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II without asking the consent of
pso a on ire submit to the con
fcration of the people of San
ba school district tho following
asB and bolieve they willserto
elected and faithfully discharge
sir duties
Y H Estep
Hy Kolchum
N D Lidstone
John Seiders
Fe endorse tho above ticket for
nsona that may be easily discov
by using a littlo thought
bey are honest active energetic
Irnpetont fairminded mon and
n Board of Trustees incapablo
betraying pudlie trust or squan
fnng the school funds
I With this issue closes our second
jars work in thn newspaper bus
ess We are pleased to announce
at aa far as we are concerned
are very well satisfied with
r work and bear deep down
1 our hearts a hope that our read
Is are also satisfied with our man
r of conducting a County News
Through the late stormy
opaign although wo as individ
ssls were Democrats we have sv
borne in mind that we were
inning s County paper read by
ople of all political creeds and
that reason the columns of the
aper stood open for discussions
ad notwithstanding that some of
ur Democratic brethren even
aesraonr democracy ht col
mns still stand open alike to all
olitical creeds Our paper is a
paper devoted to the in
erest and upbuilding of San Saba
Though we may have
eglected our county though we
say not have worked as ceaseless
and as faithlfully as others may
iaT6 worked though we may not
save BUDg ocr countys praise as
and as often as we may have
lone yet we feel that we ever
ied to do our duty
We also express our sincere
thanks and high appreciation for
the liberal patronage extended us
by us business men and hope to
so conduct oar business as to
continue to merit their patronage
Having witnessed many develop
ments and improvements we close
our second years work with feel
ings of gratitude and thanks for
all kindnesses extended to us in
whatever line and with hopes that
the same pleasantness may contin
ue through our third year which
wo now begin
Toe mora Chamberlains Cough Remedy
aied the better it is liked We knowof
no other remedy that always gives satis
faction It is good when youcoagh is
seated aid your lungs are sore It is good
in any kind of a cough W hare sold
twentyfive down of it and every bottle
hai > given satisfaction Stedman Fried
man druggist Minnesota Lake Minn SO
cent bottle for nals by All Druggist
Fort Worth lias been displeased
by the appointment of an archi
tect to superintend the construc
tion of the federal building of that
city It appears that a Port Worth
kmsn bad been appointed and after
erring two or three dayB was do
without any known cause
1 Corsicana man appointed in
ead It is charged that this
1 through the influence of
reported the Treas
shington bad
by the payment
nsore treasury
the act of
kftement how
to basis
to re
The only Pnre Creira of Tartar Powder No Ammonia No Alum
Used in Millions of Homes 40 Years the Standard
Without consultation or advice
There has beon gottten up bill
of which the following is the gist
Any person or persons who know
ing wilfully j malicipuBly get
up any mov o Kterpry calcula
ted to disturb the present tranquil
ity and general lethargy of any or
all the citizens of any small town
or strive in any way to cause the
people of said town to get n waler
barry move on them and hustle for
all that is in sight or any individ
ual who by words or threats shows
that he is an active energetic
broadminded publicspirited lib
eralhearted man shall be subject
to public abuse ridicule and much
cussing privately expressed Scan
dalmongers mischiefmakers
towngossipers and religioushypo
critsare not included as within
the meaning of this bill but are
rather to bo praised for their con
stant effort to keep a little life and
excitement among the people
There is nothing definite yet as
to the Brownwood extension of
the Fort Worth and Bio Grande
It is leported bat on what author
ity we are nnable to say that the
road will be extended out west
and will also build another road
to Llano by the way of San Saba
Now is a good time to put in a lit
tle work
The Santa Fe road is only 17
miles from San Saba Why could
not a company be organized here
and put a road through It could
be done and the increase in house
rents and valuation of property
would cover the cost of building
the road
If McGangbey is not ramoved
from office and it is highly prob
able he will not be removed he
will at least be more careful and
manage his affiairs better than
heretofore His carelessness how
ever will cost the State a few ex
tra dollars
The defunct railroad commis
sion though they have been silenc
ed and inactive since last August
