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San Saba Texas
m i
We degrade Hfo by our folllos and
our vices and then complain that tho
unbappincss which is only their ac
companiment is inherit in the consti
tution oi things
One of tho greatest drawbacks to
prophesying tho result of political
conventions Lj that by tbo tlmo it be
comes safe to make a prediction tho
dullest observers know just as much
about it as tbo prophet
Wiiex any lino oi product is abunt
ant ia tho market and soils at low
price tbo best way to avoid tho effect
of these conditions is to market a lit
tle better quality of these things and
In a little better and more attractivo
The great body of parents do not
< op to think out a plan of education
for their children They send them
to tbo schools and leave tho rest to
tho educational authorities reserving
n free right of criticism if anything Is
neglected or improperly done
Tr thera is any tingle question
which mora than another requires to
bo settled at once ana forever it is
that which Involves tho ownership of
propo ty and tho rightsof owners to
do as they please with that which they
havo accumulated or acquired
seat pralso is given the Japanese
bocauso there are only 10000 paupers
in tho emp re As oriental nations
have queer ways of deal ng with some
question it might bo well to ascertain
l > roii > eIy what they do with a man
ubo is incapable o maintaining him
self beforo the altruists becomo too
Tmirrr years ago a woman in
business oflico would have been looked
upon not only with suspicion but with
jiosilivo disapproval Tho fact that
bho was there would have been an
argument for the worst put whatever
construction upon it one might Now
tho office in which women aro not
employed is ulnio t a novelty
TiIeel is thought to bo something
m irresistibly ridiculous in the idea of
the co lege graduatos doing anything
of muh importance that the collega
graduate joko has a high rank In tho
school of American humor ranking
even with tho goat the stovepipo
tho plumber and the summer girl
in season Xow as a matter of plain
tolid fact tho college graduate does
exert a vital influence upon the world
1ecrxE hare stayed at homo and
lived to be a century old A shorter
experienco than that has qualified
careful observers to assert that when
they hat o been unable to go in search
oi change a liltlo patience has ena
bled them to enjoy it at homo They
vcu say that the arrangement known
is tho seasons has been expressly
tontrived to bring wholesome varie
ties of climate around to tho doors of
folks who wait for them They aro
old fogies such people but there are
aompensatious about their way
Titur is an indulgent sentiment
toward youthful males of tho human
specie Whenever they offend tho
pica is set up tbut boys will bo
boys Nobody has ever suspected
tor a moment that boys would bo
jnrls some of tboai would not bo If
Ihey could for girl do not know hoT
to play base ball and they always
fail in trying to fling a somersault
But the boyishness of boys whilo it
goes a long way ia mitigation of cer
tain of their doings ovoa after they
get to bo 00 or 60 years of ago does
not put them absolutely outside of the
pale of law
J HorE is the mainspring of life If
nope bo gone men and women may
linger in a halfexistence that Is not
Hfo and often is scarcely preferable to
death If hopo be present to supply the
recoil with every shock of adverse cir
cumstance life often to ouch an one
seems belter worth living than if there
were no difficulties to be overcome
This is probably because of tho con
stant intellectual activity required to
adapt ones self to each changed rela
tion as it may arise so as to get as
much good and as little injury from it
as possible Making tho best of every
thing or active hopefulness as it may
be termed is therefore the secret of
successful living
Tho scores of technical 6chools es
tablished within the last few years
l > ear witness to the popular demand
for instruction In which have been
called the practical branches Let
tbeir fieuds accept tho challenge im
plied in that word practical and
make their fight if need be along the
ery line it suggests For what
should an education be if not to train
the forces of mjnd and muscle brain
and brawn to useful accomplishment
When purpose is higher than to fit a
young man or young woman to exist
for individual contentment and tho
happiness of other people Wo need
a training that will fit theso graduates
of our universities to live profitably
and well rather than one which will
mako them refiectivo or philosophic
and nothing more
Theue is far too little making the
best of life even among tlioso who
mean to do right and would seem to
throw away tho advantages they pos
sess It is nut enough lo hide onos
talents in a napk n Thoy rast bo
put to use that there may bo increase
Even rallnroa troubles and misfor
tunes are under the spur of acthe
hopefulness turned to tho great ad
vantage of the world It Is told of
Sir Walter Scott that the or gln of hi
literary career began when ho was
laid up several month while a broken
Jog was groriug togtlicr again It
was during tui int mil that with
many would be devoted lo querulous
complaining hi tho groat author
composei ons of his finest poems
Vot many men have been nolo to get
more udvaulrgo for themselves and
tie world u a brolfoy ley than
A Euilding Fills at Ojden N Y Burrying
Twenty Men Beneath ths Ruins
Illicit ODonnell Return from an
Extended Tour and fa Greeted
Wltu Cordiality
Ogden X Y Aug 12 Abuilding
being erected hero fell yesterday after
noon burying twenty men beneath
the ruins Uno dead man and four
fatally injured havo already been
tikea from the ruins and tho work of
