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. Bertram, the Wholesale Grocer,
SlaWeft mi At- :Tiiueiit
Th business portion of our com-
Tnunitv was considerably surprised
about noon, yesterday, over the report
of the assignment of Ii. Uertra-n,
which WiW found to be true. JMr
Rprtram ia ainonrz the oldf-st mer
chants of Austin, and tor many yeare
did a most flourishing business, in the
nmiran of which he aniassea consider
able wealth. The firm of Bertram,
UniPaaerhoff & Moellcr was one of
the largest wholesale concerns in Aus-
tin. They cm business in me uunu
lnr now occupied by The Statesman
TiTHT.Tsmvft Company until burnt
out in the tarly part of 1883,
Tvfrl Bertram ha nn of late
engaged in business ou .Lavaca street,
in the northern part of the city.
His assignment, was as stated above,
in the nature of a complete surprise, as
he was thought to bo possessed of
ample resources to carry on his busi
ness. 16 was said, however, that he
never recovered financially from the
fire alluded to above.
As shown by assignment papers
filed in the offica of County Clerk, the
assetts are, in round figures $52,000,
liabilities $59,000. Mr. Thad Thomp
son will act as assignee.
The liabilities are distributed as fol
lows: Galveston merchants, some
88,000; New Orleans, 3,500; New
York and Brooklvn, $2,500; St. Louis,
81,900; Chicago, Jersey City, Terre
Haute, Philadelphia, Louisville
and Austin, the rest. The Aus
tin liabilities (mainly to three tanks)
amount to $35,000, mostly secured by
deeds of trust on city property. The
assets an-, as stated in the schedule,
including- re.tl estate not encumbered,
sjme $52,000. to-wit: Real estate
above encumbrance, 14,500; personal
effects, $1,100; merchandize, $15,000;
cash, $600. The balance of assets, of
judgments, notes, and open accounts.
Mr. Bertram has the respect and sym
pathy of numerous friends and patrons
in his present reverserses; and it is
stated that be might have weathered
through, had he not previously deter
mined to retire from business.
COUNTY commissions: ks
Synopsis or Their Proceedings Yes
terday. The regular term of the commis
sioners' Court began yesterday, with
all the members present, Judge Fue
more presiding. The attention of thr
Couit was directed to petitions fo
roads, among them the following: A
petition for the laying out of a public
road of 'the second class, beginning on
the Manor and Rice Crossing road at
the northwest corner of the Mier and
son tract and running to the Manor
road. A Bell, J. ii. Darlington, J. N.
Evans, Townes Gregg, and A. A. An
derson were appointed a jury to lay
out and work the road.
A petition for a road from
mouth of lane leading from
Giles Burdett's between Dr
Maxwell's and Henry Dickson's to
east boundry line of Millican and Tay
lor tracts was dismissed.
A second class road from the
Swede church on Decker Branch to
the Blue Bluff road was anion.? peti
tions, and L. B. Giles, J. W. Grooms,
Temp Norwood, Jno. Maple and Lon
C. Hill, appointed a jury to to mark
and lay out the same.
Petition for a third class road from
Baker's store on Gilleland Creek to the
Austin and l'flugerville road. T. E,
Powell, ' W; L. Stiles,' Jno, Webb, Wm.
Gregg and B. C. Giles appointed com
mission rs. '
On hiring report of the jury of
view, thu court established a third
class road from the lower San An
tonio road, via Manchaca, to Bear
Penitentiary Matter Italian to the
Front with a Kailtoad.
At a meeting of the Penitentiary
Boaid, yesterday, at which the Gov
ernor presided, there were present the
financial agent and one of the
Huntsville contractors. Exactly what
transpired was not made public, but
the session was rather protracted, and
a good deal of discussion was had. It
13 stated that the object of the meet
ing was to consider a petition from
contractors, looking to a modification
of their agreements, and for such ac
commodation by the Board as to help
them through the dull times. At
present nothing can be realized from
a large amount of manufactured ar
ticles. Some $25,000 has been drawn from the
treasury for the penitentiarries, since
the general appropriation act went
into ellect. which amount is alleged to
have gone for deficiencies. The board
UldouDtiess act witn consiaeraDie
Tne charter of tho Dallas & North
western R. R. was filed in the office of
the Secretary of State yesterday. The
capital stock is put down at $2,500,000,
The projected line is to run irom Dal -las
to or near Seymour, in Baylor
County, through the counties of Dal
las, Tarrant, Denton, Wise, Jack,
Montague, Clay, Young, Archer and
Baylor. The incorporators are ; Thos.
Field. O. P. Browter. A. J. Porter, T.
L. Marsalis. J. S. Daugherty, W. H,
feimmon, F. M. Cockrell, E. M. Pow
ell, and H. C. Clark.
By Austin Ladiee How the Fair Sex
Can Handle a Winchester.
At meeting of the members of tne
Capital Rifle Club, some weeks ago, it
was decided to offer a goldmedU,
'suitably inscribed, to be competed for
by lad ij the wives and daughters of
the members.
r At the first trial for this medel there
were eight entries. The distance was
150 yards, and the prize was won by
- Miss Laura Maas. The score was as
follows, out of a possible 36:
Miss Laura Maas 8 11 1231.
Miss Anna Petmecky, 12 7 1130.
MI33 Julia Maas, 7 12 7 26.
Mrs. M. Maas, 8 11 1029.
Mrs. R. Von Bceckman, 6 9 1126.
Mrs. A. Summors, 111 1224.
- Mrs. E. Junck, 1 12 922.
Mrs. J. Petmcekr. 11 4 520.
The gun used Is a Winchester. 82
calibre. The members of the club are
justly proud of the marksmanship of
. the lady members, and will enter the
names of three of the young ladies to
compete for the medal to be offered at
the state tournament.
Meeting ot the Capital Board In
diana LlmgtOD. sjharter. ete.
There was a meeting of. the Capitol
Board yesterday. The object was os
tensibly te protect the trees and shrub
bery, within the capitol grounds from
the hands of vandals and loose quad
rupeds. The syndicate however has,
under their contract, the exclusive
control of a portion of the grounds,
the rest being under the care
of CoL Darden, the superintendent of
buildings and grounds.
But while this was the alleged ob
ject of the session, it is shrewdly sur
mised that not a little discussion (in
formally) ensued in regard to
the use of Indiana lime
stone instead of that hitherto
. employed. The board no doubt was
pleased with the sample shown, and
when tested, if found equal to the
claims made in its favor, there is
scarcely a doubt of its adoption.
At present no wark is going b.
contract forthe superstructure
chiving been Jet. but the syndicate
ows itsuintention to pu3h forward
jawrprise at a very early date.
There is onlv the question of material
to be sol ved, and tue work will be re
sumed, although, a few "doubting
Thomases say the contractors mean
to throw up tne job. The syndicate
his received in payment to date about
4.10,000 acres ot land. This they pro
pos devoting to tie cattle bu. in ess.
The J. G. Caiipbeli Drug fctore, of
Corsicana. was chartered yesterday.