still continue to draw their fat
salaries This is indeed consoling
to those who mtut labor to support
by tax this commission that exists
in name only
A few days ago a mob took from
the custody of the state one Thorn
ton at Morrilton Ark and lynched
him Gov Fishback Has issued
instructions to tho county attorney
to arrest and bring to trial all the
In this day and time a town that
is not advancing and keeping
abreast of the times tor the most
part lags behind There is no
such thing as standing still and
holding what you have
It now eeems highly probable
that Cleveland will call an extra
session of Congress at an early
date to consider the financial prob
lem now pestering tho minds of
our people
Something seems to have been a
pestering Brann of the San Anto
nio Express Perhaps they didnt
know Brann was loaded J
Hell is full of newspaper men
who killed themselves blowing for
some little one horse town and
that too without enough support
to fatten a grasshopper Wevi
decided thats its a sin to lie any
way and in future well be found
telling the truth Garrison Sig
Thems our sentiments and while
we will ever tell of the good things
of our county and sing in our
deepest toned voice her praises
we dont propose to turn our paper
into a lying machine Facts gen
tlemen facts oro what we aro af
Abont 13 drops of rain to the
square foot fell horo Tuesday
Persons who are subject to attacks of
jMious colic can almost invariably tell by
r feelings when to expect an attack
bamberlains Colic Cholera and Dlsr
Remedy is taken as soon as these
ns appear they can ward off tho
i persons should always keep
t hand ready for immediate
ded Two or three doses of
> will save them much
isnle by AH Druggist
Big hail storm at 8eutcrflt Saturday
Cedar post hauling is the go from here
to Lometa
We now have a market for onr butter
and cpgs cedar chopper will cat
Rain needed badey Later we had it
Tlios llollis is the commander of Camp
General Hardee San Saba Co
WB Alexander of Camp General Har
dee was appointed by Gen Sul Ross as one
of tho comraitteo to accompany the re
mains of Jefferson Davis to Richmond Va
There are no full Generals left of the
Thero are eight Lieutenant Confederate
generate living There are twentynine
Majorgenerals living Thero are one
hundred and four Brigadiergenerals liv
lug Thero were7 about t entyDVe nun
dred old exconfederato veterans at the
Houston reunion and manyof them had
a happy time in meeting again on this
side of the tomb The next reonion takes
place at Waco on 5 C and 7 of April 1891
but many that met at Houston may not
meet at Waco then but may we so live
that we may ail bare a happy meeting
when the trumpet shall sound for us to
attend tho great roll call to meet to re
ceive the bounty of eternal life in an eter
nal inheritance Let n beat our swords
into plowshares and learn a carnal war
fare no more Bloody War
A scene more solemn and a pomp of
Maids matrons widows mis their
common moans
Orphans their sires and sires lament
their sons
AH in that universal sorrow share
And curse the cause of this unhappy war
We want to remember the boys but no
more bloody war foryour Scribe
Mr W R Doran and family have our
sympathy for wo all looked on Thomas
Doran as one among the good young men
raised in our county town and one of our
best friends Quid NcscI
Editing a newspaper is a pleas
ant business if you can stand it
If there is a lack of advertising
it is unpopular and the people
wont hajre it
If we attend church regularly
they say we go for effect
If we stay away from church
they say we are monstrously heath
If we accept an invitation to a
wedding they say we ore invited to
write it up
If we co to the oprJujn a they
say wo go on a free ticket
If we are seen on tha streets too
often they say we neglect our busi
If we avoid going on the streets
they say we dont hustle after news
If we reject a long winded article
its author becomes furious aid
stops his paper
If we publish lengthy communi
cations our readers say we lack
discretion and puViu anything to
fill up
If we swell out in a new suit of
clotheB they say we got them on
tick or advertising and that we
are by far too foppish
If we sometimes perpetrate a
joke or make a stagger at a poor
little pun they say it is exceed
ingly light and wont do
If we omit jokes they say wo are
miserable old fossiles
If we publish a man who has
brought disgrace upon his family
the friends or relatives of tho fami
ly nover forgive us
If we out of goodness of heart
decline to say anything about it
the mans enemies are disappoint
ed and we are branded as a white
livered coward
Wo are able to stand these raps
and many more and are always