digging out the remainder is now go
ing on Tho accident occurred by the
sudden giving away of a derrick
causing tho entire structure of massive
wooden beams and timbers to collapse
But few workmen escaped uninjured
There was great excitement and a big
crowd of men employed in other fac
tories stopped work and search for tho
bodies was immediately begun The
first victim taken from tho ruins was
an Italian workman The man was
dead and his body terribly mangled
Soon alter three others were removed
in a dying condition Up to a late
hour last night twelve men bad been
taken out all seriously or fatally
wounded Several others it is lcared
will die The injurlesof those taken
from tho ruins are of tho most terrible
nature the limbs of some being torn
off while the laces and bodies of
others wero crushed almost boyond
tilses flu Keasous
Nashville Tenn Aug 12 Gov
Buchanan will you cite your reasons
for the commutation of CoL King
asked an Associated 1ress reporter
yesterday morning With pleasure
said the governor and I will do it
briefly First tho refusal of a change
of venuo for King was a gross error
second tho man must havo been insane
when he committed the act third
affidavits were filed with me which
were made too late to be part of the
court records that Juror Smith had
held communication with tho outside
world and also expressed an
oplnioa and Juror Mulin also
did the samo thing fourth
the trip of tho jury to Arkansas fifth
tho fact of the dissenting opinion of
one of the supreme judges sixth the
waihugs of Mrs King and her daugh
ters and other women and lastly that
15000 people asked me through let
ters and petitions for the commuta
tion of Kings sentence The gov
ernor then handed the reporter a pe
tition signed by twentysix United
Stales senators and congressmen
The petitions were signed by Senators
Carlisle of Kentucky Voorhees of In
diana Harris of Tennessee Black
b rn of Kentucky Coke of
Texas Vest of Missouri Call
of Florida Congressman Enloe Rich
ardson and Fiereo of Tennessea
Breckenridge and Goodnight of Ken
tucky Fellows of New York Kilgore
Bailey Long Stowart Sayers and
Crain of Texas Edmonds of Virginia
Formaa Cable Wikc lluscy and
Lane of Illinois Besides these im
portant people Gov Buchanan has
letters from Hogg of Texas Congress
man Snodgrassof Tennessea cxGovs
Logan 1L Hoots of Colorado Simon 15
Buckncr of Kentucky Thomas M
Uanna of Indiana and Gov John
Young Brown of Kentucky besides
others of more or less ornmincucc
Serious Charges
Chicago I1L Aug 8 Mrs Annie
Burke of this city claims that her hus
band while an inmate of the Kanka
kee insane asylum was starved
kicked and beaten so brutally that bis
death was duo lo the injuries ho re
ceived The body of Burke who was
sent to the asylum eight months
ago was received at the
home of his wife yesterday Both
eyes are blackened and there aro
marks showing that attempts had
beenmade to let out the blood by a
lance Below the knees the body is
frightfully bruised and on the thumbs
the nails are mashed Mrs Burke de
clares her husband told her on one oc
casion that the men who had charge
of him used him with great cruelty
but Dr Deroy one of the asylum
physicians declares that the injuries
of which her husband complained had
been received by standing too near a
heater Mrs Burke declares thai she
will push her charges to the utmost
Observation of Tlars
New Yoke Aug 11 The Herald
prints a dispatch from lrof Iickering
of the Harvard observatory at Are
qtilppa Fern as follows In my
observations of Mars I hare seen two
large areas near the equator which
are permanently blue Near the
edges they appear to bo light blue
Light is elighlly polarized Tho total
size of the area is about 500000
square miles onehalf the sizo of the
51edilerroncan sea On June 22 a
small dark spot appeared on the
southern snowcap Later this spot
lengthened rapidly and early in July
it was a thousand miles long dividing
the snow in half Sixteen hundred
thousand square miles of snow
have melted within tho last thirty
days A smalBgjJark spot sur
rounded by enow appeared on July 10
and two days laterT first saw a dark
line in tho fork ofaY j shapod mark in
the direction of th eas
Jluzh oDonnells Iteturn
Homestead Fa Aug 18 Hugh
ODonnell chairman of the advisory
committee returned Thursday from a
trip through Canada and the nor thera
states He was greeted with some
cordiality by tbe locked out men but
bis arrival did not creato a furore
Twenty men entered the mills Thurs
day evening They are all skilled
workmen and came from the eastern
part of the state Jack Clifford ua
other iomestead man was arrested
Thursday evening on the charge of
murder and aggravated riot Not un
til after 10 oclock Saturday night did
the advisory committee adjourn
Hugh ODonnell was present and re
ported what he had done while in iho
cast Tho report was most flattering
and was received with much enthusi
asm and resolutions indorsing ODon
nell were adopted
Aiitllian liusiuir Ilesli
New Yuiik Aug > ion u win
van is getting rid of his surplus ileah
rapidly Ho was weighed a icr his i
eight mile walk Sunday and lipped
the bam at 2072 pounds and was
feeling remarkably welt Ho weighed
2141 pounds when lie svaiei out on
tbe walk It looks now ns f he will
have little trouble in gelling uo n to
205 poueds before ho lea cs for New
Double Traced
Silvek City N M Aug 10
There was a double killing at Gold
Hill a mining ounm forty miles
souihi etiof rji5 plce Monday
James Patterson a mine and mill tt ri r i 1Mr UTDrTPM
operator had in his employ a Mexican llUiYlj iiS U rUKlllbiN
believed to havo been one of the mob
that killed Manchck at Ascension
Mexico a few months ago The
Mexican was drinking Saturday and