Th i fiction of the Town Council at
Terrell, directing and controlling the
bcr.col Board or that place, is pro
nounced, in a letter from the Attor
ney General, ultra virea, and of no el
They watched the boat go round the bend;Q
She was bound for Mount Bunnell,
A keg ol beer stood at one end,
And on it B. Council.
The Capital Rule Club has a picnic
at tneir grounds to-day. They will
while the happy hours away feasting
and shooting.
Four penitentiary convicts were
brought down from Burnet yesterday,
en route to Huntsville. Three of
them were white men.
Mr. Monroe Miller, the popular pro
prietor of the eclipse stables has just
oought out the undertaking depart
mont of Kreisle & Co.
"Who can deny that Austin is not
now a sea-port city with steamboats
every day, coursing up and down the
yellow waters of the Colorado ?
Mr. A. J. Peeler, jr.. received a cer
tificate from the County Commission
ers yesterday, preliminary to apply-
lag far a license tu practice law.
The County Judge has received
copies of the General Laws of the
Nineteenth Legislature, for free dis
tribution among the county officers.
Tne University students have a hard
time in securing a speaker at the com
mencement exercises. Judge Ballin
gs of Galveston has just refused to
Sevenl y-seYen was the luckv num
ber that i i ew the little Charter Oak
at G. A. brush's, yesterday, and Miss
Bessie Steiner is now the happy
Mrs. Dr. Smoot has, in her flower
garden on West pecan street, a mag
nolia tree in l ull bloom. It looks as
fresh as tho naming and as pure as
the lilly. . j
It is understood that a mutually
satisfactory settlement was effected
Detween Dr. Stoddard and the insur
ance men yesterday. The damage is
said not to exceed 10 per cent.
The Statesman will not publish
anonymous communications. One re
ceived yesterday relating to the ar
rest of a former Austin man in San
Antonio, was left out on this account.
District Judge Walker sentenced
Antony Price, colored, to two years in
the penitentiary, and Dick Philips.
also colored, to twenty years. Dick
went up for forgery. Mr. Spenceis
now even.
The graduating exercises of the
pupils of the public high school occur
at the opera-house Friday night. A
programme of the affair with names
ot graduates will be published in The
The Supreme Court met yesterdav
morning at 10 o'clock to deliver opin
ions. The motion docket of the third
assignment will be' called to-morrow,
and the first call of the trial docket
will be had on Thursday.. There are
about sixty new cases on this assign
A steam boat excursion to Mt. Bon-
nei 's a novelty for pleasure seekers
to-day. Mr. J. B. Reinhardt is man
ager of the little steamer which will
leave at the foot of the Avenue at 9
o'cloek and return from Mt. Bonnell
at 2 o'clock this afternoon.
Dr. E. B. Wright will preach at the
A. M. E. Church to-day at 3:30 o'clock
P. m. There has been quite a revival
in this congregation lately, which
ceases to-night with a discourse from
the pastor to the . young converts,
numbering over eighty in the list
turee weeks.
Many a Memphis man "went broke"
on the Chickasaws. What the Austin
boys can't understand, is how so
many memners of this famous com
pany fainted during the great Mobile
drill, last .Friday. Was there any
loul play i" It seems quepr that
the Captain and six of his men fell
victims to what is considered a pecu-
larly feminine weakness.
At an important meeting of the
Austin Press Club last night, it was
determined - to have a picnic at an
early date, under the auspices of the
club, which will charter cars for the
purpose of an excursion to San An
tonio or some other desirable point.
The excursion will be made accessible
to picnic parties desiring to join the
'lub in their entertainment, which
will doubtless be of the most enjoy
able character. ,
women are areaaiui. queer some
times, or, as Sir Walter Scott happily
said, "uncertain, coy and, hard to
please," though at other times regular
angel3. T he cause of the above philo
sophical statement may be attributed
to reportonal musings over an elope
ment mat aia not occur ,m Austin a
few nights ago. It is said that every
thing was in readiness. The irate
father knew nothing of the scheme,
ana a sister or tne tair runaway (in
esse) was ner connaante, and was
quite ready to help the affair along.
They were to go on the midnight
train, ivt tne very last moment the
sister concluded she would not allow
the consummation of the arrange
ment. It was all she could do, how
ever, to persuade the intended bride
to abandon the project.
One of the most olegant and re
cherche society affairs of the season
took place last Friday evening at the
residence or colonel and Mrs. R. A.
Rutherford. Invited friends of Dr,
and Mrs. R. J. Grant assembled to cel
ebrate their straw wedding. The
elite and beauty of the city were pres
ent, ana tne evening was a most en
joyable one. Although almost all
those present were young people.there
were none so young ana happy as the
Doctor and bis beautiful and accom
plished lady, who did the honors in an
easy and superb manner. Among
those present was noticed the Misses
Grant, Red, Stuart, Yarrington, Hill,
and Smith; Mrs. Rutherford. Miss
Rutherford, Mrs. W. B. Brush, Mr,
and Mrs. l arrington, Mr. and Mrs
Barbish, Messrs. Porter, Scudder,
Brush, McNabb, Grant, Tyler, Morse,
Shelley, Broeck, Stein, Zimpelman,
Red and Baser, Mr. and Mrs. Deen,
Mr. and Mrs. War mouth. The pres
ents were numerous and handsome.
The Waco Day, in alluding to the
address made by Dr. C E. Fisher of
this city before .the late medical con
vention held there says : The vale
dictory by Dr. Fisher wa3 a superb ef
fort. Taking as his subject "Medical
systems and Medical men," he deliv
ered an address rich In interest, bril
liant m thought, fluent in delivery.
which attracted throughout the closest
attention of his hearers. Strong and
logical in the defense of the system he
loves and follows, there breathed
throughout the whole a spirit of liber
ality to other systems and their
advocates. Rising proudly above the
lines drawn by professional prejudice,
he urged the necessity of harmony
and fraternal love among the disciples
of the various school?, but said that
harmony and concord could never be
had without the fullest recognition of
the homoeopathic doctrines by the
members of the other schools, for, said
he, "we are here to stay," and the
claims of homoeopathy for recognition
have been proved to be-, substantial
and just. ;
An Avenua Tobacco Score boon I'p by
tlte Flames.
At about half-past 4 o'clock yester
day morning officer W in. Howe dis
covered that the Clu'o Cigar Store, of
which Mr. M. T. Rogers is proprietor,
was m flames. Hurrying to the Police
Station he g ive tne alarm, and soon
the entire lire department was on the
scene. The building is one of several
shably little structures, just south of
the furniture store of D. W. Jones
& Co.
Pretty soon the active lads of Colo
rado No. 2 and Washington No. 1 are
throwing streams of water inside the
apartment, and it dees not take them
long to down the dread destroyer.
Time and again have the brave and
ready firemen of Austin saved the
business part of the city from total
destruction. It is only. just, and not
in the nature of fulsome flattery, to
say what has been observed frequently
by strangers, that the Volunteer Fire
Department of Austin is one of the
best in the South. This is ia accord
ance with the exact facts, and the men
of Colorado, and Washington, of Hook
and Ladder Ko.l and Protection No.
