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C3 V Sa
Synopsis of Opinions or the Supreme
Parties desiring Information upon matters
concerning the higher courts will receive such
by writing our court reporter. 1
Pointer and wife vs. Flash, Lewis
& Co: from Dallas county. As appli
cants did no avail themselves of the
remedies provided to secure the de
sired evidence, the application for
continuance was properly overruled.
The officer in his certificate having:
stated that it was eiven under his
hand and seal, it will be presumed
that the original contained the seal
omitted in the certified cony. The
court having determined the bulance
due, and rendered judgment therefor,
foreclosing the lien given thereon and
ordering the land to be sold to pay
the same, tnere was no error. Al
armed. Watts, J.
Wooldridze vs. Griffith et al.; from
Lamar county The law of 1876 giv
ing a right or appeal rrom a mayor s
court to the county court, did not pro
vide that when the piincipal failed to
appear the county court could render
judgment against the principal and
sureties, and a judgment rendered
therelore is void. Applicant claim
ing the land by virtue of a sale under
Bucn a judgment, nis uue laua.
lirmed. Watts, J.
Loomis et al vs. Tumey et al; from
Travis county. The allegations of
the petition and the amount in con
troversy showing that the district
court had no jurisdiction after the
constitution of latn went into eitect.
this couit has no jurisdiction to hear
the appeal and the case is reversed
and the lower court ordered to trans
fer the cases to the respective courts
to which they belong, lievt-rsed and
remanded. Watts, J.
Ferris vs. Streeper et al; from Gray
son county. Appellant having pur-
chased-the property in controversy
3m the defendant in the suit pend
ing the litigation, he had the right
to assert his rights and secure, if pos
sible, a new trial after judgment
against his vendee and he might as-
I sign any errors committed in refusing
him a new trial, but he cannot take
advantage on appeal of any errors
committed on the trial as against
parties. Affirmed. Watts, J.
Elaton vs. Jasper; appeal from Col
lin county. As the record does not
show the nature of the suit, nor the
pleadings, nor contains a statement
I of facts or bill of exceptions, the court
cannot but say that if there was any
i error committed that it was abstract
; error. Nor can it be seen that the
court .below had jurisdiction. Af
firmed. Walker, P. J.
Langton et al vs. Mulhall et al; ap
peal from Ellis county. The objec
tion that the petition was not endors
ed as required by law, not being rais
; ed in the lower court, cannot be avail
ed, of here. The certificate of the
clerk to the acknowledgment of the
wife not stating that the instrument
-was funv explained to ner was iatany
Hfo-lieversed and remanded.
La Belle wagon works vs. Tidball,
Van Zandt & Co.; from Tarrant coun
ty. The act of March 24, 1879, did
' not and was not intended to repeal
the act concerning fraudulent con
veyances which were in force in this
state from the days of the republic to
the present time." Hart Dig. Art.
1451, llev. Stats. Art. 2405. Assign
ments for the benefit of creditors
coming within the scope of the act of
March 24, 1879,are governed by its pro
visions but in all other cases the
ancient statutes of 13 and 27 Eliza
beth, from which our statute of
fraudulent conveyances is borrowed,
and almost literally copied, is still in
force 'here, or the law in general
applicable to such cases, see 15 Tex.
189; 23 Tex. 53. Reversed and re
manded. West, J.
fgwyvfe Co. vs. Jones; from Dallas
CountjXhere was no error in the
court in striking out the amended
answer. A motion to strike out
might properly be disposed of on the
motion docket before the trial, or be
fore the announcement of readiness
for trial. A party announcing ready
before the objection to the interroga
tories is disposed of does so at his
peril. The affidavit for continuance
lulling to show such diligence as made
it a matter of right, it was in the dis
cretion of the court, without a clear
abuse of which we cannot reverse.
Taylor vs. Campbell; from Collin
county. There being nothing in the
... record, which we can consider as a
statement of facts, and the burden of
proof being upon appellant by the
' general denial of appellee, we must
presume he either failed to make the
necessary proof or that the proof of
appellee rubutted that offered. In the
absence of a statute fixing the period
of limitation, it would seem that the
longest period prescribed as a bar to
reiil actions would bar an action for
i ypecilic performance of a contract to
convey land. Affirmed. Stay ton, J.
Jones and wife vs. Carver and wife;
r'roni Dallas county. A written agree-
went for the sale of land must con
tain the essential elements of a con
tract, expressed with such certainty
as l.o'be understood without the aid
or parol evidence. The most impor
tant element of the contract is that
which identifies the subject matter.
Without it is clearly expressed in the
contract, or unless the land is so ex
pressed in the contract as to be easily
determined, a specific performance
thereof will not be enforced. Affirm
ed. Stayton, J.
Koch's Discovery.
I New York Times. J
Pathological circles have been cheer
fully given of late to the discussion
of consumption. Koch's theory of
. i jictenal causation of tuberculosis
f..w received a special airing and its
i.icts and assumptions extensively
criticized. The importance of
i-hthisis is best illustrated by the sim
ile f.vct, shown by mortuary tables,
hat by it about one-seventh of man
i ind find their way to death, its
v.tiwer of hereditary transmission, its
;w and terrible course, and- its
. Saiost absolute resistance to sci-
-f e has made it additionally great.
Mull, it was held by the ablest
i- physicians until a few years
- o that the malady was not commu
i.i cable, and that attendants on thein
;did and persons living in the same
o use were free from danger of ac
iring the disease. The researches
Keen, however, have startled the
o:ld by bringing conclusive evidence
.nt pthisis is infectious. Not
J y will the dried sputa of corsump-t.-s
-produce the disease by inocula
n, but even by contact with the
u.-ous membranes of the eye, the
;., and mouth, and it is claimed
oa evidence which cannot be con
. r'd slender that even tne
. ih of the patient is laden
.1 the fatal germs which cause the
! ise. Cohnheim endeavored to dis
. we Koch's experiments with bacilli
t ho wing that healthy rabbits were
'..rod so liable to phthisis by being
j ri the same stalls with other
its already inoculated as todis
ry them as a basis for trust
; .hy investigation, and the proofs
ii he elicited confirm the theory
: .".ff.tion. This theory in its turn
wtred difficult .absolute proof
e varying period of incubation
' fie during which the germs
1.6 ' dormant in ths system
beginning their work
traction. It may be only a
: r two, and it may extend years,
. -.- .own by the fact that children
- amptives sometimes obtain
rueth year before theheredi
i aired germs manifest them
. ; ;id that in many cases the
is known to miss one genera
id reappear in the second.
:.scuvery of the bacilli tuber
culosis was bailed with joy as being
a possible key to prevention iy
inoculation, but as yet he
has failed to secure any
modification of the fatal power
of the germs by isolated propagation
or any otter means, un tne contra
ry, by leading to the discovery that
the disease is certainly infectious, ho
has added to it a new terror, ior now
a consumptive cannot be regarded as
harmless to his fellow men, and the
consequences cannot but add both to
his sufferings and to the anxiety of
those who attend him. Meantime,
the vast spread of the malady is ex
plained, for the very dust of the air
can carry the germs, and one patient
can infect many thousands.
That Texas Lie.