as Patterson was going home Sunday
evening tne Mexican asked him for 5
Not knowing whether the Mexican
had anything due him Patterson re
fused to givo h m the money Then
the Mexican asucd him for a bottle of
whisky Patterson gavo him an order
for it and then went home A few
minutes later he went to the corral
and returned to the bouse and seeing
the Mexican in the act of crawling in
the window Patterson called out and
tho Mexican got out of the window and
came toward the gate and as ho ap
proached Patterson fired three shots
in rapid succession ono of which
passed entirely through tho body
The wounded man pulled a revolver
and fired twice ono bullet passing
through tho Mexicans heart killing
him instantly Patterson died Mon
day evening
Ihe Aericiilturat Iteport Miou a
Very Loirtierncr
INGTON Aug 11 The August re
port of statistician of the department
of agriculturo shows a reduction in
tho condition of cotton during July
from 8C9 to 823 This is tho lowest
average since August 1885 when the
condition was one point lower The
season has been almost everywhere
loo wet though in South Caroiiua and
Georgia alternations of excessive rain
fall and blisteiing sunshine have been
injurious In Texas the need of rain
has been reported by tome corre
spondcnts The uatnral result of
these conditions nppears in grassy
fields rank plant growth and small
fruitage with considerable shedding
Grass worms and calterpillars hate
appeared in the more southern and
western districts but no material
damage has yet resulted State aver
ages of conditions are Virginia 83
North Carolina 82 South Carolina 83
Georgia 81 Florida 81 Alabama 83
Mississippi 80 Texas 80 Arkansas
7o Tennessee 79
Hie Mrikv Situation
Homestead Pa Aug 8 Samuel
Gompers president of Iho American
Federation of Labor has been in
Homostcad on a secret mission As
the result of his mission the entire
strength of his organization will bo
utilized to help win the fight Seven
hundred thousand of the Federation
will be asked to contribute money
and especially to be vigilant and boy
cott all of Carnegies material and pre
vent worKmen from going to Home
stead Gompers spent two hours in
Homestead Saturday He met the
advisory committee afterward and was
shown the mills Later he expressed
confidence in the men winning and
said the heartiest cooperation will be
extended The advisory committee
iasi night gavo out that Koilcr re
ceived a letter from manager Potter
informing him if ho would return the
charge of murder against him will be
withdrawn and ho will be given his
old position
Jliss Mtlln null Jlarncd
Rondoct N Y Aug 13 V ro
mantic wending occurred here Thurs
day Tne contracting parties were a
daughter of Sitting Bull the great In
dian war chief and Peter Markle
formerly of the United Slates army
Markle served with Custer for a long
time and it is reported his bride saved
his life when attacked by the Indians
Tne wedding was celebrated at tho
residence of William Van Braraer
Union avenue in the presence of a few
intimate friends of Mr Markle
Islands ol Ice
Stir Tojk Aug 10 A ship just
in from Tatall Chili reports teeing
on June 20 at 2 p ru two icebergs
one judged to bo J0O feet high At 1
p m they were in sight of tome very
laree ones and also during the night
About daylight nineteen were counted
and one was judged to be ten miles
long and fifty feet high and fiat on
top This drift appeared to lay cast
and west and sixty miles north and
fiov Iluclianaii Hansen in KIllcs
Memphis Tonn Aug 11 Last
night a crowd assembled a the cor
ner of Main and Madison streets the
most central point in tho city and af
ter hanging an effigy of Gov Buch
anan to a telegraph pole set tho
dummy on afire and matched it burn
The crowd was dissatisfied with the
governors action in tho 1L Clay King
A tannlr of Mx Killed
Glthkif Ok Aug 9 A whole
family consisting of a man wife and
four children names unknown were
killed near hero yesterday Tne
family had been in the city buying
provisions and whilo returning to
their claim on the old Cheyenne res
ervation the team ran away and over
a precipice
Col KlnB III Prison
Nashville Tenn Aug 12 Col
IL Clay King arrived in ihis city at
an early hour yesterday morning and
was at once conveyed to tho state
prison by Sheriff McLcsden The
sheriff brought the prisoner via Nor
tonsvillo Ky Their journey was a
quiet one
TlietJold Irniii
New Yopk Aug 10 The famous
treasure train carrying 20000000
of Undo Sams gold from San Fran
cisco to New lork reached the Grand
Central depot at 1010 yesterday
m orning
fleatli smtrnee Committed
Muirius Tenn Aug 10 Gov
Buchanan has commuted the sentence
of IL Cloy King for thomurdor of Col
IL II Poston on March 15 last Kirg
was to have been hanged Friday next
Gleanings from Crimes Cflefldjr Served lo
Suit the General Ruha
Cable Flashes from Foreiffn Shores
Itife vrUhLslitewislXa
tlonal nontent
A fear ol water famine hangs over
Corn in Kansas wilt make little
over half a crop
Smallpox has raado its appearance
at Paiutsville Ky
Cattle ia Bradley county Tenn
are affected with murrain
A Chinaman has been denied
zenship at New Orletns La
All the rich gold mines of Cripple
Creek Col have consolidated
C A Bailey of St Louis Mo says
Prof Koch has cured him of consump
Andrew Kggleston killed his son
and then himself at Wilkesbarre Pa
Mrs Madden an aged lady living
at Moberly Mo died of fright a few
days ago
The sanctificationists are causing
trouble among churches at ilount
Vernon 111
The scheme to control the majority
of whisky distilleries in Kentucky has
fallen through
A wall paper trust with 20 Of0000
at its back has been organized fi > con
trol the market
Jay Gould says he will never go
cruising again and offers his yacht