rtady to receive visitors whether
accompanied by a dog or not Of
course we do not claim thero is any
work in running a paper every
one knows it is a snap Exchange
Just one year ago tonight love
there came along a bail storm that
did truly pelt the stuffin out of San
A heavy rain fell last Saturday
in the northeastern part of the
Are we wide awake or have we
gone into its summer siesta
Our town is full of people at
tending court
Bnckleng Arnica Salve
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BruisesSores Ulcers Salt Rhenm Fever
SoresTetter Chapped Hands Chilblains
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is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction
or money refunded Price 25 cts per bo
For sale by Montgomery Cunningham
The importance of good litera
ture for children is beyond
question Give a boy or girl the
companionship of good books and
I have no fear for the future It
elevates his thoughts inspires him
with ambition and hope divorces
him from evil associates and evil
communings renews his aspira
tions mokes him love truth and
honesty in fact it gives him nn
ideal of life Bastrop Advertiser
Devoted to the Interests and Uj
The following notice is published by re
There has been introduced into tlio pres
ent session of the Texas Legislature the
following joint resolutions to wit
Whereas Great Britian executes free
coinage of silver en a ritio of 1 of gold to
15oisiheratIicrmints in Calcutta and
Bombay India and coined at those mints
in lfrSd 1839 and 1KW an annual average
of 37It313 l00 and coined GO per cent
more in 1KW than she did in lScS aud iii
creased her experts of silver from Lcudon
to India from ISrO to 1S90 about 300 per
cent and puts no more grains of silver in
a rupee when she buys it for 27 cents tLiu
when it cost her 41 cents and
Whereas she coined at her different
mints in 1890 32P1G500 more silver than
she produced in entire posse < > ooiis
and therefore had to supply herself with
silver from tha Western Hemisphere
which of the 106677000 produced in the
entire world in ie90fnrnihed1417o7000
leaving the entire produce of the Eastern
Hemisphere for that car to bo but 24
920000 while tho Eastern Hemisphee
coined 81810463 inio none of which f ex
ccption about 3000000 coined by Japan
was put as much pare silver in a dollars
worth as the United States would if she
had free coinage on a ratio oi 1 to 16 aud
Whereas of the 141757000 of silver
produced in the Western Hemisphere in
1890 the United States produced 70435
714 and is a large exporter of silver there
fore interested in exhausting its Taint
Whereas the United States is also
large exporter and producer of cotton and
silver the two industries in tho country
which President Harrison admitted to be
depressed in his recent message and of
which Great Britian is a large purchaser
and consumer and through ber manipula
tion of the coinage of sih er in Iudia where
she issues in rupees for 146 in payment
for wheat and cotton silver that cost her
but 85 eents and by thi3 means is enabled
to supply her wants in cotton and wheat
for at least 33 per cent less than she could
if she had to pay 12929 on ounce for sil
ver its value if wo had free coinage on a
ratio of 1 of gold to 16 of silver and
Whereas Her gain on cotton wheat and
silver is our loss therefore be it
Resolved By the House of Representa
tives of the State of Texas the Senate con
curing that the governor of said State be
requested and he is hereby authorized to
invite the people of tho American Union
through the governors of the different
States and Territories to send delegates
to a convention to convene at Dallas Tex
on tho Erst Tuesday in May A D IS the
representation of the different states and
lenitnricain aaid convention tobojn the
same ratio as in the CotgrisS crtBDir
ted States ecxept that the Governor of
each Stato and Territory shall be cxofficio
a member of said convention tho object of
said convention to be to see if they cannot
derise ways and means to enhance the
value of wheat cotton and silver three of
our greatest Bourccs of wealth and euable
the citizens of tho United to more success
fully compete for the worlds commerce
Guaranteed Cure
Weaothorize our advertised druggist to
sell Dr Kicks Now Discovery for Con
sumption coughs and colds upon this cou
dition If you are afflicted with a cough
cold or auy lung throat or chest trouble
and will use this remedy as directed giv
ing it a fair trial and experience no beuee
fit you may return the bottle and have
your monev refunded We could net mak
thls offer did we not know that Dr Kings
New Discovery could bo relied on It nev
er disppointa Trial bottle free at