At Williams' Ranch, Texas, a mam
moth meteor fell upon the house of
M. Garcia, killing him, his wife and
five children. It "covered an acre of
ground and is still steaming." As a
sample spring lie, gigantic and unnec
essary, this will pass. It will hardly
be news to add that that timid and
instantaneous liar, Joe Mulhattan,
late of Kentucky, is making Texas
feel natural in the absence of Con
gressman Tom Ochiltree.
Senora Diaz's Diamonds.
Philadelphia Times.
Not even the famous display of
diamonds made by Mrs. Astor, ot in ew
York, at two receptions in Washing
ton in 1880, excelled in lustre those
worn by the wife ot President Diaz,
who has on one of her bracelets a
single scone of twenty carets, as well
as other smaller solitaires. ims
bracelet is composed of several tiny
bands of gold linked together, form
ing several rows, each having a dia
mond on it. Her earrings have each
two very large solitaires, one below
the other. One set of diamonds
which her husband presented her
when they were married, niteen
months ago. cost 825,000, and includes
earrings, brooch, pendant, necklace
and tiara for the head. Another set
was a bridal present from the present
president of Mexico. Senora Diaz is
very young, more than ordinarily
beautiful, and highly accomplished,
speaking English with the greatest
Girl Dudes.
New York Herald. J
Our neighbor of the Evening Post,
in reply to anxious inquiries, says that
there are a good many reasons for re
garding the girl dude as a possible
future social type. The reader must
imply from this that the girl dude
has not yet appeared, which is some
what confusing, for most sufferers by
the dude have discovered that the
creature may be of either sex, and
that the female variety, instead
of being evolved from the male,
was the original form. It is im
possible lor any observing man
in society, no matter how old
he may be, not to recall from his
earliest social experiences the memory
of a woman, and everywhere from
twenty to forty, whose dress and
manners were conventionally correct
and tame, whose gaze was bland and
meaningless, and whose husband, if
she married, sometimes drank himself
to death, but was far more likely to
elope with some other woman, to the
utter astonishment of his wife. Only
conceit, ignorance, serenity and money
enough to dress on are necessary to
the production of a dude; can any one
be so blind as to deny that the gentler
sex possess enough of these qualities
to entitle it to representation t
What is a Dude? .
... New York Evening Fost.
The dude is evidently the social suc
cessor of the swell, the fop and the
dandy, but the type i3 a very differ
ent one, and it is in this fact- that the
social interest in him mainly centers.
The fashionable type which preceded
him the fops and dandies of our
fathers' and grandfathers' time, and
the swells of our own were evolved
in an "environment." They devoted
themselves to fashion, but it was in
a different spirit rrom that shown by
the dude. They regarded exaggera
tion and total extravagance as a le
gitimate fashionable aim.they brought
buoyant animal spirit to the task.
Any one who looks at a pic
ture of a fop or dandy of fifty years
ago will see tnat overdoing tne mat
ter was his ambition. If clothes were
important, the more display he made,
the Drignter tne colors, tne more nu
merous tne jewels, tne more pictur
esque the whole, the better. Tueir
successor, the swell, at any rate, down
to a short period since, inherited these
traditions, though he did not improve
upon them. He struggled against his
fate. Peptop trowsers helped him for
a tiine.and so did the fashion of wear
ing clothes of many colors, and that
ot swinging a huge bludgeon in walk
ing, while they lasted, liut his tale,
too, is told, and he has been succeeded
by the dude, who actually reverses all
A Silly Girl Saved by Booth.
fNew York Star.l
Speaking of the persecutions of ac
tors reminds me ot a very pretty
story regarding Edwin Booth. It was
while he was playing at inter Gar
den that a young miss in her teens
fell desperately in love with him.
She was the only daughter of wealthy
parents, and night after night she
would make some excuse to leave
home and go to the theater. She del
uged Booth with love letters, and
finally he wrote to her, telling her to
meet him at the stage door at the end
oi tne performance on a certain night,
She was there according to appoint
ment. Booth handed her into his car
riage and gave some whispered in
structions to the driver.- The horses
were driven rapidly and in a few mo
ments the young girl found herself
in front of her own home. The car
riage stopped and Booth assisted her
to alight. Taking her arm in his he
walked with her up the stoop and
rang the bell. It was late, and the
gin s iatner, wno naa Decome very
anxious about her whereabouts, open
ed tne door. When he saw her in the
company of the actor he started back
in astonishment.
"Mr. said Booth very quietly,
-i nave Drougnt your daughter noine.
She has been very foolish, but she has
promised not to do so again, and
would advise you now to take better
care of her." With these words he
turned and left. That young girl is a
happy wife and mother now, but she
never tires of telling the lesson she
received irom tne great actor.
Common-Sense Heels.
The man who is not too much
wrapped up in his business, and there
are few who are, to cast a critical eye
upon the well-dressed woman as she
passes him on the street on these al
leged spring days, will doubtless
notice, that her style of walking has
changed for the better. He may not
stop to ponder upon tne reason or
the improvement, and perhaps could
not discover it if he did, but he never
theless notiees and appreciates the
The heel of a woman's shoe is a lit
tie thing and sometimes considered
insignificant, but it is of sufficient
importance, all the same, to change
her gait and alter her whole appear
ance on tne street or in tne ball room.
One of fashion's decrees that has for
some years been adhered to is that the
heel of a woman's shoe shall taper off
to a pencil point and be placed in the
middle oi tno loot, 'i'fce result has
been that her shoes have proved or as
much aid in walking backward as
forward. The gait made necessary
was accepted because it was fashion
able, but it never was admired.
Men admire a free and graceful
gait in women and it is undoubtedly
the chief desire of women to attract
the admiration of men. The change
in fashion which has taboed French
heels on women's shoes, will give
them another chance for success in
this particular. What are called
common-sense" heels hav now
been decreed to be the thing.
Women ought to be devoutly thank
ful, therefore, that they have been
kindly taken oil of stilts and are per
mitted to walk in a way that is ad
mired by civilized men. Harrisburg
(Pa.) Patriot I
Col. liobert G. Ingersoll has taken
a cottage at Long Beach for the
Mr. Pullman has presented the
town' of Pullman, Illinois, with a
large library.
Mrs. Lucy Cook Boggs. an aunt of
ex-President Hayes, died at Circle-
viile, O., a tew days ago.
Prince Bismarck owns some 30,000
acres, but does not derive much in
come from them. His whole income
is probably 870,000 a year, official
salary included.
Jlev. James Freeman Clarke, of
Boston, last week completed his
seventy-fourth year. Physically and
mentally he yet seems as vigorous as
he was thirty years ago.
Professor William E. Colton, the
state geologist of Tennessee, has
caused a stir among the mountaineers
there by the discovery of silver veins
in the Cocke county highlands.
The Vienna Stadt theater company
has presented Edwin Booth with a
silver laurel wreath, composed of
thirty-two leaves, each leaf bearing
the name of a member of the
Miss Dorothea Lynde Dix, who is
known in Boston as one of the work
ing philanthropists, is dangerously
ilL She began her good work when
she was a little girl and she is now
eighty years old.
Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes was
entertained by the Lotos club in New
York on Saturday evening. Several
speeches were made, among them
being a response by Joseph Medill, of
the Chicago Tribune.