Atlanta for sale
An English syndicate has purchased
30000000 worth of property near
Los Angeles Cat
At Knoxville Tenn recently the
yearold son of Davis Hanna drank
benzine and died
The new depot at St Louis Ma
tho largest in the world will be com
pleted by Nov 1
John Smith a negio is under ar
rest at Kaleigh N C for attempting
to ravish his aunt
Henry Killian was shot to death by
Z T Pearce and his son near Marble
Hill Mo recently
Alice Mitchell entertains the luna
tics at Bolivar Tenn with music
from a French harp
Henry Clark a ncero was lynched
at Dublin Ga recently for attempt
ing to outrage a while lady
Uev Sam Small was recently de
feated for the nomination for congress
in Atlanta Ga by a half vote
Near Louisville Ky recently John
Joyce murdered his father Win Joyce
practically without provocation
fames Shepler has been sent to the
southern Illinois penitentiary for im
personating a United States officer
An ordinance has been passed in
Boston prohibiting newsboys selling
papers any place except on sidewalks
Philadelphia will send to the Worlds
Fair at Chicago a historic collection
of souvenirs of early days in America
A war is raging between the gas
companies of Indianapolis Ind and
gas consumers are reaping tho bene
A recent political row at West
Plains Mo resulted in William Kob
crts being shot dead by William
John Ridenour s cow recently killed
a dog because it had killed a 5year
old baby llidonour lives at Green
ridge Mo
At Jacksboro Tenn recently two
white men wero lynched for cruelly
beating and violating the wife of Wil
liam Delk
Walter Liddell of Delb JIo has
deserted his wife and two children
and eloped with Miss Katie Mock his
Mme PattiNicolini is to receive
40000 for her American tour com
prising forty concerts or 5000 for
each concert
Two Catholic Bishops of Fort
Dodge la have declared against
Catholics joining the Knights of
Pythias order
Representatives from Albany N
Y are at Victoria Cf for the
purpose of obtaining control of the
seal skin market
Private Fnwlt Brown of company
B at Iripiton Ky has been court
marshaJea and dishonorably discharg
ed fif stealing a pistoL
James Lineback recently attempted
lo assault Mrs Charies Laishaw near
Iexington JIo and she knocked him
in the head with a poker
A desperate fight recently occurred
at Flat Hock Ky between Deputy
riherifl Grant Sellers and John Coffey
in which both were killed
It is estimated that the troubles at
Homestead and other Carnegie plants
have cost 1000000 besides the Io s
of life and wounds of victims
While in an alley at Birmingham
Ala a few days ago a crowd of byjw
found the remains an infant which
had be = n buried for many months
Texas fever is raging in Oklahoma
wiping out whole herds of cattle H
is feared it will spread over tho en
tiro grazing section of the southwest
A negro was killed by lightning at
Pittsburg Pa the other day and a
picture of the tree under which ho
stood was photographed on his breast
Burrcll JlcGec of Brush creek
Smith county Tenn is in jail at
Carthage charged wi h incestuous in
tercourse with his 16yearold daugh
ia Crittenden county Ky a few
dayt ago Hester Bashing nut his foot
on the hammer of his gun and blew
into the muzzle Death was instanta
Samjel J Mnitb a returned mis
sionary from Siam is in Boston ool
ifcting material for a set of scientific
works to be published in tho Siamese
A mclnber of tho Kentucky board
of aldermen has made direct charges
agamst Harey Meyers speaker of
the last house of representatives of
J IL Rogers a saloonkeeper was
shot and dangerously wounded at
Louisiana Mo recently by three
masked men who stole 70 from his
ash arawer
Kugene BaKcr colored was lynched
at Monticello Ark a few days ago
oecause he shot into a mob whicn had
come to whip h m with hickories and
killed a man
An effort is bain made by tho
Christian Eintejvgrs to boycott the
Worlds Fair in case of its being
opened on Sunday or if liquor is sold
on the ground
Robert McAllister and AI Lock
wood of New Ieasbnrg Ma were re
cently playing with a pistol which
theydld not know was loaded ae
former is dead
Postmaster Ratnley Kdgefield Junc
tion Tenn was wounded probably
fatally by Jesse Bloodworth a few
days ago because Le failed to get an
expected letter
Near Mifflin Tenn the other day
Mrs Hendrix a poor widow was
struck on the head with a hoe and
killed by the ton of the man for whom
she wai > working
At Nasbville Tenn a few days
since four convicts were injured ono
fatally by the explosion of a dynamite
cartridge in a sewer in which 150 of
them were at work
J W Williams a prominent citi
zen of Silver Springs Wilson county
Tenn died recently from the effects
of a wound received during the war
while ho was a confederate soldier
Frederick Kayser a miser of Dayton
O who was worth 500000 but
drove a garbage wagon recently
hanged himself because his daughter
reproached him for his way of life
At St Louis Ma recently Anette
Carroll an 18yearold girl commit
ted suicide by taking strychnine Her
only reason for tho act was that her
fathor would not pay his grocery bills
Four men wero killed and a fifth fa
taJy injured by the explosion of tho
boiler in Hartnell Smuhs shingle
mill near Gaylon Mich the other
day The mill was completely wrecked
Two hundred persons were injured
over tbirty seriously by an explosion
of gasoline which followed a freight
wreck on the Big Four road near
Springfield Ohio a few nights past
Continued heavy rains are becom
ing alarming to planters around
Jeannette La who nave not yet laid
by tbeir cane which has attained a
pbonominal growth Corn is made
and rice is very fine
Whilo partially deranged Mrs
Charles Gray of Galcsburg III drove
off in a buggy a few mornings ago and
