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San Saba County news. [volume] (San Saba, Tex.) 1874-19??, May 05, 1893, Image 1

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njori k > n i coluj
3Dr A Gregg SL B
Physicjau and Surgeon
ha general lain
hi rib of Jt > e
KlllS KtLI 1 1
Land VjU1
Hector Sl Keiley
i iicusscrvt Yllison Rector
Rpfial Attention given to Land and
< i aeomp t Abmrart of tho Laud
1 of the Count
aMtfyiMNo > ASSiua
F H Martin
Bcal Estate Agent
or aril lands ln Toirn or County par
i ii rraidenu < ml ell Liquidom ood
mti li liyleu ttonara Doa I i >
Attorneys at law
u < Li > TnVArrc tcxo
r their rt
1 i i eHiintrcn d
lYoatit Vttent on
to n
tO til II
will re
WilliracUeel ih nurU of San Saba am
al iuiiC ioti < Msolmho Supreme lm
11 Appeal oil tderal Courtof UUaMjU
I ilEiK r 1L JMViK
keeis fayeh
Attorneys at Law
mess of every Lararter lutmstod to ua
I rutuptaa1 C irtful atteaUoa
33r Tos Giesr
OTweat P
on Wallace t treat
Land Live Stock and Col
lecting Agent
Cemetery Larai Poaltry end Mill Feeds
xnorsisosop jaxES is rsr cmxoccz
mix nxicirr nro
lit US JUaailZOS EtrktEL CMci o 12
Without consultation or advice
and w lthout asking the consent of
these men we submit to the con
sideration of tho people of San
S iba school district the following
names and belieto they will serve
if elected and faithfully discharge
their duties
TY Elton
W H Estep
Hy Eatcbnm <
N D Lidstone
John Seiders
We endorse tho abovo ticket for
or inoni v refunded PrlWiT cts pir b
For saie bv Mont ouier Cunningham
that it was backed by 000 mem
bers RLd its iuind ttes must be
obeyed 30i0 members sjonds like
a big thing t > al in fi in intonio
there are 40000 people
Subscribe for the Nenra S150
Heie you Washington fellows
w < > dout wai t ny more bonds is
sued for the parpobo of redeeming
those treasury notes When the j
demand is made redeem them in
coin either gold or silter clear
on down to dimes nickelsaud cop
pers Redeem them in com
If Cat lisle is left to exeicise his
own judgement in the manage
ment of his the U S treasury de
partment Wall street bull dogs
will be Unfiled in their efforts to
produce a financial pauic Tlioy
iyero evidently barking up tho
n rong treo
thora fie watcKlog iof tbo
treasury dicViifc oven show his
teeth The gold bugs then at
tempted to scaro Uncle Sam but
Carlisle was not there to be fright
Tho United States high officials
are still busy remodling their de
i partmonts knocking out the dudes
of fat salaries aud curtailing all
unnecessary expensos
Maxwell is > till beheading the
fourth class post muster Do you
remember about that big limb
that fell from the top of a dead
tree how it swiped and scattered
the little twigs as it went Eh
< p
It is in times of great oppression
that great minds are developed
The purest ore comes from the
hottest furnace and the greatest
minds from those most oppressed
Southern Mercury
While it has been reported
Cleveland and Carlisle do not
ngiee yet they get along amiably
and are as lomg as a pair of three
yc ar old kittens
Carlisle has won the approba
tion ot the Democrats and Popu
list by his raauaer of conducting
Uncle Sams financial affairs
Zedolpli Davis was hanged at
Halletevjllo Apr 28 having beon
found guilty ofTrapB
The promptness anil certainty of its
cures have made Chamberlains Congh
Itemed famous It is intended especially
for coughs colde croup and whooping
coughs aud is the moat effectual remedy
kuoviQ tor these diseases Mr C B Man
of Uuion City Pa says I havo a great
sale on Chamberlains Cuugh Keuiedy I
vvarrantucry bottle and havemier heard
of ouo falling to give cutiro satisfaction
SO cent bottles for Sale by All Druggists
The Rock Island road is due to
enter Fort Worth by J uno 1st It
has been ropoited that tho roai
