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b San Saba Hews
7hen ten or more men nnito and
Ion determined principles it is
pderf nl to note the powei they
To substantiate this ire
fd but briefly view the history
nations and their wars Even
own Texas in her struggles
kinst Mexico furnishes ample
of of the power which a few
Itermined resolute men exorcise
J compared with ysst numbers of
jtrainod nondetermined individ
ls Colnmbas was a determined
an and through bis acts the
day beholds a nation the prond
t grandest wealthiest mostpow
ful that exists Stanley deter
pnt penetrated to the center and
pened np to the world that vast
krtile country the Congo Free
States It is not so much however
the strength of the determined
adividuals but the cool resolute
f nd determined manner in which
Ihe individuals act creates adml
Ration in the hearts of others and
egets in others a desire to follow
sther than oppose But when
aen undertake anything and have
no confidence in ability to carry it
out and even donbt the justice of
I the cause they will fail Washing
jton would never have freed United
States had be gone among his gen
erals and soldiers and told them
doubts as to the cause and doubts
of their ability to succeed Again
we need expect no tronble solong
as the way is clear and the road
smoothe But when the test comes
when there is need of work when
the danger is at hand then the cool
determination and firm resolution
stand in hand and their power is
resistless Therefore when there
is a common object in view when
our common interest is at stake a
few resolute men are of much im
portance and when they act on de
atermined resolute principles they
will be successful Whatever
is undertaken let it be undertaken
with a determination to test its
What San Saba could do She
could rebuild the old burned down
Btoreand make a first class city
hall or any other kind of a hall in
the upper story and a nice store
on the lower floor She could es
tablish a tannery that would give
imployment to some of our citizens
and furnish a home market for
hides She could dam the San
Saba river and furnish sufficient
water powerfor our gins and Boi
ler mills and also run a cotton and
woolen factory A cotton and
woolen factory would be supplied
with raw material from all this
great western country She could
open up her vast treasury house of
marble She could organizo o
county fair and exhibit her splen
did products mineral resources
and her fine stock She could in
corporate for Bchool purposes and
establish an institution of learning
in which all her children could be
educated And before all these
things would be half done rail
roads would be rushing here San
Soba has a great future before it
At our past rates of progress our
children will upbraid us for the lit
tle interest and energy we have
shown Full on Pull onl Never
say die
The National Economist has
some dashing headlines this week
It say fhe republicans wont carry
a state west of Mississippi The
Democrats wont carry a Btale
south o Ohio and a lot of other
equally as bsurd and ten times
morerediculoua stuff the tendency
of which is thrusts at the demo
cratic party and especially at
Cleveland The Economists
should be prudent and moderate
JIudellig6nt men will not be inclin
ed < to believe that the democratic
tiickqt will not carry a state south
ot the Ohio Ah no the Econo
mist should be more economical in
letting off its political gass
Dont fail to bear in mind that
San Saba county is as fine a county
for agricultural and stock purposes
as can be found Bead the statis
tics in this issne and figure on
them Our county ranks favorably
with any county in the west
Electric Hitters
TliU remedy is becoming o well knevrn
snd so popular u to need no no npeciil
mention All who bare used Electric
Sitters sing tlie same song of praise A
jinrer medicine does not exist and it is
guaranteed to do all that is claimed K ec
trie Bitters will enre all diseases of the
liver and Kidney mil remove pimples
Boils Salt Ebcnm and otk r affections
caused by Impure blood Will driro Ma
3arial from tbe system and prci cnt as well
as core Dengue and all Malarial fevers
Tor enre of headache Constipation and
Indigestion try Electric Bitters Entire
satisfaction gnaranUd or mon y rofnndrd
Price W cts and 81 per bottle at Tom M
Gray s Drag store 4
In the Freo Silvor contest in the
Senate last Friday E Q Mills vot
ed for the bill When the speak
ership election wan raging there
were those who supported Crisp
because they suspicioned he would
support the oilver bill there were
also those who opposed Mills be
cause they suspicioned he opposed
the silver bill When the test came
Crisp voted against the measure
Mills voted for it The best judges
aro sometimes mistaken
Dont let political differances
beget ill feelings among neigh
bors That great right and privi
lego of thinking and voting each