3 are- a credit to the city and an honor
to the department they represent.
The store-room was badly used up,
the ceiling being burned through, and
the contents suffered even worse.
What the fire did not consume was
ruined by water. Piles of soaked
cigars and chewing tobacco lav
strewn upon the floor. It is doubtful
if five per cent, was uninjured.
Mr. Rogers was insured tor 3fo,ao0,
2,250 in the .tna,- of
of Hartford, and $1,000 in the Impe
rial of London. The stock consisted
of plug and smoking tobaccos and
cigars, and was insured for $3,000, the
remaining' $2oO on fixtures, etc.
How the fare originated is unknown.
though from the fact that the till was
emptied of a number of small silver
coins, it may be that it was set on fire
oy burglars. .bike the hre that Hap
pened nearly opposite a few nights
since, its origin is wrapped m mys
tery. Open Tom Doors.
When the President of the Rush
Medical College, Chicago, an eminent
physician and surgeon, Professor J.
Adams Allen, says: "1 would regard
the admission of ammonia into the
daily bread as wrong, attended, if
long continued, by injury to the stom
ach;" when the State Assayer of Bos
ton, Professor James F. Babcock,
says: "The sale or a baking powder
containing ammonia I consider a
crime against the public health;" when
the chemist of the Health Department
of Cincinnati, Professor J. Bohlander,
finds six per cent, of this poisonous
drug in a baking powder forced into
unsuspecting families a3 "absolutely
pure," it ii time to open your doors
and allow the intelligent baking-powder
tramps to enter and expose the de-
filers of our daily bread. We do not
believe in bolstering up an article
without merit, but, when there is
found a clean, pure and healthful
preparation like Dr. Price's Cream
Baking Powder, we like every house
keeper in the land to know it.
Commissioner's Court.
The County Commissioners were in
session yesterday, still engaged in the
consideration of road business.
Wm. McMillan was appointed over
seer of road precinct No. 13J, from
his residence to the county line.
Mack Jones was appointed overseer
ot the road from mouth of the McCall
lane to the San Antonio road.
A road of the second-class was es
tablished from the Manor and Rice's
crossing road, running east and inter1-
sectmg with the North Manor and
Elgin road.
Fritz Vaelker was appointed over
seer of Road Precinct No. 131.
A road of the second class was es
tablished, beginning at the corner of
the Anderson and Bissell leagues, to
J. J. Davis' place, and warrants for
damages incidental to establishing
said road were ordered drawn, as fol
lows: Charles Pace, $20; Bargely,
$20; John D. Grumbles, $25.
A petition lor a publ.c road ot the
second-class, commencing at Webber-
ville and intersecting the Austin and
Bistrop road at or near naynie
Chapel, was read, and M. Ingraham,
Miles Jipier, .E. P. Norwood, stack
Washington and John Wolf were ap
pointed a jury to lay out said road.
On petition for the estabiisnment
of a first-class road from the town of
Manor, westward to the Austin and
CameroD road, near the crossing of
South Gilleland Creek, A. L. Bell,
Wm. HowelL J. T. Gregg, Emory W.
Smith and John E. Rainey were ap
pointed a jury to consider the
A number of warrants in favor of
different individuals, were drawn,
and court adjourned, to meet at 9 a.
m., this morning-
Ab to Mrs. Grundy.
This potent personage has been al
lowed to rule too despotically in tne
feminine world, and the ladies say
that it is time her tyrany received a
check. But not even Mrs. Grundy
has dared to speak against: the value of
Brown s Iron Bitters as a strengtnen-
ing tonic for ladies who suffer from
debility. It enriches the blood and
completely restores railing neaitn.
Miss Sallie L.Paules, Wrights villetPa.,
was cured by Brown s Iron Bitters of
back-ache, kidney trouble, and liver
Yesterday's Proceedings la the
Court of Appeals.
The following leases were affirmed
in tae Court or Appeals yesterday;
A. M.. Horn vs. H. A. Pierce, appeal
from Dallas County; Texas 5o Pa
cific R. R. Co. vs. Thos. M. Mllling-
ton, from Tarrant; N. F. Thompson
vs. State, from Montague: J. a . Dar
gan vs. Pullman car co., irom uai-
las; Charles Marker vs. J. C. &cott,
irom Tarrant: L. is. Curtis vs. j.
Bernstein & Co., from Dallas; Texas
& Pacific R. R. Co. vs. Jno. T. Gwalt-
nev: from Fannin: Fort Worth &
Denver juy it. it. vs. w m. itauin,
from Montague: C. M. Byars vs. U. C.
Justin. from Baylor; Mo. Pacific R.
R. vs. Ji. Graves, irom cooko.
Reversed and remanded: 11. 11.
Doughty vs. State, from Presidio.
Aver's Hair V igor restores the or
iginal color, and its stimulating action
at the roots, produces a vigorous
growth, and gives the hair that beau-
litui lustre wmcn results omy irom a
strong, healthy, condition.
Supremo Court.
The followinsr business was disposed
of in the Supreme Court yesterday
Affirmed: L. A. Frames et ai. vs.
Caroline Chapman et al- from Atas
cosa County: Frost Thorne et ahvs,
D. If. JNewsom, trom wise uouDiy;
Chas. Scheuber et al. vs. W. H. Bal
low et aL. from Wichita: Texas
and Pacific Railroad Company
vs. Robert J. McKinnie, from Parker;
N. A. Johnson vs. Geo. V. Hollamon,
from Gaudalupe County.
Keversed and remanded:
Houston & Texas Central R. R. vs.
G.B.Hester et. aL, from Grajson;
I. & G. Jf. R. R. Co. vs. Kate Cocke.et.
aLfrom Bexar: T. M. Prince vs. T,
N . R. R. Co. from Hays County.
Assignee' 8 Notice of Appointment.
To All Whom it May Concern:
Take notice that hereto tore, to-wit:
On the 11th day of May, A. D. 1885, 1
. was by deed duly executed, nominated,
constituted and appointed assignee of
the estate of K. Bertram, who on the
di' af'.res ad, made a a ansignmnt for
the 1 eo tit f his cmiitors. I have
oualifi aI aad given bond as required
bylaw. Cred tors are hereby notified
to prrsieat Uu-ir claims
Witness my hatd this 12th day of
May, A. D. 1SS5.
Th ad A. Thomson,
Assignee of R. Bertram's estate.
A novelty in Lc-ng Island farming
the present year will be the extensive
cuiti vatic n of peanuts as an experi
A plo?. of ground set out in black
walnut and allowed to reirain twenty
years, it is asserted, will yield a larger
prom than In any other mode of in
vestment on a farm. .
"In Coylon, at last," says Sir James
Tennant, "leopards have a strange
fancy for the flesh of smallpox victims,
the specific odor of the disease seem
ing to strorgly attract them."
