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tiud Aurist.
. TiC-X A8,
nut. nf lh eitv will W'W
titments ;by telegraph or '"ail
HSv Siiidy t!avd'-n 1)0 tore B.
r.l. P. T. C. December l.'t, 1. a
Tilt IVt hands high, a or 10 year
) ( oh right i-houIiK r. Appr ,iheu
it a k uuo. 3,
Clek O. U. T. 0'.
t -
FCliKl'AKY 3, 1885.
(Though they aee known
(Grand Lode and Encamp-
fuient Hold Interesting and
lir Ova-
ammol encampment
rftows iut at mo-ir nail. lioia d Arc
jf reet and Congress avenue, yesterday
,iorning, pursuant to the call of the
k-and pairiarcn, w. J . . iverr. ino
!ll call showed a constitutional
Fiuorum Drcsent. whereupon the pro
ceedings were opened in due form.
I Thi minutes oi inn previous uay s
neeting were read and adopted, after
ftriiich W . G. VV llliauis, from the com
mittee on credentials, reported the fol
lowing members in waiting, all or
tiuui were introduced and received
la irrand encampment degree: E. S.
rt. and N. ii. Mo-tz, ot Austin.
ie various committees assigned to
such duties reported on routine mat
ters pertaining to the order.
On motion ot i C. 1'., A. M. Dech
mau, the exemplification of tne secret
work of the encampment branch of
She order w:ts made the special oroer
ten o clock this (Wednesday;
On motion of V. C. P.. Peter G.
Itucker, the grand scribe was in
structed to issue to P. G. P., A. J. Tal
ley a, certiUcate of membership, the
encampment to which he formerly be
longed being defunct, and its book3
Jiaving been destroyed by lire.
P. G. P. Jonn J. Lee offered a reso
lution instructing the grand scribe to
issue certilicates of membership to
members of defunct encampments
books .whose have not come into pos
session ot the grand scribe, upon the
payment of $1 for each certificate.
The resolution was adopted.
On motion the grand encampment
, then adjourned until this morning at
f 8 :3d o'clock. '
In yesterday's report of the installation
ofollicersof the grand encampment,
StJml-tnistukes were inadvertently
made, and Tub statesman to uay
takes occa ion to correct same by
" publishing an accurate list, as follows;
u rauu i. auiai.cn, ul. t . o. . iwu,
- Cjrsicana,
Grand iligh Priest, S. a. Strong,
Grand S., L. F . De Le3dernier, Hous
G. T., Thos. M. J oseph, tiaiveston.
G. S. V. J. W. Kmcaid, George-
4 G J. W, Peter G. Eucker, Belton.
Those reported Ui yesteraay s issue
- as having been installed were really
elected tor the ollices named for the
year 1886.
he Grand Lodge (the highest
ich of the order of Odd Fellows in
jurisdiction) met yesterdry
noon, una a quorum ueiujf
the proceedings were
The minutes of A
read and aX yrafter
hi"1 the i-aiii jdentiais
repoTI2trttreao;lowlT!,-V'i'''' granos ana
representati'ts present, whereupon
they were dmittedi and received the
I. O. and G. L. degree: John Clough,
Galveston, JSo 3; Thomas Walker,
Georgetown, Xo. 17a; A- II. Wilson,
Excelsior. Xo. 1; T. II. Still, East
Texas, Xo. 185; Ed. Huppertz and
Wm. Wilmer, of Schleicher, No. 254.
-Past Grand J. W. Warren, from
Paris lodge, tendered the Grand Lodge
an invitation to meet at Paris, in
February, 188(5, and,-on motion, the
question of accepting was mane the
special order - tor 10 o'clock a. in., to
morrow (Thursday) morning.
The Grand Lodge t hen proceeded
with th mill of regular committes.
when the usual routine reports were
vreeelved, most of which consisted in
ef erring matters to other commit
J rk i TIT IT A tlia.ti'nn vannrtoil
tnut he had received the note of Broth
er F. F. Collins for 61,125, due Febru
ary 1, 1880, wih deed of trust 'on 610
Acres of land in 13ee county to hiin
eelf, as trustee, and that he had turned
the nte over to the grand secretary,
P. G. Albertson offered a resolution
to amend the uniform constitution in
dues, so an to increase tne
oUl 1 oU to J per quarter,
ai was referred to the committee
(tJn constitution and bye-laws.
P. G. Burnett Gibbs offered reso
lution providing that a committee of
live past grands ba appointed to pre
pare and submit at this session such
J amendments to the constitution as
will provide for representation by
districts, limiting the number to six
ty. Also, to prepare amendments
providing for a corresponding reduc
tion ot the per capita tix
The graud nnster apiolited C. It.
Gibson, Fred Carieton.l'eter G. Jlucker,
V. M. Edwards and W. J. "Warren
as euch committee. ' :
i Past Grand F. M. Faught offered &
' resolution that the consideration of
4hfl-permanent location of the grand
"lodge be made special oider for three
I o'clock Wednesday, which, on motion,
was adopted. -
-At Grand A. Boclc offered ameaa
Vto the grand loddje constitutio,
I lies oyer for one year.
i Stilwell II. liussell was lntro
1 by Past Grand Martin Herring
i other Past Cands, and waa re-
,;d by a risiiigVVre.
The recep-i-
rry deie
vus3eira Salmost
liUC, ami
all on tho
expression ol sym
pathy around him, and will be remem
bered forever. "
On motion of Past Grand Master
Thoina M. Joseph, the exemplihca
tion of the secret work was made the
-'-pet-ial order for 10 o'clock to-morrow
.lorning. . " i
An invitation from the capitol
ni , no- fvirnmissioneia ui visik mm
aspect the construction of the new
Mate capitol was read and accepted.
On motion of Past Grand Master,
J. A. Hdynie, the following special
co.i.mateo in meraoriam was ap-
'pointed on the death of P. G-. M. Os-
ar Parish, viz: Fast Grand Masters
Vo. Leonard, p. DeCordova and T. M.
Joseph, and. on request of the com--.iitue,
P. G. M. Ilayuie was added.
. r. i
j On motion of P. G. II. Ilerrinir, the
! tfran'l lodge then adjourned until half
i past 2 o'clock this afternoon.
ThU Uno in Honor of the Odd Fellows
The Various ComuittteeM.
There hasn't been a city in Texas,
pprh.ijH in the south, that has heen
the scene of as many magnificent otlex-
' inb of hoppitnlity as Austin, the prec
; cnt kmisw. With a ri;rht, royal iren
i trosity h; r citizens, despite the tight
i ru-as of the tiws, fuive i; sr.'Oiuleil to
t.v;!-y demand that has yet heen ni.'e.
; A lw tin ys since the cuttle men were
(with us, and they were fe.led in' a
style that burpassi-d anything ever be
i fore Keen. Now we have an assem
, blyg-s of vi.-.itinj delegates to the
; grand lo'lgc! of a grand order. To
i t'nt.S!: gentlemen the same courteous
i aUentinns are to be shown. A com
' pliaienl:iry ball and supper will be
'frivenin their honor at Turner hall,
j Thursday -tning-, February 5th.
That it will t an occasion of pleas
j ure to Uik city's puesta is scarcely a
matter ot doubt, The following com
mittees have been appointed:
W. C. Denay, chuirman; K. C. Shel
ley, Geo. llerzojr, II. A. Linn.
II. A. Linn, chairman
It. S. Johnston,
F. Wilhelm,
J. V. Lawrence,
J.AV. snepard,
1'. II. Stein.
Ed. Morns,
J. II. Maxey,
P. H. (lerhard,
W. C. Denny,
C. 15. Close,
F. M. Crawford,
Chas. T. Hicks,
Sam DeCordova, C. E. Dagnaa,
J. I'. Hart, R. Gildart,
Walter Jacoby, P. II. Gerhard.