Two Frenchmen, subjected to indig
nities by Gen. Butler at New Orleans
during the war, have recovered, re
spectively. $10,000 and 84.000 from the
United States as a balm for their
wounded sensibilities.
Mme. ScalchLof the Mapleson com
pany, has been engaged by Abbey to
sing in New York next season, for
the small compensation of 85000 per
month. Mme. fecalciu thinks Mr.
Abbey is a "very nice young man."
Mr. Goodloe Yancev, son of the late
Win. L. Yancey, resides at Athens,
Georgia, and is spoken of as a young
man of extraordinary promise. The
Augusta Chronicle predicts for him a
most honorable record in the history
ot the state.
Miss Dorothea Lynde Dix, a work
ing philanthropist, whose fame is
continental, is dangerously ill at her
home in Boston. She began charit
able work when a young girl, and has
continued it through all her eighty
years or lite.
James Lick left 8150,000 to estal-
iisti and maintain tree baths in San
Francisco. One of the trustees, Dr.
Stiilman, now proposes to increase
the fund by popular subscription to
82u0,ooo and to erect salt-water baths
large enough tor the accommodation
of the whole city.
Two pairs of feminine eyfs play a
part in the star route trial. "The two
ladies, whose striking beauty makes
them the subject of much remark,"
writes the Washington correspond
ent of the Baltimore Sun, "show con
stant interest in every feature of the
trial, and their patient and untiring
watchtuiness can be noted by judge,
jury, counsel and spectators. They
are sisters, born in Arkansas ; one is
the wife of Ex-Senator Dorsey, the
other the widow pf Peck, who was
indicted with Dorsey."
A Beautiful Sentiment.
Thackeray once wrote: "It is night
now, and here is home. Gathered
under the quiet roof, elders and chil
dren lie, alike at rest. In the midst
of a-great calm the stars look out
from the heavens. The silence is
peopled with the past sorrowful re
morse for sins and short-comings,
memories of passiopate joys and
griefs rise out of their graves, both
now alike, calm and sad. Eyes, as I
shut mine, look at me that long since
ceased to shine. The town and the
fair landscape sleep under the star
light, wreathed under the autumn
mist. Twinkling among the
houses, a light keeps watch here
and there, in what may be a sick
chamber or two. The clock tolls
sweetly . in the silent air. Here is
night and rest. An awful sense of
thanks makes the heart swell and the
head bow, as I pass to my room
through the sleeping house, and I feel
as though a hushed- blessing were
upon it."
Summing Up the Evidence.
' Galveston Print. J
It is to be deplored that Gov. Ire
laud should allow himself to display
the evidences of so despotic a temper,
and worse, to speak and act in a man
ner so oblivious of the real facts of
the case. Col. Brown makes applica
tion to him, as president of the peni
tentiary board, for the position of
financial manager of the peniten
tiaries. Gov. Ireland replies that his
application comes too late, that the
appointment has been already ten
dered to another gentleman. Col.
Brown, in his reply, states that
the board, as such, has taken
no action in the matter, and,
therefore, that the governor's as
sertion is not correct, unless
indeed, John Ireland composes the
board. Since "it pleased the legisla
ture, having in view such very cases
as this, to appoint a special peniten
tiary board, of which the governor
should be president ex-officio, it would
follow that each member of the board,
so far from being a dummy, holds co
ordinate rights and powers, and, ex
cept the privilege of presiding at the
meetings, are precisely equal (includ
ing the governor) the one to the other.
As the board, in its collective and
official capacity, had taken no action
in the premises, Gov. Ireland, by as
suming to speak for the board, was
guilty either of a piece of unwar
ranted and consummate egotisn, or
said what was not true.
A New Sleeping Car.
fNew York Tribune.
Since the invention of sleeping cars,
nearlj a quarter of a century ago, no
radical improvement has been made
in them. 1 Much has been done in dec
oration, but in the general arrange
ments for the comfort of travellers
the cars of to-day are substantiallv
what they were in 1860, when the
i'uiimans built their first sleeper, the
"Pioneer." And yet complaints over
crampea quarters, iacK ot privacy and
the poor ventilation are constant.
John A. Sleicher, of the Troy Times.
has invented a car which, he believes,
wui uu away wiuu tnese
complaints. Its berths or sections
extend across the car. and not
along the sides. The aisle runs along
one side for half the length of the
car, and along the opposite side for
the rest. The seats are each six feet
in length, and are in two sets, half of
them on one side and half on the other
side of the car. The main object is to
give to each section the privacy one
enjoys in a stateroom on a steamboat.
The seat is three feet wide, but the
back is attacked to a projection in
such a way that it leaves less than
two feet in width of the seat exposed.
To make up the car at night into a
steeper this nacK is swung up to a
horizontal position, leaving the seat
three feet wide for a lower berth.
The elevated back, together with
the offset or projection to which
it is hinged, is also three feet
wide and constitutes the upper
berth. The cushion of the seat is in
the shape of two mattresses, one of
which is placed upon the elevated
back or upper berth at night. To
make these two berths (constituting a
section) separate from all others, a
panel is raised from the back of the
seat reaching to the top of the' car.
Thus each section becomes a snug
private apartment, extending across
the car with room in it beside berths
for the occupant to stand and disrobe
at leisure. - The whole arrangement
is simple but complete The space
lehind the seat back, when it is folded
down by day, is used for the storage
of the pillows, blankets and the cur
tain that is to hang before the sec
tion. This plan does away with the cum
bersome and ill-ventilated upper
berths dependent from the sides of
the car near the roof, the weight of
which makes the ordinary sleeping
coach topheavy and easily upset. This
heavy, expensive work is rendered
unnecessary in the new car,, which
thus secures an economy in weight of
over 10,000 pounds per car. Mr.
Sleicher claims that a passenger can
find more rest and comfort in a berth
arranged across the car than in one ex
tending along its side and receiving
all the concussion from the wheels
and rails. He has determined to make
safety a feature of his coach. The
heater is so incased in boiler iron that
if the stove were crushed to frag
ments no cinders could be scattered.
The water tank is so arranged that
in case of collision the wrecking of
the car would scatter water all about
the heater. The cars will be lighted
with large wax candles or with coin
pressed gas.
King Louis, of Bavaria, has always
been regarded are a harmless lunatic,
but since the death of his friend Wag
ner his lunacy has taken the form of
positive cruelty to his subjects. He
has just ordained that henceforth the
Royal Opera at Munich shall be de
voted exclusively to the representa
tion of Wagner's operas, all of which
are to be performed there in success
ion. Think what a fate this is for the
amiable, music loving, mirth-loving
people of Munich, doomed to listen to
the Wagnerian drama all their days.
Rebellious revolutions have arisen on
much less cause, and despots have
been done to death for acts of cruelty
that were benignity itself compared
with this. Wagner himself might have
written an opera on this subject more
solemn even than "The Flying Dutch
man." that is, if he had had any sense
of humor.
The London Spectator says; "There
is something very pouching and
mother-like in the frankness with
which the queen, through the Court
Circular, asks her people to sym
pathize in the grief she feels for the
loss of a devoted attendant. We won
der how many of her subjects ever
reflect on the pathet ic element in the
queen's present position. There is no
one living who could address her by
her Christian name, or, indeed, on any
terms of equality, while all her chil
dren but one are married, scattered,
in business and households of their
own. It is a lonely peak to sit on, at the
top oi tne world, and as age draws on
the sovereign, who already has reigned
so long that men passing middle
age have consciously known no other,
must feel this more and more pain
fully, with a sadness which the move
ment of the world does not diminish.
