir of an addi
tional sum of two hundred and fifty thousand
dollars ($50,000), for constructing, complet
ing and equipping, and improving and qperat-
ui& soiu ausuii auu .miri-iiwesieru rauruau.
and for the purpose of paying off aud discharg
ing the present subsisting floating indebted
ness of said railroad company, and to issue
and dispose of the bonds of said company for
the amount so borrowed, and t mortgage its
corporate property and franchises, for the
purpose of securimr the navment of any debt
contracted by such corporation for the purpo
ses aioresiuu.
J. A. RUOMBERG, President.
A. L. Shombekg, Secretary. iu23-2m.
Colorado Foundry,
CHAEES JOKES, Proprietor,
Colorado Street and River walk, ,
Done on short notice. Manufacturer of
Glass's Patent Texas Well Auger.
Cash paid for old iron or exchanged for work.
of County
Pursuant to an order of the commissioners
court of Coleman county, made at its Febru
ary term, 1883, the four leagues of school land
belonging to said county, will be ottered for
sale at public auction at the court house door
in me town ot (joieman, on xuesaay, May iu,
1883. Terms of sale: One-tenth cash; re
maining nine-tenths at the expiration of twen
ty years, with interest at 8 per cent per an
num payable annually on the first Monday in
July. These are good grazing lands, situated
iu Coleman county ; located iu seven tracts
about as follows :
Survey No. 5", 1920 acres.
Survey No. 90, 4428 acres.
Survev No. 91, 1292 acres.
Survey No. !, 3135 acres.
Survey No. 93. 2110 acres.
Survey No. 94, 1829 acres.
Survey No. 95, 49 acres.
Survey No. .86, 2508 acres.
Minimum price $2 50 per acre. '
The ruiltt to reiect anv and all bids is re
served by the court.
w. (J. KUAL.
ap3v4t County Judge C. C, Texas.
Is the unique title of a still more unique liu-
niorous book by Ike Pliilkins." of the
Austin Statesman. It is published by the
celebrated lnfmorous book publishing house of
J. S. Ogilvie & Co., New 01k, and contains
pages oi real iniinor uniquely limsiraieu.
-me rnukinM, ' me am nor, nas ior years
been a humorous contributor to Texas and
New York papers under several nouis de
plume: "Ax Madeler," "Oliinar Twist." "Win.
Alexander,'1 etc.. and is now one of the Austin
Statesman's stall. " Chained LightniiiE "
will be the cheapest book ever published.
Mailed anywhere for 25 cents. Usual disoounl
to the trade. Address at once.
feb2tf Austin. Te.;is.
a. mm
333 Kast Pecan Street, AUWTIV.
Attention is called to the above establistt-
ment. wliich was oienel ou the lirst lay ol
jpeuruary, witn an enure
Stock of Dry Goods,
Boots, Shoes, Hats
TVAJsrcrsr goods,
Purchased for CASH. All goods are marked
in plain ligures, and sold clieajjer than house
ever offered them in lhe city of Austin. Come
and see for yourselves and .
An early call Is solicited by
Proprietor of BARGAIN STORE.
3 East reran (Street,
S-3 2
B Si Za
fc 8 j
Will be mailed free to oil at lL
i inaUfcd free to ail applicants, and to c
ta, and to cus
rii Itcontains
rnr,iii nf lHt rnr without Ol derUKT I
about 175 impes, 6U0 lnnKrauona, pnran, accurwa
dascriptions ud valuable directions lor planting
loiW vari'tiea of Vegetable and Flower 8ed3,
Plants, Fruit Trees, etc. Invaluuble to all, espec
ially to Market Gardeners. Henil for it !
D.'M. FERRY & CO. Detroit Mich
We deliver STRONG PUT ROSES for Winter
Bloom ana rail Planting tafeiy try mail, at all
TOBffieej. Five Splendid Varieties, your choice,
all labeled, for 1, 1 for $a, 18 for t?a6foi
fl 3S for 3 1 75 for 9XO t 100 for 913. Send
for oar New Guide ta Bnss f-nl uu)
ehooternm ova- 500 Finest Sort. Oiir (ircsU
SPfflj'ty in growing and distributing Rosea.