tho following morning her body was
found in Lake George park She was
a daughter of the llev S Crane
Alice Mitchell tho maniac murder
ess of Memphis has been taken to the
insane asylum at Bolivar Tenn Be
foro her departure she was taken to
tho grave of Freda Ward where she
showed emotion for tho first time
The eastbound limited passenger
train on tho Big Four road collided
with a freight train at Edwardsville
Junction IlL a few nights since the
engineer and fireman Deing killed and
many passengers injured some fatally
At Stinchfied s lime kiln in South
Clarksville Tenn recently Thomas
Mallory and Pitts Seat quarreled about
15 cents and Mallory struck Seat with
a steam drill fracturing his skull and
inflicting wounds from which he will
A little girL aged 9 years has told
the sheriff of Chester county Tenn
a story regarding her mothers death
which if substantiated wiU convict a
sou of Reed Itobinaon living near
Miiilin Tenn of horrible brutalities
and murder
On tho Georgia Pacific road neat
Greenville Miss recently u mule
was found entangled in a bridga
Conductor Walter McLean and crew
undertook to oxtricato it but the mule
bit McLean s leg in such a manner
that he may die
At Worcester Mass a few days
ago Gustavo Reidei a thriftless Ger
man shot and seriously wounded his
nard working wife and theu tired two
bullets into his own worthless body
Ho wiil die end the womans condi
tion is doubtful
The newost thing ia the way of
trust is a combination among trunk
men It has just leaked out that re
ccntly the NationalTrunk company
had a quiet meeting in Chicago and
increased its capita stock from 200
000 to 2500000
At San Francisco Cat genuine
German nobleman is in the Alameda
jail as a governmeui prisoner being
charged with violation of the postal
laws in sending obscene letters to Dr
J 11 Kigholse of Tacoma Wash
His title is Count Claude do Baden
A fatal diliiculty occurred near
Chappel church in the Wilson ville
beat near Shelby villa Ala recently
in Which Tom Nevins aged 1 years
was staboed and instantly killed b
Young Biaimed aged 1G Politics
caused tho trouble Biaimed escaped
Charles Finley l1 years old son of
late State Treasurer Findley of Cali
fornia lus been arrested on two
charges of obtaining goods under faise
pretenses He secured diamonds val
ued at 200 by representing hiinseif
as a son of President Tobin of the
Hibernia Bank of San Francisco
ilasked highwaymen recently at
tempted to stop Superintendent James
IL Kinkead ot the Occidental mine
at Virginia City Nev One of the
robbers was wounded and afterwards
At Providence La recently thtee
children of Robert Dorsey colored
tho eldest 7 years being locked up in
their cabin whiio tho parents went to
hllrch set tho place atiro and were
burned to death
i onini >
Revolution in Spanish Honduras is
nearing a crisis
Knglish anarchiBts express sym
oatby for tho Homestead strikera
Twenty thousand persons aro iu re
bellion acainst the government in
Northern China
Cholera has broken out at St
Petersburg and at other points in
RussiA hitherto free from the disease
German medical experts warn
Americans to be extremely careful
against any infection of cholera from
Gladstones majority in the house ol
commons has been reduced to forty by
a recount of tho votes in Greenoctr
Several Paris papers report that an
attempt has been made to blow up with
dynamite a numoer of ouildings in
The Gunong Aroo volcano on Great
Sangir island blazed forth the other
day and the whole of tho surrounding
country is devastatod
Twelvo thousand rebels aro encamp
ed in sight of Tangier and tho situa
tion in Morocco is attributed to Rus
sia and English intrigue
Labor members of parliament agree
to comDine with iho McCarthyites in
aid of home rule providing the latter
will support an eighthour bill
Sarts at Ashkend in Asiatic Russia
claimed the Russian doctors were
poisoning the people afflicted with
cholera and instituted riots killing
the geverucr gtnerat
Th President Appealed to on Behalf of the
Garzi Revolutionist
llugti 1 Jackson filven Life Im
prisonment for Jlurderlliff
tils fSrotliertiialaii
San Aktomo Tex Aug 13 A
touching appeal was forwarded from
here yesterday to President Harrison
asking his clemency for the misguided
followers of Garza imprisoned for
iolaling the neutrality laws The
l > etition recites that the men were
ignorant and imposed npon by the
wouldbe revolutionist leader and that
in their confinement their families aro
in destitution and without means of
livelihood in a drouth stricken region
that these laws have never heretofore
been enforced notwithstanding Diaz
started almost the same as Garza and
likewise on American soil The peti
tion is signed by the families of the
Mexican residents of the American
oorder now serving Imprisonment
under sentence of the federal courts
Blums Cotton Report
GALVESTOt Tex Aug 9 Yester
day Leon and IL Blum issued the
second of their crop reports The last
was issued in Muy and it will be re
membered indicated a reduction in
acreage planted in cotton of about 15
per cent Theso figures aro fully
confirmed by the present report
The following is the report Condi
tion of crops as compared with last
year average dale of reports Aug 1
1892 Estimated acreage of cotton
15 per cent less condition cf crop 4
ner cent worse maturity of cotton
eight days later Estimated acreage
of corn 11 per cent more condition of
corn 9 per cent better The above
averages are made from reports re
ceived from 67 counties Ct of which
report corn sufficient for homo use
This report is confirmatory of our
May report and is especially worthy
of credence as the information in the
majority of instances is from different
sources than that of the May report