will not be extended w est of Fort
Worth this j ear
There is nothing Ihevo ever used for
innsciilar rheumatism that gives me as
mrih relent aa Chamberlains Pain Balm
doej I have been uxiug it for about two
v ears four bottles in all as occasion re
iiireil and always keep a bottle of it
my home I believe 1 know a good thing
when I get bald of it and PalJ Dal in is the
best liomicnt Ihavecvtr met vutn YV
IS Denny dairyman New Lexington
Ohio 50 cent Imttlcs for sale by All
Druggist s
Synopses of the Decisions on tho
McGaugliey Demurrers
Austin Texas April 2S The
decisions of tho court of impeach
ment on the issues raised by tho
defendants demuirers to tho arti
cles of impeachment summod up
are as follows
1 Tbatbe impeachment article in the
constitutional tdfexecutiag and 6UH
2 Iiai itbarfrS esTor jkimdiinent do
set up impeocliable moltf r
3 That the acta and facts antetinting
that be easily discov
reasons may She commeueenient of the defendantspre
ered little
by using a thought
They are honest active energetic
competent fairminded men end
as a Board of Trustees incapable
of betraying pudlic trust or squan
dering the school funds
KncUens Arnica balve
The Dest Sahe in the world for Cuts
BruisesSores Ulrrrs Salt Hlieam Fover
PinsTetter Chapped Ham Chilblains
Corns and all Skin Eruptions and pn i
tively cares Pile or no pay reqntred
is giiGrinteed to gne perfect satisfartion
ent term of office affords no matter for
impeachment and removal from oClcc
4 That it is a privilege of the land com
I mtssioncrs to call on the nttornej general
for his opinion aud not a dutj aud there
I fore not inipcacbabh
By a strange lucoiMjtcncy there is an
JLXceptior to the third holding of tho court
iu that the special dt nmrrer to articles 1
and 2 which alle o irt and facts prior to
the commencement of tl e pn sent terra of
the defendants nfio i s was not sustai led
Tlitre was at fii t a tievot on this de
mnrrer and an h ir I itur the court ap
paientll Iiivtng lor ntn n nhat disposi
tien had been madL t f oher dimnrrers to
Lt t Saudiy VvOS theday set for ini kmdof allegiatmnB overruled
closibg np the saloons etc in Ran i < mi rrr
Abtotao I small committee had 1 1 < nd orre t synoposis
of tli ndii < t tin iniirt
nntiiied the cib officials that the
Sunday lav m t bo enfoued I he ord 1 Hir was opened
But 350 sa on stood open to gnet Jloudiy AIa lit by
the officers who w re expected to Cedaud
enforce the laws No arrests were
made aud Sunday w eutou as usual
This law and onW league boasts
While Mr 1 J Uichev of Altoni Mo
11 as trav cling i n Kansas he w as taken vio
lently ill with cboltra morbus lie called
at a drog store fo tt some medicine and
the drnggist retomendtd Chamberlains
Colic Cboli ra and i airlioia Uimcdy so
highl > lie comludtd to try ii Tho result
vvasiinmtdiatereltefand a few do cs cur
ed him completely It is made for bowel
complaint and nothing elsrt It nev er fails
For sale by All Druggists
Pioceediugs of District Court
ipril teini First week
ing a pistol verdict guiltv fined
State vs Major J Laue earn ing
a pistol erdict guilty fined S23
Stato vs Jim Brown theft of oue
head of cattle dismissed
Stato vs Henry Cravy murder
in first degree dismissed
Stato vs Heury Cravy innrdor
in first dogreo dismissed
Stato s Jack Kelloy theft of
ouo head of cattle erdict not
Stnlo s Jack Kelley theft of
ono head of cattle dismissed
Stato vs John Fondreau aggra
vated assault plead guilty aud
fined S25
State vs Sam Pruit earning a
pistol verdict guilty and fined S25
State vs Oscar Gray carry ing a
pistol verdict n jt guilty
State s Win F Woodard play
ing with cards erdirt not trinity
Stato is Itufo White plajing
with cards verdict not guilty
Stato vs J A Russell swindling
