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Dr. C. B Stoddard
A l.'STJN. -
P.irtlee itvinj; out of tU city will ple-iSJ
ati tl.eir hpolntim nts by telegraph or mall
few days in advance.
Price KtCSia,
NO. 31.
II i -v fa n
JSL 'L kJ'Jl eLJL n V
TVf K'0A'7 ." ;,r HEALING!
Usrd Internally fc katernnuy. J rices 50c,
$1, $t.7."i. SoW everywhere.
POND'S EZTEACT CO., 76 5th Ave., IT. Y.
y r .Sale by Geo. B. Lucas & Co., Austin.Tex
LW 114
Xia majority of the ills of the human
tody arise from a derangement of the
Liver, affecting both the Stomach and
bowels. In order to effect a cure, it it
necessary to remove the cause. Irregu
lar and Sluggish action of the Bowels,
Headache, Sickness at the Stomach, Pat n
In the Hack and Loins, etc., indicate th ai
the Liver it at fault, and that nature re
quire assistance to enable this organ ta
throw off impurities. ,
Prickly Ash nitterBare especially
compounded for this purpose. They art
mild in their action and effective as a
cure; are pleasant to the taste and taken
easily by both children and adults, ta
ken according to directions, they are a
safe andpleasant euro for Dyspepsia,
Geueral Debility, Habitual cou
slipatlosi, Diseased Kidneys,
etc., etc. As a Blood Purifier they:
ere superior to any other medicine
cleansing the system thoroughly, auA
imparting new life and energy to thein
valid. It is a medicine and not an
tntoslcallns beverage,
bnd take no other. FBICE, 91.00 par Bottle.
et. Louia sad Ttunnnw CI jr. Hx
Used herbs in doctoring th family-and
her simple remedies HID CVftE in
most cases. "Without the use of herbs,
p- -, ical science would be powerless ;
r r " et the tendency of the times is to
j ; oct the best of all remedies for those
jj;v.eriul medicines that seriously in
jure the system.
is a combination of valuable herbs, care
fully compounded from the formula of
a regular Physician, who used this pre
scription largely In his private practice
with great success. It is not a drink.but
n medicine used by many physicians.
Jf-Ib is invaluable for ItYSPErsiA,
NESS, IFXtia ESl'ION, Act and while
curing will not hurt the system.
JKr. C. J. Jthodes, a well-cnowu iron
man of Safe Harbor, Fa., wrV es :
.. "My. non whs completely proprrat-w by fever and
araa. Quinine and barks did hhj BO sotxi. I
then ?n for Mlshler's Herb Bitters and iii a, Bbort
time tbo buy was quit well."
"E. A. 8clrellentrager, Druggist, 717
t!t. Clair Street, Cleveland, 0., writes :
Your Bitters, I can ft-j,.nd do say, are rro.
scribtHl by eoiue of the oldest and most prominent
pliy siciaDs in our citj'."
525 Commerce St., Philadelphia.
Pavker'a Pleasant Worm Cyrno Never Fails
CuresAdd Stomach, Sick Stomach,
Constipation, Biliousness, Costivi
ness. Indigestion, tieartDurt:
Headache, Water-brash. . j
bold bj ail deaiers toro cecw. -
A well known youner aentiem&B
had ben paying special attertioe
to the charms ot a voung "auy, wise
had lust enweed "irom .pell cr
sickness, made the folio g re
mark: Gilt-edged Human BcUicxi ot
fema e beauty, bound In inoroccoi
can t obtained by the us cf Hir
glish Female Bitters "
He had seen the wonderful efficacy
of English Female Bitters in tn
rapid cure of his sweetheart, wbc
had been prostrated with a female
It is f dapted to the wants ard ne
cessitiot ci old and young, married
or single females, who suffer with
any form of acute or chronic female
troubles,pains and obstructions,hys'
t erics, pi ins in the side and back,
nervous headache, palpitation, cois
extremities, loss of energy etc, at
tended with loss of appetite, ema
ciation and prostration. It is spe
cix.ly adapted to those at the
Ti of Lafe." imparting strenetb
and newed vitality topass through
this 'critical period. As sate
female regulator at all times, t few
no equal. Large N ties and sola
everywhere. Send your address to
II l dock, lien.
1 Proprietors.
Iot'isville, Kj-t
f liu taken the lead tm
th. ula of that clu r
remedies, and has giTeq
almost aoiTwul utuhc
Pi.ns, Ter
5 has won the favor ot
th. public and bow ranks
among tiio leading Me"!-
rl T DATS.
oium sirietan.
Vrd cnij by ths
IZtisi Clisdcsl C.
Cincinnati JBFUBB
i oi in. o'.iaom.
Bradford, Pf
SoWby tru. eits
T ' .sTrv.r wy 4twilutly ct!r m
s world, l.ruirclf eievrcKfr--'
"t"--.a ....... m. t
i' ass rr a 43BU
A' -
Vk Ohio. Jy-i
Sensational Tilopement at Dal-
Young Man anl Ills
Child Kritle.
A Servant Locks Up the Mother
to Aid the Escape of the "
Arrival ofMnjor Ueneral Bcho-
lield at San Antonio Brutal
Murder Discovered.
Til 13 CAT TL 1331 EX.
ICesulaiiuiis of Colorado Mtookji n
Kef, r rin to Trxsa J.altle
Special Telegram to The statesman
Tm.viDAi. Col.. Apiil SO. The following
resolutions wci-ea (opted here to-day:
Whereas. Colorado has enacted a (iiiarantine
law against tin; introduction of cattle into said
State from soutii of ti.e Sotli decree of norti
atitude, unless such cattle be liuid In tiuaiau-
tine ninety d.iyi nor h of said 3oth degree ot
uori h latitude, and,
hcreas.-lhe oneiation of said law. if en
forced, would crfai nothing more or less than
quarantine grounds out of a (i.ood.y por
tion of - some of our ranges
and the whole of the ranges
of others and cause complete destruction to
the grass, which we deem ourselves entitled to
in t lie same octree as do our friends, either
north or south of us, regard their right to their
rtsnective ranges; and
Whereas. We have just rea bns to believe
that there would be no attempt made on the
part of Texas men to drive their cattle onto our
ranges were it not for the inducements offered
under said Colorado quarantine law, toge her
with the assurance on the part of so,ue of
thosu north of us, who are desirous of purchas
ing Tex:ts cattle, that said law can be evaded.
Therefore be lc
Kesolved. First, for the reason that
said law is Calculated io in
flict injury to those who are
unfortunately located unon the quarantine
grounds thus created by said law, that we do
condemun me same as Dcing unjust in me ex-
Second, That we earnestly protest against
the appointment of such men as are known to
be the heaviest bidders for Texas cattle, as
members of the live stock, sanitary veterenary
bi ard of the Slate of Colorado.
Third. That we will. ty all means In our
power, prevent the adopting of our ranges and
the ranges it our neighbors, as quarantine
grounds for. tlw benelit of either buyers or sel-
ers.u Texas cattle, or any outer canie unless
he same shall be established under some, law
ful act of tue General Government."
(sig.ned) T. E. Owen, Geo. S. Jones, D. C. Mar
tin n. ! . smith, J . G. leary, L. Horn, lowers
&.Gui;gell,D. ('. Smart, Gentry, Mathews &
Woods, J. A. Forbes, L. II. Thoma-, Earl W.
Spencer, J. ft. Tower, Thos,. K. Lee, A .1.
Streeter, K. G. Head, Milton Hlghtower, Wm.