We are no devotees of monarchy,
gravely holding self-government to
be more educative and more dignified,
but there has never been in history a
reign like that of Queen Vietoria,
who, surrounded by an impenetrable
etiquette, breaks it to tell her people
that devotion, even in the humblest
of followers, has roused in her 'real
friendship Kepublicanism in Eng
land sleeps and will sleep while the
queen reigns. Is there not in that
mere truism a sufficient biography V"
A ajard Witness.
rutica Observer-!
"Do you know the prisoner well
asKed tne lawyer.
I'Never knew him sick," replied the
"No levity," said the lawyer, stern
ly, "jnow, sir, did you ever see the
prisoner at the bar ?"
"Took many a drink with him at
the bar.
"Answer my question, sir," yelled
the lawyer. "How long have you
known the prisoner ?"
"From two feet up to five feet ten
"Will the court make the "
"I have, jedge," said the witness,
anticipating the lawyer, "l have
answered the question. I knowed the
prisoner when he was a boy two feet
long and a man nve ieet ten.
"Your honor "
"It's a fact, jedge, I'm under oath,'
persisted the witness.
The lawyer arose, placed both hands
on the table in front ot him. spread
his legs apart, leaned his body over
the table, and said:
"Will you tell the court what you
know about this case ?"
"That ain't his name," replied the
"What ain't his name T
"Case "
Who" said it was?"
"You did. You wanted to know
what I knew about this ease. His
name s Smith.
"Your honor," howled the attorney,
piuc&ing nis oearu out uy tne roots,
win you make this nian answer y
"witness, said the judge, "you
must answer the questions put to
"Land o' Goshen, jedge hain't I
been doing it t Let the blamed cuss
hre away, i m all ready.
"Then," said the lawyer, "don't beat
about the bush any more. You and
the prisoner have been friends. .
"Never," promptly responded the
" What 1 Wasn't you summoned
here as a friend V"
" No. sir; I was' summoned here as
a Presbyterian. He's an old-line Bap
tist, witnout a nrop or Quaker in
mm r
" Stand down," yelled the lawyer in
"Stand down."
" Can't do it. I'll sit down or stand
"Sheriff, remove the man from the
Witness retires, muttering: "Well,
it ne ain t tne tnick-neadede3t cuss l
ever laid eyes on. ,
While the congregation of the Da
vidson Presbyterian College at Char
lotte, N. C, was engaged in worship,
a dog, thought to be suffer
ing from hydrophobia ran up
tne middle - aisie ot the
church foaming at the mouth and
howling. The church was crowded
and a panic ensued. Men, women and
children attempted to get out. Some
mounted the ton of the benches. Dr.
Latimer, the pastor, stopped in the
midst of a sentence, and leaped to the
top of the pulpit, crying out: "Kill it.
K.m in uue oi tne worsnipers, who
had a revolver, rushed forward and
fired twice at the dog. Other men as
sisted with walking sticks and spit
toons, and beat and pelted the dog to
ueatn near tne puipit. in the panic
some women fainted, and others were
badly bruised in the crowd.
An Indian Reservation.
fSan Francisco Daily Report. 1
It is the camp ground of an army of
well-armed and well-mounted Apache
cavalry, situated in proximity to the
scattered settlements oi unarmed
white men, in whose houses " women
and children live lives of constant
and horrible apprehension. This
camp ground is selected by the
ITi'fa Cf no rwA..nnw.nn4. 1- . 1-- 1
supplies the Apache garrison with
rations, clothing, arms and ammuni
tion, jno Indian can be harmed on
this camp ground, no matter what
crime he may have committed in the
past. - The recently taken scalps of
wnue women na children
may aoorn nis lodge, no
white man dare to touch them.
A white settler would not dare to
claim the scalp of his own wife The
whole power of the United States
government will be invoked, if neces
sary, to render this camp ground a
perfectly secure base of operations,
and a perfectly secure place of re
treat, for Apache campaigns. When
the warriors quartered on it grow
wearv of ease and idleness t.hev sad
dle their ponies, raid tie white set
tlements, violate women . and then
butcher them; brain the children
against rocks and buildings, kill the
men. burn the homes and improve
ments, slaughter the cattte and steal
the horses. If hard pressed they
hasten down to Mexico, and after a
few months return to the reservation,
where their squaws, pappooses and
old men have dwelt in the meantime
in safety, and have been fed and pro
tected by the United States government.
The National Colored Press associa
tion, which will meet in St. Louis on
the 13th of July, will be attended by
representatives of 175 newspapers.
The delegates will be banqueted and
otherwise hospitably entertained.
The new "Married Woman's Prop
erty Act" in England encourages
a woman to lend money to anybody
except her husband. It enables her
to sue him and to be witness against
him. It also renders her liable to
maintain both her husband and her
The governor and comptroller of
New Jersey have decided that they
will not pay the personal expenses of
the various speciall committees ap
pointed by the last legislature, whose
members probably expected to, as the
committees of preceding legislatures
had done, carry on their investigations
in a junketing way at the seaside and
other resorts.
During the first nine months of the
current fiscal year the internal reve
nue receipts amounted to 8108.825,798,
an increase of 82,551,398 over the cor
responding period of the last fiscal
year. Fromthefirsttothethirtees.thof
ApriL 1882, the receipts aggregated
84,610,924, and from the first to the
thirteenth of April, 1883, 84,164,407, a
decrease of 8448,517, making an actual
increase of 82,102,881.
A German exchange furnishes the
following figures of the consumption
of champagne in the chief countries
of the world: England heads the
list, drinking 50,000,000 of bottles a
year; the Unit d States, Canada and
Mexico consuming 10,000,000; France,
2,500,000; Russia, 2,000,000; Germany,
1,500,000; Holland, 600,000; Italy and
Belgium, 200,000 each ; Spain, 300.000,
and Africa, 100,000 bottles. We are
to presume that the champagne afore
said was genuine.
Northampton has been the chief
seat of English shoemaking ever
since the days of Magna Charta John,
wno was nimseir snou tnere, as an
ancient record shows. The spirit of
the redoubtable barons still bears
fruit in the radical politics of the
place, which to-day sends Jabouchere
and Bradlaugh to parliament, and
which, when Cromwell's army
marched through it, furnished the
soldiers with 20,000 pairs of shoes.
More than 30,000 persons are row em
ployed there in the shoe trade.
O'Donovan Rossa has figured out
the "cost of burning London" to be
17,251 lOd. He calculates that it will
require 12,000 to pay the passage
money over and back of "1000 evicted
Irishmen," and 5000 is required for
"contingent money" that is, for the
drinks, probably. Rooms would be
taken at 1000 London hotels for one
night at five shillings each, 250, and
1000 boxes of matches would be re
quired at 1 lOd. The project would be
to light 1000 beds. How the bed-lighters
are to get away has not been fig
ured out by Rossa.
A Medical Marvel.
Lafayette (Indiana) Special.