Thieves nre;il Into the Oroc-ry Store ef
Smith iirutf., on Eaat l'ecan.
Last night the grocery establish
ment of Smith Bis., on East Pecan
,reet, was hnzjiif ?d. The party, or
wlnf Vitered from the
!he back door.
f the Arm had
a small box.
lay previous.
Eid employed
imons, saw
This sum
ed on this
,i he was
nied any
kunedtre of the atWr. One of his
shos was removed, and fitted exactly
in a t rack made at the door that had
been forced open. The crime is very
ant to be fastened upon him. In ad
dition to the money two boxes of
cigan were made away with.
The Texas Pensioners.
The legislative committee to wnom
has been referred the consicerations
of the pensions and subjects pprlain
ing therefo, held a protracted meeting
la;.t evening, and considered many
bills and suggestions on this impor
tant question. Among other things
agreed upon by the conference was a
substitute which requires that all
pensions htT-rafter to do paid must be
vtrilied and established by proof on
the part of the person rf coiving it.
Tne object ol F.sia is to o-.-erhanl the
tntire syste;a as it at piedeut stands,
Mid if possible eliminate from the rolls
all llu t,e whose claims stand on no
better foundation than that of fraud.
The opinion generally pre
vails that fully 50 per cent,
of those now paid pensions
; y the state have neither law, nor jus
tice on their side, and the committe
believe that, should they be compelled
to establish ther pension claims, the
state will realize a large annual sav
ing. The amount of 150 per year
was allowed to stand as the uniform
pension rate, although an amendment
to reduce It to $100 was introduced.
The temper of both houses seems in fa
vor of wiping out a number of claims
r-'gardr.l bogus or fraudnlent.and the
party who. after the adjournment of
the present session continues to re
u ive a pesion from Texas will cer
tainly requre to have the law, at least,
on his side.
AV rites a Wrathful tetter to a LeijUl.v
tlye Coiuinitten -oine yueer
Mr. Louis Knol:, of Castroville, a
school teacher by profession, has ad
dressed two rather sensational docu
ments to the committee on education
in the house of representatives, though
both documents refer to the. same
lie begins by saying that he wishes
to give the honorable body the bene
lit of his t wentv years' experience as a
teacher; that Texas is tne only state
-he ever heard of without county
. . ,tiii( o. tK-jf
it is tne
ced: and that the school funds
e ransao.Kea uy sectarian corpora-
lions. He-says tnat in uastrovuie legislators anu gueaui suouiu uu m-n-hr
t.herfi is .-wJarsre catholic con-! oluced to participate ia. He wa3 tiye-
vent, the Misters of Charity, under
the direc'ion of their mother superior,
monopolize the free scuoois. Many of
them, he asserts, are unqualiiied to
teach (to hu positive knowledge) and
receive certilicates without being ex
The following is quoted: They draw
salaries while teaching strictly secta
ranischools, noijniy tnrough the inr
flueuce of their own tjatnoiic irenas,
but by others who thereby seek and
receive political favors (Catholic votes)
and are caring more about their - own
interest than about what becomes of
the school money. Ever since the
adoption of the new constitution, the
cony en t in this place not only rakes in
the lion's share of the free school fund
ot the county, but its patroas and man
agers, instead of being content with
their ill gotten gains, wage war against
any attempt at keeping up a semblane
of a pu blic school.
Mr. K.uoll then goes on to "substan
tiate" his charge3 by referring to his
own experiences as a teacher and his
trouble with a certain Father Richard,
once a priest residing in Castroville.
One would think from the lore
going that the writer was not in love
with the Catholics but in a former
communication to the board of educa
tion ne seems equally bitter against
the Protestants. In it occurs the fol
lowing: "Our best schools are being
harassed, buillied and victimized by
antiquated foreign religious fanati
cism both on the part of Catholics and
Protestants. The Protestants he
avers "have a mania for wanting
some scrub preacher of their sects of
whom Texas get3 more than its
share oi the retuse from Germany.
After alleging that the schools are
under petty-coat rule, Mr. linoll con
cludes Ly s ying that "between priest
craft and other alleged crafts, many
free schoolsjare either ruled or ruined. '
Some might think from the forego
ing that Mr. Knoll is a crank. Accord
ing to his own statement he has been
teaching school twenty years. Yet in
all that time, he has never learned
to spell, as his manuscript abounds in
misspelled words.
But his letters to the educational
committee are likely to create a breeze
nevertheless, especially should any- 'C
his Castroville constituents ever see
them in print. In chat case Mr. Knoll
will be between a double fire so to
speak. Both Catholics and Protestants
will hSve no mercy on him and are
likely to make the country exceedingly
warm f or the reckless writer. It ia
ouita possible that Mr. Knoll may per-
form in the role of an involuntary
emigrant m the near future.
Clears out rats, mice, roaches Haas ;
ants, bed-bugs, skunks, chipmunks,
gophers. 15s. Druggists.
Austin, Texas, Jan. 13, 188&.
Notice is hereby given that I shall
nnr.iv tn the next legislature of the
state of Texas for the passage of a law I
to authorize the state to pay to me tr.e j
balance due Kamnacher & Denig, by 1
the state, under a contract entered in-;
to by tm with the state for buildiDg
the East Txas penitentiary at Rusk,
rhflmkefl tnniitv. Texa. which bal
ance hasbeei transferred to me. Or,
fading iu such relief then J shall ap
ply for the passage of a' la authoris
ing me to sue the state iu the county
of Trais. on said contract lor sucn
"W.M. M. Wilson
'I l ii Of a t hi v' I. orillu; tiro ug.'i
f. u tttn t: liie i.rat'ilc nui riett of
fiuniet C'vusty uud the llarble
Fa! It of t he i olorado.
Sunday morning at sharp o'c lock
wa the hour lixed for tne gatheritig
of the members cf the senate and
iiou.se joint committee appointed to
inspect aud report upon the acces
sibility and availability of the moun
tains of gran.te of Burnet county,
the ciiit's and beds of marble along the
Colorado and Iano rivers iu that, vi
cinity. I'riQi.' iy at the hour, omni
buses whirled ui t'j the cap;tol to
convey to the depot of the Austin .v
2s 01 th wester railroad those invited,
who had oeen resolute enough to
turn out in tne e:trly,crisp morning air.
The train was in readiness and after
a brief delay to allow some of the tac
oy one3 o the party to come up, a
qnick pull of sixty miles over a well
constructed and weli managed road,
lauded the party at the Burnet dep..t,
where ilt'sr.?. Slavberrv, Ward, Wat
son and oihei sof a citizen's committee,
weie iu waiting to escort the party to
breakfast at the Western hotel and to
tender the hospitality of the town. A
hearty breakfast having appeased
whetted appetites, the visitors were
invited to select from a wilder
ness of vehicles, such as suited the
taste of each, aud the caravan
stretched out tor a brisk trot of four
teen miles to the granite mountains
and quarry. Arriving at the base of
the two higher peaks, exclamations of
surprise and delight became unbound
ed, and, dismounting from their vehi
cles, all set out in every direction to
mount the sides and attain the sum
mit by na means an effortless feat
for the older and less nimble of the
party. The several ladies who graced
the excursion, inspired with enthusi
asm and agile emulation, displayed a
deftness and vigor in bounding up
the sides and leaping the chasms that
taxed the activity of their escorts to
keep pace with.
