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Dr. C. B Stodda.d.
Parties living out of the city will visas
arte their apointments ,by telegraph or mall
few days in advance.
..fTLlM WITH hTf
NO. 33.
Vsed internally b xternally Prices 50c,
SI, $1.75. So?J everywhere.
POND'S E2TEACT CO., 76 6t& Ave!, N. 7.
For Sale by Geo. B. Lucas & Co., Austin ,Tex.
Dyspepsia, General Deoilityt
Jnnndiae, Habitual Constipa
tion, Iilrer Complaint, Sick
Headaohei Diseased Kid
. neys, Et. Etc.
It contains only the Purest Drags, among
Which may be enumerated PSICZL7 ASS BASS
It cleanses the system thoroughly, and as s
Is TJnequaled.
It Is not an Intoxicating beverage, nor oai
It be used as such, by roason of Its Cathartic
Solo rroj.4tors,
Helps those who help themselves. Nature
has provided herbs for the cure of human
ailments and medical scienoe has discov
c i n.i their healing powers, and the proper
c .: ibinations necessary to conquer disease.
Ito result of these discoveries and com
binations is
for many years it has been tested in
levers cases of Kidney and Liver Diseases,
Malaria, Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Weak
ness, Lassitude, etc, and invariably it has
given relief and cure. Thousands of testi
monials have been given, and it is most
popular where best known.
J. O. Bteinheiser, Superintendent of
the Lancaster Co., Pa., hospital, writes :
"I used Ulna great many raws of dyspepsia,
Sidney disease, liver complaint. rhenniaDin,
asthma and scrofula, and Invariably with best
. results."
F. Hoftrnan, of Circleville, Ohio, says :
"This la to certify that I have had the dumb
acno, and by xxftibg one bottle of Misbler's Herb
Uute.'s a complete cure nag been effected."
525 Commerce St., Philadelphia.
Parker's Pleasant Worm Syrup Kever Fails
STtie Great "Wholesale Drug
Firm of Thompson & Ohmstede, Galveaton,Te
as, fVliy and freely indorse English female Bl
ters. .
Dr. T. C Thompson, of the above .cm, test!
Se as follows: "I have tn-en handling abco
F:-n Tai-SAND jixaks worth of English
FkmaLX Bitters per ysar for acr-ral yean
and take pleasure in saying I never knew a pica
lclne to give such universal and long contu
Ceo satisfaction In all my business life. I havt
been selling it ten years, and the sales hava a.
ways been large, and very satisfactory to my oi
tomen Uu-ougAout the Southern States.
"I Vave conversed with hundreds of druggUu
relative to its merits, and have known oC man
wonderful cures within my own persona! obser
(ration, which convince me of its superiority a
remedy for the cure of all Female Complaint
Common among all classes.
r-I recommend it cheerfully and in confidence. '
Of Thompson & Ohmstede,
Wholesale Druggists, Galveston, Tessa.
' Visions of Bliss.
Mine millions of Empty PUl Boxes! What
ad commentary on constipation and biliousnes
What vast storehouss of pills ii all were co?
lected. And to think that all these drastic, aat
radng pills have been kindly solicited to eitfsr
Che stomachs of men and women! Sickjnia
and disgusting to think of. No one knows 9i
pains and aches, loss of time, piles and inflamma
tions they have caused. You don't need ca
powerful medicine. Slop their use, and t
one dose ot" Bailey's Saline Aperient, and visiaa
si 'jliss will hover over your dejected browl y
rc-leves constipation, cures biliousness, sick hs
.. .he, h-iartburn, Ac. It Is pleasant, effectual t
yifan, ind well adapted to ladies use.
JLarjia bottles only fio cents, and sold evV
dim taken the lead 1
the sales of that class r
remedies, and has gins
almost anivenal sausfac
Paiis, Tex
has won the laTor of
tb public and now ranks
among tlio leading McS
s.s i.
I V-i-i GrM4 a.i nV'
f-V-t uut titrloturt.
: vrd o-.tj tr tt
rnni &b!.-i1 Rk
ones ot tne ouanm.
Bradford, P
SoWhjrPro IT'Sts.
"Ve M.bO
. .s
',J5lh worid. Knrir1y ditfertnt
. " 'V.th ra mmtntt nirht ind duv. -
the renowned Dr. J.'Simms of Ne !t
-d lunil-lofolhrr. Bjr-New llhiitrated pim?ii..n
u nr. iuan . fit. '.
fll 51
idJ Jill L
i?? Wk n PI 4s arm
. aNAf'tX Absetttwlr enrsd in SC ...
UVi AytsXr dar. by llr. PierW, i
- i
Further Mews From Wednesday
' Night's Cyclone and Rain
storm In North Texas.
Persons Killed, Drowned or
Fatally Injured and Small
Towns Flooded.
Another Storm Last Night The
Trinity Higher than Since
1 SCO and Rising:.
A Valuable Coffee Shin Sunk In 1(0 1.
lvar lioad.
Special Telegram to The Statesman.
Galveston, April 24. The German b-lgtn-tine
Clementine, tireynienii, Master, from itio
Janeiro, for Galveston, sunk at an early hour
this morniug, in Bolivar Channel, while enter
ingtue harbor. The Clementine was from
Papeiiburg, Germany, about two hundred and
fifty tons regist.r. The cargo consis ed of
4,2oo sacks of coffee, couslgnu to LeGierse &
Co., Galveston. The cargo, was valued i.t
852,003, fully insured In the Thames & Mersey
Marine Insurance i ompany, limited. Liver
pool.iTlieJve.sBel wasjvaiue I at $15,000: insured
for half in some German company. When the
Captain reached the outer harbor, a gale was
blotting and the night was intensely dnrk. As
lie was about to drop anchor for the night, he
discovered the vessel was on the bar. The
only hope ot saving himself and crew, under
these circumstances, was to crovs the bar.
Crowding on all sail, the ship pounded over
the bar, but immediately began to sink. The
captain and crew narrowly escaped to the
ueigiiuonug uuL-nouse. Aiie vessel is a Total
loss. An effort will be made to recover a por
tion of the cargo.
Reports From Localities off Railroad
and Telegraph Lines.
Special Telegram to the Statesman.
Dallas, April 24. yews of damage by the
great storm from sections remote from rail
road and telegraph is beginning to arrive.
At Pleasant Val'.ey, f.-irm and plantation
crops, and property generally, were badly
wrecked. T. J. McLaiu's farm house was de
stroyed, and the occupants escaped with slight
injury. Joe Atkins' house and barn were also
destroyed and portions of the timbers carried
two miles by the wind. H- lost several head
of stock, but his family were saved by taking
refuge in the basement.
At Breekeni idee. In Stevens County, Gon
zales Creek overflowed on Wednesday night
and partially submerged thetown. The wa'er
standing four feet deep In many of the dwell
ings. Ihe people sought safety on their roofs
where they remained exposed to the terror of
tne storm until daylight, when they were res
cued bv Improvised ooats. A negro named
Bob Sumner was drowned and the wife aDd
two childten of George Arbuckle are expected
to die from tne effects of the exposure.
The weather at Dallas is clear. No rain has
fallen since Thursday moraine, but the Trinitv
continues to rise steadily at the rate of four
incues per uour, inuicauug neavy rains on tne
head waters. Its present swollen condition
has only been equalled once since 1S66. and
every ono fears a duplication of the disastrous
nooa oi tnat year.
Incidents of the Raln-Storm A Fami
ly Saved by tJreat Exertions.
Special Telegram to The Statesman.