Stato vs Isaac Powei carrying a
pistol plead guilty aud fined S25
State vs Win Anderson distuib
ing public worship plead guilty
aud fined 25
Stato vs W H Gibbous lesist
ing an officer in a case of a misde
meanor verdict gnilty and fined
S2j Appealed
Stato vs Jim Brown canying a
pistol plead guilty and fined 25
State s Heber Gray aggrava
ted assault mistrial and jury dis
StatevsJL Matlock aggraa
ted assault dismissed
Stato vs George Black running
a horso race along a public load
verdict not guilty
State vs Samuel Estes running
a horse race along a public road
State vs Harvey Christmas run
ning a horse race along a piblic
road dismissed
State is Jim Tuck lheft of
hogs of aluo oter b9uC vet diet
gutity and sentenced to t o itr
in the penitentiary
State is MM Scott theft of
cattle lerdict guilty and seutenced
to threo years in the penitentiary
Mrs E Stribling is II W Atkin
son trespass to try title cause
continued by mutual agreement
Richard Paitorsou et al vs H S
Walker and G H and S A Ey Co
continued by agreemout
F M Hickman vs J M Hickman
trespass to try title continued to
abide tho decision of a chso in
court of Appeals
C W Benton ot al vs J J and E
K Kuykendall for debt on note
S1000 continued by agreement
T A Eeufro vs T J Choato
B Fondrano for divorce and ali
mony ditoico granted
Mis M M Duncan vs San Saba
County for damages by road dost
paid cud cause dismissed by plain
Herman Hulameir vs H T Idem
trespass to try title aud damages
judgment for plaintiff for onehalf
oflnndandfvr defendant foi bal
W J Darnell is J L V llsou
garnishment appiahd fidid jus
at his cost
Texas Trading Co t s J N Bai k
ley garnishment diimissul by
planttff at his eoit
T AMunay vs 1 k Reifi >
Presidentsuit on note ST > i inl em nt by
TA Murray is J W Davenport
suit on note 8200 03 judgement by
Ward Bros is John Graves suit
on 1 notes in amount of s70l 12
judgement by default
Ward Bros vs R C Hart suit on
note 21104 judgement by de
Devoted to lie Interests ami UpBuilding of Sun Saba County
That an editor must Ir
That althoughlie
iftlssforJrpBlsUli f
That hwap rj riit lti < ri aaiBr
is his stock of merehnmlisjfi t i
That he is a human nHT fjfco
fore liable to err
York or England the sarflo rajio
crease aud improve acoortliugjtp
the j atronage extended it
That when jou ask fornuy space
in the paper jou should alvraj cu >
fer some pay and iu all probabili
ty tho editor will make ijocfiharga
then both ill be satisfied 2 Y
That the aierago comity
taiks tofioin 500 to 20fj g I
terj week
Thet if you have any fifvtjrllfib
ak of a paper let it be kutitnij
thr editoi tha1 you will aiffecitito
it as a favor
That it takes cash
That you should not jiljfaysipiit
the editor off as tho last rjffii fo ba
That you should not Mt mad
and stop your paper becattett you
see something in it that tjoe tnot
suit y on jfe
That au editor should iral bo ex
pected to he on all occafiohsi
That when a paper is dpingVell
enoruib by yon you shouldbe sat
That you own no part of f li na
Mroiigbfrc8aWttX indgementior fi v I
Loiie A Foudrane is John
doad tow n
That it cflnnot know tho local
news unless some oua tells the ed
A dry spring is generally follow
ed by a wet summer
The gieatost difficulty that con
fronts the democratic and republi
can politico ns is how to perpetu
ate the ignorance and fan the
prejudices of tho ntassee Any
man who could producenplan that
iould accomplish this could be
come a fifty times millionaire in
oncdiy SourthernMercury
Why the Mercury would pub
hh such a sentimeut is a wonder
The lemocti iic and ropublicnn
p 1 ties are no more igrorant than
in din t paty The teachers of
the > i not i tn and republican par
tn s if no m iie calculated o pro
duce lgnorauco ainong tho masses
tlmn any other party It might be