A straDge fish has been discovered
off the Morrocco coast. Itii a foot and
a half long, and of deep black color,
and has an enormous mouth with elas
tic membranes resembling a pelican's.
Two Kansas City newspaper men
exposed a medium recently by squir
ting aniline dye on the face of a ma
terialized spirit. The dye was, of
course, found on the medium after the
spirit departed.
Collections of military buttons are
just now the fashionable rage. One
young member of the Astor family is
credited with the posession of a string
of these trinkets in which nearly
every government of the world is re
presented. It appears from the Cornell Univer
sity Register for 1884-85 .that the
library of that institution contains
about 51,200 volumes and 15,000 pam
phlets, and receives additions now at
the rate of about 5,0.0 volumes annu
ally. The library has a fund, not vet
available, of about 8700,000. -
"One cubic inch of gold," says the
Jewellers' Circular, '-is worth $210; one
cubic foot, 312,380; and one cubic
yard. $9,796,762 (counting the ounce
at $18). At the commencement of the
Christian era there were altogether
$427,000,000, worth of gold, but at the
time of the discovery of America only
$57,OOO.OCO remained.' t present the
value of ail the sold in the world is
counted at $6,900,000,000.
Take care of your Liver. A Great
number of the diseases to which man
kind are liable, arise from a disordered
condition of this organ. Keep it in a
sound and healthy condition, and you
can defy disease. Prickly Ash Bitters
are especially adapted for this pur
pose, being composed of drugs which
act on the Liver, giving it tone
and strength to withstand malaria.
The Deadly Human Saliva.
It is only within a comparatively
recent period that the attention of the
midical world has been drawn to the
possession by human saliva of viru
lence, which, under certain conditions
is hardly surpassed by that possessed
bx the poison of the rattlesnake and
others of its class. It was that cele
brated investigator Pasteur, to whom
we owe so much, who, no earlier than
1881, proclaimed hi3 discovery of "a
new disease," from injecting into the
subcutaneous connective tissue of a
rabbit, the saliva obtained from a
child that had died of hydrophobia,
and the experiments of Dr. Sternberg,
U. S. A., subsequently, who employed
normal human saliva, have furnished
sufficient evidence that, however
harmless we have been accustomed to
regard this secretion of the salivary
and other glands, and as potent onlv
for physiological functions, we must
henceforth accord to it another and
mere dangerous quality that brings
its study into the realm of pathologi
cal inquiry, and forces attention to it
on account of the interest it possesses
from a surgical point of view.
These experiments of Dr. Sternberg
which have been repeated for the most
part by Dr. Claxton (vid. Medical
Times, vol. xii.,- No. 380), have fully
established the fact that when normal
human saliva is injected into the sub
cutaneous connective tissue of rabbits
death ensues in from twenty-four
hours to three weeks. When larger
animals were experimented on only
local symptoms, in the production of
abscerses at the seat of puncture, were
obtained. And we are accordingly
led to the inference that the potency
of the poison diminishes as the size of
the animal experimented upon increa
ses in the scale of being an inference
which is not supported by the results
of the case here reported. Medical
Wives! Mothers! Daughters!
A lady who for years suffered tor
ments worse than death from Uterine
Troubles, Palling of the Womb, Leu-
corrhoea. Suppressions, etc., and who
had despaired of being cured, found a
remedy which completely cured her.
Any sufferer from such troubles can
use the remedies, and thus cuke her
self, without revealing her condition
to any one, and without subjecting
her womanly modesty co the shock of
an examination by a physician. The
prescriptions and lull directions lor
use, sent free to any address, secure
ly sealed. Enclose one (two cent)
stamp. Address, naming this paper.
658 Broadway, N. Y.
She Knows.
A lady correspondent gives the fol
lowing instructive hints on the all
important subject of popping the
question: "Never propose to a girl
who has Deen out driving tne uay or
the evening before with another man.
Women have not the versatility 01
men. and cannot as readily turn from
one object to another. Never propose
to a woman who has recently rejected
someone else, woman is naturally
sympathetic, and in refusing proffered
love she instinctively, alJiost uncon
sciously, devotes herself to a lite or
celibacy. She should be carefully
watched until the reaction takes place
and then she becomes even better pre
pared than before to lend attention to
a declaration . If she has been engaged
and the relation has been dissolved,
the lover may even be a little
careless in the selection of his
time. To a girl once engaged an en
eraffement becomes a neccessity, and
sue is prepared at aimosc any moment
to listen favorably to an advantageous
proposition. To propose to a girl in her
own nome in tne aiternoon is maaness,
and if the excursion falls the inevit
able deduction is that for such a girl
the evening is. the only time that
promises any possibility of success
It is a work of supererogation to
dwell on eveninir declarations. Every
man understands them, and he has
onlv to make the most cursory exami
nation as to the health ot the subject
before entrusting his ambition to
Very lew Americans have yet
learned how little land is required for
furnishing food for a human being a
year, provided that little is well culti
vated ana the crops well cnosen. a
woman in the Hudson lliver Valley,
who cultivates only six acres-supplies
her family with all that a earden will
vield, beeps a cow and horse, and sella
besides some $000 to S700 worte
fruit and garden truck each year. It
is needless to add that she raises more
than one crop in a year, and allows no
waste places. . .
Some men wake up with headache.
Bailey's Saline Aperient will cure
An old-fashioned pudding sau -
that can bu made in an instant, i :
simply milk sweetened and ttavorei
with grated nutmeg. This is really (
palatable with corn-starch blanc
Granular Efferve- cent Tea.
Dr. Samuel W. Francis suggests that
some resionsible firm manufacture a
superior quality of granular efferves-
eiir- lea, to be sold by the trade in
small twenty-five cent bottles, and
larger ones tor one dollar. This
enable persons who are feeble, or
tired, or co'd, to put one teaspoonf ul
in a tumbler or cup of hot or cold wa
ter, and, in a few seconds, enjoy the
comforts of a refreshing cup of tea,
which is all readymade, as it could be
mixed with milk, sugar, or its equiv
alent. For those who travel it would
prove of great value and become
popular. A handsome income is open
to any enterprising company.
Delicious fritters may have
stale bread for a foundation; if care
is taken In removing any or all of the
crust that is dark brown, the fritters
will be light-colortd, and very invi
ting in appearance. Eggs are a good
addition in the proportion of four
eggs to one quart of sweet milk, a
salt-spoonful of salt, and four or five
slices of bread are also required. The
bread should lie soaking in the milk
for two hours. It can be broken into
small bits, and then it will not be
The blind couple who recently mar
ried near Dadesville have proven to be
successful housekeepers. The bride,
who can see but little, the other day,
while pouring out hot coffee for her
husband, wnn passed hi3 cup back to
have it refilled, dimly saw, hi3 white
collar, and thinking that tne cup, be
gan to pour the coffe down his back.
STATE news.
Brownwood is having candy pull-
Waxahachie has 460 pupils enrolled
in the public schools.
Bonham rejoices in the curiosity of
a chicken with four legs.