Gainsville April 23. The rain ceased last
night. Tc-daytbe waters cf I'ecan ana Elm
were confined within their banks sufficiently
to permit crossing in vehicles, 'ihe reports of
loss of life are lighter than was expected. Sev
eral families, after being imprisoned for hours
in iree-iops, were saieiy di ought to land. The
wife and childreu of a Mr. Wilson were reached
b a negro named Buck Shanks. Iiav
ing taken them m a boat, they
started to land, wlieu it
was capsized and one of the children drowned.
boo sparas, anotner negro viacea the woman
and her child in a skill. It was u:set and all
thrown in the water. Seizing them by the
clothes he swam to tlie nearest tree aud placed
. i i : i. t i .. ..... i i : . i. i . . in
liicjii nil a unit, iic iriuuuieu wim Liiem uimi lb
was evident the rain and exposure would re-,
suit in the death of all, when lie tied them se
curely to the ti ee with parts of his clothing
and swam ashore, secured aid and saved them.
All tne country adjacent to the creeks was
completely submerged aud people fled to hteh-
er ground. So far as is definitely known only
one person was arownea, Dut it is reared many
have perished. Above and below th!s city
communication Is only oDen for a few miles
each way. aud correct reports are not yet re
ceived, xne damage to nuuamgs, ienciug ana
crowing crops is greater than was ever before
known in this section. The city water works
were completely submerged and it is feared
virtually a total loss. The damage at the best
will reach many thousand dollars.
Crutchtr & Harrison's lumber yard
suffered greatly. Many houses in Silver City
were demolished. Others were carried a great
distance and lodged in the field. The machin
ery in the. flouring mills of Scruggs & Wylie,
were badly damaged and much grain lost. The
abutments of the bridare across Elm River were
Dadiy damaged and the whole structure is in
a dangerous condition. The stone housel
of . i uylor was washed away aud is a tota
oss. 'j lie house of J. H. Barlow, also.
f A speii from St. Joe. above Gainsville says
the storm was the most severe ever known
there andxhat many residences were wrecked
by water. Much aid is ne eded among the poor
r I i .30 Cka hntli or '!) iiniuvill a i Uf lia
Prnitt Sent tip for a Term River
Special Telegram to The Statesman.
Bastrop. April 23. In the case ot Tom
A . Uil U, vllui 1IUU utnuiu W UIUI Ul i ti 11 IV.
was given in yesterday's special, the jury re-
tui neu a verdict oi guuty, ana gave mm nve
years in the penitentiary.
The case of the State vs. Robert Miles, for
muruer, was cauea, due continued dv tne
The case of waiter Standifer. charged with
murder, was set for this evening, but will not
be tried until to-morrow.
The river is higher here than It bas been for
years. All the creeks and branches are full
irom back water, so that passage to and from
town is almost impossible. No mails on that
account. Several small farms in the low lands
are under water.
Criminal Court Matters.
Special Telegram to The State'sman.
Bastrop. April 24. In District t'ourt to-day
the case ot the State vs. Walter Standifer for
murder, was continued until next term of
court. State vs. Clint Fords, lor murder, was
continued. Tom fruitt. who was convicted
and given five years iu the penitentiary for as
sault to murder, was granted a new trial.
The Colorado, which has been very high
commenced falling last night and has been
falling slowly all day. High water has done
much' damage to farms and some fences on
creeks and low was n:v-" "- -tasnea away.
The mail arrived tins .-.; n,. r , :he first In two
days. .
ivtlled By a Cyclone.
Special Telegram to The Statesman.
Dallas, April 24. The village of Peoria, in
nill County, was cyclon'-d on Wednesday,
litis Posey, son of Capt. Posey was lifted into
the air, dashed against a tree and instantly
killed. Several dwellings were demoil-ned.auo
wo carried several hundred yards aud deposit
ed without being serio sly shattered. A luinber
vsni at Woodbury ws desto ed, portions of
the t ick being cairie.i five miles. Peo-iaand
v. odburv are remote from teleerantSie or
rniiroad stations and full details of the disas
ter have no . reached here.
Another fetorm.
Special Telegram to The Statesman.
Dallas, April 24. Alter 24 hours of clear
weather a heavy storm broke suddenly upon
this section at 10 o'clock t .-nigbt, aud the rain
is now, at midubht, pourt'tg iu torrents. At 9
o'clock tue sky was as clear as a bell -and no
J slkU of a s urm. Ihe r&iu is reported gcueral
over North lexas, and more terrible devasta
tion is feared.
The Floods In North Texas. C
Special Telegram to The Statesman.
Dallas. April 23. The rain ceased todav.
The weather is clear to-n'ght. The Triniiv
Klver at uanas is a nine wiue ana stui rising
; The flood son the upper waters in Northwest
i Texas have not vet leached here, anil it is fin
I tic patttl by to-morrow the liver w. 11 be higher
' tiiu iii twenty years, all t he uhaD.tants movs d
: out of the low lards. Great numbors of cattle
w. m drowned. Kallroed operations will not
be fully resumed before Saturday, crjuu men
predict great damage to wheat from the rank
growth and rust, and the same story comes
from all parts of the State an immense del
uge, great loss of property, mucli suffering
among the people, and but very little loss of
Cattle Floating Do wn Creeks Lowlands
Special Telegram to The Statesman.
Manor. April 22. A heavy thnnder storm
and rain occurred here. Cattle are floating
down the craeks, and all lowlands are covered
witn water and mucn damage will De done to
the young crops. Most of the cotton crop Is
plauted. good stands are reported where it has
had sufficient time to coaie up. No work can
be done for ten days and by that time the
fields will be verdant with weeds, which is a
misfortune to our people this year, especially
wnen money isso scarce.
' There was a San Jacinto picnic yesterday
and everybody seemed highly pleased, especi
ally so when an elegant dinner W8H spread be
fore them. Our County Comml .jner, Major
S. W. Brown was on the ground and intertain
ed his friends with topics of the day and in
cidents from our history, as none other than
the Major could.
Bent Up for Incest UuraerouS As
sault Heavy Ralus.
Special Telegram to The Statesman.
BASTROP. Anril 22. In tha District Cnuri
to-day the case of the Stats vs. Alex Holland,
charged witli incest, was culled and tried. Tha
jury returned a verdict of guilty and assessed
punishment at five years In the penitentiary.
The case of State vs. Tom Pnutt, chsrgxd with
murderous assault upon waiter Moore, is on
trial this eveuing and will not be concluded
until late to-night. This is a very interesting
case: the difficulty oei urrpd at, th nnlls laxt
election day. Moore was an officer and at
tempted to arrest him, when he resisted and
cut h m severely. He then escaped and has
been at large until last week, when he was
captur. d in Washington County and brought
here tor trial. There i strong evidence
against him aud the chances are that he will
De convicted.
The suuner given last niirht hv tho npmeterv
Association w.s a complete success. Judge
'leichmuller completely captured his audience
by his address, which was verv annronrmtR
and tine.
A heavy rainfall this evening.
An Ex-Drummer, Moneyless and
Penniless, Attempts Suicide.
Special Telegram to The Statesman.
San AifTONio. April 22. C. P. Januev. the
ex-drummer for a flouring mill in Kansas, who
figured before the pubiic a few months ago as
a swindler, having obtained money from J. P.
Hickman, Marry ityau and others, on checks
on the house by which he formerly was em-
piojr ed and which refused to honor the checks
when sont to them, on the ground that he was
not in their employ, is again a can
didate for notoriety. He registered
at the Central Hotel as C.