The party being scattered over the
crest aud down the river side of the
highe-t peaks, a photographic view
was made of it from the quarry camp,
far below in the valley, by one of the
.Messrs. Khomberg, who numbers am
ateur photography among his accom
plishments. It is doubtful if he suc
ceeded in getting a picture of the ani
mated figures, as they were deeply oc
cupied, with the grandeur of the
scessry.'the delicious sunshine and the
'lalmy air. The range of view from
thesj peaks presenting the varieties
of mountains, valley and winding sil
very streamn, tte latter lost to sight
in their passage through clefts
in the mountain above and below,
stimulates the mind aud give a
breedth of thought that would lead
the most incorrigible economist and
least enterprising of legislators to
utilise the rich offerings of nature
concentrated here. This granite
riinge, which there is no computing
the quantity of, extends with varying
altitudes from these pe;iks on the
east away across the Colorado i'nd
along the course of the Llano river
to Enchanted rock, forty miies dis
tant. The dinner call brought all the ex
plorers scampering down the moun
tains to one of the camp cabins where
a liberal spread of substantial re
ceived proper uilCitioa, after which,
several gentle nan addressed the as
semblage concerning the great advan
tages ottered in this locality for the
establishment of a self-sustaining pen
itentiary, and utilizing the vastness
of this best and most durable building
material and water power; facts which
were apparent to all present.
The dinner and speeches being fin
ished, the caravan was again formed
for a visit to the lower Marble Falls,
two miles distant on the Colora
do. These falls are formed of
a series of marble shelves
reaching entirely across the
river where it has a width of 120 or
130 yards, the shelves ranging in
heigh th and distance one from the oth
er cf from two to ten feet, and aggre
gate a fall of over twenty feet, over
which the limpid -water roars and
tumbles like a minatuce Niagara.
The bed and cliffs of the bank here
would furnish fine marble sullicient to
adorn all Texas. A photographic view
wa3 also taken here with many of the
excursionists in position on the dry
rocks at intervals over the falls.
It was now too near the close of day
for a visit to tr e upper marble fali3,
four or five miles distant, and the par
ty prepared for the return, well satis
fied with the trip and convinced that
Burnet possessed a wealth of nat
ural endowments. Taking supper at
the Western hotel and bidding adieu
to the hospitable citizens of Burnet,
the happy excursionists were whisked
back to Austin, tired but fall of satis
faction. .
President Rhomberg of the Att3tin
& Northwestern, expressed a desire to
I nave another excurion in tne near ru-
mo ouu wura . i.ngci uumuct u.
less in his efforts to make everything
agreeable, and he succeeded admirably.
The Pifiereoce in the Cost, as Estimated
by Gen. . L. Walker.
The following letter was addressed
to Gov. Ireland, president of the state
capitol board, by Gen. Walker, super
intendent of the new capitol, yester
day; "Jn obediance to request of capitol
hoard of the 27th ult., I herewith sub?
mit tin approximate estimate of the
cost of granite over limestone for the
construction of the new state capitol.
The style of work estimated upon fs
rock face, such as is now used in the
water table of the building. The
pilasters above first story to be in one
piece. Total amount of difference in
cost is S6 13,865. This includes addi
tional freight.
The style of work in granite upon
which this estimate is based is shown
in the perspective view of the capitol
building, recently received from Col.
E. E. Myers, of Detroit, Michigan, the
designing architect cf the capitol; the
said design showing how the building
would appear were it constructel of
granite. . .
While, however, I am of tho opinion
that this estimate will cover all ex
pense?, yet it i3 approximate, and,
should the legislature determine to
consider this matter, a detailed esti
mate will have to be made, together
with plans and specidcatious.
Respectfully,, R. L. Walker,
Sup't of Construction. -
Suggested in the Present Lrae
The sub-committee appointed to
consider the system at present govern
ing the lease and sale of lands, as laid
down by the land board, helo' a meet
ing la3t nieht in their rooms, and will
to-dav recommend to1 the leg islaturyf
-1 . i u . . , . ' . I
many cuauges iu one uguies amj..ruies
now m vogue. Under ths-'head of
"sales of land," it is r.iitierstood the
committee will sngge'st the price as
3.00 per acre, and recommend that
a' shin of not less than 5 cents nor
more than s cents be charged per acre
for leased lands. This is regarded as
a concession to those who have been
fighting the land b ard figure?, and
will probably command a strong fol
lowing in both house.
The Way New-Ooinera are Initiate on
Their intrance into tne calaboose.
A reporter was up at the city hall
yesterday, looking over the list of the
unfortunates who had been punished
by the recorder that jnorning. As he
was tasing down the names, a tre
mendous racket attracted his atten
tion. "What is the cause of all that
hwise?" .tie asked of an officer.
"l guess it's tne prisoners Kangaroo-
uig tne last leuow ws put mr yas
the reply. "You
see it s a custom
tney have whenever a new mac
comes in to give him a dozen licks with
a strap. Soma of them don't like it
much, but they have to submit. Come
in and ta-e a look at them. "The of-
fleer threw open the heavy door that
' opened into a hall come ten feet wide
. bv twenty long, on either side of which
were rows of cells. A hard looking
. crew of ibout twenty ill-looking fel
lows were in the halL Near the door
three or four of the stoutest of them
held :: a young feilow, tvhile another
stood :-y and applied a leather strap
, to th.-.i p rtionof the victim anato
my H at .03 most invitingly expose!
to the i lows. Iu vain the latter
; kicked and struggled to get
i lo se it was no use. Down came
t.t- str.ip, each time harder and
j harder, till the orticer finsdiy made
ilhem desist. The follow that was
! thrashed a stout-looking, young
I vagabond of about t went y sniffed fur
awhile, but in a few moments re
I gained his composure anil was doubt
! le?s quite ready to take a turn at
i helping to Hog the next chap that was
; inducted into the locker.
In a few minutes afterwards, sev
i erai prisoners were marched in, who
j had been out working on the sheets,
j It . as tioon, ami dinner was brought
iu'o these last comers. The others
got nothing. Several of them set up
j a ft: rible cry for grub, but no grub
I wai forthcoming. The clerk exp'ain
i ed ihat all who would not work, if
able to labor wire kept on short ra
i tions. Thi3 doctrine though apparent
ly hard is in accordance with the decla
! ration of the great English pioneer
j in the wilds of Virginia, who declared
I "that those who would not work
n:!i-:ht not eat."
Yet just such fellows as these,
thought the reporter, must
have been in a certain
Senator's mind when in opposing the
employment of women as clerks he
suit! he would be in favor of a law to
make the men work to support the
women. What wouid the honorable
gentleman do with such fellows as
these. There is a nut for him to
crack. Talk about such fellows as
these the lowest representatives of
the "great unwashed" being made lo
support women, Bah! They won't sap
port themselves.
Cures colic, cramps, diarrhoea; ex
ternally for aches, pains, sprains, head
ache, neuralgia, rheumatism. For
man or beast. 20 and 50c.
From New Orleans.
(From our Special Correspcr.aeut.;
Editor of the Statesuir.ii ?
NEAt Orleans, La., January 30,
ISfJOne of the most, attractive and
beiutiiul displays in the main buiid
ia;r of the World's Exposition is that
cf tne Anheuser-Busch xJrewing As
sociation, of St. Loais, :.lo. This fam
ous company is not only ahead in
making its oifferent beers, but even
in their display they do not intend to
be outdone. In the iiist place, their
space is elegantly" carpeted. A case
made of cherry wood, 17 leet high
by 20 feet long, with the best plate
glass, full size, stands in the rear
fronting the isle. It is of very elegant
workmanship, beautiful desigD, and
cost in the neighborhood of 1,500.
In each end of the case, supported by
poles, inlaid with gold, crossed in the
centre, are two banners of blue silk,
embroidered and bordered id gold
The one in the left hand corner
contains the following, worked
m large letters of solid gold: "Iligh
est awards and gold medals at the
World'sExposition, Philadelphia, 1876,
New Orleans, 1876, Paris, 1876,
Amsterdam, 1883." On the other in
same style of letter; "Anheuser-Busch
Biewing Association, St. Louis, Mo.,
U. S. A." Trie top of the Hag poles
are surmounted by golden eagles from
which pead loug golden cord and tas
sel. These flags are naagoificent, and
cost 850 apiece. In the center ol the
easy and be; ween the flags is a large
gold frame of very pretty design, hve
feet square, containing a pen drawing
of the-ettire brewery and surround
ings, with shipping depot, railroad en
trance, steamboat landings, with the
residence of President Busch in the
rear. It makes a beautiful picture,
and looks like a city ia itself, and will
be the future show card ot tne associ
ation, and be distributed among their
customers. Numerous handsome show
cards arc distributed around in the
space, giving it a nice effect.