The measles are prevailing in Pear-
sail. Up to date that town has ship
ped 50,000 pounds of wool.
The Northwest Texas Wool-Grower,
published by Mr. R. A. Musgrove,
at Sweet wHter, is just out. It is quite
a creditable sheet.
Miss Belle Hinchman. supposed to
be on her death bed, and Mr. Toney
Jones were joined in marriage the
other day at Waco. (Gainesville Reg
ister. A negro named Bradford was ar
rested in Kosse, the other day, having
keys to three prominent stores in the
town, and $400 worth 'of stolen goods
in his house.
The excitement over the discovery
of silver in Abilene has snbsided.
The ore was analyzed by a local
chemist, and was found to be iron
pyrites, without either silver or cop
per. The election to determine whether
Groesbeck should incorporate or not,
passed off very quietly yesterday, and
the measure was defeated by a major
ity of 27 votes the vote standing 13
for and 40 against incorporation.
Metal Poison.
I am a coppersmith by trade, and during a
series ol years my arms ( being bare when at
work), i.ave absorbed a wonderful amount of
metal poison. Having a scrofulous tendency
from my youth, the small particles of copper
and brass would get into the sores, and by
thi process the poison was conveyed into my
blood till my whole system became infected. I
was treated with the old remedies of mercury
and Iodide potassium. Salivation followed,
my teeth are all loose in my head, my digest
ive organs deranged, and I have been helpless
In bed ior over a year with mercurial rheuma
tism. My joints were all swollen, and I lost
the use of my arms and legs, and became
helpless as an infant.
M v sunerinus became so intense mat it was
Impossible for me to rest. The doctors advised
me to no to the City Hospital tor treatment.
This I could not bear. A friend , who has prov
en a friend indeed, urged me to try Swift's
Specific, believing it would cure me. Others
discouraged me, but I secured a few bottles,
and have now taken two dozen bottles. The
first effect of the medicine was to bring the
poison to the surfac? , and 1 broke out all over
in running sores. They soon disappeared , and
my skin cieared off. My knees, which had be
come twice their natural size, have resumed
their usual size, and are supple as of yore. My
arms and hands are all right again, and caa
use them without pain. The entire alsease has
left all parts of the body, save two ulcers on
my wrists, which are healing rapidly. I am
weak from long confinement, but I have the
use of ali my limbs. This medicine is bringing
me out of the greatest trial of my life, ai.d I
cannot find words sufficient to express my ap
appreciation of its virtues, and the gratitude I
feel that 1 ever hesrd of it.
rTR E. LOVB, AUgUSta, Ua.
January 9, 1885.
Malarial Poison.
The drouth In Southwest Georgia last spring
dried up the wells, and we were compelled to
use water from the creek on the plantation.
The result was that all were troubled with
chills and fever. I carried with me several
bottles of Swift's Specific, and as long as I took
it, i naa perir-ct nsaicn . as soon as i ceasea
taking it, I, like the rest, was afflicted with
chills, when I resumed its use I was all right
again. We have used it In our family as an
antidote for malarial poisen for two or three
year, and have never known it to fail in a
single Instance.
SumDter Co.. Ga.. Sent 11. 1884.
Treatise on Blood and skin diseases mailed
The Swift specibj.c Co.. Drawer 3, Allan
ta, Ga. ' -
The Markets.
Austin. May 12. Nothing new note luthe
ceneeal situation.
New Yobk, May 12. Money on call easy
at 1 per cent. Prime mercantile pa
per 45c. Bar silver 81 .0854. Foreign ex
change firmer, at $4.86 Vi for 60 days, and S4.88tt
for short sight.
New Orleans, May 10. Sight exihange
quiet at (2 per $1,000 premium. Slewing ex
change on bank firm at 94.87H . Consols 634
State bonds nominal, at following prices
6's. act ol May 2, 1871 U5
7's. " August 6. 1870..... 1.20
7's, " " marcn . ioi i.bb
6's, " ' July 6, 1876 1.26
o'S, " Apru zi, ihi
5's, " April 21, 1879 par
silver coin
Mexican dollars
Mexican halves
Mexican quarters
Trade dollars...
New York exchange, bankers
pare? pre.
.par!4 pre.
.par!4 pre.
.par! pre.
New Orleans exchange
Galveston exchange............
St. louls exchange
Xffe garkets all unchang2d to day.
Local figures are nominal aad unchanged.
Good ordluary 8
Low miaannx
Mi dling . 9
Good middling..... ........ ............ 9ft
Local quotations are as follows :
Fine and medium
12 mo.
6 "
. 4C
Burry wool Is discounted.
Ohio fleeces at 30 to 34c for X, XX, XXX and
above; pulled wools 25 to 3oc ior superior, anu
very cnoice lots ac.
There is some activity at this point; the best
butchers' dry flint having advanced to 16 cents.
Dry flint I Q15
of !
Green stock 05
Wet salted to 07
Country Produre.
Following are actual prices xom wagon.
Eeres. fresh yard joc to 15c
Country butter 15c i o 20c
sweet potatoes per on. 76 to i.
Chickens, per doz. 12.50 to 33.00
recans waevi
Wood $5,00&o.W
innner prices are chars: ea irom stare.
1 oiUN cotton markbt.
tiALVKSToit, May 12. Cotton Met receipts
at all United States ourts-
(altritff?.... 7 4.j40."3 rsccj: s-s
New Orleans. 49T i.713 15(W791 151C120
Mobile. 3 30 2.8088 251337
Savannah .... 817 14?3 71(N3 6itxw
Charleston... 58 164 509674 422528
WUuiillgtOU.. it 91735 911W
Norfolk 148 2tV 645278 67 296
Baltimore .... 27 2' 60W4 620iti
New York.... 75 8G521 114548
Boston 2 18C '80730 174132
I'hlladPlphla . 62 4 74U3 47755
West Point... fCO 211123 177H27
Other pons l H324 89040
Total.... 1062 5244 464519 4730372
jAty r.. 1711 5723 4730372
Exports Irom ali United States ports thus far
this week:
Exports this weeK Great Britain.... 10(91
" " France
" ' Continent 1082
Stock In all U 8. ports this day 509420
" - this day last year.. 539358
Livxrpooi, May 12. Spot cotton closed
Ordinary i 6 3-8
Good ordinary. - 5 5-8
Low middling 6 3-4
Middling uplands..... 5 7-8
Middling Orleans 5 15-16
Total sales 6,000
American 4.000
Imports 10,000
imerican 8.400
Futures closed easy .generally 1 point higher.
May 6.54 asked; May June 5.54 asked; June
Julv 5 5? bid; Juiv-Ausrust 5 61 bid; August
September 6.01 asked; September-October 5.61
asked: October-November 5.52 asked; November-December
5.49; Jauuary 5.49 bid.
New iobk. May 12. Cotton spot closed
Sales 69 bales.
Ordinary 8 7-8
Good ordinary 10 13-16
Low middling -. 10 3-4
Middling 11 1-16
Good middling. 11 1-4
Middling fair : 11131G
r utures closed Arm, 7 toll points higher.
saies bv.uuo
August... .