One of the most remarkable cases
in the history of medicine and sur
gery is that of Miss Belle Bryan, of
Battle Ground, this county, who, sev
eral months ago, in a sleighing acci
dent, had a quarter of her skull torn
from her head. It was a horrible ac
cident, and extremely sickening in its
details. A cupful of brains, bone and
matter oozed from her head, and still
she lived, until it was thought her re
covery was possible. Now the side
of her head is puffed out, and yet her
mind seems clear and she readily un
derstands what is said to her. Her
case has attracted wide-spread inter
est, and is regarded as marvelous.
Chalmers Xot a Power.
Special to Commetcial Gazette.
Postmaster General Gresham is not
to be numbered among those who be
lieve in the possibilities of a reorgan
ization ot parties in the south at every
cost. One of his first acts has been to
refuse to recognize the right of Chal
mers, of Mississippi, to control the
Federal patronage of that state.
Chalmers has succeeded in removing
one or two officials who were not ac
ceptable to him, and he has now asked
tor the removal ot .f ostmaster Ken
non, of Columbus. Action upon this
demand was postponed, owing to
Judge Howe's death, and the first act
of Judge Gresham has been to refuse
to make the removal.
The possibilities of electricity are
apparently boundless, and almost ev
ery day brings forth some new inven
tion for its application to useful pur
poses. One of the latest of these is the
portable electric lighter, which is now
manufactured in this city, and which
exhibited at No. 22 Vatertreet. This
is in effect a small chemical battery,
occupying a space of - five square
inches and weighing but five pounds
with all its fittings. By pressing upon
a knob the current is produced, a strip
of platinum is heated to incandescence
and light instantaneous. This can be
carried from room to room and placed
upon the desk or the table. At a slight
additional expense it can be so ar
ranged as to ring an alarm or signal
bell, or to light gas in any part of the
house. The contrivance is novel,
simple, convenient and cheap. Bos
ton courier.
The Prophet Honored in His Own
Country, Kven In His Own
The honest, simple narrative ot Mrs. S. J.
Whipp, who resides at No. 177 William street,
lYoviaence, K. I. :
"During the past six or seven years I
have been severely afflicted with Kidney dis'
ease, causing intense backaches, dizziness.
and other severe pains through my body and
limbs, rendering me so weak and prostrate
that at times it was impossible for me to do
any part of my house work. I have had also a
fluttering of the heart, and was terribly dis
tressed lor breath. I was very miserable, and
completely worn out and discouraged; I had
no ambition to undertake to do anything, and
barely sufficient strength to render existence
desirable, having failed to find any relief
from the doctor's prescriptions. At this try
ing crisis a fnend persuaded me to obtain a
bottle of Hunt's Remedy, and now I rejoice
that I followed this friendly adviee, for the
Remedy acted like a charm in my case. After
I had taken a few doses, my health begau to
improve ; I felt better every way. The flutter
ing of the heart, the intense backaches, and
terrible shortness of the breath speedily dis
appeared, my strength and ambition soon re
turned, and before I had taken two bottles of
the Remedy I was entirely well, and able to
wash and Iron and do my house work. Once
in a while I am troubled with the headache,
and as soon as I am taken I resort to Hunt's
Remedy, and a few doses fix me all right.
shall never be without it in the future . I have
frequently recommended the Hunt's Remedy
to my friends, and they have experienced re
lief from the first dose. I heartily recommeud
lb W ttU Wilt, UC UllUUtCU VW Lll TYlUUt J
or diseases of the Liver, Bladder, or Urinary
organs. I think no family should be without
ir. -mks. b. j. wmrr,
"No. 177 Williams street. Providence, R. I."
- ' Acts lake a Charm.
"I have used Hunt's Remedy for Kidney
troubles, and recommended it to others, and
tuwajs iuuuu lit w aci lute a cuarm.
"723 Carson street, Pittsburg, Penu."
"Gratitude is the memory of the heart '
How many heart memories cluster around
Hunt's Remedy in grateful households where
it has wrought its mag.c cure!
d K DAY to agents selling for us. J2 sample
qpcJ free. Address General Agency, 169
Hudson street. New York. ala-ikl-ltw
For information leading to the recovery of
one strawberry-roan horse, six years old, fif
teen hands high, branded 7 S on right shoulder,
with white face and legs. JAMES SHAW.
azu-wzi noiiana, lexas.
For the delivery of one hav hnrw and one
filly, both two years old, branded C on left
aw, aio urauueu . ) i connectea, witn 7
averted. J. N. 1 EAF.
a20-w2t Troy, Texas.
E STRAYED. By Allen Mac Lean, residing
at Pilot Knob, south of Onion creek, one
brown Don V horse, about three imn old. 13
hands high, appraised at $10, no brand. Before
Fritz Tegener, justice of the peace Travis
county, March 26, l&S. FRANK BROWN,
al9-w3t Clerk County Court Travis county.
Write to us for descriptions of 15 fine
farms and ranches. ZLMPKLMAX & kkk-
GEN, Real Estate and Financial Agents, Aus
tin, Texas, apulitw2t
Eyery Man His Own Boss.
How to Promote Permaal Power A
Sew Radical Reformer.
'There is no provision in the Divine econo
my for political bosses!"
With a bang of his fist, and in the voice of a
inuii who had made up his mind on the subject,
Rev. James Chambers, of Calvary Presby
terian church, Harlem, recently opened his
sermon with this announcement He was
right. The only boss authorized by the liook
is mentioned in these words : "He who ruleth
Ids own spirit is greater than he who taketh a
Commonly, the hetter M nf mon le ahiwt
to the despotism of the worse side. Bad pas
sions, bad humors, mean jealousies and base
revenges are all bosses. One of the worst of
bosses is bile. What is most depressing in
philosophical or theological thought is due to
it. Old General Debility is another tyrannical
boss. He lashes nieu who are naturally good
uuUHhey become naturally bad or miserably
Concerning the deliverance from this bond
age, Rev. S. P. Lewis, pastor of the Eighth
Street Baptist church, St. Louis. Missouri,
writes: was suffering from exhaustion and
feneral debility. As an invigorant I used
akkkr's Gingkr Tosic. I never met with
anything so effective. It is an elegant family
medicine. I take a bottle in my valise when I
go on my annual vacations."
Pakkek's Ginger Tonic neither intoxi
cates nor promotes a desire for strong drinks.
The most pronounced temperance people use
and praise it for this reason alone. It cures
Malarial Fevers, Consumption, Rheumatism,
and all diseases of the blood. Also weaknesses
peculiar to women, its action is prompt and
pervasive Test it once, and you will adopt it
as a home remedy. Prices, SO cents and $1 a
bottle. H1SCOX & CO., Chemists, New York.
Affords Instant relief in all cases of Sheoma
an, Neuralgia and Sciatica.
Ml xed with a little molatses or honey, win
rnre speedily the worst case of Cough, Cold or
U ai senesa.
Relieves Diarrhsa and Dysentery In a mannet
bo grateful that Us action is never succeeded by
Soothes the pains and pipings in children,
and meets all their ailments.
Affords Immediate relief In Diphtheria and afi
iff ectiona of the throat.
Cares stiff or swollen joints, and removes crick
n the back at once.
Has no equal in the world for barns, scalds or
abrasions of the skin.