Tired of tiriiic
Galvesio Tex Aug IU W i
Stone of Chillicothe Mo committeu
suicide at tho Washington hotel of
this city by shooting himself mrough
the head Dececsed was found yester
day morning in his room lying on his
back on the bed partially dressed
Tho ball went in his forehead and
came out at the top of his skull The
weapon wus a 38caliber doubleaction
revolver Stone was a drummer for
the George P Davis dental supply
company of Chicago He was a suf
ferer from lung trouble and had be
come very despondent He was about
5 feet 8 inches tall He left a noto
on tne table reading Busted sick
and no friends tho cause of this they
failed to send the money I telegraphed
for An inquest was held and a ver
dict rendered that deceased came to
his death from a revolver shot fired
by himself
King Texas llclittlte
Dallas Tex Aug 13 As con
siderable interest is being taken in
the cae of IL Clay King it may be
worth while to mention that a nephew
of his lives iu Helton His name is
Thomas Craig His mother Indiana
King was the sister of II Clay King
His motner and father were married
in Victoria Tex in 1869 or 1870
She has been dead a number of years
Ills father William Craig still lives
in Victoria Tom has taken a deep
interest in the trial of H Clay King
and the events which havo followed
it He is not disposed to bo n3 bitter
ugainstGov Buchanan for commuting
the sentence as the Memphis and some
other papers are
Snattinc the llrouth Coitutrr
Sas Antonio Tex Aug 11
Heavy general rains have continued
for several dajs over southwest Texas
covering tho drouth region ou the
lower Rio Grande and extending into
northern Mexico where it has not
rained for three years and where
much suffering existed The Rio
Grande is on a boom for the first lime
for several years Washouts on the
railroads and the loss of ondges is re
ported at many places Twelvo miles
from here a waterspout washed away
the track of ihe Southern Pacific aad
Hooded several farm houses This
downpour is invaluable breaking an
extended drouth and ending much
Contlrled of Tlnrdrr
Geoboetowx Tex Aug W The
jury in the Hugh L Jackson inuiaer I
case that bus been on trial all tho
week after being out since 5 o clo k
Thursday evening returned into court
ac 9 oclock yesterday morning with a
verdict of guilty of muder in tho first
degtee fixinir his punishment at con
finement in the penitentiary for life
Hugh I Jackson Is 55 years of age
He is a well to do farmer had lived
In tne county for quite a number of
years and is a native of Tennessee
He is charged with the killing of his
brotherinlaw George Meadow who
was also his tenant on Sept 12 189i
just eleven months ago
Proulli IlroKen
Lakedo Tex Aug 10 A num
ber of ox carts loaded down with corn
have left the city for the benefit of tho
aroulh sutTereis O I Reid of
Aguilares Encinal < ounty report
that the last rain was the heaviest
and did more good for that section
than any heretofore for the past three
years and tho farmers are now en
gaged in planting and have hopes of
raising a good crop this year Heavy
rains still continue to fah in this sec
tion and the tanks and reservoirs on
the stock ranches are being filled to
overflowing and the stoeKinan is re
tllrr Tnrltljilt Vears
DeLlov Tex Aug 10 Arp ny
Houston was arrested here yesterday
by the sheriff of McLennan county for
a killing committed near Waco twenty
six years ago Ho will bo taken to
Waco for examining trial Ho has
been living in this county for nineteen
year was a good conservative citi
zen and generally liked
tSoll Worm ttatnee
CiiHii ana Tex Aug 12 There
is considerable alarm expressed in the
BlacK Hills neighborhood over tho
ravages of tho boll worm An exami
nation of several fields a few days ago
revealed the fact that this pest is play
ing havoc with the cotton crop in that
A Fort 1 orllt Tragedy
Fout V oini Tex Aug 13 Last
night Geogo E Burton of Quanah
Tex as shot through the head and
killed by George Mayer a boy 17
years old wbo assigns as a reason for
the deed that Burton assaulted his Ut
ile slsi r
> ot uutttr
Clcbukne Tex Aug 12 Argu
ment in the Templeton easo closed
i yesterday morning and the cas wat
given to the jury about 11 ocloek
In this case thero was an effort mado
to prove that Mrs Templeton a lady
who was noted almost the county over
for her beauty and Capt Bonner an
old and wealthy resident of this county
had become infatuated with each
other and there was but one thing in
the way of their bliss and that was
Mr Templeton the husband
of the above nuuted lady
Templeton arose one morning last
spring and as was his ouvoni
indulged in his ncorning toddy from
the little bottle on the mantle and in
a few moments he was a corpse An
analysis of Templuion s stomach was
made which resulted in tho arrest and
imprisonment of CapL Bonnerand Mrs
Tempieton upon the charge of murder
As 3 o ciock yesterday afternoon the
jurors marched in and took their
places beloro iho oourt and announced
that they had arrived at a verdict
There were hundreds of people pres
ent who leaned forward eager to
catch the words of the clerk when he
read tho verdict which was Wo
tho jury find the defendant not
guilty When it wa3 announced that
she was a free woman Mrs Templeton
cried some and shook tho hands of
tho jury and thanked them Futher
than that sho showed very little ox
citement and maintained the same
cool calm selfcontrol sho has exhio
ited all during the trial which has
attracted mora attention than any
case ever tried in Johnson county not
excepting the famous Newberry case
wherein an old lady was charged with
killing he three grandchildren
Hurt Collins fluuces a lluccer
f mo the Bodr of Sadie > oel
Dallas Tex Aug 8 Burt Col