November. ,
December. .
10.91 10.92
The visible supply of cotton in the world on
York Chronicle, was as follows:
Total supply this day 2,343,104 bales
Same day last year. 2.727,321 -
Difference decrease 385,217
Nkw Obleaks. May 12. Cotton Spot
closed steady.
Sales, 2,750 bales.
Low ordinary 8 7-8
Ordinary 8 7-8
Good ordinary 9 7-8
Low middling 10 1-8
Middling... ....10 3-8
Good middling 10 6-8
Middling fair 10 15-16
Fair 11 3-88
Futures closed steady at 8 to 9 points
higher. r
sales, 14,600
May 10.40 bid
June 10.5710.58
July 10.77610.78
August. 10.8210.83
September. 10.341035
October 10.0310 04
November 9.603 9.91
December. 9.91 9.92
G4XVE8TOV, May 12. Cotton Spot closed
dull, quotations unchanged. Gross recelrrs, 1
bales: sales, 86; exports, 1,850; stock. 6,186;
shipments coast-wise 819, by rail 691.
Ordinary 9
Good ordinary 10
Low middling 10 1-4
Middling 10 1-2
Good middling 10 3-4
Middling fair 11
Futures opened firm, became barely steady,
and closed quiet but steady at (I to 10 points
May 10.20 bid
June 10.U)
July 10.76
Aueust 10.5110,54
September p.0.09l0.l2
Octo-ier 9.866J9 90
November 9.769.78
December... . : 9.769.78
Sales, 900 bales.
(xratn nd t-ovls 'on markets
Chicago. May 12. FLOUR Market quiet,
WHEAT Market unsettled, cut in good de
mand; first sales were at a decline of H to e.
Dut under cood buvlne advanced xc:soid on
1 to lV4c, and closed lc under yesterday; May
83a;t93ic, closed 8S5c; June, 90a91He,
closed 90Hc; Juiy, 92&93Xc closed 92&c.
UKiN MarKet opeuea weaiter; auerwaruH
advanced He; receded o; fluctvated, and
closed Xc under yesteiaay; cash, 47X-8c;
Mav 7A&48c. closed 47Xc: June 47Wa48c.
closed 47?c; July. 473i48&c, closed 47Xc.
LUiiiN iviqal. MarKet uigucr f.mu.e.
WHisKY-Steady $1.14.
PROVISIONS bull, only iob trade. !
PORK Market ou.et: opened 10 to 16c
lower; declined 10 to 12c; settled back 7V4 to
loc, ana ciosea sieapy: casn fii.ioq&ii.zu;
Juno fll.ieii.i2V4; July ?ll.20Hll-35;
closed SH2011224. '
LARD Market a snaae lower; casn ana
May $0 826.82V4 ; June $8.866.87H; July,
86 92&6.95, Closed $6.926.95.
BOXED MKAia jaarKei sieauy; ury saueu
shoulders. $i.354.40; Short ribs ?5.655.70;
short clear S6.i5feG.20.
RAC-ON Loner clear J6.2gmsts.3jv4: snort
ribs S6.406.50; stoi t clear $6.60 6.70.
BEEr Mar er quiet.
BUTTE K Market quiet and firm
CHEESE Market dull; western $1.003.00.
EGGS Market dull ; western fresh 4X6 7-16
CUT M EATS Market dull; long clear mld-
!w?,axc. ,
I1AMS unoice sugar cgreu 1 uuu eicou
At the Aiternoon Board wheat quiet
and lower; June, 89X ; Juiy, 9i. Corn easy;
He lower. Pork, 2K to 7tfc lower. Lard un
changed. ST. LOUIS.
Kt. 1.0TTTH. Mav 12. FLOUR Market firm.
hut onlet: XXX JS.653.75: family. $1.00
4.20; choice. 4.654.65; fancy $4.X&5.3a; pat
ents 55.WXfflS.9U.
WHEAT Market active and unsettled;
nrwneri u to c lower: then advanced Duoy-
autly lmlXc-later advance was nearly lost,
and market closed with Mav and June tne
than yesterday; No. 2 red, cash, i07Vii.o7X,
closing $1.07; June, 1.071.07, closing
I1.06&: July, 1.07542t.08, closing $1,07!4&
i.07; August, 31.08$1.09, closing $l.08
CORN Market slow, and weak, closing a
a shade lower; No. 2 mixed, cash 475447V4c,
May 47Uc. closing 47c; June c; closing
d7- -Tnlv. XldtAlMc. closinir
ats Market verv slow and easy: cash
higher; No. 2 mixed cash, 36e; May,36?4
ma Jnnn vtMi- .fulv. 32c: vear 26c.
vvhoL Market uuchanged. but bet grades
areseadilv sold at iud prices; poor grades aae
neglected. . , ,.
whmkv Market steaav. &i si. 14.
provisions Market dull and weak.
only a job trade being done.
m. ikk mi fii-irpr. Tirin : Kii.au.
BULK MEATS Car lots r. o. d.; long ciear,
Cc ta . slinrt. r-ih IK RO- abort ClftHr. V8.00.
$6.35; short clear. ?6.50aG.60.
LARD $6.606.75.
mw " koek. May 12. flou n -Market
ouiet. firm: spring stock dull ana a snaae
WHEAT Market for spot lots lower; op
tions opened 5 to lc lower; later reacted mc;
afterwards declined again and closed steady;
No. 2 red (1-033&1.O ; eievaior si.uo; auuai
No.ared May,$1.023B1.03; June S1.03&1.O4X,
closed $l.034: July $1.04?1.06, cio3ea.
at ruxr
UUrvJN oiarKeii opeiieu npuu iuw ti a v.
inner, nntlnnn u. ta Vc Iowt. closing with
r 1 L 1 1 ,n Ia
nnmn reaction: jo. z ooviWiDoau; miu.n. iw.
May t45o)4c. closing f6c; June 6594 655tfc,
a WwW fiSc- .Inlv. fi5G55XC closing 0)!4C.
COr r EE Bpoi lair. IUO luarHeb uruicr
ninna a fur noint.a higher and fair'v active:
a. few nointa hiirlier and lair'v active:
No, 7
1 run amit. ftfi BO: Hales. 19.500 bairs: Mav
6.556.60; June. 6.556.60; July, o Wb.bS;
Alimiur KK Vllf7.li. in. .
KiitiA it MarKet nrra. renne i nrni tair uc-
monH. mniililprl a. fMR; COllf RCtlOner. . OMiC:
standard A, 6; clarined, extra clarl-
fld.l fifmn'. ? Willie eXLTTa CliaTlUfU. OXLLU ULU.
yellow. 4Ki, off A, 6J4; powdeied,
fSi-,. rs..K.'s.U.
KICE Market quiet, uuclianged.
KOSI N Market d uU
tiihprntink Market steadv.