Immediately in front of the largo
case and ia the center of the spaca is
a triangular formed show case 20 feet
hi;-hontho top of which is a large
r. pi citation of their trade mark in
gold, the eagle, A and shield. Thi3
case is made of different kinds ot wood
and reflects credit upon its manufac
turer, as its workmanship is very fine.
t . j . i.i, . 1 : . i. , .... 1 ) ,. i' . . . . .
ansiiueu wiLu uuiuta iiuw iup
bottom with the different productions
Association, consisting or tne "An,
heuser Standard," The Erlanger Lei
bots Chaner. the Budweiser, "Pale
Lager" and the "Fau3t Beer." All of
these goods have a world wide reputa
tion, and can be adapted to any cli
mate, as their enormous shipments to
foreign ports testify.
The whole space ia enclosed by a
very elaborate iron fence and in the
center of each pannel appears their
grand old trada mark. The Eagle
A and shield. At the entrance on top j
or'ieat-h gate pot are golden eagles.one j
holding in claw the trade mark, and !
the other a bottle o their standard j
In the rear of large eases Is where !
they keep numerous boxes and bar
rels, filled with their excellent produc
tions, and to some it forms a very at
tractive feature of their exhibit, for
here is given a practical demonstra
tion of their merit. ;
In front part, at the entrance on a
handsome table are the different med
als, gold, silver and bionze, taken at
different times.
Mr. li. Knippenberg, so well known
in Texas as the agent of the associa
tion's in charge of the exhibit.and has
crtainiy displayed great tasts and
management in its production. He
has been ably assisted by Mr. E. Kro3t, j
who ia well posted in the beer busi- !
ness and knows what's good, and gen
erally knows when a reporter is dry.
It is almost impossible to believe
the amount of beer consumed, even
in the United States. It is a favorite
drink with all nations, and in Bavaria,
for example, its use is almost an essen
tial article of diet with the laboring
classes and to some extent taues the
place of anim U food.- The growing
demand for boer kai made
great changes aud ' improvement
iu its " manufacture, whic'n
has b3en grouped and practically put
into effect by President Adolphus
Busch, of the association. He has
left nothing undone to excel all other
beer cr to introduce it iuto every part
of the globe possible, and his fore-seeing
genius has accomplished this, and
to-day they are shipping the beer to
Mexico, West Indies, Central and
South America, Sandwich Islands,
New Zealand, Australia, Cape of Good
Hope,' Japan, China, South Africa,
Russia, France, England, Spain and
italy, aiid its aggregate., number of
bottles put np per year amounts vo
the enormous sum of 30,000,000. At
the Amsterdam exposition in 1883,
seventy-three European breweries
had -their finest goods in com,
pciiiion, but the Anheuser-Busch
. . .. .
Deer defeated them all
rri..:. t : f. . i .. .
Their beautiful exhibit seems to be
the chief attraction, ai the space is
always crowded, ar.d in one day alone,
I am told, over 7,004 persons visited it,
and over torty casks of beer were ais-
t.rilinfpd r.r th rhirstv "hoc toon a I
. v. ,VJ af ,
boy busy handiug out their cards asd i
beautiful, illuminated books.- Vis
itors to the exposition inuat not fail
to give them a coll when in the main
Too mueh can not well be said in
the praise of President Busch in the
maaagemeht of this immense brewing
business. He is gifted with that rare
sagacity, clear judgment, "splendid en
terprise, unfaltering courage, and that
wonderful brain power that constitute
whan men call genius, an endowment
that is given to but few in any age of
the worji. What the future may have
in store for the undertaking or which
he so ably rules, timo alone can show.
Happy Thought in the Mght.
For years Mr. Jas. R. Ackley, of 163
West Fayette street. Baltimore, had
suuerea with neuraisia
so that he
could hardly sleep. ; ui he wiites: i
?lghJ wa? tsufl,erln5 ery mich,
and the thought struck me that
Brown's Iron Bitters would do me
gome good, and perhaps cure me. It
was 8 happy thought, and to mv Great
joy it has entirely cured me after using
two DottPs. Alter three months I
have had no return of the symptoms.
I cheerfully recommend it as the best
tonic I have ever used." Neuraleia
sufferers, take the hint.
niMiiiiin Leiisiaimi.
Nineteenth JMy's Proceediiigs.
Tex . Ftbruarv 4. 1885.
Senator F.iwltr, for the committee
on judicial districts, reported favor
ably nonse imi to restore
the jurisdic -
rt of Grinies
ti' n of the county con
count. v.
Senator i'er:, fcr the com 'nit1. ee on
roads, favorably to amerd the present
law so as to eliminate from it the pro
vision prohibiting the changing cf
public roads unless they can be short
ened. jen:;to-r Kilgore for the committer
on constitutional amendments report
ed back the resolution amending the
constitution so as to increase thenum
br ;f supreme ju.dg.-s, ana to increase
the salaries and the salaries of the
court of appeals, and of all district
judges, wi'.h the recommendation that
"it lie on the table subject to call; ulsj
the resolution providing for holding
the supreme court at four places in
the state with the. same recommenda
tion .
li-solution requiring the pay
ment of a pul! tax before voting was
recommended to lie on the table, as a
, similar one had been defeated.
Hy Seuator i'i pe: To change the time of
hiii iiii' courts 111 Harrison eo uty.
Hy Senator Trayior: To amend the 1-nv re
la iiig to the appointment ot jury conmiissiou
. ers.
i 15y f e,iat.rC.'Uiouu: Amending the election
l w so as lo I'inke it a felony to kuowim;ly
I make or consi ut t any false entry on the list
i u vot-rs and to punish any officer hy conliiie
n.sMit In 'he peuitemiary who shall give any
I'alse cenili ate ol election,
j By Senator Randolph: Resolution that judi
; clary commit ee No. 1 be requested to prepare
; a bill to prohibit tne sale of bogus butter iu the
; state. Adoutcd.
! Thfl nresidttnt laid heforft t.hn spn:itp
fi,,, hiii tn fi.o minf f w t i
and to validate warrant N.. lUrtfi
U11j AX 11 1UI 1.1 1 . A 1.111 .A. Ill . I 1 I ' T
the survey made by virtue th.ieu;.
It was engrossed.
The bill. to provide for the invest
ment of "the permanent public free
scnool fund of the counties was taken
up, with committee amendments
making the interest payable semi-an.
nuailv. and striking out the sheriff of
the county as one of the trustees, and
also striking out the word "clear" and
inserting 'unencumbered" real estate.
Ail the amendments were adopted.
Senator Davis moved to amend by
permitting investment in the bonds
of cities, and towns issued for the
purpose of erecting school houses arid
i public buildings. Adopted.
! Senator Kilgore moved to strike out
; tne provision permitting the lean of
; the fund on real estate.
Lost yeas 11, nays 15. ,
' House till pending yesterday to
: amend the law for the protection on
' the wool growing interest of the state
! was taken up.
I Senator Calhoun moved to strike
' out 650 for the maximum sum to be
paid for inspecting a flock ot sheep
and inserting $100, Adoj ted.
An amendment was offered to ex
i elude from the provisions of the bill
; the counties of Hunt, Hopkins, La
mar, Ellis, Eusk, Dallas, ltockwall,
! Ci 'liin, Denton, and Fannin. Adopted.
! The bill was then engrossed,
j House bill to restore the jurisdiction
; of t he county court in Grime3. county
v:ts taken up aud passed,
Sarutor Davis called up the bill to
regulate the reservations in sales of
personal property, and it was en
: grossed.
i Senator Johnson called up the bill
to protect the enclosed lands of an
j ether from tresspass by hunting
j parties, with a substitute' fixing the
i penalty at a fine of not less than $5
i nor more than 8100. Substitute
: adoptc-d.