inea to explore the African con
individual may choose is given to
to nil If you appreciate that
privilege and exercise that right
then grant the Bame to all others
The reports come from all parts
of the Union that Cleveland and
Stevenson are at least a fine look
ing pair And likely as not they
will prove very attractive It is a
strong ticket
Fort Worth is pestered with a
portion of that city known as
Hells half acre The evils and
crimes of that city aro mostly
traceable to that locality
The Free silver fight is on again
in congress with fair probabilities
of going through The bill passed
in the senate Julv 1st
Harvesting is over
favor of some other
about matured Now is
time to get up a picnic
a good
at the
Brownwood crossing
The HoggClark campaign is
waxing warm The Houston con
vention will settle the matter in
In time of peace prepare for
war Therefore has San Saba or
ganized a board of Trade Hurrah
for San Saba
The Board of Equalization was
in session July 5 and 6 Several
of our citizens were raised a bean
or two
The Gazette issued a very stri
ped Fourth of July edition Hur
rah for Cleveland and the Gazette
Hogg is in the lead again and
the railroads have stopped talking
of extension
I mm
The indications are that some
body will be elected governor and
Texas will go on as f ver
Jeffersons Creed
1 The people the only source of
legislative power
2 The absolute and everlasting
severance of church and state
3 The freedom sovereignty and
independence of the respective
5 Union a confederacy a com
pact neither a consolidation nor a
5 The constitution of the Union
a special writ of granted powers
limited and defined
6 The civil power paramount to
the military power
7 The representative to obey the
instruction of his constituents
8 Election free and suffrage uni
9 No hereditary office or order
or title
10 No taxation beyond public
11 No national debt if possible
12 No costly splendor of admin
13 No prescription of opinion or
of public discussion
li No necessary interference in
individual conduct property or
15 No favored class and no mo
16 No public monoys expended
except by warrant of special appro
17 No masteries of government
inaccessible to the public eye
18 Publiccompensationforpub
lic services salaries moderate and
pervading economy
EstrflT > otce
Notice is hereby given that W B Ler
erett commissioner of Treclnct No 1 San
Saba County Texas has reported to me
that a certain Gray mare has been foaud
running at large and not estrayed and
states that tbe owner of the same is un
known Said animal described as follows
One Cray mare Branded A It on right
shouWer about 4 or 5 years old and 14 or
15 hands high and is running on tbe range
near Tom Harkejs farm about G miles
west of San SabiTexas
If not proven away by the owner within
the time allowed by law will de disposed
of as the law directs witness my signature
and seal of nfflco at San Sabi Texas this
23rd June 1892 ATLVUAX
Co Cleric San Saba Co
Bojs on tbe Farm
The Texas Farm and Banch notes
with regret that the state is educa
ting more young men in both law
and medicine than in agriculture
While this condition of things is al
ways to be regretted it should not
be a matter of wonder The condi
tion of agriculture for the past few
years has not been an attractive
one and it is little wonder that
the young men give up the farm
for the office and choose some pro
fession instead of of trying to learn
more about the science of farming
They see on every side men who
have grown old on the farm and
have given up their crops are
mortagaged beforo thoy are plant
ed and they are paying a heavy
interest on the very food they eat
and the clothes they wear True
the condition of things might bo
changed but the young men do not
feel called upon to undergo years
of privation and selfsacrifice in
changing them If the farmers
ever expect to keep the boys on
the farm and make them study
agriculture as a profession they
must first unite in bringing farm
ing to a point where it is pleasant
and profitable instead of a system
of slavery There is no other life
which has such a tendency to run
into one barren unattractive
groove without pleasure in the
present or hope in the future
Abandon the allcotton system
give the boys a chance to do some
thing else besides slaving in the
cotton field thirteen months in the
year for their board and clothes
and owing for them and The
Statesman thinks the number of
boys at the agricultural colleges
and in the fields will by vastly in
creased Austin Statesman
The following statistics are taken
from the Annual Beport of the Ag
ricultural Bureau for 189091 Jno
E Hollingsworth commissioner
The county is well supplied with
water by the Colorado and 5an
Saba rivers Cherokee and Rich
land creek with ILaii tritmtairles
and by a number of bold springs
Some of these springs are of white