WOOI-Marfcet quiet, steaay ;Qomesuc, uc;
tiAHll Market zc3 poinis
S7.O57.07i4; May $7.127.13X;
7.13JXC: July 7.207.22.
lower; spot
June, I7.UQ
IvKAlMr.lv Marnei o.
it it v Market auiet and unchaneed.
CUT MEATS Market dud; long clear $6.75
TALLOW Market steady at 6tc.
HAMS S9.klC.ia.
POKK Market dnll; spot, 12.23al2.50.
Nitw mi,FA-V8. May 12 FLOUB Mar
ket higher; choice, 4.y nas.OO;. fancy. W.16
6.30; extra fancy, J5 50S5.W; winter wneat
patents, o uu; AliuueMua jiisusuui, o. uu.uk j;
bakers $5 00.
COaf Marses nrmer in iair uemajiiu,
mixed, 626ic; white t3t64c; no yellow here.
- OATS Market quiet, easier, cbolee western
47(248. . . ... . ,
COBriilKAI. marnes moaeraie aemanu;
higher, quiet, supply good; stock large; KJ.50
aaaeu. . . . , .
vAKO Market steady and In moderate de
mand ; refined tierce, 86.871,.
fORK. Market dull, moderate demand;
$12.75. ,
HaV Market fair demand for choice
P fk if P M f?a rfe r& r)
United States Government,
(See National Boakh of Hkalth Bi lletin Supplemtnt A'o. 6. page S3, Washington. D. C.)
Canadian Government,
C .i . .
mentj. Canada,
Place Dr. PRICE'S at the head of the entire list.
It is the purest and strongest. Free from Ammonia,
from Lime, free from Alum, nnri ?q rpmmmor,,,
. - - 1 a v. vviiiiiiv,iJUV.U 1U1
general family use as clean, pure and wholesome by the
Heads of the Great Universities and Public Food Analysts.
WJS' if "3yJJ& We Chemist, University Georgia
tw ir Vr VL,a,ieAre,SKlent stae Board of I
rrof. CHARLES E. DWiGHTAnalyUca Cliem
Prof. JAMES P. RAKcnrw tL ivJ?.Jr if"'
Dr. ELIAS H. BARTLEY. B. S.. ChSilSt Vn "th
J-ioi. uitllO U. IIUYVAKJU
Prof. K. S. G. PATOX, Late
' mnv xrMJmtrfr116111?' ,?eaIth Apartment, Chicago, I
R I WITTH tAYa' ?SSArIlitT,rte of TeclgJ Boston.
A h s a rtv 4H?il M., M. I)., University of Buffalo, N. Y.
' JS "kJk- Ch toxicology.
delphta Pa BAKKER' Prof' Chemistry University of Pennsylvania, Phli
l? lES' CJ,em,ist ! ?hic' Agricultural College, Washington D a
Toronto Canada18- Chemlstry' utario School Chemistry anT &c?.
Pro EDC A it F vfrh fer?11 W th(? U,litf? ?tates Mint, New Orleans, La.
IW p w HirAnnPRT; EVof- C1le""stry, University of Texas, Austin Teias.
Prof. L. W. HILGARD, Prot. Chemistry, University California, Berkeley, Calf
prime, $14.0017.60;
choice to fancy $18.00
shoulders parked
$4 25; loneclear6 25.
BACON dull: shoulders, nominal 4J long
clear 6e; clear ribs 7c.
BKAN Moderate demand. Ihwap mmnlv
light, 9095. rrJ
HAMS Steady : choice surar-onrAd mnnsiul
WnMSH. X MarKet Steadv: WestPrn rnnt.tflml
oor r if is Market dull: Eio carzoes. ordi
nary to prime, $6.759.G0.
SUGAR ODen firm, common to pood fair
4H5Hc; fair to fully lair R85 3 ltic;
prime to cnoice. 6c: veliow clarifiHd Ku.ffh
6s: coffee white, S&6.
MO.LASSKS Market oulet. centrifueal
common to good common 17&22c; f ir to
fully fair 2325c; prune to strictly prime, 2f
RICE Market steadv. active local dt-insinrl
ordluary to pnme, 4e55c.
N Market nominal: Leli by dealers at
OIL Market dull: tirlm
crude, 30V4C; summer yellow, ifcic cake, 24Wc;
refined, 38c.
O'.XY COKE Market. WAi 24Sc
, X.lva btock Alarttet.
St. Louis. May 12. CATTLE
for best;
1700: market steadv: demand eood
exports S5.60u2i5.90: fair to eood
steer of lOto to 1400 pounds $4.75 46.50 ; butcher
steesr, 4.60l,90; cows and heifers S3.5o4 26;
stackers and feeders $3.7534.8; grass-fed
Texan s of 730 to 800 uounds $S.5Q4.90.
rtUGa KeceiDts 4300 : verv scarce, and
good demand; packers $4.O04.6O.
SHEEP KeceiDts lff'O: shmments 810: fair tn
choice clipped S2.604.O0: common stuff
Chicago. Mar 12. The Drover's Jour
nal ."enorts:
CATTLE KeceiDts. 7.200: market slow
and 10c lower; shipping grades 1,360 to 1.600
$4.60a5.65; native butcher steers, common,
J2 45 4.00: eood 83. 90(5.00: cows and heifers
84.00$4.10; Colorado steers of 1000 pounds
$4 65; stockers and feeders $4.U05.25; Texaus
grass-fed, $4.25.
hugs itecemts 15.500: market onened S to
10c lower, $ U0g5. 10.
SUMl"-HeceiDt. 4000: marketsteadv: cood
grades flrm; shorn, 2.5oa3.f0; wooled sheep
$4.75g4.85 ; Texas $2.25g3 50:
fOorrected Dally for Thr Statrsmav.
The following are prices for job lots. .
Apples, dried cnoice...
Peaches, (dried) ,
Axle Grease ier gross
Bacon, long clear
Bacon, short
Bacon, breaksast
$9 00
Hams (3. UKi&UKc
Kansas creamery. 2628c
Kansas dairy , ...2224c
xuwa reauiery. ....... ...
Iowa dairy
L ouislana, per sack
No. 1 Texas opLoaisianper Mfeet 14 00
" " 13 00
Surfaced (one side..... js 00
Surfaced (two sides). . . 20 00
Tongue and groovednooring 22 50
Beaded ceiling (Texas) 20 00
Feather-edge Siding (Texas) 18 00
wnuepinesiaing 27 60
White pine beaded ceiling...'. 30 00
California weather-board 20 60
f lastemiK Laths per M 3 60
All heart cvnress shlnides 6 00
. r. bitiar.
Louisiana Brown)... i 7c
wnite... 7 (a 7Ue
Standard granulatea... 7KQ73ic
KjUh lyjm .... ... ........ ko oc
Louisiana 30. fi60c
Drips 4047V4c
Rye. Dei bush' none
parley, per Puioei .t none
White (sac -dl ffwrr
Yellow sa.jced 67c
Cornmea thooo
Sacked 33c
Bulk 630c
Bran per cwt txAi no
Corn and Oats chopped, per cwt..... 1 40
oeeu rye per ou I 25
Seedbarley.. 1 26
Colordo baled (per ton) 20 00
rrairie 13 uo I
Cabbage, per crate None.