I Seuator Getzendaner moved to so
! amna ,a,3 . riuire the owners of
enclosed lauds to- give no" .ice by post
wg, and publication in Borne
'. newspaper. Adopted,
1 Ah amendment was adopt eipro
i Mbing hunting of pecans and wild
: fruits; and the bill was engrossed.
The bill to establish a house of cor
' reetion, passed.
1 The bill to enlarge the powers of a
' receiver passed.
i The bill prescribing how and when
, the attorney-general shall make his
i report was engrossed
i The bill making it theft to appro
priate borrowed or hired personal
Dror,prtv Wil, engrossed
r?ffi SJ
cents for wolf
cl-lno . V. i ,n i 1... ..
I county in which the animal i3 killed,
I was engrossed.
The bill relating to reversal of
judgments, discussed yesterday and
engrossed, was laid before the senate.
. Senator Pope moved a call of the
senate. Call sustained and bill went
to the table.
Senator Harrison called up the bill
to provide for the registration of writ3
of attachment, and it was postponed
until after call this morning.
Adjourned till 10 o'clock to-morrow.
House ol Representatives.
speaker Foster arid a quorum pres
i ent.
j. Mr. Stewart, of Robertson, present
t ed a lengthy petition from colored
peopie of Texas, asking the legislature
i for redres.s of grievancas. The peti
tion was read- by title and referred,
i The subjects specially alladtd to are:
' The jury law; county convict farms;
: the need of houses of correction and
; th3 propriety of h-iving ' additional
buildings etc, for tne colored branch
Bills w ere presented and where not
otherwise stated, were referred as
.by Mr. Up on: llouxe bill No. 8T0 An set
maki 8 appropriations for ihe support of the
i r..6"'."o'J" " "i- .. uw mag
iiiiticii i . .iiiii fiHiin UMiiriuiru vx iwmt
My Mr. Tatw: Ameiuing article 4 of Re-
vised Statutes.
By Mr. Austin:
vised Statutes.
Amending article 1008, Re-
By Mr. -rmistead:
Revised Statutes.
Amending article 3502,
By Mr. Atlee; Authorizing the collector of a
newly-organized county to collect the unpaid
taxes found to be dua In lil- count. b the as
sessor's rolls of the comity or counties Iro n
which said county his been ta- en, or t-i which
it has bee i attached for Judicial purposes, and
to provide for taking transcripts ftvm such
rolls for the use of the collector ot the new
county. . 1 1
By Mr. FYuuion: Amending article 15,
chapter 3, of iho l'enai c ode, so as to make
' -passenger cms when carrying pastetg'-rs"
a public place F
by Mr. MoClanaliin: I-Tescrjbing time of
holding district court in tw-niy-hist ditr ct.
By ,v,r. McKiuuei, of Milam: Amending
art lele h90 of i he Cod j of Proce --dure .
By Mr, Scott: Aiemoria. from a school-tea h
er, of Fayette county, on the snbj-ct of educa
tion ;:Liif.mra' ', ii, tr l.,flitu in.
. --, u m. uuivu uil, lllIL-taL Oil
Ti"-. ? - aua, non-seciarian scuoois
in i he sute,,' and coiuulaiui:e that "manv of
our ..est schools era being harassed, bu lled
aiiu viumuieu uy antiquated lore'gn religion"!
lanatictMii a d individuality, bylh among
rrotestantn and Ctho(ice, etc., etc."
The former, it is protested have a
mania for wanting some scrHb preach
er of thHr ?ct to (ill he places of
both preachers a:.u teachers: the latter
to have sorcalled sisters of cnaritv em.
ployed as teachers, and thus getting
control of the schools and the
benefit '
or ine scnool tunds.
Reports of committees were pre
sented and referred without reading.
Several bills were made special or
ders for future days.
Joint resolution invitinir President
Diaz, of the republic of Mexico, to be
present at the ceremonies of the lay-
? i . ... '"J.
u, w CJraer 8o nr rB9 nnn, fanl.
tol, March 2, was adopted.
iiouse oui amending the law so as
to authorise 'a marriecf woman to sue
for her separate property in her own
name in case the husband does not join
in the suit passel.
Senate bill amending section 24 of
the judicial district act passed .
House bill prohibiting further issu
ance of bonds by counties to huild
roads anq bridges was ordered engross
ed. ' -
House bill No. 14 to repeal the office
oi aiaie n n commissioner wa3 consid
ered in regular order.
Mr. Taritou, author of the bill, gave
as his reasons for introducing it that
fish could as well be obtained from the
United States fi h commission.
Mr. Haines spoke against the bill.
The people wanted the fish nmviM
by the state. More food, he said, could
rRi, TrrrVl';,
500 acres of ground. After some dis
cusion further consideration of the
oiii was postponed.
. Iiouse bill No. 26, which exempts
certain counties from the operation
of the hide inspection laws, called up
by Mr. Pendleton, of Bell county, was
auii-uuai aim passed.
J lOUSe Uul No. 28. AniPTldin the ! (1
fence law was discussed .and the bill
was defeated.
House Bill No. 36 Amending arti
cle 65 oi the Penal Code relative to
challenges by arrav was ordered en
grossed. The bill makes it lawful for
plaintiff or delendent to challenge the
House bill, called up by Mr. Armis
tead, allowing commissioners' courts
; cf coun'ies t0 work on PllW'c roads,
' aaciistreets and alleys in incorporated
iuwus auu ciues naviDg no as iacto
municipal governments, p isse 1.
House bill regulating the manner
of taking testimony in certain cses
was ordered engrossed.
Bills were; presented and referred:
By .Mr. hciHlersou: AC.ding ariieh; '4a to
the Tenal Code.
Liy Mr. Yeager: Amending artiel-s :;7S and
3M of Ihe Penal Co!e.
Hy Mr. Browning: Regulating sale of liquor.
By Mr. Bishop: Requiring county commis-
.mrts to pi-ovule lor : aymeuts of
claims audited under acts ol 1S7U
lea ;hers'
a d lS7il.
House adjourned
till 10 o'clock
Tho Hiinioeop.it lis lal. a Nt nil
AsaliiHt tne Xtu Medical Bill.
The bill proposed by the executive
committee of the state medical asso
ciation regulating the practice of medi
cine has already been pul lished in this
paper. It was under discussion recent
ly by the committte en public health
ia the senate. Dr. Cupples, of an
Antonio, was before the committee
making an argument in favor cf the
bill. About the time he ceased. Dr.
C. E. Fisher of this c:.ty, one of the
most prominent representatives of
ihe homoeopathic Fchool in Texas and
a most successful practitioner, came
in. The doctor thought it time tor
him to speak a lew words from las
btandpoint, and talcirg up the cudgels,
he belabored the biil.metarhoricanv.
' "i iua usual loicioie way. ini.sieu
in nis usual
. - . . -
! " :"
r.'Tiatel discussion between the
.-.u ii . 'ft is said some em
i !!! :' -.- i h ed. Th'i spec-
Uiu.i i.,.!- -.':. was g...ii-g to be
a scene, and th. ir interest in the debate
between the disciples ot Galen increas
ed accordingly. But, luckily, there
was no personal collision. The
committee meeis again Saturday
mgnt to consider tne subject lurlner,
It teems that the chief objection to
the measure from Dr. Fisher's side of
the question is tho appointment by
ine governor or a state medical hoard
It is feared that the board would not
be impartial in its examiaations,
Again, as it met- only in Austin, it
would cost those desiring to hi exam
ined who lived in remote parts of the
state, a cocsiueraDie sum to come
here. So. on the whole. Dr. Fisher
thinks the old law had better be left
Treasury Department.