sulphur water and rank high in
their healing properties
The people are engaged in farm
ing and stock raising The land
along Colorado and San Saba riv
ers is susceptible of irrigation
There are deposits of very fine
marble and other buildings stones
in this county some of which by
their proximity to waterpower
could be very profitably worked
The county was organized in
1856 and has an area of 1131
square miles 723840 acres
Number of votes cast for gover
nor in 18901032
The assessed value of property
in 1890 2C0G882 in 1861 2
787128 increase 180246
Marriages 52 divorces none
The rate of county tax on the
100 valuation is 40 cents
The following is the report of
farm products 1890
Cotton 4560 bales value 199949
Corn 200175 bushels val 150131
Wheat 15718 bushels val 13360
Oats 41050 bushels vol 12323
Barley 410 bushels vol 308
Bye 18 bushels value 18
Potatoes Irish 437 bus val 656
sweet 5298 bus val 3179
Peas 20bu3hels val 40
Beans5 bushels val 10
Hay200 tons val 1600
Millei68 tons val 544
Cane Molasses 28 bar val 630
Cano722 tons val 3610
Cotton Seed 2280 tons val 18220
Pecans 100000 ponnds val 15476
Total valuation of farm products
for 1860 430054
And that was not a very good
farming year either Considera
ble improvements wero made in
1891 better crops wero produced
In 1892 there is still more improve
ments more land is in cultivation
more people working at the busi
ness and finer crops are on hand
Altogether this county compares
favorably with any of the western
counties Onr taxes are low our
indebtedness is but little The
farmers purchased during the year
50047 pounds of bacon 3744
pounds of lard 11862 bushels of
corn 5127 gallons of molasses
Pronounced IIopclev > Yet bared
From a letter written by Mrs Ada
Hurd of Groton S D wc ipiote Was
taken with a bad cold which settled on
my Lungs cough set in and finally termi
nated inConsuuiptlnn Konrdoctors gave
me up saying I could live but a short time
I gavo nnmyself to mySawordetermined
it I could not stay with my friends on
earth I would uiectmy abseutones aboc
My hnsband was advised to get Dr Kings
Nen Discover for Consumption Coughs
and Colds I gave it a trial took in all
eight bottles It bis rnrrd mr and think
riod I am now a well and healthy woman
Trial battles freo at Tom M Grays drug
store Regular eizooO cents and 14
Devoted to the Interests and UpBuilding of San Saba County
Saturday July 2nd perhaps the
largest crowd ever assembled in
San Saba county enjoyed the grand
Alliance Barbecue in the beautiful
grove on the banks of the San Saba
river at the old Barnet crossing
The alliance people had prepared
various amusements for the pleas
ure of the people such as refresh
ments swings dancing speaking
and above all abundance of dinner
The ciowd is variously estimated
from 2000 to 3000 people The
dense shades surroundings the
barbecue grounds afforded splend
id opportunities for the younger
people to hunt some lonely se
quested retreat and reveal to each
other soft sentiments in words
tender and low No doubt many
matches were made and many
sparks which may develop into
great raging flames were started
These may ever feel grateful to
the alliance Others found amuse
ments in tending to children in
fact thera were amusements for
all Some of the older hardened
alliance men and some of the old
set democrats found amusement in
listening to the great expounders
of political questions This speak
ing was away off from the main
crowd The morning was taken
up by Mr E B Allen of Brown
wood He told the people of the
wrongs of the old democrat party
and the good results of the issues
in the Third Party platform He
spoke about the subtreasury free
silver pensions tariff and all lead
ing issues that are now agitating
the minds of the people In ad
dition to all these things it seem
ed to us that he spoke about three
hours Mr Allen is a smooth
easy and fluent speaker and shows
a full acquaintance with all the is
sues His speech was entertain
ing and instructive and well inter
spersed with jokes anecdotes
gags and comic acting At the
close of his speech dinner was an
nounced From the size of the
crowd it did not not seem proba
ble there would be enough to go
around but there was an abun
dance tor everyixxiy alter ran
nerJoe F Brown of Cherokee
delivered a speech in answer to
Mr Allen Mr Brown handled
the issues with good grace He
proved that he was well posted
and familiar with all the issues
His speech it as largely interspers
with sundry jokes while his natu
ral physique sufficiently answered
for comic acting Mr Brown
held the floor for two hours Mc
Means of made an able
reply He was followed by C A
Jamison The whole thing sums
up in this Democrat versus demo
crat agreeing in the main but
slightly differing on minor and nn
important issues The barbecue
was a pronounced success in every
way May the alliance people
prosper and give us another grand