Bs)e-Grosw-!rn.v7K8T Gkovk. CmstTitB Cotto
We w arrant eix boxen of Dr. K. C. Weet
Nerve and Brain Treatment to cure any nervont
disease, either male or female, of whatever na
ture, euch as Nervous Headache, Mental De
bility, Loss of Memory, Spermatorrhea, and In
voluntary Emissions, caused by overwork of
the brain, Self-abuse, etc and will give a writ
ten guarantee wit' each 13 order, agreeing to
refund the moue .1 tne treatment does not ef
fect acure ins' months. Price. ?1 per box; etj
boxes, 5. at, prepaid, by mall, od receipt
of price. asrantees issued by JK. JFRKI
KR1CU ClOai, Wholesale and Retail Iircg
ist, N Orleans, La. Order by mail at regu
urice - jnnjl-dAW-lr
s g I to M
is -a a s
t& S 9 H
cr - In
Pulmonary Diseases and General Debility
Is a certain cure for DYSPEPSIA in all its stages; for CIIROXIC COUGHS,
vigorating and restores the APPETITE, and the only remedy that is bene-"
ficial in malarial climates. This is, a preparation of
Balsam of Tolu, Rock Candy and Hagnesia,
combined with other medicinal qualities, all beneficial to the health of per
sons suffering with these diseases the basis being the purest RICE and
II YE WHISKIES. This rice whisky is commonly known as "arrack" in the
South and as "samsho" ia China. It has been used for many years by the
Chinese and also by the laborers in the Southern rice fields as the only anti
dote to malaria and rice fever. We use only the
Owing to the medicinal composition of the Tolu Tonic and the merits of its curative qualities,
It Is only subject to stamp tax, is exempt from all other internal revenues, and any dealer can
sell witnout a revenue license.
We Keep a Large Stock Constantly on Hand, where the Trade
Can be Supplied.
C IIENUY BISCHOFF & CO., Sole Manufacturers and Proprietors, Charleston and New York.
Houghton & Robinson,
Agents for Austin, Texas,
also sole proprietors OF THE H.& B'S CHOICE HAZEL KIItKE and KEY WEST HENRY
CLAY HAVANA CIGARS. fi h2T-d&wly-d4p-w8p.
And Complete STOCK DOCTOS!.
b'.brucin' iioraoa. Cnttle Shep.8wnm I'ooltry Be and iKxrs. by Hon. J. jPeriHtn fctlitor ia c-Uioi Troir
;irniflr. and Dr. A. H. Baker, the distinfruiBhed Vetirniiry Surgeon Bod writer. Covers every utijoci portal t
'tr-jioctocltol b arm both io Hsalth and Disease. Knt !y new. Not bine like it. Noooinietitioii Cbji.jyuf tua
CoaUiiQA 1 lOO liiiiHal octavo pucos ; twu : tuii's tor telling neof Horms and Ottttlo; 7;.v ; r -,)rriii
n irr' o Mlind nl at a. II BOO sold inOOdnya. FHrrnors rlftir $HX) a month. Art uov. t m -
T t'V.nfMnntfiii r.-m Jin M:r od nf-licat um to H O THOMPSON & CO. Pu hi iatiort l Jvolus, i
ty ("The finest Model of State History ever rabUahed.")l
ftm wat book al tfirfnfag imtrnvt tint l rtUabK cgiptot l t . d Ot WfMyfcwf mdilplrti
Gfvinsr all the focts of Texas History. Resources and PrrorM from its discovery to f 888. By Rbt. HoWBIt 8. THRALL.
This Standard History and Hand Book of Texan, has beau carefully revised and enlarged to Include a sketch af the
Marvelona Eight Yeara Froirns from 18t4 to 18t8 with descrtphoa and fcll-fiaipi engraving of the Manltl rout
New Capitol at Aaatla. Ov Every Tuta Heada IU JJi It In rondrfuUy nut eeUI&s book, nod ariorua
tare chance foe , . ia ea arm m
4u1CKaa.es ana
P.RITIfiKM' "The book tnoaldnna otaeeln
Oni I IUIOIYIO . every family at the State.'"1 Gal-
Not onto the lafMrf- tmt Kmnww rmml t.taw
torr of the i But ever mrittem.m--birinm Dmily News.