385. )
Washington, January 14, 188:
"Whereas, by satisfactory evidence
presented to the undersigned, it has
been made to appear that the City
National Bank of Austin, in the city
of Austin, in the county of Travis,
and state of Texas, has complied with
all the provisions of the Revised
Statutes c i ; he United States, required
to ba complied wi-h before an associa
tion shall be authorized to commence
the business of banking.
Now therefore, I, Hi nry W. Cannon,
comptroller of the currency, do hereby
certify that The City National Bank
of Austin, in the city of Austin, in
the county of Travis, and state of
Texas is authorized to commence the
business of banking, as piovidcd in
section fifty one hundred at,d sixty
n:ne of the revised statutes ot the
United States.
In testimony thereof, witness my
hand and seal of oflice, this 14th day
or d anuary, lasa.
II. W. Cannon,
Comptroller of the Currency,
Carelessness is the true ca use of a
great many of our misfortunes. It
was carelessness, according to the ad
mission of Stephen W, Reynolds, of
Uoldwatcr, M;cnigan, tnat brougnt on
a severe attack ot colic, "ine pain
was intensely acute, lie writ?s.
was cured in two hours by Mishler's
Herb Bitters." This great- household
remedy never tails when used as
directed for colic, cramp, pain in the
stomach, dysentery, diarrhea, indi
gestion or kidn ey and liver disorders.
The cx-United States Marshall En Route
for His Southern Uoine,
St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
A iittfe less than three . years ago
southern Texa3 was excited over the
arrest and subsequent conviction of
United States Marshall S. 11. liussell
wno was sentenced to the penitentiary
lor two years on tne cnaree ot cer'if y
ing to false vouchers and' defrauding
the government. The case was a
great deal talked about and
much sympathy was felt for
the accused because of the valuable
services he had rendered in ridning
Texas of the Bass and Moody gang of
stage robbers and desperadoes.
Tnrough Russell's efforts the gang
was broken up aud ten or fifteen
were caught and sentenct 1 to long
terms of imprisonment. Iu order to
effect their capture Russell swore in
twenty deputy marshals, and instruct
ed his men to mingle freely with the
hard characters, P. rink with thtm and
become familiar with their haunts
and plans of operation regardless of
After he had accomplished his ob
ject and secured or dispersed the rob
bers, Marshal Russell certified to tho
bills presented by his deputies, and on
several of them which the govern
ment paid proved to be exorbitant and a
fraud on the government. Russell was
indicted, although a more serious
charge was brought 'against him.
When he took ten of the Bass Moody
prisoners to the penitentiary the rail
road company gave him a pass for
himi-eif and half fare for his prison
ers hnd deputies. The Marsnal turned
in a bill for full fare for all and an ad
ditional count was made ia the indicr
menf. As before stated, Russ-il syas
convicted and senienccd'to twq 'jeirs
in :he Ch&ter penitentiary.
Yesterday Mr. Russelll reg&it-ed his
iibeity, and last night passed through
this city en route to his home In Mar
shal1, Tex ts. Prison life f e ons to have
dealt gent y with the ex Marshal. 'He
is a strikingly handfom man, over tix
feet in height and splendidly propor
tioned. Hi3 face is full and ruddy,
anj u rpmarV-i.lv -itrr.- P'i'i'p in onr.
aDa ne. 13 rernaihaiiij Jgrieao.em con-
versitioa. Mr. Ku::seii apecars to be
abut 4.0 years of age. A Globt-D.em-ccrat
reporter, who rode across the
bridge from Last St. Louis last night,
had a tew moments' conversation with
him. He was' disinclined to talk of
his incarceration, and evidently felt
the humiliation of his position. "I
I am going home to my iamify , he
saia ana try aDd D.efln l'6 again,
taxing up tue practice oi tne taw,
which I formerly followed. I feel
assured of a cordial welcome from
my town's people."
"S.'ine of your friends think you
were persecuted instead of prose
cuted r
"Yes. but I have nothing to say
now. Perhaps in the future I shall
make a full sta'eme'it of the case."
" Mr. ft'a&fcoil departed on the Mis
souri Pacific for Texas at 8 40. It
may be stated that he was a book
keeper at the Chester Penirentiary,
but wore the prison garb and slept in
the celi-uouse the sanrj a3 his fellow j
He served only twenty-one mostbs I
of his featencc, being allowed three
months for good behavior. During
his ihcarciration a s'.renuous effort
was put foith to secure Russell's par
don. Petitions numerously signed
were sent to the president from Texas,
and both senators and the entire con-gre-sional
. delegation of the state
personally besought the president to
set the ex-marshal at liberty. The
matter was referred to Atorcey
General Brewster, and he' recom
mended that the prisoner serve his
full term, and his suggestion wiu acted
When one i3 sick advice is plcntvv
but Lot always the best. A good rule
is to accent only such medicines as
nave nicer long years 01 n iui pro-, su
worthv of confidence. This is a rase
where oth-r pec-vle's ex peril nee may
1)3 of irreitt service, and it tins oeen
- o mna.ioro thnncanfla that.
(Ayer's Cherry Pectoral is the best
cough medicine ever used.
Unt of letters runmmin U'icalie I for a id
adert'iied in the poii-omee at Austin, Tena,
for the week euuiDrf Saturday, Janu.tr; 31'
Ancient Ordtr of Ori
eiit.U Humility Agrie'iltural Depart-
in C
Alford. WT 1 :ider, SH
Auro. Will
.icuiuucr, ina miti oai:
A . . .,ider, Chancey
Alex uider, E F
Allen, M P Mrs
Bell. Isaac
Boyee. C H
Barrow, Carrie
Brown, Alice
Briggs, J C (i)
Budd, J C
Brown, J J
Bi-uages, John
Brogiey, l.ue
Boairight, Mary E
Bulwaie, W H
Chaplin, Nina
Carpenter, Mattie
Cawlyn, Nicholas
Armstrong, Chas J
Altera, Jas B
AUwn, Meluida
Bennett, Jolin
Baker, C V
Bell, t' 1.
Is nuilu. Eha
Bishop.. A E
Byce, J C
Berrv. Oieo
Brovkstb, Julius
Burdltt, J Mrs
Bole, Lorkey
Brown, M U
t'asou, Boh
Carter. J 1
Carmodv, M Madams
l aird. Root A
Calmer, Vf C
Com. ef Agriculture De-
partni nt
Com.of Afrlcuiture l)e-
Com . of Agriculture
Coleman, ii C
Collins, Jai W
Criu. Radrigo
Carlson, J U
Cunningham, Alice
pai imeni
Carlson, Hilma
Courier, J li
Chrisp, Wilsv
Crow, F M "
CienieuU, Ui
Campbell, Archie
Coier, C ii
Chaplin. Earnest
Calpenter, E O
Davesport, Mrs
Donnell, Oi W
Dangherty, Nancy A
Dul'i-e. it B
Darsett, M T
&' ' Cleuvencla
Lpi- . . eier i
Fai.i.vell. Elisha
Funer, Wm
'r. !), L,n
Oaunee, Jues
Hailliman. Emma
waie. Artie
o'arter, B U
t ap-, int, Elleu
Dickson, A
Dnbens. Ceo
Dime.ui. Jesse A
Douglas, 11 W
IKmoliue, i';ic
D-.'ianey, U m A.