Vv. Haskins and. after retiring took 20 grains
of morphia with the intention cf suicidinz
and left the following note pinned to a chair:
"April M, 1880. W ithout money aud friends
and seeing no way to earn an honest living, I
have taken 20 grains of morphine to end my
life. Please commudicate the facts to John
8- Leaphart. Columbia. 8. C. He Is mv broth
er-in-law." Signfd, C. F. Janhey.
He was discovered by a chambermaid this
morning and medical aid summoned. He is
still alive though may die.
The 'Tiger" in a Bad Way.
Special Telegram to The Statesman.
San Antonio. April 23. In conseauence cf
numerous indictments found by tue lust grand
jury against the propittors of. aud dealers iu
gambling houses the ti.-er here is about to give
up the ghost. The White Eleprant, principal
den of the kind in the State, closed its palatial
doors to-night, and otners have done the same.
Fifty of the gamblers l ave bi?en indicted. The
number against each ranging from five to
twenty, i
Bridge Undermined.
Special Telegram to The Statesm
Calvert. April 23. The Houston and Texas
Central Railroad bridge over Mud Creek was
undermined by the flood, an i the north-bound
passenger train was wrecked. Sngineer Sam
wuiican, anu jtireman i.ewis unssom, were
severely Injured. The passengers escaped un
hurt. Tral .8 will be running to-morrow. .
A Eailway Damaged,
Special Telegram to The Statesman. '
Dallas. Anril 23. Washouts and landslides
between this place and Lampasas have greatly
damaged the Gulf, Col rado & SantaFe road.
i urguson-s Dig nourmg mui on tuei saiado
river was partially washed away.
Rivers and Streams up and Booming.
St. Loots. April 23. Dispatches from South
eastern Kansas, report the heaviest rain fall
since Tnesday that has ever been known in
that part of the St.te. Over twelve inches of
water is said to have fallen. All the level
country ii submerged and is a vast pool of wa
ter. Traffic on the Missouri, Kansas & Texas
Railway for many miles, each way from
Parsom, is suspended and the passenter
train, which left l'arsons yesterday on the
Fort Scott and Un f road was wrecktd not far
from town. A large number of hogs and cat
tle in stockyards ou Labele river, one mile
from Farons, were drowned, perhaps thous
ands of animals have been drowned in the sur
rounding country. The streams rose so rapid
ly and tne water poured down in such torrents
that Jittla If anything could be
done In the way of securing
live stock, or securing other kinds of property.
Fields are devastated in all directions and
great destruction of crops and movaDle prop
erty has occurred. A Legro settlement near
Parsons was Inundated and many people were
rescued only after great difficulty and hard
labor with improvised boats. TbeMarmaton
River, which runs near Fort Scott, ovsrflowed
its banks with a rush and submerged a settle
ment of from t'OO to 8J0 people, known as Noi th
Fort Scott, t he water standing in many houses
from thi ee to fine feet deep All the people
were res. ned, however. The Missouri Pacific
Railroad track $ badly washed out both ways
from Fort Scott, and no trains have moved
sinee Tuesday. The Wichita road is also badly
washed. A freight train on the latter road
went tnroaen a bridge at Clear Water, and
Frank Mc Daniels, the engineer, was drmvnpd .
The fireman and brakman also went down w 1th
tne train, but they caught In a tree
and were rescued. At last accounts the water
was subsiding but it was still very high and it
will take several days for it to run off.
Advices from Kingman confirm the previous
reports of the flood there, great
aamaze was done to Dusiness propert
in town and ten lives are reported lost. Tra:
tic on the Wichita and Western Railway, be
tween vvicnita and iiengmon, is suspended
and the bridges on this road and tne Atchison,
and Cold Water are washed awav. .
Matters aud Things Abont
Around llatdeford.
Winnipeg, April 23. A Battleford dispatch
to the Free Press says there are no signs of
troops yet, aid the delay to the Imprisoned
people here seems la explicable. The town is
quiet and all ara in good spirits, considering
the anxiety which necessarily prevails and
the shortness of food .
The report of the Frog Lake massacre Is con-
nrmeaDy tne ortntt garrison who have ar
rived. They state that Mrs. Gowanlack was
not killed. The priests were beaten to death
and burned. The Indians burned ail the build
ings at Frog Lake and compelled the people to
auenu cuurcn. i ne victims ana murderers
gomg together after service. The . Indians
snot ten oi tne helpless whites. The guard
nrea on some Indians tne night before
last at Bottle River Crossing. Scouts report a
large trail indicating that Moosemen'a band Is
in communication with round Maker.
J he Pitts garrison, which has reached here,
gives us the first definite intelligence
we have received of the fight at the dIsca.
They say tha' the Indians made a demonstra
tion against me lort.and tnat Father JWcLean
becoming alarmed, visited Big BetJr'scamp
1. .1 n . .. r, . .. ...,-ik. ...... i. j .
win unit auJlimcucr Willi LlliSL Ulllcl.
Washington. Anril 23. The President to
day appointed to be Collector of Internal Rev
enue, samuei a. uooper,- 1st district of Texas
Washington. Anril 23. Mr. Bavless W.
Hanua, of Indiana, rt centiy appointed United
States Minister to Persia, qualified
tooay tue aepr menr. oi st .te
Bulling and Bearing , Consols,
Chic ago. April 23. me statement is hud
lished here that a powerful syudk-ate of New
orK ana jn caco capitausts and s.ecMt
have been bulling and bearing English Con
sols through a large soecula.or in London, an :
have been adviseg in advance of the prohable
courses of the' market tt enable successful
speculation -
Attorney-General Opinion."
St. Lorjis, April 24. Information has been
received hre that Attorney-General Gar. and.
after a careful examination of the law, has re
versed the decision given a day or two ago,
empow.-ring the Commissioner of - Afrieulture
to purchase aud slaughter all cattle afflicted
ith pleuro-pneumonta or other contagious
This confines the Commissioner's action to
simply uarantining measures and throws the
burdens of stamping out the disease upon the
uuierent mnms or muiyiauais as oeretoiore.
Russia Playing1 to Uain Time
Till tlie Volga is Clear
of Ice.
The Only Condition Upon "Which
the Czar Will Agree
to Peace.
Probable Rupture Between
France and Egypt About the
Newspaper Matter.
northcote's speech.
London, April e3.-Sir Stafford Northco'e,
Conservative leader in the House, of Com mons,
made a speech in this city last evening
in which he attacked the Government pro
gramme as indicated by Gladstone, in moving
a vote or credit last night. He sa.d the reten
tion of Egypt was all-Imrnrtnnr.. It: wiw a
outy whicu Kngland owed to the people of In
dia, to maintain herpioper position and pres
tige in Egypt, and esj.ee ally to keep the Suez
Canal always available for the transportation
of British troops.
London. April 23. (1 resit picpitAmfinr. wni
caus d in the Admiralty otlice in Whitehall, at
11 o clock this fo enoon, by an cxp'.osion in tlie
rear of the basement of thar. buildiug
Ihe firemen and police were
promptly suimi'oned and ah t h rate in th
Admiralty building closed. A special guard
was at once posted and no person ailowed f o
enter pr depart, until a thorough examination
couid be made. It is supposed tlie explosion
wr.s i caused by the premature discharge of a
projectile which had been sent to the Admiral
ty for examination and exploded.