Yellow, large barre s 13 S
ir ncy nana picked...
75 "0
Estrayed bv Thomas Dickson before J.J.
Parsley, J. . T. C, May 8, 1885, one bay horse,
aeoui ii nanas nign, aoout I years oia, orana-
a4 r anA tr.maA 'P ....... An l. . t. ... . 1 .1 ...
lU U BUS Ul Ivl lU (iUUUOUKU UU 1C1 b DUUUlUn ,
appraised at 125. Also one bay horse, about
14 iw nana a nign. about 14 years old. branded J
D connected on the left rhoulder.riabt eye out,
appraisea at am. r bank uuown,
Ulerk, u. V. r. U.
Estrayed by E. B. Fuller, before J. J. Pars
ley, J. P. T. C, May , l?85, one black mare.
about 14 hands high, about 6 years old. lett
bind loot white, white spot la her forehead.
urauueu a on ie snouiaer, appraisea at m.
clerk, C. O. T. C.
WAMTCfl ladles and gentlemen to
M' I C U take light, pleasant eniployi
meat at tneir own homes (distance no object
lon); work sent by mail; $2 to $s a day can be
quietly made; no canvassing. Please address
at once uixb mfg. Co., Boston, Mas:
p. - mcniy- w.
The Mirror
is no flatterer. Would vou
make it tell a sweeter tale'?
Magnolia Balm is the charm
er that almost cheats th
ext. Ottawa (seat of govern.
Apnl 3rd, 18S5.)
Wllte aul' of ie Chemists named:
Medical College, New York
. Athens. Ga.
lealth, Lansing, Mich,
is. Mo.
ist. Wheeling W. Vn
xusumi, mass.
Ague Cure
wtalna a, antidote for all i-mlarlal la.
oruors which, so far as known, Is used t no
other reiu.y. It contains no Quinlne,'nor
any mineral nor deleterious substance what
ever, and consequently produces no injurious
effect upon t'ae constitution, but leaves the
O'stem as Uealihy s it was before the attack.
ore every caso of Fever and Ague, Inter,
mtteut or Chill Fever, Remittent Fever,
Dumb Aguo, Bilious Fever, and Liver Com
plaint caused by malaria. In ease of allure,
liter due trial, dealers are authorized, by our
Jircular dated July 1st, 1882, to refund th
fcionoy. '
Dr. J.C. Ayer&Co., I rt Matt.
Sold by all Drugglg..
Fori $ years at Court Place, iiow at
322 Market Street,T mfnrjlia VV
Bet. Third and Fourth. liUUiO I lLUjllJ
tcooeuful, mm bis praciiue will prove.
Uures all
etpenaatorrhea and Ixipoienox,
u the result of elf-ibua la youth, mxuiI uceu In u.
turw year, r othw eauae, uud producing tome o f the fbl.
litwiorf effect: Ne rroiunesi, Seailnml Kmli Joui , (night Mnin.
.im by dreams). Dimuens of Sight. Defective Memory, ph.
Dec uy, Piuileon Pin, Avenlon to Society of femelM,
Confusion of Idem, Iaki of Beiuml Power, Ae., rendering
dxarriage improper or unhappy, are thoroughly and perma? -u"XyJZ,
SYPHILIS potiTy cured and an.
PvvrulS?UM N' - Gonorrhea,
t7AjjX.X, Stricture, OrehiUi, Hernia, (or BupmreJ
I'll j zaa other prime dlaeaaca quickly cured. -
It b self-evident that a phy Metan who pay, upeelel atteotfoa
to a oertaln olau of diseaiee, e: d treating thaueendl anao.
ally, aoauirei great ekil FhyaVsiana knowing tbU faat often
recommend persona to my oare. When It ia lnooaveoient ta
vlait the city for treatment, medioinea ean be teat priraloli
and safely by mail or expreas anywhere. .
Cures' Guaranteed in all Caaea '
Consultations personally r by letter free and lnrlteA.
Charges reasonable and correspendenee etriotiy -M-i-mlal,
Of 300 pares, eent to any address, seeTOT'y sealed. Ibr aorta
ISC) cents. Should be read br all. ddressasahori
KSoo howm Iran a A. U. ton P. H. BondassTl La?
BIclr. lleadaehe and relieve ail the trouble Inci
dent to a bilious state ot the sjyiUm, such a Due
eineas, Nantes, Drowainrwn, Diitreaa after eatins;.
Pain in the Side, sfce. While their moat remarar-
tble (uccass has bees ihown in oaring
IlMuIche,Trt Carter'iUtUe Urer PU1 ir a aall
valuable In Constipation, enrinr and prevsutinr
this annoying- complaint, while tkey also correct
all disorders of the stomach, ettmnlata (ha liver
nud regulate the bowels. Srea II thrj only corad '
kchtt they would te almost priceless to thoae win)
offer from this distress ing complaint; but forts
nately their Koodneaa does not en d bare, and those
who once try them will ftnti these little pilUvnra
abl e in so many ways that they wftl not be wOUaa .
to do without them hut after all sick: head
Is 1 he bane of 00 many Urea that here is waers w
make our great DOUh vur ptua core B wane
Others do not. : -, .(.-,..
Carter's Little lAvce atij ere very amau aw
very easy to tabe. uneor two pins bsmsooh.
They are strictly vegetable and do Boa frips or
rge, DM py incur genus sK..Hra r1""""?
thsm. In vials at 25 cents: five for tl. MM
by druggista ererywhare, oc seat by mau. t ,.
Til Greatest Medical Triomph of th Age!
lioss of appetite Bowsli eostlva, Pala la
th bead, with a doll MiiatlM la thm
back parts Fata ander th ihsiMer.
blades Fullness) after atiar, with adlsx
Inclination ta exertloa af bady ar salad.
Irritability of temper, Low spirits, with
a feeling-of havlnr neglected imi daty
Weariness, Dizziness, Flatteriac at th
Heart, Dot before tha ye Ueaaaeha
over tha right eye, Kestlessaosa, wlta
fitful dreams, Highly colored s7rlB,aal
TTTTT'S FIIXS are especially adgpteffl
to encli eases, one dose affeeta aneh m
change of feelinp; as to astonish the sufferer.
They Increase tbe Aipetit,and cans tlo
body to Take on ja-'leaU, tbua tba srsMtm ta
noorlshed, and by their Tonlo Aetloa es
the liKestlve Ora-ataS.Il'irnlar 8 tools sr
prodno-d. Prlr-ea.c. 44 WorTsySt.,rt.y,
Re ii orates th body, makes healthy flaaa.
strengthens the weak, repairs th wastes ot
the system with pure blood and hard muscle;
tones the nervous system, invigorates th
brain, and impart the vigor ot manhood,
tl. Sold by dnitrpista.
frsrWlCH 44 Hurray New YrlU
Btti H t ma 1

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