Kiley, Towers Brothers, Jno. Threlkeld, Car
rigan & Weller, James K. Trost, A. Khodes &
Bros., Sam tjniith, A. H. Warren."
A. Sensational Elopement That Came
to Grler.
Special Telegram to The Statesman.
Dallas. Anrll 30. Ouite a sensational af
fair, of an elopement and kidnappirg charac
ter, occurred here to-day. A yotmg man
named J. J." Teasdale, boarding at the Com
mercial Hotel, had won the affections of Alice
Cearuel, aged thirteen years, the daughtr ot
the proprietor. -Her parents had arranged to
send her to school at Bryan to separate them.
To-day Teasdale succeeded in spiriting her
out of the house and marrying her, having
made oath that she was 18 eara of cge aim
thus secured a license. A squad of police was
called as soon as the girl's absence from home
was discovered. They traced the couple to the
American House aud surrounded and captured
the patties, but not till after they had breu
married. A cnlorcd servant named Lul-t Swe
att, is in jail for aiding the flight of
the girl. 'J he mother of the latter
claiming that the servant over powered her
(the mother) and held her a prisoner in her
room when she discovered her daughter's ab
sence. Tea-dale to-night s xceededin making
one thousand dollar bond and was released.
He Is to be prosecuted for kidnapping, aud also
lor perjury, for swearing falsely concerning
the girl's age. The child bride is at home un
der turveihance of her parents.
Death of an Old Citizrn Crops Per
gonal, rtn
Special Telegram to The Statesman.
iiisTROP. At-ril 30. James Nicholson.. Sr..
an old Veteran, and one of our oldest and most
respected citizens, died last night, and was
interred ui'.s evening Dy me masonic uruer.
Mr. Nicholson was eichty-lwo years of aje.ana
has been a citizen of Bastrop about fifty years,
being one ot the nrst sett lers.
The late rain- have done but little damage,
with the exception of putting the farmers be
hind with their work. Crop prospects were
never better. Some corn is wai-t uign ana
cotton in proportion. Bastrop is noted this
spring for its tine gardens, which are early. A
farmer has almost gotten to be a curiosity on
the streets.
Bunicess is very dull. The Arm of HlgoJns &
Garwood are closiug ot their mercantile bus
iness. They nave oeen odo oi ine leaning
firms ot our little city for the last seventeen
Mrs. McKean, of Austin, who has been visit
ing her mother, Mrs. Eilei s, for some time, l ft
for Austin, this morning, accompanied by her
sister, Miss Mary tilers.
The railroad boom has fallen through, and
the freighters are happy.
An Irate Ha&band Hunting a Lotha
rio WltH a Shot-nn.
Spscial Telegram to The Statesman
Bklton. May 4. We re soon to have a
killing at least present, prospects ae Halter
ing and ripe t rit. One L. T. Klchie wrote
an insulting note to Mrs. J. T. Halbert, in the
absence of ner husband. When her husband
returned, she cave him the note, and both
meu were on the street with their double-
barrel shot-guns, but both parties were arresrr
ed and their guus taten from them,
and placed under . peace bond, wbich.C in
our liulirment. signifies nothlntr. Mr. Halbert
U Kx-City Marshal of Beltou, a maa noted for
his courage, aud he Justly feels outraged, and
those that Know mm sav tnat trouoie is aneaa
Klchie is a barber of this place and don't seem
io be easily friirhter.ed himself. The officers
deserved credit for their prompt action in the
matter. '
The farmers have been busily engaged since
the ground got dry enough, and with a few
more days' sun-bine they will be up with their
work . 'I he weather is threatening rain to-day.
'J'o-dav is stray sale and the streets are
crowded. He 1 1th is good; everything is flat
tering. All we want at present is nice clear
Benorts from E'en teen Counties la
North. Texas. .
Special Telegram to The Statesman.
Dallas Anrll Tt.c Herald In the morn
ing will publish reports from eighteen countl. s
In orth Texas, covering the Texas grain belt
as collected bv the Dallas Mer. bants' Ex.
cha- ue. These reports show increased acre
age hi cotton over i-si year oi la per cent
The crop is from ten to twelve days late.
but in good condition, with. 06i percent, o
the crop planted. Wheat, oats ind corn are
in better condition than for several years and
Indications point to a heavy yield. The late
flood did a good deal of damage in the over
flowed lands, but, peneraby speaking, little
damage restuteu to tne crops.
Evidences of a Crime.
Special Telegram to The Statesman.
San ahtonio, April 30. At castioviiie a
William 1 eea twelve-year old boy, stated that
that his step-lather, who suddenly left Me
dina County oue year ato. had brutally miir
dered a man near his ranch, and night bui led
the body. Search was made and trac es ot the
burial found, but n body. The corpse had
been washed away by rsiu. The murderer's
whereabouts are uutnown.
Concerning Swine Appointed to
Cadetship May.Day.
Special Telegram to The Statesman.
Kti.k, April 30 - Walter Jones and A. John
son, of Dripping Pprlngs, were arrested to-day
by Deputy sheriff Nolan, charged with taking
swine. The hoes belonged to W.J. Adams
and J. T. Whlsnant. and sold toC. fi. Word
ot Kyle. One of Mr. Adams' hogs escaped and
returned home wlih a piece of rope on his leg.
air, Adanis found the balance of the rope tied
near Hip rrsidence of Mr. Johnson 'and Mr
Jones. Jliith Piit'euieu wer identified by the
piircliaserof the Iiojs. Judge Lynch pi
tiiern ii'idiT a $0 0 bond to appear at the D.s
trict C(iU; t.
In ths compefetive extmiiiation for a caiet
ship in the United ssiates Navy, ht-ld in Flato
nia, Amos YarbroiiKh, of KjIp, received tno
a pointu tut. over nine ompetitors. Amos is
a bright young mar., and ths people of Kyle
fel proud over his suci-es.
Lame irei);j: atiom me belua made for Fri-
I day. May 1, the occa.-ijii beinj; for a pi nie,
SKating am aaucing, to raKe putce inrt-e nines
from Kyle. All business houses will be
The 15a u in Case.
Special Telegram to The Statesman.
Dallas, April 20. The extradition case of
Bauiti, the cotton swindler, now in Canada,
was again po d poned to day. The following
dispatch to hief of IVlice Arnold, oflallai,
from Detroit, explains the situation:
"By reason of all the Judges being engaged
in holding the string ass zes e'sew here, the
Bautu case can not oe heard till M iy 20, at
winch time it will bo argued in the Com t of
Appeals. Will write particulars.
(Signed) "Taos. Furlong."
Fatally. Sraldcd A Doctor' mishap.
Special Telegram to 'The Statesman.
Millsap, April 29. Mrs. Morrison to-diy
accidentally turned a pot of boiling c ftee on
her seven-year-oid daughter and a b.Jjy aged
live nion'li. The girl was not dangerously
hurt, but the baby received a fatal scalding.
fr. Yeauer. of Mb oral Wells, was fatally in
jured about midnight last ni';ut., while reiurn
ng from a social gathering. His horre bec;me
frigiitcne i, reared and fcli backward, crush
ing the pjmmel of the saddle into the lector's
Enters a Train, Kills the
press Messenger and
Itobs the Sale.