The explosion badly damaged the room
where it occurred and set it ou lire. Tne offi
cials seon extinguished the flamt-s. The cab
inet ministers were Immediately informed of
it and were furnished all tlie facts in connec
tion therewith. A special messenger was dis
patched to the home office ard Sir Win, Ver
non Harcourt, home secretary,, notified. It
was at first reported the explosion was caused
ujr uviiauiibe anu n was the outcome of
a plot Of dvnamitepu rw Ttlit.illata
for the purpose of hamnprini? war
preparations. A promineut Scotland Yard de
tective asserted the Nih lute nf I nm.nn miH.
denly become very patriotic in conversations
on the controversy between England and Rus
sia. The employes cf the Admiralty Office
have been working day and night for some
wine past, in oilier to nurry war preparations
for Soudau and for other purposes, and any
duaster to the building at present would
cause serious delay. The inspector, after a
crusory examination expressed doubt as to
whether it was caused by gas, gunpowder or
LONDON. Anril 24. Tho onlnlnn Is rainlnc
ground at Berlin that war will be declared be
fore the eud of the moc.th. It is rumored that
Libanoir, the Ru sian Ambassador at Vienna,
will succeed M. DeGiers in the event oi his
resignation, which appears to be hkely. A
deputation ot D rvisches will soon be sent
from Cabul to the Court of Bokhara and to the
Khan of Khira, pointing out the fact that war
between Russia and England w 11 have a re
ligious, as well as a political character, which
will menace thu Independence of their taith.
Another deputation of Mohammedans will ask
for assistance and urge the Turcomans to
seize the chance of Ireeing themaelves from
the Russian yoke.
the crisis approaching. . -London,
April 24. Military i-reparations
continue unabated and the reverses are rapid-
iiiuuiuzuig. me oarracKS tnrougnout the
indom are preparing ouaj teis for n. nnMi.
bl .! call on the militia. Ammunition facto, le
belonging to the Government up to the present
uayc ueeii uiiiiuii io supply ail d manas, out
numerous offers have b- e;i received irom pri-
ate nrms capable of tfheient w ork.
1 ne btanaard savs. "the extreme tension in
the relations between England and Russia
continues but as yet, there has been no abso
lute dip omatic rupture. That is the least dis
quieting way lu which the truth can be told.
i ne uead:ocK is not one whit the less serious.
The day passed without bringing a crisis. It
is no longer a question of a disputed frontier.
We believe' negotiation -l on tha. suhiept are.
for the moment, set aside. Satisfaction for the
Peni'deh incident monopolizes the whole re
gard of the ministers and ambassadors. The
more it is discussed, the more hopelessly re
mote appears the prospect of an agreement.
In demanding satisfaction. Ene-land i i simnlv
telling tha mischievous fire-brands, v ho shel
ter ineniseives under tne authority of .he Czar,
that if they persist iu the old game, they will
no longer play it with impunity.
RUSSIAN preparations.
London, April 24. A dtta. bmci.t of engin
eers are t ugaged in blasting a passage through
the ice to allow the iron clad, "Peter the
Great." to eo from Cronstadt to the sahoard.
Tha Russian staff has appointed a commis-
mn to super vise th9 transD..rtioii of tronns
and stores. It is reported that monev Is helne-
collected in various Russian cities for the
equipment or privateers. French war corres
pendents are awaiting orders in South
ern Russia. Tnree new men of war have
been launched on the Black Sea. Sweden Is
busy with military preparations. The Got-
n.iana Mi.itia is being mobilized.
King Oscar has arrived at Stockholm and
nas neia a uabinet council.
LOUDON. AOril 24. The Post's mmsnnr.
ueiii. a i, ou j-eiersourg telegraphs taat
j . . fc ofc - . .. . i .... - . t. .
ivussia nas declared mat Jlr. Glad
Stone's Statement to the Hnnw nf
Commons in asking for the vote of erndit has
compromised the negotiation between England
niiu xvuaaiev, anu impelled tQcir success.
LONDON. April 21 . Consols onenerl 9S for
Dotn; soon alter ward rose to 96, but almost
uuweuiaieiy reacted to wa. Russian securl
ties dull, opened lower. RSV Ameriean seAiir.
ities Stronger UDOll list and stead v feelincrin
cAi-iiaugta more gioomy man at tne close last
LONDON. April 21 2:S0 P. M.-!nnsnls OM
for both accounts. 3 p. m., consols 95 9-16 for
uotn ascounts.
LONDON April 21. In the. House of Thirds Karl
Granville said the Government, had come to
meconcn sion tne position of affairs justified
putting the army and navy and the whole
auxiliary force of the nation in immediate
ream jess ior service, u required.
LONDON. AOril 21. Meshid itriviees of Anrtl
.111 . fWk. .7 1 i . . . . . 1
says: inn r.ussiaus are sun at AKtapa.
irr.n. Aomarori nas gone to Sarakahs.and Gen.
Aiikhanoff to Ynlatan. The Russians are com
pelling the banks to construct a military road
towards He at through Penideh. The Af.
ghans evince great anxiety to learn the En-
gnsu intentions in regard to Afghanistan.
BRUSSELS. April 21. It is stated ft etnher
dispatch was received from St. Petersburg last
m&ub auuuuumu a iiesu auvauce oi tne xtus
sian forces upon the Afghan country. It is
said there was a rumor current of disturbances
among tne nonnern mnuoostane e against
me tsmiiu.
London, April 2i. Advices irom llrpul,
under date of April 16 state that the result of
all inquiries show the attack on Penjuehby
the Russians was absolutely unprovoked.
.apt. iic5, wuo remained at renjaen in or-
uci- w sct mat ine A'guans respected the
agreement of March 17th, had an interview
wan ine Russian sian tne day previous to the
ba't'e, at which he pointed out
that the Afghans h.d occupied the west
bank of the Kushk River since Mareh I7t.h.
Tlie Russians complained of the demeanor of
tne a ignan troops and of the aggressive prep
arations apparent iu their lines. Also that
the Afghans had detained som Tekke Tare
man troopers employed at Pullkhisti in the
Russian bervice. 1 hey further accused the
,imu3 in ictuuuuiif rmg wiin me sweeping
chaige of arrogmce. The facts were that Gen.
Komaroff had pushed 3,0 troops foiward to
a ommanding p sir on her.,re iiio ir..hnnc
who naturally proceeded to strengthen their
weaKer ouiposis.
This led lo the Russians a letlng ; rroganee-
The Russians videntlv wanted in deal tn
Ing blow to the Afghans in order to restore
their waning prestige in the Turcoman
country, and were obliged to Invest them
selves with a pretext to break the truce. The
r utuue oi mu Aignans was studiously moder-
a-, auu me'e is no color to the
t nse mai meir movements
even irritating. They even allowed
the Russians to inspect their arrargements at
ru lsuisu. G ii. I'.om-.i-i lf s troops are re-
poneu to uave w:tiiuravn ii om fenjdeh after
uie u;uue. iueir w iHniw.;, Powever, was
a mere ru-e oy wmcn ttley sacrificed nolhin;
and wliich was calculated might moderate th
resentment tu v w-a rertaxu to be shown
wnen me news reached l-mrland. In Imii
t he effect of th-j Afghan defeat is already pain
auii uu viuii-i.
l.o-rx.N, April 21, It is stated that Ru6la
4cllce ui ubscribe t distinct aud definite
obligation that she will, on no account, ad
vance. her forces bejondthe boundary settled
by tt?e joint commission which England pro
poses as tne only stable settlement.
St. Petersburg. Anril 24. M. DeGiers. in
conversation last Monday with foreign diplo-
maii, saia: "i ieei now comment mere wm
be no war with England this year. It may be
impossible to prevent more fighting taking
oiace Det wet n our regular troops ana stray
bands of Afghans, but as the British Cabinet
uow recognizes accomplish a tacts, ana yields
on all points which Russia deems, for
the moment, indispeiiFabl , all dan
ger of war is, for this year
at least removed. But until we have a radical
solution of Anglo-Russian frontier question,
war is merely a question oi time."