K.imitiius 0 i.-uervia
KdiuuiiiUon, riatlie
Franklin, Kva
Firgerson. LA
G iues, Adell
Garsia, Uilria
Harris, Melnida
Hand. Minna
Mitt. Isaac K
Harlin. J ?T
Harris, I'atsey -
Hamilton. Srt'h
Harris, Herbei t V
Hodge, Robert
Jones, Henrietta col
Jones, Iras
Jones, W J
Janson, Wm
Killebren, Minnie
Kheu, A C
Lee, J M
Lankford, Jack
l.oek, James
Lovii. Richard
Luug.W W 2
McComb, J Ben
McDonnell, J T
McBride, lona
Montgomery, Louis
M ere, V J
Mabry, W J
Managing rditorCom-
cial Journal
McCippe, Chas
McClee, li W
siaxvveil, F A
Murrow, Edmund
Moore, Minnie
Maxwell, Ada C
Mci jauhoe, Mr
Nesby. El gah
0'Coiuior, Thomas
Orgaire, Wes
I'eudelton Nannie
lire rick, Jno 1
Holmes. F F
Howe, Charles
Hayden, J M
Harris. Jennie K
J:-tekstu. Claud
Jolinsoii, Minide
Jacksoo, Mary
Jones, W J '
K-iutt, Louis
King, D n
Lark, Mollie
Lacy, Ueorgiana
Lands, Jack
Litt e, WA
Labro:s, A Dud is
Mad-.ox, .no v
Mathew, Nancy
Alonre, L'zzio
Miller, Thos Marshall
Monroe, W M
McCay, W H
McWilllaiiM, A W
McLarren.M H
Moore, Oieorge
JIcArthur; ndna
Musurave, Edna
T.lillett. C S
Mclieuzie, A Mrs
O'Neal, J H
rresMent of the South
western Emigration
President of the Board
of Trade Paterson. R W
Palmer, TJ Peai.MEMrs
I'iumnier.C A Pollok, Emma
I'eal, H F Philbrook, Henry E
riieips, Ecidle L Prop of Southern Hotel
i'rop of City Hotel
Richardson, Natlian C Randle, Levi
Roberts, Joseph B Right, Jane
Kalney, Joseph 11 Roberts, Joseph B
Richardson, F.imnet Regan. Kerdinand
Kichler, Elisabeth Rush, Elvira
KU-hardson. Bettle Bit hardson. Mr
l eodrr, AJ Itobiuson, Simon
hoherN. SH Riley, Sallle
Bush, PG
stale Board ef Itnigra-
tion, Bouth Western Eniigni-
, tion Association,
oifflce of the Soutliwest
ern Imigration Co. Secretary Southwest
ern immigration Co.
Sherlock, Winefred Secretary of Stat
Board of Agricu'ture
Soutliwf stern Imigration
Co. Secretary ot State
Board ol Agrieul
mre 2 -
sect. Boutnwtstern im
igration Co.
Sect, of Agriculture
J'ept of State of
Sweet, W K
Summers, K H
Hpeeule, Mary
Schluten Jno
Smith Jenuey
F.van, C J
Tucker, Joseph
Thomas, Edmond
Smi h, Sarah E
St. Clair, Rose
Simpson, m i
Steele, Lill y
Smith, CauuliS
Thompson, Mamie
Tolman. F.l
Taylor, Sopha
Vening, Samuel
Westmon, Marie S
Wolf, toe Elle
Willliims, Sarah
Weber, Louis
Waldeu, Jno
Whaley, J R
Wall is, Jno
Wilson, Harry
Williams, Ellielc
Whlt.kiv A I.
Whataon. Samuel
Ward, L Mrs
Wuszberger, Julius
Wilson, Jeunet
Wa'den, John
Way, J
Wadkins, PerrU
Wilson, Ada -t
Com. of State Board of
Agrieuhura Com, of State Agricul
tural Dept.
President or the Board
of Iinmigation
Alfreds, Vadi Cruz, Rodriiro
Jrniand. Peter Rushworth, Thomae
Karleson, Hilma Pierce, A E
Matt, V? H Deane, Juo V
Lee. S P .Irs Brown, Tho
Davis, W P
Evgstrand, A
To obtain any of these letters the applclant
n ust say "advertised" aud give date of list
Have your letters addressed in care of your
street and number. If not called for in one
entii they will be sent to the Dead Letter Of.
fice at Washingten, D. C.
J. P.
"Rough on Itch" cure3 humors
eruptions, ring-worm, tetter, salt
rheum, frosted feet, chilblains.
TslRAVED By Bandy Hayden, before B.
U C. Brown, J. P. T. C, December 13, 1884,
a dun horse, about 14'4 hands hhih, 9 or 10 yoars
old, branded ) ( on right shoulder. Appraised
at 540. Fbask Brown.
jail 29-w3t Clerk C. C. T. C.
$5 DayAbMCTs $2 Samples Free
selling for us. Address Gen'l Ageney, ij Hud
son street. H. V". Dec 24-3mo
I S-2a-.-PHI &
SS. 3 .0 o-iS 3 a
tn & 2 -
To Dyspeptics.
. Tne most common signs of Dyspepsia, o
Indigestion, are, an oppression at the
stomach, nausea, flatulency, water-brash,
heart-burn, vomiting, loss of appetite, and
constipation. Dyspeptia patients suffer an,
told miaerie;, bodily and mental, They
should stimulato the. digestion, and secure
regular daily action of the bowels, by the
tue of moderate doses of
Ayer's Pills,
After the bowels are regulated, one of these)
Pills, taken each day after dinner, is usually
an that is required to complete the cure.
Ateb's Fills are Bugar-coated and purely
vegetable a pleasant, entirely safe, and re
liable medicine for the cure of all disorders
of the stomach and bowels. They are;
fhejt of all purgatives for family use. '
Sold by all Dmggista,
Principal need aever fce repaid
,eo long as Interest ia kant UT. Ptrmmalte
euritn anlv Vo-.. TnTAt rwwnrnuin
of moderate meant can fr&fia 6 cents for parti cu
lars,loan formH, 4& AddoesB?. Oabdnxs. Mao
ager, Palace Buttling, Cincinnfttis Onio.
"sss mm.
Clover Hailers
suited to sll sections.) Write for FREE II
lustrated Pamphlet, aud Prices. tJ tbeAult
man & Tyalor Co.. Maugfleld. Ohio.
A II t t- mm HACHISE
Suppviar U ott.T systems in accuracy
Eiuai, ,siKed.
learned in the
rriee M with manuai Special
mtal awarded bv Ametican Institute. N. Y.
Taught Rt Soule's" Business College, New Or
1, ;is. Fort Worth Business Colleee, Fort
and in u oi tne nesc colleges ana
Is in the U.S. A suitable holiday pre-
Send stamp lor circular.
d. STENOGRAPH CO., St. l4)tiis. Mo.
Celebrated Triumph school Desks
Dovetailed and Doweled
Write for prices to
Ii. U. ATCHEKSON. Austin emit tato Agent
aicasieu Lumoer nompy.
(Successor to Dralce Bros..)
JDeetlers In
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Pickets, Laths, Etc.
We Will Meet anv Combetition in Austin in Prices
We have a full line of
Cf ii Staj
We have just received the following specialties:
Hams Breakfast Bacon,
Ear Goods
ll'pi If .
II w
Cor. 29th Street and
line of Inferior goods as the manufacture of .u8 .
3TI. BBOK cfc CO.
" We neg to iuform consumers that each roll of our paper is carefully inspected and we clwtat
the following advantages for ourgoods, which cannot he found in similar mHnufacture- Dura
ble Tetuee; Brilliancy of Color; Gold. Silver and Copper Bronzes of our make winch mv
superior advantages. Designs of a high stand
dealers to sell our 1
line of wall VAr.twi, emoracine tne cheapest tn t.h mit viwi
secure those ONLY bearing the Trace Mam ol
DiimiiiAuii. ar rnesame cosr as ciwrKeu
We da not seek to do a retail t rude, hut we
lining our soods to communicate di-ect with
taluiiigour soods to communicate
npurAstnrfttlor o-.r.v nff a irmul atlttikl. f.; Ollr
Mr. J. PAUL JON US represents our buisneMsintAifsW in ti.
nvuiueru isiaies. .
Fit. BECK & CO. heir to iiifsini ihe citizens
1:Ik & Farr, Xo.fll'J Conirress Aveuue, and A.