lins the young man who cut Mrs
Sadie Noel last Saturday nisht while
under the influence of liquor was seen
by a reporter He is a slender lighi
h tred young man about 26 years of
age and was pacing restlessly up and
down his ceil He said that he was
drunk when the cutting was done and
that be did not know what ho was
doing Ho wouldnt give any particu
lars in regard to his actions or
doings alter leaving the barroom
or whethor he accompanied the
womar from the saloon He claims
that tho dagger which Policeman
Steele took away from him was not
what he did the cutting with The
deed he said was dono with a knife
which he threw away in the weeds
across the street from the scene
of the assault He expressed regret
for the cutting wnich he said
was caused by jealousy Mrs Noels
condition is quite serious The sur
geon who attended her said the wound
in the broasi was dangerous and that
sho was bleeding internally
Through a llridee
Sas Amomh Tex Aug 11
Seven rear cars and the caooose of
eastbound freight train No 729 on
the Southern Pacific went tnrough u
bridge over the Sabinal river at Sa
binal station shoitly after midnight
yesterday morning Heavy rains had
washed the embankment from under
the cattle guard which threw the
cars off the track The front part of
of the train passed over safely but
the rear coaches were derailed and
brotce away upon reaching the first
span of the bridge The derailed cars
fell forty feet to tho river bed The
caboose which was broken into frag
ments contained seven sleeping men
with tho following results Killed
Frank Leonard brakemoa a single
man aged 25 years head crushed
His home was in Plains Pa where
his body wilFbe shipped from here to
day Injured W J Raymond
brakeman concussion of the brain
and bruises will probably recover
E Waldo bratetnan slight internal
injuries J V Crawford conductor
arms and foot sprained and slight in
ternal injuries John ilorgan con
ductor badly bruised and finger
broken Brakeman Quick slight
bruises George McMullen conductor
had his hands frightfully bruised
Immediately after the wreck the sur
vivors rescued the body of Raymond
and his injured companions and he p
was telegraphed lor The train was
in charge of Conductor George Mc
Mullen and the crews of Conductors
John Mangan and J F Crawford
were deadheading bac < over the oad
in their cabooses
Kcrllnsr Confesses
Tiaikana Tex Aug > George
Keeing the colored man who chopoed
his wfc s body to pieces and suuk
them in a creek a few wee s ago has
been lodged in tbe county jail at Bos
ton to await the actioi of the grand
jury Rev Ed C Coo ey a colored
lSantist preacher of thi citv went to
Boston Sunday and held serv ices
with the prisoner Keeling received
the words of the prea ner with gd
nes nd before tho latter had de
parted he had profesed faith in the
Loia ana asKed to join the churvu
The ouutisrn wiil talo place under a
strong a mod iuard at a creetc a miie
trom tri jail next Suiuay afternoon
Keeling made a full confession of tne
murder to the preacher saying hu
killed the woman > > ecouse he bad dis
covered that she was maintaining im
proper relations with Harry Tucker
The hed of the woman which was
missing for several dayb after the dis
covery of the body was found Satur
day ia tho creek near where tlie body
had been funk Keeling has givou up
alt hone and savs ho f f Ii certain he
wi hau but that death has no ier
roi o for him as he will go straight to
ramitr struck bs Ltsntuius
Abbott Tex Aug 12 Wednes
< ii afternoon lightning struck J U
Wiliiams house two and a half miles
southwest of here instantly killing
Mr Williams 6yoarolu son and
aonling tho whole family His 12
y carold son was struck upon the right
side and was badly burned from head
to foot and is lying in a dangerous
condition His 14yearold girl was
also struck on the limbs making a
very painlul wound Tbe west end of
tbe house was torn loose breaking all
ihe glass about the house except two
window lights Mr Williams also
received a severe shock
Kiirned lo Ilealli
51AG11LF Falls Tex Aug 12
William 51 I icy Avas locked up in
the calaboose here about 11 o clock
Wednesday night in a state of intoxi
cation and about 2 oclock the build
ing was seen to be on fire and every
effort Avas made to rescue him but he
and the building were consumed
Only his charred remains were taken
from the flames He Avas a son of
Ewing Lacy one of tho wealthiest
citizens It is believed he must have t
fired the building himself
Held I p by a lllcliwnfinau
WEAruERFORD Tex Aug 9 Sun1
day night as tho little son of J B
Hmcheson was coming into town on
the Jacksboro road he was met
by a highwayman who with a drawn
pistol oidered him to hold up ht
hands The boy was relieved of j I
A Medics Library on a New rlsa A
Xorel Eleettle llosd
St LoiI3 Augr 8 Librarians
In other cities would stare witlvl
envy couM Uiey see the list oft
boous which he public library will
carry Into its new quarters in tho Poly
technic building when it is finished
When the new library was first pro
posed Librarian Fred 51 Crunden had
on idea by which lie thought he could
get for the library the most complete
msdical library iu the country Ho
offered all the medical societies
of the City the priviliges of tha
library for their members on
condition that Ihey turned over to him
all their books to go into the cases aa
the property of the library Each ot
the societies had an immense number
of valuable books which wero poorly
cared for and thev jumped at this
chance ai Mr Crunden thought they
would Medical books are Terr costly
as every young doctor who tries to bay
them knows and the lot that 5Ir
Crundep has thus obtained conld notb
duplicated for a hundred thousand
The proposed Wit line around Forest