Cares Canker, Sore Month, Headache, Tooth
ache and Earache.
Cures Chapped Hands and Chillhlalns, Sore
Scalp and Eruptions of the Skin, Sprains and
Strains of any of the muscles of the body.
It works like charm in every ailment pecu
liar to ladies.
A bottle of Renne's Pnln KillinK Ma1e
Oil In the house, or on hand for immediate nse
in case of an emergency, will often save a life or
a long and tedious eickdess.
Sold by Druggists, Grocers and Dealers It?
Sontitera Wholesale Depot Dallas,
H. C. HOSTCINS- Manageg
Uotbera liko and Physicians
recommend it
the "World's great Pain-Re-lievingr
remedies. TheyLeaJ
soothe and cure Burns,
Wounds, Weak Back and
Rheumatism upon Man, and
Sprains, Galls and Lamenesf
upon Beasts. Cheap, quick
and reliable.
Price 25o. 50c. & 81. per 'bottle.
For more than a third of a centccythe
Mexleui M uatang Liniment has been
known to millions all over the world as
the only safe reliance for the relief of
accidents ana pain, a is a meaioine
above price ana praise the best of its
kind. For every form of external pain
Mustang Liniment Is without an equal.
It Denetratea flesh and muscle to
the very bone making the continu
ance oi pain ana lunammaaon impos
sible. Its effects upon Human Flesh and
the Brute Creation are equally wonder
ful. The Mexican
'Luniment la needed hv aomebodv In
every house. Every day brings news of
thvsgoBy or an awful seaia or Dura
subdued, of rhenmatlo martyrs re
stored, or a valuable horse or oi
saved by the healing power of this
which speedily cures such ailments of
Rheumatism. Swelling, tiff
Joints, voatraeua muscira. miram
ana Scalds. Cots, Braises and
Sprains, Poisonous Bites and
Stings, Stillness, Ijameness, Old
Sores, TTlc rs, Frostbites, Chilblains,
Sore Nipples, Caked Breast, and
Indeed every form ot external dis
ease. It heals without sears.
For the Bbdtb Cbbaxioh it cures
Sprains, Swinny, SUIT Joints,
Founder, Harness Sores, Hoof Dis
eases, Foot Hot, Screw Worm, Ncmb ,
Hollow Horn, Scratches, wind-
Sails, Spavin, Thrnsh, Ringbone,
id Sores, Poll Evil, Film upon
the Sight and every other ailment
to which the occupants of the
Stable and Stock lard are liable.
The Mexican Mnsteng T.inlment
always cures and never disappoints;
and it is, positively,
IfOB SALE 640 ACHES A fine little stock
1 ranche. 25 miles s. w. from Austin:
dwelling, flue snrings, good range: price 12S0.
ZlJyiI'ELMAN & BKliGliN, Seal Estate Agts.
people are always on the
lookout for chances to - in
crease their ear-nines, and
in time become wealthy;
those who do not im
prove their opportunities
poverty. We offer a great
make money. We want
women, boys and eirls to
work for us right in their own localities.
one can do the work pronerly from the
start. The business will pay more than ten
times ordinary wages. Expensive outfit furn
ished free. No one who engages fails to make
money rapidly. You can devote your whole
time to the work or only your spare moments.
Full information and an that is needed sent
free. Address STINSONaCo.,
1'ortlana, Maine.
W If H v mm
remain in
chance to
many men.
-A r. feetjtih..
trict and United States Courts held at Austin,
Courts of Milam, Williamson, Hays and Comal
vuuuucs, iu reuenu ujuni at oau Antonio,
.7 1 ... w " ouircun3 V Ainu ui
United htates at Washington. ni29-(t!&w6in
Stockholders' meeting.
Office of A. and N. W. R. r. Co. i
Austin, Tex., March 1M883. f
Austin ana isortn western railroad company,
notice is hereby given to the stockholders of
AUIfl PAmnunu tn uttnnl a ow-lI..! ... .
the stockholders of said coin pan v, to be held
v v",v v cumjjiuiv in iue envoi
Austin, state f Texas, on the 25th day of
""ji ooo, a. iu u ciock a in., ior uie
purpose of considering and authorizing, if
tional sum of two hundred and flity thousand
uv.i a vv.t wr uuusLmcuiig, complet
ing and equipping, and improving and operat
ing said Austin and Northwestern railroad,
and for the purpose of paying off and discharg
ing the preseut subsisting floating Indebted
ness of said railroad company, and to issue
and dispose of the bonds of said company for
uif amount so Dorrowea, ana to mortgage its
corporate property and franchises, for the
purpose of securing the payment of any debt
contracted by such corporation for the purpo-
j. A. RHOMBERG, President.
A. Iu Rhombekg, Secretary. ma-2ra,
Colorado Foundry,
CHARLES JOKES, Proprietor,
Colorado Street and River walk,
Done on short notice. Manufacturer of
Glass's Patent Texas Well Auger.
Cash paid for old iron or exchanged for work.
of County
Pursuant to an order of the commissioners
court of Coleman county, made at its Febru
ary term, 1883, the four leagues of school land
belonging to said county, will be offered for
sale at public auction at the court house door
in the town of Coleman, ou Tuesday, May 15,
1883. Terms of sale: One-tenth cash; re
maining nine-tenths at the expiration of twen
ty years, with interest at 8 per cent per an
num payable annually on the first Monday iu
July. These are good grazing lands, situated
in Coleman county; located iu seven tracts
about as follows:
Survey No. 67, 1920 acres.
Survey No. 90, 4428 acres. .
. Survev No. 91, 1292 acres.
Survey No. 92, 3135 acres.
Survey No. 93. 2110 acres.
Survey No. 94, 1829 acres.
Survey No. 95, 49J acres.
Survey No. 96, 2508 acres.
Minimum price (2 50 per acre.
The right to reject any and all bids is re
served by the court.
ap3w4t County Judge C. C . , Texas .
Is the unique title of a still more unique hu
morous book by Ike Pointing." of the
Austin Statesman. It is published by the
celebrated humorous book publishing house of
u. n.vi;uHcatu., new lore, aim couiains
128 pages of real humor uniquely illustrated.
"Ike Philkins," the author, lias for years
been a humorous contributor to Texas and
New York papers under several noms de
plume: "Ax Madeler," "Oliver Twist," "Win.
Alexander," etc., and is now one of the Austin
Statesman's staff. "Chained Lightning"
will be the cheapest book ever nuhlislied.
Mailed anywhere for 25 cents. Usual discount
to tne irane. Address at once,
feb2tf Austin, Texas.
SS Kast Pecan Street, AUStTl.V.
Attention is called to the above establish
ment, which was opened oil the first day of
VKmo. ...1,1. .... '
A-Eiumj, W1LU Ml CUlllD
Stock of Dry Goods,
Boots, Shoes, Hats
F,AJsrcrsr qootjs,
Purchased for CASH. All goods are marked
in ulain fimires. and sold cheaner than house
ever offered them in the city of Austin . Come
ana see ior yourselves ana
An eariy call is solicited by
.A.. Zelmer,
Proprietor of BARGAIN STORE.
32'Z East Pecan Street,
W ill be maQbd free to all applicants, and to cub-
toroeraof lastvear withont nrdennir it Itoontains
about 175 paes. 0)0 illtwtrstinns, prices, accunus
doscrilitions and valuable directions for piantin?