barbecue next year
Its hot today Yes and so it is
Im glad you told me
San Antonio
with firebugs
is still bothered
Definition of a Newspaper
Bill Nyes definition of a news
paper is as follows
It is a library It is an encyclo
pedia a poem a history a diction
ary a time table a romance a
guide n political resume n ground
plan of the civilized world a low
price multum in parvo It is a
sermon a song a circus nn obitu
ary a shipwreck a symphony in
solid breviei a medley of life and
death a grand aggregation of mans
glory and his shame It is in
short a birds eye view of all the
magnanimity nnd meanness the
joys nnd sorrows births and
deaths tho pride and poverty of
he world all for a few cents
Notice To Land Owners
To Joo A Williams A J Walker Matt
Sentcrht and M D Oliver residing in the
county of Sin Saba and heirs of A Cun
ningham deceased residing at Talle
dega Ala and Mrs F C McDow
ell at Big Springs Texas You are
hereby notified that the undersigned jury
of freeholders acting nnder and by virtue
of an order of therommissioners court of San
Saba county will ou tbe 1st day of August
Ici92 proceed to lay out and survey a road
commencing at the cast end of the WB
Leverett lane nn tho Margnil Guyton stir
rer No 79 and teiminatu g at the Dawson
crossing Said road running upon the
Marguil Guyton Surviy No 711 and Juan
A Hermandez Survey No 78 in San Saba
county and may run through certain lands
owned by you and will at tho samo time
asbess thodamagesincidental to tho open
ing of said road when you may present to
us a statement in writing of the damages
if any claimed by yon
Witness our hands this June 1st IS
W F Johnson
F M Curry
E E Bibicn
Albert Bennett
Jury of View
Oar terms for announceing can
didates are as follows
District Officers 1000
County 750
Commissioners 500
Precinct Officers 300
Terms cash
with the announce
I AB Walters authorizes us to an
A nounce him as a Candidate for the of
fice of District Attorney of the XJrd Judi
cial District of Texas at the November
SI RAY authorizes us to announco him
as a condidate for the reelection to the
office of County Judge at the November
JOHN M TOOL authorizes us to an
nounce luniasa candidate for the ofhco
oMpnnty Judge at tho November Elec
ADUGGAN authorizes us to announce
him as a candidato for reelection to
the offico of District and County Clerk at
the November
authorizes us
to announce him as a candidate for the
office of District and County Clerk at the
November Election
ESTEP authorizes us to an
nounce him as a candidate for re
election to tho office of County Treasurer
at the November Election
W HUDSON authorizes us to announce
nounce him as a candidato for reelec
lion to the office of Slienft and Tax Col
lector at the Novembe Election
him asa candidatefortheofficeof Sher
itfand Tax Collector at tho November
FA VER authorizes us to announce
him as a candidato for the office of
County Attorney at tho November Elec
tionCA JAMISON authorizes lis to an
nounce him as a candidato for the office
of County Attorney at the November
DOFFLEMVRE authonzes us
to announce him as a candidate for re
election to the office of Hide and Animal
Inspector at tbeitovcmber Election
LINDSEY authorizes ns to announce
nounce him as a candidate fur reelec
tion to the office of Tax Assessor at the
November Election
BROWN anthorizes us to annonnco
him as a candidate for the office of
Commissioner of San Saba Precinct No I
at tho Nov ember Election
l iV0UE HARRIS anthorizes us to an
VTnounce him as a candidate for Commis
No 1 at thoftovember election
J CARTERnntliomesns to announce
bim as a candidato lor Commissioner of
Richland Precinct No 2 at the November
DISMUKES authorizes ns to announce
nounce him as acandidate for tho oflico
of county Surveyor at the November elec
When the north wind doth blow
Then we shall have snow
TVhat will tho rabbits do then
Poor things
They will run to and fro
And skip in the snow
To keep their feet warm then
Poor things
When the silver bills passed
Therll bo no issue at last
What will the Third Party do then
Poor things
They will run to and fro
And bellow blate and blow
To keep up a noise then
Poor Things
Could not the democrats get up
a big barbecue and have some dem
ocratic big guns on hand This
would give the boys somo fun
Fun is one of the important items
of life We all need fun now and
then Talk the matter up a little
and see how it will do
Times are growing better and
things generally are improving
Dont forget that by paying up
arrears and renewing you get tho
News for S150 per year
> t = i
Subscribe for the News fcl50
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Headquarters for Commercial Travelers and Stock
men and a comfortable place for all
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B r Guxoitu Agent Ltmieta Texas

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