wiser for the Mercury to deal in
facta and not resort to this sweet
sounding sugarcoated soulstir
ling toarprodtiting sentimentali
ties hoping to produce sympathy
among tho masses Tho Mercury
could not substantiate its asser
XonscnMcal Aouscnsc
Manuscripts containing curious
ly constructed sentences nro some
times placed iu the hands of i > riu
ters and zthough the typos usual
ly succeed in eliminating errors of
tho various descriptions with which
they are confronted tho following
oxttmples selected from actual oc
oarrouces show that mistakes will
happen iu pito of nuthor compos
itor and proofioader
The examples given are all from
That although he is a cljriiha i will carry
he should bo ospccteilJtaj aflj iai
voitise any kind of cburcjijt alfalr
for three of four week ltlfenvbs
called upon for contrillirtiSSST to
help get up thoiffair thenifjay ad
mission then go hack and give a
column of flowing descriptions
That when you ndverlisiiT tho
paper on should not
pay for it wi 1
euetf to
chips anil jfieat
That when there is aityrMilic
entertainment given if th6 ttlilpr
is expected to be present nndlglvo
a write up tlitre should nlwaysfbe
a table well supplied with wfiuiig
material in seme convenient lacd
to that tho editor can see ntftl Hear
etery thing
That jour subscription islltjble
to expne heu it itius out fna
ions mutters fnuny items have
been carefully rejected
Two young women want wash
J J saw a man digging a well w th
Eoman nose
tMteJalinjindfiiiishcdJn ten
jalesbyia country photograph
A room by two geutle
men thirty feet long and twenty
To bo sold A splendid gray
horse calculated for a charger 01
firo seated
a lady with a switch
Hero is a little bit or philan
that should look
> w occupy
That the county paper npjirgci
ates any and fvery actof kindn
That it is thankful for yOHrcJn
That instead of gettiiig up ctfus
for other papers get them up for
your county paper that it may be
able to increase aud meet your < 3e
That the office of a newspui
generally has a job department
and desires your patronage snd
although the prices on job printing
may be a little higher tlinn you
thropy A wealthy gentleman
will adopt a little boy with a small
For sale A handsome piano
the property of a young lady leav
ing Scotlaud in n walnut case with
turned legs
A chemist inquires Will the
gentleman who left his fatomach for
analysis please call aud get it to
gether with tho results
A co7onors verdict reads thus
The deceased came to his death
by excessive drinking producing
appoplexy m the minds of the
A cleigyman writes A young
woman died iu my neighborhood
yesterday while I was preaching
the gospel iu a beaatly stato of in
Notice in Hobokeu ferryboat
Tlie seats in this cabin are reserv
Gentlemen nro not
could have it done in Oanitln Uow nnisauce 1
In the account of a shipwreck
ga find tho following Tho cap
in swam ashore So did the
chambermaid she was insured for
a lirge sum and loaded with pig
An old editor of Morses geogra
phy declares that Albany has
four hundred dwelling houses aud
twentyfour hundred inhabitants
all slnntlin with their gable ends
to tho streets
The followmg notico appears on
west end of a country meeting
houso Anybody sticking bills
against thischurch will be prosecu
ted according to law or any other
A Harrisburg paper ausweiing
holds good with what yarf elL 1 a correspondent on a question of
That a paper nill alvrnvS tti eiquette saJs When a lay and
gentleman are walking the
slroct tho lady should walk inside
of the gentleman
A gashing but uugrauiatical ed
itor says Wohate receiied a
basket of fine grapes from our
friend for which he will please
accopt our compliments some of
which are nearly an inch in diara
An Ohio farmer is said to haio
the following warning posted con