Montgomery Sr Cunninghams drug store
Largo size 50 cents and 100
Dont lose sight of the fact that
since Grovet Clevelands election
new confidence has been inspired
in investments in the south and
thousands of people and money are
rolling into this favored section
that would not have come under
a republican tdministration whose
very existence has depended on
the abuse of the South and South
ern people Now whether we get
justice in the silver matter wheth
er we get justice under the tariff
revision or in any future legisla
tion of any kind justice is assured
under the laws we now have and
we will fare as well as the other
parts of tho Union
The knowledgo of this fact all
over the country is sufficient to
usher in a period of prosperity in
the south that has not been known
for years Ballinger Ledger
Whon any class goes beyond tho
bounds of orthodoxy whether in
religion philosophy natural sci
ence or politics it must endure
the fire of persiculiou and the rod
of tyranny As this is so unniversal
it must be right Then such cIosh
ought to pass and always does pass
through tho ordeal successfully
The Farm ere Alliance and Indus
trial Union is now going through
its trial period or rather emerging
from it It is unscathed and un
imperiled It is composed of ten
hundred thousand men who are
resolute in effecting the dismem
berment of imperalism and the
enthronement of liberty And his
tory will accord H in the first place
in the nineteenth century Liv
ing Issues
This Blackstouiau deciple do
seem to know something about
orthodoxy and probably has hard
of doxology at any rates he seems
to avail himself of conservation
of energy as ho turns it lose in
one big cyclonian blow The Ton
Hundred thousand resolute men
might dismember liberty anr1
enthrone imperialism were they
not opposed by one hundred hun
dred thousand mon just as resolute
And as for what history will do
who can tell
of San Snbn County
28 IS1K3
Iroivn mid
the tlicro
Kecejftly Hn J p Brown of San Saba
Counyintroduccd In tho Legislature an
amendocnttn Iho constitution of Texas
temmijto suppress secret political par
ties ijio Punt Oak Alliance of that conn
ty tnokliiui to task anil desired to know
whvthJhis proposed amendment referred
to the Iliance and Grange The follow
ing is In reply to their communication
9 Austiv Tf April 121891
roBtOakAIluncc chtnrtec Tex
Genfnien You wicli to know what I
niear y introducing a bill into the Leg
fslatnr e onccrning secret political parties
did I ean a thrnst at the Alliance or
tho Gr ige You yonrselvessbould kuow
best w ther I meant them HI under
stand onstifffiion thej aro non
pomiL tonrlecturersall bj y llicy are
non poliiicU Then if they are not secret
political paties how could I or any one
refer to tl > m as political parties If
they aro secrq political parties in reality
and do control he ote of the members by
oaths then I reerred to them 1 ho fact
of the business I oath bound secret po
litical parties shuild not exist in arepub
lican government The Clark people
were light wbea ihey said these parties
hare no place in a democratic household
Before the rar w had secret political
parties sncl as the Kuow nothing party
the Fenian society aud Knights of the
Golden Crcle After tho war we had
Loyal leajnes Kuklnxcs the Grand Army
of the Rcpibiic Klan na gae National
order of Idcttes Socialist Communist
AnarchisB and tho Mafia society of New
Orleans After reading the list and stndy
ing the giod that any of 1 em ever did
there iou man of sense butwhat will id
mit that Jjcy did no good in the world
Did theyio any niischfcff We all know
the evil cTects Some of them had to he
suppressel by tho strung arm of the gov
ernment Kukluxistn Matiaism aud
Klan nagielisiu left a trail of blood and
murder bejiud thrm International coni
plicationsthat threatened the peace of
this county grew ont of tha bloody deeds
of the Malas and those who tried to put
them dovo As regards the Grand Army
of the Beubic and tho malign inlluence
exerted b that secret political party we
know Its ojccessfnl efforts to control the
legislatioi of the country The pension
roll of theU S will be a IsMing proof of
the sucees of organized efforts of secret
political rtrties in almost crushing and
ruining tin fairest government in the
world bs tie ruinous taxation required
to pay these tensions
Tho socialzt of Germany and Franco
are about to pungo tho6o countries into
war Witbithe last few weeks the so
cialists fFranee have shown a desire
out eve i
5 in tio trutrwsr
igin the cm iavs ttiar re
fcrs to deity This will convulse tho whole
country end in anarchy and general rain
The red flag of the coiumuro will again