Park is meeting with favor The
board of public improvements has to
decide whetherornotitshallbeandall
of the members of the body want it
The only question is as to the company
that shall have the franchise It Is
suggested to dispose of that obstacle
that the right to build the line be sold
by the city at auction It would bring
several hundred thousand dollars no
doubt There are plenty of electric
roads to the park but it is so big and
bo much of it has purposely been left
as nature mado it that most of the
people who go out ther never v one
third of it and leave it after a nhorfj
Malk Uirvugb tile ueeensiltle parts ot Itl
with c Tery wrong idea of its propor1
tions At present only those Avhol
drive through the park in vehicles unl
derstand fully its beauty and extent 1
and a belt road around it would admit I
everybody tothisdelightfulknowledge
The wheelmen of St Louis have just I
originated two novel plans for making
the bicycle conspicuous in this city as
a Achicle that can be both picturesque
and useful There are over two thou
hand wheelmen1 here now and when
they cuter into any scheme unitedly
they make it go To show that the
wheel ran produce great spectacular
effects a score or more of the boys
have got up a rocket corps which takes
long night rides on the smooth roads
around the city the wheelmen dis
charging Roman candles and rockets as
they got a sort of flambeau battalions
on cycles The line of wheels as they
whirl down a long hill at full speed on
amoonlight night each one sending
up to the heavens a stream of fire Is a
most dazzling sight They parade
around the parks in this way and dis
band at the club house A military
organization the wheelmen have es
tablished is designed to show that the
wluel may be of use in time of Avar lit
the drill the boys carry heavy loads
and practise mounting and dismount
ing Avitb their burdens
The courageous Avife of Ed Noland
the former treasurer of Missouri AvhW
has jus gone to the penitentiary for
embezzling State funds is keeping a
boardinghouse here and making a very
good living for herself and her twin
children As soon as the State elec
tion is over a movement will be started
here to get < iov Francis to pardon No
land on the gronnd that lie and hlti
family liave already been punished
heavily enough for the crime
It is proposed attempting to stamp
out tuberculosis in cattle in Penuiak
by vaccination with Kochs lymph
A strong negro iu 5farvand killrc a
bull by catching it b the horns aud
throwing it to the gi maJ breakingits
Ueiman man < > n e ilia
the lands in German devotee to grains
used in beer production Avould support
30000000 people
Love your Avife as you would love
your soul but beat her a vou Avould
ynir fm is said to be he doctrine bv
u iii h i lie Russian peasant guides his
uiitnn > nial relation
Welington Hitter found a guinea
hen s u si in a grass fiel I near Boyer
toAvn Ix with thirtysix eggs heaped
up in a pretty pile The tien Avas al
lowed to sit on the ntst and has
hatched out thirtythree speokled
The well that prompted Samuel
Woodivorth to wiite The Old Oaken
Bucket is stul kept id good condition
and many a isitors to Mi > uate Mass
go and get a draught of its Avater
which seems pure an > i coil as ever
The old mill and pourul ar there 1 it
not mm h is left of the depiangled
wild wood
The largest pyramid m Lgypt is 146
yards high that is about ninety
times tho average height of man
Avhereas the nests of the termites are
lnno times the height of Hie insects
Avhieh construct them I teir habita
tions are thus tuelv tnes higher
than tlie largest sp tinLn of architec
ture raised by human hands
The oldfashioned Lotion of a nug in
the lrnie s cake is brim revivd at
fa > i > ioate weddings At a recent
Avedding at Ltita N 5 tu re a us bfl
sid < s the ring a daintv ohi li nihlc nt
we which Avas a pretty liuvii wed
ding favor but oniinous c juiticanl
the young Avomau who irot it thought
that she was destined t > sit by tho
liresideand sew for tlt icst of her life
A too excited Atlanta lawver dislo
cated lu > arm hy malting too many
You can nevi r estimate thsiic of
the sore on a boy s tinker In t ue
amount of rag he ties around it
Mrs Nellie Grant Sartoris iiAes in
l mdon and is o woman of wealth
If r f ith r in law left lit c al t > he
an i er o chiMien on > e < adirioi
tha h T voul mase th1 r < sidcni J
n r imi
II jo tA ard b lier s ulow aid
thru i lpiolhnini he ote tint
one pom and i r Roherb
llonnei pii t it in tin L i in spit
of nn offer of S jki fi i It n
mitten in Beecher s colhv < ay v
AmluVst the good ladi i ml t n
laind about as much potrv as thi
is in Tj < and Gil
In the Indian camp on the Grand
Itondc iter l ash there are seven
teen Marriageable Indian girls soma
of Avliom Avant white men for htts
banils ni t shun the idea of marrying
oue ot tin ir own race The lather of
one of t icse girls oiTis an inducement
t oo I ad of good hores to some
oi iji alnteman that will marry his
da sfhtt t The old Indian staes thai
iiu hoodiitnof a white fellow need ip
p He must be a young man of
e i character and addiss and able
to pruvido bis wile w th a good home
Bioggs hnn AAonderful ability for
keeping out of trouble Good
natured lo sprinter
The more a man < ets the more he
AVftuts except w hen he s t e cviusf a
sentence in a court of justi
She Who do you thn oud have
picked my pclict II V ody in
the AAorld bn your cl sia i > e
If communication s i lissed
with Mars we may a as nu a plaee
where things were known bsfe the
Chinese discovered V n
The heathen in their blindness bow
down to wood and stone After tue >
hsAe been cocvcite hey learn Vj
ot ship gold

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