spicuously on his premises If
eiiy mans or womans cows or oxen
gits in tliois here oats his er her
tail will bo cut off as tho case may
Ieserring Praise
We desire to say to onr citizens tint for
years wo have been selling Dr Kings Now
DiscoTcry for Consumption Dn
Kings Now Life Tills BucUcns Arnica
Salve and Electric Bitters and have never
handled remedies that sell as well orthat
havo given such universal satisfaction
We do not licsitato to guarantee them ev
ery lm0 and wo stand ready to refund
tho pnrchaso price if satisfactory results
do not follow their use Theso remedies
havo won their great popularity purely on
their merits Montgomery X Cunning
ham Druggists 11
Tho working girl soon learns
that beyond a few stale platitudes
fired off semioccasionnlly much
a hungry inau says grace she
isnTTmoie credit for wearing
Honest rags than flaunting dishon
est silks that in fact virtue is its
own and only rowntd Sho soon
learns that good name however
precious it may be is not always
available capital that when the
world pretends to prizo it abovo
mansions on Shoddy tuennesnnd
coachman in shortstop breeches
tho world is lying Sho becomes
discouraged heartsick desperate
and drifts into the vortex That is
what is going on in oiery city in
this broad land whilo tho church
is moralizing discussing dogmas
theorizing about infant damnation
sending bibles and blankets to tho
Hottentots while the able edi
tor is foolishly shrieking for the
authorities to do impossible things
whilo law makers are putting
their empty heads togothor aud
building up with infinite pains
and great display of rhetoric stat
utes Hint only spoil good whilo pa
per Express
V JUllioti rriends
A friend in need is a friend indeed and
not lies than ono million people hive
found just such a Itiend in Dr Kings New
Diseovery for Consumption Coughs and
Colds If you have never used this great
Cough Medicine oue trial will couvineo
you that it hvs wonderfulcurattvopowcrs
in all diseases of Throat Chest and Lungs
Bach bottle is guaranteed to do all that is
cliimcd oi money w ill bo refunded Trial
bottle free nt Montgomery < S Cunning
hams Drug itore Large bottles o0c and
fl00 O
Yours dated Apr 10th is befor
me and much to my suipuse you
have become to busy to continue
I have neier taken tny afb rmitive
yet That tho People b paity > s
sess all of the living priieiolei ot
the old time honored Ddiioi rntic
Party I wanlodyon togettii ti ii
with your first or ceaiu to t 1
you aro too busy
Well I gnoss you will allow inu
to answer your interrogatories
about the Congressional Statistics
< c
Now as to your objection to my
statement of the political standing
of the14th Congress theie woio
293 members Honso and you
say in the next Congress and in
the next Congress which would
bo the 45th you say I niado it
Now heio is the 45th us I gave
it to you loth Congress Dem I
15G Eep 137 totol 293 Iu the
lGth Congress I left out 14 iiaHon j
al greoubackers and iu i jrfStbJ
Cougress otheis four iWrfall I
ask any man that doubts those fig j
ures to do is to write to the Hon
R Coke U S Senator m legnrd lot
the correctness thoreof i
Then yoa make a call on all to
investigate or oxamiuo yours of
March 17th Well hero goes On
the National Bank act you say in
18G2 when it was Fob 1S63 but
wont say incorrect in one incor
rect in all because you eie cor
rect iu the Senate toto you gaie
Prof in that March 17th say two
Domocrats voted for the National
Banks correct Non let us hear
the Prof again The Republi
cans then are responsible for it
incorrect iu this the vote in the
Senate was yeas 23 nays 21 yeas
Rep 21Dom 223 nays Rep 9
Dem 12 21 now take your two
Dems and them add to the uuy
vote and you will havo 23 nays and
only 21 yeas So you seo the Dem