Chicago, April 30. The Louisville express,
on the Louisville, New Albany and Chicago
Kailroi.d, due here at 8 o'clock this morning,
was stopped near Harrodsburg Ind., shortly
before midnight, by a band of masked robbers,
who compelled the enineer and fireman to
leave the engine. Entering the express c-ir.
the American Express messenger was covered
with revolvers, aud refusing to unlock the safe
wa shot dead. The safe was broken open, but
lound to contain but 400. The sc-ne of the
roobery is among the hills and stone quarries,
and is but thinly settled.
Another Accouut.
Indinapolis, Aptil 30. The express
matter in the . L. N. A. & C. train
was earned m the baggage car, which is occu
lted by messenger aud "baggage-master. It
was, as usuali the first car on the tram. The
messenger's name was George N. Davis, oi
Louisville. Last night at 11 o ch.ck the train
reached Harrodsburg, Owen County, a local
station, the third below Bloomlrgton. It bas
a population of not more than four hundred
soulf , aud at that time of niglit as quiet as the
grave. It is, iu round figures, 112 miles from
Lafayette. There is a water tank
at ilorroasDUi g, ana me iraia sioipeu mere
four or five minutes to replenish the engine.
While it was at a stand-still one of the passen
gers in a sieeping-c.r, J. ti. aamuiou, oi
Greeucastle, happened to be looking out of
the window, and by the reflected light of the
engine and lrom the car-windows, taw a man
emerge aonarentlv from under the trucks, and
d.sappear in the direction of the engine. Iu
the brief g'.impse nr. iiactiuon nau oi me
man, hi saia he was above medium higut,
dressed in the tattered garments of a va-erant.-and
carried a stick in his hand-a club
for a stick. He naturally suposes him to
be some tramp, who was pstealing a
ride under the tiucks and dismissed the mat
ter fr m ills mind.
Meantime the engine had taken water and
started. Nothing unusual occurred until the j
Utile statlou of Smlthville Hid. about two
miles Norh ot Harrodsburg, was reached.
A sharo ring oi the bell on the enuine stopped
the tralu. Befere an inquiry as to who pulled
the bell rope could be made, the baggage mas
ter fluug open the door of the smoking cr and
reeled, covered with blood that trickled from
a ghastly wound in the head. He sank on his
knte- between the forward seats and gasped
out to the horrified passengers who rushed
to him, that a rooner naci enterra
the bagae car, and shot himself and the
express messenger. This was all he was able
to say, when he fell unconscious on his face.
By that time, Conductor Chamberlln was at
his sine, aud, with a few of the more intrepid
passengers, maae nn way mio me uaggage
car. A siugle lantern, turned low, anu swtug-
icg from a hook iuthe ecu ng, cast a aim
light over tne iriguiiui scene, jmvis wa?
stretched in a pcol of blood by the
side of his safe, which' ws
broken open and plundered. Everywnere
was evidence of a terrific struggle. The floor
as litteted with papers mat tne assassin
id taken from the chest, and deeming worth
less, threw awav. The heavy boxes which
stood 1j the car were scattered atound in con
fusion. Davis was l.fted and carnett into tne
smoker. He was breathing, but it was evident
bt. was wounded to. the death. He haa been
shotlu the upper parr, of the head, a piece of
sKuti as large as a sqver aouar ueuig meiauv
blown off. From this apperture blood and
brains freely oozed.
Webber, the baggage master, gives the fol
lowing accouut of the affair: "When the train
slopped at Harrodsburg, he and Davis were
asleep on their train chests. Both doors of
the car were open and they had no suspicion
of auy thing wrong. Just as the train got into
nionon, weDDerwasawucenea oy a violent
hlmv riiitliR head. Th ft force was swell as to
half stun him but staggering to his feit he saw
tan muscular man struggling witn vi th.-'
messenger was bespotteu with blooo, which
was gushing irom tne wouna in nis nead.
he also had evidently been struck with a cmt
while he was asleep. The Diuogeon wu
which this had been done alage hickory
stick lay on the floor, covered.with blood and
hair. Webber was too badly hurt to take a
part in the fight, and felt to the floor. The
robber was a large man, raggudly
Gov. Oglesby's Proclamation
St. LOTJis.Amil 29. The recent proclama
tion of Gov. Oelesby. of Illinois, quarantining
cattle from Missouri, has created quite a com
motion in various, parts oi , tne stat, ana
strong condemnation of and opposition to it is
crouulne out in all directiois. Gov. Manna
duka has telegraphed Gov. Oglesby, asking
him to reconsider his action in declaring quar
antine against Missouri. An opinion prevails
that Gov. Oglesby's proclamation is with-,
out authority of law, and it is asterted
that if the officers of Illinois attempt to enforce
it as It now stands, the Fed sr d con.-ts will be
invoked for relief, xnis iq oasea on a decision
of the United States Supreme Court that no
State can make an indiscriminate prohibition
against tne admission et cattle irom anotuer
State, and can only exclude such cattle as
prove upon inspection, or other authority, to be
actually aiseasea. .
More Appointments.
TXT k outvi-stav Ai-iril CO Thfl Proolflnnt
1 arjiM.ii vi a vj.v . (in - -a. a-v a otwvuv
made the following appointments to-day :
unanes ij. ocou, oi Aiauams, auiusier xiesi,
dent and Consul-General lo Venezuela.
Warren Green, of Kentucky, at Kanazawa
Japan.' . .
ronn u. Bacon, oi soum uaronna, unarge
d'Affairs to Paraguay and Urapuay. -
To be - unite i states censuis Bertnoia
Greenebauin, of California, at Ai ja.
AiDert Loenmg, oi New orK, at Bremen.
Jbseph B. Hughes, of Ohio, at Birmingham.
dona t. mtnam.or unio, at iionciuiu.
Victor A. Sartori. ot P. nnsylvania. at Leg-
Robert -E. Withers, ot Virginia, at Hone
Kong. .
rublishers' Failure.
Boston. May 4. Ja. R. Osgood & Co.. well
known publishers have failed. They have
ma t- an assignm -nt to rtooert jvi. m ,i se, jr.,
and have called a meeting of creditors for the
12th, of May. The- Hello rope Pinting com
pany have also assigned to Mr. Morse, and a
-meeting of cr.iit-.rs has been called for the
12th of Mav also. The liabilities of Osgood
& Company ere about $150,0:0 and assets nom
inally large. The liabilities aud assets of
the Heliotrope Company are unk-.own
Debt Statement.
Washington. May 1 The debt st itemer t
issued to-day, according to the old ,form
Decrease of the debt during April
to be ;f 5,46496 38
Decrease of the debt since June,
1884 80,075,529 98
Cash in Treasury 4-3,932,56S C9
(iold certificates outstanding . . I58,8f0,0f co
Silver certificates outstanding... 14185,186 00
certincaies ot aepostt outrtana
iug Refundlug certificates outstand
i' g .-.
Legal lenders outstanding
Fractional currency not included
25.450,000 fO
241,050 00
34C,CS1,016 00
in amount estimated as lost or
destroyed , , 6,966,153 88
Mnnv imitators, but no ennal. has Dr. Sacre'
Catarrh an Remedy.
BrTI30213, .VJiQ'A rltH T
Czar MohUiziu an Army
. 1200,000 Men in the South
of the Empire.,
Russians Have Advanced South
of Pen j deli an Unmistaka
bio Act of Aggression.'4"
England as Well as Russia
Kapidly Preparing
tne Conflict.