-The moatBtbAratrrj rraersl and etntaXkal Meter of
tsVPL srlrfc
n At Are
AND flHtRTa. IxMm mora
and Portraits. Sold throroh canvassing- atrems only, at the followim, Very lw Prlr-a llkxiud In extra English Clom,
Gold side and hack. 4. . Bound in Leather, (Library Style). Marbled Edges. 85.T6. CT Has had a lanrer aale than
any State History ever Pnbllaked. and Nlneternwpntlrtha of the State remains to Be ennyaaeeo.
IVfATKM. An are tested: oulv the best sent out
Grain and Farm geed
of culture of Grains, Root
Planting, eta. only luces.. Annual vauuoguo ana rru jam oi pnoB-crcnS.
sevend thoiud vWtiw, FREE. " PD.K-StlDS.
filOOO Worth of Colts.
The proprietors of Buchan'a Creevlto
ointment caution every stock raiser
Euchaa Oresylio Ointment,
which Is the only article man
ufactured tinder United
States Letter Patent.
The reputation ot our ointment,
which for the past FIFTEEN Tears
has proved itself The Only Stocks
FtJLremedagainsr, the Screw Worm
9ow induces imitations, which are
KIDDER & LAIRD, No. 83 John Street. NEW YOBS,
Vor Sato at ewc r Dm Slot in tt state.
. nnfatlinrtand In
1 lible in ciuino-
Rt Vitiio
Opium E a t i n jr.
Btii-otula, a.r"1 all
Nerroun and tlood
Diseases. Toe ney
men, L-iwven Lit
erary Men, r
chants. Ban rs.
Ladies and all w se
sedentary emj v
nientcausesNerA fM-ostration, lire, -nrities
of the bio.
rtomach, bowels
Kidneys, or wl
require a nerve toi
ic.tr7etizeror utim
jLiance. Aioononnm.
jut-urn p a rn M IN r.tt v in lfSlIlVttJU-
NEVER F Al LS 4 able. Thousand
! proclaim it the most
i wonderful inviior
cnt that e
toined t .unr
Bnluin 1A-vn On a hi all rf'fWTIgta
Bole Proprietor tu efoepn,
The OnlyPerfecT
We are the lanroBt farmers, largwst need arrow
era and largest seed dealers anywhere; honce
have greatest facilities for producing Best Seeds
AU our twdt are tested, and only the best sent out.
Our Annual Catalogue and Price List brings THE
dudes all the desirable new and standard varieties
of Flower, Vegetable, Field and Tree Seeds, ansf
Hants. Sent FREE to any address.
- CUICAUO, 111. and Rochester, . Y.
generator, is made expressly for the cure of
deraugenieut ol the procreative organs.
Whenever any debility of tho generative or
gans occurs, from whatever cause, the contin
uous stream of ELECTRICITY permeating
through the parts must restore them to healthy
action. There is no mistake about this instru
ment. Years of use have tested it, and thou
sands of cures are testified to. Weakness
from Indiscretion, incapacity, ijick'of vigor.
Sterility in fact, any trouble of these organs,
is cured. Do not confound this with electric
belts advertised to cure all ill from head to
toe. This is for the ONE specific purpose.
For circulars giving full information address
j 1 1 u nstreet, Chicago, Illinois. Jan2-2taw
tY flW , tr III
! wOUnionSquareNtchicago. ill.
i r sale bytieo.Dunlap, Austiii.Texas.
sns.P-'V A 9 it?-M" V).' U-A T Ml "an
nrM bB.SSi&i-i
k f . I r f" basmtSOnnmzXEnstsCnnnnl .
Large rroTiis.-x
nay . 'I have coarpleted one beat and sold over rjo
On! . books In tt. I ass satisfied I can clear $2,000 this
year." RUT. T. B. BUCK IHC, HA M, wasmngwii -u-. tw.
"TW book sella eery rapidly. Last week 1 took r 3 food
' N. L. BOWL.VS. tienaetson vy..ic
1 nrnrf-sm. Heedeteon Co..Texss.
-1 nennct to seed far soocoois as any ftrat order. B. W.
ROLUn. Travis Co.. Texas. . . . ...