ocrats could hate defeated the Nat
ional Banking system but they
of Congress as the friends of the
people as yours of March 17trl or
fight tho battles of the people
Yes iu the language of Rev A
Mulky they aro Jim Dtndies
Now sir when the act was voted
on in our last session of Congress
that would havo stoped the pur
chase of sihei etc as my memory
serves me 108 Dams voted for it
and 105 Dems toted against it
the 10 Populist toted with the ma
nority of Dems nnd mado it the
majoiity aud if the had voted with
the 10S wo would havo held them
responsible for tho act That is
what they did and what we would
havo done if they had of gone
against us as vour two i intnrs
did in 03
You must havo been reading
A tickler instead of the ticklei in
regard to J B Weaver voting to
recharter the National Banks If
ho did ho would havo been iu com
pany with Democrats Call Gor
man Hampton Jonas Morgan
aud Ransom Ac in tho U S Scn
Now I will compare Weaver s
record with any Congressman in
tho U S 6iuco ho left the Republi
cans aud I defy a man to show
since that time a vote against the
interest of tho
masses Ah young
In Virgils iEuoid we haio linos
nppropiiate for yon Book XL
When he says
O ralli thou his failed tbv
To ti Llit vv ith c iutiDii not to tempt the
I warned thee hut in vjm lor vell
Whit perils voiitlilt anltr would pur
That boiling blood would carry thee too I
fir j
Young as tuou vvtrt Iu dingers raw to I
Corner Ri
Ileadquartevs for
r <
i > r v i u i
I > < iilltiij re
Commrr il
Now Bro Reagan I wont you to
know that I regaid you ns a Bio lvl i
audi havo the best wishes for you y11 i j
aud thiuk you aro a good teacher
and that my loto for yon is not
marred in tho least and would be
happy for you to visit mo at any
time but politically you aru wrong
suro I hope you will to id James
letter 5th chapter 1st to 7 verges
and decido which side you are on
and read the fifth chapter of
Nebeminh then aak yourself if
history lepeats itself nil thing be
ing equal and villi a heait in tho
interest of the oppressed if you
have no more timo to spend in this
investigation I say hero is my
tSSS in friendship Arc Thine as
ever W R Alexander
April 25th
10 tin li ail I 1
ami lr m h M t
ttA > T
CMJ fj
LiafaSbEia ts ssks
linn ware Queensware Tin wave Glassware td
> w4 Oocfcery
iMjtchel Molhie and Sfaiulanf Wa < roi
Buggies Hacks Surreys Pimetons and Road Carte
MeConnioK Reapers Mow er and Binder Twine
Jlidden Wire
Itii > poiire Dorfloim k KottI
U >
i >
Household Furbishing Goods
K Hii Vii
a Aiua i > u
bcwuur Alachines 1 O nw
Yiinflov Shadei j A I inv tic
Clock j < im
Paint j Moi
Elton Hazpex cSc Gxeeaa
Out aim
eliarc f miWic tfi
vziLMss nr
gd Fancy Groceries
i r > c > siliwl i li ili iati pr
p 1 iovI uit in undone a ithnut loos 1 i oln u 111
i e 1114 1it tr can eivc satisfjetiLii
eed and Sale Stab
y i
rii I
i any point
l ll
TrivelcrH ant
men iud a comiorlablo place for all
Here ton ili find good meats oiim fen able beds Gne cigars aad pon te
lolniv ait uMtrnmesif soon liar yonnelf IV
sjCKOOL either on thttiaaUmuit plan or fo
to n for prices and term
To txthaog vour olil Pfuo or Onnm b
I ae r ntvJ Boy oi na for
1 f OTPI eota ar l100 ° f t nialk M an icNtrt
jtcu tltat cannot fail to tathfj on
Prices of
t HI
Pianos Organs
OTT5 > T Y C W J Bitr frmu AehiIs lOMllonrUnoio utailr trr tun nan
J JZlXltSjL4 S Patroube ivtialln hom
AtKxhs yon ku m l A1ID w
n3 t iMfcoot for XEWnPAIEk FR VT > N urtli l ba imam
ii ilkr direct for alt 14 not gold that litUr
< 1 1 who do not tafco aetea yoa m > luse rveriptt and hu o to pa > twa tltrr
11 1 h h i jou linvforvavh payineataiHl > at truubtt
XjT Writefwronr Itookof lnfonnatvin fur Cuetoiu n
Fort Worth T vyv

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