VM varieties of Vetretablo and Flower Seeds,
plants, Troit Trees. etc. Invaluable to all, eaiec
ially to J!nrtet Gardtner-i Send for It!
n m rc Rv x, co. Detroit Mich
We deliver STRONG POT ROSES for Winter
Bloom and Fall Planting, tafdy by maU, at ail
post-offices. Five Splendid Varieties, ymir choice,
all labeled, for $1 1 13 for t 19 for S386for
4 35 fbr5 1 75 for SlOilOO for S13. Bend
for our New Guide to Rose Coltswe, and
cAootefrom met SOO Finest Sorts. OurGrest
Spgtalgteowimj and distributing Rosea.
We warrant six boxes of Dr. B. C. West't
Nerve and Brain Treatment to care any nervons
disease, either male or female, of whatever na
ture, such as Nervous Headache, Mental De
bility, Loss of Memory, Spermatorrhea, and In
volantary Emissions, canted by overwork of
the brain, Self-abase, etc., and win give a writ
ten guarantee wit' each $5 order, agreeing to
refnnd the monr A tne treatment does not ef
fect a core in a' months. Price. 1 per box; six
boxes, 16. ' at, prepaid, by mall, on receipt
of price. narantees issued by K. FBED.
KBICaa 0., Wholesale and Retail Drug
gist, N , Orleans, La. Orders by mail at regn
i:ricr mayl-daw-ly ,
' mm
mn. 3 a Ss a 3 .
isiif is
1 J:inm?if A T .
tlx I NP -7T
Pulmonary Diseases and General Debility
Is a certain cure for DYSPEPSIA in all its stages; for CHRONIC C0UGI1S,
CONSUMPTION, and DISEASES of the TUliOAT and LUNGS. It is in
vigorating and restores the APPETITE, and the only remedy that is bene
ficial in malarial climates. This is a preparation of
Balsam of Tolu, Rock Candy and Magnesia,
combined with other medicinal qualities, all beneficial to the health of per-
T?S8erin witn these diseases the basis being the purest RICE and
It 1 E iv HISKLES. This rice whisky is commonly known as "arrack" in the
South and as "samsho" in China. It has been used for many years by the
Chinese and also by the laborers in the Southern rice fields as the only anti
dote to malaria and rice fever. AVe use only the
?t u nlilt,l?i.fdtirt.Tpos.ltion of f? To,u Tonl1' and the n""Pl,s 8f K curative qualities,
"eL I SltLut venSeTcenleV eXel"P from other u,ternal revenues, and any dealer cau
We Keep a Large Stock Constantly on Hand, where the Trade
Can be Supplied.
HENRY BI8CHOFF & CO., Sole Manufacturer and Proprietors, Charleston and New Vork.
Houghton & Robinson,
Agents for Austin, Texas. '
also sole proprietors OF THE H. & K'8 CHOICE HAZEL KIBKE and KEY WEST HENBY
CLAY HAVANA CIGARS. febiT-d&wlllivwgp.
felOOO Worth of Colta. .
The proprietors of Buchan'a Cmsylie
Ointment caution every stock raiser
Buchan Cresylio Ointment,
which lathe only article man
nfkctnred under United
States letters patent.
The reputation Of our ointment,
which for the past FIFTEEN Years
has proved itself Tbb Only Socosse
FCI, remedy against the Screw Worm
oovr induces imitations, which are
KIDDER & LAIRD, No, 63 John Street. NSW YOBS.
Vo tala mt mwttr Drag ator ta tka But.
uLrHniuirKrufiuri e Nj
TVI A PW inf fin.
r sale byGeo.Dunlap. Austin.Texus
We axe the largest farmers, largest seed grow
ers and largest seed dealers anywhere; hence
have greatest fadlitiestor producing Best Seeds
All our Seeds art tested, and only the best sent out.
Our Annual Catalogue and Price List brings THE
eludes ail the desirable new and standard varieties
of Flower, Yegetable, Field and Tree Seeds, an?
Plants. Sent FREE to any address.
CUiCAUU, 111. Hd Kvchnten M. Y.
When I t cure 1 do not mean merely to atop them for
a time and then have them return again. I mean a rdl
sal cure. I have made the disease ot FITS, EPILEPSY
or FALLING SICKNESS a life-long study. I warrant my
remedy to cure the worst cases. Because others nave
(ailed is no reason for not now receiving a cure, rond at
once for a treatise and a Free Bottle of my InfalUble
remedy. Give Express and Fost Offloe. It coat yoa
Uothlng for a trial, and I win cure yon.
iddreM Dr. H.O. BOOT, in Pearl St.. Haw York,
Sells Pnre Stick Canuv as chenp ae others sel
the impure. Compare l ie randy,
wly W. W. LAMSIK, Proprietor.
Preston, Kean&Co.
onioago, ill.
Accounts of Bankers, Herclian tn' an
others received. i
Buy and sell Foreign Exrhnnge, both
bankers and documentary ou principal Euro
pean cities.
Travelers' and Merchants' Letters of
Credit issued.
lioiidn. incliidinir Government, State and
Municipal, bought and sold.
Deal in the various issu:s of Ennd War
rant and serin
Electric Appliance art tent on 30 Days' Trial.
"III HO are Buffering from Nxrvocs Debility.
V Lost Vitality, i.acx or Neuvs Foots amo
Yiqor, Wasting Weaknesses, ftnd all those diseases
of a Personal Nature resulting from Abvses end
other CAtJERS. Speedy relief und complete resto
ration of Health, Vioob and Manhood Guaranteed.
The grandest discovery of the Nineteenth Century.
Send at onoe for lllustrafcjd Fampulet free. Address
Notice is hereby given of the following de
scribed estrays: One roau pony thirteen
hands high branded on the left shoulder
A, connected with upright bar.
One roan mare, l.'SH hands high,
six years old, has on small bell, no brand. One
dark bay hone, 13!4 hands high, seven years
old. branded on the left thigh D inside circle
under bar under heart. One brown mare,
eight years old, 14'4 hands high, count r
branded on the left shoulder J P connected.
One brown horse 14'i hands high, aliout four
teen years old, branded on the left shoulder
N B. One dark bay horse, 14 hands high, four
years old, no brand. One roan horse, WA
hands high, blind in one eye, live years old,
branded ou the left shoulder half circle X un
der half circle. One bay mare, 14 bauds high,
ten years old, branded on the left shoulder
upright bar connected with B. One brown
mare, 14 hands high, four years old, no brand.
One sorrel two year old flfly, no brand. One
black mare, 13 hands high, about fourteen
years old, branded on the left thigh A I One
bay horse, 15 hands high, seven years old,
branded on the left shoulder CD under bar.
one blue duu horse. 14 hands high, seven years
old, branded on the jaw A, and has a Spanish
brand on the left thigh. One two year old sor
rel horse colt, no brand. One dun mare three
years old, branded on the left shoulder bar
under star. One bay horse, 16S4 bands high,
white in face, hind Ieet white, branded on the
left shoulder 8 in half circle, about eight years
old, shod all round.