ON LY dea'rrs in Wall Paper havlrg their brand in stock, ;
Ra.l'l tn al,i;-A ntimtfH narli cc fi.rti;fi ui.rl Aif.litiitraa
WANTED Ladles and gentlemen. In city j
or country, to take light work at their
own uomes . 3 10 ft a uay easay niaae. j woi-k
sent by mall; no canvassing. Ve hayego xt
demand for our work, and furnl-a steady em
plovment. Address, with stamp, CROWN
fcl'F'G COMPANY, YUie street, Cincinnati,
Ohio. ja-lmd&w
OsftsT m mi1 SI0CS
For particulars send 2c stamp to
I have-a posu ve remedy fop the above dls
ea e; by its use tujusands ot castas of the
worst kind ami of long standing hare been
cured. I deed, so stront; is my faith iu its
efficacy that I will sendT WO BOTTLES FREE,
togather with a VALUABLE TREATISE on
this disease, to any sufferer. Give express and
P. O. address. DR. T. A- 8LOCUM, 181 Pearl
Ol,. I
A I.eadin:LnnilonPhy-
wrmn r.sinuiiifsuii
Frt'm Am. Jonrnal of Med.
- In-. Ab. Memlat who
I makes a specialty of EpilepFT
has without doubt treata
and cun,d more ease than
anj other Jiving puymcian. His eacceea laa aimply
been astonishing ; we have heard of eases of over 30
yearSBtandinff cured by him. He guarantees a core."
Large bottle and Treatise Ben.V free. Give P.O. and
Fxpress address to
Dr. AB. MESEBOLE, No. 96 John Si..New York.
A Great Medical Work" on KMoolL
Exhausted Vltalltv. Nervr.ii). and Phvsiia.l
Debility, Premature Decline in Man, Eirors of
Youth, and the untold miseries resulting from
indiscretlo of excesses. A book for every
man, young, middle-aged and old. It contains
155 prescriptions fox all acute and chronic dis
eases, eacn, one oi wuicn is mv luable. So
found by the Author, whose experience for S3
years is such as probably never before fell to
ine lot ot any pnysician. 3S0 pages bound Id
beautiful Freneh jnuslin, embosaed cov rs,
full Kiil. guaranteed to be a finer work In everv
sense mechanical, literary and profession
althan any other work sold in this country
for 12.50. or the money will be refunded In ev
ery Instance. Price oniy $1.00 by mall, post
paid. Illustrative sample t cents, f end now.
Gold meda awarded tho author by the Na
tional Medical Association, to the otlicers nf
which he refers.
1 he Science of Life should be read by the
young for instruction, aud bv the aHiicted for
relief. Itwhi benefit a:l. Iip.non Lancet.
There is uo member of noeletv to whom the
The Science ol Life wii not be ustef ul, whether
youth, parent, guardian, instructor or clericy-
man. Argonaut.
Address the Peahody Medical Institute, or
Dr. W. n. Parker, No. 4 Eulucli.btreet, Bos
ton. Mass , who may he cou-ulteil on aii dls-
eaes requiring skid and experience.
hromc and obstinate diseases that have baf
fled the skill of all other 11 e A thv-
slcians asnecla'.tr. Such il L iA ltrpnt.
ed successfully with g M f 5f IT I C?
oat an instance of a rl I w Cm I
llure. A.eutlon ti.i . . -.i;
Light Healthy Breai
The be9t dry hop yeaat In the vc
Bread raiqed by thin yeast ia light, wi; ".-
and wholesome like our randmoth-i
ielicioua bread.
Price Baking Powder Cf.:'
I-nTts of Dl rr ia' Sjtda! navoiini Ertnu'-s
CHtcagr- n. ... . St. iu u fcf.
Ann Uanned Goods. Ft
TABLE t'Ui'LfillY!
s mM?
Beck & Co.,
7th Avenue,
MESSRS. FR. BECK & CO. respectfully tinvite attention to their
new designs for the Season of 1884 5, and beg to nnnounce that in
future all their manufactures will bear their trade mark a above
represented. 1 his course Las been adopted to protect their natron
from being imposed on bv unst;niniili.iiaMuio, .l.mr.
ard of art. Remember that our prices nenni
most EX pew.
lor mierior manuiactures.
Be careful, then te
rffl OO.
invite all consumers who find any dltflcul tv Vn nit
us, and we will inform thm i.v n,t,,rn ,.,ir
of Austin anil nli9rnf tnwn 4.. ht..
W. AlcCouitis. Na. Conire A.mm. r thl
flifl rAHnM.tri.llv nulf il,.i.lpA,i
ims lonicaraffi
The proprietor of this celebrated mediriint
jutstly claims for it a superiority over alkrem
edies ever offered to the pnblio for the SAFE
of Ague and Fever.or Chills and Fever, wheth
er of short or long standing. He refers to tha
entire Western and Southern country to bear
him testimony to the truth of the assertion
that in no case whatever will it fail to eure it
the directions are strictly followed and carrie 6:
out. In a rreat manv oaaea a nino-ln dnu ha.,
been sufficient for a eure, and whole families,
have been cured by a single bottle, with a per fect
restoration of the general health. It is. .
however, prudent, and in every case more cer -tain
to cure, if its use is continued in smallei -d
cs ; for a week or two after the disease hat, ;
baa checked, more especially in difficult anr .
long-standing cases. Usually this medioim
will not require any aid to keep the bowels is
good order. Should the patient, however, re
quire acathartio medicine, afterhavinsftakjet
three or four doses of the Tonic, a single 6n-,
will be sufficient. . -
nn. john BUva
The Popular Remedies of the Day. j,
Priacioat Oflice. 831 HalaSL. lOHSVILLr:. a '
3H.C- UT. Soch. tSi Son;
6th Ave. and 20ih St., New Yofe City,
Will issue on or about March lotv and send
r kee to any addess their
Fashion Catalogue
For Spring and Summer, 188.,
Beautifully illustrated with lithographic Fash
Ion Plates and about 2,000 wood einiravings- a-,
complete guide for all Ladies', Gents', Child--reus'
and Infants'. wear. House-keeping Goods,.
Milhuery, etc.
This tl'rm ooes the lanrest and most uii.f.. .
tory catalogue frade In tills cou-.trv.
'..I hey list all eoods at their New VnrV .ts,-..
prices1, ahhi ' are acknowledged l,,u.- ti.u.
anv other In le hi the United State.
They rece cback and relund the nwov-r tor
all goods uo'jlesired, excepting those ma 'e to.
ordtr. and so classed in their book.
Thev Kuarautee all artii: mi i,.tl.
seuted, and have earned for themselves an un-:
equalled reputal ion lor Ia.!r aud honest deal
in r.
DEALERS Should Fend for their bpfcfr
MwTvw j.i iu i iic a raue.
lo any person seudiug oOcis.
for ore yenr's tubsn-lption to the BUBAL.
HOME, and seven cents to help pay i ustai'
nackinir. etc. we a 111 send the Ten i-...b.i.
of choi" e vegetable seeds named helow FREE.
no mane mis oner lo induce von to become,
a regulur subscriber to the RtitAL HOME,
andtotestthc value of our seeds (especially
grown for cur use i. following re the weds
we off-r: Oxheart Cabbi,i?e. lmn. Hl,,H,l
Turnip Beet, Livingston's Perfection Tomato,
New Its Han Onion, Early White Turnip, Early
Montana r'ugxr Coin, New Perpetual Lettuce,
Premium Green Pea. Valparaiso tqi.ash. New
Iiiid. Lirtte Suear Parsuio. We want everv
fa hit and gardener in the United states to.
give the-e x-edsau honest aud fair trial. Tnevi
n,"nMinir,Muuruiu,r vrry UCM quality,
irii to unnip, fresh and pure and of the gr wth
oi ! run directions lor cultltaiieg ei
every package. Address v
)22-w3ia . . Pbiladelpkla, faJ

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