Maoste d.y's caavatainr t took as erAecrlpttona all
anna. v. n. ntaneiv. ataxia .
nussaioun AM Ifll AB It UIMOC
than I l -M lillUllH T JIIMU
& Co.,
manual ; History and best method f
Crops, Grasses, Fodder Crops, Tifi
ccCUi LnilAUU, III. Kochester.N.Y.
We have the certified fact, that oai
stock raiser killed a lot of very valu
able animals bjr using1 a danger
out Imitation Ointment.
When you buy Cresylic Ointment,
see that the package naa the nam
BucHAH, our registered Trade Hark,
Dates oP Patents and Proprietary
Do not be deceived by plan
I b 1 e mlnreprencntatlonsi,
NOW IS 0UK CilAMiS lull & Mil
4t a .Priee that will pltat ftm. Selection from thm.
Urpet stock f U South- He. Good tent V. O. D.
vUhprivileg of examination. Grtat tavinti tntim
ALOODKmUitot T '00 1'utrotlu wt.
nWU Mnu d .kooUnf md kandUnt nj Otmi our
cop o pint mi fUk lemt of Ten. Wriu SWT
address puiinljjmd mention tkUpapor-
J. C. FErMtUJil,
For more than a third of a centnry the
TOexicari niuatansr Lilnlment Iiuh been M
known to millions till over the world as 9
the only sate reliance for the relief of
accidents ana pain, it is a medicine
above price and praise the best or Its
kind. For every form of external pain
Unstan; Liniment is without an ecraal.
It penetrates flesh and muscle to
tne very bone making the continu
ance oi pain ana lnnammauon impos
sible. Its effeotsunon Human Flesh and
the Unite Creation are equally 'wonder-
A.I IF.- V. 1
sjiniment ia needed tv anmnrirWrv In
every noose, ivery day brings news of
ine agony or sum awful aesUcl or burn
subdued, of rheumatlo mnrtyrs re
stored, or a valuable horse or ox
savea Dy tua Healing power ol this
which speedily cures aoh Mlmgnt of
Rheumatism, Swellings, Stlir
Joints, Ccintrmetesa Jn unci', Alum .
and Seadds, Cats, liruises and
Sprstlns. Poisonous Sites and
Stings, tilrhess, Lanwneii, Old
sores, dears, rostbltes, Chilblains,
Sore Ripnles, Caked Si-east, and
indeed every form of extensal din
ease. It heals without sears.
For the Bbdtb Crkatiow it cores
Sprains, Svrlnuy, Stiff Joints,
Founder, ITarness Sores, Hoof Vis
eases, Foot Rot. Screw Worm, cnb,
Hollow Horn, Scratches, 1Vlnd
rails, Spavin, Thrush, Ringbone.
Old Sores, Poll Evil, Film nnon
the Sight and every other ailment
to which the oecupsuata of the
Stable and Stoelc Yard are liable.
The Maxlean afuatans; Zaniment
always cares and never difiappoiotsi ;
and it is, positively,
F03 UA2T 03 BEAST.
Wben 1 nay care I do Dot mean merely to tp them for .
time and then bare Uiem re tarn sural n, I mean a radi
cal core. I bare made tha dlaeaaa of PITS, fiPILBFtiir
or FALLING 8ICKNJBBS a llfe-lang study. Iwaj-runtmy
remedy to enre the worst eaaea. Bacaaa othart bar
' onca for a traatlM and a Kraa Bottle of in Inralilbla
ramedy. Giro Kcpreaa and font Oinoa. It aoata Jf
autUliijr for a trial, and I wl II crura yon.
Iddraaa Dr. H. a. HOOT, IB j-garl BtJftmYoti
Sells Pnre Stick Canuy as cheap so others scl
the Impure. Compare t'ie randy.
wly W. W. LA MM K, Proprietor.
Preston, Kean&Co.
Cttiloago, XIX.
Accounts of Bankera, Merchants and
others received.
Buy and sell Foreign Exchange, both
bankers and documentary on principal Euro
pean cities.
travelers' and Merchants' Juettcrsi of
Credit issued.
Bontla, Including Government, State and
Municipal, bought and sold.
IJeal in the various issues of Laud War.
rs,u I h and Scrip.

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