Given under my hand at office this 18th day
of April, 1883. D. C. PACK,
County Commissioner Precinct No. 3, Travis
Uouiny. aiina-wjx
not, life is swee t g' jy :
and dare befon ,o
something mighty and siid
lime leave behind toeonqi sr
time. 66 a week in your
own town. $5 outfit free. No
risk. Everything ne'. Capital not required.
We will funiiiih you everytliing. Wanv are
making fortunes. Ladies make as much
as men, and loys and girls make great
pay. Header, if you want business at which
you can make great pay all the lime, write
particidars to H. HALLETT ft Co.,
ioruauu, jnaiue.
a in i ii r
We have the certified fact, that one
stock raiser killed a lot of very valu
able animals by using a f angel
on Imitation Ointment.
When jron. buy Cresylio Ointment,
see that the package has the nam
BuciLUf, our registered Trade Mark,
Dates of Patents and Proprietary
Do not be deceived by plan
a 1 b 1 e misrepresentationa,
Atm JYiem iMtu nil yi east ptm.
iaroft tuock in Uu South- H mC
fMeetum from tkt
mC Goods -ml a O. De
tLtUtprwiU-f of mtmmtnation.
aritaf SrorMM eMorant.
AinntiB Litmtmr, Mr 00 tiluration with
t- . KKKTi J
valvabls hints on .hooting amd htmdUng ?"-.-copy
opamtand JUh law vf Ten. WrtU ff
mdar plainly and nxmUio this pay
J. 0. rETMxUiLi,
(A Medicine ne u. Drink.)
Aim Tin Pmnsr Aim BasTMsniOALQuau
All Diseases of the Stomach, powela. Wood, .
IJver, Kidneys, and Urinary Organs, Ner- '
voueoeaa. Sleeplessness and especially
wm he nald for a ease the will not Kin
help, or for anything Impure or injurious
iuuuu iu wmiu
Ask yoer dragglst for Bop Bitters and try
tbem before you sleep. Talc no other.
DI.C.U1D absolute and Irresistible cure for
. AJruP soilness, use oi opium, (oDaeeo ana
MatM Bmm roa Cotlab.
ll aboe loMbysraiElala,
Hep BRtm Ms, Co., Rochester, N. ., Tm
Austin Daily and Weekly
t3?Gives all the latest news from all parts of
the world. Discusses all current questions.
The WEEKLY STATESMAN, sn eight psge,
SEVENTY-TWO column paper, is especially
interesting to Farmers, Btockmbn, Merchants,
Mechanics and Housekeepers. -
The Best Family Papeb in the
Dally, 12 months '. $10 00
Daily, 6 months 6 00
Weekly, 12 months , 8 00
Weekly, 6 months , 100
Austin, Texas.
A week made at home by the
industrious. Best business now
before the public. Capital not
needed. We will start you.
Men, women, boys an. kicl
wanted everywhere (, work lot
us. Now is the lime, Yt,u can work in spare
time, or give your whole time to the business.
No other business will pay you nearly as well.
No one can fail lo make enormous pay. ' v n
gaging at onoe. I'ustlv outfit iiinl lermv h-.m--Money
mad fast, eiwily, ami luiiiiralt
Address Tit UK ((..
Mlg'1!. At-Ciw.
In use SO years. Each number the special pre
scription of an eminent physician. The On be
Simple. 8 fe and 6ure Medicines for the p opI
2. Worms, Worm Kever, Worm Uollo...
3. Cryins Ool;c, or Teething of infants
4. Diarrhea o( children or Adults
Ii. Dysentarv, Griping. Bullous Colic,..
6. Cholera Morbus, Vomiting,..
T. Coughs. Cold, Bronchitis
H. Keuralsli, Toothachu, Faoeaehe
9. Headaches, Biek Headaches, Vertigo
10. Oyspensia. Billions fctomach
1 1. Suppressed er Painful Periods
12. Whites, too Profuse Periods
ft a
j s. i;roun, (Joujrn, uimouit jureatmnff,...
1 ft. Kheuinall.m. Kheumatio Pallia.
onu nnruiii, nrvaiueus, atuijuuba
Iff. Fever and Ague, Chill, Fever, Agaes
17. Piles, Blind or Bleeding ..
19. Catarrh, acute or chronic; Infinenaa
7is. wnoopinc cotien, vioiem oougns,
s. unnerai ijeDiiuy, rnyaioat w
27. Kidney niw.u "..
. n.Liu...
- .r.i.iiB I, sy. ... ..............
at). jDrlnsry Weakness. Welting the bed .SO
. Clueaaeorthe Heart. Palpltatloa. t.O
ISoid by druggists, or seat by the Case, or sin
srle Vial, free of charge, on receipt of price.
Send for Itr llumnhrevs'Book on IMaea.e A-e.
(lit pages), also Illustrated Catalogue rKKhC.
Address, li'imnhreys Homeopathic Me.
Idne Co., 109 Fulton Street, Hear York. .
For sale by MOELEY BROS.
Honston and Texas Central Railway.
Houston, March 31, 1883. )
Notice is hereby given that the regular an
nual meeting of the Directors and of the
Stockholders of the Houston and Texas Cen
tral Uailway Company, will be held at the
company's office in the elty of Houston, Harris
comity, Texas, on Monday, May 7. 18S3.
A. O. !UtilAr.l'OUi
acres, all fenced; fine mesquite grass,
timber and running water: five dwellings audSl
necessary out-buildings, with cultivated fields j
situated in Hays county, 18 miles from Austin
price $!.000, on terms to suit. For full de
scrij lion .i..ress Zlill'r-LM AN & llKhtiKN,
Austin, Texas. J - aiCtHwt:tv.&4t
E STRAYED - lly W. H. Thompsou, before
James A. Wright, J. 1'. 1. (.'., April 4
1883, one light sorrel horse, o or 7 yeuisobi:
alMjnt a hands liixh, brautld M B on left
shoulder; shod before; has a white spot ou
back, auu
d HppraiM U at fi-y.
flerk U. C. T. (i,
STOLEN ft.') REWAUO-On Monday iilght'
the l'dh i.isl.i. a red, spotted Jersey Cow.
together v. ith liiue other head. Cow brauiced
X on left hip and crop oil left ear ; 10 will bu
paid for the cow; for cow and lliief.
ap12dlt-wlt Laud UtlW-o.
1280 acres. 25 miles s. w. lioui Aistiu; 40
acre field; residence 6 mom; fine stock wa
ter, eood range. ZIMFELMAN & HKlK.KN,
105 East Pecan street. uNid2tw2t
Statistics anij 11 isi'oiiv. V
Austin, Texas, .March o, Itts. )
To all whom it may concern :
This is to certify that tiie Traveler's
(Life and Accident) insurance company, of
Hartford, Conn., has iu ail renpetis fully
complied with the laws of Texas, as conditions'
precedent to its doing business iu this state,
and that said compauy holds a certificate of
autlioriry fi-oui tills ollice entitline. It to do bus
iness io lids state for twelve months from
the 1st day of January, to the iJJat day of
Deceinnor JH83.
Given uijnr my hand and seal at office in
rr h i Austin the day and date fiit above
lij. .j written
' H. P. RKEWHTrTR. Cnuunfiuioner.
E. T. Kgglesitiut Jk. Ce Arfrml, Austin.
T..-.. S Di.lOlL.-4l

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