But M. DeGiers is now very un
popular with grnuine Russians, on account of
ii s uerman origin ana Jewisn extraction, and
Ills removal frnm the ministrv Is war.nl v nrcred
by Old Muscovites and notably by M. DePobe-
ueuozu, leader oi tne ransiavisis ano me
Czar's most intimate adviser: Id spite of pub
lic assurauces oi the Russian foreign office the
gieatest activity prevails in the army and na
vy at Kronstadt. At the navy yards near St.
Petersburg 10,000 workmen are wonting night
and day putting the fleet on a war .ooting.
Two Ironclads the Admiral Nakhimoff and
Alexander 2d, each of which is a match for
British vessels of the devastation class will
be rea iy for sea Oarlv in the summer. They
are over 8.000 tons of lourteen-ine.h armtr and
will eacn earry fourteen guns of twelve and
nine Hnch calibre. The Baltic fleet now
consists of 215 vessels.of which thirty-three are
lron-clads and li 9 torpeJo boats, ready for
act.ve service in ten days. AH the Russian
naval offices at Kranstadt look forward with
the greatest delight to a bout with England.
A Wrll-known Russian admiral said: "ll Kng
land tries to blockade the Baltic, we shall
come out and fight her in oien sea. Our navy
is now iu splendid ngnt.ng trim, we nave tne
great' st confidence in our torpsd j boats ."
ST. Petkrsruro. Anril 24. Manv English
residents here are preparing to leave tlie
country. The Russian Government has not
yet replied to Englad's la' est dispatches. Out
will probably do so short I v. and will force a
decision for eitherpeace or war.
w it snips.
St. Petersmurg. April 24. The Novoe
remve states fi ftv-three war vessels and sev
eral d z-n torpedo boats wi 11 be at the dlspoi
al soon of the Government at Cronstadt.
Viknna. April 21. Information which has
been i eceived from St. Petersburg creates a
sensation to the effect that the only condition
on hich peace can be assured is England shall
acknowledge the complete neutrality of Af
ghanistau and the extinction ef English influ
ence on tne Ameer's country, in mis case
only can peace be fully retained between Eng
land and Russia. It is p scible this demsud
has been communLated as the ultima
tum to London. The highest mili
tary circles in Russia, Dearing a
great pressure on the Government to declare
war, say the chances were never so favorable
to Russia- It is further said Russia is only
awaiting the moment whan the Volga will be
free of ice, as this river is essential for the
transportation of troops. As soon as the
river is opened Russia will east- aside furth-r
attenipts at diplomatic negotiations. It is
said England s endeavoring to negotiate with
the Portf about the passage of tlie Dardan
elles far her warships. The powers Insist e n
the neutrality of tho straits.
VIENNA. April 21. Th PnliM-eh Cnrreannn-
denz states that the real points of the difficulty
between England and Russia, are the ridges at
PuliKhisti, and Ak Taps, which command
Herat, and which Russia insists upon retain
PARIS. Anril 23 The Cabinet, at its session
to-day, took up the Bosphore-EgyDtian case.
aDd, after lull discussion, adopted a line of
action to be pursued concerning th aff air, and
iieicgiapii iuii liirurucu lis as to now tne mat
er should be treated to M. H rrft Krennh
Consul-General at Cairo. Frku. e considers
EgJDt's reolV to the Freneh demand
for the rehabitation of the
Bospbore Egyptian evasive and unsatisfactory
and deteronued to dispatch another nota to
Egypt abont the matter It U stated tlmr. the
form of. this note was agreed upon to day by
the French Ministers, and it is said that the
note threatens tha unless Egypt givjs satis
faction trance will adoit active measures to
secure it. x
PlDTQ An.ll ,X . 1 '
.viuiii.AKiu ij. aiio liioriiiuv papers nro
all loud in their praise of the energetic action
of the Government in the Egyptlau d.fllsulty.
The Voltaire states that over a hundred
Russian students In Paris, belonging to the
army, have been ordered home by the Russian
uu v ei niiieii u
VTWtw 1?t t win A rtK T t -fo
4., Ajv .a, inAifi, -txpniio. xiusmau omuiais
here on furlough, have been ordered to return
to tneir posts unmeaiateiy. -
Cairo. Anril 5s Tho
' , ' "nj (' i-it.ii vxirvciiiuicil
is tendered no offers of compromise to the
trench Government. On the enntrarv. tlie
Egyptian ministery are firm aud believe their
action m suppressing the French newspaper
fully justified. Nevertheless, it is hoped an
amicable settlement may be arrived at.
CAIRO. Anril 25 TjrH Wnicaio ..;n .fn..
for Suaktm at the beginning of next week.
CAIRO. Anril 9 Tlio Vronnli e.,.. at-
t-ousuiaie nas been hauled down. Knbar
r-, , ' . . . .v . ... 1 1 v. 11 uac on bun
ua gives no signs 01 yielding.
The French diplomatic agent is here vet.
ne says ne will leave Cairo at 6 o'clock this
evening, xt. is ueuevea trance nas not vet in
s rucieti tue agent to leave Egypt. It is thought
nian A-KiKco win accept .Egypt's offer
01 compromise maoe yesteday. In this the
iun. o uuTciuiiiciifc urupuses 10 apoioirise
lor tne iorciDly entry into the office of the
ouspiiuicj-Aigyuen ana to aanuttnat ihe rights
Ot dOmiCllelof thA m.I.I teh Ana haH lioon i-lotH
proymeu r ranee weuid permit the lorm of
apology to go on record withnut and nimnA
10 me seizure 01 tne uosphore-agyptien."
CAIBO. April 25. DiDlomaMe
tweeu rigypt ana rTance bave not beea brc-
Rcu. j 11 1 reucu cnarge a affaires bas been
instructed to go to Alexandria, and If Egypt
fails to niake a satisfactory reply he will leave
Alexandria at six- o'clock Saturday evening.
A9 ne ?yenl. 01 a hnal breaking off
01 diplomatic relations between the two coun
tries, tue interest 01 France will t e confided
to the Russian Consulate. Fnnh irai..nrf.
with four thousand troops on board, which are
now in the Suez Canal, have been ordered to
remain there for the present Tha nnininn i.
expressed here that France and Russia are
uuiiuGi liiik agatusti Jj.ngianu.
ALEXANDRIA. ADril 2.V A FVenxh man nf
wJ?Lhas left tne norbor and is now anchored
uu tue vu'.rance.
CARIO. Anril 28 The TThedlva, nnnmnint
has repiiecf to France's demand concerning
the Bosphore Egyptian, as d quotes fifty pre
cedents tl Slictif,- it-a J t-l-
" j .I j tu . no wluui;ii au seiziug ano
aujiii3i3iug but? ytsLieri
CCNSTANTTHnpi.w.- Anril OX n-ilM.I. nr.
. . j T . . w. l.U.VVl 1...J UU
1110 ijaiuaiieues are being nastllv repaired
La Lurquie, semi -official organ, declares if
Turkey remains neut al, and closes the
straits, she wU be entitkd to the protection
iJOMBAY. Annl 25. Thft naval onthAvffloa
UCiB (UK UU I11H IfHlK fillL TfiF flVA rt'liaaian VYtari.
war which passed throueh the gulf of Aden
, n-j 1 .. 1
lum araiwii 10 me moian ucean last week.
- r "?rul!r 01 Rangoon is being rortllied to re
sist, nussian attacks, a number of steam
launches hve been oiu-hised and fitted 110
with torpedoes, and heavv ami ih have heen
mounttd inshore in position' to command the
Buip cuauneis.
r.KBLiN, April 23. Queen Victoria has ar
rivtd at Darmstadt. .