London; April 2. it was during the n;eet
Ing ut Jiawul rindl, tl'at t?ie Ameer told EarJ
Dufferin that he regarded the occup tion of
l'enj eh of little conseiiuence, yt he attached
the greatest iniDortanco to the retention of
Mriiuithak. wliicii is half way between I'enl
deii and Bilaumrghab Ouce the l-'tuslans
Kln that point, taey will be ablo to threaten
Balkn, and cut off communication with Cabul.
loe latest ioisMan advance Is exuected to
bring t- e ouestion lo a crisis The current
opinion is th t KussU U really secretly pre
paring for war much more rai-ldly tliao sho
appears to Jio. ltussfan papuis are being
warned to secresy. !t Is reported that the
Khan of Bokara earnestly wtrned the Auieer
not to neglect Cabul and BalWi. wiilla taking
st-ps to protect He 'at, as the iiusstan army
was massing In Turkestan, near Saroaracaua,
with the luteal ion of marching oi Balkh, and
proclaiming Ayo ib Kahn 'a meer. while the
Afghanistan army was engaged at Herat, fis
letiertothe im-er concludes : "I know, for
certain, the Kussians intend not to marth be
yond Herat, but v. ill cut off your line of retreat
to Cabul, a id England's line of retreat to Can
London, May. Tie Government hrssent
an order to Dover to cease chartering ships
of small pattern for transport service. 1 his :s
believed to foreshadow the stoppage ot ail
war P" eparatlons.
London. My I. Dispatches from Shanihai
state the di?puts be' ween China and it ssia,
regarding the frontier of Manchocria. has be
come acute, owing to the noa-arrival of Kus
stan men bers of the Determination Commis
sion and. constant postponement
of the date of arriva at the place of
meeting to settle the boundary question . The
Chinese Commissioners have been readv for
months to begin work. The determination
and the failure of the .Russian Coiunissloners
to meet them has caused the Chinese Govern
ment to fear the sani farce enacted respect
ing the Afghan frontier win be performed- in
this case. Now u at the difficulty with iYnnox
1 1 relation to Touquln has been settled, China
has become .more courageous and has demand
ed that Kmsta fulfil her part ot the agreement
which ,ed to the appointment ot the commis
St. Petebsbuug. Mav 4 ThouGrh no defi
nite news ot re-ac-proachment between Ens
land and Kusia has been received, the war
cloud seems suddenly to have dissolved, The
news that England has not annexed Fort
Hamilton hi the Japan sea gives a feeling cf
London. May 4. The Prince of Wales
opened to-day the World's ' Exposition of In
ventions. The Princess ot W-les. Duke of
Edinburgh, Duke of Cambtidge, Earl Gran
ville and Sir William Vennor Harcourt were
among the distinguished persons present. The
attendance of the general public is very large
London. Mav 4. Iu the House of Lords.
this afternoon, Earl Granville, Secretary "ot
sta e for Foreign Affairs, in answer to an -Inquiry,
stated that England and .Russia had
agrr ed to renew negotiations in London, con
cerning the Afghan frontier, and a meeting of
a commission had been arrangea in detail. His
lordship said both England aud Russia had
agreed that the differences which had arisen
from the Penjdeh Incident should be submit
ted to a full investigation, aud referred to
friendly powers.
London. Mav 4. 1 p. M:" Consols closed
Saturday at and opened this a. m. 87, both
mousy and accounts in a tew minutes advan
ced to 973. Kussian securities 91; stocks
very firm; home aud foreign securities buoy
London. Mav 4. A. disD .tch from Timul
of the 3nh, states the dam on Karabard River
Durst, tloodlng tne country for miles around
and doing au immense amount of damage to
tne military roaus constructed Dy tne ttussians
wiio are making streueous efforts to repair the
damages and prevent any further deduction.
ine tuspatcn aiso states tnere can De no
question as to the ownership ot Peojdeh, as
the city has p?id tribute to Herat for over a
hundred years, aDd that the guard for the
government is composed ot Afcjhan soldiers,
auu iias ueeu quanereu in me city since looi,
and has been always an integral portion of
St. Petersburg. April 29. Russia, has or
dered the mobilization of her southern armr.
est mated at 200,000, which will be available m
M) uays.
Odkssa, April 29. The Russian reserves are
mobilizing. Ail business transaction beine
entered into here are undertaken subject to
heavy war risks. The Russian goytrnment
has ordered the Southwestern Railway to pre
pare several hundred railway carriages and
have them ready at as early a
date as possible for the purpose
of conveying troops. It is reported here th it
the newspapers published within the Russian
empire have been forbidden to print anything
in reference to current events in Central
St. Petersburg, April 29. Fifty heavy
guus have been seut from Kioff to Finland.
The Czar has signed orders for tne equipment
of the whole fleet. The Russian Minister of
Marine has completed an inspection of all the
torts at cronstadt.
TURKBY'8 attitude.
Constantinople, April 29. All tlie powers
have, through their representatives, verbally
urged Tur)-'y to remain neutral in the event of
war between England aud Russia. M. Nikoloff
the Russian Embassador has had a special au
dience with the Sutan. - In this the Russian
statesman insisted that it was absolutely nec
essary for the Porte to- maintain strict neutral-
I iiy-ui case ui war.- omiiau oiueers are ai
present engaged In Inspecting the forts along
me i iiuaiieiics. me. rurw is rapiuiy crecL-
ing fresh defensive Works on the BnsDhorus.
The Sultan has ' ordered the
heights of Threpia to be fortified:
Turkish agents. have been sent
abroad to purchase torpedo-boats on the Sul
tan's accouut. ihe Porie. on Sunday hv-t. tel
egraphed to Berlin a request to Prince
msmaroK Tor. - nis opinion on
the AnBlo-Rus'im question and tne
attitude Droper for Turkey to assume, if they
go to war. it is stated that the German Chan
cellor's pro-npt response has not yet been
made Dubl c. It is known, however, that' the
Turkish Ministers held a special meeting yes
terday, tc consiaer Bismarcus reply.
' Berlin, April 29. Gladstone's speech in
the commons ou tne vote credit is generally
applauded by the German press. t
Berlin, April 29 France, Germany and
Austria have been discussing a protect for the
formation of a neutral league, and have invit-
td Italy and lurtey to loin mem. but neith
of the latter pewers hava jet given a decided
A. Wj
vcJimaa Pl&ced at a 3IIlllo-n-
--.. alie'a Grave.
Chicago, May 4. The publishhd statement
is made uere that A watchman has been sta
tioned at thfl grave t Cyrus A. McCoruiick,
eery night since the dead millionaire was
Dunea irt uraceiana temetety, a year . ago.
Mindful of the Stewart aft lr, it was decided
bv the relations, tn keen Ticil over IiU onv
Thoug a large salary wa offered, considerable
difficulty was experienced in finding a nan
who would accept ths task. . Finally,
Mike Alien, an . - old" servant
ot the dead man, volunteered for ihe
service. From the constant strain on his su
perstitious nature tne lonely watcher soon
taielrpnosl nnd a friw u'Aplr s m Hbrl . Minn.tha
Aa-,i, si !,, inI.Co K..'.nn. i.i
lent round ni.ht after night. During the late
strike of employes of Ihe McCormlck Reaper
Works the watch was doubled and extta re
cautiont taken to iircvep the desecration of
the grave. No violence wa? ottered to the sa
cred spot however, and the speedy erection ot
a mauseol-um is now contemplated, which
wdl lelieve the watchman ot hisuuty
Casualties at a Fire.