drench the streets with blood This same
influence is in our land Anarchy did not
die with Iarsons Schwab Spies ana
Liukst the hay market boom throncrs
Its spirit is still there Tho leaven is now
fermenting in tho rcstles and discontented
elements of society and will at some time
again bliow its bead f lie samo old red
Hag will bo seen on onr steets leading
mobs ia their mad attempts to disrupt so
ciety do away with law aud order destroy
corporate property and sweep away all
property rights
Only a few days agoone of these fallows
drew his pocket kuife on tho doorkeeper
of this Honso for telling him that he was
a fool for declaring that tho time would
come and that shortly when no man
could or would be allowed to own a single
acre of land These aro the evils that I
wish to check evils that are real condi
tions that really confront you and me
We have tho best country and the best
government on earth and it behooves us
to jealously guard against the insidious
attacks of those who would injure either
This is a government of the people Ev
ery voter is a rnler When he goes to the
polls he should not be hampered iu his
vote in his judgement by oaths adminis
tered iu secret We cannot form an in
telligent opinion on political questions un
less thoso questions are thoroughly dis
cussed If you debate a political question
with the door locked both aides will not
bo heard The members will acquire a
oneidead education Tom Jefferson iu
his inaugural address said that errors of
opinions could be tolerated whero reason
was left free to combat it Keason cannot
combat urless it has n chance Opinions
are formed by the leaders ili secret politi
cal parties the members are oath bound
the Iiudly do what is told thvm their
indii iduality as free mee is lost Tccy
become tho blicd followers of designing
leaders mere tools aud dopes of others
Democracy demands a free ballot and
fair count Asa democrat I want each
voter to bo treo I want no shackles on
his wrist or brain If wo preserve this
government and hand it down to onr chil
dren wo will do so by strictly adhering to
the constitution confining tho general
government to its legitimate business as
marked ont in that constitution preserv
ing all tho reserved rights to the state and
tho people we can only do this by destroy
ing root and branch all thoso secret po
liticil parties that try to tear up our con
stitution by denying the liberty of person
and freo speech and tho right of property
w opust secure to each even tho hum
blest voter in all this land a freo untram
meled vote These aro my opinions on
tho secret political party question and
why I am orposcd to them
i Yours Truly
Jok FnjiztFit Browx
My wife was confined to her bed forover
two months with a very sevcro attack ot
rheumatism Wo could get nothing that
would aOurd her any relief aud ns a last
resort gave Chamberlains ljin Balm a
trial To our great surprise she began to
improvo after the first application aud > > y
usiiig it regularly she was soon able to get
nPJind attend to her house work E H
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chmtry of all kinds at reasonable rates
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I guarantee satisfaction
PRESBYTERIAN Sunday School eirery
Sunday mornhg at half past J oclock
Preaching eeryucond Sunday by ReT
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ft M Speegle pastor Preaching tTtry
3rd Sabbath at 11 A M and at night
Sunday school every Sunday at h30 Alii
Prayer meeting every Wednesday night
BAPTIST Sunday School every Sun
day morninc a half past 1 oclock
EPISCOPAL Sunday School at the
Christian church every Sunday morn
ing at half past nine oclock
METHODIST Services every Sunday
morning and evening II C EilioU
Pastor Sunday School every Sunday
oiornmg at half put 9 oclock
CATHOLIC Father Milmo will con
duct Ber icca at tho residence of Mr Ed
Campbell the first Sunday in each alter
nate month begibning the first Sunday in
Prayer Meeting overy Wodnesday even
Foreign Missionary 1st Wednesday in
the mouth
Ju euile Foreign Missionary 1st rhurt
day in tho month
I Home Missionary 2nd Wednesday in
the month
SIJS I Ladies Aid Society 4th Wednesday in
i tbo month
I Ladies of all denominations will iimi a
cordial welcome at these meetings
at S PM
meets every Wednesday night
K of H meets on tbo first and third
Tuesday sight in each month at 8 P M
A F A M meets on or before tho first
full moon is each mouth at S P M
County Alliance meets on tho first Tn
lay in JancaryAprU July and Octot
Ladies Coait ry Association meats on
second Tuesday ia eaciooaUi

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