Berlin, April 23 Advices received here
yesterday, from Constantinople, are 10 the
effect tnat the Porte hud informed the Khedive
that France had no ri rht to interfere in Egypt
111 mo jjosjmurc r.g jjjuan an air.
Bomp.at, April 95. The Duke of Connaught.
wtio hal started started home, bas been sud
denly recalled to S.mla.
Bombay, April 1-2 Ouetta garrison has been
permanently lucreaeeo to full strength. The
division bas been placed uder command of
the General of the Bengal amy. The defences
01 an me moian narbors nave been conn
Donoola, April 22. It is reported here thet
tUeiivalM&hdVs have met in battle and fa
i original Mahdi was defeated, losing two gov-
ci uui 3. ai utou, is is aisu i eporieu, nas been
piunucrea auu unrneu.
Durlin. Anril 2t. On arrival of tin Tvinna
find Pfincess of Wales here, last night, a slight
nttemnt. was frradr hv the N;itinn-.."iutQ n
aie a uismroance. xue police succeeded in
dispersing them.
Terrible Soenes tbat Followed a Wa
ter gpont.
Kansas City. April 23. The Times' Medi
cine Lodge special gives the following partic
ulars of the disastrous flood: The town is sit
uated t etween Medicine River and Elm Creek
Early Tuesday meriting the flood came down,
the streams quickly everflowind the banks to
the distance of about ten feet In the Elm
Creek bottoms, east of tlie town, a doz'h
houses were entirely destroyed and many oi
tlie occupants drowned, or saved only by
clinging to branches of trees. ( amped in the
bottom were ten or fifteen emigrants' wagons,
filled witli their families, and not half
of thene person's have been
found. North of here entire families were
drowned; many others made miracuUus es
capes. All of yesterday and last night the
streams were so high that no communication
cculd be had with the east, and to-day dis
patches were sent out for the first time. The
stores in tlie town were closed yesterday, and
every citizen eiigaged in the work of rescuing
the people, bv boats and rHifts. frtim their tier.
ilous positions in trees or house tons. This
work was extremely hazardous, and hv niirht-
fall there were still some isolated persons. A
relief oartv was out all niitit, nii-kinc un these
unfortunates. The people in the Medicine riv
er bottoms had ea-lier warning, and all scap
ed with their lives, tho; gh hundreds of cattle
were drowned and gi e.t fields A crops ruined.
Hundreds of dead animals a'so line the banks
ot Elm river. The rise started at dark Monday
night and continued steadily for s.x Lours,
which was followed by A cloud-burst north of
the town.
Another Acoonnr.
WICHITA. Anril 23 A sneetal to theDatlv
Eagle, dated yesterday at Medicine Lodne,
give an account of the recent fearful results of
a waterspout there. The special says: IV e
water roiled dowu over the lowlands east'
Medicine Lodge Citv. five to twelve feet ner-
pendicular, carrying death in its wake. Sev
eral whole families are kuown to be drowned.
Yesterday morning parties who had gone
out to give relief, found men. women
and children clinging to trees, with
nothing but their night clothes to protect
them and some without anv clothlmr what
ever, but still alive. Their crirs could be heard
as early as 4 o'clock in the morning, above the
i.-aniig waters. Attempts were mane to rescue
the parties beyond the river, but each boat in
turn was swam ned and the ncennants ontv
saved themselves by swimming to t ees. Five
bodies have becn recovered un to the hour of
writing the dispatch, which was sent over
to the first railroad point by mall. Another
body was In sight, but coud not
ue reaeneu. mere were eignt movers' wagons
camping In the bottoms, and one old man has
recognized the bodies ot three of his family,
his wife and two children, respectively five
and seven years old. James Gibbs and his
daughter Annie were drowned. A Mrs.
Harris a little fcirl of eleven,
were found drowned. Governor Pardne.lt
and family, consisting of his wife and four
children, are thought to be drowned. Frank
tuc4ii,:i iuii iii.") wuo anu cuiiu on me rooi,
and his house went down. He was knneked
off by a projecting limb and swam ashore sev-
ciai nines ueiow, uub mo late or nis wue ana
child it not known.
Counting the Cash.
Washington. Anril 23. A committee of
three will be appointed by the Secretary of
the Treasury, in a few days, to supervise the
couut of all cash and other securities in the
Treasury of the United States, incident to the
transfer of the office of Treasurer from Mr.
Wyman to Mr. Jordan. The count will com
mence at the close of business, April 30, and
win prooaoiy vase aoout tnree weeas.
Washington, April 23. Jos. K. McCammon,
assistant attorney general for the interior de
pal tment. resigned, vesterdav. to take effe.t
on the 4th prox.
Commissioner Coleman Thinks llo
Can Stamp It Ont.
St. Louis. ADril 22. The following dispatch.
which explains Itself, was received here to
day by Col. Hunter, President of the national
!attle aud Horse Growers' Ae.ociation of the
United States :
WASHINGTON. D. C ADril 22. 185. To Col.
R. D. Hunter, President, St. Lou's :
"I am forming rules under the law to regu
late the slaughtering of animals that hare
been exposed to contagious pleuro-pneumonia.
and for the appraisement of the
vsJue of animals so slaughtered, the depart
ment having never adopted any rules and the
law requiring them aud then to be approved
iy tne Governor 01 tne state. 1 must a:io
doot quarantine regulations. I hone to be
prepared to Issue there to-Jay or to-m.;rrow,
when the work of slaughtering under the rules
can proceed at once. My construction of the
law lias been coincided in b both the Comp
troller and Attorney-General and this will ena
ble one to stamp out pleuro-pneumonia under
tne rules 1 am 1 raining anywhere m tne united
States, promptly and effectually while t.ie ap
propriation last. There is a fund of 785,003 on
hand, which will enable me to do effectve
work. Should there be any outbreak of this
disease in any other locality or State, I shall
lose not an hour s time in. extirpating it.
(dlllgCd. J 3 ORM AN d. COLEMAN,
Comms'r. of Agriculture.
Conference of Health Officers-
Bags Quarantined.
New York. April 24. A conference of the
health officers of New York, Brooklyn, Phila
delphia, Baltimore, New Haven and Boston,
was held at Fifth Avenae Hotel yesterday, to
discuss quarantine matters and to agree upon
unuorin regulations so a to preveut tne intro
duction of cholera into this country. It was
decided to establish new rules and throw ad
ditional safe guards around those now in force.
The matt' r of the admission of old rags was
taken up and fully discu-sed. and it was con
ciuaed to estaonsn a close quarantine against
tuein and to aiiow none to oe lanoea
except after being thoroughly steamed by the
superheated steaui process. The sulphur pro
cess was declared to be a failure and the con
ference decided ag. inst it. It wa 111 ?ntioned
Incidentally that the face of there being so
few cases of small pox in New York city dur
ing tne oast month was traceable t stringent
regulations ordering all old rags to be disin
fected. The decision reached to make a close
auara .tine against all old rags, will be carried
out at all Atlau'lc ports. and will, it is believed.
prevent me introduction 01 any urease into
this cou try through such importation
Captain of a Steamer Arrested
New York. April 23 Cant John O'Brien
of the steamer. Citv ot Vlexico. was arrest
eooya united states ueputy r.iarsnai mis
afternoon, on a charge of vio a ing section
6,283 of the statutes by supply ug arms and
ammunitions of war to the iusu-guts of
country at peace wiih this Government. The
vessel was a'so seized. She wan chartered in
March last to carry lumber to Boca Di Terro,
in tne unitea - states 01 ijoiumoia.
and ber mani'est called ior lumber, but In
reality she carried, as it is charged, fire-arms.