Chicago, May 4. In the fire on South W
ter street last night, M. Muenev. a single man,
workiug with truck No. 1, was caught bv a
volume of crates, cites and barrels which
buried him six feet. deep. Charles Bird, stand
ing just beside Mueney wht n the crash C ihe,
fell just beside his companion. W hen all less
injdred men had been extricated, it was sud
denly dis-overed these two were missi g
Fifty mn lost no time clambering ud the lad
der, and with nicks and hocJks dragged away
the debris until their comrades were found-both'-
dead, 'ihe weight that had suddenly
borne them dowa had crushed their lives out.
.-Brussels. Anrll 29. A dl.-nurch from sr
Petersburg says the couuo.il he:d at the Palace
to-day, at which the Czar presided; rejected
the proposals made by W. t Glers to aJopt
conciliatory measures toward England. Tlio
reply of the Russim Government to Karl
Granville, firmly maintained thetenpr of form
er d:sp; ches.
- Got the Better of Ilinu
Buffalo, N. Y.. A pril x9. A Chicago bun
ko swindled Josiah Beardsley, a prominent
real estate dealer, out of 33.0CO, yesterday..
Lft Port.
Norfolk, Va., April 29. The Russian cor
nette Strelak left port at 1 o'clock tills morn
ing. Aer destination is unitiiown..
The Body Tied "With a Cord
, : . A Deep, Dark Mys-.
PlTTriliUBG. Kav 1. This moruln? about Rhr
Uulun Depot, upen bursting open a trunk
which give out a suspicious odor, was hn; rifled
ftad therein tne body at a at an, securely bound
and In an advanced stage of decomposition.
The face was badly - discolored and
bioat-ed, a-d the stench was no
great that it kept at a safe distance the large
crowd which quickly gathered. The trunk
was a common wooden one, and evidently had
not been used before. It arrived here from
Chicago over the Pittsburg. Ft. Wayne and
Chicago Railway, at 1:20 a. in., on the morning
express, and was cbect ed 4,171 , but no person
called to claim it. The baggage-master no
ticed a peculiar saiell wh.u It was unloaded
from the train this morning, but no
attention was paid to it till
this evening, whtsn the stench was unbearable.
After a consultation the railway officials de
cided to open it, and the result was a ghastly
The body, in order to get it into the trunk,
had beu bent almost double. Aroun4 the
neck, arms aud legs was a tiemn cord about
one-eighth of an inch in thickness, which
had been drawn so tight that It bad cut deep
Into the flesh. Tnere was no mark
of violence, and so far as conld be asc-rtnfned
from aa outward examination the stomach was
in a normal condition. The body was that of
a laboring man, probably thirty years eld. of
short, heavy build, with a smooth face. He
was dressed in a pair of ehecked woolen cants:
a blue cotton shirt; Hue woolen stockings, and
had on his -feet a pair of new dress trailers.
There wai nething on his person that wonld
rurnisn any ciue to nis iaen
tity except an international money
order in tayor of Flllppo Carusa, lor
Sj5j.o4. The order was drawn at Chicago on
February 24, 1885.
Immediately after the findinc of the remains
Corouer Dressier was summoned and tne body
was. piacea in nis cnarge. A. telegram was
ent to the baggaee aeent at Chicago, but he
replied he had n.- means of finding out who
had it checked. The Coroner is now holding
an investigation. He is cf the opinion that
the Remains were in the trunk at least thirty
six hours. ...
Minister Peadletn Banqueted
3Iake a Jipeeeh.
New York. A wil . At ajbanquet tendered
Minister iGeorge H. Pendleton last night, at
Delmonico's. by his clvils-rvlce friends, when
the distinguished guest was introduced by
President Ciarkes. He was greeted with vo
ciferous cheeis, whieh continued tor several
Responding to the toast; "Our guest of the
eveuiug," Mr. Pendle.on said in sub
stance :
I feel so much honored by your kindness
to-night, that 1 cannot well express my grat-.
itud, for words ot fitting acknowl
edgement fall. As I stand among
ou, i am paimuuy conscious now inuen more
owe to your considerate partiality than 1 do
to any claim of my own. 1 was groping In the
dark with the Jeiiks b 11, of tne old time, uuttl
Mr. i orman B. Eaton explains i tne delects oi
that measure. I then successfully urged the
passage ot the elvll-service reform bill.
After discussing tbe demerits of the spoils
system, Mr. Pendleton continued: 1 have great
faith in President Cleveland as the true fri nd
of clvll-servlce reform. Cheers. The bold and
manly stand he took in his letter of acceptance,
ana n nis earner declarations, maae nis elec
tion possible and his actions since have been
deliberate aud within the limits of the highest
duty. No more difficult task ever rlevolved
upon a man than upon Grover Cleveland 0:i
the day of his inauguration. In my judgment,
on the whole, he has done reina'kably well.
(Cheers.) This is tne critical lime oi nis ad
ministration. He must fortnu'ate policies and
encounter criticism from his political oppo
nent?. He must appoint office holders and
many good men will be disappointed, but
it is the duty of all his just countrymen, how
ever they may feel inclined to criticise him,
to give lilm, now in the supreme moment of
his trial ."that support which the chosen ruler
of every free people Is entitled to receive.
Gentlemen, l nnngie my neart est congratu
lations with yours upon the eminent success
our good rause ins attained, and thank you,
one and all. for this flattering token of your
Mr. Pendleton was lustily cheered after the
conclusion of his remarks. He will sail Sat
urday for Bremen on the steamer Elbe,
The Job oTCleanins Oat tbe Augean
Stables Continues.
Washington. May 1. Mr. J. B. Baird. ot
(leortria. to-dav received his appointment as
BUDerinieiiueui oi me ireau jieiter Venice, auu
immediately entered upon the discharge ot
the duties.
Late this afternoon the President made the
following appointments: Thos. M. Ferriall,
to be Colltetor of Internal Revenue for the
First District ot New Jersey, vice Wm. P. la-
tem, suspended; Sprieviil Baden, to be Assay
orof thrs United States Assay Office, Boise
titv. Idaho, vice Norman H. Camp,
suspended; George Hayes to b" Supervising
inspector ot steam vessels ior tne inn Dis
trict, vice Mark D. Flower, suspended.
The appointment made of George B. Clark,
of Missouri, and William King, of Georgia, to
be Internal Revenue Agents, vice H. Clark, ot
Kentucky, and J. Grimerson, oi lenusyi'
vania. resigned, took effect to-day.
K.J. Hale, appointed Consul at Manchester,
is a native oi North carollua; aDour- roriy-nve
vears of age. and Is editor of the Favetteville
f N. C.) Observer. He has always been a work-
ina Democrat, and was a delegate to the Demo
cratic National Convention la t year .supporting
the Democratic ticK"t strongly in pis newspa
per during the late Presidential campa c i. He
annlieri for a third-class mission, and was en
doried by the entire North Carolina delega
The Secretary of the Navy to-day appointed
Wn.F. Hwitzerler. ot Missouri, to be Chief
Clerk of the Burt-ati of Stalls-los, vice Joseph
M. Whitney, of Maine, removed.
He also ordered the removal of Sn?cial
Agent h. Chamberlain, o:ie of the causes of
his removal beina that he was bor in Ver
mont, was anpeiutcd from Virginia, and voted
id Maryland,
Lynch Law."
Little Rock, May l. In Lincoln County,
two weeks ago. an old man named Bower was
murder d ou his d emlses. Suspecion pointed
to Wllkers, his sor-ln-law, but no direct evi
dence auoeared. Wednesday night Wllkers
went te Bower's house aud abused his daught
er w..o had him arrested on a peace warrant.