Saborilia, a port held by tlie Rebels, she
took aboard 250 insurgents and uioceededto
Rio Hotcheas. Here the captain of the port,
taking the City of Mexico to be an
Auiencau vessel, pill imii iu iica anu
was captured with his crew at sa-ta Morla.
It is said a portion of the crgo was dis
charged. The first mate of the steamer wan
Cant. McCarthy who figured on Ihe "Mary N,
Hogan" in her filibustering trip during the
C uban insurrection. O'Brien will be arraigned
.The Death of Barrios.
San Francisco. April 22. The Bulletin will
publish, this afternoon, the fjll particulars of
tue oeatn 01 me late rresiuent narnos.
The fotlowiug is the narrative 01
L. B. Parnett. the Guatemalan Consul,
of this city, 'who returned here this
morning, on the steamer Greukda. from Gua
temala: "The engagement in which Barrios
was killed, was between one battalion of
Guatemalan troops and a much larger body of
San Sa vadorlans. At 9 a. m. Gen. Barrios
gave tho- order to attack, but at
10 oVloek ne advance movement had
been made, as the troops were under command
of an unpopular uoionei and rerusea to obey
him. Barrios was in his tent with to ot his
officers when this information was brought to
him. On the refusal of both of t hese ollieers to
assume command, he left the tent, and It was
while he was proceeding to the frout of the
column that he was sh,t by a sharp
shooter from a tree. A bullet entered his
riiht shoulder, passed thr. ugh bis heart and
out thr- uga the leftside. Meanwhile the bat
tle had curamenced, and inai-hort time both
sides wer withdrawn from the battle nel l
but not until a determined and successful ef
fort bad been mad to recorer the body of
Mrs. Barrios, wife of the late President, and
reven children, were among the passengers
on the stcMncr Grenada, which has just ar-
rived from 1 auama, ner son, Antonio isar-
rios, arrived yesterday from the Ea-t,
Escaped to Mexico.
Washington. April 24 The ! o-j'office In
spector's Department has received inform t'n
mat rosta. 1 iem wens, who i :v
the registered mail between New '
Port Eads, wis at El ts- .
is supposed l.e cossed tu t i--e 1- -..--
; tertr wPd. b i'Hrtir.
rVToliiliraf.irm nf t.iia Ifuseinn Y
Ilussian Armies and II cr
Navies Put in Trim.
Gen. OhrutzschclT and the Czar
and What the Empc-'
ror Said.
Military Council Held in India-
the Franco-Egyptian I111
brojrlio Wolseley. .
Lokdon, April !S5. A Paris special sf.'ltes
the French foreign office has received an int -mation
that Russia will not accept any terms
of foreign mediation, even if ott.reJ.
, London, April as, The Cabinet tat three
and a half hours this afternoon. Jt is under
stood that the Afghan situation bas not im
proved. London, April 23. i2:30. Consols opei-ed
95H for. both mony and account. At noon
fell to l and are now 91 15-16. Russian se
curit es 80.
London, Apr! 2'. St. Petersburg dis
patch to tlie Standard says negotiations con
tinue between i.ussla and British Govern
ments. Tlie frontier qiieftlou presents 110
serious difficulty, but the PenjdeU affair de
tiiit'S tlie nieetmg of the boundary commis
sion. Russia, s iys the dispatch is willing to
cede Zul'ttcar 111 return for Penjdeh. That ac
complished, the bottii'iary commission could
probably arrange tor the withdrawal of both
Russian and Afghan troops from the disputed
IONDON, Arnl 25. Earl Gianviile has tele
graphed instructions to Sir Evelyn Baring, the
Brit ish minister to Egypt, to supp rtlsiibar
Pasha to the utmost extremity in his refusal
to make apologies or explanations for the
suppression of the Bosphore-Egyptien.
EVIDENTLY means war,
Moscow, April 25. War preparations here
are being hastened on with the greatest activ
ity. Lare bodies of troops are daily leaving
tor the South. Heavy supplies ot artillery and
commissary stores are being sent to Lagawog
fur transportation t j Batoum, and other forti
fied places on the Black Sea. The Cossacks of
Don Koban and Terek- over eighty thousand
men have received orders to hold themse ves
ready to move at a moment's notice. Thirty
five thousand troo s bave already been con
centrated . near Atkabad. In Mos
cow war Is eagerly hoped toe.
St. Petersburg, April 25. Tlie Emperor
passed four hours yesterday with Gen. Obrutz-
schoff, chief of staff. There are several engi
neer officers studying war maps of the Afghan
frontier. Gen. Obrutziichoff regards war as
inevitable and urges Immediate mobilization
and that Dot a moment shouid be lost in push
ing on to Herat and Cordabar. Gen. Obrutz
scnoff's increasing influence over the Czar is
believed here to be very significant. Obrutz
tchoff is a man of the Skobaloff type; only
forty-two years old, full of energy and ambi
tion. He said to the Czar: "ISow is the mo
ment, sire, for Russia to strike. Lumsden's re
treat has uttei ly destroyed England's prestige
among the Afghans., who, I can assure your
Majesty, are ready to revolt
against - the Ameer, besides Persia is
prepared secretly to help us, and to do so the
moment we strike the first blow." All these ad
vantages will be lost by delay. The Czar re
plied: .
'Yi u are too hasty, General. Russia's man
ifest destiny is too strong to be wrecked by
any human agency. But 1 still hope war may be
averted, bur. whatever may take place, I nevei
shall consent to give up Penjdeh nor Zuliicar
The above conversation took Place in the
Winter Palace, In the room near the famous
iNick' las nan, wnicn is now ru ea wiin sman
t.ahlaa nrwtn wliien kt-A mled hundreds of
maps, plans and railway schemes about Cen
tral Asia. The Czar is convinced that an im
provised cruiser, of the Alabama type, and a
visrorous application of torpedo warfare, will
transfer.England's monopoly of the carrying
trada to other nations. . .
Cronstadt. April 25. Workmen are busy
night and day loading all the torpedoes in the
arsenal. Orders have been given the moment
hostilities begin that stationary torpedoes
shall be placed outside all Russian ports on tlie
name. Tne iron ciaos. Admiral ureiz, uue
Ue Ediuhourg and Krem.in and Monitors Tor
por Latink, and Bronenossets, have already
completed their armaments and are ready for
Immediate action.
St. Petersburg. April 25. It 1? stated
Governor H. Orenberg bas teen cliesen to take
command of the proposed Turcoman voluuteer
rorce. 1. en. tsaronon nas aiso oeea suinmotiou
from Nlshninorgorad to assume command at
Constadt. Ihe Government is having thou
sands of WhiWhead torpedoes manuiactureo
for protec ion of tlie northern coast. An ex
traoi d nary credit of twenty-five million rou
bles for the nsvy is about to be granted.
St. Petersburg. April . Naval, circles
are at fever heat over the reported presence
of a Bntish iron-clad at Vedavistock, a Rus
sian port on the Sea of Japan.
items from rome.
Romp. April 25. The Gazette announces
that Senor Marcini, Italian Minister for For
eign Affairs, and Sir Saville Lumley, British
Ambassador, have made a definite arrange-
. 1 . 111... ,.H . I 1 nn
meub regaruniK tue uiiiitai y aim Ltuiifiuai op
tion of the Italians on the Red Sea.
it also states tbat thev have settled tne de
tails of the proposed visit of the Prince of
Wales to Rome.