While under guard in his own house. Thurs
day night, a pay of men rode up and shot
nun aeaa.
. Washtngto ir. April The President to
dav aDDOlntsd John H. Williams, of Indiana,
to be third Auditor of the Treasury Depart
ment, vies B. W. Keightley, whose resignation
nas been accepted, to taae euect on ajin msi
Sailed for France.
New York April 29 Ex-Gov. McLane, ot
maryiiuiu.uewiy appiiiieu iuluiiilci uirid'-ic,
left this morning on. steamer Normanlie for
nay re.
Bandits, .
House, Kill
iir of thie
Attacking i Arties,
Miss Kate Morgan Drowned in
the San Gabriel Narrow Es
cape ol Her Escort. .
Lad Killed at Taylor Mcln
tosh, .the Murderer, Sent
Up for Life.
tour citizens Kllleri la an At'.arlt on a
Bi'ud of Thieves. , .
Special Telegram to The Statesman.
Deniso.v, May 2. News cf a bloody trag
edyat fee's ranch, Indian Territory, reached
here to-night. A gang of .hed River stock
thieves have in the last few weeks operated
boldly and have stolen several hundred head ot
rattle. A Urge posse started iu yursuit on
Muday last and overtook a band of the th.ves
attbu place indicated jesterday, fortified in a
house. Tli a posse attempted to dislodge them,
but failed and lost tour men in
the fight. None Sot the thieves
are known to have been injured. The follow
ing is a hot of the deai : James R If, Andrew
Koff , Sergeant Guy ot the Indian Police, and
au unknown man from Cooko County. The
Koffs were leading citizens of Cooke ixranty,
ana engaged extensively In cattle-raising.
Auotlucr Account.
Sherman, May 2. A telephone message
from Whlte,boro. asking aid- from sheriff
Douglass, reports a pitched battle between the
officers and outlaws in De aware Bend. The
message was from Marshall Witt and re
ports that Deputy United Mates Marshall
Williams, two brothers named Roff and
an Indian rolieemau named Guy, were
killed outright and several citizens wounded
Sheriff Douglass at once started deputy Bob
May. who was raised In Delaware Bend, and
deputy John Morris, to the scene. They will
organize t. pose te assist in the capture of the
outlaws. The fight is said to have oc-urred at
Stelae's store on the line between Cook and
Grayson Counties. Governor Ireland has been
telegraphed to tor the rangers.
An KJyable Social Occasion Local
Special Telegram to The Statesman.
Elgln, May 1. Messrs. Angle Smith and
Greenvlli LCunnlngham, two very popular and
promising yuung men of our town leave on the
8th, tor Poughkepsie, New York, to take a
Commercial course in that noted institution.
The young ladles and gentlemen of Elgin
gave them a ball at the hail last night. After
the passing around of the cake and. ice cream
and presentation of several beautiful boaoets
.to the young gentlemen from their lady friends
music ana aaneing were tne progi amine ot tne
evening, and Indulged in by those who enjoy
tripping the fantastic toe, till the wee small
hours of the night. It was voted by all to be
one ot ihe most enjoyable occasions of the
Max Bassist, one of our enterprising mer
chants, has just retur ed from a fourteen days'
trip from th Kxposition.
Dry weather: more dry weather, is what we
need now, to allow the farmers to work out
their crops. Some report that so much wet
weather has injured the cotton, and that some
has already began to die.
We have a concert to-night, for the benefit
of the Methodist church, which promises to be
an interesting occasion.
The Elgin Times, edited by Mr. Green, is
booming. It promises to be a live and well
conducted weekly, it Is a new venture in our
The Convictions of Joe Smart and
Joe Williams.
Special Teli ram to the Statesman.
Shbbmam, May l. Joe Smart, charged
wlta having. In company with Jno. Allison, in
1832, gone to the residence of Bob Allison, and
shot him to death, was found gui.ty to-day and
sentenced to the penitentiary for life. The
patties all reside in Delaware Bend. John
Allison wns, at the last term o: court, sen
tenced for life, for the killing of a aegro and
firing a church on Christmas night, 1883, and
also pleaded guilty to killing his cousin, Boh
Allison, for which Sm.it was found guilty
to-day. Smart claims to have been coerced
iuto going by Allison, and claims to have taken
no part iu the killing. Smart was captured by
St. Louis detectives at Beh ville, 11L, about two
months ago, a heavy reward having been ot
f ered for him.
. Joo Williams was to-day convictrd of the
murder of Wm. Galther, nrar Denison in Feb
ruary last, a-id sentenced to Imprisonment for
lite. He laid in wait for his victim
and shot him from a clump of
bushes, as he was returning from school.
Williams had previously laid in wait for Gai
!her, and shot him so that his right arm was
completely crippled, and all hough 25 years of
age, was attending school to perfect himself as
a teaeher, that he might earn a living.
stiuweii n. itusseii. tne e-uniiea estates
Marshal, recently released from the Chister,
111., penitentiary, who has located at Deni
son as an attorney, aeienaea tne prisoner.
Alleged Proposition to Quarantine South-
era Texas Cattle.
Special Telegram to The Statesman.
San Antonio. May 2. Trouble is brewing
between the cattlemen of North and South
Texas'. North Texas cattlemen propose to es
tablish quarantine against all cattlo aouth of
tne utie oi tne lexas & racinc it an way tracit
A special meet ng of the executive committee of
the Southwestern hive S-ock Association which
is one oi the largest ana strongest associations
of the United States was held here vesterdav
with closed doors. The Panhandle quarantine
Was the subject ot discussion. It is not yet
Known what action was determined upon, but
the spirit of the Southern Texas Cattlemen ,s.
that no such arbitrary line as the one proposed
can oe maiutuiueu, even witn tne aia oi Win
chesters. A SAD MISHAP.
The D nins sf Si las Katie Morgan,
a Yoant Girl.
Special Telegram to The Statesman.
Taylor, May 2. Miss Kate Morgan, i
yo :ing girl about 14 or 15 years old, was drown
ed in the San Gabriel River yesterday. A par
ty irom xayior naa gone to the uaDnei to
spend May Day. Miss Kate and her escort
(Mr. Lusby) were crossing 1 he nvtr at an old
ford, which had been washed out during the
lst freshet. The horse and buggy -both went
under and turned over, Mid supposed to have
caugnt miss Aiorgn underneath. Mr. .Lusby
Dareiy escapea; tue norseaiso was drowned.
Parties were searching for the body of Miss
Morgan all night, but have failed up to this
moruing to discover a-iything of her bo ly. The
river is full and water very swift, and the
pr labilities are that tlie body has gont some
distance down tne stream, ana it may De sev
eral days be lore it is found. .
Miss Byrnes Accepts the Sponsorship of
the Austin Grey.
Special Telegram to The Statesman.
Mobile. Aia . May2. The following s the
original of the letter of Miss Ettie Byrnes, ot
MoDtie, in repiy to tne note or tne secretary
of the Austin Grey, pt of erring the young lady
the compliment of the sponsorship of the
company at the drill;
Mobile, April 27, Mr, s. J. Von Koenner-
ltz. secretary or tne Austin ureys ;
De.AH Sir Appreciating most cordially the
flattering distinction conferred by the "Austin
Greys" in tendering me the sponsorship ot
their gsllant company in thr approaching 'In
terstate Drill," I gratetu'ly accept the valued
complement so courteously proffered by Texas
to Alabama, and while pr-.udly wearing your
"Old Gold and Blue" shall iodu ge the belief
that, In any event, the contest will reflect ad
ditional honor upon the chivalric "Grevs" of
the "Lone Star State." With a heartfal "gulck
bui, i am very respeciiony,
Etttk Byrnes,
Boy Killed School Picnic Loc
Special Telegram to tho Statesman.