Warsaw. Aurii 25. General Gourko. Gov
ernor-General of Poland, has been ordered by
the Czar to prepare, immediately, a detailed
memoir giving the plan of the campaign in
Afghanistan. It is believed here that Gcneial
Geurko. in the event of war. will be placed in
supreme command 01 armies operating against,
india. There are now w.ouo Russian iroop
in Poland. Of these. 30,000 are under orders
for Immediate movement to Odessa, lnis
proves Russia has no cause to fear hostility
from Austria. ' .
The Tnmor at the Boot of the Tongue
Nrw York. Anril 21. At seven this morn-
t i ...I.... .. .w..w.,t ln f !nn HMTit'i
UIS HIV IfUTUlllia WOIQ OUtlllCU 111 VJu. v..unu a
residence. At o:za a. 111. ur. Aiuuguu icn sua
house. He states the General slept inrou?n
th nicht without disturbing him even once:
mat no was mucn lmproveu aitei ms uuo
yesterday, and tbat he womM go out to-day.
As far as can be jflennd f on the increased
amount of exercise t i.vi by fi-s Gene al, the
Doctor thinks he is caiuing in bo lly strength.
The swelling at the b-.se of the tongue, how
ever, still continues with a little sloughing.
Reminiscences of Sin Jaeln'o Day
Correspondence to The Statesman.
Lockhart Apt 11 22. More rain, rain, never
theiess we had the pleasure ot taking in the pic
nieat Luling yesterday. It was a en r ess
ho t-iro in not. the oienic for we h tv bsen
taucrht thai, the 21st da of April was t ic t'me
for joyous hearts and light minds to inert to
rether and talk nonsense, ef., etc., bat the
nipnio vesterdavwasmnona different scale.
for while we was arr-nging our feathers to
nnnruu rlnu-n nnseme felloe-tut beau' V. Mr,
Dale, a Texas Veteran of fieguine, w:-.s in
troduced to a large and intelligen auriience
hvCol. J.N. taller. Mr. Dale rehearsed
the hatt.te of H.nJacinto with great feeling,
We feel like un overing our heads whenever
we meet one of these o:d braves tha'. won our
land and Itberty. The next speaker whs Mr,
J. G. Bridges, edl or of the Luling Signal,
Next, B G. Neighbors, of hyie. told us 111 pa
thetic ioue the do- ds of those old heroes, aud
repeated some of the most beautiful poetry wo
have ever listened 10. ir. a. j. o'uicj,
Lockhart then gave us his experience on roll -r
skates which brought forth loud app'auM for
the space of hall a minute, and he finally
wound up with the statement that "it was w t
good for man to bo alone," and that it was
every man's duty to love woman-kind.
Assassination. -
St Liuis April 55 A Ch"t:ulOoa, Tenn.,
specia' to the ost-!)iso trhsnys: "A- Cort
land Ala. .last night. Thomas Litilo.a viea ihy
p auter. was call d lo hiH dooi about dusk,
!v mtrvmi' o-ang no in fr.mt of Inm and
. .. . t'ti-k shot Into his breast.
.. . 1 u.s brother-ln law. is in
-jcr1nei Much excitement
. v '.. .
Absolutely Pure
This powder never varies. A marvel nf r.
rlty, strength and whcLesomenesg. Moree -
uomlcai than the ordinary kinds, and can.i-T
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lAot uVl.K. .....i..t.. .. 1 . . . . .
Sold only in cans. Royal Baking Pown ta
o.. 60t Wail street New York.
. 1 -
It Is an Immense Sea of Water-Sever
al Casualltles Beported.
Special Telegram to The Statesman.
DALLAS. April 25. The ' ereat rise In t lit.
Trinity ceiisetl by the five hours deluge h st
niiilit on the head-waters, is rushing down now
aud the river is like a boundless sea. 1 lu
damage to property along the stream is I im
mense, aud tne suburbs of the city are su'i
merged. Hundreds of famillesv have been
driven from their homes, the water reaching
nearly to the roofs in many places. Tlie grea -est
alarm prevails, ss there is do indication
where the inundation will stop The Houston
and Texas Central, the Texas Trtn.k
and Ihe Gulf, Colorado and San
ta Fe were forced to suspend
operations lo-night. Ihe Missouri Pacific Bin-
pended on luesday list, and the Texas Pacific
alone is in partial operation. Four immense
railway bridges, and the public bridge overt). e
Trinity, at th s point, are in danger of beli-x
swept away, 'ihe aggregate cost Is nearly
one million dollars.
Ebenezer Wilkins was drowned four mile
below the city, to-night. Lemuel Alcorn, a
boatman, was drowned between Dallas and
Fort Worth, about one o'clock this morni g,
and a young lady (name not learned) was
drowned in White Rock Creek, near thi city,
Further Accounts of the Wveckago
' by the Winds.
Special Teiegram to Tne statesman. -
Dallas. April 25. News was received trw
niglit of the result of the tornado near Winn -boro,
on Wednesday night last. Six dwellln
bouses were destroyed, as well as nearly ad
the timber and fencing in the neighborhood.
a iarmer named cmnnwicn naa a x
broken, and is the only pers u
hurt. His house was totally
wrecked. The name o: the owners of the
other five demolished houses have not beet
reported. Mrs. Morrison's dwellii.g, in ti
edge of Palo Pinto County, was totally demol -ished
and the Carson A Lewis ranche fenc ,
for a distance of two miles was destroyed.
large number of the cattle of the firm wei-
drowned. S. M. Embree, an old citizen it
Cook County, was drowned in Jordan Creek,
tributary ot the Trinity River, during Wednes
day night's overflow and the body was recov
ered to-day.
A. ainrderous Ex-Teacher In Dnranco
Special Telegram to Ihe Statesman.
kabtland. April 25. H. li. Mynott, wn
twek weeks ago held J. G. Meadows while hut
son, Sam Mynott, shot Meadows to death, wih
arrested to-day ana ne.a oy juugo etaen. m
four thousand dollars bond, in default t
which he was remanded to Jail.
Sain Mynott is still at large He had been
school teacher, was dismissed and soon af tci
wards the house was burned. He accusal
Meadows of circulating a report that he (My
nott) was the luceudlary. uie Killing wasaonu
tvhile Meadnwii ws Ktmerlntending ttje CrCu-
tion of a new school house on the old site.
Drowning of Mrs. Kaybnrn ASInjca-'
lar Case.
Special Telegram to The Statesman,
Taylor, April 25. Last evening, boouo st..
miles east of Taylor, on tne ivii.siaiig v n e. ,
Mrs. Rayburn, wife of Thomas Rayburn, win
in the creek bottom getting out come duel -ens
to save them from erowning, wln.u a lid-1
wave came rushing down tne creek, earry iuii
Mrs. Rayburn.the chickens and everything bt -fore
it. Her body was found this wo.iui ic
some distance down the creek. 'Squire Moody
went down to-oav to uoia an inqtiesi
Negro Outfager Lynched.
fcpecial Telegram to The Statesman.
Palestine, Aoru zo. ooun x-i-w, "fr,;".
was lounu deaa mingiug w
f roin town, this morning. His body w s rid
died with bullets. He is supposed to havo
been killed by white men, last night, tor is
brutal ' ssault on a respectable white vemau,
the night previous. 'I his is the second n pro
executed here 'by Judge Lynch lor the saiuo
mo poison
. .A-XE TJ5EI3u
"Vanlllav, Lenoa, Oraaire, etc., tavor
Cke. CreoAma, Paddlncs, fec. as alell
cutely asnd naturally as the fruit sVoam
which they are made.
For Strength and True Fruit:
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Prloe Baking Powder Co.,
Chicago, Ills St. Louis, Mo
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Vanilla, Lemon. Orange, Almond. Rose. et
flavorai delioately and naturally as the fruit.
p ; IMIt

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