Taylor. May 2. A bov about twelve, or
fourteen years old was run over by a cattle ear
in the yard here last night-and kl led. He
lived alKjut an hour. He said his - name was
Edw.erd Michael; was from from Chico, Wise
County. Texas, and was trying to get to
Austin td see his uncle'. He had beat his wav
hero in a stock car from Temole. It is suppos
ed he got under tne car ln'gett ng off while the
c.rs were switching in the yard. He said his
parents were bi 1 1 dee i. Tli coroner is h 11-
ing an inquest . - l:iv
J Th f uDlic scIkv," li.ul a May Day picnic o...-
the Mus ang. r.vervttiii'g pat oil oft p;easuni-
ly to the school cmldr-i .
' Thetrnscie t f ihe Taylor pnblicschnel have
secured the tv ces of frot A. E full for th
i next term. This is t ie third Year Tat lor has
; carried ou h r fiee school for a ten m mli
term each year. Over pupils get ten months
free tuition each year at Taylor,
ihe public school pre pa s hr pupl s for
entry to any !lrst-:Tit;s college in the country
Mr. A. M. ion has nrei:rHI ttl:in f.ir the
! erection of a line roldence for v. II Wxich.t
cashier ot tne Firs-. National I'.a-jk, to be
erected at the head of Mala street, east side
oi i iau avciiu-, the rcsl lence pon ion of Tay
lor. Minqr Brown nas moved the Texan of
fice over the 1- n-st National Batik. The entry
to ins oiuce is oeuveea tne oat.K and a bar
room. Brown sas he is solid now, as- lie is be
tween two ot t no great wann of a cou.itry
newspaper editor money auu whiskey.
Special Telegram to The Statesman.
Brcksoekhoff, Mav 2. Farmers have re
covered from the con.lusion resulting fiom a
temporary suspcnMcfi of their work by he re-
ceui neavy rai'iu, aiu tun ouiiook oncj mora
assumes its generous touusc ot fu'urj p:os-
perity. .
Aliifo Senteuce.
Special Telegra'm to The Statesman.
STEHENSVIL' K. Mav 2. Monran Mcintosh
was to-day convicted of tho. lnurderof li. Ham
ilton, in 1 87b, and sentenced to Imprisonment
for life. Hamilton was called to hi door at
night, by Mcintosh, and shot to death in cold
bl od.
The Steamer Uarnett.
Fobthfss Monrce. VA.-Tte British steam
er Garuett sailed this morning at 3 o'clock.
supposed for New York.
The Mayoralty to be Settled
.To-day Other Texas
Galveston. April 29. The aconv over the
aldermanio contest has ended. To day the
committee ot the whole ot the City C uncil
presented a majority and minority report. The
majority report rejecting me returns irom tne
11th Ward and declaring N. W. Cunev leirallv
elected as Alderman from the 12th Ward, was
adopted by a vote ot 9 to 2. Aldermen Lrge
and McDonald submitted u exhaustive mhior
ty report which Was voted uown .
At 2 p. ui. tomorrow. Hie comniitre of tha
whole will tockle the may
oralty contest which now absrbs public atten
tion and promises to bf more exciting than the
aldermenic contest.
The steamship Aransas, of the Morgan Line
arrived this moruing torn Corpus Chrlstl,
crowded with .passengers eu route for the
World's Exposition, anu the captain reports
Urge numbers left behind, for want ot accom
modation.. After taking on 1,4ft) sacks of
coffee, the Aransas sailed at 2 n. in. for JSew-
more Sensational Developements In
the aiayoralty ajonte&r.
Galveston. May l. The Mayoral y con
test between Ex-Mayor Fulton aid acting
Mayor Atkins took a new and unexpected turn
today. The sleuth hounds of investiga
tion got on tne ngut scent when
thev stat ted out to investigate
the frauds in the alderman lc contest between
Cuney and Allen . After seating turn y they
iook up tne -rial again, ana to-aay tne uig
wolf was fairly run to cover, where he Iras
turned on hit pursuers and shows signs f
Hunt. When the Council met to-day, in com
mittee of the whole, the contestant (Fulton)
through his Attorneys, immediately began
proving the fraui uleut character of the re
turns from the Eleventh Ward. These returns
had already been proven so putrid that Atkins
was unable, through hi witnesses, to po!nt
out a single genuine ballot in the Eleventh
Ward box. His entire defense con
sisted of an exhaustive document
labori-msly aliening, in a superficial manner,
the existence of fraudulent ballots iu tlie
boxes of the other w ards. For Instance, In
the 7th Ward Atkins alleges the nernet atlou
of such hnlous offences agalust tbe elect on
laws as vtne pasting together of one ballot,"
another ballot he alleges "had a circle upon it
made with a pencil; while s''ll another was
"scratched with a blue pencil-'- In this man
ner be enumerated perhap a hundred petty
Irregularities. The attorneys Jor Atkins, at
tne conclusion oi tne evidence oitered by Ful
ton, attem.ted to call witnesses and prove for
whom they voted lor iayor in the Eleventh
Ward Fulton objected to it on the. ground that
to show for whom they voted would be equiva
lent to holding an election at a time and man
ner tot provided for by law. The committee
sustained this objection, and, on mot on of Al
derman Lee, by a vote ot
six to three the testimony offered by
Atkins, was rejected. This brought ou tbe
crisis. The attorneys for Atkins, after a hast v
consH.tation, re-entered the Chamber and
threw bomb shell In the camp by announc
ing that Atkins withdrew his case from tur
ner consideration ot the council.
aud said lie would appeal to a more learned trl -bunal.
The strangest part of the proceedings
was the pompous announcement by the junior
attorney .that he took the responsibility of say
ing that the coutestee (Atkins) would contin
ue to hold the office of Mayor pend
ing the discussion ot the case by the courts.
This is the rub: Fulton with the Eleventh
Ward thrown out. has an undisputed malorliy
ef 91 votes, yet Atkins refuses to abide by any
result tne city council may aeternuue, ana ae
Bantly declares war by unnounciug he will
continue to be mayor, no matter what the
council does, until disposed by a more "learned
tnounai." ine situation to-nigni is one oi ap -prchenkive
as so n as AtKins witnarew irom tne con
test to avoid his impending defeat, he repaired
to his office and immediately began a whole
sale decapitation orth e old and tried members
ot the city police force. By nightfall he had
summarily d'smbsed twenty policemen, in
cluding two aetectivea; also discharged some
minor employes. Some days ago he dis
charged thirteen policemen, including Chief
Police Jerdoii", and appointed others in their
stead. Thus, to-night the entire poUce
force of the city are new men. every one
of whom is a strong partisan oe
Atkins, it certainly looks as though Atkius
was preparing to ahvslcallv resist the order of
the City Council hurling him from office. That
such a mandate will be issued to-morrow no
body doubts. Excitement over the probable
outcome is apparent everywhere. The popular
reeling is decidedly against- Atkins ana nis
methods. .
Knffllsh and Busalan Bian-of-War Off
Tl7-.Tv-.T Tn A nm.11 Q1 Tha Tl.mn.nn fnw
vetle. Streiok, after leaving this port Tuesday
night; passed out to sea and is now supposed
to beou her way to New York.
Second Secr.tary Gregor of the Russian Le
gation, arrived here yesterday, but left at
once for Washington, when-he learned that
tne streioa naa a?partea. rut Brit
ish ship Garnet is still at Old Point Comfort.
but It is thought will follow tbe Streiok at once.
The Russian ship seems to have given her an
tagonist the slip. The Garnet was close by
the Streiok nutil Monday, when she dronued
down to fortress Munroe. Under our interna
tional laws the Garnet cannot follow under
twenty-iouf hours, it ner purpose is to outrage
the Streiok. The Streiok has a speed of fit-
teen knuts against the Garnet's thirteen, aud
nergun. are oi mucn longer range man are
thoe of the Garnet. It the Garuet should at
tempt to engage her she would first have to
fin tbe Strtflok outside, and then the Streiok
might keep just outside of range of her antago
nist: and yet, with her superior guns, play up
on the Garnet. This gives the lfu si ui snip a
big advantage, and although she is a smaller
ship, she would prove a formidable antagonist
to the representative oi the British lioa.
Arrived In North River.
New York, April M.The arrival of the
Russian manof -war Streiok it tlie North River
has caused a great deal pf speculation. .
New York, April 30 The Russian man-of
war htrelok, which left Norfolk, yesterday,
passed Sandy Hook, Inward bound, at8:3i
o'clock th.8 morning.
"vVentern Union Operators.
Chtcaoo, May 2. Notice has been given by
the Western Union Telegraph Company that it
will Day its operators their full extra work,
this is in accordance with custom li.v.rgne until
a few months ago, and for the restoration of
which operators petitioned General Superin
tendant Glower.
Loss of Flesh and Strength,
with poor appetite, and perhaps slight cough
in morning, or on Irst lying down at night,
should be looked to in time. Persons afflicted
with consumption are proverbially uucouscious
of their real state. Most cases commence with
disordered liver, leading io bad digestion and
Imperfect assimilation ot food hence the
emaciation , or wasting ot the flesh. It Is a
form of scrofulous disease, an 1 h curable by
t hat greatest of all blool.-c etrislng.anti-bUllous
and invigorating compound-, known as Dr
Pierce's New Medical Discovery."
Absolutely Pure.
' This powder never varies. A marvel of pu
rity, strength and wbnlesomeuess. More eco
nomie.d than tbe ordinary kinds, and cannot
be sold iu competition with the multitude of
low -test, tthort-weight alumu or phosphate
powders. H id only, in cans. Royal Baklar
Powder Compouy, 1-6 Wall street. New
Panama. May 1. The city I en.ltt. 11m
National troops occupied the city at l o'clock
yesterday afternoon. There has be-n no dis
turbance during the am stic ot j irtv-elght
bou-s. Many, probably the ureates imrtlon of
ihe rebels, escaped, taking with tnem their
arm. The naval forces fr.-in ihfl United
St tes tout nue quite well. Tbe first battalion
i-i at Panama, ihe second battalion is at
Colon. The artillery am; gatllngs are scattered
along the line of lallway, at Mala'.tliln, San
a auto tutu vliici yuiuia.
Panama. May 1. via Galveston.- Admiral
Jouett has gone to Colon, after settl-ng the po
litical squaDute yesteraay. ana oidored the
Aliens r lemiug, teaman apprui ticc, died on
the 30th, of fever, In St. Thomas hospital, on
his 2ist birthday and the day his enlistment
ihe (let chment of the first battalion under
Col. Haywood is expected to remain Jn Pana
ma unt il eace is luny assured, j no last de
tachment of blue Jacket" leave Panama this
altei lio iii. A detaenn ent will t vnaln at Pav
ralso aud S.n Pablo on ihe imlway under
l.teut. Mason, Huntington and Klliott. Tha
sick list is small, no serious cas.. in over
looo men on y one case of iutox t-Jii. on nas oe.
curred. Aizoum is aboara the 1 1 ine I lanehe.
l'reii'h flagship.
Taylor, Elxtn afc Bastroi K.liway.
Special Telegi am to Tbe 8tat4- i.uti.
Taylor. Mav 4. In regard o .lie favlor.
Elgin fit Bastrop Ka lroad, pat t. .is tinting the
matter In ch rge say it is not .l-au. but only
"taking a little nap." and exno'.-ls to wake un
so n entirely refreshed and wil b renewed en
ergy, to push th matter throu !) lo comple
tion. GOV. MARMADU li li
1113 Efforts to Stamp Ou' tne Cattle
St. Louis. Mav t. Gov. Mai n ucuke. In re
ply to a letter from Col. Morse feneial man
ager of the stock j ards at Kansas .'ily, asklug
him to all a special session of I lie 1 .em stature
to take action regarding plei ro pneumonia,
says that he does not consider It necessary to
do so, and asserts that the plague is now prac
tically suppressed: that It has n.t at any time
been outside of Calloway County. Hod that offi
cial re orts just made by compel en I authority
express the belief that the disease Is confined
wituin a raaius oi eignt miles ot r union, tne
point where it originated. The Gt veruor fur
ther says that everything posiicle : being
done to extirpate the plague. He he be
lieves siiincieiii money win oe m'?ru oy pri
vate subscription and that the disopso will be
entirely eradicated within thirty la a.
ine governor aiso tninas mat outer states
have acted very hastily in (iiiamntlnlmr
against Missouri. He says he has been strong
ly urged to retaliate against them, but will nor
do so, and he saya he will contlui e to use
every means to suppress tbe pla ;uo and pro- .
tect the Interests of the State.
The Trunk Mystery.
Pittsburg, May 2, At tlie ciion.r's Ira
Quest Drs. Hamilton and Show niatle a Dost
mortem examination, testified ttitu were no
external marks of violence' ou tho Irceased.
All his organs were healthy, exce.-t lb 3 lunirs.
which were badly congested. This jju.'d result
suffocation or strangulation. In accordance
from with this testimonya verdict was ren
dered that deceased came to bis -I rath Irom
strangulation, at the ban Is of in c it to the
jury unknown.
Under Arms.
Joliet. III.. Mav 2. Four comranles of
State troops numbering 254 men at 'i w here
underarms. The striking stone CJirns num
ber 2,0W) and still maintain a threatening attt- '
tude, out no trouble has yet happen -i.
Death of Mrs.Vauderb.lt.
New Vobk. May 4. Mrs. Frank A. Vander
blit, widow of Commodore Vandei Kit. died at
9 o'clock this meriting at her resides ;e, No. M
Washington Place. She had been lor the
last few days with pneum jula.
T est Tour EaMng rowdci fr-Dayl
Bnj LaJrer'lscd aa absno v. :y
nee a ran top down n r- 1 .fp. mm
heated, then remove the cover ato ;n.!l. Aehmo-
It. ButbhuM Has NEVER lWr 1, ttmf.i
I. .
InainUllonbeinesforaquartrrofaaaottirj'lt &
tarsstood theeonramer'sreMfbietM'. "
Price Baking ;vv :r Co.,
irni 0- f
Dr. Pnce s Special Lorl' Extracts,
)ngert,mot( t .,lr.tn al , i
flavor kr t .a i
Dr. Price's Lur In ' Gems
- For Light, Healthy I
T . iul ltrv Rial
jorl.1. !
8T. LOUMav
bi tXTRACT .
Purest and stroneeat Natural nilt FlaVortV.
VanUla, Lemon. Orange, Alf .urt. Rose, 6te
flavor as delicately and natural!) - tbe trait.

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